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  no date-early 1999

-Daniel McKeown states that he found the Freie Zone, and contacted Bernd Luebeck, in early 1999.

(email Daniel to Virginia, April 07, 2001 7:51 PM)

"In early 1999 i was searching the net and found Freie Zone. I recognized Capt. Bill's picture(as I had met him before and had alot of instant ARC with him) and contacted Bernd."

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  no date-sometime in 1999

-Daniel brings Marianne Hagen and husband, to the U.S.-from a referral by Bernd Luebeck

(email Daniel to Virginia April 7, 2001 7:51PM)

"I arranged for her and her husband to fly to the U.S. and get myself and my equally stalled father moving on the bridge again. I had a fair dose of review and we both started EXCALIBUR about a year ago. Everything has been really cooking for us since. The C/s has decided to permanently move here and we have started some others on their bridge."

**I believe Marianne and her husband, were flown to the U.S. from Australia. It is plausible that Daniel, where he said "The C/S has decided to permanently move here", meant Marianne ONLY. Extrapolating, this would mean that the husband went back to Australia, and I believe I vaguely remember Marianne saying something about the husband being back home where she was from. Perhaps Daniel and Marianne,(sans husband) are currently 2d partners.

(no date)
  no date-end of 1999

-Bernd begins a timetrack paralleling "The Criminal Time Track".

01 Jan
  -Free Zone Report 1/1999 page 1 of 15
Free Zone Report
Issue 1/1999
Publisher: registered association Free Zone,
PO-BOX 1215, D-83524 Haag i.Obb., Germany


In 1991 we founded the ?Freie Zone e.V.? as a
registered association. It resulted from the neces-sity
to organize ourselves, when the Church of
Scientology between about 1988 and 1990 tried
more and more intensively to infiltrate single
groups of Free Zone. They tried to find alleged
copyright-violations to tangle the groups up in
legal discussions. Many of you will remember
this... Office of Special Affairs ... etc.
Based on our network thought, we didnīt have
any hierarchy which concerned itself with these
things for all groups. By the registered association
Free Zone we built a forum in which we did ba-sic
research to the legal position in the working
with the materials of LRH. The aim at that time
was to understand the legal situation and to find
out the prerequisites for oneīs safe working with
these materials.

** Apparently Bernd Luebeck is the writer of the Freezone Report, and he again makes explanations as to
"why" the Freie Zone e.V. was formed. CBR never formed such an association, so perhaps this is part of why Bernd feels the need to convince readers of it's necessity.

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