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05 Feb (Doc Morgan)
Subject: Free Zone Assoc. Announcement #1
Date: Mon Feb 5 20:12:46 1996


Old Timer
The Board of Directors
of the
Freie Zone e.V.

**"Doc Morgan changes signature to Free Zone Association AKA Freie Zone e.V.

22 Jun
  Subject: clarification
Date: 1996/06/22
Message-ID: <4qfeqd$>#1/1
organization: Philadelphia's Complete Internet Provider
newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

I got this from Old Timer:
So there is no confusion as to the legal owner of the domain
name,, I offer the following correction:

Mr. Luebeck is the administrative contact for the
and homepages. The domain name is owned by the Free Zone
Association (Freie Zone e.V.). The homepages are operated by the

Old Timer

**String...who is this "Old Timer"/"Doc Morgan"?

08 Oct
  Freezone - clarification of nomenclature : 08 Oct 1996 (
Ralph Hilton writes;
"The "Freezone" is a term coined by W. B. Robertson, a former high
ranking Sea Org member. The following is a statement he issued
relating to the creation of the "Freezone". Generally people who have
left the church and practice scientology in some form or another refer
to themselves as "Independent Scientologists" or by the name of their
own offshoot group and prefer not to be associated with Robertson's
somewhat unusual set of beliefs. I don't know of anyone who posts to
a.r.s. that is part of the "Freezone" as detailed below.
"Elron Elray" is the name W.B.R. uses for Hubbard." [Free Zone Decree followed]

* The prolific newsgroups author, Ralph Hilton, states that "Independents" do not consider themselves a part of the Free Zone. Here he downgrades the Free Zone concept by saying it is a "somewhat unusual set of beliefs". The credibility of the Free Zone Decree is questioned.

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