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  Some time in 1992

-THE FREE ZONE : 1992 ca. (

Electra writes:
"The Free Zone is a huge sprawling loosely connected system of Independent Scientologists, those who were either once part of the Church and left or were booted out, and those who came into Scientology through contact with the Free Zone."

* Here is where the term 'Free Zone' begins to be redefined by calling it something else - a "loosely connected system". The 'Free Zone Decree' makes no mention of any type of system or order.

What begins to happen here is that the idea of a 'Free Zone' 'system' is being confused with the actual purpose and intent of the 'Free Zone Decree'. The proper terminology to use to create a logical relation for understanding purposes, is to say that the 'Independent Scientologists' and the 'loosely connected system' are both WITHIN the Free Zone, but the Free Zone is NOT those things mentioned.

01 Jan
  -Electra's first post:

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Date: 1 Jan 92 03:38:49 GMT
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18 Jan

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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 1992-01-18 11:30:31 PST

"I buy them and fix them and sell them all the time."

"There are things worse on this planet than the Church of Scientology.

Sir Electra"

** This post by Electra is signed "Sir Electra". The use of
"Sir" is usually a male reference-although not always. The way "sir" is used in this signature
is reminiscent of a possibly self-imposed rank of "knight". This post (which I have snipped most of)
has quite a bit of discussion about e-meter's, building of etc.
This tends to narrow down potential "people" that Electra either is, or is closely
associated with.

Ralph Hilton, and Homer Wilson Smith come to mind immediately, as examples of persons
expressing interest in construction, etc., of meters.

Narrowing even further, Ralph Hilton to this day, discusses the feasibility of manufacturing
em-meters outside the "Church". Compare that information to the excerpted statement by "Electra" below: "I buy them and fix them and sell them all the time."

Another point of note: is the statement before the signature, that I have included as well.
Many subtle, and not so subtle vectors in that statement.

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