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  Article in The American Lawyer March, 1996:

Scientology's lawyers are pushing the IP envelope to keep the church's secret, sacred scriptures off the Internet.

Beginning in 1966, however, Hubbard began generating material that he instructed be kept secret. Hubbard wrote eight levels of the secret materials, called the Operating Thetan (OT) materials or the Advanced Technology, over the next 20 years.

Also that year (1983), attorneys for a former Scientologist named Lawrence Wollersheim? got copies of the OT levels indirectly from someone in The Church of the New Civilization. Three days after the Los Angeles superior court judge overseeing Wollersheim's case refused to seal the materials, Scientology sued Wollersheim and his lawyers in federal court, claiming racketeering and trade secret misappropriation.

The case was eventually dismissed, but not before the Ninth Circuit ruled that Scientology's OT materials were not trade secrets, because the church had posed their worth as spiritual, rather than economic.

Several years later, Scientology heeded the Ninth Circuit's comments and claimed that a former Scientologist named Enid Vien, who was using OT materials in Scientology- like courses she was teaching, was causing the church economic harm, because the church depended on the fixed donations Scientology asked parishioners to pay for the privilege of studying the OT levels.

Church lawyer Kobrin says she knows of no other religion that has sought court rulings that its scriptures are trade secrets, but in a 1993 ruling in the Vien case, San Diego U.S. district court judge Marilyn Huff granted Scientology summary judgment on its trade secret claims.


Later court rulings on RTC's claim that OT levels are trade secrets:

From a 13 September 1995 Court ruling:

Judge Kane denies RTC their injunction against FACTnet. Judge Kane said:

He also rules that the OT materials do not qualify as trade secrets because evidence indicates they are in the public domain. Judge Kane concluded that the Fishman materials posted by Lerma were not trade secrets because they were widely known outside of the church through multiple sources.

The same day, Judge Brinkema in Virginia ruled the same as Judge Kane in Colorado and vacated the writ of seizure she had given to RTC to seize all of Lerma's Scientology materials. The judge ordered RTC to return all of the seized materials to Lerma. Judge Brinkema also concluded that the Fishman materials were not trade secrets.

United States District Court for the District of Colorado
RTC vs FACTNet Case No. 95-B-2143
Judge Kane Ruling dated 13 Sept 1995

From a court ruling on 22 September 1995:

In US District Court in San Jose, California, Judge Ronald Whyte denies RTC an
injunction against Dennis Erlich and Netcom for misappropriation of trade secrets, concluding that they were already "generally available to the public."
He also vacated his writ of seizure and ordered RTC to return all of Erlich's possessions to him. The judge did grant the church a preliminary injunction against Erlich, because he thought it was likely to prevail in its suit against him for copyright infringement.

Internet posting regarding copyright law

20 Jan
  By 1992, all of the civil lawsuits brought against me by Scientology had been dismissed and in January 1993, the Central District of California had sanctioned RTC / Scientology plaintiffs 2.9 million dollars for abusive litigation against me.

In court order of Jan. 20, 1993, Honorable James G. Koltz stated regarding plaintiffs, Church of Scientology and RTC:

"Plaintiffs have abused the federal court system by using it, inter alia, to destroy their opponents, rather than to resolve an actual dispute over trademark law or any other legal matter. This constitutes 'extraordinary, malicious, wanton and oppressive conduct..."

For the rest of this decision -

and related litigation and opinions -

U.S. District Court, Central District of California #85-711-JMI (BX) and #857197-JMI (BX), al., PLAINTIFFS, VS. ROBIN SCOTT et. al., Defendants

Post to alt.religionscientology by David Mayo on 10 June 1996


More Legal attacks and losses from practicing the Fair Game Law.

03 Feb
  GANNETT NEWS SERVICE February 3, 1993


From beyond the grave, Lafayette R. Hubbard has joined his followers in battling the federal tax collector. The estate of Hubbard - known worldwide as L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology - says the Internal Revenue Service is wrong in refusing to allow it to deduct $ 12 million it contributed to the Church of Scientology.

As hundreds, maybe thousands, of Scientologists from all over the nation have been doing for the past few years, the estate on Jan. 21 filed a petition in the U.S. Tax Court arguing that the IRS position is unconstitutional.

In carrying out the dictates in the will left by Hubbard, who died Jan. 24, 1986, the estate donated $ 12,318,602 million to the church. In figuring its 1988 income tax, the estate deducted that amount as a charitable contribution. The IRS rejected that.

This resulted in a $ 12 million increase in the estate's income and a $ 3,448,494 increase in the tax (it had reported taxable income for that year of $ 2,553 and it paid no tax).

In addition, the IRS assessed penalties of $ 862,124 for failure to file the return on time (the estate says it met the deadline), $ 172,425 for negligence and $ 862,124 for substantial understatement of income tax, all of which the estate denies. The total bill comes to $ 5,345,167.

Hubbard founded Scientology in the late 1950s. ''It is propagated today by a 'mother church' in California and by numerous branch churches around the world,'' the late Justice Thurgood Marshall noted in a 1989 Supreme Court decision upholding the IRS's refusal to allow the deductions of some donations to the church.

In refusing the estate's deduction last October, the IRS told it ''you have not shown that the amounts were paid or permanently set aide for any purpose specified in Internal Revenue Code Section 642 (c)'' (which describes how a church must use donations in order for them to be tax-deductible).

By contrast, Zuckert, Scoutt and Rasenberger, Washington tax specialists, filed the estate's petition on behalf of Norman F. Starkey, who is also the executor of Hubbard's estate.

That five-page petition makes no mention of the 1989 decision. It focuses solely on the equal treatment argument and contends that the estate is being discriminated against because Hubbard was a Scientolgist and practiced that religion.

It relates that Hubbard's will, dated Jan. 23, 1986, the day before he died, directs that all of the estate be poured into a trust. Starkey also is trustee of the trust.

After bequests for his children and grandchildren, Hubbard's will provides for a separate support trust for the benefit of his wife and leaves the residual for the benefit of the Scientology religion.


OK - now we have the value of LRH's estate figured out. The probate court proceeding said the value was 26.5 million - but only 1.4 million of that was in an oil investment. The remainder of the value was simply an estimate of the market value of intellectual properties, meaning the trademarks and copyrights. Market value is not cash.

So there are tens of millions -if not hundreds of millions - of missing cash.

There was a probate statement by Starkey that there was cash being held in trust but the amount was deemed to be private information.

This article shows the amount held in trust was 12.5 million. So, there is 12.5 million of the missing cash - which still leaves tens or even hundreds of millions of cash UNACCOUNTED FOR. Who got the missing money?

And, IRS employees were recently told to stand down on evidence they had about church leaders receiving undue benefits:

According to the New York Times, tax analysts Donna Moore and Terrell M. Berkovsky wrote memoranda specifying that they had been instructed by Shoenfeld not to address issues like whether the church was engaged in too much commercial activity or whether its activities provided undue benefit to its leaders.

Also, recall the time track entry where Miscavige is showing Jesse Prince his personal safe full of gold and silver bars and precious gems, etc.

Also notice that this is the same crime that LRH was involved in - church funds inuring to the benefit of a private individual. And, that for the current management of CST to be involved in that same crime is another violation of not only tax fraud laws but the articles of incorporation of CST.

That is not the only CST articles of incorporation violated by the Trustees and Directors of CST. They also betrayed the statements to keep LRH as the single source of the subject and instructions on requirements they had to fulfill to remain Trustees and Directors. In short - the CST articles of incorporation are completely ignored by CST Trustees and Directors - just like they completely ignore LRH issues such as HCOBs and PLs - and do whatever they feel like doing.

The current management of the church is off-source in every quarter.

Jesse Prince also reported the wog attorneys splitting up the pie with Miscavige - being paid millions for doing practically nothing.

So, the current church leaders, including the wog attorneys who are "Special Directors" for CST - sit around and enrich their own pockets while destroying the church, its technology and end product of FREE BEINGS. As we said earlier...

Miscavige wanted to seize Scientology so he could get rich by assisting SPs in their purpose of preventing anyone from becoming a FREE BEING.

11 Feb
  PR Newswire February 11, 1993

The Church of Scientology International issued the following:

The Church of Scientology International has filed suite against Menlo Park millionaire psychiatrist Frank Gerbode and others for fraudulent and unlawful activities in violation of federal racketeering laws and for misusing the legal system. Gerbode, heir to a family fortune, and David Mayo, whose litigation against the church Gerbode is funding by laundering millions of dollars through phony-tax exempt corporations, are named in the suite along with three of Gerbode's illegal corporations.

The complaint states that in repeated violation of federal mail and wire fraud statues, Gerbode runs a tax-avoidance scheme in which he funnels personal funds through corporations with fraudulently obtained tax-exempt status. He operates the Church of Universal Truth, Institute for Research in Metapsychology and Church of the New Civilization through self-dealing transactions that generate millions of dollars of tax deductions with his own donations.

The complaint states that Gerbode has illegally channeled funds back to himself in the form of rent, salaries, and personal expenses and then used this scheme to pay for Mayo's litigation costs and attorney fees in an action against the church in which Gerbode, though not a party, is the principal beneficiary.

The complaint also charges that Gerbode is using Mayo's litigation, which pertains to use of materials copyrighted by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard, to circumvent the copyright laws and divert attention from his (Gerbode's) unlawful activities, which include using plagiarized materials in his business enterprises.

Incorrectly Included Criminal Mind accusing others of what it is doing - RTC & CSI

16 Feb
  WOLLERSHEIM IV: CSC vs. Larry Wollersheim (1996) 42 Cal.App.4th 628;

The complaint filed on February 16, 1993 was one to set aside the Wollersheim I judgment and for other equitable relief. The action was filed by Kendrick Moxon of the law firm of Bowles of Moxon. The complaint contained allegations that trial judge
Swearinger was prejudiced and acted with malice against CSC. The complaint was dismissed pursuant to the defendant's CCP Section 425.16 (SLAPP) Motion. The trial court awarded defendant attorneys' fees and costs in the amount of $132,676.57. The Court of Appeal affirmed and also awarded defendant attorneys' fees on the appeal. The trial court awarded defendant $298,039.74 in attorneys' fees and expenses on the appeal.

A chronology of Wollersheim cases Filed by Robert F. Donohue, of Hagenbaugh & Murphy; part of a usenet post by Tilman Hauser entitled Looking for info on Wollersheim


More Legal losses from practicing Fair Game.

14 Jun
  Newsweek June 14, 1993

Scientology in the Schools - Is L. Ron Hubbard's morals text harmless?

When Carol Burgeson received a copy of The Way to Happiness in the mail 18 months ago, she read it through and decided it was the perfect non-religious vehicle for teaching moral values to her senior students at Thornton Township High School in Harvey, Ill. So Burgeson ordered more free copies of the book by L. Ron Hubbard and used them to stimulate discussions in her classes. It seemed so harmless, she says. Brush your teeth, do your work, don't be tardy -- what's wrong with that?

Nothing. But she was more than a little surprised to discover that the late Hubbard, who is identified in the pamphlets by name only, was the founder of the Church of Scientology, and that the pamphlets are distributed by a foundation tied closely to his controversial religion. With little fanfare, Hubbard's text has found its way into the nation's schools. According to the Scientologists, 8,300 public-school teachers and administrators have used the morality text since it was first published in 1981. Altogether, church officials estimate, 6.8 million pupils in 7,000 U.S. schools have studied Hubbard's moral principles; internationally, more than 34 million copies in 17 different translations have been distributed -- sometimes, say Scientologists, by major corporations.

But when NEWSWEEK checked with public-school educators who received the text, some said that they had been misled.

Hubbard wrote it in 1980, they report, the year the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that public schools in Kentucky could not display the Ten Commandments in the classroom. However, the volume is published by Bridge Publications, the church's own publishing house, and promoted through The Way to Happiness Foundation, one of several independent corporations designed to propagate Hubbard's thought.

All of these putatively secular organizations are coordinated by the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), which is an organ of the church.

Correctly Included effort to teach society a moral code - LRH & Scientologists
Incorrectly Included lies which are now rebounding to cause bad PR - OSA

-- Oct
  A booklet is made entitled Description of the Scientology Religion.

This booklet is handed out at the November IAS event to announce tax exemption.

The booklet defines three words -

The Scientology religion

It defines Scientology as -

Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. Its goal is to bring an individual to an understanding of himself and his life as a spiritual being and in relationship to the universe as a whole.

It defines the Scientology religion as -

The Scientology religion is based exclusively upon L. Ron Hubbard's research, writings and recorded lectures.

It defines Scripture as -

These works on the subject of Scientology collectively constitute the Scripture of the religion. This Scripture is the sole source of all the doctrines, tenets, philosophy, practices, rituals, and fundamental policies of the Scientology faith.

Booklet - Description of the Scientology Religion - October 1993


Here is a simple explanation of their Fraud on the paying public:

The subject of Scientology was replaced by the "Scientology religion."

The subject of Scientology and the "Scientology religion" are NOT the same thing.

The key word in the definition of the "Scientology religion" is based upon.

And that is exactly what they have been doing - altering, deleting and fabricating LRH issues and obtaining a new copyright under the legal title "based on the works of LRH."

In these new copyrighted works - CSI is the author, not LRH.

In other words - they have replaced LRH as Source!

Scientology is the works of LRH where LRH is the author.

The "Scientology religion" is based on the works of LRH, where CSI is the author.

See the difference?

So, here is the Fraud ....

Miscavige and Church promo materials repeatedly lie to the paying public that they are receiving "pure, unadulterated LRH". They know full well that is a lie, and a blatant Fraud.

The last corporate entity to market Scientology was the Church of Scientology of California. The conspirators dismantled that corporation and replaced it with 3 new corporations -

Church of Spiritual Technology
Religious Technology Center
Church of Scientology International

These 3 corporate entities market the "Scientology religion", not pure Scientology.

But they lie to the paying public and say they market pure Scientology.

The public is in a condition of Confusion. They think they are in the Church of Scientology, receiving Scientology. They are actually in a new corporate structure that markets the "Scientology religion."

The formula for Confusion is - Find Out Where You Are

Falsehood that the public receives "pure, unadulterated LRH" -
Incorrectly Included Fraud =
Wrong Source -

CST, RTC and CSI executives

01 Oct
  IRS issues favorable ruling letters to the Church of Scientology and 24 of its affiliates recognizing them as exempt from federal tax under IRC 501(c)(3). Date of signing of the secret Closing Agreement.

U.S. District Court for D.C., #94-CV-00220 (TFH)
Closing Agreement

01 Oct
  The Department of Justice tells the IRS to issue a tax exemption. The Community Relations Service of the Department of Justice negotiated a secret Civil settlement with both the Church of Scientology and the Church Universal & Triumphant of Montana. Dow Jones and a Montana newspaper have sued the Dept of Justice to try and find out what is going on. The Dept of Justice has acted illegally - they must reveal Civil settlements to the public.

For the Dept of Justice to tell the IRS what to do, they must do it at the Cabinet level with the President sitting, listening and agreeing to the breach of law.

The IRS made a deal with Scientology. They gave them tax exemption without telling why, although they had won against Scientology in Hernandez v Commissioner, 490 U.S. 680 (1989) and in Church of Spiritual Technology v U.S., US Claims Court No. 581-88T, 6/29/ 92 (1992)

Internet posting on 29 August 1994 -


What is this about the Justice Department ordering the IRS to give Scientology tax exemption, based on a secret settlement agreement? That's odd. What was the agreement and more importantly, what motivated the Justice Dept to do this?

Quote from the book ... and the truth shall set you free by David Icke:

"The Church of Scientology was named by former CIA officer, Miles Copeland, as one of two religious-type groups with which the CIA made "arrangements." The Elite make sure they work through both sides whenever possible, in this case the cult and the cult- busters. In doing so they control the actions and events the public mind sees and absorbs."

We wonder if the CIA deal was - tax exemption in exchange for no OTs made?
That would handle their "National Security Threat" concerns of OTs practicing Psychic Warfare on them.

Following is the secret agreement Miscavige made with the IRS.

But this does not tell us WHAT SECRET DEAL HE MADE WITH THE CIA that resulted in the Justice Department ordering the IRS to give CSI and RTC and CST tax exemption.

David Miscavige meets with the IRS Commissioner. After 40 years of fighting, the IRS gives Scientology tax exemption. The terms of the agreement are kept secret and not disclosed to other church members. It is a 61 page document.

The Church pays the IRS 12.5 million and agrees to drop thousands of suits against the IRS. It also agrees to stop assisting others in lawsuits against the IRS. Notice that 12.5 million was what was found to be left of the money that had been siphoned off to LRH.

The secret settlement agreement permits Miscavige and certain other Scientologists to monitor, supervise, and compel their own "compliance", and that of all Scientologists, with the tax laws of the US thereby constituting them "state actors" and agents of the IRS.

A copy of the 61 page secret agreement was obtained and it states:

The parties have entered into this agreement in order to put the past controversy behind them, to extinguish all potential claims and liabilities arising as a result of action or inaction prior to the date of this Agreement and to structure their relationship into the future.

First, under section II of the Agreement the Church will make a single payment that is intended to extinguish any potential tax liability that may be due and unpaid by any Scientology-related entity for all tax years up to and including the tax year ending in 1992. (This means the 12.5 million of church funds remaining in LRH's estate that was still left in Ron's possession after somebody took the remaining missing tens or hundreds of millions.)

Second, under section II of the Agreement, the Church and the Service will withdraw from virtually all existing controversy, including on-going examinations of Church entities, ongoing litigation by the Service to enforce summonses for Church records, and all litigation by the Church against the Service and its current or former personnel. Similarly, no Scientology-related entity may initiate or support any legal action against the Service or any Service employee for any claim arising prior to the date of the Agreement.

Notwithstanding the above, in light of, inter alia, the size and complexity of the Church and the Service, certain concerns of the Service and the Church remain. Thus, under section IV, a Church Tax Compliance Committee (CTCC) has been created to undertake certain obligations during the seven-year transition period. The CTCC is to be comprised of the largest United States Church entities, as well as those individuals who are the highest ecclesiastical or corporate authorities within the Church. The Service, through the Assistant Commissioner, has agreed to meet with the CTCC upon their request during the transition period to address any questions arising from the ongoing performance of the parties? obligations under this Agreement.

In light of the CTCC and its relationship to the whole of Scientology, the CTCC has agreed under section IV to guarantee the collection of taxes (including interest and penalties) from any Scientology-related entity for tax liability arising during the first three years of the seven year transition period. The parties have agreed under section V to keep confidential both this Agreement and all underlying information that is not part of the public record....

At the same time this Agreement is executed, Church of Scientology International is paying by banker's draft the sum of $12,500,000.00, receipt of which the Service hereby acknowledges, as consideration for the settlement of outstanding issues with the Service as set forth in this Agreement.

The corporate CTCC members are Religious Technology Center (RTC), Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization (CSFSO), Church of Scientology Western United States (CSWUS), Building Management Services (BMS), and Church of Scientology Religious Trust (CSRT).

The individual members of the CTCC are David Miscavige, Norman Starkey, Mark Rathburn and Heber Jentzsch. No individual member of the CTCC shall be permitted to withdraw from service on the CTCC, except by reason of death, being adjudicated an incompetent, or by mutual agreement of the parties of this Agreement.

Specific responsibilities and duties of the CTCC shall include the following:

a. Annual Report.

c. The CTCC and the Assistant Commissioner shall meet no less than once each year.

i. The corporate CTCC members absolutely and unconditionally, jointly and severally, guarantee to the Service the full and prompt payment of all U.S. tax liabilities under the Code (including but not limited to income tax), together with all interest and penalties, accruing or arising during the first three years of the transition period with respect to all Scientology-related entities.

4. David Miscavige will act as the initial Chairman of the CTCC. He may be removed from this office and replaced by another individual CTCC member by majority vote of the CTCC members.

D. Certifications.

1. In general, by executing this agreement, the Church signatories in their trust or corporate capacities, and their subscribing officers or trustees individually, certify under penalty of perjury the following to the best of their knowledge, information and belief:

a. that all Scientology-related entities are in compliance with the Code, Treasury regulations and other Service pronouncements of general guidance and applicability;

c. that no Scientology-related entity or Scientology-related individual (in his or her capacity as such) has, after 1986, knowingly committed any act of fraud or criminal conduct that might constitute a violation of public policy endangering the tax- exempt status of any Scientology-related entity...

6. Norman F. Starkey, as Trustee of Author's Family Trust B, shall, no later than December 31, 1993, effectuate the transfer of substantially all of the corpus and income in Author's Family Trust B, including all the shares of Author Services, Inc. (ASI) as permitted under the will of L.Ron Hubbard to the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) without consideration.

H. Finality. This agreement is final and conclusive except:

1. The matter it relates to may be reopened in the event of fraud, malfeasance, or misrepresentation of material fact;

Church of Scientology/IRS Closing Agreement dated October 1, 1993


So, by this secret agreement, David Miscavige and some other top execs have now become IRS agents. Working to enforce the payment of taxes.

Further note:

This also shows their Achilles heel:

c. "that no Scientology-related entity or Scientology-related individual (in his or her capacity as such) has, after 1986, knowingly committed any act of fraud or criminal conduct that might constitute a violation of public policy endangering the tax-exempt status of any Scientology-related entity..."

Heber already spent 30 days in jail in Spain.
And, this time track is full of criminal acts by members of the CTCC.

Particularly FRAUD - because Miscavige is guilty of FELONY FRAUD by reason of making statements to paying public Scientologists that all LRH tech has been made available in a "pure, unadulterated form." The Golden Age of Squirreling proves that is a lie and since he says in his own affidavits that he is the top man on the Issue Authority line - he gives all issues final approval - he KNOWS he is committing FRAUD.

This violates the secret IRS agreement - which means CST loses its tax exemption.
Per LRH's will CST cannot own the copyrights without tax exemption.

It is easy to prove their fraud of altering the technology. The evidence is abundant. LRH never agreed to that. Read RTC's and CST's articles of incorporation. They have violated them by altering his issues.

LRH's last-minute will, giving CST the copyrights, itself smells of fraud. Be that as it may, the will states that RTC and CST do not get his trademarks and copyrights unless they have tax exemption.


1. Proving they have committed fraud or criminal acts means they lose tax exemption.
2. Loss of tax exemption means they no longer own the trademarks and copyrights.
3. This means they go back to the estate of LRH.
4. This means that RTC and CST have lost their suppressive control over the churches and individual Scientologists.

Proving fraud:

Miscavige/RTC have made public statements that all the technology has been available in a "pure, unadulterated" form. That is a lie that is easily proven to be a lie.

They have publicly announced that they carried out a project wherein they checked all LRH issues against the handwritten originals. That is another lie that is easily proven to be a lie.

Proving it is the fact that they refuse to place a copy of the handwritten originals in the Qual library for any Scientologist to see for himself if their issues follow the handwritten originals. They know they did not follow his handwritten originals and their changes and their issues are not a duplication of the handwritten originals. So, they can't allow us to see the handwritten originals because we would find out they are squirrels.

The fact that they keep re-releasing the same issues with new changes - proves they do not follow handwritten originals. Because if you were following handwritten originals, there would never be any changes or new releases of any issue from the first time it was issued, on into eternity.

Also, all issues where they wrote the issue themselves, proves they do not follow handwritten originals.

But, where we really have them is the LRH tapes they altered. They cannot escape that one because the tapes are in LRH's voice. And a side-by-side comparison of the original LRH tape release, compared to their release of the tape, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they altered LRH and did not make it available in a "pure, unadulterated form", as they fraudulently claim.

This all boils down to the truth that they are squirrels.

And, they have committed fraud. And, it can be proven in court.

Giving the devil his due for a moment, and pretending that LRH did knowingly give RTC/ CST his estate (which we believe he did not) - take a look at the articles of incorporation for RTC and CST. Look at what LRH was agreeing to. That RTC and CST were to keep him as the sole source of the subject.

He never agreed that they could go off-source and alter his issues, or invent their own.

Therefore, they have broken their legal contract with LRH. Which voids it.

Omitted Communication to Scientologists about the CIA deal -
Omitted Communication to Scientologists about the Justice Dept agreement -
Omitted Communication to Scientologists about the details of IRS agreement -
Omitted Communication to Scientologists that top execs were now IRS agents -
Incorrectly Included alteration of LRH issues -
Incorrectly Included criminal fraud - we sell "pure, unadulterated LRH tech" -
Incorrectly Included violation of CST and RTC articles of incorporation -
Incorrectly Included broken agreement with LRH to keep him as Source -

David Miscavige and Aides and Co-conspirators

Omitted withdrawal of tax exemption when Heber went to jail - IRS

12 Oct
  St. Petersburg Times October 13, 1993

IRS: Scientology is tax-exempt religion

The Internal Revenue Service says the Church of Scientology and its myriad entities don't have to pay federal taxes, ending a 40-year battle with the controversial church over its purpose and methods of dealing with opponents that included burglary and intimidation.

In the past week, the Internal Revenue Service issued 30 determination letters that exempted 153 Scientology churches, missions and corporations from paying federal corporate income taxes, said Frank Keith, an IRS spokesman.

The decision saves Scientology millions of dollars in taxes and enables Scientologists to declare their donations as charitable contributions.

It could also tip the balance in the organization's efforts to avoid paying property taxes on its Clearwater holdings, a tab that is nearing $ 7-million after more than a decade of withholding the tax payments.

We're thrilled, said Marty Rathbun, president of Scientology's Religious Technology Center, the Los Angeles-based corporation that is widely believed to be at the top of the hierarchy that surrounds the secretive self-help religion founded on the works of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

It was a 40-year war, Rathbun said Tuesday evening. Essentially, any time you have peace at the end of such a conflict, you are extremely happy.

The IRS may have given Scientology something more valuable than money: the legitimacy that the organization has sought since its inception.

The IRS decision was part of a broader closing agreement with the Church of Scientology that settled nearly two decades of disputes, investigations and litigation, Keith said.

Technically, the church and its affiliates were given tax-exempt status under 501(c)3 of the federal tax code, a provision that means Scientology won't have to file annual financial disclosure forms that other charities, but not churches, have to file.

The service has granted tax-exempt status to a wide variety of entities within the hierarchy of the Church of Scientology, Keith said. The majority of them are being recognized as churches.

That list includes the Clearwater-based Scientology Flag Services Organization, the umbrella organizations Church of Scientology International and Scientology Missions International and the Church of Spiritual Technology.

To determine Scientology's legitimacy, the IRS collected financial and operating records that stack up to 12 linear feet. Those records were made public in Washington on Tuesday.

Before the IRS ruling last week, only a handful of individual Scientology churches - in Boston, Detroit, Washington D.C., for example - were given tax-exempt status. Scientology parishioners who tried to write their donations off their personal income taxes had been barred from doing that by a U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The IRS decision was greeted with disbelief among Clearwater and Pinellas County officials Tuesday night. City leaders are also fighting the Church of Scientology over the city's Charitable Solicitation Ordinance. An appeals court ruling in Scientology's challenge of that disclosure law tossed out the heart of that ordinance recently. The appeals court ordered a rehearing on whether the city created the ordinance solely to get rid of Scientology.

Tax-exempt status: The IRS recognized the Church of Scientology of California as a tax- exempt religious organization in 1957, but revoked that exemption in 1967. This month it has been restored.

15 Oct
  St. Petersburg Times October 15, 1993

Scientologists profit from new members

This week the IRS announced it granted the exemption, and the Scientology files that led to the decision became public.

Documents from 12 Scientology organizations, all but one dated 1992, list $ 275 million in assets. The church has holdings in real estate, stocks and gold bullion, but by far its largest source of revenue appears to be donations from its members and newcomers, who pay fees to undergo Scientology's ascending series of personal evaluation, called auditing.

For example, the buildings in Clearwater house the church's spiritual headquarters, known as the Flag Service Organization. It had assets last year of $ 48-million and revenues of $ 74.3-million. Of those revenues, $ 24.3-million was transferred to the mother church - the Church of Scientology International in Los Angeles.

The mother church listed assets of $ 69-million in 1991. They were topped a year later by the $ 92-million controlled by the International Association of Scientologists, a support organization established to safeguard Scientology and raise funds. It is based in Sussex, England.

Meanwhile, the church's top executive, David Miscavige, is paid by Religious Technology Center, a $ 3.8-million organization that serves as protector of the religion of Scientology and its logos and slogans.

If it seems confusing to an outsider, its lawyers explain that Scientology is a very exact faith . . . (and) utmost importance is given to the precise application of Dianetics and Scientology. In the hands of rivals, the religion's trademarks could deny unwitting and well-intentioned individuals the opportunity to experience the gains of real Dianetics and Scientology, and thus ultimate spiritual salvation.

Easier to make out is where the church spends its money. In one document, lawyers detail $ 205-million in spending from cash reserves across two years, 1987 and 1988. The total includes $ 30-million in legal bills, and $ 3.4-million used to mount a Hollywood Boulevard exhibition on Hubbard's life.

The church spent relatively little on good works. Its own statement of one year's cash flow to organizations devoted to social betterment, such as The Way to Happiness Foundation, totaled less than $ 9-million.

Meanwhile, Scientology spent $ 7-million on the seven nuclear blast-resistant doors for a vault where Hubbard's papers would be stored within titanium capsules, which cost another $ 7-million.

A total of three vaults are being built, the files reveal: one in Southern California, another in Northern California, the third in New Mexico.

Other expenses: $ 1-million for the powerhouse public relations firm Hill & Knowlton and $ 1-million to sponsor the Seattle Goodwill Games.

An Internal Revenue spokesman declined Thursday to explain how the agency came to decide Scientology qualified as tax-exempt. Bland form letters announced the exemptions, and the correspondence between the IRS and the church runs in contrary directions.

The agreement appears to have grown from a 1991 invitation from the IRS to come to an amicable conclusion on the tortured issue. Yet the agency's questions understandably dwell on areas officials found most troublesome.

One was the Guardian Office. Scientology lawyers offered a lengthy summary of how the church's former security arm came to threaten reporters and other critics, infiltrate government offices and steal federal files.

Neither, apparently, did Hubbard. The documents report the founder often disappeared for long periods, calling in every few months to ask what was new. In September 1981, he was reportedly shocked to hear developments that had been making headlines since the FBI raided his church's Washington, D.C., office four years earlier.

Guardian Office and its Intelligence Bureau were disbanded altogether by Scientology and replaced by new services.

All are closely supervised, church lawyers assured the IRS.


So in two years 30 million was spent on Legal fees - mostly generated to defend lawsuits from practicing the Fair Game Law. So, they have wasted 30 million in just two years for the privilege of supplying enemy agents outside the church with plenty of ammunition for their Black PR and Legal attacks on the Church. That money would have been better spent on social reform programs which only got 9 million.

Also above is their JUSTIFIER for their overt of assaulting splinter groups. This is an effort to maintain a vicious monopoly by eliminating competitors. People have a civil right to practice either straight Scientology or altered Scientology outside of the formal church without interference from the church or anyone else. In this overt, the church attempts to deny others their civil right to practice the religion of their choice

Furthermore - the case gain and exteriorization and OT phenomena being accomplished by auditing outside of the church - far exceeds anything being produced within the church. The top management of the church forwards the purpose of the Global Enslavers by suppressing anyone going OT inside the church. Thus, we have Criminal Mind at work again - wherein the top management accuses others of what it is doing.

The real reason top management attacks splinter groups is an effort to prevent those outside the church from auditing so as to prevent anyone becoming a FREE BEING.

Altered Importance - 30 million on Fair Game and 9 million on social reform -

Added Inapplicable effort to prevent anyone inside or outside the church going OT -
False purpose (evil purpose) to prevent anyone becoming a FREE BEING -
False Scientologists (by being agents of the Global Enslavers) -

Miscavige and top Aides and CST, RTC, OSA

Falsehood that the church Intelligence Bureau was disbanded - Church lawyers

27 Oct
  Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of LRH Clearing Congress lectures.

-- Nov
  IAS Event to announce tax exemption:

At a public event, Miscavige announces the war is over.

The following are some Miscavige quotes at the event:

" As you no doubt realize, the IRS is basic on the chain of attacks on Scientology."

In Ron's Journal 1967 LRH says:

Our enemies on this planet are less than 12 men. They are, oddly enough, directors in all of the mental health groups in the world ...and they control, of course, income tax.

Miscavige says at the event:

"All of LRH's tech has been made available in a pure, unadulterated form."

The GOLDEN AGE OF SQUIRRELING proves that is a lie.

Falsehood that tech has been available in a "pure, unadulterated form" -

Falsehood that the IRS is basic on the chain of attacks -
Falsehood that the war is over -

David Miscavige




Little did Scientologists realize that they had just lost to the Global Enslavers and slick PR positioning of this event as a win, coupled with disinformation from Miscavige, got them celebrating their defeat as if they had won!

This is a classic Head Global Enslaver method of bringing about what they want:


Learn to recognize the above mechanism because Global Enslavers use it over and over.

The above technique is actually combined Intelligence and Public Relations technology.

Public Relations technology has the purpose of winning the hearts and minds of men. Ron says it is for controlling human emotion and reaction. In other words, it is used for manipulating men, to get them to do happily - what you want them to do - even if that is not in their best interests.

Here is how this works:

You want to bring something into existence, which would normally be opposed by men.

So, you use a combination of Intelligence and PR technology to get men to demand it!

Let's say you want to pass laws against minority religions. People won't agree.

So, you use your Intelligence agents to start some minority religions or to infiltrate some existing ones and take them over. Now your agents act badly and get others in the group to act badly, so they become a menace in the public eye. Let's say they commit murders, rapes and rob stores.

Then you have some of your other Intelligence agents set up groups who will make a public outcry against the evil doings of the minority religions - which your Intelligence agents are running! We will call these groups Anti-Minority Religion groups. These groups will incite people to demand that something be done about minority religions.

Then, you provide the SOLUTION to these awful minority religions (which you wanted to accomplish in the first place) and you have public support for your crazy solution! You say "I have the solution to these awful minority religions - pass a law against them!"

And now the public, who originally would have opposed your crazy solution - DEMAND IT! Yes, yes - they cry - pass a law against these awful minority religions!

Now - here is the odd part of this - you created the problem in the first place!

So, first you create the problem - the public reacts - then you provide the crazy solution.

This is exactly how the public was manipulated into the VietNam war. The Global Enslavers wanted a war. So, they had the CIA create the conditions necessary by moving a million North Vietnamese into South Vietnam. These North Vietnamese had no means of support so they took to forming bands of robbers and they stole from the South Vietnamese. The South Vietnamese demand something be done about these North Vietnamese. These bands of robbers were then falsely said to be North Vietnamese army invading South Vietnam - and so we had to send in troops to solve this problem and we have our desired war.

The average human being has no idea how Intelligence and Public Relations tech work - and so the people who practice these technologies are constantly eating the normal guy's lunch. Over and over the average Joe gets taken advantage of like this. So, he has got to get up to speed on these subjects so he can no longer be made a fool by them.

Notice the above is an exact description of the Anti-cult movement.

Realize that the Global Enslaver agents ARE RUNNING BOTH SIDES.

They run the cult side and they also run the anti-cult side.

Same thing in wars. The Global Enslavers set up, finance, and run BOTH SIDES.

This same technology has been used to get people to demand a One World Government.

The Global Enslavers first cause a bunch of wars = CREATE THE PROBLEM

The public reacts by demanding an end to wars = REACTION

The Global Enslavers say we need a One World Government = SOLUTION

The public cheers - yes, yes - give us a One World Government!

The Global Enslavers provide it and that is the end of human and spiritual freedom!

Now - let's get back to the so-called IRS win.

The Global Enslavers control BOTH sides. The Church and the IRS.

For years Miscavige battles the IRS for tax exemption. The IRS refuses to give it.

RTC/OSA get Scientologists in this fight. The Scientologists are made to feel they are being discriminated against. How come they cannot deduct the donations they make to their church when people in other religions can deduct their donations to their church? RTC encourages these Scientologists to file lawsuits against the IRS and they do.


Now Scientologists are DEMANDING tax exemption = REACTION

Out of the blue Miscavige gets IRS tax exemption = SOLUTION

Victory! Celebration! Miscavige our saviour and hero!

But what the Scientologists did not realize was this -

1. Tax exemption for CST meant that CST now owned the copyrights.

2. Ownership of the copyrights meant the final step of the coup was complete.

Now the Global Enslavers have complete control over the church and every single Scientologist and can now prevent the church from producing its product -


No one will go OT in the church now. This guarantees their enslavement.

The Church of Scientology is dead - replaced by the Church of David-IRS-ology.

And the Scientologists are dancing in streets and celebrating their loss like they won!

And that is called Public Relations technology.

End of HATTING - for now. More later. Let's get back to the IRS "win" event:


1. The war was over.

2. That the IRS was basic on the chain of attacks.

And Scientologists believed him and went to sleep - forgetting the price of freedom...

Constant alertness and willingness to fight back.

I, Mike McClaughry, personally went to this event. I did not have VGIs when I heard what Miscavige said. I knew from my GO experience that Miscavige had just told Scientologists two vicious lies. I knew that the IRS was not basic on the chain of attacks and that the war was not over. I did not know at the time why he fed that disinformation to Scientologists.

Let me show you how those are two lies:

1. The war is over.

This one is easy and obvious. Does it look like the war is over?

Orgs are being picketed regularly, including Flag. In Europe several countries are on the verge of outlawing the practice of Scientology altogether. Orgs are being shut down in various countries and some are being held open off of Sea Org reserves because they can't make it on their own. The internet is flooded with attacks on the church. The LMT sits right across the street from Flag daily and is suing.

Enough said?

2. The IRS is basic on the chain of attacks.

LRH Issues on Nazi Psychiatry - Front Group of the Head Global Enslavers:

GO 060571 (6 May 1971) LRH - Secret - Working Theory

So far we have been using an Intelligence Hypothesis I developed in 1965. Taking all

channels of attack on us country by country, I found the cycle of attacking sources was (a) Income tax (b) Health Dept or Agency (c) Immigration and (d) a type of press.

Moving this up to an International level, and trying to find out who could have that much influence the Intelligence Hypothesis I formed was that it would have to be a member of the World Bank with psychiatric connections or who planned usages of psychiatry as part of world control.

We used this to narrow and target our searches. It led us to WFMH and the NAMH. And it served us well. But it did not lead all the way until this year.

We found the central handler (one who orders operatives and operations) and proved it by numerous correspondences we were given. The person is "Mary Appleby" Secretary of the National Association of Mental Health of England. It is she who writes and phones her contacts to start attacks on Scientology.

Her uncle (just now deceased) was Otto Niemeyer of the World Bank.

So that finally ends off the 1965 Intelligence Hypothesis as totally correct.

It has gotten us this far. But in getting there, new data has shown up.

Brilliant work in tracing the origins of the WFMH disclosed it and the NAMH to have NAZI origins. In 1946, fleeing before war criminal hunts, these people formed the WFMH in London.

Both Russia and the West are internally dominated in the field of psychiatry by the original Nazis. The third party between East and West could be the Neo Nazi!

So we need a new working theory to extend what we now know.

The Nazi had three principle channels into the world.

1. Intelligence.

Nazi Intelligence was the largest and most effective intelligence organization the world ever knew. They had agents by the thousands in every nation - they set up Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and France to fall by penetration at the top.

2. Drugs.

The Germans had total domination of the world's drug industry. Their chemists and firms covered the globe.

3. Psychiatry and Psychology.

Nazi racial purity, gene theories etc are taken from German psychiatry and psychology. German psychiatrists gas chambered 300,000 insane before Hitler, originated the orders about Jews, etc. Hitler only okayed them. This kill-think is now in use in every country - gene theory = must sterilize and kill. Psychiatric atrocities now disclosed in England and elsewhere are Nazi practices. The death camp techniques used to exterminate masses were psychiatric.


Apparently there exists somewhere a Nazi Memorial or plan to conquer the world.

By intelligence infiltration of governments, drug addiction and dependency and using psychiatry to eliminate political undesireables and minorities, a group is bent on world political conquest.

When Nazi Germany was militarily defeated, the intelligence operatives and files were left "in place" in other countries, the Nazi chemists were left in the seized drug firms abroad, the psychiatric "empire" still existed overseas.

At the defeat of Germany these three networks were not wiped out abroad but left there in place. Many military officers in allied services were financially well connected - related to bankers or were bankers. These intelligence, drug personnel and psychiatric network files passed into financial hands.




Psychiatric opponents are all part of the Nazi connected WFMH or NAMH. Their technology and what they urge is pure Fascism straight out of Nazi death camps.

Drug firms are ex-German or German connected. They finance or support the Nazi networks. They also are turning the West to drug addiction.


Now this is theory. There is much data to support it. We can document the earlier working theory. Appleby is a Nazi pure and simple. So is the WFMH and the NAMH and all they advocate is Nazi.

We are attacked because if we proved psychiatry false by introducing a true mental science we would destroy their political terror weapon.

There are then four networks in all, as we must include International Banking. The four must be run from somewhere, possibly privately not governmentally from West Germany.

If this theory is true then every attacker has one or more of four connections. Intelligence, psychiatric, drug and banking.

HCO Information Letter of 17 February 1969 Ron's Journal 1968 Australian-Anzo Supplement

The enemy, the International psychiatric front organizations and its "National" Mental Health chapters over the world, has the stated ambition of dispensing with all boundaries. It is so odd to find them talking not of cases but always of political aims that one begins to believe they have other things in view.

Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard 29 November 1968 The War

You may not realize it staff member but there is only one small group that has hammered Dianetics and Scientology for 18 years. The press attacks, the public upsets you receive and all those you have received for all your time in Scientology were generated by this one group. For eighteen years it has poured lies and slander into the press and government agencies.

Last year we isolated a dozen men at the top. This year we found the organization these used and all its connections over the world.

Psychiatry and "Mental Health" was chosen as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the West! And we stood in their way.

They have infiltrated boards of education, the armed services, even the churches. They hold the wives or daughters of a great many politicians and keep them "under treatment".

Their "technology" is the same as that used by Intelligence Services. Electric shocks.
Brain operations.

Anyway, this was the live wire we got across by being able to undo their effect on the West.

GO 070571 (7 May 1971) LRH - Secret - Notes On Smersh

The Gehlen Organization of West Germany was a military intelligence group independently formed by General Gehlen during the last days of WW II.

Gehlen hid out; watched for US troops in the mountains. The CIA took over Gehlen and his in place Russian network and continued to operate it in Russia. This shows a Nazi spy network still in place and operating after WW II.

The US is suffering from:

1. Economic decay. This is an intelligence target.

2. Drug abuses. This is an intelligence-medical target to destroy the culture and future leaders.

3. Anti-war riots. This is an intelligence target - the destruction of the will to fight.

4. Psychiatric death camps and psychiatric abuses. The organizations advocating this are directly connected to Nazi movements.

The Nazi networks could be active in these lines. Evidence is now piling up that they are.

The fantastic overuse of the title doctor is peculiar to Nazis. Their strongest espionage networks pre-WW II were run by doctors.

Nuremberg trials records are explicit. They definitely prove psychiatry made Hitler and the death camps. The WFMH and the NAMH are proven to be of Nazi origin. Their literature continues to push racial purity, mayhem and murder.

The Nazis invented social groups as intelligence circles. These Nazi founded groups are still in place in England! The Eugenics Society, the Euthanasia Society were Nazi founded and are still operating. They advocate Nazi measures.

They connect back to the WFMH. So, now, does the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychiatric Association. These tie in with the drug network and are largely supported by it.

The Nazi brought personal character destruction up to a fine art in its propaganda activities.

Penetration is always a win. We are getting even further penetration now into who is keeping this planet upset.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, where in the above does it say that the IRS is basic on the chain of attacks?

Church Intelligence is infiltrated and run by enemy agents.


Instead, it hands out DISINFORMATION to Scientologists about who the enemy is.

These so-called Church Intelligence Officers hit wrong targets.

The biggest outpoint in this whole scene is:


It is the job of any Intelligence agency to pin point and identify the enemy. Church

Intelligence has failed utterly to do so. If they would do that and level all of their vengeance upon the WHO there would be no problem with church intelligence.

Instead of doing that, just like a school-yard bully, they beat up on small time critics. Wrong target. Consequently, nothing resolves and the attacks and the war go on and on.

The very fact that they have failed to locate the WHO and also THAT THEY ARE NOT EVEN LOOKING FOR THE WHO and that they spend all of their time hitting wrong targets is the best evidence that church intelligence is infiltrated, dominated and run by enemy agents.

WHO = The basic person who is the SOURCE of International attacks

Its like auditing a chain, you have to find basic to blow the chain.

The SOURCE is a generator of attacks.

There is a stupid method of handling a Situation called OUTPOINT-CORRECT. All you do in this method is see an outpoint and correct it. This never ends! Because as fast as you handle one outpoint, the SOURCE of outpoints generates another one to take its place.

So, the WHO sends out some agents to attack the Church. Let's say OSA sucessfully handles these attackers so they stop attacking. So, the WHO replaces them with NEW agents to attack the Church. This never ends - because the Source is a Source - and it will continually create new attackers that have to be handled.

The only way to handle the attacks terminatedly - is to identify and handle the SOURCE of International attacks.

But, all Scientology "Intelligence" has ever done, is outpoint-correct. It will never end. And the more they beat up on wrong targets, the worse their reputation becomes and in the end will cause the church to fail completely.

Church Intelligence does not identify the SOURCE OF INTERNATIONAL ATTACKS and they hit wrong targets and engage in constant outpoint-correct.

Their PRODUCT is missing:

Enemy identified and rendered harmless.

- - - - - - -

Now lets talk about how the IRS does fit into International attacks -

When the GO was infiltrating IRS offices in the mid-1970s - it was discovered that Interpol had its National headquarters housed in the Department of the Treasury.

This data about the Interpol Liason Office being located in the Department of Treasury is very interesting. The GO did a schematic on a world map once, with pins and pieces of thread. These strings showed the path of false reports around the world. Most of the strings emanated from the IRS in Washington DC, to other governments around the world. Interpol was the channel used to circulate these false reports from the IRS to other governments.

An investigation into Interpol revealed an interesting history, as published in Freedom magazine, a publication of the PR bureau of the GO.

Interpol is not a government agency. It is a private agency with the stated purpose of assisting government police agencies around the world, to capture international criminals, those who had fled from one country to another. Part of its stated purpose was the capture of international drug traffickers.

Prior to WW II it was headquartered in France. With the Nazi takeover of France, the headquarters was moved to Berlin, where it remained long after WW II. At least two Presidents of Interpol, after the end of WW II, were Nazi SS officers during WW II. Proof of this was obtained by searching the names of the Interpol's Presidents in the records of Simon Weisenthal, a Jew who is a famous Nazi tracker.

Freedom published photographs of these two post-WW II presidents of Interpol, showing them wearing their Nazi SS uniforms during WW II. LRH said the Nazis used Interpol as part of their worldwide intelligence network. They also used it to hire the best criminals, such as the best forgers in the world. The book and movie Odessa File is about how the

Nazi SS used one of these forgers to give them a new identity after Hitler's defeat. Under their new identities - they infiltrated various parts of society and continued the Nazi movement underground.

LRH and other authors have revealed that the Nazi intelligence files and networks were turned over to the United States at the end of WW II and that was the start of the CIA. These Nazi intelligence networks were left in place and still operate today, under the direction of the CIA. Interpol is one such Nazi Intelligence network left in place.

In any case, this schematic showed that the false reports came from the IRS and was delivered to other governments using Interpol as the channel to circulate the false reports.

It is also noteworthy that the CIA has been involved in dirty business since its inception. With Nazi psychiatrists involved as "advisors" the CIA has engaged in numerous experiments, such as mind control experiments, biological warfare testing on US citizens, etc. In recent times a newspaper reporter for the San Jose Mercury won the Pulitzer Prize for his expose of the CIA trafficking hard street drugs into this country and selling them to American citizens in order to raise funding for their intelligence operations. Their other reason for doing it is - it's part of their Nazi program to destroy the West with drugs.

The Guardians Office had evidence that Interpol agents were doing some of the trafficking of street drugs into this country - with the knowledge and blessings of certain French government and US government officials. This data was presented to Congress before the FBI raids in 1977. The first response of these Congressmen was - "you have a scandal on your hands there, don't you?" Their second response was the FBI raid on the church.

It has been stated that the Vietnam war was a cover for drug trafficking from Southeast Asia. Interpol headquarters was moved back to Paris, France and its headquarters is found directly across the street from the plant that manufactures heroin for import into the US. If they are looking for drug traffickers, all they had to do was cross the street. The movie The French Connection was about this same drug smuggling outfit.

At the same time, the CIA is involved in Psychic Warfare experiments using Scientology OTs, one of them ending up dead when he tries to leave, Pat Price. Also as a result of these experiments, US intelligence agencies considered Scientology OTs to be a national security risk because of exteriorization and the ability to influence a magnetic field with their thought - a magnetic field being the guidance system on a nuclear weapon. Thus the US Intelligence community feared Scientology OTs practicing Psychic Warfare on them.

The CIA and psychs and Nazi are all connected. The CIA has Nazi origins and continues to operate a Nazi intelligence network as its own. The psychs and Nazi are connected and Hitler held power through psychs "ridding the world of people with bad genes." Nazi Germany was but an overt method of carrying out the Nazi mentality in the world. But Hitler's defeat did not end the Nazi mentality and movement because he was just a front man for the real Nazis who existed before and after WW II. The real Nazis continued their program of world enslavement after WW II - covertly and underground.

LRH said the psychs are still running a WW II Nazi program to destroy the West with drugs, degradation of education, etc. This is being done through WFMH and WFMH Congresses mainly discuss political goals of eliminating international borders, to create a One World government. One of the uses of WFMH Nazi psychiatrists is to pronounce as insane anyone who opposes a One-World government - thus psychiatric facilties and treatment are used for eliminating political opponents. (Mike McClaughry has personally seen their meeting minutes and can state the above is true.)

LRH's last intelligence hypothesis was that Naziism has been continued covertly and has plans for world domination. The Rockefellers funded the Nazi and so there is international banker financing involved, as well as the international banker program of a One World government being pushed by WFMH. If Nazi and WFMH has masters, clues would indicate the international banker. Thus WFMH is a Front Group for the Head Global Enslavers - who are the source of Nazi mentality and are the real Nazis.

At the IRS "win" event Miscavige called the people at the IRS his friends. He failed to mention his other friends in the CIA that he made a deal with too. He also has meetings with the head of Interpol and considers him his friend too. For once Miscavige said something true - we also believe these are his friends.

According to some RTC missionaires in Africa - Miscavige also has alien friends.

Which could explain why CST is building an underground CITY in northern California with a landing/launch pad nearby. This facility also has a large symbol built nearby which is only readable from high up in the air. It is the symbol of CST - two interlocking circles with a diamond shape in the center of each circle. Now all they need to do is raise a Nazi and a Marcabian Flag and they are in business.

At the IRS event Miscavige says that an attorney who defended psychiatrists in a lawsuit with Dianetics back in 1952, then went to the IRS and caused trouble. This was why he said the IRS was basic on the chain of attacks and why the war was now over.

Well, the attacks were going on BEFORE that attorney joined the IRS in 1952.


WHO was behind those early attacks and WHY? It was psychs and doctors, members of the NAZI WFMH, with ties to NAZI CIA and NAZI Interpol - all of which are:


The common denominator of all attacks is NAZI Front Group.

The One World Government is a NAZI program.

The NAZI CIA used NAZI psychiatrists in their NAZI mind-control program.

Who sets up all of these NAZI front groups - the NAZI Head Global Enslavers.

Who are the people of the Nazi mentality - the Head Global Enslavers.

But, the Head Global Enslavers are themselves a FRONT GROUP for Marcabians!

The Nazi mentality is the mentality of the alien race that wants to enslave us all.

- - - - - - - - - - -

The big outpoint with Church Intelligence is not identifying the enemy and pinpointing the SOURCE of International attacks and letting the other OSA Bureaus of PR and Legal know WHO the Correct Target is.

All anyone inside the church ever looks at and blames and tries to handle are the individual agents and front groups of the International SOURCE of attacks.

Handling these agents and front groups is Wrong Target and a complete waste of resources. Even if you are successful - the SOURCE of International attacks will replace them with NEW agents and front groups.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Since we are by-passing the Church to make its end product of FREE BEINGS -

we may as well by-pass church Intelligence and produce its missing products too.

Estimate of the Situation

A certain alien race called Marcabians is the owner of Earth and in the past it cross-bred with ape-like organisms on Earth to make a new species which would act as slave labor for them. It then used non-conforming spiritual beings from their planet to animate their new species called man. They first gave these "misfit" spiritual beings amnesia and then brought them to Earth to animate the new slave bodies.

Therefore, the Marcabians consider themselves to be the Creator of mankind and thus they consider they are God to men.

In order to prevent any Earth-bound spiritual beings from escaping - they have ensured that any effort to spiritually liberate men has been de-railed.

They also maintain a livestock mentality towards men - and select out those men whom they consider to be superior stock for reproduction purposes. The inferior stock is sent to slaughter. This explains Nazi mentality and Nazi Germany was but an overt example of their livestock mentality.

The Marcabians exercise their Nazi livestock mentality through a front group on Earth, whom we call the Head Global Enslavers. The Head Global Enslavers then set up front groups in society to carry out their Nazi programs. Hitler was just one example.

After Hitler's defeat the Nazi program was continued covertly and underground by setting up new Nazi front groups such as the WFMH and the United Nations.

The Marcabians are planning to make an overt alien landing on Earth in the near future and this is called The Second Coming. They want this to be a bloodless coup so certain preparations for their landing are being worked on by their front group on Earth.

The Head Global Enslavers are setting up a One World government on Earth so there is no military resistance to the Marcabian landing.

Super-advanced mind control technology is also being developed by the Marcabians and their counterparts on Earth. DNA research is part of this since they intend to alter the human DNA and coupling that with mind control technology they will create a new species of man that is totally subservient to them.

At that time they will complete their Nazi program of eliminating inferior stock.

Earth will then serve as a sort of paradise for them - their slaves will perform all work.

The Church of Scientology stands in the way of all their plans because its product is - FREE SPIRITUAL BEINGS.

The above explains the attacks on the church and WHO is doing them and why.

LRH has proclaimed himself to be the anti-Christ for these events - meaning he is opposed to the Second Coming and consequent enslavment of spiritual beings.

With regards the Second Coming - Ron stated that he will return as a politician to first delay and then halt a series of events that are designed to make happy slaves of us all.

Prediction -

The time table target for a One World government is 2015.

The Second Coming will happen shortly after that.

Therefore it is vital that the Church produce as many OTs as possible- immediately.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Intelligence Bureau identification of the enemy =

1. MARCABIANS - the source of Nazi mentality



Nazi United Nations

Nazi World Federation of Mental Health
Nazi CIA

It should be noted that only front groups of the Head Global Enslavers attack the Church.

Also notice that none of these front groups and no government agency on Earth is the SOURCE of International attacks.

Therefore, handling these attacking front groups or handling these attacking government agencies will not put an end to attacks on the Church.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Here is another quote on this subject from an LRH issue:

Despatch to the GWW 10 March 1970 Concerning Intelligence

As you know we have not been able to locate the, what I have called Tenyaka Memorial,

the overall plan in the files of various organizations or offices. We have not spotted the school where these people are trained and we have not spotted the actual direct live correspondence which must exist somewhere in the world.

...the reason the enemy makes any progress at all is his central headquarters and the actual correspondence, the actual directions, the actual plans, orders and issues of the attack have not been detected. When we got as far as the World Federation of Mental Health and the National Associations of Mental Health we were on a very good track - but all of a sudden the trail went blank. Although evidence was very fruitful that they were the instigators of this attack, their headquarters where they trained people, where the central plans were kept and so on could not be located.

- - - - - - - - - - -


The Secret Government of Earth - the Head Global Enslavers - are in the private sector.

So, Tenyaka Memorial lies in the private sector - not at any government agency.

It would be the headquarters of not only the attacks on the Church - but would also

contain the plans for a One World Government and the Second Coming.

It is most likely an underground facility.

Omitted Intelligence Product of identifying the enemy -
Omitted Intelligence Product of pinpointing the SOURCE of attacks -
Omitted Intelligence Product of an Estimate of the Situation -
Omitted Intelligence Product of a Prediction of enemy plans -
Omitted Intelligence Product of locating enemy headquarters -
Omitted security product of noticing church Intelligence is run by enemy agents -

Church Intelligence

Falsehood that the IRS was basic on the chain of attacks -
Falsehood that the SOURCE of attacks was found and handled -
Faleshood that the war was over -

David Miscavige

Omitted Application of the price of freedom - Majority of Scientologists

07 Nov
  The Boston Globe November 7, 1993

Members welcome tax-exempt status

The recent federal government decision giving the Church of Scientology tax-exempt status has the group exulting that its 40-year struggle for official respectability has at last been won.

The IRS has refused to elaborate on its decision except to say that the church founded by the late science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard finally tried the one strategy it had avoided for most of its history: cooperation with tax agents.

Over the last two years or so . . . the church provided the kind of extensive, detailed, specific information the IRS needed to enable us to make a legal determination that the Church of Scientology is in fact . . . an organization operated exclusively for religious and charitable purposes, said IRS spokesman Frank Keith.

Omitted Data about the secret deal with the CIA - Church PR

29 Nov

This Assignment and Assumption (RTC) is made and effective this 29th day of November, 1993, by and between NORMAN F. STARKEY, Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B (Assignor), and CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY, a California nonprofit religious corporation (Assignee).

Reference is made to the following described agreements between NORMAN F. STARKEY, as Executor of the Will of L. Ron Hubbard or as Trustee of Author's Family Trust, and RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER, a California nonprofit religious corporation (Agreements):


(a) License Agreement
September 17, 1987
(b) Advanced Technology
November 30, 1988

(c) Addendum to Advanced
Technology Covenant-
May 13, 1991

Assignment and Assumption agreement between Norman Starkey and CST, as posted on the internet

29 Nov
  Norman Starkey, Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B, transfers ownership of all LRH copyrighted works to CST. This includes the agreements with RTC, allowing RTC use of the Advanced Technology.

Veritas Website

29 Nov
  The Library of Congress records show that on this date:

Norman Starkey, trustee for Author's Family Trust -B, transfers copyrights for:

"Model of OT ship organization and operation based on 7 division system & 7,730 other titles." Full document range: (In V2927 P238-724)

LRH's Professional Scientologist Newsletter Vol 1 no. 4. B287706
(In V2927 P636 thru 646)

to the Church of Spiritual Technology.

30 Nov

WHEREAS, L. Ron Hubbard was the author of and owned all right title and interest in a body of works, both published and unpublished (hereinafter the Works).

WHEREAS, all right, title and interest in the Works, as assets of the estate of L. Ron Hubbard, were transferred pursuant to the Judgment Of Final Distribution On Waiver Of Accounting And For Allowance Of Attorney's Fees For Ordinary Services And Judgment Of Final Distribution, dated January 3, 1989, issued by the Superior Court of the County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, to Norman F. Starkey, Trustee of the Author's Family Trust-B, an Inter-Vivos Trust established January 23, 1986, 6515 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90028 (hereinafter the Trustee).

WHEREAS, the copyrights in certain of the Works, listed in Attachment B hereto, both published and unpublished, were registered in the Copyright Office (hereinafter the Registered Works).

WHEREAS, all right, title and interest in the Works, including the copyright registrations for the Registered Works, and any pending applications for copyright registration of the Works, both in the United States and abroad, are now owned by the Trustee.

WHEREAS, the documents attached hereto as Attachment A, evidencing the transfer of all right, title and interest in the Works from the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard to the Trustee, were recorded in the Assignments and Documentation Division of the United States Copyright Office on February 14, 1989.

WHEREAS, Church of Spiritual Technology (hereinafter CST), is a non-profit religious corporation, organized under the laws of the State of California, having an address at 419 N. Larchmont, No. 162, Los Angeles, California.

WHEREAS, the Trustee wishes to assign all rights of the Trustee of any kind in the Works, both in the United States and abroad, to CST, including the rights of the Trustee in the copyright registrations for the Registered Works and in any pending applications for copyright registration of the Works and CST wishes to have a recordable document evidencing the ownership of all rights of any kind in the Works by CST, both in the United States and abroad, including ownership of the rights in the copyright registrations for the Registered Works and in any pending applications for registration of the Works.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing and other good and sufficient consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Trustee hereby transfers to CST all right, title and interest of the Trustee in the Works, both in the United States and abroad, including the copyright registrations for the Registered Works and any pending applications for copyright registration of the Works, along with any rights that the Trustee may have to recover for past infringement of any rights regarding the Works, including all rights of the Trustee under the copyright registrations and any pending applications for copyright registration identified in Attachment B hereto.

By: [signature] ____________________________________
Norman F. Starkey,
Trustee Author's Family Trust-B,
an Inter-Vivos Trust established January 23, 1986
COUNTY OF Los Angeles

On this 30th day of November, in the year 1993, before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said State, personally appeared Norman F. Starkey, personally known to me (or proved to me on the basis of satisfactory evidence) to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that he/she executed the same in his/her authorized capacity, and that by his/her signature on the instrument the person, or the entity upon behalf of which the person acted, excecuted the instrument.

WITNESS my hand and official seal.
[signature of Ryland G. Hawkins]
My Commission Expires: 29 NOV '96
[STAMP: "Ryland G. Hawkins, Los Angeles County "]

Assignment by Norman F. Starkey, Trustee Author's Family Trust-B, to CST

31 Dec
  Late 1993

Marty Rathbun blew his post. He was brought back and held captive at the Freewinds.
Later he is Inspector General of RTC.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

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