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04 Aug
  Re: Free Zone : 04 Aug 1998 (
Ralph Hilton writes:
"The term Free Zone has come to include 2 meanings. One is those practicing scn
outside the CofS as a fairly generic term. Originally the term was used by Bill
Robertson to refer to the organizations he set up."

* Here we have Ralph boldly redefining the 'Free Zone'. Now, the Free Zone has come to mean something mundane and valueless. Further, he cements the idea that the Free Zone is just an organization that CBR dreamed up. My, how far the 'Free Zone' has come!

07 Aug
  Re: Free Zone : 07 Aug 1998 (
Joe Harrington writes:
"Yes, I agree the generic term "Free Zone" is prone to confusion and
misunderstanding. I do a lot of independent research and auditing geared
toward the alleviation of the adverse effects of Hubbard's "standard
tech", however I reject being classified in a vague "Free Zone"

* In typical black propaganda style, we have supporters coming out with 'validating' statements in order to further emphasize their hidden agenda. The Free Zone, as defined by the Free Zone Decree, has now come to mean something completely opposite of it's purpose and intent. The Free Zone concept has been dragged down from a 7th dynamic activity and smashed into the 1st dynamic, altered, discredited and made 'valueless'.

10 Dec
  From: Alan Walter
Subject: Re: Super Scio Tech - Limited Bridges
Date: 1998/12/10

"About 5 years ago I realized that due to the high maintenance of bodies that it would not be possible to truly handle the population of earth or any other planets.

As I had a rather huge team of ST's all of whom were as well trained as I was, (some even better) who were also capable of full 3DH conceptualization

I had since early '68 been putting my spiritual teammates into a co-process set-up...

...Over the years we had built a very powerful team. I and several other highly trained ex-Scio's then set about building a by-pass ST based team.

...The ST's then went to each of the advanced org areas and picked up all available abandoned ST's.

...Also picked up were the ST's who were being used in black operations against specific targets.

...I do not know if you have read the Psychic War material, but the Beings involved on the other side have joined the ST co-process unit."

**See full original post by Alan.

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