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  Not only are we Scientologists faced with this kind of taking over by the goverment.

The same play was done to the sannyasin of Osho, former Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

I will quote from the following webaddress: 20nandy.htm

The Rediff Interview/Swami Chaitanya Keerti

'Three guys in New York can't hijack Osho's legacy'

Swami Chaitanya Keerti is livid. The former Editor of Osho Times and spokesman of the Pune Commune breaks the code of Omerta to speak out against the transfer of the copyright of Osho's works and properties to New York, where the headquarters of the ashram have been sneakily shifted. This theft of a spiritual legacy will be fought to the bitter end, he tells Pritish Nandy. Excerpts from the interview:

What exactly is this controversy over the copyright of Osho's works?

As I know from Ma Neelam, when Osho came back to India after being deported from the United States and rejected by 21 other countries, the first thing he decided was that all his belongings, including his library, should be returned to India. When he had moved to Oregon, everything had gone with him there. So he told Neelam to get everything back. But, for some strange reason, the stuff never came back. They secretly kept back many of his properties and copyrights in the US and, later, registered them in Zurich.

Was this done during his lifetime?

Ma Sheela initially did that. Whoever took over from her continued the same sneaky thing. Despite the fact that Osho had said that everything must come back here.

Were there any witnesses to this statement?

Ma Neelam. She was his secretary at that time. We however came to know all this much later in 1998. The process had apparently started on July 10, 1991. Osho left the body on January 19, 1990. So, within a year, they were already registering all his copyrights and trademarks overseas. We chanced upon this information in 1998 while surfing the internet. Even had become, which shows exactly what they were up to! The moment I pointed this out, their entire attitude towards me changed.

They also announced now that they had a headquarters in New York! Till then, no one had ever heard of this. All of us were taken by surprise. We always knew till then that Pune was our world headquarters. That was where Osho spent the last years of his life. That is from where he left the body. Where did New York come from?

Did you protest?

The moment we started asking questions, we were told that all answers will come from New York. If India wanted to publish a book by Osho, we had to ask New York. If Japan wanted to publish a book, they had to ask New York. If France wanted to publish anything, they had to check with New York. We were all surprised. How come the whole commune was here and yet three guys in New York controlled everything?

Who were these three guys in New York?

One name that keeps coming up in everything is Klaus Steeg. His sanyas name is Pramod. But the peculiar thing is that he took sanyas after 1990 and had never seen Osho when he was in the body! How can such a person who has never seen Osho nor met him in flesh and blood now take charge of everything that Osho had left behind?

Are there any Indians in the New York headquarters?

There could be one.

Who is he?

Swami Mukesh. I am told he is there with the three of them. If you surf the website of the US Patent and Trademarks Office, you can get all the information yourself. Of how many meditations are being trademarked, how many books copyrighted. I was a trustee of the foundation that published all the Osho books till last year, but I had no idea that all this was going on behind our backs.

Why did you leave the trusteeship?

Neelam left the commune very suddenly in February last year. She was a member of the inner circle. Her leaving left us all shattered. Then all these peculiar things started happening. Sanyasins who were deeply involved in the publishing of Osho's works like Swami Sant in France and Swami Satyateerth in Japan, both Indians, were suddenly told to cough up cash as royalty or warned that they would have to face legal notices!

Osho used to send his blessings to everyone around the world. These guys want to send legal notices! Osho encouraged sanyasins to do such work because he knew that the regular publishers were not ready to touch his books. Some said he was against Christianity. Others said he was against Hinduism. Only the sanyasins were daring enough to publish and propagate his thoughts. Now, instead of encouraging and appreciating this, the headquarters were sending them legal notices. We were astounded!

Do you think all this is to commercially exploit Osho's legacy?

Yes. But I do not believe that there is a divide between the east and the west on this, as newspapers have reported. We are all against these three guys in New York who are trying to grab everything. Let everybody be involved in the decision-making process. We are all part of the commune. The headquarters must remain in Pune for that is what Osho always wanted. That is where he left his body. Pune is our spiritual Mecca.

I am also against this crass commercialisation. The commune is not a five star resort. It is a place of faith. We resent its commercialisation. See the website for yourself and you will know what I mean. It looks like a tourist site today.

In what sense?

In the sense that it sells holidays. It sells the commune as a resort. It does not promote Osho's message of love and celebration. That is what is hurting us. They say, it is time to move on from Osho and look forward. How can we? We, who have lived with Osho, experienced his love, shared his ideas, danced and celebrated with him. How can we suddenly forget the man who brought us so much love and joy and worry only about how to exploit him commercially?

Will you seek judicial intervention?

Not as yet. First we want to bring this whole thing before the people and then, later, if they still persist maybe we will go to the courts. Whatever happens, we have to stop this at any cost. Three guys sitting in a small New York office cannot be allowed to hijack Osho's lifetime work.

Post to COSinvestigations by Claudia Kasch on 23 February 2001

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  Miscavige pays an unannounced visit to IRS Commissioner Fred T. Goldberg Jr.
Goldberg then created a "special committee" to negotiate a settlement with Scientology outside normal agency procedures! The secret "negotiations committee" was chaired by Howard M. Schoenfeld. As a result of these negotiations:

The Exempt Organizations Technical Division was instructed not to review the exemption applications filed by the Church of Scientology and its affiliates for compliance with IRC 501(c)(3).

According to the New York Times, tax analysts Donna Moore and Terrell M. Berkovsky wrote memoranda specifying that they had been instructed by Shoenfeld not to address issues like whether the church was engaged in too much commercial activity or whether its activities provided undue benefit to its leaders.


What undue benefits are being received by church leaders?

Incorrectly Included order for IRS tax analysts to ignore evidence of non-compliance-

Fred Goldberg, IRS Commissioner

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  Bill Clinton -

He progressed politically and became governor of Arkansas, the position he held when he was summoned by David Rockefeller to the Bilderberg Group meeting in Baden Baden, Germany in 1991.

The book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke

28 Feb
  Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of the Hubbard Life Orientation Course.

Incorrectly included alteration of LRH Issues - CSI and RTC
Wrong Source - Miscavige, Mithoff, RTC, CSI
Omitted Handling of RTC squirreling - CST

06 May
  An article appears in Time Magazine "Scientology:The Cult of Greed". Steven Fishman is quoted in the article. Former RTC exec, Vicki Aznaran, also says in the article "This is a criminal organization day in and day out."

The church sues Fishman for defamation in the US District Court for the Central District of California. In the course of that trial, Fishman submitted 69 pages of OT materials to the court in his defense. Thus, as a matter of public record, copies of the OT materials got out, until August 1995 when the church got the files sealed.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Internet posting regarding copyright law

13 May
  Norman Starkey, Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B, makes an additional agreement with RTC regarding use of the Advanced Technology. It is called; Addendum to Advanced Technology Covenant.

From a motion to compel Miscavige's deposition, filed, it appears, by FACTnet.

Assignment and Assumption agreement between Norman Starkey and CST, as posted on the internet

04 Jun
  Memorandum Opinion And Order in RTC v Robin Scott:

This motion revives the issue of authorship of certain Scientology scriptures called NOTs. RTC argues that the "work made for hire" doctrine, as codified by the Copyright Act of 1976, necessarily imputes authorship of NOTs to Hubbard whether he or David Mayo actually created the materials.

The thrust of the defendants opposition is that Mayo was not an employee of Hubbard when Mayo developed the NOTs materials.

The court finds that it is an established fact that Mayo substantially participated in the drafting of NOTs. Ordinarily the creator of a written work is the author. However, the Copyright Act of 1976 treats "works made for hire" differently. If the written work is a work made for hire, "the employer or other person for whom the work was prepared is considered the author." 17 U.S.C. section 201(a).

RTC submitted documents to the court showing that Mayo was hired by CSC to perform work under the supervision of Hubbard. The court rejects that Hubbard was Mayo's employer but finds that CSC was his employer. It was established by the court that:

NOTs is based on Mayo's auditing of LRH. The Church literally follows everything Hubbard said, therefore, Hubbard's suggestions and criticism regarding the earlier drafts of NOTs would be adopted verbatim by CSC. Moreover, as reflected in the excerpted transcripts of the tapes, Hubbard actually exercised his right to control by making suggestions and criticisms.

The court determined that Mayo was an employee of CSC acting within the scope of his employment when he drafted NOTs, thus his substantial contribution to NOTs constitutes work made for hire under the Copyright Act. (5)

United States District Court, Central District of California
RTC vs Robin Scott Case No. CV 85-711 JMI (BX)
Memorandum Opinion And Order dated June 4, 1991

14 Jun
  Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of Technical Volume IX.

29 Jul
  CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA, et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. Gerald ARMSTRONG, Defendant and Respondent. Nos. B025920, B038975.
Court of Appeal, Second District, Division 3, California. July 29, 1991.
Review Denied Oct. 17, 1991.


In the underlying action, the Church sued Armstrong, a former Church worker, alleging he converted to his own use confidential archive materials and disseminated the same to unauthorized persons, thereby breaching his fiduciary duty to the Church, which sought return of the documents, injunctive relief against further dissemination of the information contained therein ?

Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of Church founder L. Ron Hubbard, intervened in the action, alleging causes of action for conversion, invasion of privacy, possession of personal property, and declaratory and injunctive relief.

Armstrong cross-complained, seeking damages for fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, libel, breach of contract, and tortious interference with contract.

In January 1980, fearing a raid by law enforcement agencies, Hubbard's representatives ordered the shredding of all documents showing that Hubbard controlled Scientology organizations, finances, personnel, or the property at Gilman Hot Springs. In the course of the inspection of documents for potential shredding, Armstrong reviewed a box containing Hubbard's early personal letters, diaries, and other writings, which Armstrong preserved. Thereafter, Armstrong petitioned for permission to conduct research for a planned biography of Hubbard, using his discovery of the boxed materials.

Hubbard approved the petition, and Armstrong, who had discovered and preserved approximately 16 more boxes of similar materials, became the Senior Personal Relations Officer Researcher. The number of documents obtained by Armstrong ultimately reached 500,000 to 600,000. Within a week after commencing the biography project, Armstrong and Garrison began to note discrepancies between the information set forth in the documents and representations previously made concerning Hubbard.

These "declares" subjected Armstrong to the Fair Game Doctrine of the Church, which permits a suppressive person to be "tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed ... deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist...."

In early May 1982, he became aware of private investigators watching his house and following him.

Following commencement of the instant action, Armstrong was pushed or shoved by one of the Church's investigators. In a later incident his elbow was struck by an investigator's vehicle; still later, the same investigator pulled in front of Armstrong on a freeway and slammed on his brakes. This investigator's vehicle also crossed a lane line as if to push Armstrong off of the road.

Plaintiffs' position is that the investigators were hired solely for the purpose of regaining the documents taken by Armstrong.


The Minutemen ride again!

Incorrectly Included physical assualts by church investigators - RTC & hired thugs
Incorrectly Included effort to suppress the truth about LRH's background - RTC & MSH

15 Oct
  In October of 1991 while this war was raging at its apex, Marty Rathbun and I were in Washington, D.C. to attend one of these court hearings.... Off we proceeded down to 1111 Constitution Avenue...and...the rest is history. (They asked to see IRS Commissioner Goldberg.)

David Miscavige - from his 7 October 1993 speech at the IAS event.


What court hearing? There is no evidence of any court hearing going on in Washington, D.C. at this period of time

-- Dec
  Late 1991

Jesse Prince and wife were ordered to have an abortion in the S.O. It is a traumatic experience for each of them. Any Sea Org members getting pregnant are put in lower conditions and sent to welfare to have a free abortion.

Jesse Prince affidavit


Another indication of Miscavige bringing the tone level of the organization to 1.1 - no children allowed in the Sea Org and ordering abortions.

Incorrectly Included suppression of 2nd dynamic for SO Members - Top SO Execs

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