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(no date) : Scientology
  Heber, President of CSI, is arrested in France on criminal charges of infiltrating government agencies and stealing documents and tax fraud.

St. Petersburg Times article on 29 March 1999


He is a member of the tax compliance committee. Per the IRS agreement, criminal actions such as this can cause a loss of tax exemption.

Omitted Action by IRS when the church violates the 1993 agreement - IRS

-- Mar : Scientology
  Chris Cloutier leaves staff. He was applying KSW on the re-writing of LRH tech and policy. He says he read a directive that grants Ron's Technical Research and Compilations (RTRC) permission to revise and distribute further technical information as needed. This directive states they have LRH's permission to do this. The directive is dated after Ron's death.

He says OT TRO has been changed. That BTB's cancelled by LRH have been reactivated and have his name as if he wrote them. The EP of the study drill of confronting a paper has been deleted.

He was declared suppressive by IJC and expelled.

Chris Cloutier interview


Another travesty of justice. As usual, Ethics expels people who are on-source and apply KSW and protects the suppressive squirrels who are altering the tech.

-- Apr : Scientology
  In the RTC vs FACTNet case, the church says FACTNet violated 1900 of their copyrights.

All 1900 issues in the FACTNet case were copyrighted between 83 and 87 and they were not copyrighted earlier. In some instances they do have earlier registrations but the majority of them do not. You can't find anything from the 50's, 60's and 70's that says this stuff was ever copyrighted or even a notice of registration. Every part of it is in the public domain.

So DM knew he was committing fraud when he got court orders to raid Erlich because they really did not own the copyrights.

Scientology offers FACTNet $12 million to settle the case. They are worried that FACTNet will prove they fraudulently obtained the copyrights from Hubbard's estate. They so want to get out of it that they move to dismiss THEIR OWN trade secret claims in the FACTNet case. They want to ensure no one can prove they don't own these copyrights and trademarks, and don't have legal standing to bring the cases.

Therefore they offer FACTNet 12 million to settle but FACTNet refused their offer.

FACTNet letter


FACTNet did settle later because they lacked the capital to pursue the case to the end.

-- May : Scientology
  US District Court in San Jose, California assessed $75,000 damages against Keith Henson for copyright infringement for posting a Scientology document on the internet.

St. Petersburg Times article on 29 March 1999

15 Jul : Scientology
  History of the Net Nanny:

According to transcripts posted on a Scientology critic's site, Ingber said in his speech:

Every Church member, he said, would get a Web site starter kit that would allow the creation of a personal "I am a Scientologist" Web site.

Four months later, there are thousands of "I am a Scientologist" Web sites on the Internet -- 10,000, by the church's own count, though critics who have performed their own census have put the number at 7,300.

According to Charlotte Kates, an 18 year-old New Jersey student who says she spent six months in Scientology, the Scientology On-line project dispenses to each and every church member a CD-ROM containing templates for building a Web site. After filling out the template with personal information, the members send their Web site materials to the main Scientology office for approval to use the Scientology "marks and works".

After approval is granted, the member can post the Web site.

But if the critics who roost in alt.religion.scientology thought that Scientology

Net-newbies might suddenly become readers of and participants in their newsgroup, that hope was dispelled by the sudden appearance of the Scieno Sitter.

According to documents supplied by ex-Scientologist Kates, Section 7 of the contract that all Scientologists have to sign in order to gain permission to build their Scientology Web site says that members must "agree to use the specific Internet Filter Program that CSI has provided to you which allows you freedom to view other sites on Dianetics, Scientology or its principals without threat of accessing sites deemed to be using the Marks or Works in an unauthorized fashion or deemed to be improper or discreditable to the Scientology religion." After posting their Web sites, Scientologists are instructed to install a provided version of Netscape 4.0 that is preconfigured with this filter.

With the filter installed in her browser, Kates demonstrated exactly what it would do: Conversation was impossible, as Kates was kicked off the chat line every time certain words were typed (Xenu, for example) or when certain people entered the room.

It appeared that the filter was blocking Scientologists from seeing or discussing "forbidden" words. Several software professionals in alt.religion.scientology obtained copies of the filter, from Kates and other anonymous self-proclaimed Scientology members, and examined the code. What they found was a program that seemed to be based on the popular CyberSitter software from Solid Oak, and included a list of hundreds of verboten Web sites, names of critics and Scientology terms.

Some believe that Scientology wants to prevent members from seeing documents that they would otherwise have to pay to see. And, of course, most think that Scientology doesn't want its members to hear its critics.

For Charlotte Kates, recently departed from Scientology, the filter's meaning is more personal. "It so epitomizes what Scientology does to its members, the thought-control processes," she says. "Scientology has the slogan 'Think for yourself' -- and then you look at this and it's like, wow, this is Scientology mind control as it would look in programming language.

Omitted Code of a Scientologist #10 To work for freedom of speech in the world -
Incorrectly Included effort to keep church members in an information prison -
False conclusions by Scientologists about top execs because of omitted data -
Incorrectly Included mind control through "thought police" actions -



DM and RTC's crimes are being exposed on the internet. So, they need a solution.

A project to flood the Internet with thousands of websites is engaged upon. Scientologists are told to open a "I am a Scientologist" website. Unbeknownst to the Scientolgists who installed this program onto their computer, RTC covertly installed a "Net Nanny" that censors over 1000 websites, e-mail addresses and names of critics. RTC is afraid that Scientologists will find out about their criminal activities on the internet. If you installed this on your computer and want it off, go to: censorship/

Incorrectly Included effort to cover up of their crimes - RTC & OSA
Omitted Application of the Creed of the Church - RTC & OSA
False Solution and False Scientology (NOT-ISNESS) - RTC & OSA

04 Aug : 'FreeZone'
  Re: Free Zone : 04 Aug 1998 (
Ralph Hilton writes:
"The term Free Zone has come to include 2 meanings. One is those practicing scn
outside the CofS as a fairly generic term. Originally the term was used by Bill
Robertson to refer to the organizations he set up."

* Here we have Ralph boldly redefining the 'Free Zone'. Now, the Free Zone has come to mean something mundane and valueless. Further, he cements the idea that the Free Zone is just an organization that CBR dreamed up. My, how far the 'Free Zone' has come!

07 Aug : 'FreeZone'
  Re: Free Zone : 07 Aug 1998 (
Joe Harrington writes:
"Yes, I agree the generic term "Free Zone" is prone to confusion and
misunderstanding. I do a lot of independent research and auditing geared
toward the alleviation of the adverse effects of Hubbard's "standard
tech", however I reject being classified in a vague "Free Zone"

* In typical black propaganda style, we have supporters coming out with 'validating' statements in order to further emphasize their hidden agenda. The Free Zone, as defined by the Free Zone Decree, has now come to mean something completely opposite of it's purpose and intent. The Free Zone concept has been dragged down from a 7th dynamic activity and smashed into the 1st dynamic, altered, discredited and made 'valueless'.

04 Nov : Scientology
  The significance of the failure of LRH to place notice of copyright on documents he published before 1978 cannot be understated.

In the FACTnet case Judge Kane writes a Memorandum Opinion and Order. Once a work enters the public domain, it remains there irrevocably. The 1909 Copyright Act required, inter alia, that the copyright owner of a published document affix proper notice to each publicly distributed copy of the work. Non compliance with the notice requirement could inject the work into the public domain.

Indeed the Copyright Act of 1909 contained a very strict notice requirement. A work published without a valid copyright notice was automatically injected into the public domain. 17 U.S.C. SS10, 19 et. Seq. (1909 Act) ; New Era Publications International, APS v. Carol Pub. Group, 904 F.2d 152, 161 (2d Cir.), cert. Denied, 111 S. Ct. 297 (1990).

Here there is now evidence that documents purportedly having copyright notice affixed upon first publication, did not. Further, there is evidence that a number of people knew this, knew the significance of it, and nevertheless set about to hoodwink the Copyright Office and the rest of the world.

-- Dec : Scientology
  Bob Minton is a critic of Scientology's current criminal top management. Therefore he is subjected to attacks from them. Bob has a friend named Jeff Schmidt who is also subjected to attacks as a way to get at Minton. While Jeff is away on a trip, someone broke into his office and copied every file he had there. This is another piece of evidence that shows that the old Guardian's Office actions of doing B & Es (breaking and entering - an illegal method of gathering information), is still in use today.

Bob Minton post to: alt.religion.scientology on 29 Aug 1999

Incorrectly Included criminality - OSA

10 Dec : 'FreeZone'
  From: Alan Walter
Subject: Re: Super Scio Tech - Limited Bridges
Date: 1998/12/10

"About 5 years ago I realized that due to the high maintenance of bodies that it would not be possible to truly handle the population of earth or any other planets.

As I had a rather huge team of ST's all of whom were as well trained as I was, (some even better) who were also capable of full 3DH conceptualization

I had since early '68 been putting my spiritual teammates into a co-process set-up...

...Over the years we had built a very powerful team. I and several other highly trained ex-Scio's then set about building a by-pass ST based team.

...The ST's then went to each of the advanced org areas and picked up all available abandoned ST's.

...Also picked up were the ST's who were being used in black operations against specific targets.

...I do not know if you have read the Psychic War material, but the Beings involved on the other side have joined the ST co-process unit."

**See full original post by Alan.

12 Dec : Scientology
  The Dallas Morning News December 12, 1998

Call the Cult Awareness Network, and the phone will be answered by a Scientologist.

That's how they operate, says journalist Mark Ebner, who infiltrated the church for a 1996 Spy magazine article.

One spine-tingling example: Scientology's takeover of the Cult Awareness Network, a deprogramming group that went bankrupt last year under a flood of lawsuits by the cults it targeted.

In court, a Scientologist bought the group's name, phone number and furnishings and soon set up shop, according to former Cult Awareness Network director Pricilla Coates.


How nice that a front group for the Head Global Enslavers was shut down. It's practically meaningless because the SOURCE of International attacks just replaced it with another. Furthermore, this does nothing about the Church's fascist policies and practices that feed fuel to the fire by providing the ammunition for the Black PR and Legal attacks.

The Church is creating 98% of its own troubles by using a fascist solution. By practicing Alter-Isness and Not-Isness as the solution to unwanted conditions - the church is making those unwanted conditions get worse and PERSIST. See axiom 11.

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