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(no date) : 'FreeZone'
  no date-early 1999

-Daniel McKeown states that he found the Freie Zone, and contacted Bernd Luebeck, in early 1999.

(email Daniel to Virginia, April 07, 2001 7:51 PM)

"In early 1999 i was searching the net and found Freie Zone. I recognized Capt. Bill's picture(as I had met him before and had alot of instant ARC with him) and contacted Bernd."

(no date) : 'FreeZone'
  no date-sometime in 1999

-Daniel brings Marianne Hagen and husband, to the U.S.-from a referral by Bernd Luebeck

(email Daniel to Virginia April 7, 2001 7:51PM)

"I arranged for her and her husband to fly to the U.S. and get myself and my equally stalled father moving on the bridge again. I had a fair dose of review and we both started EXCALIBUR about a year ago. Everything has been really cooking for us since. The C/s has decided to permanently move here and we have started some others on their bridge."

**I believe Marianne and her husband, were flown to the U.S. from Australia. It is plausible that Daniel, where he said "The C/S has decided to permanently move here", meant Marianne ONLY. Extrapolating, this would mean that the husband went back to Australia, and I believe I vaguely remember Marianne saying something about the husband being back home where she was from. Perhaps Daniel and Marianne,(sans husband) are currently 2d partners.

(no date) : 'FreeZone'
  no date-end of 1999

-Bernd begins a timetrack paralleling "The Criminal Time Track".

01 Jan : 'FreeZone'
  -Free Zone Report 1/1999 page 1 of 15
Free Zone Report
Issue 1/1999
Publisher: registered association Free Zone,
PO-BOX 1215, D-83524 Haag i.Obb., Germany


In 1991 we founded the ?Freie Zone e.V.? as a
registered association. It resulted from the neces-sity
to organize ourselves, when the Church of
Scientology between about 1988 and 1990 tried
more and more intensively to infiltrate single
groups of Free Zone. They tried to find alleged
copyright-violations to tangle the groups up in
legal discussions. Many of you will remember
this... Office of Special Affairs ... etc.
Based on our network thought, we didnīt have
any hierarchy which concerned itself with these
things for all groups. By the registered association
Free Zone we built a forum in which we did ba-sic
research to the legal position in the working
with the materials of LRH. The aim at that time
was to understand the legal situation and to find
out the prerequisites for oneīs safe working with
these materials.

** Apparently Bernd Luebeck is the writer of the Freezone Report, and he again makes explanations as to
"why" the Freie Zone e.V. was formed. CBR never formed such an association, so perhaps this is part of why Bernd feels the need to convince readers of it's necessity.

22 Jan : Scientology

January 22, 1999
Mr. Bernie McCabe - State Attorney
14250 49th St. North
Clearwater, FL 34622

Re:Case Number CRC 98-20377-CFANO-S

Dear Mr. McCabe,

I am aware of the Williams & Connolly letter to you, but want to approach the problem from another perspective: How to achieve a peaceful resolution to the charges your office has brought against my religion.

That is why I came to your office, almost immediately after the indictment was issued, attempting to bring about a constructive resolution to this matter.


1) That the Church accept a pre-trial intervention on the medical charge.

2) That the Church institute a "compliance program" to include:

Employing on a full-time basis a licensed medical doctor, who need not be a Scientologist, to service our Church facilities including the many hotels we maintain for visiting parishioners.

Implementing a policy that such a medical doctor would perform on the premises only routine medical services limited to treatment of minor injuries (cuts and bruises) and garden variety illnesses (colds and flu). All other illnesses or injuries would be referred
to a hospital or clinic not on Church premises.

Precluding the boarding, in any of our facilities, of anyone with an illness that is more than minor or garden variety in nature.

Providing to all local hospitals and doctors a standard protocol for treatment of Scientologists that would make clear that the only treatments precluded by Scientology scripture are those in the field of psychiatry. This Church-authored protocol would also make clear that although Scientologists are opposed to psychiatric treatment, they are certainly not opposed to receiving medical treatment.

Clarifying that those who dealt with violated longstanding Church policy barring the housing or care of psychotics on Church premises.

That the Church pay the full costs of the police investigation.

That the Church donate $500,000.00 to the county Emergency Medical Services Trust as a sign of its commitment to using available services whenever necessary.

Acceptance of the proposal would avoid a protracted battle which would be very costly to
the taxpayers and further destructive of Church-community relations.


The circumstances surrounding the case cannot be taken in isolation and are inextricably tied to the history of Clearwater and its Police Department. At a minimum, you would get a preview of what will be brought forth if we are forced to litigate.

As I mentioned earlier, prosecution will inevitably entail rehearsal of the whole history of the Clearwater Police Department and its unlawful crusade against the Church, which is legendary. No good can come from putting it on trial too. Such a trial of the police would cut against the grain of what Scientology and its membership have tried to accomplish in community betterment activities.

In the past year alone, more than 167,000 hours of volunteer work was performed by our members in Clearwater. As just one example, a group of 170 local Scientology parishioners have worked thousands of hours helping to rehabilitate prison inmates. Another group provides 250 hours per week of free tutoring to youth in need. Efforts like these have made an impact on community redevelopment plans.


More importantly, you know that nobody in the Church of Scientology intended any harm. Although you may not agree with all of this statement, you did confirm that your investigation had not found evidence of anybody intending to harm.

It is critical to note that this Church has been attacked for the conduct of individuals who did not follow or forward Church policy. Indeed, the alleged conduct violated Church policy which fully supports medical care and has long been opposed to housing psychotics on Church premises.

It is my belief that if we fail to achieve a settlement, the case will be dismissed on constitutional grounds. But for sake of argument, assume it is not. We would then be looking at years of litigation.


David Miscavige


First read the time track entry at 13 September 1999 and the First Note there.
Then, return to this entry and read the following:

LRH says in Science of Survival that people in the tone level 1.1 are good actors.

In the above letter, David is doing a good ACTING job. However, it is just an act - he is not sincere. Behind the scenes - RTC directed the handling of Lisa McPherson. So, with blood dripping from his hands, he is pretending to be a caring person who wants to take responsibility by proposing a peaceful resolution to the problem of Lisa's death.

The fact of the matter is - all he is really trying to do here is cover up a crime by getting the criminal charges dropped. The crime is murder by gross negligence at least and possibly was even premeditated murder.

While pretending to be sane and sweet - notice that what he is actually doing with this letter is practicing Fair Game!

The way OSA operates to handle attacks is:

1. Intelligence = use black operations to get out of the attack.
2. Public Relations = PR your way out of the attack.
3. Legal = sue your way out of the attack.
4. Finance = buy your way out of the attack.

The above letter contains all 4 OSA branches in it. Look at the sentences we highlighted in his letter and you will see how he uses all 4 branches to try to stop this attack:

1. Intelligence = blackmail by saying they will expose crimes of Clearwater police.
2. PR = 167,000 hours of volunteer work performed by our members.
3. Legal = they will make this a prolonged and expensive legal battle for years.
4. Finance = we will spend 500,000 on charity.

So, by reason of offering a "peaceful" resolution to Lisa's death - is Miscavige really a nice guy after all? No - he's trying to cover up a crime of murder by the practice of their usual Fair Game actions - blackmail your way out of the attack or PR your way out or sue your way out or buy your way out.

None of the above is justice and allows the people responsible for Lisa's death to escape without answering for the crime of murder.

The tone level of this letter matches the tone level of its author - covert hostility.

29 Mar : Scientology
  St. Petersburg Times article on 29 March 1999

Scientology lost an appeal in Canada's biggest libel judgement: 1.6 million because Scientology tried to discredit Casey Hill, the prosecutor who handled the criminal case against the Church.


More Legal losses from practicing Fair Game.

This is interesting because that would be RTC and OSA practicing Fair Game on Casey Hill. This happens right after RTC and OSA execs had gone into the Canadian court in late May and early June 1992 and testified how shocked they were by the criminal actions of the GO.

What a charade they put on for the court about how guilty the GO was and how innocent they were. While sitting in court testifying about their innocence, they are doing illegal black intelligence operations on people, such as the Minutemen, while pretending to be shocked about the GO's crimes.

This shows how covert they are. LRH says in Science of Survival that people in the tone level of 1.1 are good actors. They are not sincere - they are just acting.

08 Jun : Scientology
  The Church of Scientology settles the Bonnie Woods libel suit against them. They paid her.

Internet posting on settlement of Woods case


More Legal losses from practicing Fair Game.

Another case of your donations going to pay for RTC's black intelligence operations, gone wrong. No wonder it costs so much for services. RTC keeps paying out multi-millions in suits against them for running illegal black intelligence operations on people.

-- Jul : Scientology
  Larry Wollersheim breaks off settlement negotiations with Scientology. He now has a collection case in LA County Superior Court for 6.8 million.

Post to alt.religion.scientology on 7-8-99

13 Sep : Scientology
  Jesse Prince files an affidavit in the Lisa McPherson case in Clearwater. He is a class IX auditor and C/S.

He says he has personally witnessed executive decisions directed to church members telling them to "end cycle", meaning telling them to die. He has personally read written instructions from Senior C/S International, Ray Mithoff, concerning the following individuals:

Diane Morrison had cancer. Radiation treatment is forbidden by Scientology. Ray Mithoff instructed her to end cycle and her husband was ordered to take her home so she did not die on any Church property.

Ted Cormier had Parkinson's disease. He was ordered to Flag for NOTS 34 auditing to cure his cancer. This did not cure it so Mithoff sent him orders in his preclear file to end cycle. He died.

Jesse viewed a videotape of a television interview of Roxanne Friend. She had cancer that could have been successfully treated by medical means. She was kidnapped in California and driven across country in a motorhome to Clearwater where she was held against her will. This prevented her from getting treatment. After she escaped she gave the television interview. She disclosed she was beyond treatment because of the delay and subsequently died.

Jesse says he witnessed and participated in 4 isolation watches on people having a psychotic break. All psychotic breaks had 3 things in common, the person was denied sleep for days, the person was given a wrong indication of their work performance being inadequate, the person was then subjected to further wrong indications in ethics.

The person is locked in a room with two guards at the door. The guards are not allowed to talk to the person in the psychotic break, they are only allowed to physically restrain the person. They are trained to force the person to consume food and water.

The reason for the guards is that the person wants to leave and makes many attempts to leave. But the guards prevent them from leaving until the C/S says ok. This is a direct quote from the technical material of the Introspection Rundown:

"Dear Joe. What can you guarantee me if you are let out of isolation? If the person's reply shows continued irresponsibility toward other dynamics or fixation on one dynamic to the exclusion of others damaged, the C/S must inform the person of his continued isolation and why. Example: Dear Joe. I'm sorry but no go on coming out of isolation yet?"

In 1987 Jesse was assigned to an isolation watch on another Sea Org member in a
psychotic break. She fought to escape and had numerous injuries from beating on walls and the door, trying to get away.

Her mother was desperately trying to find her so during a calm moment Jesse monitored a call to her mother after telling her what to say. She lied to her mother and said she was ok and when the telephone call started to get "weird" Jesse ended it. This was a public relations nightmare for Scientology and this was why Jesse had the girl lie to her family about what was really going on with her.

This went on for 2 months. After the girl was stable for a week, she was made to sign a release form that said Scientology was not responsible for what happened to her and she was then allowed to go home. Jesse said if he had not forced the girl to drink water, she would have died.

Jesse then reviewed Lisa McPherson's auditing files and the isolation watch "caretaker logs" and her ethics file. The last 3 and ? days of the caretaker logs were missing, which is not an accident.

All psychotic breaks cases have their auditing folders sent to the Tech Unit of RTC for review. It is then returned via the Senior C/S International to ensure compliance to their orders. Status reports would go to Ray Mithoff, Snr C/S Int and he would take them to RTC. Then, David Miscavige, Ray Mithoff and Marty Rathbun discuss the various options available to Scientology on how to deal with the public relations flap. These 3 people would have met and discussed what to do because Lisa was not improving in isolation and she was a public relations flap since she had removed her clothes and run down the street naked.

From his study of the available records, Jesse concludes that Miscavige, Mithoff, and Rathbun had no option but to let her die in isolation. They could not take her to the hospital for emergency medical treatment and risk embarrassing questions from the attending physicians, press, and authorities with likely claims of imprisonment and abuse being made by Lisa upon her recovery. Thus they chose the "end of cycle" option, which is permitting and ordering the person to die.

In Jesse's opinion, Lisa was held against her will in isolation. She was not improving and her morbid condition was described in the caretaker logs. Rather than face the public relations flap, Miscavige, Mithoff and Rathbun ordered her death, it was no accident.

Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court for Hillsborough County, State of Florida
Estate of Lisa McPherson vs Church of Scientology Flag Service Org ,Case No.97-01235
Jesse Prince affidavit dated 13 September 1999

First Note:

So Lisa McPherson's handling was directed by RTC. It had to be because no one at Flag would have dared such a stunt without RTC approval. The last 3 days of her "caretaker notes" are missing. RTC claims they can't find them. In light of all the past times when RTC engaged in destruction of evidence to cover up a crime, we don't believe it. They destroyed the evidence that proved their crime - murder, maybe premeditated murder.

Second Note:

Lisa McPherson died a 17-day slow death. The Corner found her death was caused by a blood clot that formed by too much bed rest and dehydration (a lack of liquids).

It seems highly unlikely that LRH wrote this handling to put a psychotic in isolation because this goes against his earlier handling for psychotics, which was:

1. Good food
2. Good rest
3. A safe, non-restimulative environment - NO HARASSMENT
4. Mild sedatives if needed
5. Medical attention
6. Light processing that attempts to coax the person up to present time



Quote from Science of Survival:

"The auditor is not trying to cure anything. He is simply raising tone."


Everything that is wrong with a spiritual being drops away as his tone rises. That means
somatics, inabilities, everything. Going OT, is simply a process of raising tone:


4 = Clear
8 = Theta Clear
20 = Cleared Theta Clear (OT)

The WHOLE IDEA of Scientology is raising tone.

Therefore - actions which drive a being DOWN TONE are NOT Scientology.

Every handling done by any Scientologist that drives a person downtone, instead of raising
their tone, is a MISAPPLICATION of Scientology. Lisa McPherson was driven down tone to death. That is not Scientology - it is somebody's MISAPPLICATION.

This also shows what is wrong with various abuses in the RPF, with heavy ethics such as locking people in chain lockers, with gang-bang security checks and all other forms of -


Any handling that drives a person down tone is a MISAPPLICATION of tech.


Nobody ever complains about being made happier.

Auditing is a tool.

And, like any tool, the results obtained are dependent upon its operator.
There are two things that monitor the outcome of the application of any tool:

1. The intent of the operator.
2. The skill of the operator.

Take a hammer - there are 3 possible results, depending on the operator's skill & intent:

A skilled operator with the intent to create something good, builds a house.

An unskilled operator mis-swings the hammer and hits his thumb and hurts himself.

A nut takes a hammer and maliciously kills someone with it.

Some people like to blame their tools when things go wrong.
But what's really at fault here - the tool or the operator of the tool?

The EXISTING SCENE within Scientology organizations is this:

Aberrated people, lacking understanding, unintentionally MISAPPLYING datums -

resulting in driving others down tone and thereby creating destruction.

Also, aberrated people of ill-intent, purposefully MISAPPLYING datums -

resulting in driving others down tone and thereby creating destruction.

People MISAPPLY Scientology and thereby cause destructive results- then they mislabel what they did as being an application of Scientology - which it really isn't - then people think Scientology tech is bad and the tech gets an undeserved bad rap.

If the church handled people inside and outside of the church in such a way as to raise their tone - there would be no meaningful attacks. By MISAPPLYING Scientology inside and outside of the church - that is the root of all of the Church's troubles. The Church is causing all of its own meaningful troubles.

If the Church was only raising people's tone level - both within the church and in society - there would be no merit to anybody's effort to attack the church.

Ninety-eight per cent of the attacks would stop. All that would be left attacking the church would be the insane Head Global Enslavers and their front groups - but all of their attacks would fall flat because - lacking any truth - they would have no teeth.


MISAPPLICATION drives people down tone and results in all meaningful trouble.

CORRECT APPLICATION raises tone level and makes people happier.

Happy people do not attack.

And the church would expand and produce its end product of FREE BEINGS.

24 Sep : Scientology
  David Miscavige files an affidavit in the Wollersheim case in California:

"RTC is exclusively concerned with the orthodoxy of the Scientology religion so that it forever remains faithful to the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of the religion and the one source of its Scriptures."

"As Chairman of the Board, the most senior position in RTC, I am uniquely interested in the standard application of the Scripture of Scientology as detailed in Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters and Hubbard Communication Office Bulletins and the spoken words of Mr. Hubbard on the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology as recorded on audio tape, video, film and in written transcriptions of these materials. I inspect and correct departures from the standard application of the Scripture of the religion. I also ensure that any attempted perversion of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology is rapidly dealt with, to keep the religion pure so that all people may benefit from the application of Mr. Hubbard's breakthroughs in the fields of the mind, the spirit and life."

"My role is described above. Mr. Hubbard was the Founder of the religion and the sole Source of its Scripture. A primary and fundamental doctrine of our faith is that the teachings be kept pure and that the only source of those teachings is Mr. Hubbard. Indeed, my role encompasses the responsibility of seeing the religion does not lose its original teachings and that no one ever assumes Mr. Hubbard's role as the source of its religious teachings."


You see, he does know what his hat is. And, his and RTC's betrayal of LRH's trust to do the above, puts them in a condition of Treason. But let's go on and see what else David says?

"The GO operated in complete secrecy and conducted its affairs independently of other
church personnel."

Note: So does Religious Technology Center and Church of Spiritual Technology.

"There were also examples in which GO staff had used unscrupulous means to deal with people perceived as enemies of the religion - means that were completely against Scientology tenets and policy, not to mention the law."


There are plenty of entries on this time track that shows Miscavige and RTC doing the same thing. In fact, there are many cases on this time track where they have had to pay out millions of dollars in parishioners donation's because they were found guilty in courts of doing just exactly that. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what your fees buy?

"Such treatment was also the GO's response to church staff members who inquired into
their activities or were perceived by the GO to be interfering with GO affairs."


Once again, Miscavige has done this too. Take his expelling of about 600 people at the time of the mission holders conference as an example. Take the hundreds of people he has expelled since then simply because they challenged his squirreling of tech or policy.

Also, he has used intelligence black operations on some of these people after expelling them. Again resulting in wasting millions of dollars of parishioner's donations to defend lawsuits and pay for settlements and awards against Scientology. To make it worse, none of it should have happened in the first place - because they were right! You are squirreling the tech!

A question for the parishioner's - how do you like paying these excessively high prices for services in order to finance Miscavige's and RTC's criminal activities?

"The GO had grossly mismanaged the legal affairs with which it had been entrusted and
displayed a disdain for the basic policies of Mr. Hubbard by which a Scientology organization is supposed to be guided. Whatever else the GO was, it was not Scientology, and it was not adhering to Scientology policy."


Boy you said a mouthful that time, David. You have actually done worse than the GO because the GO never re-wrote LRH's issues. And your massive alterations of LRH books, HCOBs and tapes is definitely not Scientology. Under your off-source command, you have turned all of Scientology into the biggest squirrel group ever.

"Moreover, the GO had withheld from the rest of the church the darkest of its secrets -
the criminal acts committed by GO staff against the US Government and others."


Here's another LRH technical datum - "The overt doth speak loudly in accusation."

Does this apply here? Why, yes it does!

Miscavige and RTC are guilty of withholding their criminal acts from the rest of the church!

Well, let's go on and see what else David has to say about the criminal GO staff?.

" was clear to us that we had no choice but to dismantle the GO and persuade everyone who had violated religious policy or the law to resign. To reform the GO, we relied on our mutual beliefs and dedication to the Scientology religion and its moral and ethical codes to try to persuade the GO members that the policies of the religion did not condone their conduct and, that for the sake of the religion, they must resign."

"As is true when any Scientologist has committed gross violations of the religion's policy, the internal, ecclesiastical justice system of Scientology is employed. That was precisely what occurred with respect to GO staff whom the investigation revealed to have breached policy. Following adjudication in that system, they were removed from their staff positions. Those who committed crimes were prosecuted and convicted in the criminal courts."


Ok David. Let's apply all of that to you and RTC now. We want you to resign and go to jail.

You and RTC and CST are actually worse than the GO ever dreamed of being. Not only are you guilty of the same criminal activities as the GO was, but you are the biggest squirrel in the history of the religion. Worse yet, CST stores squirrel tech in titanium.

RTC = Rewriting Tech Center
CST = Covert Squirreling in Titanium

Miscavige and his top aides are assigned Treason. RTC and CST are assigned Treason.


No longer will Scientologists have to put up with your bullying or squirreling.

You are about to be by-passed, as you will soon see.

The Creed of the Church of Scientology - We of the Church believe:

that all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own
organizations, churches and governments

Accordingly, a new group has been formed, an association of on-source auditors, loyal to
LRH and his tech.

Phase 1:

It is currently putting in place KSW point 1 - having the correct technology.

This means it is assembling a complete on-source LRH library of the entire bridge.

Phase 2:

Production of Theta Clears in a theta environment.

-- Oct : Scientology
  More data on PSYCHIC WARFARE:

Aerial Mind-Control - The Threat to Civil Liberties
by Judy Wall, Editor/Publisher Resonance
Newsletter of the MENSA Bioelectromagnetics Special Interest Group NEXUS Magazine, October-November 1999

Judy Wall can be contacted by mail at:
Judy Wall, Editor/Publisher
684 County Road 535
Sumterville FL
USA 33585


The United States Air Force uses aerial mind-control broadcasts against civilian population
as well as enemy troops. Some of these actions against civilians are done with the intent of influencing public opinion and the outcome of elections.

In a previous article, we examined mind-control technology, especially that utilizing Silent Sound [TM], in which radio-frequency broadcasts carry subliminal patterns that entrain the listener's brainwaves into a pre-selected emotional state. According to ITV wire service reports, this technology was used during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, as part of the US Psychological Operations (PsyOps) directed against Iraqi troops.

To the Desert Storm offensive we can now add several other incidents. Alex Horvat, editor of The Probe, calls to our attention the 1998 video, Exotic Weapons of Mass Control, produced by Bob Fletcher.

"The excerpt played on Fletcher's video is from TLC (The Learning Channel) and clearly states that Commando Solo was used in Haiti for what was called Operation Uphold Democracy. As the general populace was violently opposed to Aristide and most in favor of his ouster, it took nearly a year of this clandestine counter-programming to get them to change their minds.

Instead of butchering a population physically, we can now manipulate them mentally, virtually enslaving their thoughts with a criss-cross pattern of flights by an EC-130 (which is just a C-130 heavily laden with electronic hardware.)

We were not at war with the citizens of Haiti, yet the U.S. Government directed military weapons against this friendly, or at least neutral, civilian population. The U.S. Government sanction the "rigging" of the Haitian election by mental control of the people, programming them to cast their votes for the Americans' favored candidate. And they had the nerve to call it "Operation Uphold Democracy". Some sense of humor!

Stalin would have loved it. Hitler would have loved it. Why is the U.S. Government doing this? Who is behind this flagrant violation of civil liberties? Is it the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which has a long history of interfering in foreign government politics? Or has this become standard military procedure?

The rationale is always the same: "to make the world safe for democracy." Yet what is democracy if not freedom? Freedom to think your own thoughts; freedom to express your own opinions; freedom to vote for the candidate of your own choice.

Fletcher's video also mentions that the same technology was used against the Bosnia population for a week to influence their election. This was probably done during Operation Joint Guard in 1995.

The questions arise: If they have used mind-control broadcasts against foreign civilian populations to influence elections, will they use them against American citizens -- or have they already? What other countries may be the recipients of this innovative technology?

Just what is this EC-130E Commando Solo? The United States Air Force has helpfully published a fact sheet that describes the Lockheed built aircraft. This 1995 bulletin states that the "unit flyaway cost" is more than US $100 million each, and that there are eight in the inventory. Its primary function is "Psychological operations broadcasts". The crew consists of four officers (pilot, copilot, navigator, control chief/EWO) and seven enlisted members (flight engineer, loadmaster, five mission crew.)

According to the fact sheet:

"Air Force Mission: Commando Solo conducts psychological operations and civil affairs broadcast missions in the standard AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications bands. Missions are flown at maximum altitudes possible to ensure optimum propagation patterns. The EC-130 flies during either day or night scenarios with equal success, and is air refuealable. A typical mission consists of a single ship orbit which is offset from the desired target audience. The targets may be either military or civilian personnel.

"Secondary missions include command and control communications counter-measures (C3CM) and limited intelligence gathering.

"Air Force Features: Highly specialized modifications have been made to the latest version of the EC-130. Included in these modifications are enhanced navigation systems, self- protection equipment, and the capability of broadcasting color television on a multitude of world-wide standards throughout the TV VHF/UHF ranges.

"Air Force Background: Air National Guard EC-130 aircraft flown by the 193rd Special Operations Group were deployed to both Saudi Arabia and Turkey in support of Desert Storm. Their missions included broadcasts of 'Voice of the Gulf' and other programs intended to convince Iraqi soldiers to surrender.

"The EC-130 was originally modified using the mission electronic equipment from the EC- 121, known at the time as the Coronet Solo. Soon after the 193rd SOG received its EC- 130s, the unit participated in the rescue of US citizens in Operation Urgent Fury, acting as an airborne radio station informing those people on Granada of the US military action.

"Volant Solo, as the mission is now known, was instrumental in the success of coordinated psychological operations in Operation Just Cause, again broadcasting continuously throughout the initial phases of the operation."

Operation Just Cause? this is another propaganda name, applied to the U.S. invasion of Panama to take out that country's leader, General Noreiga, the CIA's erstwhile partner in drug smuggling. Apparently the General had made someone mad -- how else to account for the massive invasion of this tiny tourist country?

Our Commander-in-Chief had another point of view: "...the roll call of glory, the roster of great American campaigns -- Yorktown, Gettysburg, Normandy, and now Panama." -- President George Bush, March 1990


In a phone call to the USAF Special Operations Command Public Affairs Office, I questioned the legitimacy of using these subliminal broadcasts against civilian populations.

[Judy Wall's article on Silent Sound for details.]

I was told that it was all perfectly legal, having been approved by the U.S. Congress! It may be okay by Congress, but I sincerely doubt that it would be approved by the recipient populations.

That conversation also elicited more information concerning the Commando Solo units. For instance, the Air National Guard of the individual states in the U.S. can also operate Commando Solo aircraft, should the Governor of a state request assistance. That means the PsyOps mind-control technology can be directed against U.S. citizens.

The Commando Solo aircraft have participated in the following missions-- possibly more, as the early missions of Volant Solo 1 were not known to this spokesperson:

- Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada, Oct-Nov 1983, Jan-Jun 1985)
- Operation Just Cause (Panama, late December 1989)
- Operation Desert Shield (Kuwait, Iraq, from August 1990)
- Operation Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, 1991)
- Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti, 1994-1995)
- Operation Joint Guard (Part of a UN oepration in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1995)
- Operation Desert Thunder (part of a UN operation in Iraq)
- Operation Desert Fox (Iraq, 2 to 3 days in December 1998)

Other countries are known to have a similar aircraft, but the PR officer declined to identify them, suggesting that I check out Jane's Defence Weekly for such information. Not having access to that particular publication, I searched through my copy of Jane's Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems 1993094. The Commando Solo unit was not listed, but a browse through the book was informative as to the numerous types of electronic offence and defence systems available.

These include stationary and mobile land units (many housed in large trucks), shipboard and airborne models as well as well as space-based technology. If the military is spending US $100 million per airborne unit I think it is safe to assume that they have tried out mind control equipment with less expensive, roving land units (trucks), but use the airplanes to cover wider areas and hard-to-reach locations of the world.

And I might add, we can asume that they have tried out the efficacy of this mind-control technology. Even the US military would not waste $800 million on something unless it has been proven to work, and work effectively, even under the adverse situation of military combat. This is an important point.

The initial research into mind control in the USA was conducted under the auspices of the CIA. The flagrant abuse of human rights in experimenting on unsuspecting persons was based on the supposition that the veracity of experiments would be compromised if a subject knew that he was participating in an experiment. In the case of mind-control technology, this supposition might very well be true. But that does not justify its use -- or so said the Nuremburg Code, the tenets of which were used as a legal basis to prosecute Nazi scientists for war crimes. However the US seems to have excused its own military and scientific community from adhering to that Code.


The next logical step in mind control would be to incorporate this technology into satellite communications. Since other countries are known to have similar capabilities, there could occur a sitution in which electronic mind control warfare is waged against a civilian population, receiving conflicting mental manipulation from both sides. What would be the mental state of individuals so targetted? Would it cause a rise in mental aberrations and schizophrenia? And what are the limits of mind manipulations? Can people be forced to commit suicide? Can physical ailments or psychosomatic illnesses be induced?

A March 1990 report from Bosnia-Herzegovina in the former Yugoslavia suggests the latter may have already happened. The report concerns 2,990 ethnic Albanians who were admitted to hospital with complaints of lung and skin problems for which doctors could find no physical cause.

It is not a far step from manipulating a person's emotional state to influencing bodily functions. Indeed, much of the literature on documenting microwave effects on biological systems deals with precisely this phenomenon. In fact, studies of the physical effects of microwave exposure (including radio frequencies) generally preceeded studies of mental effects.

A meeting sponsored by Defense & Foreign Affairs and the International Strategic Studies Association was held in Washington DC in 1983. High-level officials from many countries met for this conference. They discussed psychological strategies related to government and policymaking. A summary of the agenda reads: "The group will be discussing the essence of future policymaking, for it msut be increasingly clear to all that the most effective tool of government and strategy is the mind... If it's any consolation to the weapons-oriented among defense policymakers, the new technologies of communications - - satellites, television, radio, and mind-control beams -- are 'systems' which are more tangible than the more philosophically based psychological strategies and operations.

"But we should make no mistake; it will be the 'psychologically based' systems which determine the world's fate in coming years: the condition of the minds of populations and leaders. And we should not ignore the fact that the USSR [this was in 1983] is working on electronic systems to 'beam' messages directly into the brain. What good, then, are conventional systems if these types of weapons are not countered? And, on a more basic level, what good is a weapon system if public opinion or political constraints prohibit its deployment?"

It is obvious that they found the answer to that last question. If the public does not know about a weapon system, it cannot prohibit its deployment. This is the situtation that applies to mind-control technology.


The US military is aware that certain actions or procedures may not be acceptable to the American public. Metz and Kievit express these concerns in their paper, The Revolution in Military Affairs and Short Conflict War. "The use of new technology may also run counter to basic American values. Information age -- and in particular, information warfare -- technologies cause concerns about privacy... American values also make use of directed- energy weapons ... morally difficult, perhaps unacceptable."

Later they state: "We must decide whether innovative military capabilities are, in fact, acceptable and desirable. That can only happen through open debate. The military must be a vital participant, but not the sole one."

But there has been no open debate.

On July 21, 1994, the US Department of Defense proposed that non-lethal weapons be used not only against declared enemies, but against anyone engaged in activities that the DOD opposed. That could include almost anybody and anything. Note that the mind-control technology is classified under non-lethal weapons.

A 1998 news item states that US Air Force General John Jumper "predicts that the military will have the tools to make potential enemies see, hear, and believe things that do not exist" and that "The same idea was contained in a 15-volume study by the USAF Scientific Advisory Board, issued in 1996, on how to maintain US air and space superiority on the battlefields of the 21st century".

It seems that, in miltary parlance, a "prediction" means: "Don't be surprised when you find out we've already got this, but it's classified and we can't admit to it just yet."

Notice that General Jumper predicts that mind control technology will be used against potential enemies. The military and government agencies may apply this term to any group or individual they perceive as a threat to their own interests. Potential enemies may be counter-culture individuals, those of opposing political viewpoints, economic or financial competitors, biological undesirables, etc. It is part of the military agenda to identify potential threats so as to be prepared to meet them. Experience has shown that the US Government (the CIA and FBI, for example) has moved against these people or groups, slandering, harassing, even killing them, without adequate cause or legal sanction.

A weapon that can be used in secret lends itself to abuse by unethical individuals in positions of power. The military and secret services have shown themselves often to be lacking in ethical constraints. After all, the job of the military is war; it is killing people; and so, just how this is accomplished may be considered irrelevant. Lesser evils, like mind control, pale by comparison.

Of course, it can be argued that it is far more humane to brainwash a person via mind control technology than it is to torture or kill them. Others vehemently deny this. They'd rather be dead than a mental slave to Big Brother! That is what revolutions are about. And if I recall correctly, that is the idea behind the US Bill of Rights.


Awareness of the existence of mind-control technology, and hence its dangers and possibility for misuse, seems to be more prevalent in Europe than in other areas. The European Parliament recently passed a "Resolution on environment, security, and foreign policy". This document includes these articles:

"23. Calls on the European Union to seek to have the new 'non-lethal' weapons technology and the development of new arms strategies also covered and regulated by international conventions...

"27. Calls for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings."

The United States will ignore these resolutions, of course, as it has other EP requests; for example, as mentioned in the same document:

"24. Considers HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) by virtue of its far- reaching impact on the environment to be a global concern and calls for it's legal, ecological and ethical implcations to be examined by an international independent body before any further research and testing; regrets the repeated refusal of the United States Administration to send anyone in person to give evidence to the public hearing or any subsequent meeting to be held by its competent committee into the environmental and public risks connected with the HAARP programme currently being funded in Alaska..."

One of HAARP's potential uses is a communications system. The military officially acknowledges two communications-related applications: (1) to replace the existing Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) submarine communications system now operating in Michigan and Wisconsin; (2) to provide a way to wipe out communications over an extremely large area, while keeping the miltary's own communications system working.

As we have seen, the mind-control subliminal messages are carried on radio-frequency broadcasts.

[Judy Wall's article on Silent Sound for details.]

The HAARP facility could be used to broadcast global mind-control messages, or such messages could simply be inserted into existing systems.

Dr. Igor Smirnov, of the Institute of Psycho-correction in Moscow, says in regard to this technology: "It is easily conceviable that some Russian 'Satan', or let's say Iranian [or any other 'Satan'], as long as he owns the appropriate means and finances, can inject himself [intrude] into every conceivable computer network, into every conceivable radio or television broadcast, with relative technological ease, even without disconnecting cables.

You can intercept the [radio] waves in the aether and then [subliminally] modulate every conceivable suggestion into it. If this transpires over a long enough time period, it accumulates in the heads of people. And eventually they can be artificially manipulated with other additional measurements, to do that which this perpetrator wants [them to do]. This is why [such technology] is rightfully feared."


To return to the USAF Fact Sheet, it concludes: "In 1990 the EC-130 joined the newly formed Air Force Special Operations Command and has since been designated Commando Solo, with no change in mission. This one of a kind aircraft is consistently improving its capabilities.

The next few years should see continued enhancements to the EC-130 and its worldwide mission."

About the Author:
Judy Wall is the Editor of RESONANCE, the newsletter of the
Bioelectromagnetics Special Interest Group of American MENSA Ltd.
Viewpoints expressed here are her own personal views.


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False (evil) purpose of enslaving mankind with advanced mind-control technology -

Global Enslavers


It is interesting that the current top management of the Church does not educate Scientologists about Psychic Warfare and apply the remedy - making the Church product of FREE BEINGS.

Omitted communication about Psychic Warfare to Scientologists -
Omitted application of the remedy to Psychic Warfare by making Free Beings -

Global Enslaver agents who are the current top management of the Church

-- Nov : Scientology
  November 1999I can prove nothing of what happened to me. Consider this total delusion if you want. But in November of 1999, I was drugged, raped, and implanted with the commands that I posted anonymously earlier this year as the OSA Sex-Drug-Hypnosis procedure.

I AM ENDED. It is with great reluctance that I am announcing that the "Pilot" identity was destroyed by OSA and the CofS. But it has been a year now and I have not recovered and there does not seem to be any way out but to abandon it all.

Right now I'm a pitiful shadow of who I was when I wrote Super Scio and Self Clearing. I put those out on the net for free and they will remain there for whomever can use them or get anything out of them. But I am no longer fit to evaluate their contents or further extend the work.


I'm not certain about the name, but it reads on an e-meter like dynamite.

It would seem that as a first stage, they try to use OTs to engage in psychic warfare, telepathically implanting enemies or whatever. This is so weak and shallow as to be a joke. Some people in the freezone, including myself, have noticed this, but it is so trivial that everybody shrugs it off with hardly a glance. They really aren't capable of producing OTs that can do anything significant.

But beyond this, when they get desperate, there does seem to be the physical use of black dianetics with an upgraded procedure that includes rape and reverse anti-auditing commands in addition to simple PDH.

Apparantly, adding in sex/rape on top of PDH makes a pleasure-pain syndrome that is effective even on a clear because a clear has only blown the force out of the bank and is not really free from all incident chains or abberations. My experience, after endless hours of trying to run the damn thing out, is that it still has effect even after apparantly being erased because the pleasure/pain bundle causes it to compulsively mockup again at a physical level.

Note that the "pleasure/pain" syndrome is known in hypnotherapy because it comes up in hypnotic drug rape cases. They are not very good at handling it but they do know that it makes posthypnotic commands really stick whereas simple PDH seems like an unworkable joke to them as far as long term effects go.

The OSA implant was completely out of view initially except for some really oddball things around the edges that didn't make any sense. For example, there was a onetime occurance of anal bleeding right afterwards which seemed to me at the time to have had no cause and did not repeat and therefore seemed totally incomprehensible.

At the beginning of January, I posted again despite the implanted orders against it and of course they grabbed me again and repeated the procedure. They had, of course, laid in a command phrase to put me back under again so that it was easy to pick me up subsequent times.

The platen I published was the consistent part of the incident (they got me a total of 3 times and had some sort of command sheet that they used every time). In addition to this were unique commands aimed at me specifically plus background dialogue plus the constant crap on the TV which they turned on purpousfully to fill the incident with additional chatter to hide the contents.

It was loaded with suicide commands among other things and I was fighting those endlessly during the earlier part of this year but I always managed to circumvent them somehow since it did not actually make sense to me analytically.

It wasn't until July that I got my hands on the incident itself and managed to list out that SDH implanted command platen (and I did that very carefully on a meter, everything read cleanly and consistently).

Whenever I try and post, the whole thing turns on again at maximum temporarily, including shaking fits, suicidal urges, and a sexual desperation that is beyond description.

I don't think that anyone, even those close to me, have really understood how bad its been this year. A night and day shift from being a major player to becoming a broken piece lying on the battlefield.

The whole Pilot business and Scientology and research and posting to the net are just loaded and messed up with endless hypnotic commands implanted by OSA.

And they want me to kill myself.

(Ken says perhaps this was done to Lisa McPherson.)

But if this is true, then CofS itself is implanting people and has become that which it pretends to fight.

Post to internet by Ken Ogger aka The Pilot


Yes - they practice Black NOTs on people.

That is another kind of Reverse Auditing they engage in.

But - this PDH incident described above is implanting. They are also building a machine for use in the new Super Power building. In the days of psychotronics too!

Flag is not just a Theta Trap with a DEAD END bridge.

It is what we call IMPLANT STATION number 1. And we are not kidding.

Just follow the yellow brick road to Flag where the man with a machine behind the curtain will do all kinds of magical things for you.

31 Dec : Scientology

In the 1990s decade the Global Enslaver agents inside the Church try to prevent people from getting auditing outside of the formal Church by bringing lawsuits against those who posted OT materials on the internet. Again this rebounds on the Church because freedom of religion and freedom of speech advocates rise up against the Church and make the OT materials even more available on the internet. This is another case of Fair Game practices creating more enemies where there were none before.

It was a losing battle - because as fast as they would beat down one person posting OT materials on the internet - several others would pop up to take their place. One site even made a disc of most of the bridge and claims to have sent out over a 100,000 copies.

In the meantime - CST is digging underground tunnels to preserve RTC's squirrel tech. Or so they say. The construction workers at one location in northern California say that CST is building an underground city there. Nearby is constructed two large interlocking circles with a diamond figure in the middle of each circle. It can only be read from high in the atmosphere - not from the ground. A launch and landing pad is built nearby and we think that all they need to do now is raise a Nazi and Marcabian flag and they are in business.

In 1993 the IRS granted tax exemption. They were ordered to grant it by the Justice Department. CIA agent Miles Copeland leaked the data that the CIA made a deal with Church officials. No date was given so it may have been in 1993 or it may have been done much earlier in the coup - perhaps the late 1970s or early 1980s.

Miscavige held an event wherein he announced tax exemption as a major win. That was his first lie. He went on to tell two of the biggest and most destructive lies ever - he said that the IRS was basic on the chain of attacks and that the war was over. Nothing could be further from the truth.

He also failed to mention what were the terms of the secret agreement with the IRS - and he especially failed to mention what deal he cut with the CIA. We believe the deal was that the Church would not make any OTs in exchange for Miscavige staying out of jail and him getting a piece of the pie - meaning Church money.

The grand finale lie was his statement that all of the tech had been made available in a "pure, unadulterated form." Had he been pinocchio - his nose would have grown inches longer the more he talked at the event.

There was one time he told the truth - he said that IRS agents were his friends. Shortly after the event he met with another friend - the head of Interpol. Interpol then did black intelligence operations on David Mayo - on behalf of RTC.

Yes David - we agree that the Nazi Global Enslavers and their Nazi Front Groups
- like Nazi CIA and Nazi Interpol - are your friends.

The secret agreement with the IRS was made public by a group called Tax Analysts.
We then found out that the secret agreement made the top Church management into IRS agents. Their new duties included collecting taxes by enforcing Church members to pay their taxes or face expulsion.

Scientologists swallowed all of the disinformation handed out by Miscavige at the IRS "win" event - and they celebrated their defeat as if they had just won. What they did not realize was that tax exemption for CST marked the completion of the coup! LRH's will stated that CST did not get ownership of his copyrights unless it had tax exemption.


By owning and controlling the tech - the Global Enslavers have complete control over the Church and every single Scientologist and can now prevent the Church from producing its product - Free Spiritual Beings.

That was the Global Enslaver plan for preventing any OTs being made - by owning the copyrights. They wanted to have a monopoly on LRH tech and that is the whole reason for the internet lawsuits and RTC attacks on the independent competitors. They were trying to prevent anyone using the tech outside of the Church - so as to prevent anyone going OT that way.

But their plan was foiled by LRH allowing his copyrights to fall into the public domain and releasing the Upper Bridge OT levels - from OT 7 to OT 40 - to the independent group called Ron's Org. So, the only people CST and RTC can suppress from going OT - are the Scientologists inside the Church. They cannot stop the independents.

Tax exemption gave the copyrights to CST and that marked the completion of the coup.

The bridge inside the Church is controlled by Enslaver agents and is a DEAD END.

But the Scientologists are dancing in the streets and celebrating their loss like they won!

They believed Miscavige that the war was over and went to sleep - forgetting the price of freedom - constant alertness and willingness to fight back. The price of freedom is not an option - those who do not pay the price - do not get freedom.

Church-bound Scientologists will remain Earth-bound Scientologists.

They will reap their reward for sleeping - becoming a mind controlled robot.

The hope of man now belongs to the ALERT independents.

At the same time the fourth dynamic engram is accelerating towards its goal of enslaving mankind - like a freight train picking up momentum.

A 1992 United Nations document lists out the Global Enslaver time table targets for establishing a One World Government - by the year 2015.

They are meeting their targets. The European Union is already in place and just today the President of the United States announced the formation of the American Union and he said that any holdout countries would be punished. The target date for the American Union is 2005.

In 1999 Judy Wall does an excellent article exposing the US military use of Psychic Warfare weapons - mind control broadcasts from psychotronic machines - on civilian populations. Her article also exposes the Department of Defense intention to use such weapons on US civilians that it considers are a threat to national security.

Now remember that the US Intelligence community considers Scientology OTs to be a national security threat - which is what inspired them to takeover the Church to prevent anyone going OT - then realize that means that Psychic Warfare is being waged against Scientology OTs.

The Psychic Warfare being leveled against Scientology OTs has several categories:

1. Flag practices Reverse Auditing on any OT who starts to act like a Free Being.

2. The Reverse Auditing includes Black Nots - practiced by government agents too.

3. Two types of Psychotronic attacks are directed at them -
a. Mind control messages
b. Physically harmful broadcasts to cause illness - sometimes resulting in death.

4. They used direct PDH on an independent in the US who calls himself The Pilot.

5. Flag is developing a new machine for use in the Super Power building.

We suspect that the new machine will do hidden implanting by microwaves.

All of the above is why we call Flag Implant Station Number 1.

Just follow the yellow brick road to Flag where a man with a machine behind the curtain will do all kinds of magical things for you!

There is also Implant Station Number 2 outside of the Church - for those OTs escaping Implant Station Number 1 - by leaving the Church to go OT with the independents.

The OTs outside the Church are subjected to the above listed Psychic Warfare attacks.

They are also subjected to black propaganda attacks against using Scientology tech -


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