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03 Jan
  The probate court ordered distribution of the estate of LRH, including ownership of various interests in the Advanced Technology.

A Decree of Distribution is issued by the probate court, the remaining assets of LRH's estate, including all of the copyrights to LRH's works have been transferred to Norman Starkey, Trustee of Authors Family Trust-B.

San Luis Obispo County Probate court records

03 Jan
  January 3, 1989...after the observance of all the requirements of a probate proceeding, all of Mr. Hubbard's assets were distributed in accordance with his wishes, and a final judgment in probate was entered by a court of competent jurisdiction without any challenge sustained as to any intellectual property rights. (Declaration of Charles E. Ogle)

Exhibit D to Ogle's declaration is a copy of that final judgment. A final judgment in probate conclusively precludes any challenge to the distribution of the decedent's assets by anyone, any time, in any forum, for any reason: The major advantage of probate jurisdiction, however, in addition to precedence on the trial calendar, is that a resultant judgment is conclusive against "the whole world" and not just the parties to the litigation.

Thomas R Hogan; United States District Court Northern District of California
Religious Technology Center, Plaintiff, V. H. Keith Henson
Case No. C 96-20271 RMW
Notice of Motion and Motion for protective order re deposition of David Miscavige

03 Jan

WHEREAS, L. Ron Hubbard was the author of and owned all right title and interest in a body of works, both published and unpublished (hereinafter the Works).

WHEREAS, all right, title and interest in the Works, as assets of the estate of L. Ron Hubbard, were transferred pursuant to the Judgment Of Final Distribution On Waiver Of Accounting And For Allowance Of Attorney's Fees For Ordinary Services And Judgment Of Final Distribution, dated January 3, 1989, issued by the Superior Court of the County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, to Norman F. Starkey, Trustee of the Author's Family Trust- B, an Inter-Vivos Trust established January 23, 1986, 6515 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90028 (hereinafter the Trustee).

Assignment by Norman F. Starkey, Trustee Author's Family Trust-B, to CST


Entry to affirm date of Final Distribution. See 30 November 1993 for full document.

This assignment of the right to use LRH's Advanced Technology - comes from the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard - because at this time CST does not own the copyrights.
CST has to gain tax exemption in order to get ownership and so far they have not got it.

04 Jan

I, NORMAN F. STARKEY, being duly sworn, depose and say:

1. On January 24, 1986, L. RON HUBBARD, also known as LAFAYETTE RONALD HUBBARD, died testate, a resident of the County of San Luis Obispo, State of California.

2. His last Will and Testament was duly admitted to probate on February 18, 1986 in the Superior Court of the County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, Probate Case No. 20885. The aforesaid Will appointed me as Executor and named NORMAN F. STARKEY, TRUSTEE OF THE AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-B, AN INTER-VIVOS TRUST ESTABLISHED JANUARY 23, 1986 as sole legatee thereunder. I have heretofore duly qualified as Executor, and am now acting as such.

3. The estate of L. RON HUBBARD has been fully administered. All taxes, debts and expenses in connection therewith have heretofore been duly paid or duly waived, and pursuant to a Decree of Distribution dated January 3, 1989, issued by the Superior Court of the County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, a certified copy of which is hereto annexed, the remaining assets of the estate, including all right, title and interest in and to all of the copyrightable works of L. Ron Hubbard, also known as Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, have been transferred to NORMAN F. STARKEY, TRUSTEE OF THE AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST- B, AN INTER-VIVOS TRUST ESTABLISHED JANUARY 23, 1986 as sole legatee. NORMAN F. STARKEY, TRUSTEE OF THE AUTHOR'S FAMILY TRUST-B, AN INTER-VIVOS TRUST ESTABLISHED JANUARY 23, 1986, has succeeded to all right, title and interest of L. Ron Hubbard, also known as Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, and his estate.

Norman F. Starkey
Executor of the Estate of
L. Ron Hubbard, also known as
Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, Deceased


Affidavit of Norman F. Starkey dated 4 January 1989

05 Jan
  Los Angeles Times January 5, 1989


The once-contested multimillion-dollar estate of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard has been settled, and control of it was given to the top church official Hubbard had named as executor.

Superior Court Judge William R. Fredman on Tuesday ordered the estate turned over to Norman F. Starkey, who besides his position in the church was a longtime friend of Hubbard.

The estate is valued at more than $26 million, but the value of the assets that Hubbard placed in a trust for his family is not on public record.

Not included in the trust was $25 million in copyright and trademark materials and another $1.3 million in oil, gas and business investments. Like the trust, those assets were placed in the control of Starkey.

One day before his death at age 74 on Jan. 24, 1986, the reclusive Hubbard signed a will that set up the trust for his wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, and four of his five children.

Left out was Hubbard's son, Ronald DeWolf, also known as L. Ron Hubbard Jr.

DeWolf was disinherited in 1979 after he denounced his father and the church. DeWolf withdrew his suit contesting the will, and lawsuits filed by 11 others contesting various aspects of the will and seeking tens of millions of dollars also have been withdrawn.


Sounds like MSH and kids got very little.
Per Jesse Prince - MSH got $100,000 and the kids each got $50,000.

Also - The 26 million value of the estate seems to be a market value assigned to the copyrights and trademarks and is not actual cash.

So - we have a missing 200 million in cash. Who got that?

Wouldn't be the people who "found" LRH dead - would it?

28 Jan
  Norman Starkey files an Affidavit of Executor, stating that the estate of LRH has been fully administered. Pursuant to the Decree of Distribution issued by the probate court, the remaining assets of the estate, including all of the copyrights to LRH's works have been transferred to Norman Starkey Trustee of Authors Family Trust-B. (A list of Ron's works is attached.)

30 Jan
  Attorney Sherman Lenske files a Fictitious Business Name Statement for "Norman Starkey as Trustee of Author?s Family Trust-B". The Fictitious Business Name being filed is "L. Ron Hubbard Library" located at 6515 Sunset Blvd, Suite 202, Los Angeles, Ca 90028.

Veritas Website


The Fictititous Business Name - L. Ron Hubbard Library - will later be assumed by the Church of Spiritual Technology - when they take ownership of the copyrights after getting tax exemption.

14 Feb
  Recorded in the Assignments and Documentation Division of the US Copyright Office: transfer of ownership of LRH copyrighted works from the estate to the Trustee Norman Starkey.

05 Jun
  Hernandez vs. IRS - United States Supreme Court:

Held: Payments made to the Church's branch churches for auditing and training services are not deductible charitable contributions under 170. Pp. 689-703.

The IRS won against Scientology in Hernandez v Commissioner.
The IRS denial of tax exemption is upheld by the court.

Hernandez v. Commissioner, 490 U.S. 680 (1989); 490 U.S. 680;
Certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit; No. 87-963
Decided June 5, 1989

29 Jun
  Research Institute of America Inc. WEEKLY ALERT

June 29, 1989 Page - 198


"Crime-fraud" exception to attorney-client privilege explained by Supreme Court

Because of the attorney-client privilege, IRS generally cannot compel the production of communications between a taxpayer and his lawyer. (Para V-3330 RIA Fed Tax Coord 2d) However, under the "crime-fraud" exception, the privilege doesn't extend to communications made for the purpose of getting advice for the future commission of a fraud or crime.

The Church of Scientology of California sued Gerald Armstrong, a former member, alleging that he had unlawfully acquired certain tapes relating to Church activities. The tapes were filed with the California state court in which the suit was filed. IRS sought the tapes in connection with its investigation of L. Ron Hubbard's tax returns.

Because the tapes contained attorney-client communications, IRS had to show that the crime-fraud exception applied. The Ninth Circuit held that the applicability of the crime- fraud exception must be established by independent evidence other than the tapes themselves. The exception couldn't be based on the district court's in camera review of the tapes.

The Supreme Court disagreed, holding that, under certain circumstances, the applicability of the exception could be determined based on the district court's in camera review of the disputed evidence. The existence of the exception doesn't have to be established by independent evidence. (U.S. v. Frank S. Zolin, S Ct, 6/21/89)

-- Jul
  In July 1989, the California Court of Appeal upheld a ruling in Wollersheim's favor, repeating the earlier court's statement that he had been subjected to the Fair Game Law by the Church of Scientology. However, the award was adjusted to $2.5 million.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


More Legal Losses from practicing the Fair Game Law PL.

03 Jul
  Vaughn and Stacy Young leave Scientology.

Declaration Of Robert Vaughn Young; Date: April 4, 1994

17 Jul
  New York Times 17 July 1989

Town Welcomes, Then Questions a Drug Project

NEWKIRK, Okla., July 16 (AP) - When a California group received Oklahoma's permission to open a 75-bed drug and alcohol treatment center on an Indian reservation, people in nearby Newkirk thought the project would ease local economic troubles brought on by slumps in the oil and farming businesses.

The initial euphoria has been replaced by distrust, frustration and fear. Townspeople say the California group, Narconon International, has not been honest about its affiliation with the Church of Scientology, its financing, its medical credentials and its plans for the project, which is to attract mostly out-of-state clients.

Narconon officials denied that the project had anything to do with Scientology, the townspeople say, until Newkirk officials produced a Scientology magazine with a article titled, "Trained Scientologists to Staff Huge Oklahoma Facility."

And the Mayor, Garry Bilger, says Narconon tried to dupe this town of 2,400 people at a ceremony where a group presented Narconon with a check for $200,000 and a study praising its work. The presenter turned out to be part of Narconon itself.


Jesus. Why do they have to do everything SNEAKY? Can't a 1.1 ever be overt?

False solution - Alter-Isness (lies) - resulting in destruction again - OSA

30 Sep
  IRS Publication 78, Cumulative List of Organizations described in Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, is updated and published annually by the IRS.

The List as revised to September 30, 1989, lists the Churches of Scientology for Boston, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Portland (Oregon), Sacramento, Texas, Washington State, and Western United States (Los Angeles) as being exempt organizations to which people can make tax deductible contributions.

The last named is apparently the successor organization to the Church of Scientology of San Diego, and is not a Class IV church but conducts the activities of The American Saint Hill Church Organization, the Advanced Organization Los Angeles, and the Continental Liaison Office.

Church of Spiritual Technology Plaintiff v. The UNITED STATES
No. 581-88T United States Claims Court. June 29, 1992.

02 Oct
  Church brought suit seeking a declaration that the Commissioner of Internal Review wrongfully denied its initial application for exempt status.

United States Claims Court - Tax Court
The UNITED STATES No. 581-88T. United States Claims Court. Oct. 2, 1989

04 Oct
  Norman Starkey has his attorney write to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Department. He requests that the photographs taken of LRH's dead body be destroyed.

Letter from Starkey's attorney

Incorrectly Included cover-up - Norman Starkey

16 Oct
  Church of Scientology of New York Vs
Nicholas Brady, Secretary of the Treasury and Frederick Goldberg, IRS Commissioner

The Church of Scientology of New York claims Internal Revenue Service offices are defying the agency's own rules by classifying the church and its contributors as illegal tax protestors. The church has retained name partner Eric Lieberman of Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky & Lieberman for its suit, filed Oct. 16.

American Lawyer Newspapers Group, Inc.; Manhattan Lawyer; October 24, 1989

16 Dec
  Grace Marie Haddy writes a "Non-Existence Formula" as "Snow White Pgms Chief SA US." According to Vaughn Young, Haddy had been a key executive in the Guardian's Office Intelligence Branch during the period in 1977 prior to the FBI raids.

U. S. District Court, Central District Of California;
Church Of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman And Uwe Geertz
Case No. Cv 91 6426 Hlh (tx); Declaration Of Vaughn Young April 4, 1994

Note from Mike McClaughry:

Yes - Grace Marie worked in B-1 USGO. She was DG I US Communicator.

16 Dec
  The precise target of the FBI raid in 1977 was the Snow White program in the Intelligence Bureau of the G.O. It is CSI's contention that it has disassociated itself from the criminals in the G.O. This is untrue. Grace Marie Haddy worked for USGO Intelligence Bureau. A non- existence formula on this date from Snow White Programs Chief OSA US, shows Grace Marie Haddy is still on staff and also that Snow White is still being done.

Also, a Scientologist lawyer, Kendrick Moxon, was an unindicted co-conspirator in the FBI raid and he is still on staff and working for Miscavige. Two more former GO intelligence personnel are Gary Klinger and Jeff Schreiber, and they continue doing intelligence work for RTC. Two of the people who went to jail, Henning Heldt and Jane Kember, are back working undercover for OSA.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Declaration of Joseph Yanny
Vicki Aznaran affidavit
Vaughn Young affidavit
Jesse Prince tape # 2 # 4 # 5 # 7

In an affidavit dated 17 Feb 1994, David Miscavige commits perjury by saying:

"Today, none of the individuals involved in the criminal activities of the Guardian's Office are serving on the staff of any organization within the church hierarchy."

Another lie from Miscavige in the same affidavit:

"To further ensure that the old GO influence was completely terminated, all Guardian Orders, the non-standard issues which GO staff followed instead of Mr. Hubbard's policies, were cancelled."

In 1997 Heber Jentzsch, President of the Church, filed a copy of his hat checksheet in a court case in Spain. It contains Guardians Orders.

United States District Court for the Central District of California
Church of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman Case No. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx)
David Miscavige affidavit 17 Feb 1994

President Church of Scientology International Checksheet

Falsehood that all criminal GO staff are no longer employed by the church -
Falsehood that Guardian Orders were cancelled -

David Miscavige

You have now seen enough criminal black intelligence operations by RTC on this time track to know that these criminal activities did not stop.


This is very important:

Miscavige says his reason for dismantling the GO was that the GO had crimes.

Yet, the criminal activity did not stop.

DM continued it and he and RTC and OSA are every bit as criminal as the GO ever was.

That proves it was not the real reason for disbanding the G.O.

Disbanding the Guardian's Office because of their crimes is Miscavige's cover story.

It is not the real reason.

The real reason was that he and others conspired to seize all of Scientology.

And the Guardian's Office was what stood in his way.

That was his real motivation in disbanding it.

Remember that the US Intelligence community considers Scientology OTs to be a National

Security Threat because they fear OTs practicing Psychic Warfare on them.

They had to put a stop to two things:

1. The Guardian's Office
2. The Church making any OTs

Why did Miscavige want to seize Scientology?

He is not a humanitarian interested in Clearing the planet.

His excessively high prices bar the majority of people from services.
Also proving it is lawsuits brought on splinter groups that were not squirreling the tech.

He does not care about the tech. His squirreling proves that.

Being suppressive, he is not there to make OTs:

In 19 years since the release of OT 7, not one valid completion yet.
Look at the overt products of OT 7 & 8. Many OT 7 & 8 deaths and psychotic breaks.
The squirreling of OT 7 & 8 into unworkability- (confidential details stated elsewhere).
The honest staff on the Freewinds knows that no one made the grade on OT 8.
Added time - a standard OT 7 does not take 21 years to get the EP -
Added time - "Before releasing OT 9 all orgs have to be St Hill size first."
Added time - "Before releasing OT 9 we have to handle the suppression on the planet."
Added Time - "Before releasing OT 9 each and every Scientologist must be OT 8."
Above all, look at his statistics on making theta clears. Zero. None.

He wanted to seize it so he could get rich helping SPs prevent anyone going OT.

The aims of Scientology: A world without insanity, criminality and war...

Miscavige and his co-conspirators are insane criminals keeping the church at war.

Insane criminals are not going to make a world without insanity, criminality & war.

If the church is going to do that, then it better start by ridding itself of Miscavige & aides:

HCOB 27 September 1966 The Antisocial Personality The Anti-Scientologist:

"Unless we can detect the social personality and hold him safe from undue restraint and
detect also the antisocial and restrain him, our society will go on suffering from insanity, criminality and war....."

"Of all of our technical skills, such differentiation ranks the highest since, failing, no other skill can continue, as the base on which it operates - civilization - will not be here to continue it."

So, being able to identify SPs is not some minor thing. It is our top technical skill!

If we cannot identify who is an antisocial personality and restrain him


31 Dec

Our Estimate of the Situation 1979 - states that the US Intelligence community was developing top secret Psychic Warfare capabilities using CIA agents who had become Scientology OTs. The success of these experiments at SRI, alarmed the US Intelligence community into thinking that Scientology OTs were a national security risk.

Another cause of alarm was the Guardians Office Snow White program - wherein the GO was seeking to obtain government files on Scientology from the US Intelligence community.

For national security reasons -

1. The GO had to be stopped from getting government files
2. The Church had to be stopped from making any OTs

In the late 1970s - a coup began to take over the Church.

This coup would result in the Reign of Terror and the Golden Age of Squirreling.

The foundations for the takeover were laid down in the late 1970's. With Mary Sue going to prison and Ron off the lines - Miscavige and non-Scientologist attorneys set about restructuring the Church. The first step was dismantling the Guardian's Office. This was done through deception - false legal advice to Mary Sue and a false telex from Ron for the Guardian to let the CMO take over.

A false reason was given for dismantling the Guardian's Office - that the GO was autonomous and had committed crimes. But the restructuring did not resolve the autonomy or the criminal activities. RTC became the new GO - it is autonomous and commits the same and worse crimes as the GO did. The real reason for dismantling the GO was political. Miscavige and accomplices wanted control of the Church and the GO was what stood in their way.

Thus began the Reign of Terror - a political purging of staff who were loyal to LRH - the only staff remaining were those who accepted Miscavige orders over LRH issues. This political purge has continued to this day. Along with over 2000 false declares issued by Miscavige and aides - went an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 other Scientologists who saw through what was happening - a takeover.

In 1985, the International Association of Scientologists celebrated its first anniversary with a rally in Copenhagen. It was announced that the Church had an international staff of over 8,500, many of whom were members of the Association; the Association's total membership numbered 12,000. From this low number can be seen the amount of destruction to Church membership caused by the Reign of Terror.

In re-structuring the Church many new corporations were formed - such as the Church of
Scientology International, the Religious Technology Center and the Church of Spiritual Technology. CST was designed to own the copyrights and trademarks and they would license use to RTC - and RTC would then license use to CSI. In this way they had control over use of the tech - not only by the Church - but by individual Scientologists.

Another odd fact in the re-structuring is that IRS officials are involved. Meade Emory, assistant IRS commissioner when Gerald Wolfe was arrested by the FBI, leading to GO staff going to prison, leading to dismantling the GO - is one of the co-founders of CST. IRS document examiner Howard Doulder is also used to authenticate Ron's handwriting on legal documents. We smell something funny.

The document that gives RTC use of the trademarks is notarized by David Miscavige and a handwriting expert said that Miscavige also signed for LRH.

The real reason for the takeover was to obtain control over whether anyone went OT.

In an article called A Story - Ron had predicted these events of his wife going to jail and him being surrounded by lawyers, thieves and government guards to prevent him from telling people that the tech belonged to everyone - it was his gift to mankind.

But the takeover people wanted to steal mankind's gift from him. They wanted to own it so they could have control over it. By owning and controlling the tech - they could prevent anyone becoming an OT.

However, Ron threw a monkey wrench into their plans to own the tech. In 1983, Ron's personal secretary, Pat Brice, informed Miscavige that the copyrights had fallen into the public domain and there was no way to get them back - once copyrights fall into the public domain they remain there forever.

Thus the stage was set for Ron's article entitled A Story. In that article Ron says he tried to send word that everyone owned the tech but then he was surrounded by lawyers and thieves and government guards to prevent him from telling people that.

The takeover people had two solutions for this problem:

1. Setting up circumstances to keep Ron under control while they took over the Church
2. The Golden Age of Squirreling - the re-writing of LRH issues to get a new copyright

Solution number 1 above was accomplished by the IRS starting up a criminal tax fraud investigation on LRH in 1984. Miscavige had been taking millions of dollars of Church funds to Pat Broeker - supposedly for turning over to LRH. (Ron may have never seen these funds since they were missing from Ron's estate when he died.)

Upon the start up of the IRS criminal investigation, Miscavige placed evidence linking Ron to these crimes into secret storage in 1984. Miscavige and non-Scientologist attorney Sherman Lenske then told Ron that because of the IRS criminal investigation for tax fraud - he could no longer run the Church. They told Ron that they were now running the Church, over Ron's objections.

In short - they used blackmail to take control from him. Which was another fact he predicted in his article called A Story. He said the lawyers and thieves threatened to imprison him for saying the tech belonged to everyone - which is exactly what the IRS and Miscavige and attorney Lenske did.

Then, even though Ron was not ill - Dr Denk was sent to be at Ron's side full time and Miscavige confided to his aides that Ron was mentally incapacitated. Author Services then acted as Ron's agent in all of his private and public affairs - and Ron could have been literally dead and it would not have mattered.

Their second solution to Ron saying the tech was owned by everyone - was the Golden Age
of Squirreling. They set about re-writing LRH issues and obtaining a new copyright under the legal title - "based on the works of L Ron Hubbard" - wherein CSI is the author, not LRH.

In doing this Miscavige and accomplices ran a major con on Scientologists. First, they do not tell Scientologists that they really do not own a copyright on the LRH issues that fell into the public domain. Thus, they lead everyone to believe they own copyrights that they do not in fact own.

Then Miscavige commits felony fraud on the paying public by making statements that all of the technology has been made available to them in a "pure, unadulterated form" - while knowing full well it was not.

Worse than that - OT 7 was squirreled into unworkability and suppressive arbitraries were introduced for releasing the Upper Bridge OT levels - to prevent anyone going OT inside the Church. However, Ron threw a monkey wrench into this too.

In the 1977 HCOB Tech Correction Roundup - Ron said he had not written up the Upper Bridge OT levels from OT 8 on up - all he had was some research notes. He never did write these up for the Church takeover people - because after Ron's death - Pat Broeker and Ray Mithoff were using these research notes in an effort to write up an OT 8, 9, 10, and 11 to deliver. Their OT 8 turned out to be a big flop.

The plans of the takeover people - to have control over whether anyone went OT - were foiled by the release of the real Upper Bridge OT Levels through Ron's Org in Europe.

When the Reign of Terror political purge started - this led to the formation of many independent splinter groups delivering Scientology training and auditing outside of the formal Church. Bill Robertson started Ron's Org in Europe. In the United States, David Mayo was delivering OT 7, and many other independents formed to deliver services.

The lower bridge OT materials were also made public. The OT materials appeared in court cases, and were published in the media and on the internet. In fact, the Supreme Court ruled that the church could not claim the OT materials were trade secrets.

Scientologists were then still progressing towards becoming OT by getting auditing outside of the Church from the independents. RTC tried to prevent them from progressing towards OT this way - by attempting to maintain a monopoly on the tech by eliminating its new independent competitors. RTC practiced Fair Game on the independents in an effort to shut them down. This rebounded heavily on the Church.

The independents had been senior executives and knew the policies RTC was operating on and had many stories to tell government officials in their defense. RTC's black intelligence operations on the independents resulted in charges and arrests of Church officials in Spain, and the raids on Churches in Germany. There was also a 2.9 million dollar judgement against them for Fair Game actions on David Mayo, among other similar judgements.

In 1986 Ron died and there are suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. RTC was using hired thugs called the Minutemen to physically assault opponents. So, they were not above physically harming others who got in their way.

The timing of Ron's death is suspicious in that an IRS indictment was about to be handed down on Ron. Miscavige said the only way to stop it now is if Ron dies. A strange person going by the name Stephen J. Pfauth shows up at Ron's side and Dr Denk is away gambling in Las Vegas with Miscavige. Ron becomes very ill.

Also highly suspect is a new last minute will that was signed the day before Ron's death. The last minute will gives the copyrights to a secret entity that is unknown to the majority of Scientologists - the Church of Spiritual Technology. Ron's signature on that document does not look anything like Ron's signature.

Dr Denk was brought back to assist Miscavige in a cover up of Ron's death. They blocked a Coroner investigation into the death and then immediately cremated the body. Dr Denk signed the death certificate, stating the cause of death was a stroke - a cerebral vascular accident. The Coroner found the psych drug Vistaril in Ron's blood but Denk provided a blood sample without Vistaril to get permission for the immediate cremation. That points to premeditated murder because the blood sample without Vistaril had to have been drawn in advance.

The same players who orchestrated the takeover and re-structuring of the Church - orchestrated the last minute will and cover-up of the suspicious circumstances surrounding Ron's death. It is questionable that LRH ever saw the Church money that Miscavige says he delivered to Broeker on behalf of Ron - because it was missing from LRH's estate in probate court. The estimated amount is as high as 200 million.

Then Miscavige and Broeker and attorney Cooley held an event and lied to Scientologists about Ron's death. They said that he was in good health and causitively dropped his body to continue OT research. They also lied in saying he left Upper Bridge OT levels to do. He did - but to Ron's Org - not the Church.

Inside the Church - the Global Enslaver agents have been successful in preventing anyone
from going full OT. Thus they have turned the Church into a Theta Trap - pretending to offer spiritual freedom while actually delivering the opposite. Its just Bait with a Hidden Hook in it. Thus we have called Flag - Theta Trap Number 1.

The Global Enslavers needed a solution to the people going OT with the independents though - so they infiltrated their agents into the independents to create Theta Trap Number 2 outside of the Church. Theta Trap Number 2 works to black PR Scientology tech and tries to get people who have left the Church to no longer use Scientology tech to become a Free Spiritual Being.

The Global Enslaver agents inside the Church continue to operate as agent provocateurs by
practicing Fair Game. In doing this they fulfill their role in the Problem - Reaction - Solution intelligence technique being used to destroy the Church. In this technique the Global Enslavers control both sides with their agents. The immoral and criminal acts being committed by the Global Enslaver agents inside the Church - provides the Global Enslaver agents outside of the Church with plenty of ammunition to use in their Black Propaganda and Legal attacks on the Church.

Thus we find the current top management of the Church to be guilty of wilful destruction of the group, its technology and end product of Free Spiritual Beings. But, the Global Enslaver agents inside the Church are not who is actually destroying the Church, its technology and end product of Free Spiritual Beings.

The PTS Scientologists who support the suppressive top management by continuing to take services and by taking their suppressive orders over top of LRH issues - are the people who are actually destroying the Church, its technology and its end product.

Because without their support - the SPs would be powerless to do anything.

The Global Enslaver agents inside the Church stand as monuments to the cowards.

The above covers the third dynamic engram for the decade of the 1980s.

The fourth dynamic engram continued with the advancement of mind control technology in
the field of psychotronics. Psychic Warfare was now being waged on a daily basis using psychotronic machines.

The television program, NBC Magazine with David Brinkley, aired on 16 July 1981, revealed that the northwestern United States was continuously bombarded by the Soviet Union with low frequency radio waves. The radio waves are set at the approximate level of biological electronic frequencies.

Mr. Brinkley stated - "The Russian government is known to be trying to change human behavior by external electronic influences. And we know that some kind of Russian transmitter is bombarding this country with extreme low frequency radiowaves."

Low-frequency waves of that type will affect neurological and physiological functioning. Thus psychotronics attacks can also be considered to be biological warfare weapons.

But, the bombardment of US Citizens by the Russians was just the tip of the iceburg - the US Intelligence community does their own Psychic Warfare attacks on US citizens on a daily basis. Some are aimed at specific targets that are deemed to be a threat and others are secretly installed commands for the general public - such as "pay your taxes."

There is still a bright light in all of the darkness - with the independents.

But it exists only for the courageous - those who refuse to tolerate the SP management -

And take the CURVE in the road.

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