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-- Mar
  ** An event apparently related to CBR, is referenced by Joe Harrington,(in a 17 May 1994 post), as having occurred at this time.

"Im still interested to hear what occured in Mar 91, when you have the

"I learned some interesting data about Capt Bills situation and it certainly filled in some of the missing pieces in my puzzle, and my non-confront of what had to be done"

12 May
  -"Capt. Bill Robertson
died on 12th of May 1991"
(Eulogy page on )

-Bernd Luebeck alleges that CBR died of cancer in Switzerland, with a strong inference that CBR's death was because he "refused medical treatment".

Bernd Luebeck in an email from 22 September 2001 answering Virginia says:

Virginia: How did he die really do you know?

Bernd: Yes, he had cancer and he refused medical treatment.
In that time he lived in Swizzerland... gave quite some lectures to transfer
his technical knowledge to auditors and C/Ses.


Huggie, in a post 18 September 2001, presents different data as to CBR's cause of death.

>"Another bit where he says his tyre was slashed.
> > I was in comm. with a girl who was in his org. She said that he was in
> >telepathic comm. with Ron and theta contact, even after he (Ron) died.
> >S he also said that Bill died in a speed crash on an autoban. Anyone know
> >abt. that?"

**Contrary Facts: Cause of Death

"...he had cancer and he refused medical treatment."

"...S he also said that Bill died in a speed crash on an autoban"

**Joe Harrington, in a post on 17 May 1994 says:

"It would appear I will be picking up the hat of Capt Bill when he left in

**Homer Wilson Smith, in a post on 09 August 1997 says:

"Captain Bill died in 1994-1995 still
loyal to LRH but adamantly opposed to the original Church and its
upper management.-Homer"

** Contrary Facts: Date of Death

"died on 12th of May 1991" - Flemming Funch, site

"...Capt Bill when he left in 92" - Joe Harrington

"Captain Bill died in 1994-1995" - Homer Wilson Smith

** Note the three different dates given by, respectively, Bernd/Flemming Funch, Joe, Homer.
Extrapolating on the intentionally generated "confusion" surrounding CBR's "death", what if CBR didn't "die" at all? Being a Galactic Patrol Officer, and being as how that organization IS in existence, it is entirely likely that CBR was simply picked up, fixed up, and began directly working with Ron, which is what he wanted to do anyway, (from what I understand).

Shortly after 12 May

-Freie Zone e.V. startup in Munich, Germany.

"In 1991, short after Bill Robertson died, we started the Free Zone

"In 1991 we founded the ?Freie Zone e.V.? as a
registered association." -Bernd

** Bernd Luebeck is the President of the Freie Zone e.V.

-Flemming Funch writes a eulogy for CBR

EXCERPT from a later post to the newsgroups by Homer Wilson Smith

-- Eulogy for Captain Bill --
(written May 1991 by Flemming Funch for Free Spirit)

"Captain Bill died the 12th of May 1991. Another of the great spirits from the
history of Scientology and the independent field passed on to other playing

William Branton Robertson was born the 2nd of December 1936 in Georgia. He grew
up mostly in New Orleans where he also went to college. He became an engineer
and worked as such for a number of years...."

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