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  -Excerpted from December 10 1998 entry of Alan's post, excerpted. See also full original of Alan's post.

From: Alan Walter
Subject: Re: Super Scio Tech - Limited Bridges
Date: 1998/12/10

"About 5 years ago I realized that due to the high maintenance of bodies that it would not be possible to truly handle the population of earth or any other planets."

07 May

From: Homer Wilson Smith (homer@theory.TC.Cornell.EDU)
Subject: FL-CB
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,
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Date: 1993-05-07 10:16:37 PST

-- Eulogy for Captain Bill --
(written May 1991 by Flemming Funch for Free Spirit)

Captain Bill died the 12th of May 1991. Another of the great spirits from the
history of Scientology and the independent field passed on to other playing

William Branton Robertson was born the 2nd of December 1936 in Georgia. He grew
up mostly in New Orleans where he also went to college. He became an engineer
and worked as such for a number of years.

** This appears to be the exact same eulogy found on Also, Flemming Funch
has recently been accessing Mike's websites, I believe it was Friday or Saturday.
Note that Maria is NOT referred to as CBR's wife, so we can probably safely assume they are not married per se.

14 Jun
  Clear-L LIST : 14 Jun 1993 (
Homer Wilson Smith writes:
"The Church is violently and fanatically opposed to independent
Scientology, the so called 'field' or 'Free Zone'..."

* In fact, the 'field' has nothing to do with the Free Zone other than of being WITHIN the Free Zone and under the influence of the Free Zone Decree.

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