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  -Bernd Luebeck and (others unnamed), as the Freie Zone e.V, purchased the rights to Nordenholz's book.

"In 1995 we purchased the rights to the work of Nordenholz and
republished the book "Scientology, Science of the Constitution
and Usefulness of Knowledge", written in 1934. See

01 Feb
  From: (Homer Wilson Smith)
Subject: Scientology Petition v2.1
Date: 1 Feb 1995 10:50:00 GMT


Homer Wilson Smith
United Free Zone Alliance

** another "United Free Zone Alliance" signature. Note that Bernd Luebeck, is associated with the "United Free Zone Alliance", so the entry of no date, 1995, where Bernd etc. purchased Nordenholz, takes on a whole other dimension. Extrapolating, it seems that Homer, Joe, "Doc Morgan", and Bernd, at a minimum were involved directly or perhaps indirectly, with purchasing the rights to Nordenholz's book. Bernd seems to be acting in the "front man" capacity primarily. I believe Otfried Krumpholz,and Erica and Max, were also involved in this particular move, as I recall,

05 Feb (Doc Morgan)
Subject: Free Zone Assoc. Announcement #1
Date: Mon Feb 5 20:12:46 1996


Old Timer
The Board of Directors
of the
Freie Zone e.V.

**"Doc Morgan changes signature to Free Zone Association AKA Freie Zone e.V

17 Oct
  The United Free Zone Alliance registers the domain name

From the WhoIS lookup:

United Free Zone Alliance (FREEZONE2-DOM)
P.O. Box 1215
Haag i.Obb., Bavaria 83524


Administrative Contact:
Luebeck, Bernd (BL425) Bernd.Luebeck@EPOST.DE
Freie Zone e.V.
Curd-Juergens-Str. 4
0049 89 6704503 0049 89 6704803
Technical Contact:
Smith, Homer Wilson (HS133) homer@LIGHTLINK.COM
Art Matrix - Lightlink
PO 880
Ithaca, NY 14851-0880
(607) 277-0959 (FAX) (607) 277-8913

Record expires on 18-Oct-2010.
Record created on 17-Oct-1995.
Database last updated on 22-Sep-2002 17:07:32 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:


*This becomes interesting. We have the "United Free Zone Alliance" and we also have the "United Free Zone Fellowship" both starting about the same time. We also have 'Doc Morgan's' transition from "United Free Zone Alliance" to "Free Zone Association".

If what 'Old Timer' says is true about the Free Zone Association owning the domain, then the obvious correlation can be made that the United Free Zone Alliance and the Free Zone Association are one and the same. Basically, all that ocurred here is a name change.

Joe Harrington used the title, "United Free Zone Alliance" as a reference to his involvement in that mysterious group or 'organization'. Additionally, he created the "United Free Zone Fellowship" stating that it (and he) had nothing to do with the Free Zone as defined by CBR. It wouldn't be far off to have that same mindset being applied to the Free Zone Association through the common link of the UFZA.

There are a few things hiding in the shadows here. Among them, the importance of the Nordenholtz book in all this.

**Lightlink is run by Homer Wilson Smith. (listed as the technical contact above). It is the same server that primarily hosts the newsgroups, alt.religion.scientology, and

Bernd Luebeck, is President of the Frei Zone e.V. but is the administrative contact for
the United Free Zone Alliance owned domain is a mirror site of, also apparently run by Bernd Luebeck.

In the May 91 entry, Bernd establishes that this is when the Free Zone Association (aka Freie Zone e.V.) is formed, and in 17 February 1994, Homer describes the Free Zone Association as "our" group, to Joe Harrington. But yet in 1994, 12 June, Joe is signing his posts with "Joe", then underneath that "United Free Zone Alliance". And here is that name, apparently first used by Joe Harrington, STILL, as of 22 September 2002, the registrant of the domain of the site Bernd Luebeck runs and promotes as the site of the Free Zone Association.

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