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(no date) : 'FreeZone'
  -Bernd Luebeck and (others unnamed), as the Freie Zone e.V, purchased the rights to Nordenholz's book.

"In 1995 we purchased the rights to the work of Nordenholz and
republished the book "Scientology, Science of the Constitution
and Usefulness of Knowledge", written in 1934. See

-- Jan : Scientology
  RTC files a suit on Dennis Erlich and his internet service provider for violating its copyrights on the internet.

Internet posting regarding copyright law

25 Jan : Scientology

Galaxy Productions, Inc.
6400 Canoga Avenue #315 Woodland Hills, California 91367
Norman F. Starkey, President
Incorporated 03/26/82 under number 1069394
Statement of officers filed 01/25/95, file number 33581
Suspended 07/02/84, and Revived 10/02/84.

California Secretary of State Records

28 Jan : Scientology
  St. Petersburg Times January 28, 1995

Police looking for church's private eye

A private investigator who does work on behalf of the Church of Scientology is being sought by Tampa police in a case that features a bizarre claim about the Pasco County sheriff.

The investigator, a former Los Angeles police officer named Eugene Martin Ingram, is accused of impersonating a Hillsborough County sheriff's detective. Tampa police say Ingram was quizzing a woman about an alleged prostitution ring that he said involved Pasco County Sheriff Lee Cannon.

Police also have investigated Matt Bratschi, a reporter for the church publication Freedom magazine. Bratschi, who has not been charged, is believed by police to have accompanied Ingram on the interview.

Kurt Weiland, a top Scientology official in Los Angeles, said Ingram and Bratschi were working on two investigations for Freedom magazine last year.

One was based on a tip about sexual activities involving Pasco County officials, he said. The other, he said, was an investigation of the St. Petersburg Times.

At some point, Weiland said, Bratschi and Ingram had indications of a crossover between the two investigations. He would not elaborate.

According to police reports, two men showed up last June at the Tampa headquarters of Salomon Brothers, a brokerage firm. They allegedly said they were police officers and asked the security guard to summon the woman, a Salomon Brothers employee.

The woman told police they presented badges with gold stars and green-and-beige identification cards and said they were Hillsborough County sheriff's detectives. She said they asked her about a prostitution ring in Pasco involving Cannon and asked whether she had dated Cannon.

The woman called the Pasco Sheriff's Office, who reviewed the sign-in log at Salomon Brothers. The log contained the names G. Ingram and Matt Bratsch.

There is a warrant in Tampa for Ingram's arrest. His bail is set at $ 1,000. The maximum penalty for impersonating a police officer, a felony, is five years in prison and a $ 5,000 fine.

01 Feb : 'FreeZone'
  From: (Homer Wilson Smith)
Subject: Scientology Petition v2.1
Date: 1 Feb 1995 10:50:00 GMT


Homer Wilson Smith
United Free Zone Alliance

** another "United Free Zone Alliance" signature. Note that Bernd Luebeck, is associated with the "United Free Zone Alliance", so the entry of no date, 1995, where Bernd etc. purchased Nordenholz, takes on a whole other dimension. Extrapolating, it seems that Homer, Joe, "Doc Morgan", and Bernd, at a minimum were involved directly or perhaps indirectly, with purchasing the rights to Nordenholz's book. Bernd seems to be acting in the "front man" capacity primarily. I believe Otfried Krumpholz,and Erica and Max, were also involved in this particular move, as I recall,

05 Feb : 'FreeZone' (Doc Morgan)
Subject: Free Zone Assoc. Announcement #1
Date: Mon Feb 5 20:12:46 1996


Old Timer
The Board of Directors
of the
Freie Zone e.V.

**"Doc Morgan changes signature to Free Zone Association AKA Freie Zone e.V

13 Feb : Scientology
  Accompanied by police officers with a writ of seizure, RTC reps enter the home of Dennis Erlich in Glendale, California. The RTC reps are Warren McShane, Thomas Small and Paul Wilmhurst. They seize all material he has on the subject of Scientology.

The raid on Erlich's home and the suit galvanized many internet users against the Church of Scientology. New web pages were created posting affidavits from other Scientology cases. As one commentator pointed out " The church made enemies of a host of people who had previously not even registered its existence."

Dennis Erlich affidavit

Internet posting regarding copyright law

14 May : Scientology
  Randy McDonald writes a High Crime Report on David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of RTC and Jim Morrow, Tax Compliance Officer of OSA Int.

Randy's report says that Jim Morrow attempted to justify the existence of Scientology Policy Directive 2 May 1994 Personal Income Taxes by saying that it was based on the secret IRS agreement.

Randy's report also says that Miscavige is guilty of withholding vital information for keeping the details of the IRS agreement a secret from other Scientologists.

Randy McDonald report -14May 1995

15 May : Scientology
  Randy McDonald writes a High Crime Report on Jim Morrow and Ray Mithoff, Senior C/S Int.

In his report he quotes HCOPL 5 March 1965 Policy Source Of:

"If it is not in an HCO Policy Letter, it is not policy."

Randy's report says that since there is no HCOPL that establishes anything called Scientology Policy Directives, that all SPDs are an unauthorized type of issue.

Randy McDonald High Crime Report - 15 May 1995


There are actually hundreds of these SPDs. Not only are they not authorized by LRH, but a study of them shows they are either:

A. Redundant (because it was already covered in HCOPLs)
B. Conflicting with HCOPLs.

The following High Crime is being committed by those who write and follow SPDs:

"Running any organization on squirrel "policy" or third dynamic administrative or
management procedures that are contrary to approved policy."

Hereafter, Randy McDonald would not shut up about top management being off source. He is not alone. There have been hundreds of Scientologists who have noticed that top management is off-source and is guilty of squirreling both policy and tech.

Top management's solution to Randy McDonald noticing they were off source, was the same solution they have used on hundreds of other Scientologists who have noticed they are off source. Their solution is - discredit the person reporting on them.

The following pattern has emerged:

1. A Scientologist notices upper level management is off source and squirreling

2. The Scientologist applies KSW and writes reports.

3. Nothing is corrected. Instead, the Scientologist gets beat up in ethics until he shuts up.

4. If the Scientologist won't back down and continues to apply KSW, they start a black
PR campaign against him, to discredit him in the eyes of other Scientologists. It should be understood that the Black PR campaign consists of one or more lies they invented about the person. They falsely accuse him of doing things that he never did.

The purpose of this Black PR campaign is to get other Scientologists to think he is a bad hat. This results in cutting the person's comm lines so that he cannot alert other Scientologists to the squirreling being done by upper level management.

It also ensures that no one will defend him when they attack him with a comm ev.

5. Covert Knowledge Reports (KRs) are written on the person, containing false data, and the person is not given a copy of them so he can correct them and defend himself.

6. Black Dianetics and/or reverse processing is often done on the person in an effort to cave him in or make him crazy.

7. A Committee of Evidence is called on the person, based on the false reports. The comm ev is also squirrel in that they have their orders to find the person guilty. In other words, it is not a fact-finding body as intended in policy. They have already made up their minds and are just going through the necessary motions.

8. The Comm Ev charges are then used as further black PR against the person.
Ethics tells other Scientologists about the charges, to further cut his comm line with other Scientologists. Confessional data out of the person's pc folder is also presented to other Scientologists to further black PR the person.

9. The cover up is complete when the person is expelled because all Scientologists have to disconnect and cut comm with the person

The end result of the above "ethics" and "justice" actions is a perversion of Scientology ethics. The purpose of ethics is to get tech in. Not to protect squirrels. But, since the squirrels in this situation are senior to org ethics officers, org ethics officers have been powerless to do anything about the squirrels.

Thus, top management has also squirreled Scientology ethics. They use it to attack Scientologists who are reporting on their squirreling, instead of its true purpose given by LRH in policy, to get tech in.

In the area of tech, they have re-written over a thousand of LRH's technical issues, in addition to that they have massively altered LRH taped lectures. The number of alterations is so massive that we cannot include them all in this time track. We are only including a few of the alterations on this time track, to serve as an example of their squirreling. It should be understood that the amount of squirreling is not limited to our examples on this time track.

Thus, top management has turned all of Scientology into a squirrel group, in all 3 areas. Squirrels are at the top of the command lines and this has resulted in all orgs being run on squirrel admin, squirrel tech, and squirrel ethics.

Any Scientologist who tries to report on the squirreling and attempts to apply KSW, is done away with in the manner stated above, because the squirrels are at the top and in command.

The above sounds pretty fantastic, doesn't it? But, you don't have to believe us. You can personally find out if it is true. Pick up any one of a thousand pieces of tech they have altered. Write a High Crime report on Miscavige and insist the tech be put back the way LRH wrote it. Hold your ground. Now start telling other Scientologists about the out tech. And you too can watch all of the above happen to you.

As stated earlier, there are hundreds of Scientologists who have noticed that Miscavige and his top aides are squirrels and they have been handled by "ethics" as above. Each of their individual stories would take a time track all by themselves, so there is no effort here to include all of the details on this time track. If you want to know their individual stories about how they were treated when they applied KSW, ask them. It's an eye-opener.

False Ethics - the purpose of ethics is to get tech in, not to protect squirrels -
False Comm Evs - Kangeroo Court comm evs based on lies to cover up RTC squirrels-
False Justice - the people who apply KSW get expelled instead of the squirrels -
False Scientologists -

David Miscavige, RTC, OSA, Flag MAAs

Additional Note:

The following references shed some light on the above:

BPL 30 May 1974 PR Series 24 - Handling Hostile Contacts/Dead Agenting

It is my intention that by the use of professional PR tactics any opposition be not only dulled but permanently eradicated ... If there will be a long-term threat, you are to immediately evaluate and originate a black PR campaign to destroy the person's repute and to discredit them so thoroughly that they will be ostracized.

Modern Management Technology Defined

Black PR - spreading lies by hidden sources. It inevitably results in injustices being done.
False Solution - Alter-Isness (lies) by ordering black PR campaigns to be done - LRH False Solution - Alter-Isness (lies) by conducting black PR campaigns on people -
Wrong Target - using the above BPL against Scientologists applying KSW -

David Miscavige, RTC, OSA, Flag MAAs

23 Jun : Scientology
  Judge Whyte in RTC v Netcom rules that HCO Manual of Justice was not entitled to copyright protection. The 1959 copyright notice had gone beyond the original 28 year term and expired in 1987 and no renewal was timely obtained.

RTC vs Netcom


Copy and freely distribute HCO Manual of Justice. Its in the public domain!

Wonder what ELSE fell into the public domain because no renewal was obtained?

07 Jul : Scientology
  In order to draw attention off of their High Crimes of writing and enforcing Scientology Policy Directives, OSA attacks Randy McDonald and 6 other Scientologists - accusing them of being tax protestors.

Randy McDonald Non Enturbulation Order - 7 Jul 1995

False hat and duties of being IRS agents, collecting taxes - RTC & OSA

31 Jul : Scientology
  Summer 1995

Scamizdat, an electronic magazine with anonymous editors, and other internet providers, posted OT documents to sites throughout the internet. The Fishman affidavit appeared on servers throughout the world.

Internet posting regarding copyright law

31 Jul : Scientology
  The Fishman affidavit, containing OT materials, reappears on alt.religion.scientology.

Internet posting regarding copyright law

-- Aug : Scientology
  F.A.C.T.Net is a nonprofit archive with an electronic bulletin board service on the internet. Arnaldo Lerma is a board member. Lerma posted the Fishman affidavit on the internet.

Internet posting regarding copyright law

11 Aug : Scientology
  RTC files suit for copyright infringement against Lerma and his internet provider. An Arlington, Virginia court ordered the seizure of Lerma's personal computer, floppy disks, and any copies of Scientology's copyrighted works found in his home. The judge in the case was not aware that Lerma's postings were based on a publicly available document. RTC execs, accompanied by federal marshals, searched and confiscated these materials from Lerma's home.

Two Internet postings regarding copyright law

26 Aug : Scientology
  The Seattle Times August 26, 1995

Scientology Critics Claim Harassment for Using Internet

As the Church of Scientology battles a band of cyberspace dissidents - seizing computers and papers from the homes of vocal online critics in the past two weeks - local defectors charge they are being harassed for speaking out against the church.

...Mike Rinder, a 22-year Scientology member in the Office of Special Affairs...

He said the church has conducted four raids in the last year in order to protect copyrighted scriptures.

What we do not want is people to be violating our right to have our religion practiced the way we want it to be practiced, he said.

In Boulder, Colo., Tuesday, U.S. marshals raided the homes of two church detractors who ran an organization called FACTNet (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network), took their computers and files and turned it over to Scientology members. Scientology lawyers said they got the court order for the raids with charges that the people were violating federal copyright laws by posting copyrighted Scientology scriptures on the Net.

In a similar move two weeks ago in Arlington, Va., U.S. marshals seized computer equipment and files from Arnaldo Lerma, a 44-year-old electronics engineer who left the Church of Scientology in 1977.

The church said Lerma posted private and confidential teachings on the Net. Lerma argued that the information he posted came from an affidavit in a legal case involving the church and was hence a public document.

After a long battle with the Internal Revenue Service, the Church of Scientology was granted tax-exempt status as a religion in 1993 and reported assets of $275 million.

Assumed Identities that aren't Identical (all people have to practice Scn OUR way) -
Falsehood the church has a right to tell others outside the church how to do Scn -
Omitted Application of the Creed of the Church -
Omitted Application of the Constitution, not letting others practice Scn as they wish -

RTC and OSA Execs

11 Sep : Scientology
  The National Law Journal September 11, 1995

Free Exercise' Revisited

DAVID KORESH was not the first self-appointed messiah -- nor is he likely to be the last -- to appear on the American scene and convince government agencies that he, his beliefs and his followers pose a threat to the public weal. Such figures, and the seemingly odd sects surrounding them, are nothing new in this country; the phenomenon has been with us since before the beginning of the Republic. Indeed, the Constitution sought to protect them from the start with the free exercise of religion clause of the First Amendment.

It seems that every few years we need to be reminded that under the First Amendment there is no such thing as a heretical religion. All religious beliefs and a wide variety of religious practices, no matter how far off the beaten path, are treated equally in the eyes of the law. This fundamental principle appears to have been lost in the epic and tragic struggle between Mr. Koresh's branch Davidians and the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, as well as in the subsequent investigations.

In two recently published books -- Why Waco? by Profs. James D. Tabor and Eugene V. Gallagher, and The Ashes of Waco, by Texas journalist Dick J. Reavis -- the authors turn the debate back to basics. They raise the question of why the ATF targeted David Koresh and the Davidians in the first place, putting less emphasis on the wisdom of the feds' tactical decisions. They take seriously the content and implications of Mr. Koresh's theology and eschatology, which virtually assured that the federal assault would lead to disaster.

The authors make clear their view that much blame for the tragedy at Waco belongs to the various anti-cult groups which have helped foster an atmosphere that is intolerant of new, idiosyncratic religious sects. Government agencies have turned to groups such as the Cult Awareness Network, the American Family Foundation and the Council of Mind Abuse which have sought to have these sects tagged as destructive cults engaged in mind control.

Religious leaders such as Mr. Koresh surely exercise enormous control over their followers. The unusual nature of the religious beliefs and practices at issue and the degree to which a charismatic leader exercises control over and demands obedience from his flock, however, do not distinguish these sects from mainline religions in any way that is relevant in assigning or withholding First Amendment protection.

Wrong Pretexts

In the final analysis, there was no more reason for these federal agencies to have targeted and laid siege to the Davidians than to any mainline Catholic, Protestant or Jewish community. (For those who are convinced that Mr. Koresh sexually abused minors within the community, such a problem, even if proven, was subject to local rather than federal jurisdiction. And even the most zealous supporter of federal law enforcement likely would concede that the claim the Davidians were in violation of federal firearms laws was a pretext to obtain jurisdiction over a seemingly dangerous cult.)

If it was not evident at the time the First Amendment was adopted that the free exercise clause accords full constitutional protection to the most bizarre religious beliefs promulgated by a charismatic leader (thought stopping short of physical coerction and threats of a nonspiritual variety), it became clear when the U.S. Supreme Court, in U.S. v. Ballard, 64 S.Ct. 882 (1944), turned aside the efforts of another federal agency -- the postal authorities enforcing the mail fraud statute -- to rid the nation of a dangerous cult.

The Ballards had convinced their followers that they had been selected as divine messengers to bring the holy word of Saint Germain to mankind by means of the I Am religious movement. The indictment charged that the Ballards well knew their representations, including claims to cure incurable illinesses, to be false. Justice William O. Douglas, writing for the court, said:

The religious views espoused by respondents might seem incredible, if not preposterous, to most people. But if those doctrines are subject to trial before a jury charged with finding their truth or falsity, then the same can be done with the religious beliefs of any sect.

Justice Robert H. Jackson went even further. He pointed out that the state could not constitutionally separate fancied [religious beliefs] from real ones, dreams from happenings, and hallucinations from true clairvoyance. He professed no illusions about the possible dangers of the control such leaders exercise: But this is precisely the thing the Constitution puts beyond the reach of the prosecutor, for the price of freedom of religion is that we must put up with, and even pay for, a good deal of rubbish.

Many Precedents

In a case of mine, Van Schaick v. Church of Scientology of California, 535 F. Supp. 1125 (1982), the U.S. district court in Boston dismissed a claim brought by a disaffected former Scientologist that the church was guilty of fraud because it induced the plaintiff to labor for the church and turn her back on non church relationships and activities.

Had both the ATF and FBI looked to prior cases concerning the scope of protected religious beliefs and practices, they might have been more inclined to leave the Branch Davidians alone, thereby averting a major tragedy, the reverberations of which are still being felt and are likely to be felt for years to come.


So the Federal government has been busy attacking any minority religion.

Also, remember the Global Enslaver use of Intelligence and PR technology:


In practicing the above they control BOTH SIDES.

CIA psychiatrist of MKULTRA fame - Jolly West - was behind the Cult Awareness Network and American Family Foundation. So - there is the CIA agent on the Anti-Cult side - doing his job of stirring up the public to REACT and demand a SOLUTION to these horrible cults.

Who the CIA agent was in the Davidian "cult" - we don't know, yet. But we would venture to say it was the leader himself or someone close to him.

Its also interesting to note the Criminal Mind at work here - Jolly West accusing "cults" of mind control! What a laugh! Any mind control being done by a "cult" is child's play compared to the REAL mind control he has been practicing with electric shocks etc.

The Head Global Enslavers, their Nazi mentality, and their Nazi agents are SICK.

15 Sep : Scientology
  Judge Kane denies RTC their injunction against FACTnet. Judge Kane said:

The alleged copying by the defendants was not of a commercial nature. Rather, it was made for non-profit purposes to advance understanding of issues concerning the church, which are the subject of on-going controversy. The postings may well be considered as having been made for the purposes of criticism, comment, or research falling within the fair use doctrine, under section 107 of the Copyright Act.

He also rules that the OT materials do not qualify as trade secrets because evidence indicates they are in the public domain. Judge Kane concluded that the Fishman materials posted by Lerma were not trade secrets because they were widely known outside of the church through multiple sources.

The same day, Judge Brinkema in Virginia ruled the same as Judge Kane in Colorado and vacated the writ of seizure she had given to RTC to seize all of Lerma's Scientology materials. The judge ordered RTC to return all of the seized materials to Lerma. Judge Brinkema also concluded that the Fishman materials were not trade secrets.

United States District Court for the District of Colorado
RTC vs FACTNet Case No. 95-B-2143
Judge Kane Ruling dated 13 Sept 1995

Internet posting regarding copyright law

22 Sep : Scientology
  In US District Court in San Jose, California, Judge Ronald Whyte denies RTC an injunction against Dennis Erlich and Netcom for misappropriation of trade secrets, concluding that they were already "generally available to the public." He also vacated his writ of seizure and ordered RTC to return all of Erlich's possessions to him. The judge did grant the church a preliminary injunction against Erlich, because he thought it was likely to prevail in its suit against him for copyright infringement.

Internet posting regarding copyright law

02 Oct : Scientology
  WOLLERSHEIM V: RTC and BPI vs. F.A.C.T.NET, Inc., etc., Larry Wollersheim, et al.; Complaint filed on or about 10-2-95 in the Colorado District Court (95K2143) alleging copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation and injunctive relief. District Court Judge Kane denied RTC's request for preliminary injunction.

A chronology of Wollersheim cases Filed by Robert F. Donohue, of Hagenbaugh & Murphy; part of a usenet post by Tilman Hauser entitled Looking for info on Wollersheim.

17 Oct : 'FreeZone'
  The United Free Zone Alliance registers the domain name

From the WhoIS lookup:

United Free Zone Alliance (FREEZONE2-DOM)
P.O. Box 1215
Haag i.Obb., Bavaria 83524


Administrative Contact:
Luebeck, Bernd (BL425) Bernd.Luebeck@EPOST.DE
Freie Zone e.V.
Curd-Juergens-Str. 4
0049 89 6704503 0049 89 6704803
Technical Contact:
Smith, Homer Wilson (HS133) homer@LIGHTLINK.COM
Art Matrix - Lightlink
PO 880
Ithaca, NY 14851-0880
(607) 277-0959 (FAX) (607) 277-8913

Record expires on 18-Oct-2010.
Record created on 17-Oct-1995.
Database last updated on 22-Sep-2002 17:07:32 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:


*This becomes interesting. We have the "United Free Zone Alliance" and we also have the "United Free Zone Fellowship" both starting about the same time. We also have 'Doc Morgan's' transition from "United Free Zone Alliance" to "Free Zone Association".

If what 'Old Timer' says is true about the Free Zone Association owning the domain, then the obvious correlation can be made that the United Free Zone Alliance and the Free Zone Association are one and the same. Basically, all that ocurred here is a name change.

Joe Harrington used the title, "United Free Zone Alliance" as a reference to his involvement in that mysterious group or 'organization'. Additionally, he created the "United Free Zone Fellowship" stating that it (and he) had nothing to do with the Free Zone as defined by CBR. It wouldn't be far off to have that same mindset being applied to the Free Zone Association through the common link of the UFZA.

There are a few things hiding in the shadows here. Among them, the importance of the Nordenholtz book in all this.

**Lightlink is run by Homer Wilson Smith. (listed as the technical contact above). It is the same server that primarily hosts the newsgroups, alt.religion.scientology, and

Bernd Luebeck, is President of the Frei Zone e.V. but is the administrative contact for
the United Free Zone Alliance owned domain is a mirror site of, also apparently run by Bernd Luebeck.

In the May 91 entry, Bernd establishes that this is when the Free Zone Association (aka Freie Zone e.V.) is formed, and in 17 February 1994, Homer describes the Free Zone Association as "our" group, to Joe Harrington. But yet in 1994, 12 June, Joe is signing his posts with "Joe", then underneath that "United Free Zone Alliance". And here is that name, apparently first used by Joe Harrington, STILL, as of 22 September 2002, the registrant of the domain of the site Bernd Luebeck runs and promotes as the site of the Free Zone Association.

-- Nov : Scientology
  Lisa McPherson is a Scientologist in Clearwater, Florida. She tells her parents that she is leaving Scientology and will be home for Christmas.

She has a car accident in Clearwater and runs down the street naked. She is hospitalized.

United States District Court Central District of California

Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

18 Nov : Scientology
  Scientology staff members take her from the hospital and keep her at the Fort Harrison. Seventeen days later she dies. The coroner found her covered with cockroach bites and that she had been deprived of water for the last 5 to 10 days and had died of a blood clot brought about by severe dehydration.

United States District Court Central District of California

Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

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