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10 May
  Re: What's in a name? was: Re: An E-Meter Story : 10 May 1997 (
ladyv (Enid) writes:
"...To me Free Zone includes all technologies of the spirit, whether I agree
with them or not. It is FREE. If you are a student of the Spirit, you are
a Free Zoner to me. This is how I use it and what I mean by it."

* Enid interprets the Free Zone Decree to refer to SPECIFIC technologies of the spirit. Not just one, but ANY 'technology' of the spirit. Now Scn's credibility is questioned.

15 May

10 May

From: Joe Harrington
Subject: Re: What's in a name? was: Re: An E-Meter Story
Date: 1997/05/10

The United Free Zone Fellowship came into existence in 1994. The "Free
Zone" aspect of the name has nothing to do with the above and the name
was inspired by the "Free Zone" in the movie, The Stand, based on the
book of Maine author, Stephen King. I am not a "Free Zoner" and there
are no "Free Zoners" in the UFZF.


09 Aug
  Title: Letter from the Church
Author: Smith, Homer W. Type: Newsgroup Posting
Date: 09 Aug 1997 Location:

"Captain Bill died in 1994-1995 still
loyal to LRH but adamantly opposed to the original Church and its
upper management.-Homer"

15 Aug
  From: Old Timer
Subject: Re: Free Zone Association: Legal Alert
Date: 1997/08/15
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Art Matrix - Lightlink
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

"Nov 29, 1996- Bernd Leubeck (President of the Free Zone Association) and
the adminisitive contact for the homepage received the following fax from
the German law firm of Boehmert and Boehmert which has been roughly
translated. Please note: The following fax is the first direct Church
related contact made to Bernd and the FZA."

** So.... Bernd Luebeck is the President of the Frei Zone e.V.

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