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  The Citizens for Honest Government organization produced an investigative video into Bill Clinton's background in 1994 and they interviewed a former friend of Clinton in the Arkansas days, Larry Nichols. Clinton gave him the job of Marketing Director of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. Nichols established that Bill Clinton's Arkansas Development Finance Authority was laundering drug money! The involvement in drug trafficking of Bill Clinton, George Bush, and the CIA was also revealed by businessman Terry Reed and his co-author, John Cummings, in their 1994 book, "Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA."

The book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke

-- Jan : Scientology
  Warren McShane becomes President of RTC, succeeding Marty Rathbun.

Deposition of Warren McShane, 9 May 1995, in RTC vs. Netcomm;
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, No. C-95-20091 RMW

-- Jan : Scientology
  Information Access Company, a Thomson Corporation Company The Quill

Another view of Scientology; response to Robert Vaughn Young, The Quill

Scientology is news.

When you advocate a massive social reform movement dedicated to setting human lives free from the chains of drugs, illiteracy, and crime, you can provoke vested interests that rely on human suffering for their own prosperity.

I was amazed to read a piece by Robert Vaughn Young that purported to be about the inner workings of Scientology's public relations department--with no comment or input, or even an attempt to contact anyone, from the church.

An example of Young's failure to get his facts right is his inference that the church is litigious. The one and only lawsuit brought against a publication in the United States in the past decade by the church is the one now pending against Time magazine.

We have published FREEDOM Magazine, our own investigative and human rights journal, since 1968. FREEDOM is well-known for its own groundbreaking stories through the years: the JFK assassination; drug trafficking; secret government experimentation of chemical and biological warfare agents on unwitting citizens; sexual abuse of patients by psychiatrists; slave labor camps in South Africa; the drugging of school children with Ritalin; and genocide in Bosnia, to name a few.

In a world ridden by drugs, crime, and illiteracy, we are doing something about it.

Correctly Included social reform programs - Church/OSA & Scientologists

-- Jan : Scientology
  In Washington, (D.C.), I met with the head of Interpol, Raymond Kendall.... During that same week...I met with IRS officials.

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California CSI, plaintiff vs.
David Miscavige's affidavit

09 Feb : Scientology
  New York Law Publishing Company New York Law Journal February 9, 1994

Suit Against Scientology Church For Personal Injury Is Dismissed
Scrivano v. Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation Inc., Supreme Court

DEFENDANT CHURCH of Scientology moved for summary judgment to dismiss plaintiff's suit that sought $ 10 million in damages for, among other things, alleged infliction of emotional distress from her participation in a ritual called dianetics auditing. The court found that, as the Church was recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a religion, a claim for personal injuries was not sustainable, because it was based on plaintiff's voluntary participation in a religious sect's rituals.

Justice L. Gerard

(It is) Ordered that this motion by the defendants for summary judgment dismissing the complaint is considered under is granted.

Plaintiff seeks to recover for personal injuries inflicted upon her when she participated in a ritual called auditing which is a central practice of the religion of Scientology. The complaint sounds in fraud, constructive fraud, breach of contract malpractice, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Movant argues that the complaint must be dismissed because it violates the First Amendment's guarantee to religious freedom in that the defendants constitute a bonafide religious sect and that auditing is part of their religious practices and beliefs. Accordingly, a claim for personal injuries arising from the voluntary participation in a religious sect is not sustainable as it restrains the practice of religion.

The United States Constitution guarantees that a church may practice its religious beliefs without judicial interference provided in so doing it does not commit tortious conduct. (Meroni v. Holy Spirit Ass'n For Unification, 118 A.D.2d 200, 506 N.Y.S.2d 174). The immunity exists if the adjudication of the claim does not require a judicial determination of the validity of a religious belief and the regulation of the conduct is the least restrictive means of some compelling state interest (Van Schaick v. Church of Scientology Of Cal., Inc., 535 F.Supp 1125).

Although there has been much debate concerning the legitimate religious status of the Church of Scientology, it is currently recognized by the Internal Revenue Service to enjoy a religious tax exemption. Assuming the church to be a religion, the adjudication of the tortious conduct alleged in the complaint necessarily involves an adjudication regarding the merits of the practice of auditing, a spiritual precept of the religion. Accordingly, the Court finds that the complaint must be dismissed as defendant enjoys a First Amendment immunity.


It was decided in earlier court decisions that Scientology is a religion. Getting tax exemption has nothing to do with it. Religions do not automatically receive tax exemption. So, one can have a valid religion and not have tax exemption. The IRS, in denying tax exemption previously, did not do so on the grounds that Scientology was not a religion. It conceded in court proceedings that Scientology was a religion and the courts agreed. The reason for loss of tax exemption was church funds were inuring to the benefit of LRH - that was the basis of denial - not that Scientology was not a religion.

15 Feb : Scientology
  Serial Number: 74-258393 TRADEMARK REGISTERED
Filing Date: 1992-03-23 [see]
Word Mark: L. RON HUBBARD,
Type of Mark: SERVICE MARK
Description of mark: The mark consists of the signature of L. RON HUBBARD.
Other Reg. Info.: 1318637; 1356523; 1505349; 1546167; 1734728 AND OTHERS
Published for Oppos: 1993-11-23
Registration Date: 1994-02-15, Registration Number: 1821751
Other Data: ""L. RON HUBBARD"" identifies a deceased individual.

Intl. Class U.S. Class Goods & Services
------------ ---------- ----------------------------------------
041 107 educational services; namely, planning
and conducting courses in the fields of
religion, education and philosophy; DATE
USE IN COMMERCE: 1985.00.00

Owner Name Owner Address
--------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue Los Angeles CALIFORNIA 90028

United States Trademark Office records

17 Feb : 'FreeZone'
  Joe : 17 Feb 1994 (
Homer Wilson Smith relays:
"About our group in short: It is called
"Freie Zone e.V." (Free Zone registered Assoc.). Here an extract of
our self-description. It's members come from various scn-traditions
as you might call it. Purpose is not the defence of a single
scn-direction but to set up a kind of umbrella organization.


This association is an initiative by the supporters of
cognition-philosophies. A philosophy of cognition has to do with the
change and devolpment of persons through self-achieved cognitions..."

* Here we see that Freie Zone e.V. has been established for purposes other the those stated in the Free Zone Decree. 1) Cognitions have nothing to do with spiritual gain. 2) What is the purpose of an 'umbrella organization' when the Free Zone Decree already covers it all? 3) This is the killer: "Purpose is not the defence of a single scn-direction". Off track and off Scn.

24 Feb : Scientology
  The Daily Telegraph February 24, 1994

Scientologists drop secret case

Two former senior members of the Church of Scientology plan to expose what they claim are dangerous teachings of the cult after a High Court action against them by the Church over copies of alleged secret documents was dropped. The Church discontinued its action for permanent injunctions against Mr Robin Scott, an accountant from West Midlands, and Mr Ron Lawley, a West Sussex dentist, despite the defendants' wish to have their day in court.

07 Mar : Scientology
  WOLLERSHEIM I: Wollersheim vs. CSC (1989) 212 Cal.App.3d 872: CSC's Petition for Writ of Cert denied by U.S. Supreme Court 3-7-94

A chronology of Wollersheim cases Filed by Robert F. Donohue, of Hagenbaugh & Murphy; part of a usenet post by Tilman Hauser entitled Looking for info on Wollersheim.

02 May : Scientology
  In keeping with their new jobs as IRS agents, top execs issue a Scientology Policy Directive on this date, entitled - "Personal Income Taxes", which says in part:

"Until the tax system is changed, a Scientologist who refuses to file a tax return, to pay required income taxes, or to comply with other tax laws, is in violation of the Scientology ethics codes and by his or her unethical conduct is placing himself and the group at risk. Such a person will be ineligible for Church services until the matter is rectified. Anyone promoting to other Scientologists not to pay taxes or file returns or promoting any of the various tax protest schemes, will be subject to discipline under the Scientology justice codes."

Incorrectly Included hat of being IRS agents (collecting taxes) - Top Execs

02 May : Scientology

TASHIMA, District Judge. *1 This case is the continuation of long-standing and acrimonious litigation between plaintiff Religious Technology Center (RTC) and defendants David Mayo, Julie Mayo and the Church of the New Civilization. Plaintiffs allege that defendants violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO), 18 U.S.C. s 1961 et seq., by engaging in acts of mail fraud and wire fraud in connection with the formation and operation of purportedly non-profit corporations.

These corporations were sham entities, used only to fund prior litigation against RTC, [FN1] Religious Technology Center v. Scott, No. CV 85-711 AWT, and Religious Technology Center v. Wollersheim, No. CV 85-7197 AWT (Scott/Wollersheim litigation). Plaintiffs alleged injury from these RICO violations was substantial monetary loss in attorneys' fees and litigation costs incurred in the Scott/Wollersheim litigation.

The amended complaint and the action were dismissed because the damages alleged in the three RICO claims were not proximately caused by the alleged predicate acts. 28 U.S.C. s 1964(c) limits those who may sue for a RICO violation only to those who are injured by reason of the claimed violation. The Supreme Court has interpreted this language to require a direct link between the alleged RICO violation and the injury, in order to prove causation. Holmes v. SIPC, 112 S.Ct. 1311 (1992). Based on Holmes, the court held that any direct injury from a fraudulently obtained tax exempt status is to the United States (IRS) and not to plaintiffs.

Defendants now seek attorneys' fees from plaintiffs and their attorneys Bowles & Moxon, and Cooley, Manion, Moore & Jones in the amount of $80,030 for having to defend against this action. Here, because of the long and acrimonious history of repeated litigation between these parties, the court finds that a partial award of attorneys' fees is necessary as a deterrent to the bringing of further frivolous actions.


For the reasons set forth above, the motion of defendants David Mayo, Julie Mayo and Church of New Civilization (defendants) for sanctions under Rule 11 is granted in part, to the extent set forth below. Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED:

1. Defendants shall recover from Attorney Helena K. Kobrin and the law firm of Bowles & Moxon, jointly and severally, monetary sanctions under Rule 11 in the sum of $8,887.50, as partial reimbursement for attorneys' fees incurred in defending against the amended complaint.

2. In addition, Attorney Helena K. Kobrin and the law firm of Bowles & Moxon, jointly and severally, shall pay to the Clerk of the Court a monetary penalty in the sum of $8,887.50, as a further sanction.

No. CV 93-2226 AWT. United States District Court, C.D. California. May 2, 1994.


More Legal losses from practicing Fair Game.

17 May : 'FreeZone'
  Excerpts from a post by Joe Harrington

"I\B4m still interested to hear what occured in Mar 91, when you have the

"I learned some interesting data about Capt Bill\B4s situation and it
certainly filled in some of the missing pieces in my puzzle, and my
non-confront of what had to be done"

"It would appear I will be picking up the hat of Capt Bill when he left in

19 May : Scientology
  Vicki Aznaran settles her suit against Scientology for $25,000.00. She signs a gag order as part of the settlement.


More Legal losses from practicing Fair Game.

Incorrectly Included suppression of truth with gag orders & destruction of evidence-


12 Jun : 'FreeZone'

Date: Sun, 12 Jun 1994 22:20:00 EDT
From: Joe Harrington




United Free Zone Alliance

**First on 17 May Joe is saying that he will be picking up the hat of Capt Bill when he left in 1992" (a then there is this appearance of the term "United Free Zone Alliance" which still exists today as the registrant of Bernd Luebeck's Free Zone Association website.

19 Jul : 'FreeZone'

From: (Doc Morgan)
Subject: Clarification of Intent
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 1994 19:39:37 GMT


Old Timer
United Free Zone Alliance

**another "United Free Zone Alliance" signature

19 Jul : Scientology
  World Institute of Scientology Enterprises is incorporated.

21 Jul : Scientology
  More data on PSYCHIC WARFARE:

Aerial Mind-Control - The Threat to Civil Liberties by Judy Wall
NEXUS Magazine, October-November 1999


The United States Air Force uses aerial mind-control broadcasts against civilian population as well as enemy troops. Some of these actions against civilians are done with the intent of influencing public opinion and the outcome of elections.

In a previous article, we examined mind-control technology, especially that utilizing Silent Sound [TM], in which radio-frequency broadcasts carry subliminal patterns that entrain the listener's brainwaves into a pre-selected emotional state. According to ITV wire service reports, this technology was used during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, as part of the US Psychological Operations (PsyOps) directed against Iraqi troops.

To the Desert Storm offensive we can now add several other incidents. Alex Horvat, editor of The Probe, calls to our attention the 1998 video, Exotic Weapons of Mass Control, produced by Bob Fletcher.

"The excerpt played on Fletcher's video is from TLC (The Learning Channel) and clearly states that Commando Solo was used in Haiti for what was called Operation Uphold Democracy. As the general populace was violently opposed to Aristide and most in favor of his ouster, it took nearly a year of this clandestine counter-programming to get them to change their minds.

Instead of butchering a population physically, we can now manipulate them mentally, virtually enslaving their thoughts with a criss-cross pattern of flights by an EC-130 (which is just a C-130 heavily laden with electronic hardware.)

We were not at war with the citizens of Haiti, yet the U.S. Government directed military weapons against this friendly, or at least neutral, civilian population. The U.S. Government sanction the "rigging" of the Haitian election by mental control of the people, programming them to cast their votes for the Americans' favored candidate. And they had the nerve to call it "Operation Uphold Democracy". Some sense of humor!

The rationale is always the same: "to make the world safe for democracy." Yet what is democracy if not freedom? Freedom to think your own thoughts; freedom to express your own opinions; freedom to vote for the candidate of your own choice.

The questions arise: If they have used mind-control broadcasts against foreign civilian populations to influence elections, will they use them against American citizens -- or have they already?

Just what is this EC-130E Commando Solo? The United States Air Force has helpfully published a fact sheet that describes the Lockheed built aircraft. Its primary function is "Psychological operations broadcasts".

According to the fact sheet:

"Air Force Mission: Commando Solo conducts psychological operations and civil affairs broadcast missions in the standard AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications bands.


In a phone call to the USAF Special Operations Command Public Affairs Office, I questioned the legitimacy of using these subliminal broadcasts against civilian populations.

That conversation also elicited more information concerning the Commando Solo units. For instance, the Air National Guard of the individual states in the U.S. can also operate Commando Solo aircraft, should the Governor of a state request assistance. That means the PsyOps mind-control technology can be directed against U.S. citizens.

The Commando Solo aircraft have participated in the following missions-- possibly more, as the early missions of Volant Solo 1 were not known to this spokesperson:

- Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada, Oct-Nov 1983, Jan-Jun 1985)
- Operation Just Cause (Panama, late December 1989)
- Operation Desert Shield (Kuwait, Iraq, from August 1990)
- Operation Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, 1991)
- Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti, 1994-1995)
- Operation Joint Guard (Part of a UN oepration in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1995)
- Operation Desert Thunder (part of a UN operation in Iraq)
- Operation Desert Fox (Iraq, 2 to 3 days in December 1998)

These include stationary and mobile land units (many housed in large trucks), shipboard
and airborne models as well as well as space-based technology.

The initial research into mind control in the USA was conducted under the auspices of the CIA.


The next logical step in mind control would be to incorporate this technology into satellite communications. Since other countries are known to have similar capabilities, there could occur a sitution in which electronic mind control warfare is waged against a civilian population, receiving conflicting mental manipulation from both sides. What would be the mental state of individuals so targetted? Would it cause a rise in mental aberrations and schizophrenia? And what are the limits of mind manipulations? Can people be forced to commit suicide? Can physical ailments or psychosomatic illnesses be induced?

A March 1990 report from Bosnia-Herzegovina in the former Yugoslavia suggests the latter may have already happened. The report concerns 2,990 ethnic Albanians who were admitted to hospital with complaints of lung and skin problems for which doctors could find no physical cause.

It is not a far step from manipulating a person's emotional state to influencing bodily functions. Indeed, much of the literature on documenting microwave effects on biological systems deals with precisely this phenomenon. In fact, studies of the physical effects of microwave exposure (including radio frequencies) generally preceeded studies of mental effects.

"But we should make no mistake; it will be the 'psychologically based' systems which determine the world's fate in coming years: the condition of the minds of populations and leaders. And we should not ignore the fact that the USSR [this was in 1983] is working on electronic systems to 'beam' messages directly into the brain.


On July 21, 1994, the US Department of Defense proposed that non-lethal weapons be used not only against declared enemies, but against anyone engaged in activities that the DOD opposed. That could include almost anybody and anything. Note that the mind-control technology is classified under non-lethal weapons.

Notice that General Jumper predicts that mind control technology will be used against potential enemies. The military and government agencies may apply this term to any group or individual they perceive as a threat to their own interests.


This could very well explain the high rate of cancer deaths for people on OT 7.
Some OTs have reported being subjected to psychotronic attacks.

29 Jul : Scientology

Religious Technology Center
1710 Ivar Avenue #1100
Los Angeles, California 90028
President: Warren McShane

Corporate Filings involving Sherman Lenske,
posted anonymously in alt.religion.scientology


We believe McShane is one of the GO's unjailed criminals retained on staff.

04 Aug : Scientology
  On August 4, 1994, Scientology utilized INTERPOL, the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), and the DNCD (Dominicana Nacional Control de Drogas) to try to enforce Scientology's religious beliefs on me, to persecute me and to get me jailed by false allegations to INTERPOL. INTERPOL had received and acted on a report that I was "practicing Scientology without a license"; that I had "destroyed Scientology property"; that I was "representing" myself as a "Scientologist". Ventura Bayonet, head of the Dominican Republic DNCD said that he decided to act as a result of a phone call from INTERPOL alleging that I had damaged "millions of dollars of Scientology property".

I was not representing myself as a Scientologist nor was I practicing Scientology, with or without a license. I had not "damaged" Scientology property.


I was persecuted by INTERPOL, at the direction of David Miscavige's RTC / Church of Scientology. On August 4, 1994, our residence was surrounded by approximately 15 armed police, military and DNCD agents. I was not charged nor was I presented with any order but I was handcuffed. My home was searched for fire arms, drugs and money. No drugs or firearms were found. Nonetheless, I was taken to two police stations and eventually taken to Santo Domingo where I was put in prison with no charges?

The next day I learned that it was INTERPOL that was investigating me at the request of Scientology. I was released the next night, without being charged, but the incident was shockingly unexpected and intimidating. The harassment didn't end there.

For the Church of Scientology to get INTERPOL to persecute a former member and to take action against me for charges that they had failed to win in their extensive litigation against me and my church is clearly having INTERPOL interfere in religious matters.


For decades Scientology had been at logger-heads with INTERPOL but this changed in 1994, just months before my persecution by INTERPOL. Per a declaration by David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of RTC, in January 1994, he had pre-arranged meetings with the IRS and with INTERPOL.

Per Miscavige's declaration, "In Washington, I met with the head of INTERPOL, Raymond Kendall ... This meeting had been arranged for more than a month and since this individual was traveling all the way from INTERPOL headquarters in Europe.... During that same week ... I met with IRS officials in a similarly pre-arranged meeting..."

In June 1994, Monique Yingling, William Drescher, (Scientology lawyers), Michael Rinder (head of OSA) and Merril Emerick (Gerbode's lawyer), paid a surprise visit to Mayo/CNC lawyer, Jerold Fagelbaum. They announced that they had made a secret deal with Gerbode in which Gerbode had been persuaded to break his contract with Mayo, CNC and their lawyers.
(Gerbode was, at that time, the main contributor to the Mayo/CNC legal defense fund.)

RTC/Scientology tried to persuade Fagelbaum, to not continue trying to collect the 2.9 million dollar court awarded sanction Scientology was supposed to pay and not to pursue our counter claims against Scientology.

In late July 1994, I received phone calls from Mike Rinder, head of OSA. He wanted to me to fly to Miami and meet with OSA on my own, without my lawyer present, to discuss the above and a possible settlement offer. I repeatedly declined to meet him alone and I told him that if he had a settlement proposal to send it to my lawyer. He refused and ended the last phone call with a threatening, "Wait and see what happens next!" I found out about a week later.

August 4, 1994, mid-morning. My residence in Perla Marina, Sosua, Dominican Republic was surrounded by armed DNCD, police and soldiers. At the time, I was out and didn't return to the house until after lunch. Luckily, my wife, Julie, had flown to Miami earlier that same morning.

August 4, 1994, approximately 2 PM. Walking unsuspectingly home from the bus stop? There I was handcuffed and escorted into my house at gun point (machine gun). My home was searched for drugs, firearms, money. I was driven to Santo Domingo, capital of Dominican Republic, approximately 4 - 5 hours away, still in hand cuffs in a jeep, still covered by a soldier with a machine gun.

About midnight I was put into a tiny cell which already held approximately 10 other men? I was only told that I was being investigated by order of General Ventura Bayonet, the DNCD (Dominican drug police).

August 5, 1994, midday. I was again handcuffed and driven from the prison to another building, the headquarters of the DNCD and first put in a waiting room where people who had been interrogated were recovering on sheets of newspaper spread on the floor and people about to be interrogated were able to see those who had gone before them.

The officer who was to interrogate me introduced himself -- but it was not the DNCD who wanted to question me at all, it was INTERPOL: Captain Antigua of INTERPOL. He explained that INTERPOL was using DNCD facilities but he as an INTERPOL officer would be doing my interrogation. I was surprised. I was even more surprised when he asked the first question:

"What do you know of the AAC (Advanced Ability Center) Santa Barbara?"

The next questions related to the AAC in Santa Barbara during the period of 1983-1985. The questions had nothing to do with drugs. After that set of questions, I was asked questions that sounded similar to questions that Scientology lawyers had asked me in depositions but had not gotten answered as my lawyer had objected.

(I thought: a new and novel way for Scientology? to conduct discovery!)

Another man had joined the INTERPOL captain and he said he was from the Dominican secret service but didn't show I.D. I was asked about owing Scientology millions of dollars and had to repeat several times that it was the other way around: Scientology owed us 2.9 million dollars as awarded by a US court. (They acted as if they had been told the reverse, that I owed 2.9 million as damages to Scientology property.)

The INTERPOL agent told me his boss had confirmed that Scientology was, indeed, behind the investigation and that it had been decided that I would be released that day.

Eventually I was released by order or permission of General Ventura Bayonet, head of the DNCD, but not until late that evening. I was released without having been charged, was told that I had not committed any crime and that I had not been arrested.

As soon as I could, I called the American Embassy and Consulate in Santo Domingo. I spoke with Carlos Medina and Pat Alsup and learned that on the day before I was picked up by DNCD/INTERPOL that a man, who had identified himself as a lawyer named Aldrich working for Scientology, had called the American Embassy. He wanted to know if I was registered with the American Embassy and what my address was. The American Embassy advised him that they could not give out this information to him. One half hour later, they received another phone call but this time from a US DEA agent, asking for the same information.

When American Embassy personnel had heard that I had been picked up by the DNCD at the order of Ventura Bayonet, they contacted him. Ventura Bayonet advised the American Embassy that he had received a call from INTERPOL alleging that David Mayo had destroyed millions of dollars worth of Scientology property?

September 1994
A private investigator from Boca Raton, Florida, calling himself John Bertrant, called several of my clients, friends and supporters and gave them alarming news concerning "Mayo being in jail". One of my clients inquired for whom was John Bertrant working. Bertrant said he couldn't say, but that it was a group and that he had done extensive contract work for the CIA and other government agencies.

September / October 1994
C.O.S.T. (Church of Spiritual Technology) filed suit to collect on the assignment from Gerbode in San Mateo County. C.O.S.T. immediately requested that the 2.9 million sanction be attached so that if we, (Mayo / CNC defendants), prevailed in their appeal to the Ninth Circuit and were able to go after the award, it would be tied up in San Mateo so we still wouldn't be able to collect it. Scientology's C.O.S.T. corporation filed the San Mateo lawsuit against the Church of the New Civilization, me and my wife.

January 20, 1995
The DNCD went to a hotel and picked up two persons who had recently arrived in the country to visit me and took them to a police station for questioning. Teniente De Leon, of the Puerto Plata DNCD, asked them if they knew me, how long, what they knew about me and as to whether they had paid me $50,000.00! (They had not.) The DNCD said they believed that the FBI had ordered the investigation.

January 24, 1995
After a series of phone calls, my wife and I went to the American Consulate in Santo Domingo to see their Citizen Services staff. Could the American Consulate find out if the FBI really had ordered the DNCD investigation, or was it a private investigator impersonating an FBI officer? We received an answer several weeks later -- the FBI had - NOT- ordered an investigation into the Mayos.

March 26, 1995
While traveling outside the Dominican Republic, Chago left a message on our voice mail in Miami: "Problema muy grande". He'd been in jail Saturday and Sunday, was questioned about where we were, when we'd be back, what we do, etc.

March 27, 1995
The Mayor of the DNCD interviewed Guido Perdomo and one of our neighbors. It started out with the DNCD wanting to search the house (again) and asking how close the house was to the beach. If close to the ocean, perhaps the house could be used for drug smuggling... The DNCD quickly lost interest in the house and switched to questions about acquaintances of the Mayos. Did the neighbor and Perdomo think that these two people questioned earlier may have paid the Mayos $20,000.00? Neither Perdomo nor the neighbor thought so. They had quibbled over their hotel bill and hadn't even paid their attorney bill, Perdomo reported.

May 16, 1995
At the airport, Julie was stopped at passport control. Medina, DNCD agent, had a picture of her. She was detained for five hours during which time she was searched and questioned by several DNCD agents: Bautista, Medina, and Corcino. She was asked repeatedly as to where I was. They had a file of me, including a copy of the passport that INTERPOL had photocopied. They had a picture of her windsurfing. They threatened to put her in jail while they continued the investigation, and wouldn't allow her to make a phone call, even to the American Embassy. (This despite the fact that she was not doing anything illegal.) Medina finally admitted to her that they were put up to it by Scientology. After five hours, she was released and told she could catch the next plane out.

We have been driven out of our home, and haven't returned. This has caused us suffering, higher living expences, instability in our lives and other difficulties in conducting our affairs. The harassment described herein, in my opinion, goes beyond persecution; it may amount to international terrorism.

David Mayo

Post to alt.religion scientology by David Mayo on 10 June 1996


Perfect bedfellows - Nazi fascism coupled with church fascism.

Incorrectly Included fascist Fair Game actions -
Incorrectly Included Interpol carrying out RTC black intelligence operations -

David Miscavige

10 Aug : 'FreeZone'

Subject: L. Ron Hubbard - On Homosexuals
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 1994 12:41:50 -0400


Joe Harrington
United Free Zone Alliance

**another "United Free Zone Alliance" signature

29 Aug : 'FreeZone'

From: (Homer W. Smith)
Subject: Scientology and the Internet
Date: 29 Aug 1994 15:30:55 -0700

Here is my answer to Mr. Thomas Small. First is my paraphrase
of his letter to me, and below is my answer.


Homer Wilson Smith
United Free Zone Alliance

**another "United Free Zone Alliance" signature

14 Sep : Scientology
  Randy McDonald becomes aware that upper level management is writing their own policy, called Scientology Policy Directives (SPD).

He writes a High Crime Report on Tax Compliance Officer OSA Int. and AVC Int. for enforcing Scientology Policy Directive 2 May 1994 Personal Income Taxes, on him.

McDonald's knowledge report notes that what the SPD says violates various HCOPLs and the very existence of SPD's also violates HCOPLs.

Per HCOPL 9 August 1972 Seniority Of Orders:

"Any practice by which junior issues, such as directives, abolish networks or make off- policy changes can only result in the destruction of networks, orgs and tech.

This is therefore a High Crime policy letter and it is an offense both to follow or obey or issue any verbal or written order or directive which is contrary to or changes or abolishes anything set up in HCO Policy Letters or HCOBs?."

Randy McDonald report - 14 Sept 1994

Omitted Application of HCOPL Seniority of Orders -
Wrong Source -

Authors of SPDs and all staff who follow these issues

18 Nov : Scientology
  The Library of Congress records show that on this date:

Mary Sue Hubbard, widow, Diana Meredith Dewolf Hubbard Ryan, Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard, Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald Conway Hubbard Jr., aka L. Ron Hubbard Jr. aka Nibs Hubbard aka Ronald Dewolf & Katherine May Hubbard Gillespie, children of deceased author L.Ron Hubbard, copyright assignment:

Ceremonies of the Founding Church of Scientology & 1,364 other titles by L. Ron Hubbard. Full document range: (In V3058 P 155-208)

to the Church of Spiritual Technology.


The above is an ASSIGNMENT - not a transfer. From this it appears that Mary Sue maintains possession of some of LRH's copyrights.

06 Dec : Scientology
  St. Petersburg Times December 6, 1994

Scientology puts itself on display

Having rid itself last year of one longtime nemesis, the IRS, the Church of Scientology took a step Monday toward mending relations with the Merchants of Chaos, more widely known as the men and women of the media.

The step is part of a broader effort to move away from controversies that have marked much of the church's 40-year history. The church wants to do a better job of explaining Scientology and move into the mainstream with a program to cure some of society's more troubling problems.

Church president Heber Jentzsch told a luncheon audience at the National Press Club that Scientology, buoyed by last year's IRS ruling recognizing it as a religion, is now free to pour its resources into work that will eradicate the problems of illegal drugs, crime and illiteracy by 2005.

A few feet away, however, church officials were giving away Bible-thick volumes of What is Scientology? a new book that includes descriptions of reporters as Merchants of Chaos who help sow confusion and upset. One passage in particular seemed to work at cross purposes with the theme of the day. It reads: To yearn for good press is foolhardy in a society where the merchants of chaos reign.

Kurt Weiland, spokesperson on the church's international legal affairs, said the church does not use intimidation tactics against reporters, though it can't stop its followers from doing so.

Note: Quote from 15 October 1993 St. Petersburg Times :

This week the IRS announced it granted the exemption, and the Scientology files that led to the decision became public.

Easier to make out is where the church spends its money. In one document, lawyers detail $ 205-million in spending from cash reserves across two years, 1987 and 1988. The total includes $ 30-million in legal bills?

The church spent relatively little on good works. Its own statement of one year's cash flow to organizations devoted to social betterment, such as The Way to Happiness Foundation, totaled less than $ 9-million.

Falsehood the Church will eradicate drugs, crime, illiteracy by 2005 - Heber Jentzsch
Altered Importance $30 million on lawyers vs $9 million on social reform - RTC/OSA
Falsehood the church does not attack reporters - Kurt Weiland

14 Dec : Scientology
  Using an anonymous remailer in the Netherlands, someone posted several OT documents on the internet news group called alt.religion.scientology. The postings caught the attention of Dennis Erlich, OT 7, who commented on the postings and pronounced them genuine.

Internet posting regarding copyright law

25 Dec : Scientology
  The Washington Post December 25, 1994

Scientology Fiction; The Church's War Against Its Critics -- and Truth

"People who attack Scientology are criminals."
-- L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology

ONE DAY in November, Arnaldo P. Lerma, an audio-video technician from Arlington, opened his front door and encountered two unsmiling men in dark suits. He tensed up, he recognized them as the strangers who had been tailing him as he drove into town that morning.

We represent the Church of Scientology, one of the men said. Lerma hurriedly shut the door. The pair wedged a three-page, legal-looking document inside the screen door. It was titled Declaration of Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma, but Lerma hadn't written it and in fact had never seen it before. He left Scientology in 1978, after serving several years as a low-level staffer. The document amounted to a confession, with a line left blank for Lerma's signature.

I engaged in taking illegal drugs, it read in part, and eventually left the Church entirely because I could not maintain a high enough ethical standard . . . . I wish to make it known that I have been involved in trying to denigrate the name of Scientology and some of its leading members . . . . I wish to recant these statements in full . . . .

What had Lerma done to earn the attention of a church he left 16 years ago? He had engaged in freedom of speech. A frequent user of the Internet, Lerma had posted public records -- documents from court cases involving Scientology -- on the global computer network and on the America Online commercial service. The documents included testimony from former church officials who describe Scientology as a dangerous cult that brainwashes and blackmails its member and harasses defectors and critics.

In the church's eyes, Lerma -- who once signed a billion-year contract to serve Scientology as a member of its quasi-military Sea Organization -- was now an enemy.

How do I know this? Because I have read the scriptures of Scientology, as written by church founder L. Ron Hubbard. And because, according to those scriptures, a journalist like myself is an enemy -- Some who quit Scientology say they dare not go on record for fear of reprisals.

Many journalists have learned that lesson, too. As early as 1959, Hubbard issued orders to stem negative press and ensure that journalists would shudder into silence rather than closely examine his newly invented religion. (Hire a private detective, Hubbard advised his staff, to investigate the writer, not the magazine, and get any criminal or Communist background the man has.)

But the anonymity of cyberspace encourages fearless debate. The Internet newsgroups titled alt.religion.scientology and are among the most frequently accessed on the network, with an estimated 40,000 readers. These include current Scientology practitioners, bitter dropouts and ex-staffers like Arnaldo Lerma, who favors establishing a spin-off religion that retains the problem-solving tech. We don't want to destroy Scientology, he says. We just want a change of management.

The church maintains that everyone connected to any criminal operations was purged in the early '80s. The latest Scientology reference guide for the media refers to former Guardians as dupes who abandoned any pretense of following the principles described in Mr. Hubbard's writings. No mention is made of a prominent dupe -- Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, who headed the Guardian's Office and served a year in prison.

The guardians, however, acted on policies written by Ron Hubbard -- policies that are now considered consecrated text.

Among the religious writings of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard:

on't ever defend. Always attack. (1960)
Harass these persons in any possible way. (1965 campaign against splinter groups.)

NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. ONLY agree to an investigation of the attackers.

There has never yet been an attacker who was not reeking with crime. All we had to do was look for it and murder would come out. (1966 policy letter)

They are declared Enemies of mankind, the planet and all life. They are fair game. (a 1968 Ethics Order covering a list of suppressive persons.)

The prize is 'public opinion' where press is concerned. The only safe public opinion to head for is they love us and are in a frenzy of hate against the enemy, this means standard wartime propaganda is what we are doing . . . .

Never treat a war like a skirmish. Treat all skirmishes like wars. (1969, Battle Tactics.)

Today, the war is carried on against the government of Germany, where authorities have concluded that Scientology is a business, not a religion; against journalists, including the author of a 1991 cover story in Time magazine; and against defectors like Lerma?

Documents released by the court in connection with the Scientology 11 proceedings would reveal a Hubbard-directed scheme to take control of the town's political, business and media institutions. Guardian Office files showed that Scientology planted spies in the Clearwater Sun and that its agents attempted to smear the mayor by staging a hit-and- run accident. Those are a few of the stories I reported on when I joined the Sun.

The Guardian's Office no longer exists, but in the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), Hubbard's spirit is alive and well.

Omitted Application of the Creed of the Church by effort to silence critics -
Incorrectly Included fascism as a solution to enemies -
False Solution and False Scientology - PLs calling for a NOT-ISNESS solution -
Omitted Application of the AIMS by engaging in a war -
Omitted Application of the AIMS by committing criminal acts -
Omitted Application of the Creed of the Church by attacking splinter groups -
Incorrectly Included effort to create a monopoly -


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