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  In 1994 a booklet is released entitled The Church of Scientology 40th Anniversary.

An article on the Religious Technology Center says this:

"To ensure the purity of the religion and its Scriptures, RTC supervised a massive five-year project, only recently completed, to republish all of Mr. Hubbard?s writings on Dianetics and Scientology. RTC ensured that the authenticity of each work was verified by comparing them word by word with his original manuscripts ? only once RTC was satisfied that the works were accurate were they republished. RTC then helped see that archival editions of these materials were produced, thus ensuring the availability of the pure and unadulterated writings of Mr. Hubbard to the coming generations. As part of this project, Mr. Hubbard?s original tape-recorded lectures ? most of them over three decades old ? were restored using state-of-the-art technology, and then accurately transcribed."

The 1994 booklet entitled The Church of Scientology 40th Anniversary


The above is evidence of the RTC and CSI conspiracy to alter, delete and fabricate LRH issues. It is also evidence of the fraud perpetrated on the paying public that they are receiving "pure, unadulterated LRH". The above reference says the same was done with LRH tapes and on that point we have rock solid proof that they destroyed LRH original teachings because those tapes are in his voice.

Incorrectly Included destruction of LRH issues -
Incorrectly Included fraud on the paying public -
Falsehood that all LRH issues have been made available in pure form ?

RTC and CSI Execs

(no date)
  In 1989, the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE) replaced Social Coordination.

The Church also runs anti-psychiatry groups, as well as a campaign for Freedom of Information outside the U.S., and a campaign against Interpol. There is a bitter irony in the Scientologists' campaign for Freedom of Information, allowing public access to government files: The GO never allowed such access by Scientologists to their B-1 files.

As ever, Hubbard's ultimate motive for the GO's campaigns is questionable, but good came from some of them. There have certainly been psychiatric abuses, and they were rightly publicized.

The Guardian's Office played a part in the exposure of "MK Ultra," a long-running and terrifying series of experiments in mind-control funded by Canadian, British and U.S. Intelligence Agencies.

GO staff saw themselves as crusaders against dark forces. And they worked out of commitment to social change; it certainly was not for personal gain. The good Scientologists have done does not compensate for the harm. The campaigns were largely an attempt to manipulate public opinion and divert critics from Scientology malpractices.

Most Scientologists genuinely want to improve society. They fervently believe their ideology is the only hope for a better world. Hubbard's motives are highly questionable, but the motives of the great majority of Scientologists are good. They wish to make people happier and more capable. They believe that the Church exists to "Clear the planet," and create an ethical society. Staff members sacrifice their family life, their financial security and their careers to "Clear the planet."

On first meeting, most Scientologists have a friendly demeanor, but this is unsurprising in a group so eager to gain converts. To promote a practice which supposedly brings about cheerfulness, it is necessary to appear cheerful.

Sea Org members are trained to be friendly to the public, but behind closed doors they are ruthless and scream at their subordinates, giving them "severe reality adjustments."

Certain tenets are essential to Scientology. The first is the assumption that Man is basically good (although this does not extend to critics of Scientology, even those who helped to create and sustain the movement. Those who criticize Scientology are irrevocably evil).

Church Scientologists also justify their incessant attacks upon critics and perceived enemies through the courts as an ethical practice: the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

It is a Hubbard maxim that Public Relations should provide an "acceptable truth," tailored to fit the "reality" of a given audience. Using an acceptable truth at first meant avoiding embarrassing aspects of the truth, and later, more simply, lying.

Although Hubbard single-mindedly pursued his ambition, he may well have believed throughout that he was doing good. Nonetheless, he laid his "road to truth" on a foundation of lies.

L. Ron Hubbard was an opportunist who lied consistently about his past, as pan of a process of self-glorification. Incapable of admitting his mistakes, he continually created scapegoats. The pure motives of his followers were exploited to build a secret mountain of cash.

Hubbard can be dismissed as a fabulist, a compulsive storyteller, whose exaggerations were harmless. But he was far worse than this. His avarice coupled to deliberate deceit became outright fraud. Hubbard plainly made fraudulent claims about himself and his supposed research. He also made fraudulent claims about the money gathered ostensibly to further the publicized aims of Scientology. This was not harmless puffery: it was conscious deceit designed to make him ever more famous, influential and wealthy. The poverty and suffering of those believers who sustained his opulent life-style must also be taken into account.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Correct Target - psychiatrists and their abuses -
Correctly Included social betterment programs such as education, drugs etc -

LRH, MSH, GO, OSA, RTC, CSI & Individual Scientologists


If the church would drop its fascist practices and continue its social programs and make its end product of FREE BEINGS - it could be an asset to society.

In order for the above to happen - we need a Leadership and a church that ...


This Leadership & Church would first have to make ITSELF a reflection of the Aims

A Leadership & Church that is without insanity, criminality and war

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  Stacy Young is taken to Gilman Hot Springs. She was "on the decks" for 3 months after she and Vaughn tried to escape and were caught in Hemet.

18 Feb
  Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of LRH's study tapes.

Library of Congress records


Over 400 words have been deleted from just one study tape -Studying Introduction.

-- Apr
  In April 1988, the former Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center filed a suit against various Scientology Organizations.

Vicki Aznaran was an executive during the schism, rising to become David Miscavige's immediate junior. She and her husband, Richard, left the Sea Organization in April 1987.

The Aznarans had no reservations about the true intent of Church management, and described their treatment as "brainwashing," and their condition as "slave-like." Further, they asserted that the Scientologists had:

employed the following psychological devices... to cause Plaintiffs to involuntarily abandon their identities, spouses and loyalties, and deprive Plaintiffs of their independent free will .... Threats of torture; implementation of brainwashing tactics; threats of physical harm for lack of loyalty... lengthy interrogations... sudden involuntary and forceable separation of spouses from one another for many months, and depriving the spouses of communication with one another or allowing them to know where the other was located; willfully and expressly inducing divorce between Plaintiffs . . . deliberately inducing fatigue by physical abuse and deprivation of sleep; forcing Plaintiffs to be housed in animal quarters; deliberately confining Plaintiffs to premises under the control of Defendants and under threat of physical harm without allowing Plaintiffs to leave of their own free will; and threatening Plaintiffs that failure to submit to the power and control of Defendants would result in their becoming 'fair game.'

Vicki was sent on "mission" to Los Angeles in 1981 to purge members of Defendants' organization... remove assets of Defendant Church of Scientology of California to overseas trusts where they could not be accessed by plaintiffs or the government, and set up sham corporate structures to evade prosecution generally.

In December 1981, Vicki Aznaran was assigned to Author Services Inc., a for-profit corporation using Sea Org personnel. She was commissioned to reorganize corporate structures and effect sham sales of millions of copies of Dianetics to the corporate Defendants named herein as a vehicle for transferring assets among them.

In Spring 1982, Miscavige deprived Richard Aznaran... and sent him to the RPF in Los Angeles. His pay was reduced to $1.25 per week, and he spent ninety-nine days on the RPF. Meanwhile, Vicki worked directly for Hubbard's deputy, Ann Broeker. Meetings between Vicki and Richard were prohibited, so they met surreptitiously.

The Aznarans allege that the intention in October 1982 (the time of the San Francisco Mission Holders' Conference) was for all Scientology entities to turn over their profits to . . . Author Services, Inc. When Vicki expressed disapproval of this, she was ordered to the RPF in Hemet where, "for approximately 120 days, she was forced to participate in the 'running program. The running program required Vicki and other persons subjected to the control of Defendants to run around an orange telephone pole from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m .... with ten minute rests every one-half hour, and thirty minute breaks for lunch and dinner.

In about May 1983, Vicki was "deemed rehabilitated" and ordered back to the Religious Technology Center at Gilman. Until Hubbard's death, the Aznarans remained at Gilman, when Richard was ordered to Hubbard's ranch at Creston working there as a security guard for a year and a half: Richard was forced to falsify time cards to falsely indicate that he had been working forty hour work weeks, so as to avoid an obligation on the part of Defendants from paying him overtime ....

Richard was forced to sleep in a horse stable with several . . . other indoctrinated employees. During the course of Richard's stay at the ranch, Vicki was not told of his whereabouts, nor were Plaintiffs permitted to correspond with each other.

Most important for the future of Scientology, the Aznarans claim that in or about February of 1987, a schism arose between Defendant Miscavige and the Broekers, each of whom claimed to possess the 'upper level Holy Scriptures' written by Hubbard.

Miscavige allegedly saw Vicki's demands for contact with her husband as an expression of allegiance" to the Broekers. Miscavige ordered Vicki to the RPF at "Happy Valley," a secret location bordering the Sobova Indian Reservation near Gilman . . . overseen and controlled by Defendant Norman Starkey.

Vicki was not allowed to go anywhere or do anything without her guard being present. At night she was imprisoned by having heavy furniture moved to secure the exit ....

Vicki claimed she had seen in the past other victims of Happy Valley be beaten upon attempted escape, and their personal belongings destroyed .... Vicki and others were made to wear rags taken out of garbage cans, sleep on the ground, dig ditches.

Finally, on about April 9, 1987, Vicki and two other victims escaped from Happy Valley onto the Sobova Indian Reservation where they were pursued on motorcycles by guards. They were rescued by the Indians. Richard Aznaran meanwhile was urged to divorce his wife. Instead, that very month they left the Sea Org, though not the Church, and returned to Dallas, Texas, where they started a private investigation business.

The Aznarans received a "Freeloader Bill," for Scientology services they had received while in the Sea Org, amounting to $59,048.02. They say that they did not seek legal assistance until January 1, 1988, because As a result of the psychological trauma of indoctrination techniques applied by Defendants . . . Plaintiffs were unable to comprehend their legal rights with regard to the actions of Defendants.

Fraud is among their charges: "Defendants ... knew that the practices of the so-called Church of Scientology . . . were not designed to increase the well being of any of its victims, but were made to coercively persuade each and every follower to dedicate their lives to Defendants in order for Defendants to increase their wealth derived from an overall scheme to make money founded on the exploitation of free labor ....

Defendants . . . required Plaintiffs to participate in crimes against the United States Government, including the obstruction of justice and efforts to create corporate structures designed to keep payments from properly being paid to the Internal Revenue Service ....

Plaintiffs were subjected to humiliation, degradation, physical labor, and imprisonment, all designed to break down their will and free thinking, and convert them into submissive, frightened and dedicated followers of Defendants.

The Aznarans also charge Breach of Contract: Defendants . . . breached the said agreements by not providing any spiritual or psychological services, but rather, providing indoctrination, psychological coercion, duress and stress, all designed to break Plaintiffs' will so that they would remain compliant servants to Defendants for the remainder of their lives, and to the use of Defendants in furtherance of illegal conduct and money making schemes.

The Complaint is a devastating indictment of the methods and motives of the current Scientology leadership.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included psychiatric brainwashing technology in the RPF - SO Execs

18 Apr
  Flag Order 3879 The Sea Org & The Future is cancelled by DM. He says it is a fabrication of Pat Broeker. He says that LRH's estate planning took into account the future of Scientology and this is being implemented. He says that LRH made plans for the eternal existence of Scientology technology in RJ 34 The Future of Scientology. Also in RJ 38 Today And Tomorrow: the Proof, LRH describes the current set up of international management.

Flag Order 3879


Broeker is working on putting together OT 8,9,10,11 from LRH research notes. Miscavige gets him to leave his office and then raids it and takes what he was working on. Miscavige and Lenske then get Broeker to leave quietly by blackmailing him with the crime of IRS tax fraud. Broeker had signed for all the money Miscavige had courried to LRH and Broeker had no proof he turned the money over to LRH and no proof he paid taxes on the money he received.

Thus Broeker agreed to leave quietly - leaving Miscavige in charge with nothing in writing from LRH that DM was his appointed replacement. No one in the SO objected to Miscavige calling Flag Order 3879 a forgery for fear of being put in the RPF or expelled. Ann Broeker was broken by gang-bang sec checks and she was brought back to Gilman Hot Springs and held in the RPF there - where she remains today.

Miscavige then has Ray Mithoff try to piece together an OT 8 off of these research notes and several versions of OT 8 were released - all of which flopped. In the 1977 HCOB Tech Correction Roundup - Ron had indicated he only had some notes about the Upper Bridge - OT 8 on up - and had not written them up. He never did write them up by the time he died - leaving the church with no upper bridge to do.

The staff on the Freewinds knew that OT 8 was an overt product and that no one who did OT 8 actually achieved the EP for the grade. This fact was disclosed by a Sea Org member who was on the Freewinds when OT 8 was being delivered.

-- Jun
  In June 1988, the Scientologists' new ship, the Freewinds, took her maiden voyage, with the first public OT8 students aboard. The Freewinds is a 440-foot cruise liner capable of carrying 450 passengers, and is based in Cura\E7ao, in the Caribbean.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


A staff member who was on the Freewinds during the delivery of OT 8 - says it was common knowledge among the Freewinds staff that OT 8 was a flop - no one who did the various versions of OT 8 - actually made the intended EP of the level.

-- Jun
  Late June 1988

At the end of June, the Scientologists filed a Complaint against their former attorney, Joseph Yanny, accusing him of treachery, and saying he had joined forces with confederates to mastermind and prosecute an action.

Yanny responded with a declaration alleging that he had left the services of the Church because he was asked to participate in an attempt to blackmail an attorney hostile to the Church.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

02 Jun
  The Associated Press June 2, 1988

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal against back taxes and penalties by the Church of Scientology, leaving in place the 1967 revocation of its tax exemption.

The high court declined to review lower court decisions penalizing the group for tax deficiencies in 1970, 1971 and 1972, holding that large amounts of its monies claimed as tax-exempt went for private enrichment of Scientology's late founder L. Ron Hubbard and his wife, Mary Sue Hubbard.

The U.S. Tax Court had ruled that $3.5 million was deposited in Swiss banks through a bogus trust in those years, much of it later removed to a safe on a yacht, Apollo, on which the Hubbards had taken up residence in the Mediterranean.

08 Jul
  On July 8, 1988, all three parties CST, RTC, and CSI received adverse exemption rulings from the IRS. The 11-page ruling received by CST recites four reasons:

1) CST's failure to establish that it is operated exclusively for exempt purposes, in part because of CST's asserted failure to participate in certain financial reviews
2) that CST is operated for substantial non-exempt commercial purpose
3) that CST is operated for the benefit of private persons
4) CST had failed to establish that it is not operated for the benefit of private persons

The UNITED STATES, Defendant. No. 581-88T.
United States Claims Court. Oct. 2, 1989.

13 Jul
  Vicky Aznaran hired attorney Joseph Yanny, in 1984, to represent RTC in copyright litigation. While representing RTC, he witnesses a lot of RTC's criminal activities.

Therefore he stopped representing them in November 1987 and he and his associates were then subjected to intelligence black operations and physical assaults by "The Minutemen".

He makes an affidavit on this date about his knowledge of RTC's criminal acts:

His associate, Karen McRae, was severely beaten by two assailants in Dallas, Texas.

Rick Aznaran, while under surveillance by Church intelligence agents, was the object of a hit and run accident in the State of Texas.


This is a common black operation by "The Minutemen" - a hit and run auto accident.

His fiancee, Ms. Wilske, was the object of a hit and run auto accident involving the
collision of the front and rear of her vehicle, destroying the car and injuring her.

While under surveillance by Church intelligence agents, he was stopped by 4 police cars and the officers got out and called him by name. They had information that he was in possession of firearms and cocaine. Yanny allowed them to search his car and nothing was found by the police. The police then interrogated the two intelligence agents and found them to be hired by a law firm that represents the church, Williams & Connolly.

Since he stopped representing the church, his offices had been broken into 3 times, once with a crow bar, and numerous documents related to the Church were taken.

Yanny says in his affidavit that when he represented the church that Mr.Vallier was his employee and law associate. He says that Vallier was a well known seller of large quantities of cocaine. Vallier had first been busted for peddling cocaine at age 17 but the record was sealed. However, church intelligence found out about the bust and Vallier told Yanny that in 1986 the church was using the information to blackmail Vallier.

Yanny has personally seen (Tom)Vallier in possession of large quantities of cocaine for resale.

While working for Yanny, Vallier confided that he supplied cocaine to enemies of the church when he was in law school.

Warren McShane once told Yanny that he was a high ranking operative for the G.O. back in the days when the G.O. was caught stealing IRS and Justice Dept. documents. McShane also told Yanny that he was running spies who had infiltrated David Mayo's group and that they were going through the preclear folders of members of Mayo's group for blackmail material.

While representing the church he was aware of numerous "cullings" of parishioner's preclear folders to get data in preparation for depositions of former members. When Yanny objected to this practice, Warren McShane told him it was standard practice. Yanny often complained to Vicki Aznaran about McShane doing this and McShane's tendency towards other criminal activities and his general disregard for the law.

Yanny witnessed Church attorney Earl Cooley ordering Warren McShane and Marty Rathburn to destroy evidence related to church litigation. There was also wholesale destruction of evidence, theft of documents from private persons and attempts to infiltrate the Court chambers of Judges Lilly and Swearinger.

Yanny also knows of a plot to perpetuate a fraud to the Courts in the form of settlement agreements of numerous pieces of church litigation, which required lawyers to never take litigation against the church in the future, and that no one, either lawyers or parties, testify against the church again. The agreements also required that all evidence and files be turned over to the church for destruction. Additionally, witnesses such as Bill Franks, were gagged, to prevent them from telling others what they knew.


Larry Wollersheim is in litigation with the church and Charles O'Reilly is his attorney.
O'Reilly had won a 30 million-dollar judgement against Scientology in this case.

Vallier also confided to Yanny that Vallier had been an operative for the church in
obtaining inside information from the offices of Charles O'Reilly, by establishing a relationship with O'Reilly's secretary. He also supplied the secretary with cocaine. During this operation, his handler was Warren McShane, President of RTC.

In May 1987, Yanny attended a meeting with high ranking church officials, including Linda Hamel, Director of Covert Operations. The subject of the meeting was "The Catholic Conspiracy and Charles O'Reilly." It was explained that the Catholics were enemies of Scientology and that O'Reilly was their best hit man.

Marty Rathburn said that Miscavige had ordered them to steal O'Reilly's medical records from the Betty Ford Center and another location in Santa Barbara to show that he was using cocaine, discredit him, and possibly blackmail him into easing off on his 30 million dollar verdict now on appeal.

Yanny objected to this as illegal and an alternative plan was arrived at to settle Yanny's nerves. Within days, Yanny told the church's chief lawyer, John Peterson, that he wanted out. Soon thereafter Peterson died and Yanny stopped representing the church.

Yanny was also informed of a group of vigilantes known as "The Minutemen" who were to go beat up dissidents and had in fact done so.

Joseph Yanny affidavit

Incorrectly Included continuation of criminal, fascist Fair Game practices -
Omitted Vital Data to church members by gagging people & destroying evidence -

RTC & OSA & Church PR

04 Aug
  Library of Congress records show that:

CSI copyrights their squirrel version of the Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course.

Library of Congress records


Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health has also been re-written by CSI, along with 913 other titles listed in the Library of Congress records. CST is the owner of the copyrights for all these re-writes.

In all of these re-written works - LRH is NOT the author. CSI is the author.

In order to make it appear to the public that LRH is the author, LRH's name is made part of
the copyrighted title, to deceive the public into thinking LRH wrote it:


The above is the copyrighted TITLE of the book in Library of Congress records.

Notice that the book cover does not say BY L. Ron Hubbard.

In fact, none of the above re-writes are authored by LRH.

The issues are all "based on the works of LRH". The author is CSI.

- - - - - - - - - - -

In 1988 the Life Improvement Courses are released by CSI, making the bottom of the

Bridge a minefield of squirrel alterations - all "Based On TheWorks of LRH."

For example -

Here is the original LRH PL 10 September 1982 -

This is called rip off. It is the exchange condition of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements.

Here is the CSI squirrel Life Improvement Course "Dynamics of Money" page 45 -

This is called rip off. It is the exchange condition of robbers, most tax men, many
governments and criminal elements.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Here is Axiom 3 on page 148 in the LRH book Phoenix Lectures -

Space, Energy, Objects, Form and Time are the result of considerations made and/or agreed upon or not by the static, and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them.

Here is Axiom 3 on page 73 in the squirrel CSI Book Scientology 0-8 -

Space, Energy, Objects, Form and Time are the result of considerations made and/or
agreed upon by the static, and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Declared squirrel groups such as Erhard Seminar Training were also

"based on the works of LRH"

That's what made them squirrel groups.

So why isn't CSI a declared squirrel group for issuing tech that is -

"based on the works of LRH"?

- - - - - - - - - - - -

With regards the Upper Bridge OT levels - Ron did not write them up before he died.

This means Mithoff and Miscavige will have to construct something off of LRH research

notes. This means all of the Upper Bridge OT levels will also be:

"based on the works of LRH"

Thus the church has no standard Upper Bridge to deliver.

Thus the church is delivering a non-standard lower bridge too - due to alterations.

Thus RTC is guilty of Criminal Mind again - accusing others of what it is doing.

Thus Miscavige and Mithoff and RTC have turned the church into the biggest squirrel group ever. And, CST has done nothing to correct RTC. They can't because Miscavige controls them by holding undated signed resignations from all of the CST Trustees.

Thus Miscavige, RTC, and CST have violated their corporate charters to keep LRH as the single source of the subject.

Thus Miscavige is guilty of Felony Fraud on the paying Scientology public - because he makes public statements that all tech has been made available in a "pure, unadulterated form".

Thus Miscavige expels any Scientologists who dare to apply KSW to his Golden Age of Squirreling in order to cover up his High Crimes of destroying LRH technology by a constant campaign of alteration, deletion and fabrication of LRH issues.

Miscavige also conducted a political purge to rid the church of anyone who is loyal to LRH. All that is left are those who will take his and RTC's orders OVER LRH issues such as LRH HCOBs and PLs.

Miscavige only wants people who will OBEY him.

This goes against the very END PRODUCT of the church.



So, anytime a Scientologist starts to get near being the END PRODUCT of a FREE BEING - and consequently challenge his bullying and squirreling - he expels them.

Thus there are injustices and false declares.

Thus Miscavige and his Aides and RTC and CST are all in Treason to Scientologists.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The Golden Age of Squirreling is only part of the picture, though.

By continuing to practice the Fair Game Law - and thereby committing lots of immoral and illegal acts - Miscavige and Aides also provide enemy agents outside the church with plenty of ammunition to use in their black PR and Legal attacks on the church.

RTC's campaign to stop people from auditing both inside and outside of the church - through suppressive use of copyright law, through suppressive high prices, through suppressive squirreling of OT 7, through creating suppressive arbitraries before releasing OT 9 - all adds up to preventing the church's final product - Free Beings.


Or because FREE BEINGS goes against the enslavement plans of Global Enslavers?


- - - - - - - - - -

Who benefits from destroying the church & its product of FREE BEINGS?

The Global Enslavers do.

When you work for someone by forwarding their purpose - you are their AGENT.

Thus, the top management are not actual Scientologists - they are Enslaver agents.

Three types of agents:

Knowing and willing agent because you agree with the purpose of enslavement.

Knowing agent - but unwilling because you are coerced to do it - e.g. blackmail.
Unknowing agent because you are being tricked into it - these are called Dupes.

Dupe agents do not agree with the purpose of enslavement - but they are being tricked into forwarding the purpose of enslavement - without realizing they are doing so.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, applying the Data Series policies to the above - we have?


IDEAL SCENE = lots of FREE BEINGS being produced by the church

STATS = None - no FREE BEINGS have been made by the church


Per the Data Series - where you find an outpoint - there you will find a SITUATION.

There is no such thing as an outpoint without a Situation.

The Data Series defines SITUATION as "the largest departure from the ideal scene."

Now we know we have a suppressive top management that is guilty of :

1. Destroying the group by continual practice of the Fair Game Law.
2. Destroying the group's technology for making Free Beings.
3. Having counter-intention to making the church's product - FREE BEINGS.

In short - we have a top management that are AGENTS of the Global Enslavers.

But - worse than that - we have Scientologists who TOLERATE the suppressive acts of top management. They do nothing to correct top management and even continue to support them by taking services (public) or by taking their orders (staff).

These have an overt of omission.

They assist top management in destroying the church and its end product by neglect.

People in FEAR destroy things by neglect.

They should ACT - but they NEGLECT their responsibility to act.

Without the continued support of these PTS Scientologists - the top execs would be powerless to suppress the Church and its end product of FREE BEINGS. If no one cooperates with the SP - they stand alone and have no power.

People have to agree to being Suppressed by cooperating with the SP.

This is double nonsense because the ACTUAL BRIDGE exists in the freezone.
So there is no sane reason to put up with all the suppression inside the church.

By TOLERATING the suppressive MISAPPLICATIONS of Scientology by top execs - they assist to forward the suppressive agenda of the top management - and thereby they also become DUPE agents of the Global Enslavers.

So - we now have our SITUATION - the SP and the PTS working together to destroy.




The Global Enslavers could not be happier about the above.

The church is being run and destroyed by THEIR AGENTS.

Thus, the above describes - The largest departure from the Ideal Scene:

The church being run by enemy AGENTS - instead of by ACTUAL Scientologists.

-- Sep
  At the same time, an investigating magistrate in Milan started making arrests. By September 1988, seventy-six Scientologists had been committed for trial charged with offenses ranging from fraud to medical malpractice, and taking in criminal conspiracy to extort money and unlawful detention.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


Miscavige and Aides get a Commendation Chit from their employer for all of this -


-- Oct
  Approximate date when referenced investigation begins.

From the files of the FBI 338; June 4, 1991
Letter from unknown agent to FBI Director Sessions:

Per your inquiry of the May 6, 1991 article appearing in Time Magazine, regarding the Church of Scientology (COS), (copy attached). The article, on page 56, contains quotes from Ted Gunderson, former SAC Los Angeles Division. Gunderson claims the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the FBI have been debriefing COS members for the past three years, in part, to gain evidence for a major racketeering case.

The Los Angeles Division advised that the information is totally erroneous. There is no racketeering case being pursued against the COS by the FBI and the IRS. The last investigation by Los Angeles involving the COS was an obstruction of justice (OOJ) matter opened in October, 1988 and closed in early 1989. The OOJ case involved a member of the COS attempting to use derogatory information against a Federal judge. No prosecution occurred.

Not appropriate for dissemination to the public.

From the files of the FBI 338; June 4, 1991
Letter from unknown agent to FBI Director Sessions

06 Oct
  CST filed its complaint on October 6, 1988 following an adverse exemption ruling by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The UNITED STATES, Defendant. No. 581-88T
United States Claims Court. Oct. 2, 1989

25 Oct
  St. Petersburg Times October 25, 1988

Paper wants Scientology documents unsealed

The St. Petersburg Times has asked a federal judge to unseal four court files pertaining to the Church of Scientology.

The files, which otherwise would be available to the public, were sealed in 1986 by U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Kovachevich at the Scientologists' request. At the time the church was settling four lawsuits against it by former Clearwater Mayor Gabriel Cazares, among others, for undisclosed sums of money.

The sealing of the files put all record of the cases and any subsequent developments out of public view. Claiming that "no sufficiently important reason was offered by any of the parties" to override the "presumptive right of public access to court documents," attorneys for the Times filed a motion Monday stating that its news gathering efforts had been stymied.

The closing of the files "impermissibly impinges upon the free flow of information upon which First Amendment principles are grounded," the motion said.

-- Nov
  Bill Robertson and other former execs have started a new group called the Reform Movement in Europe.

Miscavige gives Heber Jentzch orders to carry out covert operations against them in Spain. These operations included orders for investigations by private detectives to obtain information by any means to incarcerate the leaders of Ron's Org. These covert operations resulted in Heber being arrested in Spain.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Affidavit of Former RTC member


More Legal attacks brought on by practicing Fair Game.

-- Nov
  There was another Church caper recently in Spain. Jon Caban, who is one of the principles in the OT committee, lives in Madrid, and had arranged with Peers Gartstrom, a former CO of the Madrid Org, to come to Spain to speak to Spanish Officials regarding alleged illegal activities of the Church in Spain in previous years.

Melissa Caban, John's wife, went to the airport to pick Peers Gartstrom up, and as he was walking up the ramp toward her, three plain clothes "officers" took Peers away. Later, Church detectives approached Melissa and said to her, "Your husband is next."

Melissa was obviously very shaken by what she had seen. She went home, she got on the phone, she called all the Spanish legal officials that she could think of, the local police, the state police, the other individuals of that nature, simply trying to find out what had happened to Peers, and in fact none of them knew anything about it at all.

Ultimately what it turned out, was that the Church had sent private detectives to pick him up. They had identified themselves, pretending to be law enforcement individuals, had taken Peers away, apparently scared him to death saying that Interpol was after him and he was going to have to run for his life and so forth. Peers was put back on a plane and went back to Denmark or another one of the Scandinavian countries, and has not been seen or heard from since.

But what Melissa did was go the Spanish authorities, was able to identify the three Church detectives that had impersonated police officers, they were arrested by Spanish Authorities and charged with impersonating police officers, criminal charges.

I also spoke with Jon Caban, several times, about his experiences. Jon, an American citizen and a resident of Spain, was an associate of Capt Bill. It was the oppressive and criminal activities of Scientology in Spain which eventually lead to the arrest and indictment of Heber in Madrid in Nov 1988, after a 9 month investigation. That case is still pending.

Joe Harrington post to COSinvestigations


So, the Spain situation resulted from another black intelligence operation, gone wrong, in the effort to MAINTAIN A MONOPOLY under the guise of "smashing squirrels".

Thus we have more Legal attacks from practicing the Fair Game Law.

Omitted Application of the Creed of the Church -

Incorrectly Included effort to maintain a monopoly by eliminating competition -
Incorrectly Included criminal acts -
False Solution - Not-Isness - which results in making unwanted conditions persist -
False purpose (evil purpose) to stop others from auditing to prevent any OTs made -

David Miscavige, CST, RTC, and OSA

-- Nov
  In November, Spanish police raided Scientology organizations (including Narconons) in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Seville, Jerez, Bilbao, Burgos and Ondaroa. Sixty- nine people were arrested, including the President of the Church of Scientology International, Heber Jentzsch (right). Eleven were eventually detained.

The arrests followed a nine-month investigation headed by Judge Honrubia, who described Scientology as "a multinational organization whose sole aim is making quick money under the guise of doing good." The judge concurred with the Italian opinion of Narconon, saying that their establishments were dirty, run by untrained staff and were actually little more than recruitment centers for Scientology. A Scientology spokesman muttered about Spain's "fascist past," and Jentzsch accused Spain of a return to the Inquisition. He and two other nonresidents were bailed for a million dollars the next month, pending trial.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Wrong Target - attacking a drug rehab group Narconon - Spanish authorities

-- Nov

I, Vicki J. Aznaran, of Mesquite, Texas, U.S. Citizen, Passport
No. 03197042, do herewith depose and swear:

1. That from the approximate dates of 1984 until 1987 I held the positions of President and Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Scientology organization called the Religious Technology Center, INC, (RTC) which is now the senior governing entity of the International Church of Scientology, the Church of Scientology of California, and all affiliated organizations within the U.S., as well as senior governing entity for all foreign Scientology organizations and the civil associations of Scientology such as those called Dianetica or Narconon in Spain.

2. That despite efforts to cloak the fact, the true role of the Religious Technology Center, Inc. is that role explained above, and it holds this managerial position within the matrix of all of the interrelated organizations of Scientology: The Church of Scientology International, Inc., The Church of Scientology of California, Inc., The Church of Spiritual
Technology, Inc., Authors Services, Inc., Missions International de Scientology, Inc., Relig ous Technology Center, Inc., Authors Family Trust, Asociacion Civil de Dianetica, Asociacion Civil de Narconon.

3. That these various organizations exist in this manner to provide an "arm's length" appearance in order to protect the current board of directors from actual legal culpability for any illegal acts committed by or through the churches of Scientology or any of their other affiliated organizations, as well as to confuse any issues, investigations or litigation which might expose the illicit actions of any individual Scientology organization or member thereof.

4. That as a former senior executive of this body, from 1984 until 1987, I have observed and have certain knowIedge of the activities of RTC and of its finances as well as its manner of incorporation and related documents.

5. That during the period of my employment by the RTC I reported to David Miscavige, who was at that time Trustee of the corporation. Miscavige maintains absolute control over all officers and board members of this corporation, controlling these other members of the board of directors by fact of his possessing undated, signed resignations of each member, the holding of which gave and gives him complete control over each member of the board.

6. That also, to my certain knowledge, David Miscavige conceived, planned and ordered the implementation of the basic strategic and tactical actions of the church against those whom he considered to be causing legal or public relations conflicts against any church or against his personal and absolute control of Scientology. He also ordered the allocation of and made available funding for the financing of these actions, which included the declaring of those whom he considered to be his "enemies' as Suppressive Persons, the implementation of the policies known as "Fair Game" against these persons once so declared, the infiltration of private and governmental environments which he deemed hostile to his absolute control over Scientology, the organization of vigilante groups within the organizations of Scientology to be used against those individuals whom he deemed to be his enemies.

7. That following Miscaviges' orders, I transferred monies to Spain, and witnessed briefings by Miscavige to Heber Jentszch, who was in fact the "puppet" president of the church, but who actually is a camouflage for Miscavige, concerning covert operations taking place in Spain against former Scientologists and concerninq false testimony and concerning the attempt to offset a rumored investigation by the spanish authorities lnto
the activities of Scientology in Spain, the very investigation which resulted in the surprise arrest of Jentszch himself in November of 1988. These operations included orders for investigations by the private detectives employed by the Scientology organizations to obtain information by any means possible to incarcerate the leaders of a reform movement who had not been silenced previously by Miscavige's policies and declarations, with the express intent of obtaining their incarceration.

8. That during this same period and as part of these same operations, a plan was formulated to destroy the reform movement in europe by completely eliminating the leaders of this reform movement, William Robertson, John Caban and others, by any means possible. This included the infiltration of the reform group in Spain by covert agents of RTC, Kurt Weiland and William Knight, continued investigation and harassment by detectives employed by the scientology organizations in Spain and by recruiting others who would help to splinter the reform movement and to render it

9. That additional orders were given to institute any action necessary including false denunciations, assaults by covert agents apparently in bad standing with the church, to
infiltrate, offset and attack those leaders of the reform movement who were thought to be responsible for reporting Scientology activities to the spanish authorities and undermining Miscaviqes intentions.

10. That the policies known as "Fair Game" are, as described in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, ethics policies, and other organizational policies are in fact continued as originally written by Hubbard, and that it is the purpose of the RTC to see that all of his policies are followed exactly as intended. It was common knowledge that the "Cancellation of Fair Game" referred only to the use of the term, since it had obtained bad public relations for Scientology, and that the same tactics and actions which referred to those so-called Suppressive Persons were and are continued in effect.

ll. That the organization known as the Guardian's Office, while apparently abandoned, in fact was moved from the position as a separate organization or network, and incorporated within the organizational structure of Scientology, and all of the purposes and most of the Guardian personnel have remained the same. Again, the purpose of these changes were to obtain complete control by Miscavige over all Scientology organizations, and to obtain a more favorable image after Hubbard's wife was found guilty of crimes as head of the Guardian's Office.

12. Since my departure from the church my husband and I have been repeatedly threatened and harassed by members of Scientology, and we are now in fear for our safety.

Many of the statements made above contain information which has been testified to by others and/or are matters of public record within other areas of litigation within the United States.

I swear under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Texas that the contents of this affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and recollection.

Date 1 - 27 -92 Vicki J. Aznaran (signature)

Notary Public
Dallas County, Texas


More proof that the New GO is RTC. It is autonomous and corrupt.

Omitted Application of the Creed of the Church -
Incorrectly Included effort to maintain a monopoly by eliminating competitors-
Incorrectly Included criminal acts -
False Solution - Not-Isness - resulting in unwanted conditions persisting -
Incorrectly Included criminality providing the ammunition for enemy PR/Legal attacks-
False purpose (evil purpose) to stop others from auditing to prevent any OTs made -

David Miscavige, RTC, CST and OSA

14 Nov
  A.B.L.E. (Association for Better Living and Education) is incorporated.
Corporate classification: Public Benefit;
Jeanne Gavigan, Registered Agent;
Bowles & Moxon, Registered Office;
Rena Weinberg, President

Search results, posted on the Internet, of corporate filings

22 Nov
  San Francisco Chronicle November 22, 1988

Spain Seizes Scientology Leaders

Madrid Police arrested 69 people in a raid on a hotel and accused 45 of them of fraud, illegal association and forgery for being members of the Church of Scientology. Among those held was Heber Jentzsch, 53, of Los Angeles, worldwide director of the faith, and two unidentified Americans, judicial sources said. In 1986 and again last June, Spain's Justice Ministry rejected a petition by the Church of Scientology for accreditation as a legitimate religious institution on the ground that the group's activities "negatively affect public health."

A court spokesman said 24 of the original 69 people arrested were released when it was learned during questioning that they were not leaders of the group. Judge Jose Maria Vasquez Honrubia said that besides the Americans, those under arrest include Scientology leaders from Britain, Portugal, Denmark, Venezuela, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

The raid was conducted on the headquarters of Narconon, a drug rehabilitation program, Dianetics and the Civil Association of Applied Philosophy, all associated with the Church of Scientology.

The raid at a Madrid hotel was carried out, after a nine-month police investigation during which 30 telephone wiretaps indicated the group was planning an international meeting in the city, the judge said.

Vasquez Honrubia said those under arrest are to be charged with fraud, illegal association, coercion, forgery of public documents, tax evasion and failure to meet social security payments.

He said the group made members pay progressively larger fees and threatened people who wanted to leave.

"The real god of this organization is money," he told reporters. He said more arrests were likely.

In 1984, the U.S. government began an investigation of Scientology founder Hubbard's tax returns after the Internal Revenue Service said it suspected millions of dollars in church funds had been transferred to Hubbard to protect the church's tax-exempt status and to avoid paying taxes.


More Legal attacks from practicing the Fair Game Law PL.

Wrong Target - attacking a drug rehab group Narconon - Spanish police

30 Nov
  Simply put, Sherman Lenske claims that, on this date, RTC received FOREIGN rights to the Advanced Technology from Norman Starkey, as Executor. According to Lenske, in his convoluted viper-speak, "As one part of Mr. Hubbard's estate planning, he directed that his U.S. rights to the Advanced Technology, exclusive of copyrights, be conveyed to RTC at that time [referring to the time of the May 16, 1982 Assignment] and the remainder would be transferred to RTC following his death. The first part of this objective was accomplished in May 1982 when Mr. Hubbard signed the Advanced Technology Assignment, and the remainder was accomplished on November 30, 1988 when Norman F. Starkey, as Executor of the Will of L. Ron Hubbard, assigned the remainder of Mr. Hubbard's rights to the Advanced Technology, other than the copyrights, to RTC.

Quote from Sherman Lenske's Declaration taken from FACTnet April 1997 Points and Authorities in THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO, Civil Action No. 95-K-2143, RTC t. al vs. Factnet

30 Nov
  Norman Starkey, Executor of Hubbard's estate, signs a covenant with RTC, wherein the estate grants RTC the right to use the Advanced Technology. It lists the Advanced Technology as being:

Grades V, VA, VI, Clear, OT I, OT II, OT III, new OT IV, new OT V, new OT VI, new OT VII, new OT VIII, new OT IX, new OT X, new OT XI, L-10, L-11, L-12 and OT Review Auditing. (74)

Advanced Technology Covenant - click on the link "The Many Wills of LRH"


What happened to OT XII, XIII, XIV, and XV - as listed on the grade chart?

This would appear to be confirmation that the unreleased OT levels by the church are just a re-hash of the OLD OT 4,5,6,7

22 Dec
  St. Petersburg Times December 22, 1988

Scientology church faces new claims of harassment

First of two parts

The year was 1976, one year after the Church of Scientology had secretly moved its spiritual headquarters to Clearwater, and Mayor Gabe Cazares was complaining too loudly for the church's comfort.

So, as documents seized by the FBI would later show, the church's Clearwater office devised a scheme to ruin Mayor Gabriel Cazares' political career by spreading scandal about his sex life.

Church officials came up with ways to get Cazares' school records, birth records, anything - from checking with the Catholic Church to looking in graveyards for headstones with Cazares' name - that might discredit the mayor.

The next year, the FBI raided church offices and seized hundreds of documents. Eleven church members were subsequently convicted of crimes.

And the Church of Scientology promised that it had cleaned house. Such dirty tricks, said the church, were things of the past.

Consider, then, the more recent case of Charles O'Reilly, an aggressive California lawyer who was another thorn in the side of Scientology. O'Reilly represented some former Scientologists who were suing the church, and he refused to settle their cases. One client, who said the church nearly drove him insane, had won a $ 30-million verdict against the sect. Church executives were irate, one of their former lawyers recalled in sworn testimony.

So in the spring of 1987, top-ranking Scientologists and lawyers called a meeting at their headquarters on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles to talk over the O'Reilly matter. According to their former lawyer, Joseph Yanny, the Scientologists planned to steal confidential files on O'Reilly from the Betty Ford Center and other alcohol- and drug- treatment centers. Yanny said the Scientologists figured that such records could be used to blackmail O'Reilly.

Ultimately, the plan to steal the records was scaled back, then dropped altogether. But the idea was similar to other plans that were carried out, say former top Scientology officials and representatives.

Although such claims have been made before by alleged victims of the church's tricks, the new charges are coming from people who were inside the highest circles of Scientology.

These officials include a church executive who recently left Scientology, a former church security chief, a California lawyer who until recently helped formulate Scientology's legal strategy, the church's former international president, and dozens of former church members, including one who has written a book critical of the church and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Cumulatively, the new charges lead to a stinging conclusion about Scientology: Despite its assurances of reform, a pattern of abuses continues against church critics. In some cases, those abuses cross the line of criminal law, according to authorities.

A judge in Spain recently reached the same conclusion. After a nine-month investigation, Judge Jose Maria Vazquez Honrubia on Nov. 20 detained 71 Scientologists in Madrid and ordered 11 of them jailed.

Those held included Heber Jentzsch, a 53-year-old American and president of the Church of Scientology International. After three weeks, Jentzsch and the church members were released on $ 1.1-million bail but now must report to the court three times a week. They could face charges of coercion, fraud, flight of capital, illicit association and labor law violations. They say they are the victims of an international conspiracy.

Similarly, 15 Scientologists and the church itself are awaiting trial in Canada on charges stemming from a 1983 police raid in which about 2-million stolen government documents were seized from church offices.

Scientology lawyers said the sect would donate money to charity if charges against the church were dismissed, but Ontario Attorney General Ian Scott declined the offer.

Scientologists and their lawyers would not answer questions for this series of articles.

The church and the St. Petersburg Times are adversaries in a federal court case, and chief Scientology counsel Earle C. Cooley of Boston attributed the church's "no comment" to that dispute. The Times seeks to unseal files in four lawsuits against Scientology settled in 1986. Although court files are normally open, the judge granted the church's request to seal these cases over the objections of opposing lawyers. The Church of Scientology now wants to keep them closed. Times lawyers argued in a motion in October that closing the files violates the First Amendment. The First Amendment to the Constitution, among other things, gives a guarantee of a free press, and Times lawyers said that closing the files interferes with the newspaper's right to gather and publish news.

The Times won a Pulitzer Prize in 1980 for exposes of abuse by the church.

"It hasn't changed at all," said William Franks, who until 1982 was chairman and executive director of the Church of Scientology International. Franks left the church after a showdown between church leaders and owners of numerous Scientology "missions," or franchises.

Franks has said that despite public statements, it became clear that church executives never intended to change Scientology's character. Franks is now a businessman in Philadelphia; his replacement as Scientology's international president was Jentzsch, who is now out on bail in Spain.

Embarrassing the opposition

Although it has a large presence in Pinellas County, Scientology keeps its business headquarters in California, and it was there that top Scientologists and lawyers gathered to talk about O'Reilly, the lawyer who was causing them trouble.

Joseph Yanny, 38, was one of those lawyers. He has since fallen out with the church, but at the time, he was one of Scientology's top lawyers. Yanny began representing Scientology in trademark matters in 1983. By 1985, Yanny was "closely involved in the formulation of legal strategy," according to court documents filed by Scientologists.

"I and others were told by (Scientology executive) Marty Rathburn that on the orders of David Miscavige, the successor of L. Ron Hubbard as the head of the cult, that the medical records of O'Reilly were to be stolen from the Betty Ford Center, and another location in Santa Barbara, to show that he was using cocaine, discredit him, and possibly blackmail him into easing off on his $ 30-million verdict now on appeal," Yanny said last summer when questioned by Scientology lawyers.

Yanny balked. "I wanted no part of any criminal conduct to obtain the stuff," he said in an interview with the Times. "An alternative plan was quickly arrived at to settle my nerves," he said when questioned by other lawyers. The new tack: Rather than steal the records, lawyers would get them through the judicial process. Subpoenas were prepared for records from the Betty Ford Center, the Eisenhower Medical Center and Cottage Care Center, all in California. Specifically requested in the subpoenas, which are now on file in federal court, were "records of admittance for treatment of alcohol and/or drug use or dependency, records of treatment of Mr. O'Reilly for alcohol and/or drug usage, records concerning any known distribution or receipt by Mr. O'Reilly of any illegal drug."

Yanny said he protested again, saying the Scientologists were abusing the legal system. He said he refused to sign the subpoenas, and although they were filed with the court, they were ultimately never served. Yanny resigned as church counsel.

Since then, Yanny has been sued by the Church of Scientology, which says that after quitting he supplied church adversaries with privileged Scientology legal information.

An account from inside

She was 22, a former Unitarian. He was a former Marine air traffic controller with two tours in Vietnam. They were taking courses at Mountainview Junior College in Dallas when Vicki McRae met Richard Azneran. Later, they became husband and wife.

She was rewarded with prestige, and in 1983 was promoted to president of Religious Technology Center (RTC). The position made her one of the highest-ranking Scientologists in the world.

Vicki Azneran had become part of Scientology's elite. She knew the complex myriad of organizations and sub-organizations and how they fit together. She now says that Scientology's corporate web was created as a way of beating taxes. She also knew other details, and recently testified about them in federal court proceedings.

Among other things, she disclosed the systematic destruction of church documents. Scientologists feared those records might show that Hubbard secreted millions of dollars of church money into his own accounts, she testified. (A federal judge last year ruled that Hubbard did just that.) Since the church claimed to be not-for-profit - a contention disputed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - any such records could be damaging.

Vicki Azneran said she and her husband helped make sure the records were never released. They shredded financial documents in 1980 in Clearwater, she said, and again in 1981. Then in 1986, she said, she and Richard "participated in the coverup of expenditures . . . in anticipation of an IRS audit" in California.

Meantime, in 1984, she said, she destroyed other documents - which a California judge had ordered the church to yield. The church had personal records on Gerry Armstrong, a former Scientologist in litigation with the sect. Now Judge Paul Breckenridge of California Superior Court was ordering the Church of Scientology to turn over these records, called "PC" files, or pre-clear files. The files, kept on all Scientologists, contain personal information - from secret desires to confessions of misconduct - extracted during auditing sessions.

I removed documents from Gerry Armstrong's PC folders to keep them from being turned over to the court, Vicki Azneran said. I went through them and removed things from them. And some of those things I destroyed, and some of them I gave away or gave to someone in OSA (Office of Special Affairs), I believe.

Richard Azneran, who also had risen through the ranks - becoming Hubbard's public relations representative and later supervising church security - said culling pre-clear files was standard church practice.

He said he also carried out similar tasks.

Among the duties he described in depositions: bugging staff members' rooms, digging through adversarial lawyers' garbage and investigating so-called enemies of the church.

In 1985, Scientology executive David Miscavige told him to set up eavesdropping equipment in all the offices of Author Services Incorporated, Azneran said. Author Services is Scientology's for-profit division, licensing the copyrights to the prolific Hubbard's works.

Miscavige feared a raid by the IRS and wanted to photograph and record everything that any agent ever said to each other so it could be used in plotting a defense, Azneran said.

Rick Azneran also devised and helped implement a system to destroy church computer tapes, he said.

The way it worked, records from the church's Southern California centers were transferred from computer discs to tapes and taken to rented storage facilities in Ventura, Orange and Riverside counties - outside Los Angeles County to create possible jurisdictional problems for the police.

Electronic machines that erase magnetic tapes were set up in a row right next to the storage racks where the daily backup tapes were kept, Azneran said. We drilled on a regular basis being able to destroy the information on those magnetic tapes in a given amount of time, which is what we thought we would have should there be a raid.

And what if the FBI or IRS tried to force their way into the actual computer centers?

The Scientologists had thought of that, too, Azneran said. Earlier on in the computer rooms, the glass . . . that had been installed was all two-inch, two-and-a-half-inch bullet- proof glass so that they couldn't break in with sledge hammers and so forth.
Punishment and escape

Why are the Aznerans saying such terrible things about their former colleagues?
It goes back to 1986 - specifically, Jan. 24, the day the reclusive L. Ron Hubbard, 74, died of a stroke at his ranch in Creston, Calif. There was some struggle within Scientology's top ranks to succeed Hubbard, and Vicki Azneran found herself in the wrong faction, she says now.

As a result, she was sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), a military-like work detail that former members say exists at nearly all major Scientology centers. Her assignment was to Happy Valley, a Scientology camp in the California desert. Guards ordered her to run wherever she went and sleep with a dozen women in one room, and a female guard stayed with her when she showered, she said.

But this time was different, she said. This time, she was sick. A uterine infection gave her a fever, and the guards wouldn't let her leave to see a doctor.

So in March of 1987, when two companions ran away and later came back in a rented car, she joined them and left. She had decided, as had Richard, it was time to leave Scientology, she told lawyers.

Their separation from the church seemed amicable. They even accepted a $ 20,000 loan, to be paid back at 5 percent interest over 10 years. They took the money and started a private investigation firm in Dallas.

But Vicki and Richard Azneran held a grudge.

On April 1 this year, they filed a $ 70-million lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against the Church of Scientology of California, RTC and other church divisions, and several Scientology executives. The 11-count suit claimed false imprisonment, infliction of emotional distress, loss of consortium, conspiracy, fraud, breach of contract, invasion of privacy and breach of duty to pay minimum wage and overtime.

Suing their lawyer

On June 15, Scientology lawyers called Yanny, the former lawyer, to a meeting. They told me they were going to sue me, Yanny said. Howard Weitzman (a prominent Los Angeles lawyer) said they wanted to make this all go away. He said to me, 'This doesn't have to happen if you can make the Azneran case go away.' End of meeting.

And so I got sued. And fur started flying.

The Church of Scientology International, the Church of Scientology of California and RTC charged in the suit, filed eight days after the meeting, that Yanny violated the attorney- client privilege. According to the Scientologists, Yanny presided over a series of clandestine meetings in March at his Hermosa Beach home with various lawyers, aides, the Aznerans and Bent Corydon. Corydon, of Riverside, Calif., wrote the 1987 book L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman?, and has faced a barrage of litigation from the church.

The Scientologists said that Yanny, who had inside information, now was aiding, even encouraging, the Aznerans. As proof, the Scientologists presented affidavits from two former employees of Yanny who said they were present during the meetings with the Aznerans and Corydon. The Scientologists also submitted photographs, taken by a private investigator, showing Corydon's car parked behind Yanny's house. On the basis of this information, a California judge ruled that neither Yanny nor his lawyers could represent the Aznerans because of an appearance of impropriety.

Although Yanny acknowledged a friendship with the Aznerans and Corydon, he said he has not helped them with their suits. But the Scientologists had other charges as well. Their suit said that of the $ 1.8-million Yanny's firm billed the sect in four years, a substantial portion was padded or fraudulent.

The rearview mirror

Joe Yanny took a plane from Los Angeles to Dallas and then another to Pittsburgh last June. In Pittsburgh, he rented a car to go to his sister's home in Belleaire, Ohio.

He said he thought he was being followed.

He sped up and lost the tail. But when he got into town, alongside his sister's house, four police cruisers pulled up with lights flashing.

The officers said they had a tip, phoned in anonymously to the Ohio Highway Patrol. Yanny, they said they were told, had firearms and cocaine in the car.

I was told at that point in time that I and those in my company could be searched, including the vehicle, or that I could be arrested on the spot, Yanny said. The choice was mine.

He agreed to be searched, as did the others. The police found nothing.

The next day, Bellaire police stopped a different rented car in town. The men in the car gave a story the police did not believe, so the police persisted, and the men in the rental car finally acknowledged that they were watching Yanny.

The police were informed that these people had been hired by - the name Economic Research Group from New York was mentioned, Yanny said in a deposition. They were from the Washington, D.C., area and had been hired by a firm named Williams & Connelly. At least this is the information that was given to the police. (Williams & Connelly) had represented the cult of Scientology on various matters, and various of its chief executives such as David Miscavige.

Williams & Connelly lawyer Gerald Feffer said he would likely know of any Scientology matters involving the firm, but knew nothing about the incident. He said he has used the Economic Research Group - an investigation firm that would not return a reporter's calls - but said, I don't, and would never, under any circumstances, hire anyone to harass anybody.

Capt. Robert Wallace of the Bellaire police said: Mr. Yanny's account would be correct. And yes, the Bellaire Police Department can confirm that. He said the only part of the story he could not verify was whether the private investigators phoned in the tip about Yanny carrying drugs. But he said: It is extremely coincidental, to say the least.


More Legal attacks brought about from practicing the Fair Game Law PL.

Also - Miscavige ordering electronic surveillance of ASI offices - gives an insight into his tone level - fear. It fair reminds one of the book and movie 1984. It shows a lack of trust on his part and consequently an attitude that "no one can be trusted so watch them all because they could be out to get me". That is the viewpoint of a real SP.

While we're on it - did you know Miscavige owns a patent on a bugging device?
Yea - its one you can hide in your clothing while you?re talking to people.

He is obviously insane. He is also a criminal. He is also at war.

Sorry David - you do not reflect the Aims of Scientology - so you gotta go.

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