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(no date) : 'FreeZone'
  NO DATE-approximately spring 2000

-Daniel McKeown says he started Excalibur

(email Daniel to Virginia April 7, 2001 7:51PM)

"I had a fair dose of review and we both started EXCALIBUR about a year ago."

(no date) : 'FreeZone'

-Freie Zone e.V purchases "rights" from CBR's heir.

**Even though there are apparently exists no will, no copyrights etc. on CBR's material, the Freie Zone e.V. goes ahead and purchases the "rights" to "use and further distribution of the material" from CBR's heir, which is most likely referring to Maria Maloney. There was also a contract drawn up with the heir, allowing Freie Zone e.V. to use the material. (which if there aren't any copyrights-there was never a problem in the FIRST place). see 22 September 2001 entry.

(no date) : Scientology
  Post to internet:

Originally the "Super Power" building was introduced as an emergency project to prevent the IRS from seizing the Fort Harrison for tax debts from the "church". I remember it well as it was promoted as the separate corporate entity that would own the building and could not be included in the IRS seizing of assets.

Then the 1993 IRS "agreement" was forced into existence. The Trust that owned the Superpower asset monies did not give back the funds now that the IRS emergency was over. They kept it all, and now Flag, CSI and S.O. will now use it even though they apparently don't own it?

Is this not false representation? Go figure.

Or just understand Scientology monetary mentality and know what the real story is.

09 Feb : 'FreeZone'
  Re: Free? Zone : 09 Feb 2000 (
Ralph Hilton writes:
"I would say that getting auditing in the FZ is far more dangerous than in
the CofS."

* And now the propagandized 'Free Zone' is made to be 'dangerous'. Making an alteration dangerous is not bad in and of itself because that would be close to the truth. But truth is even better than being close to the truth.

The truth is that the propagandized 'Free Zone' IS dangerous.

The truth is that the Free Zone Decree defines the Free Zone, and quite clearly. If anything else comes to be called the 'Free Zone', then alteration is taking place.

25 Feb : 'FreeZone'
  Message 254
From: "Alan C. Walter"
Date: Fri Feb 25, 2000 8:19 am
Subject: COS Investigations

Gentlemen and Ladies,

As this is supposed to be a list for investigation I would appreciate if
there was not so much presumed guilty until proven innocent fixed idea-ing!

Why are the IRS, FBI. CIA, NSA bad guys?

Why are the so called "plants" so effective? Or are they figments of
imagination to keep everyone in line?

Seems to me a great way to explain and justify the Ethics, Tech and Admin
failures rampant throughout the years of the Scio Odyssey.

In my 43 years of being in this field I have not been approached by anyone
to alter a C/S or betray Scio. Nor have I met anyone else who has.

This includes a running battle with the IRS for 29 years.

My position in Scio as both an original SHsBC grad and original Lt in the
SO and a successful Mission Holder led to me to be part of the LRH, MSH,
Jane Kember, Herbie Parkhouse, Bob Thomas inner circle for many years. I
had free access to these people at anytime.

Can any of you say what the FBI did in 1977 was incorrect?

Do you really believe "plants" caused all the trouble?

Take the viewpoint of any Government official, if the claims made by Scio
were true why would I not want it for a better Government?

I have been involved in 100's of GO investigations (including the so called
12 SP's that were mentioned in RJ67), almost all turned out to be dead ends.

Reading Virginia's incredible journey on NOT's and the truly disgusting
vile use of the Tech to keep the NOT's pc's in line and under control, was
enough to make any self respecting practitioner who was still true to the
Auditors Codes want to throw up.

Reform can only come from what truly has worked.

I have cleaned up roughly 3,500 ex-Scio's over the years, almost all have
gone on and done well in their lives. Most have kept some form of auditing
going, though most had a life that was badly in need of repairing after
having given up everything for the CofS.

If we truly want reform then we must get the serv facs and fixed ideas out
of the road.

The truth is what it is. It is not what we want it to be.


BTW: There are several pictures of staff and students - you may recognize
some of them. Several are Class VIII's and former Scio Exec's.

Note that Alan is attempting to:
A: portray the raid on the Church of Scientology as not incorrect of the FBI.
B: put forth the idea of that the government wasn't interested in Scientology, or they would have wanted it "for a better government".
C: try and discredit LRH's pointing out the 12 main SP's on the planet by not naming LRH as who put forth that data, and instead calling it "GO investigations", and also referring to the data on the 12 main SP's being "dead ends".
D: Inferring that government plants placed by one or more government agencies in the church could be "figments of imagination to keep everyone in line?".

Rounding all the above out, we have the inferrance by Alan, that if one does not take a similar view (despite it's lack of veracity), the person needs to get rid of their "ser-facs and fixed ideas".

These are all very similar points that another COSI poster, Joe Harrington spent time trying to garner support for and belief in, despite data to the contrary to the above points.

IMO Alan was also still in his "schmoozing" phase of Virginia, hoping to gain her as a Knowledgism client. I also believe he put the part about Virginia in there as a bit of bait, since it contains mostly truth, as well as get the rest of the less than truthful things said, to be more likely accepted. As otherwise, it doesn't really "go" with the gist of the rest of his post. Also note that he starts promoting his business, Knowledgism, at the bottom of the post.

-- Jun : Scientology
  There is another powerful tool for surreptitiously intercepting data, but it is only available to law enforcement and the military.

Called DIRT (Data Interception and Remote Transmission), it was released in June by Codex Data Systems. Investigators need only know your e-mail address to secretly install the program. Once they do, investigators can read your documents, view your images, download your files and intercept your encryption keys.

DIRT was developed to assist law enforcement in pedophilia investigations, but future uses could include drug investigations, money laundering cases and information warfare.

How is DIRT different from Back Orifice? The sale of DIRT is restricted, while Back Orifice is free for the downloading. Also, there are already fixes available for Back Orifice, but no way yet to defend against DIRT.

Most feel secure when they encrypt their data, but it's an illusion of comfort if a keystroke monitor is involved. DIRT defeated Pretty Good Privacy in a matter of minutes at a recent conference simply by stealing the user's key as it was typed in.

14 Jun : 'FreeZone'
  Bernd posts to COSI the following information:


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2000 12:55 AM
Subject: [COSinvestigations] non-ex

"I was in the GO too between 1976 and 1982. I never really gave up the
basic purposes of the GO which is more or less protection of the Free
Zone groups.... PR and legal.

In 1991, short after Bill Robertson died, we started the Free Zone
Association. In that time the church infiltrated quite a few groups
here in Europe and we had to defend ourselves against it."

"In 1995 we purchased the rights to the work of Nordenholz and
republished the book "Scientology, Science of the Constitution
and Usefulness of Knowledge", written in 1934. See

Since end of last year we are working on a timetrack concerning the
Scn movement. It's on the net on our german webserver...
"". It's quite a
lot of data.... but still a lot of strings have to be pulled.

It also includes the early data from Garrison's books "Playing Dirty"
and "Hidden Story of Scientology".

What interests me is the data about the government involvement in
inviltration of the church... labeling Scn as a national security
risc, etc...


** In this non-e post to the COSI list,(at that time owned and run by confront23) here we have confirmation by Bernd, that "short after Bill Robertson died", A "we" started the Free Zone Association.
With another explanation of why. Bernd's interest in "the data about the government involvement in infiltration to the church", takes on new meaning in light of Bernd's associations. We also appear to have the beginning of parallel vectors, to the vector of The Criminal Time track, (which later became the data section covered on is one of the first more visible attempts to eventually gain control of Mike and I's motion by the use of parallel vectors, which as Bernd says he began work on a "timetrack" at the end of "last year" (which would have been the end of 1999).
Mike began work on timetracking various things, in approximately mid 1999.

29 Jun : Scientology
  Stern magazine - Hamburg, Germany

The Big Bluff

In 1997, Antje Victore was the first German to receive asylum in the USA as a Scientologist. Stern research proves it was a fraud. The 45-year-old woman, who has earned her money by being, among other things, a jockey, is the first and, so far, the only German to enjoy political asylum in the United States.

Stern research now shows that the spectacular Scientology asylum case was staged. No trace of "religious persecution."

Antje proudly reported to me that Weiland and an OSA attorney worked on the method of procedure personally in her asylum proceedings. The strategy to convince the Immigration Judge, was as tricky as it was effective: German Scientologists who have a business, authored letters to Antje Victore in which it was pretended that she had put in for a position with them. With "deep regret" they rejected Victore because of her membership in Scientology.

The company chiefs glibly kept quiet about their membership in Scientology. They were to let on to the U.S. immigration judge only that "in Germany many Scientologists are unemployed, and that it was very difficult for practicing Scientologists in Germany to lead a normal life." Stern magazine has a copy of five such faked company letters.

The deceptive bluff was a success. The decision in court was to be published by Scientology itself at an opportune moment. This was the express wish of OSA. The sensation was printed in the New York Times in early November.

01 Jul : Scientology
  Summer 2000

Hello there! (This is Elia from Athens.)

Theo was heavily sec-checked twice prior to us leaving the church. And he was both times under security watch by security guards and they used to keep him locked in the security men's dorms in EU DK with three security men. He was under watch 24 hours a day and he was not allowed to see or talk to his wife. HCO even issued a seperation order on them.

Theo is a real tough guy otherwise he would not have made it through this BS. He was talking about KSW and CO CLO EU was saying that "he was spinning" and that "he was stuck on the HCOBs" (that's a good one!).

COB awarded the KSW Award to the US government in the summer 2000. This was announced during one of last year's COS events. I believe that the award is in the White House right now. The award was given to two of the Secretaries of Foreign Affairs juniors for their contribution in regards to the case in Sweden or something like that.

At the same time, when Olga, Theo and I stood up for LRH's translation tech (which is grossly alter-ised to the point where it's not even close to Ron's original tech) we got in serious trouble. And when we talked about KSW #1, lots of interesting things happend to us. We were even accused of being suppressive.

In Theo's issues you will see the details as to what happened when we tried to apply KSW. We left the SO in July 2000. It started in 1996 when we first found the translation HCOBs. Olga wrote a comm to RTC at the time and RTC reports Officer answered that "there are LRH advices that only Gold staff can read."

Olga got very alarmed and so the three of us started our investigation, using Data Series and LRH policy. Here are the typical answers we would get every time we mentioned KSW:

1. That we were out ethics, other-intentioned, counter-intention and against command intention (by the way command intention has taken the meaning of DM?s intention).

2. Theo was specifically told that he was spinning and stuck on the HCOBs.

3. We were told that there were advices that we could not see.

4. When nothing else would work we were called suppressives and were yelled at big time.

I would like to add that the Golden Age of Tech violates HCOB Drills Allowed.

Some good news: We have our first Academy here in Greece. Olga is the sup and we have 5 students, including Theo and myself, and we all started on our Student Hat so we can train as auditors! We had our first study session on Wednesday and we had lots of fun!

Post to COSevaluation by Elia on January 28, 2001

Omitted Application of KSW - RTC and EU Execs
Wrong Source - DM and RTC and EU Execs
Incorrectly Included Hidden Data Line (secret advices) - RTC
Wrong Target - DM and RTC and EU Execs

False Declares on people applying KSW - DM and RTC and EU Execs

12 Aug : Scientology
  St. Petersburg Times August 12, 2000

CLEARWATER -- Jesse Prince, executive vice president of the Lisa McPherson
Trust, an anti-Scientology group based in Clearwater, was arrested and charged Thursday with cultivation of marijuana, jail records show.

Prince is accused of having one marijuana plant growing at his Largo-area house, said Largo police Lt. Carla Boudrot, whose department made the arrest. Prince could not be reached for comment. But McPherson Trust leader Robert Minton questioned whether Prince had been unfairly targeted and charged.

"There appears to have been a several-months effort to have an undercover agent of the . . Police Department monitoring Jesse," Minton said. "I know that Prince is not a drug user of any kind, and I think he's not that stupid to be growing marijuana plants in his house."

19 Aug : Scientology
  Forbes: Scn Tax Deductions

LOS ANGELES ACCOUNTANT Michael Sklar was shelling out $24,000 a year to
send his four children to Jewish day schools in 1994 when a four-line Internal Revenue Service ruling caught his eye.

The November 1993 edict declared "obsoleted" the IRS' 1978 ruling barring members of the Church of Scientology from deducting the "fixed donations" they paid for religious education and "auditing"--a practice in which Scientology ministers ask members probing questions to identify areas in need of spiritual work.

Sklar wondered: If Scientologists can deduct their form of religious education, why can't I deduct mine? The Orthodox Jew decided to write off 55% of his tuition bills, based on the proportion of time his children's schools said was spent on religious courses.

No dice. In April U.S. Tax Court Special Trial Judge Larry L. Nameroff ruled that Sklar hadn't shown he was in the same position as members of the Church of Scientology. He was denied all his religious-education deductions, including the $75 he paid for a special after-school class in the Talmud. Sklar is appealing.

Former IRS commissioner Sheldon S. Cohen doesn't give him much chance, in part because his kids went to a school that mixed religious and secular education. But the case does point out a glaring inequity that has existed since 1993, when the IRS cut a controversial deal with the Church of Scientology.

The agreement made the group tax-exempt and allowed its members to deduct fees not just for auditing, but also for such religious courses?

Note that in 1989 the Supreme Court had upheld the IRS' refusal to allow deductions for auditing and Scientology classes. In that decision the Court even noted that if these deductions were allowed, it could open the door for taxpayers to claim deductions for parochial school. Big dollars are at stake, since Americans pay an estimated $11 billion a year for parochial schools and religious education.

After the Scientology deal Cohen appealed to the IRS to issue clear rules about what religious education was now deductible. It never did.

"The IRS realizes that giving in to Scientology was a mistake, and they don't want to extend that mistake," says former IRS commissioner Donald C. Alexander. "The result is most taxpayers are unfairly treated."

12 Sep : 'FreeZone'
  Message 2717


Date: Tue Sep 12, 2000 5:43 am
Subject: RE: [COSinvestigations] Re: Who is the enemy?

"...Theres also something called "remote influencing", thats kind of squirell remote viewing, in which the viewer assumes someones viewpoint and thinks thoughts, and the person confuses those forieghn thoughts with their own. This is something David Moorehouse was concerned about in his book. Alan has refereed to "remote controllers" but I am not sure if he means what I mean. IN fact there is a ENTIRE LIST of REMOTE INFLUENCERS. I joined all the supernatural/psychic lists while looking for help to find SAFE and came opun it. anyway, the list , I think, is called, or something similar. They literally discuss ways to influence pe!ople! There is also a psychic combat list, psychiccombat@egroups,com? (not sure exactly) in which people discuss psychic warfare! So the psychic battles are not a scarce thing.

...I have seen many reports of people seeing dark beings, even David Moorehouse say one in his book, Phill Scott said he say one, and several from the formerscio list said the saw some.

...Maybe there is some bieng sitting on a computer elsewhere in space deciding who to sent his dark being soldiers on to. Scientologist have called them "Black Thetans", but I think thats to much beingness for them, are they really thetans? I dont think so.

...But when the ethics gets in, these things cant go anywhere near you. If anyone feels they are experiencing some kind of psychic attack, be it intention beams, black nots, remote influencing, or whatever, please tell us. When you tell us we will help you."

12 Sep : 'FreeZone'
  Message 2725
From: "mike"
Date: Tue Sep 12, 2000 11:25 pm
Subject: Re: [COSinvestigations] Re: Who is the enemy?

"From Mike:

Are you kidding?

This has been an almost daily phenomena around our house since we left the church.

First, for several months, Virginia and I, and Greg and Deb were bombarded with Black NOTS. Also, the intention to die, have an accident, develop a disease, etc.
After several months of not having the desired effect on us, it subsided.

A different tactic was then used of having beings, including 4D guys, show up and try the same thing. That also failing, they started attacking our comm lines. Each created upset was dealt with and only one comm line was lost, at least temporarily.

What defeats all of this type of phenomena is ethics.
Especially the enemy formula- knowing who you really are.

Out ethics is agreeing with your case. It is not differentiating between your own thoughts and those from your case. For example, the case generates an impulse to rob a bank. If your ethics are out, you accept that as your own thought, agree with it and go rob a bank. If your ethics are in, you recognize that is not your thought and reject it.

The same holds true for all the above described phenomena, whether it is Black NOTs, 4D guys or remote controllers, etc. Recognize it is not your thought or intention and that defeats it.

Also, OT 9 at Ron's Org addresses and handles the phenomena of 4D guys, etc."

13 Sep : 'FreeZone'
  Message 2735
From: "Alan C. Walter"
Date: Wed Sep 13, 2000 1:32 am
Subject: Who are our friends? Was: Who is the enemy?

"Wow! Such arrogance.

So many of us have belonged to one of the most currupt organizations on earth.

One of the basic course is the SP/PTS detection Course.

That is sick, sick. It is also incredibly squirrel.

Definition of a squirrel process. LRH, Jan. 1964 tape SHSBC. Title: Two-Way Com.

LRH asks: "What is a squirrrel process?" He also answers: "Any process that is out of ARC."

Who is the enemy? Is an out of ARC Process

So to is being hatted to do break ins, rob, steal, plant false data, drugs, etc. 3rd part people, destroy lives, sink people into apathy and so on.

Of course you did it for the greatest good.

The title of this thread is in itself a sign of how sick we are.

You will be attacked by "Black-Thetans" until you realize you are part of the "Black-Thetan" gangs. Most likely you are a "Black-Thetan."

Looking for Enemies is the grossest out of ARC process imaginable. It is also incredibly late on the chain. Usually before a being is an enemy there was prior friendliness.

Out of ARC Observingness precedes Out of ARC conclusions, which precedes Out of ARC mood levels, which precede Out of ARC Actions, which precede Out of ARC products. Continuous Out of ARC thoughts, moods and actions turn beings black.

If you want freedom, love. caring, OT'ness, joy, love, honor, integrity, etc., then run: Who are our Friends?


**Note: that Alan C. Walter changed the title of the thread under discussion.

**Also note that Alan C. Walter became oddly upset by what Mike said about Psychic Attacks-and that the solution to them is Ethics-knowing who you really are-.

06 Oct : 'FreeZone'
  On October 6, 2000, in message number 3330 to COSI, Mike announced the
creation of a new list called COSevaluation.

Following is the description of the COSE list posted in the above message:

"This list was formed for the purpose of ultimately doing an evaluation of the
COS. Currently an investigation is being conducted leading up to an evaluation
of the COS and it's practices. List members are unbiased investigators and
therefore membership depends upon being able to look at the subject without a
preconceived idea re: COS, that it is all good or all bad. Members are required
to be willing to look at any related topic both ways, in order to establish the
truth. Violations of membership requirements will be dealt with at the
listowner's discretion. Listowner retains discretionary action regarding what
constitutes a related topic, should this arise. No crossposting to other
internet sites is allowed without the consent of the author's involved."

And following is Mike's statement in the same post that he was moving his
ongoing investigation from COSI to his new list:

"From Mike:

We are moving the on-going time track investigation to the new list mentioned
above. We will remain members of this group, if the list owner consents."

**Mike was moving the investigation due to counter-intention to the investigation, and developed traffic from people such as Alan C. Walter, Joe Harrington etc. etc.
See entry October 8, 2000 COSI messages 3398, and 3403.

07 Oct : 'FreeZone'
  On October 7, in message number 3358, Joe Harrington asks Levi
Murphy, the COSI listowner, the following questions:

"So, when the second list is up and running, what are the intentions for this
list? Will the list owner close it down? If, so, when will that be?"

**Joe Harrington is apparently concerned as to the future of the COSI list, after Mike's announcement of his new list COS Evaluation, and his intention to move the ongoing timetrack investigation there.

At this time, Levi Murphy aka "Confront23" was still the listowner.

08 Oct : 'FreeZone'
  Message 3398
From: "mike"
Date: Sun Oct 8, 2000 11:02 am
Subject: Investigation

"From Mike:

When you are investigating something and someone tries to stop you from looking
there, what does that mean?

OK. So you, the investigator, say...

I want to look in this closet - I wonder what is in there behind this door....

And someone runs over and slams that door shut and says "Don't look in there!"

Doesn't that make you even more curious as to what is behind that door?

And, doesn't that tell you where to look?

As an investigator, my mind should be free to roam anywhere it wants to and free
to look anywhere I want to look. Only the guilty would try to prevent it. The
innocent have nothing to fear and allow me to look anywhere I please.

If someone tries to prevent me from looking somewhere, that tells me there are
some hidden skeletons in closets, that I need to find.

Is this an investigation or a cover up, at this site?"


In a follow up message, Mike explains further:

Message 3403
From: "mike"
Date: Sun Oct 8, 2000 12:29 pm
Subject: Re: [COSinvestigations] Investigation

"...The CI (counter-intention) and the Dev-T going on at this site has got to
stop or I will leave this site completely and carry on my investigation


08 Oct : 'FreeZone'
  Message 3414
From: "Alan C. Walter"
Date: Sun Oct 8, 2000 9:43 pm
Subject: A Black Op Fails

On Saturday evening I received a phone call.....

Alan: "Hello?"

A recently departed OT& was on the line.

Caller: "I can't stop crying!" "I'm being overwhelmed by hate." Followed by continuous sobbing.

C: "What can I do?"

Omitted guesses by C: as to what or who is causing the condition.

A: "Are you in a black cloud?"

C: "It seems like it."

A: "How big?"

C: "It covers our whole house."

A: "Is it a cluster?"

C: "It appears to is emanating hate and confusion"......"What will I do? How do I handle this?

A: " Do nothing.....I will send a team of ST's (ST = Spiritual Teammate.) in to help."

...Several 1,000 more clients recruited for the Spiritual Training and Co-Processing Unit..."

**Note: It strongly appears that the "client" denoted above, is Tory Bezazian-an OT 7 who is now an Ex-scientologist. The idea that the "client" referenced above, looks to be Tory, was posted about by David Griffin to ARS, a newsgroup that Tory regularly reads and posts to. Tory never responded to the posts by David. Thus one could assume tentatively, that David's posts linking Tory to be the "client", are correct.

10 Oct : 'FreeZone'
From a post to ACT/ARS by David Griffin:

"On the 10th of October, posting identity "John Lester" was made a moderator of the COSI list by "Levi Murphy"."

**"John Lester", a member of COSI, was quite often the originator of lengthy dissertations that were Developed Traffic (Dev-t) for the most part, and contributed little, if anything, to Mike's ongoing timetrack investigation. The significance of this event, is that despite the history of dev-t and little if any contribution of value to the investigation, "John Lester" was made a moderator of the list.

18 Oct : Scientology
  I ran into an old Scientology friend of mine I hadn't seen in years at a coffee house this past year in Hollywood where the subject of his going on the Freewinds came up. He went to the ship to start his OT 8 auditing but ran into an 'ethics' snag with the ships EO. He was absolutely livid that he was basically held prisoner on board in that he could not leave under any circumstances. He said this house arrest went on for I believe 2 weeks.

The EO kept his passport.

He finally resolved the matter by lying to the EO that he had to do some shopping for essentials at one port, where he got her to relax by his not demanding his passport or any of his possessions. He already made the decision to leave all of his luggage, clothes and passport behind to get off the Freewinds. He did just that. How he was able to get from another country demanding passports back to the U.S. one can only speculate. He told me point blank that he didn't care about his passport and felt free just to get off that ship.

Post to ARS by zorrosblade

07 Nov : 'FreeZone'
  On the 7th of November, Joe Harrington unsubscribed himself:

Message 4481
From: "Joe Harrington"
Date: Tue Nov 7, 2000 12:07 am
Subject: Unsubscribe

"Hello Folks,

I've enjoyed being on the list, the wide diversity of views and
the overall civil manner in which we dealt with each other on
some very divergent and sometimes polarized positions was very

Its rare to have a list as large as this that deals with a
controversial subject that can still retain a good measure of

I'm on several other lists as well and the daily list traffic is
over 250+ right now. And I think we have pretty much covered all
grounds now and its getting a bit overrun.

So to all the Scientologists and quasi-Scientologists who want a
really new and reformed church or a safe environment outside of
the organization, I wish you the highest success."

**Note that a later post by Joe paints quite a different picture as to why he unsubscribed. See entry December 31, 2000 9:08 AM where Joe states the following:

"I voluntarily unsubscribed from COSI on 7 Nov 2000, when I fully
realized that the "Reform" Movement was just a re-dramatization of the
oppressive Mother Church and it purpose was to serve more as a forum
for LRH Fans and individuals disaffected with the present management
of the CofS, who they consider the primary influences that have
corrupted Scn."

09 Nov : 'FreeZone'
  On the 9th of November, "Confront23" aka "Levi Murphy" posted the following:

Message 4502
Date: Thu Nov 9, 2000 5:58 am
Subject: Done with my journey

"I am finished with my investigation and have arrived at my conclusion.

...I am done investigating the Church of Scientology. I will make no more posts
on any newsgroup or forum regarding Scientology after tonight. I am doing my
own personal project. When I come back on the internt, I will not be
"CONFRONT23". I will be "LOGIC18" That will be in five years most likely. It
has nothing to do with Scientology. So please grab your OSA ops now, I'm not
playing anymore. I'm done."

14 Nov : 'FreeZone'
> This was posted to:
> J.A. is a long time client. He and his wife have continued to process both
> dual and solo daily for more than 20 years.
> J.A. is truly a craftsman working towards mastery at his games of life.
> Alan
> ******
> From: J.A.
> Subject - Codes Course Report #27 - Success Breakout

From Mike:

This is off topic. This is C of S investigations, not Knowledgeism

This list is not for promoting Kism.

I am refraining from posting certain observations I have about Kism.

Alan should refrain from posting pluspoints about it.

Stick to the subject of the list, please.

Start another list for investigating or promoting Kism.

Whether people should or should not do Kism is not the point.

As far as I'm concerned, they can do what they want.

Stick to the topic of this list, is the point.

17 Nov : 'FreeZone'
  Message 4649 to COSI list

From: "Alan C. Walter"
Date: Fri Nov 17, 2000 7:01 pm
Subject: Waiting for the Truth

"I have patiently been waiting for the truth about the most notorious period
in Scio's history.

In 1974 the Church was taken over by a criminal element.

This criminal element led to the CofS being labeled a criminal organization.

This criminal element led to the wife of the founder Mary-Sue Hubbard going
to jail and LRH as an unindicted co-conspirator.

This criminal element also led to several members of the GO World Wide and
the US GO going to jail.

The acts perpetrated by these criminals led to the schism that began
quietly in 1975 and culminated in the 1982 massive defection of 10,000's of

Scientology since the criminal takeover and subsequent criminal acts has
been getting smaller.

The criminal element who perpetrated the criminal acts emanated from one GO

That criminal bureau was B1.

If ever an area should be fully looked at it should be this.

B1 by definition is a suppressive group.

Yet this group still is in operation. Right now o0ne has to wonder is this
group trying to deflect and re-write Scio's time-track.

Mike was a member of B1 in 1974 yet he has avoided writing about the most
notorious and destructive series of acts done in Scio's history.

To all intents and purposes the B1 criminal acts destroyed Scientology and
the justifications of those acts destroyed Scio's future.

As will advocating and violating the copyright laws destroy the
independents and freezones futures.

The how to handle is contained in HCOPL 22 February 1965 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
COMM LINES which can be found in OEC Series Vol 7 page 558.

The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR COMM LINES PL is actually LRH's hat write-up. It is
possibly the most powerful executive leadership bulletin in all of Scio's
Admin Tech.

Mike you were there, you were in B1.....give us what it was like to be part
of this.


**After a post by Alan Walter which contained nothing but a promotion of
Knowledgism and it's tenents, Mike instructed him in post 4599 to COSI on November 14, 2000, that this list was not for promoting Knowledgeism.

Alan, 3 days later, in the above post attacks the Guardian's office Bureau 1 as being the criminal element that took over Scientology in 1974. Since Mike priorly worked in the GO B1, it is also quite obvious that Alan is attacking Mike personally as well.

18 Nov : 'FreeZone'
  Alan's response to Mike, defending Jimmy Mulligan and Fred Hare:

"Not Fred Hare nor Jimmy Mulligan these were both very dedicated Scio's."

**Background: On November 18, Mike had responded on COSI, to Alan's alleging the GO B1 is the criminal element that took over the church. (see November 17 2000 entry) Alan, in post 4658 responded variously to Mike, but one of the more interesting responses is the above statement by Alan. Mike had previously discussed two key top GO staff, Fred Hare and Jimmy Mulligan.

Mike had said (excerpted):

"I know that Jimmy Mulligan was BETWEEN GO Execs and MSH. He was MSH's
communicator and was then posted as Controller Assistant for Intelligence. All
B1 Execs took direct orders from him.

I inquired what happened to him once and was told he is likely in Texas
sucking dicks, meaning he is a homosexual. That was also my observation of
the man, that he was 1.1.

Who else was BETWEEN LRH/MSH and GOWW Execs?

I know Fred Hare was overseeing the Snow White program and he APPEARED to be
higher on the command chain than GOWW Execs. I think he was also an assistant
for MSH. I know next to nothing about him.

But, the other day - I noticed the outpoint of - OMITTED FRED HARE.

Why did he escape prosecution in the Snow White case?

...But, to my way of thinking, these people are SUSPECT for being government


Alan's response defending Jimmy Mulligan and Fred Hare was:

"Not Fred Hare nor Jimmy Mulligan these were both very dedicated Scio's."

18 Nov : 'FreeZone'
  After Alan's response defending Jimmy Mulligan and Fred Hare, later the same day, "Levi Murphy" then posted the following:

Message 4660
Date: Sat Nov 18, 2000 4:23 am
Subject: Nominations for list owner.

"The following persons are hereby nominated to be the new owner of
The order in which the following people appear decides who has first
choice if he or she wants it.

1) John Lester
2) Apprentice
4) Monica Pignotti
7) Alan
Freespeech now
9) Bid
11) Thomas Bombadil
12) (whoever this is)
13) Thomlove
14) Ant (the guy from the past life Scientology list-someone foward this to him)
15) Cathy (old formerscio list owner)
16) Lion (that friendly guy from formerscio and ACT)(someone please tell him)
1 Roland

If you notice, the nominations had little to do with current COSinvestigations
memberships or degree of participation.

There will be no votes.

The highest person on the list who wants the position gets it.

The second and third runner up get moderator positions if they want them.

In the event that no one takes this position, I will just simply give
ownership to an expired email address, thus preventing COSinvestigations
from ever being deleted.

I do not have time for questions or discussion on this. This could have
been done or planned better, but I simply dont have the time.

All responses must be recieved by monday, in which time I will no longer
be the owner of COSinvestigations, no matter what.

(was CONFRONT23) - email

**Note that Mike, who was doing the timetrack investigation, is NOT named on the list at all, whereas Virginia is named on the list, but is placed at #6.

20 Nov : 'FreeZone'
  Message 4720
Date: Mon Nov 20, 2000 5:40 am
Subject: Virginia is now the owner of COSinvestigations

"Virginia is now the owner of COSinvestigations.



**Background information-the following is excerpted from a post entitled "What really happened on COSI - Part I", by David Griffin. (the entire series on this subject will be posted on the site). Note the first line excerpted below starting "No one took up.." is referring to Levi's post proposing the turnover. (see November 18 2000 entry)


"No one took up "Levi Murphy" on the offer to take over as list owner, so the
following day, "Levi Murphy" posted this:

Message 4702
Date: Sun Nov 19, 2000 10:58 pm
Subject: Re: [COSinvestigations] Re-Inventing the broken wheel.

"I really hope someone decides to be the new list owner soon, or this
thing will last forever.

...Time is running out, in a few hours the owner of the list will be a fake
email address with a forgotten password, unless someone steps up to the

...Only a few hours left."


Mike then sent an email to "Levi Murphy".

Message 4712
Date: Mon Nov 20, 2000 3:10 am
Subject: Re: [COSinvestigations] Re-Inventing the broken wheel.

"I have recieved an email from Mike saying that him and Virginia will
accept ownership of this list.

However, Virginia was nominated, not Mike, so I'll officially want a
confirmation from Virginia.

Once Virginia is the owner, she has the authority to grant whatever authority
to Mike that she wants.

...Anyone higher on my list of names has up to 12pm eastern time to claim
ownership of cOSinvestigations.

...I await your confirmation Virginia."


It is rather odd that Virginia's name and not Mike's (who was afterall
conducting the investigation on COSI) appeared on the list of candidates for
ownership of COSI.

Message 4720
Date: Mon Nov 20, 2000 5:40 am
Subject: Virginia is now the owner of COSinvestigations

"Virginia is now the owner of COSinvestigations.




The "turnover" of ownership of the COSI list was a very odd and sudden
occurence, about a month and a half after Mike had threatened to move his
investigation over to COSE, his own newly created list. Also odd, is that no
one seemed to want the "ownership" position, and Virginia therefore accepted.

Virginia later unsubscribed a number of people from the list as outlined above,
and this will be covered more extensively in Part II.

Many of the agents are upset at the above facts because the COSI list was
serving as a very good intelligence source as to what Mike and Virginia were
doing on a daily basis, and the unsubscriptions from the list cut that source of
daily intel.

Following are some of the former members of the list:

Levi Murphy
Joe Harrington - unsubscribed himself
Bid Harrington
Alan C. Walter - unsubscribed himself
Arnie Lerma
Phil Scott
Sten-Arne Zerpe
Caroline Letkeman
Greg Barnes
"CofA" aka Catherine Tyler (
"Lone Ranger" aka Diane Marple
Paul Matulef
John Lester
Elizabeth Ann Cox
Roland Aldridge, aka AMI aka Dornford Yates
Charlotte Kates
Ed Hammerstrom (
Terril Park aka basicbasic
Chris Owen
Stacy Brooks
Pat Krenik
Raymond J. Krenik
Frederic Rice
Rodger Gonnet
Mike Hunsaker
Monica Pignotti
Rod Keller

To be continued in Part II


21 Nov : 'FreeZone'
  Message 4762


From: "mike"
Date: Tue Nov 21, 2000 8:01 pm
Subject: Re: [COSinvestigations] Re-Inventing the broken wheel.

"From Mike:

Allow me to announce that this list now allows tech discussions. They are on topic. Whether tech is right or wrong, is all grist for the mill of this investigation.

What is not allowed is the overt or covert promotion of anybody's BUSINESS.

That constitutes a violation of the purpose of this list - investigating the church.

Success stories, even if being used to make a point, are covert promotion of somebody's business.

Just make the point you want to make in simple English language. That's acceptable. Using success stories to make a point is unacceptable and they are not necessary to make the point.

As far as any dispute between Alan and ourselves, this began when I made an off-hand remark about Ron's Org processes. The subject was 4D beings and their attempts to cause a negative influence. I said that keeping one's ethics in was an answer to them, and as an aside, I heard that Ron's Org upper levels addressed the phenomena with some processes. Alan responded to the mention of Ron's Org with an attack on me, calling me a black thetan. Well, I could care less about that, I'm only mentioning this to show when this conflict started and how.

I personally am not a member of anybody's GROUP.

I am not advocating or disadvocating anyone in the independent field. I have not personally researched this group or that group and basically have no opinion about them, for or against. One day I will, but that is a future project for me.

I regard the road to truth as an individual one. I do not tell folks what is truth for them. They have to decide that for themselves. That works both ways. No one can jam "their truth" down my throat, either.

As far as Knowledgeism goes, I am undecided cause I have not thoroughly investigated it. Nor do I want to investigate it right now. I'm totally occupied in doing an Eval on the church and have no time or wish to investigate Knowledgeism or any other ism.

I have noticed outpoints and I have questions.

I decline to say what those are at this time.

For the simple reason it is a distraction from what I am currently doing.

For now, I prefer to stay off the topic of Knowledgeism.

Alan is welcome here and his input into the investigation of the church and Eval of same is welcome. I only ask that he limit his input to that and not stray over into the subject of Knowledgeism, cause this list isn't about Knowledgeism or any other ism.

If people want to know about and discuss Knowledgeism or any other ism - start another list for that or do it in private e-mails. This list is about investigating and evaluating the church. That is the topic here..."

31 Dec : 'FreeZone'
  Joe Harrington posted the following on the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Joe Harrington"
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2000 9:08 AM
Subject: The true essence of the "Reformed Scientology" campaign

"I was one of the early subscribers (3rd) to the Church of Scientology
Investigation (COSI) when it was created on 29 Jan 2000.

I voluntarily unsubscribed from COSI on 7 Nov 2000, when I fully
realized that the "Reform" Movement was just a re-dramatization of the
oppressive Mother Church and it purpose was to serve more as a forum
for LRH Fans and individuals disaffected with the present management
of the CofS, who they consider the primary influences that have
corrupted Scn.

LRH still remains a Sacred Cow and any disparagement of him or
suggestion that he had any knowledge about or complicity in the
criminal activities of the Scn Org and the GO/OSA operations is
strongly frowned upon. None of this came as a surprise to me.

The identity of the creators of COSI (The Theta Group?) still remain a
mystery although Virginia McClaughry, a disaffected Scientologist is
the list owner. The introductory posting re COSI states that one of
the creators is/was a Class VIII OT8. Since the CofS does not
recognize any valid Solo NOTS completions, the claim of "OT8" status
seems rather contradictory. Repeated requests to identity the Class
8/OT8 have failed. To my knowledge, Virginia's only technical training
consists primarily of the indoctrination checksheet and intrusive Sec
Checking that all aspiring OTS have to submit to.

One of the COSI team members publicly stated he is now functioning as
a channel for LRH. Unlike the last LRH channel, Koos, the current COSI
scribe maintains a friendly attitude toward the Founder.

The present COSI LRH channel is currently auditing OT3 outside of the
CofS umbrella. Like Koos, the COSI LRH channel was also a staff member
in the old Guardian Office (B1) and to my knowledge has expressed no
remorse about the harmful and oppressive projects he participated in
against the many the perceived enemies of Scn, inside and outside of
the organization.

The COSI leadership is a strong promoter of the Hubbardian cosmology
of whole track implanters and the ongoing global conspiracy against
Scn by agents of Institutional Psychiatry, the major Drug Companies,
International Bankers, and agents of domestic and foreign Intelligence
agencies and off-planet forces such as the Markab Confederacy and
their many allies here on earth and elsewhere in the galaxy. Rational
expressions of other points of view are strongly frowned upon.

Virginia also currently lists herself as a SNCC (Solo NOTS Case
Completion). She assumed ownership of the list on 20 Nov 2000.
The postings since that time have been:

October 1160
November 979
December 421

Current membership is 108 subscribers.

It is not totally clear, but it appears that the VERITAS Website is
one of the major sources the COSI team has used to create their CTT
(Criminal Time Track) of Scientology.

She is very empathic about it being "HER List!". She has spent 10
years solo auditing NOTS, yet the official CofS position is that NO
one has actually completed Solo NOTS. So her elite SNCC signature
remains a mystery to me and frequent requests made to her to clarify
what SNCC actually means remains an unanswered question.

As a long-time advocate of free speech I make no pretense about my
blunt criticism and outrage related to the list owner's oppressive
discretion and conduct in expelling subscribers who dare question her


...Joe Harrington"

**Compare this entry with Joe's reasons given for unsubscription in the 7 November 2000 entry. See full DA (dead-agenting) at, of altered truths contained in Joe's post.

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