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  RTC files a suit against David Mayo and for use of upper level material obtained from the Denmark AO. RTC v. Scott, et al, in US District Court for the Central District of California.


At first, they were granted an injunction but the decision is overturned by the appellate court, along with an order to pay Mayo 2.9 million. But, by the time the injunction was reversed, Mayo's group had been put out of business.

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  1984 ?

John Nelson was Commanding Officer, Commodore Messenger Organization, the year was 1983. It was during this time period that Hubbard was informed by the lawyers Lenske Lenske and Heller that he would no longer be able to send his orders into any Scientology corporation like he was used to doing because it endangered Scientology's chance at getting it's 501 C3 tax exempt status.

Hubbard went into a complete rage and decided he no longer cared what happened in Scientology because he felt Scientology was being taken away from him. Hubbard considered everyone, especially Miscavige, of being against him and the majority of the executives over the fake Scientology corporations were removed. John Nelson was just one of the casualties of Hubbard's rant and he was removed from his position of power.


This makes no sense. If LRH was ordering people removed, why not remove DM?

John ended up leaving the Sea Org and joined David Mayo who started many groups called AAC or Advanced Ability Centers. Many Scientologist flocked to the AAC and reported they were having more wins and gains with David Mayo than they ever had in Scientology.

To say the least, this was very disturbing to Hubbard. Hubbard ordered Miscavige to get Mayo and Nelson thrown in jail by whatever means. Ultimately, it became my job to get them put in jail.

Many intelligence operations were run on Mayo, Nelson and his groups. Rick Aznaran, ran an operation on John Nelson that nearly cost John his life. John was traveling in Hong Kong on business. Unbeknownst to John, Rick Aznaran and a newly hired private investigator were watching Johns every move.

Rick and his PI had very high-end bugging devices as well as the standard breaking and entering tools. John had a hotel room in Hong Kong and at one point left to meet with business contacts. When John left his hotel room, Rick and his PI friend broke into Johns room and placed bugging devices in lamp stands and the telephone. Rick figured out how to handle the problem with John once and for all. In Hong Kong, if a person is caught with a large amount of heroin, the person caught gets the death sentence.

The PI with Rick called me from Hong Kong and told me that Rick had planted a large amount of heroin in John's room. Rick was arranging for the Hong Kong police to raid John's room because John was a drug dealer. The PI wanted to make sure I understood what was going on here and the PI wanted NOTHING to do with getting an innocent person framed and killed. The PI said he was on his way back to the states and Rick would have to do his dirty work alone.

I myself had been involved with Rick illegally bugging other people but never had we ever done anything to get anyone killed. I told Rick it was the wrong thing to do and to get his ass back home as fast as he could. Miscavige was told what was happening and agreed Rick should come back home because too many people knew what the op was as I had already told many people about it.

Jesse Prince


Where would Rick get a large amount of heroin?
If true, it shows church Intelligence as having major drug-supplier connections.
Like Interpol or government Intelligence agency pals.

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  In January 1986 - Dr. Denk tells the San Luis Obispo Coroner that he had been residing with LRH at the Creston ranch and treating LRH for the last two years. This would mean that Denk went to live at LRH's ranch sometime in 1984.

Supplementary Coroners Report dated 30 January 1986

Omitted Data - what condition was Dr. Denk treating LRH for?
Omitted Data - why did Denk have to live there every day for two years?

-- Jan
  George Orwell's fated 1984 began for Scientologists with a taped message from Ron Hubbard, the first in a year. It was called "Today and Tomorrow: The Proof." Hundreds were sent free of charge to Independents.

The tape was a departure from the usual Hubbard procedure. The talk was scripted, and there were interruptions throughout, where Hubbard was asked questions, given answers, even corrected on some slight underestimation of a statistic, or assured of the enthusiasm generated by his recent bland issues. The statistics were very good, taken at face value, but when Independent Jon Zegel cross-checked them, for his third taped talk, he discovered several major inconsistencies. The talk was the longest eulogy ever delivered by Hubbard about management:

The Church had some hard times a few years ago. For a very long while, as you know, I have not been connected with active management of the Church ....It took quite a while, I'm told, for the Church to sort itself out ....Scientology Churches are very vast and influential global organizations, and there were people around whose claws itched to take them over, and in a perverted form exploit them for their own profit. . . . Certain people infiltrated the Legal department, the old Guardian's Office, and set it up to lose left and right, and get people in trouble. They also infiltrated top management. Being off lines I was not involved with any of this .... At last a small hardcore group of founding members, devoted on-Policy, in-Tech Scientologists who suddenly understood what was happening, used their power as trustees and just as it looked like the Churches were finished and about to fall into hostile hands, they suddenly isolated the infiltrators and threw them out.

Hubbard showed none of his usual loud humor on the tape. He sounded cheerful, but somehow the power was gone, if indeed it was Hubbard's voice. By this time the Messengers had very sophisticated sound equipment, and some Independents insisted that a Fairlight synthesizer had been used to generate a voice similar to Hubbard's.

The solution was probably far simpler: the tape was processed with Hubbard's "Clearsound," a rather primitive filtering system, which would have reduced the impingement of Hubbard's gasping breathing, giving the voice its slightly artificial feel.

At the beginning of 1984, proof positive of Hubbard's support of the CMO might have induced many resignees to return. The tape simply was not enough.

The Advanced Ability Center East Grinstead came into being in January 1984, in a loose alliance with Mayo's group in Santa Barbara.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


About a 1000 declares is isolating the infiltrators? No way there was a 1000 agents.

False statement that "they suddenly isolated the infiltrators" -
Incorrectly Included Criminal Mind- accusing others of what they did (takeover) -

David Miscavige and co-conspirators


Several voice analysis studies were done on this tape at universities. Each one found the tape to not be Hubbard's voice. One voice analysis was done by Carson Investigation, and it too came to the conclusion this tape was not made by LRH.

Carson Investigation Voice Analysis Report dated 17 January 1984


Making a phony tape in support of RTC is proof that LRH was not behind RTC. If he was actually behind RTC there would have been no need to make a phony tape because they could have gotten Ron himself to make a real one.

Let us not forget the forged "LRH" signature on the document that "gives" RTC the trademarks, which is more proof that LRH was not behind RTC.

02 Jan
  As Chairman of the Board ASI, Miscavige invested and lost some of LRH?s fortune in oil well speculation, without telling Hubbard. The oil company was Highlands, Goodall, & Grear located in Oklahoma. The estimated loss was 50 million. To recover this, Miscavige instituted the sale of "Special Properties". He created and sold "leather-bound special editions" of LRH books, telling purchasers they were an investment.

Jesse Prince was sitting in the office with David Miscavige and Norman Starkey. Both of them had mastered forging LRH's signature. David and Norman said "We?ll never get him to sign this?it's like there ain't no way in hell LRH is going to sign this shit. We'll sign it."

And so they did, committing not only forgery, but also fraud on the people who bought the books with "LRH's signature."

It's said that DM used this skill to also create fraudulent transfers, trust and testamentary instruments purportedly executed by LRH, which Miscavige then notarized despite the obvious conflict of interest. Contrary to law, he has never deposited those notary logs with the State of California and has refused to produce them in discovery in litigation.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)
Zegel Tape No. 2
Vaughn Young affidavit
Jesse Prince tape # 3

23 Jan
  Associated Press January 23 1984

Scientology Church Under Investigation, Newspaper Reports

Federal authorities are investigating a possible 1982 extortion plot by the Church of Scientology to entrap and compromise a federal judge who presided over a suit against the sect, a newspaper reports.

The purported plot allegedly involved an attempt to lure U.S. District Judge Ben Krentzman aboard a boat where prostitutes and drugs were to be used, The Clearwater Sun reported Sunday in a copyright story.

The Sun quoted sources as saying that federal investigators have been in contact with a former high-ranking Scientologist who has been granted immunity to testify in the case.

Sources told the newspaper that the witness was ordered by Scientology officials to use $250,000 to execute the plan to compromise Krentzman because Scientology officials anticipated an unfavorable ruling in the suit.

Contacted at his Clearwater home, Krentzman said authorities had briefed him about some wild story that would appear in the newspaper.

I never heard anything about it until just recently, the judge said. He declined further comment.

One of Krentzman's more controversial cases before his semiretirement in 1982 was a suit filed against the Church of Scientology by Tonja C. Burden.

Krentzman ordered the sect to reveal the whereabouts of Hubbard, who had not been seen in a number of years, the newspaper said. Church officials told Krentzman that Hubbard, who founded the sect in 1954, retired in 1966 and they did not know where he was.

Krentzman also was involved with the church when he ruled that it did not have a right to sue then Clearwater Mayor Gabriel Cazares on a claim that Cazares had stired up bad feeling against the group. Krentzman was overruled on appeal in 1981.

23 Jan
  U.P.I. January 23, 1984

Boston attorney Michael Flynn and former Church of Scientology official Bill Franks have told federal prosecutors church officials plotted to compromise a federal judge who was hearing a case involving scientologists, two area newspapers have reported.

The Clearwater Sun and the St. Petersburg Times both reported the plot involved an attempt to lure U.S. District Judge Ben Krentzman onto a yacht that had drugs and prostitutes aboard.

Flynn told the Times he and Franks, former executive director of the Church of Scientology International, had sent statements about the plot to federal officials in Tampa.

They declined to comment.

Flynn alleged the church paid a private detective $250,000 to lure Krentzman aboard a yacht containing drugs, prostitutes and a video camera in hopes of filming him in an embarrassing situation.

He said the plot failed to lure the judge aboard the vessel.

At the time of the alleged plot, Krentzman was presiding over a suit filed against the church in 1980 by a former member who claimed she was enslaved by the church.

She is represented by Flynn and the suit still is pending in federal court.


Another church black intelligence operation exposed and causing bad PR.

Incorrectly Included criminal acts that provide ammunition for a legal attack -
False solution - black ops = ALTER-ISNESS (lies) and NOT-ISNESS (force) -

Miscavige, RTC and OSA

27 Jan
  Shiona Fox-Ness leaves the Sea Org with personal knowledge of the criminal activities of upper level management. She knows Comm Evs to be a farce, a mere going through the motions executed after someone has already been targeted for demolition and the decision taken to expel them. The findings are often invented, grossly overstated, and serve as a means to blacken the character of the targeted individual. She has also witnessed LRH EDs, bulletins, policies, and telexes that did not originate from, nor were they signed by LRH.

She says much of the data in RJ 38 Today and Tomorrow The Proof, is false.

Shiona Fox-Ness Resignation


This tape proves that Miscavige and Broeker were feeding LRH false data.

The tape is trying to "PR" RTC's wonderful products and statistics. The data and statistics are false, here are a few examples:

The tape says there is a war against squirrels and that a preliminary injunction has been won against the California Association of Dianetic Auditors. It says this is the first victory against squirrels based on trademarks. It says the preliminary injunction shut this person down.

The truth is that a preliminary injunction is a court document that is issued simply on request, it is preliminary to any hearing of facts, and that is not a victory at all, but merely a preliminary step to a trial. If the judge heard they were advertising this as a victory he would be most displeased. Also, this person is not a squirrel group, but simply a splinter group. And, they are not shut down, as a matter of fact they are doing better than ever.

The tape says the Perth Australia squirrel group run by Eddie Mace is under attack and has been reduced to next to nothing.

The truth is the group used to be a mission. RTC went into it, ripped it up, was abrasive and rude to the people there and consequently the management of the mission decided to leave the church. Since leaving the church, they moved to larger quarters, they're now delivering the entire bridge and their statistics have increased 8 fold, just since Spring.

The statistics given in the tape are exaggerated or utterly false. Here are some examples:

Per the tape, 53 new missions started in 1983 for a total of 168. According to Scientology Missions International statistic sheets, 26 new missions started in 1983 but there were 27 missions that closed down. The total missions at the beginning of the year was 60, the total at the end of the year was 59, not 168.

The tape says the number of new starts for the year is 417,311. Dividing that into weeks
the figure is 8025 per week. The class IV org statistic sheets show 1001 new starts per week. The Scientology Mission International statistic sheets show 400 new starts per week. Therefore the statistic has been inflated by 6600 new starts per week that did not happen and it is a false statistic.

The actual statistics for the entire mission network for the year are way down. Gross income is down by 70%, well done auditing hours are down 70%, student points down 50% and first service starts are down by 80%.

Zegel Tape No. 2


We could go on but the point has been made.

Also, John Zegel, sent a copy of RJ 38, plus RJ 36 and an earlier Hubbard tape on study methods, to two university departments, one in Canada and one in the USA, who were involved in the analysis of the Watergate tapes. Both sets of experts reported separately that in their opinion, the three tapes were made by three separate people.

Another report, published in the Phoenix journal of an independent Scientology group, declared: 'a voice-print has been done and the results prove that LRH is not the speaker on the last two "Ron's Journals". R.L. Addison of Carson Investigations, Vancouver BC, did the test.'

Check out this URL for an image:


RJ38 (1984 NewYear tape) and the 1983 RJ, compared to a 1964 study tape
Analyzer = Mr. R. L. Addison of Carson Investigations
198 W. Hastings St. suite 107, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Extracts from the voice analysis report:

"Please note that for the purposes of identification, the notations T, X and Y have been

marked on the subject tapes for easy reference. Tape T has been used as the test tape and is assumed to be deemed as the real L. Ron Hubbard. Tapes X and Y are the tapes in question as to their authenticity.

It is my opinion that we are dealing with two different people. There are, however, several things to take into consideration. We are dealing with a possible difference in time of twenty some odd years. Lecturers who have been involved in that profession for that length of time can and do change their style of delivery.

Tape T is being delivered by an individual who has a tendency to slur words and make thoughtful pauses in his addresses. The enunciation is not clear, and the voice rises and falls in an irregular pattern. Tapes X and Y are enunciated very clearly and with purpose. Three times on X and twice on Y, it is obvious that there is a lacking in the nasal quality so obvious in tape T.

All three tapes were slowed down to one twentieth of the regular recorded speed. This is where the major differences showed. The speaker on tape T has a much lower pitch. There is also the obvious result of speaking with a bit of air passing over the vocal chords at the end of sentences. It is also the opinion that the individual on tapes X and Y was educated in the eastern United States, possibly in the New York area, with time spent in Boston. The voice on tape T has spent more of his time in the mid-west and the south eastern part of the country."


If it is true that RTC manufactured a false "LRH" tape - that PROVES LRH did not support CST & RTC.

-- Feb
  In February, Robin Scott opened Candacraig House, in Scotland, and it became the third AAC. Independent Centers were springing up throughout the U.S. and Europe.

In February, Independents received the first mailings from the anonymous "Stamp Out the Squirrels Committee," postmarked Los Angeles. The letters were headed with the design of a badge distributed within the Church, depicting a gleeful cartoon squirrel, rubbing its paws together, in a red circle, with a red bar across it. The anonymous letters carried this logo, with the legend "Trademark Religious Technology Center" printed beneath it.

The principal target of these scandal sheets was David Mayo. Mayo and his staff were attacked in fifteen newletters dated from February to April 1984. Of the suggestion that Mayo might be able to release the long awaited Operating Thetan levels above OT7, the second letter said this: "Obviously he doesn't care about people's spiritual freedom, so what is his motivation in making this false promise - money?" (Mayo's groups were charging about a fifth of Church prices.)

Mayo and his staff were pilloried unrelentingly. Of course, this character assassination convinced many members that the Church really had gone crazy.

The attack on the AAC did not stop at venomous libels. The AAC's offices were watched constantly by private investigators. Mayo was followed day and night. Listening devices were quite openly aimed at the windows of counselling rooms. A Religious Technology Center "mission" was permanently posted to observe and interfere with the AAC.

In England, in January 1984, four health professionals, three of them medical doctors, resigned from the Church and mailed their joint resignation broadly to Scientologists. A copy found its way to the national Daily Mail newspaper.

There had been a tacit agreement between the Church and the Independents that Scientology's dirty linen was best kept out of the public view. Journalist Peter Sheridan, broke through that agreement. Sheridan interviewed a father whose three teenage children had "disconnected" from him. The children's mother, who had remarried, was a Sea Org member. The youngest child, aged thirteen, had written a disconnection letter to his father.

Sheridan had also spoken to an Independent whose children had been expelled from Greenfields, the East Grinstead school run on Scientology principles.

On February 11, the Daily Mail carried a full-page article titled "We disconnect you!" or in its northern issue, "The Disconnection Terror."

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included criminal and fascist Fair Game Law actions -
Incorrectly Included enforced disconnection -
Incorrectly Included effort to maintain a monopoly -
Incorrectly Included denial of civil rights -such as freedom of religion & association -
Omitted Application of the Creed of the Church -
Omitted Application of the Aims of Scientology -


02 Feb
  Feb. 2, 1984, Report Number SR3.1 R (S-5)

This is a follow-up report concerning Laurel Sullivan's testimony.

I contacted Federal Prosecutor, John Fitzgibbons, in regards to Ms. Sullivan's upcoming testimony. Mr. Fitzgibbon's wanted to be informed if Ms. Sullivan had any testimony about the Judge Krentzman situation or any other situation Scientology might have been involved in concerning Federal judges.

Emmons Report Chronology, posted to a.r.s.


We believe Lieutenant Emmons is with the Clearwater City Police and he is working to get immunity granted to Laurel Sullivan so she can testify to government prosecutors about her knowledge of the attempt to set up Judge Krentzman with drugs and prostitutes.

02 Feb
  Associated Press February 2, 1984

Private Eye: Conducted Covert Operation For Church

A private detective says he masqueraded as an agent for nonexistent European investors so he could meet influential businessmen as part of an investigation for the Church of Scientology.

The ruse was outlined briefly in court documents which a church attorney says were filed to blunt allegations of a plot to entrap and compromise a federal judge hearing a case against the church.

The motions and countermotions are part of a lawsuit filed here against the church by former Scientologist Tonja Burden, who alleges she was enslaved by the church.

Last week Ms. Burden's attorney, Michael Flynn of Boston, and a former high-ranking church member contended in sworn statements that the church tried in 1982 to compromise U.S. District Judge Ben Krentzman, who was then hearing the Burden case.

According to the statements, private investigators for the church wanted to lure Krenztman onto an 81-foot yacht, then offer him prostitutes and drugs while secretly recording and filming the events. The alleged plot was never carried out, Flynn said. Krentzman said he was never aware of any such plan.

In motions filed Tuesday, church attorney Paul Johnson included affidavits from private detectives Richard Bast and Robert Keefer, who both denied attempts to "set up" the judge.

In his affadavit, Bast said he personally supervised an investigation designed to establish contact with local realty, banking and business interests ... for the purpose of gaining information concerning any possible conspiracy against the church ...

He said his investigators developed a cover story that they represented wealthy foreign investors interested in real estate in Florida.

Bast said Krentzman's name came up, but never explained why.

In preparing for the investigation, Judge Krentzman's name as well as the names of other public figures, were mentioned. I was specifically instructed with respect to Judge Krentzman that there was to be no effort made to make contact with him, and that instruction was followed.

Johnson said he knew nothing of the undercover inquiry by church-paid detectives until after the entrapment allegations surfaced in a copyright story Jan. 22 by the Clearwater Sun newspaper.

At least five prominant Clearwater business leaders have said they were aboard the yacht in 1982 for what they thought were discussions with representatives for wealthy foreign investors ready to dump millions into downtown development.

Johnson refused to comment on whether there were hidden cameras or recording equipment aboard the yacht.

Bank president David Carley and local lawyer Timothy Johnson Jr. were among the businessmen who told the St. Petersburg Times they were approached by Keefer and taken aboard the yacht to discuss real estate investments.

They said at times the conversation was steered to the church, with Keefer saying that his unidentified German investor was concerned about adverse publicity regarding the church in Clearwater.

At one point, according to Johnson, Keefer offered a subtle but clear request that some of the businesmen try to get a postponement of an imminent city hearing into allegations of illegal church activities. Johnson said he shrugged off the request.

-- Mar
  Solo NOTs, or New OT7, had been released to Scientologists in 1979. After five years, usually of daily solo-auditing, no one in the Church had finished the level. With some relief, Independents were at last allowed to attest their completion. Realizing the situation, the Captain of Flag, in Clearwater, sent out a letter to Church members on this highest level, saying how alarmed he was that no one had finished. A flood of Church completions started three months later.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

12 Mar
  Lyman Spurlock was given a general power of attorney by LRH, as his personal employee.

United States Claim Court - Case No. 581-88T
Church of Spiritual Technology vs United States


Norman Starkey and David Miscavige demonstrated that they can forge LRH's signature.
Therefore this power of attorney, wills allegedly signed by LRH, etc. are all suspect.

13 Mar
  The Office of Special Affairs had retained not only many of the old Guardian's Office staff, but many of the old tricks too. Robin Scott, who had helped extract the NOTs materials from the Advanced Org in Denmark, was phoned by a prospective customer inviting him to Sweden. His air fare would be paid. Scott boarded a plane which stopped at Copenhagen on March 13, Hubbard's birthday. He was apprehended at Copenhagen airport. Sea Org members accompanied the arresting officers, and took photographs of the whole affair.

During the course of Scott's incarceration, an opinion was sought on the authenticity of Hubbard's signature on the documents transferring his Scientology trademarks to the Religious Technology Center. These had been examined by an American expert at Michael Flynn's request in May 1983. The expert had stated that the signatures "were not written by the individual represented" in the specimen signatures provided.

A signed letter dating from the 1950s, definitely written by Hubbard, was given to a Scandinavian expert, who said there was "a probability amounting almost to certainty" that the RTC signatures were not Hubbard's. She added that this is the most definite statement given by handwriting experts.

Diane Voegeding, who had formerly been the Commanding Officer of the CMO, came to Scott's aid by giving an affidavit that questioned the Religious Technology Center's right to the trademarks. Voegeding said that David Miscavige was in fact the Notary Public responsible for Hubbard's legal documents, and that Miscavige illicitly kept a book of undated Hubbard signatures.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

13 Mar
  OT Committee Worldwide - Ethics Order #1

Bill of Particulars 13 March 1984

David Miscavige of Los Angeles CA is hereby named as an interested party and is to appear before a Committee of Evidence.

From written Knowledge Reports, debriefs and investigations gathered concerning senior Church management and its activities over the last few years, there is evidence that David Miscavige has committed and been party to many High Crimes and Crimes.

It is charged that:


1. Mutiny

During the course of 1981, David Miscavige unlawfully removed his senior, Diane Voegerding, from the post of CO CMO Int and subsequently placed himself above the CO CMO Int without authority to do so.

2. Organizing a splinter group which takes and perverts Scientology materials or practices, in whole or in part, still calling it Scientology or calling it something else.

From 1982, Miscavige has taken part in gang sec-checking, authorized "perpetual" suppressive declares, ordered the squirrel "running program," denied Scientologists access to justice, and placed his own orders senior to LRH policy - thusly assisting in the creation of that splinter group known as RTC.

3. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Comm Evs duly convened.

On October 17th 1982, Miscavige held a meeting of Mission Holders in San Francisco where he berated Mission Holders publicly; three were verbally declared. No Comm Evs had been convened upon these Mission Holders.

7. Engaging in malicious rumor-mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to "safeguard" a position.

Miscavige has been a source of third-party and a prime mover behind the non-specific declares of many Scientology opinion leaders. These include David Mayo, Ken Urquhart, Ricardo Garcia, Jay Hurwitz, and many others.

9. Spreading libelous and slanderous statements about the alleged behaviour of Clears

Miscavige has denigrated the workability of Scientology with mass declares (some 1900 since his assumption of power) and most particularly with his attack upon David Mayo, a Class 12 and LRH's auditor.

10. Seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power, or to "save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology."

Miscavige was instrumental in the removal of
MSH, Controller;
Bill Franks, ED Int;
Dede Voegerding, CO CMO Int;
David Mayo, Senior CS Int;
Kerry Gleeson, ED Int;
Allen Buchanan, D/ED Int;
Peter Warren, Senior to Public Divs;
Suzette Hubbard, CMO Gold;
Gale Irwin, CO CMO;
John Nelson, CO CMO Int;
Roger Barnes, CO SMI;
John Aczel, Management Exec for Missions;
Emile Gilbert, CO Canada;
Ron Hopkins, CO UK;
and MANY other senior terminals.

Properly constituted authority has been denied to Scientologists via the refusal of Comm Evs, the refusal to act upon petitions, the issuance of off-policy declares, and the removal from management of many OECs and FEBCs and their replacement with relatively untrained personnel.


1. Placing Scientology or Scientologists at risk.

The situation brought about within the Church - nearly 2000 declares and thousands of Scientologists leaving the Church - has brought many press articles, Scientologists have been taken to court by the Church, and Scientologists (Martin Samuels and Bent Corydon, for example) have taken the Church to court. Also, per LRH, Clears who have not done OTIII are at risk and yet upper levels are being denied Scientologists by off-policy pricing and services.

2. Following illegal orders or illegal policies or alter-is, knowing them to be different or contrary to those issued by the International Board.

Failure to observe Pricing and Justice Policy. Issue of illegal declares. Issue of material allegedly by LRH, but not in fact by LRH (RJ38.)

4. Permitting a section, unit, department, organization, zone or division to collapse.

Despite propaganda, the Church of Scientology is actually in a decline by actual observation of Orgs.

6. Neglect of responsibilities resulting in catastrophe.

The inhibition of the Church's ability to deliver the Bridge.

8. Using Scientology harmfully.

The use of the squirrel "running program" which caused physical and mental harm to those on it. Wrong indications via suppressive declares. Splitting families via the
illegal re-introduction of disconnection.

9. Using a local title to set aside the orders or policies of the International Board.

By inserting the All Clear Committee above the Watchdog Comittee on the org board.

12. Falsifying a communication from a higher authority.

Forging orders allegedly from L. Ron Hubbard.

14. Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule, contempt or scorn.

Instituting gang-bang sec-checking, thusly ridiculing HCOB 30 Nov78 "Confessional Procedure."

Convening Authority

W. B. Robertson

Second Deputy Commodore
Chairman, OT Committee WW

23 Mar
  On March 23, 1984, the English High Court issued a Summons on behalf of the Church of Scientology Advanced Organization Saint Hill Europe and Africa requesting an injunction against Robin Scott, Morag Bellmaine and Ron Lawley to restrain them from the use, distribution or copying of the stolen NOTs packs. A temporary injunction was issued, pending the response of the defendants.

The East Grinstead newspapers carried an article announcing that the Church was offering a £120,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of what are said to be scriptures stolen from its European headquarters.

After nearly five weeks in jail, the theft charge against Robin Scott was thrown out by the Danish judge, but he was found guilty of a mixture of industrial espionage and trespass. He was given a four-month sentence, the remainder of which was suspended.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Apr
  David Miscavige holds a meeting at ASI with Jesse Prince, Vicki Aznaran, Marc Yaeger, and Lyman Spurlock. Miscavige tells them that he has received word of an IRS criminal investigation with the threat of a raid on ASI. One of the main reasons for no tax-exempt status is that LRH was actually the managing agent of Scientology in disregard of the corporate structure.

There was no doubt in the minds of the ASI staff what the IRS would find if they got the ASI documents, as the FBI had done in the 1977 raid. Such documents would show LRH running the Scientology empire via ASI and ASI's bleeding Scientology organizations for millions of dollars, most of it under the guise of "licensing agreements" drawn up by Spurlock, all of the money going into ASI's and then Hubbard's personal accounts. Some monies were converted to precious metals or jewels that were couriered directly to LRH. Some was deposited into overseas banks, usually Luxumborg or Lichtenstein, that had secret accounts in Hubbard's and ASI's names. This allowed LRH to tap into them directly.

Since ASI was incorporated as a for-profit company, ASI staff knew that ordering non- profits to come up with incredible sums sometimes in a matter of hours (a $25,000.00 licensing fee from just one organization was not unusual) was all in violation of IRS laws and it could put LRH and ASI at risk. So, ASI staff implemented Miscavige's orders to hide the evidence.

There was a concern that the IRS would obtain hundreds of orders from LRH in the form of "advices" to Scientology. Under orders from Miscavige, Rick and Vicki Aznaran and Foster Tompkins destroy evidence of LRH advices that showed that he was still the managing agent of orgs. Norman Starkey ordered Vicki Aznaran to go to a computer facility in Los Angeles and destroy all evidence that showed LRH's involvement and control of Scientology's money. David Miscavige, Norman Starkey and Rick Jackson placed back up copies of the advices and evidence of LRH control of Scientology money in a secret storage facility.

The ASI staff were ordered to go through ASI files and pull all correspondence with LRH that involved his or ASI's connection to the various Churches of Scientology. Since that had been mostly what ASI had been doing for years, it was most of ASI's files. They took up about 20 4-drawer filing cabinets.

These files were then moved to a secret office and kept under 24-hour guard. The ASI staff worked there for a couple of months until the crisis was over.

Miscavige is worried about going to jail so he devises several schemes to flee the country. Guards are also trained to avoid service of process. Miscavige becomes the target of an IRS-CID investigation, alleging that DM participated in a conspiracy to defraud the IRS. This investigation is ended in 1986 when LRH dies.

Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, State of Florida

Case No. 97-01235 - Jesse Prince affidavit - dated August 1999
Vicki Aznaran affidavit
Vaughn Young affidavit (Two different Young affidavits)
David Miscavige affidavit 15 Oct 1999


The above highlighted sentence is very important. What it says is that David Miscavige placed into storage EVIDENCE OF LRH'S CRIMES. This crime was likely used to blackmail LRH, threatening him with jail if he did not cooperate - thus began the coup.

Remember A Story wherein LRH says:

"And at last the man sat down in a desert place and sent his word about that anybody could use this ball that wanted it. And they sent officers and thieves and lawyers at him to say that nobody could use the ball. And they took the man's captain (wife) and said they would imprison him for saying the golden ball was owned by everybody. And they made the government put guards around the man in case anybody sent him money to help ship the golden ball to everyone."

Now- later in time, after Ron dies - Miscavige and these same wog attorneys use BLACKMAIL to get Ron's appointed replacement - Pat Broeker - to leave. They went to Broeker and said you signed for all this money that was going to LRH but you have no proof that you gave it to LRH - this makes you guilty of receiving the money. If you do not cooperate and leave we will have you put in jail for IRS tax fraud. So Broeker left, leaving Miscavige in charge, with nothing in writing from LRH that DM was his appointed replacement.

We believe that LRH was already threatened with this in 1980 - before the dismantling of the GO and the restructuring of the church. Ron would never have allowed this political purge of his closest friends and loyal supporters.

What Miscavige did in his political purge was get rid of everybody who was loyal to LRH. And he replaced them with only people who would listen to him, which is the kind of staff you find on post today. This was pure politics. The staff on post today obey Miscavige and RTC orders over LRH tech and policy issues. If they don't, he expels them.

Thus the Church of Scientology is dead - replaced by the Church of David-IRS-ology.

The 1993 secret agreement with the IRS turns all senior management terminals in the church into IRS tax collection officers - in this role they enforce the payment of taxes by church members. This is why there are sec check questions that ask if you have paid your taxes and if you refuse - they expel you like they did with Randy McDonald and friends.

Now the Church has been turned into a con game. People are charged suppressive sums of money for a FALSE dream that they can go OT in the church. But the big reason for the takeover was to PREVENT anyone going OT. Completing the con game is - where does all the money go? Maybe it goes into IRS coffers, or is used to finance government Intelligence operations, or to build a new underground city for use by the Global Enslavers.

The enemy must be laughing their ass off over all this. We are now financing our future enslavement by the Global Enslavers under the DELUSION we are going free.

All the above is an apparency. We have the last laugh?

On Ron's birthday in 1983 - he wrote Ron's Journal 37. In it he gave a birthday gift to all Scientologists "to return the flow of the avalanches of good wishes and remembrances that you send me. And as I accept them gratefully, so I hope you will accept this legacy."
"It is the tech."

One of the definitions of legacy is "a will". Ron was secretly sending Scientologists a coded message of his ACTUAL WILL - not the phoney will made for him by the government Intelligence takeover people. Ron wanted ALL people of Earth to own the tech. It was his gift to MANKIND.

It was not his gift to a few select men who run CST.

Ron spent most of his life developing this tech to give to these few guys?

Bwaahahahahahaha! Don't make me laugh.

These few select men who stole Ron's gift to mankind, from mankind, have not only hoarded it, they have destroyed it through alteration, deletion and fabrication. This destruction was especially done to the Upper Bridge to prevent anyone going OT.




Ron is a lot smarter than most folks realize. He PREDICTED all of this way before it

happened in an article called A Story. So, if he knew it was coming - why would he not take action to prevent it?


The other action he took to prevent it - HE LEFT THEM NO UPPER BRIDGE:

HCOB 24 January 1977 Tech Correction Roundup :

For a number of years people have wondered when OT VIII would be released.

Well, to tell you the honest truth, OT VIII has been in existence all those several years,
and to it has been added a very large number of OT grades. None of them have ever been issued. Notes for all these grades are in existence. What I have been waiting for is 2 or 3 months of free time to go over these materials and write them up and make them available through Advanced Organizations.

Now, I will make a bargain with you. If you get all tech straightened out and the orgs and flaps and emergencies off my lines and get your training in and Word Clearing in and everyhting flying and this civilization even more thoroughly pointed in a civilized direction, you will buy me those 3 months worth of time so I will be able to afford the time to write up all these Advanced Levels I have researched. Do your job well and buy me these 3 months.

Is it a bargain?



Ron never does write these OT Levels up - because after he dies in 1986 - Pat Broeker
trys to use these research notes to put together OT 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 etc. These Upper Bridge OT levels were basically a re-hash of the old OT 4, 5, 6, 7.

Broeker never completed this project because Miscavige ousted Broeker as part of a political purge. Ray Mithoff then tried using these research notes to assemble an OT VIII to deliver - and all 3 versions Mithoff issued were a flop -

Data from Jesse Prince who was on the Issue Authority Line in RTC:

Jesse says that Ray Mithoff wrote OT 8 from scraps of paper containing little notes, it was a compilation process. And yet the church issued OT 8 as if it was authored by LRH, that this was his work. The initials at the end of the HCOB are LRH/RM and whoever the typist was, just like the NOTS materials.

The church has delivered different versions of OT 8.

Ray Mithoff was the one who wrote the original OT VIII supposedly from LRH notes. Pat Broeker was also involved in writing it. DM said he had to see it because he was Issue Authority.

Then DM told Jesse Prince that what was in there was going to blow peoples minds. It was not a happy thing. He said I don't know what is going to happen when we put this out. He was hesitant. He did not want to do it. In the first 3 and a half months they delivered the first version of OT VIII. One of the people who did the original OT VIII was a man from Europe. He said fuck scientology and left the church. A lot of people were horribly upset and complained about it.

Jesse had a conversation with DM about it. It was like damn it, we knew it before we released it and now it has happened. So, DM and Mithoff secretly revised it and removed the part that was upsetting people and the new version came out.

Jesse Prince tape # 1

The moral of the story - Ron did not leave the Enslavers any Upper Bridge to do.

- - - - - -

Wait a minute. We recently saw Captain Bill issue a Comm Ev on Miscavige.

Hmmmmmm. It would appear that Captain Bill is loyal to LRH.

Wonder what he is doing setting up a group outside the church called RON'S ORG?

And then he proceeds to release OT Levels up to OT 40 - that work.

It makes sense - where else would Ron release his tech - except to HIS org?

- - - -


Review the earlier part of this time track that talks about the CURVE in the road.

One of the funny things about that is - it's truly FREE there. Enslavers don't "own" it.

So, they can't use the law suppressively to stop it!

Ron was not fooled and done in by the Global Enslavers. He foresaw all of this and he took

action to prevent it. He actually set them a trap - and they took the bait like ants to honey. Look at this reference:

LRH Tape Lecture - 7 August 1963 - R2H Fundamentals (Academy Level 3 tape)

"I don't know what would happen if we? I was toying with this this morning. I was thinking of outer-space tactics and strategy.

I was sitting there idly speculating about it over my scrambled eggs, and I suddenly realized - still eating, I mean, I'm decadent - I suddenly realized that these between-lives blokes, the Marcabians, wouldn't know what to do if they came down here and saw that they had a Marcab headquarters here. We set up their headquarters for them, and you put up their flag, you see, and so forth.

But look at the Marcabian press: "Here in this prison, in spite of all that has been done to them, they're still loyal to their mother country." God, you know, that's touching, you know? That's a tear-jerker. And I sort of sat back and I said, "Well, Ronnie, you're a dangerous man."

But the reaction of earth population, all of which has come down through that channel, to these symbols might be something approaching the most fabulous thing you ever saw. It might be utter frothing, see? Might produce widespread riot and chaos. I don't know. But it was an interesting thought, anyway, as I think you will agree. Not that we are going to do anything desperate like that - at least this afternoon."

In chess there is a move called a sacrifice move. You allow the opponent to take one of your pieces for free - but what the opponent does not realize is - by taking that piece he has set himself up for checkmate.

And shortly after the above tape lecture discussing outer-space tactics and strategy - we have Fair Game PL, military Sea Org, heavy ethics, mind control - all Global Enslaver technology - and the OT levels are released to free spiritual beings from Marcab prison.

The Global Enslavers took the bait like ants to honey. And the vultures descended.

And, what did the vultures get by taking the piece called the Church?


RON - you Master Game Player - you are a sly devil.


Scientologists within the church are PTS to the suppressive top management.

This management is 1.1 on the tone scale.

It harms their dynamics in various ways under the guise of helping them attain spiritual freedom - when it has a hidden intention to prevent anyone becoming OT.

The PTS Scientologist cannot blame top management. His WHY is his own doing.

His WHY is TOLERATING the suppressive MISAPPLICATIONS of Scientology by RTC that result in destruction to his dynamics.


RTC holds a LEVER over every Scientologist - called eligibility for OT levels.

RTC uses this LEVER to extort and coerce Scientologists to do whatever RTC says.

Thus they FEAR RTC because they FEAR losing eligibility for the OT levels.

But - all of this is based on a LIE -

Scientolgists FALSELY believe that the church is the ONLY place they can go OT.

The truth is the opposite.

The path to OT inside the church is a DEAD END and the ONLY people with a chance to attain the states of Theta Clear and OT are the Scientologists in the freezone.

The case gain and exteriorization and OT phenomena in the freezone far exceeds anything being accomplished inside the church. And there is no eligibility.

On the day any Scientologist no longer FEARS RTC - is the day he's no longer PTS.

The above tells you how to De-PTS yourself by REMOVING RTC'S LEVER.

When you do the above - then you have a good chance of becoming a FREE BEING.

As an aside, abolishment of eligibility is one of our points of Reform for the church.

The tech is Ron's gift to mankind. To get his gift - all any man has to do is ask for it.

It is not one man's place to block another man from receiving Ron's gift to him.

12 Apr
  A United States passport dated April 12, 1984 is issued to L. Ron Hubbard by the passport agency in Los Angeles.

Conrad M. Feierabend, Scientific Investigation,
SHERRIFF'S OFFICE, San Luis Obispo, California;
NUMBER OF ORIGINAL REPORT 8601-1284/Coroner 8936;
Deceased/ HUBBARD, Lafayette Ronald;
DATE OF THIS REPORT 1-29-86 April 18, 1984

20 Apr
  PR Newswire April 20, 1984

A man who allegedly committed tax fraud and tax evasion was arrested and jailed in Stockholm, Sweden, based on evidence given by the Church of Scientology, the church's spokesman announced here today. Church attorney John Peterson identified the individual involved as Stefan Sahlvall, 32. of Stockholm, who, Peterson said, may also have illegally obtained confidential Church of Scientology scriptures.

Evidence against Sahlvall was given to the Stockholm authorities by the Copenhagen, Denmark, Church of Scientology, Peterson said. He added that Sahlvall was arrested upon his arrival in Stockholm on a flight from Los Angeles. According to Peterson, police records in Stockholm show that Sahlvall allegedly failed to report approximately $100,000 in income. Peterson said that the Sahlvall case follows only days after the conviction and jailing of Robin Scott in Denmark for his role in the theft of confidential scriptures from the Danish Church of Scientology.

-- May
  Mr. Hubbard went completely out of touch with any and all Church entities from May of 1984, until he passed away in January of 1986.

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
CSI, plaintiff vs. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz -CASE No. cv 91-6426 HL
David Miscavige affidavit

-- May
  Jesse Prince says the role of attorney Sherman Lenske was to give them advice to ensure LRH's authority and control over Scientology was covered up. But over time, the attorneys would limit LRH's control more and more. The excuse was " we give you any kind of money you want, just shut up and take the money and let us run things." Miscavige just forced Ron out of existence by taking control away a little at a time. And LRH saw it.

Jesse says that he knows a big battle was going on between LRH and Miscavige because LRH thought his hands were totally tied. Ron was going to other people besides David to try to help him continue to have control over the church.

So, LRH had Jesse give David Miscavige a sec check. The following was found:

The line for getting money to LRH was that Pat Broeker would tell David to bring cash in a briefcase. In the sec check Miscavige confessed that when he brought money, he and Pat would meet in Las Vegas and they spent thousands of dollars of LRH's money, on gambling and whores.

Jesse found that Miscavige was in complete disagreement with LRH and with Broeker as to what should happen and when it should happen. And he was sick of giving them money because he said they just wasted money. So, he was considering cutting them off from the money too.

Jesse gave the results to Broeker and he does not think LRH got it because he never got an acknowledgement from Ron. Quite often Ron would give a gift, like a leather jacket, for helping him, or at least, he always said "thank you."

When Jesse gave the sec check to Broeker, Broeker said "Well, I think you did a good job. The old man has a lot on his mind, and we're trying to keep this stuff off of his lines."


Broeker either never gave it to Ron or he altered it, as it also contained Broeker's crimes.

Despite all of this, after last month's threat of an IRS raid, Miscavige has attorneys (Lenske) tell LRH to not run the Church at all. LRH objects.

DM says from then on, LRH went completely out of touch with any Church entities. According to DM, LRH stops all communications with church personnel. He travels around Washington and California in a motorhome, finally settling at a ranch at Creston near San Luis Obispo, Ca. Only Pat and Annie Broeker had direct comm with him.

Jesse Prince letters
David Miscavige affidavit 15 Oct 1999
Jesse Prince tape # 3

United States District Court for the Central District of California
Church of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman Case No. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx)
David Miscavige affidavit 17 Feb 1994

-- May
  End of May 1984

At the end of May, German officials raided both the Scientology Org and the Mission in Munich, and carted away reams of documents.

Shortly before the German raid, Scottish Independent Fred Smithers called me. He explained that his stepson, Gulliver, was a member of CMO U.K. at Saint Hill. Gulliver had just phoned him to say he wanted to leave the Church. Fred asked if I could give Gulliver a room for the night. He arrived that Sunday evening while we were having dinner with friends. It came as a shock when he realized his stepfather had sent him into the lair of an infamous Suppressive, but he soon recovered and sustained a two-hour interview. The incredulity of his audience increased by the minute.

For six months, Gulliver had been a top executive in the Commodore's Messenger Organization U.K. which controlled all other Scientology organizations in Britain. He rated himself one of the top four executives in CMO U.K. He was fourteen years old. He explained that there were several others his age, and some "kids" in the CMO.

The Watchdog Committee was now bypassing the whole elaborate management structure of the Church. WDC was sending telexes down to individual Orgs on a daily basis, often hourly, demanding "compliance."

A CMO newsletter had claimed that the CMO Continental units are the OBSERVATION, EXECUTION and POLICE ARM Of WDC. Gulliver's job was to enforce Watchdog Committee orders. He had been in charge of seasoned Sea Org veterans, OTs who had received a great deal of auditing, and were highly trained counsellors well versed in Scientology administration, having done the Organization Executive Course, and sometimes even the Flag Executive Briefing Course. They had had months of training, and years of on the job experience. Gulliver had neither.

In a Scientology Organization everything is meant to be done per Policy. Among these are the supposed right to question an order, and the right to demand that an order be put in writing. A CMO teenager would frequently issue a verbal order, and threaten the recipient with the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) if the order was questioned. Again the staff member theoretically has a right to demand a Committee of Evidence prior to assignment of the RPF. These rights were all denied.

Gulliver said that all of the U.K. Organizations were losing money. He also said that the majority of the money they did make was sent to the U.S., so periodically the Watchdog Committee would have to pay even the lighting and heating bills, following a complex Purchase Order system. Nearly all of the U.K. Orgs had their telephones disconnected at some point during 1984, because of the delay in receiving funds.

Most alarming of all, the fourteen-year-old Gulliver talked about the last Watchdog Committee program he had worked on, the Non-SO spouse program. Sea Org members whose spouses were not in the Sea Org were either to persuade them to join up, or to divorce them.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

07 May
  UPI story of 8 May 1984

The wife of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard Monday described the taking of the couple's personal letters and other documents as 'mental rape' and she vented her anger at having to come to court to retrieve them.

Mrs. Hubbard, former controller of the worldwide organization, and the church are suing church archivist Gerald Armstrong for return of some 20 boxes of personal papers now in the custody of the County Clerk.

Mrs. Hubbard also testified she last saw her husband of 32 years in August 1979 and that she has no idea of his whereabouts.

31 May
  End of May 1984

The following is an excerpt from the Zegal tapes, #3:

"Coming up a little closer to present time, I thought we would talk about the recent Church caper in Germany. The OT Committee which is an association of Free Scientologists from around the world was holding a convention in Munich West Germany and the Church fired two missions and 10 detectives to try to disrupt that meeting.

These missions came from COST, the Church Of Spiritual Technology, which is the new alter ego of the Church of Scientology and the RTC, the Religious Technology Center. They discovered that attending this meeting was one Silvie Herman, a former staff member from Munich, and what the missions attempted to do was to collect an affidavit from some of her former staff member associates, indicating that perhaps she had mis appropriated funds or embezzled money or some such things while on staff, so that they could present criminal charges against her.

In fact they did collect such an affidavit, they went to the German Police and the German Police came and arrested Silvie Herman and put her in jail. The Free Scientologists that were there, got real real busy when this occurred, gathered up a huge amount of documentation indicating that this was a typical kind of Church activity, that they had submitted false affidavits and so forth in the past, and had this material delivered to the judge prior to the hearing.

When the hearing for Silvie took place, the judge looked through the materials and said that there was considerable question in their minds regarding this particular affidavit. As a result of that he released Silvie on her own recognizance, but unknown to the Church Officials at that time, the State Attorney, which is the next higher level Attorney in the German legal system, had had a meeting with the judge scheduled for just 15 minutes
after this trial was to be over.

In fact that meeting took place and a decision was made that there should be a raid against the Orgs in Munich. The following morning at 8 am, 100 police officers arrived in front of the Munich Org and another 15 or 20 arrived at the local mission.

4500 kilograms of files were taken at the Org. Approximately 300 kilograms of files were taken at the nearby Mission, a total of nearly 5 metric tons of documents. Of those materials, no pc folders were taken.

After reviewing that information, and looking through the financial records of the Church, a hearing on the status was held and it was found that the Church of Scientology in fact was not a Church at all, but in fact a trade or commercial activity, a for profit corporation in Germany. Scientology has lost its Church status, they now, all the staff members, have to apply for trade licenses to be Scientologists.


So, the Germany situation resulted from another black intelligence operation, gone wrong, in the effort to MAINTAIN A MONOPOLY and STOP PEOPLE FROM AUDITING AND GOING OT under the guise of "smashing squirrels".

All this effort to stop people from auditing shows they have no goal of a Clear planet.

Omitted Application of the Creed of the Church -
Incorrectly Included effort to maintain a monopoly -
False purpose (evil purpose) of stopping auditing to prevent any OTs being made -


-- Jun
  After this "near call" it was decided to beef up RTC to take some of the functions from ASI, thus reducing the threats. Until then, RTC was junior to ASI only because ASI was where Miscavige was working. Miscavige began spending more time at RTC. RTC could thus be the enforcement section so ASI staff did not have to implement another Mission Holders Conference and put Miscavige in the limelight.

Miscavige orders/allows the re-writing of various LRH issues:

Vaughn Young says he has personal knowledge that material was written and issued under the name L. Ron Hubbard that he did not author. Vaughn personally wrote material under his name for years. This ranged from simple messages to be sent to various organizational staff on events such as Ron's birthday, to composing an entire directive that was issued under Ron's name. In these instances, they were done without Ron's knowledge or consent.

The directive Vaughn wrote concerned the Scientology policy of "disconnection". The order to do this came from David Miscavige. Miscavige said we had to reinstitute the Policy of Disconnection and ordered Vaughn to write it. Vaughn wrote it. It was not sent to LRH for his approval and was issued into the Church of Scientology.

Vaughn also wrote material that went into the body of the 10 part series of "Mission Earth." This was done after Ron's death and so did not have Ron's approval. All of this was put out under Ron's name.

Therefore, the mere presence of LRH's name on written material is no guarantee that he wrote it or even knew about it. Others may have ghosted it without Ron's knowledge or consent. The material may have also been changed considerably by others.

When Jesse Prince was number two in command, right under DM, he was on the Issue Authority (IA) line. A submission for IA looked like this:

There would be multiple policy letters or HCOBs that had somewhat related issues concerning the issue that was being created, and maybe some advice throughout the years. And they would make a compilation issue based on all of these things, and they would put together something that had a specific theme and an idea, but it would come from many different sources. And they would put LRH's name on the compilation issue. This was done when he was still alive. So it would appear to a Scientologist that LRH had written the whole thing. When in fact LRH had only written a few lines of it or nothing at all.

The only way this is disclosed is you will have at the end of the issue the name L Ron Hubbard. Then you'll have someone's initials. Those initials are the initials of the person who compiled it and wrote the issue. And then beside those initials are the initials of the typist.

Jesse never saw anything that had absolutely nothing to do with anything that LRH had ever written, but he has definitely seen things come out that LRH had never seen and never knew existed. These issues were created inside the organization and they put Ron's name on it. And they copyrighted it under his name when he did not in fact create it.

Ray Mithoff ghosted a lot of the technical material.

RTRC is in the office of the SNR C/S INT and this unit is issuing the altered tech materials.

Prince saw them issue a lot of materials wherein they were sent something by LRH that was only two or three sentences long and they would make a 2 or 3 page bulletin out of it. And then they put Ron's name on it and present it as if LRH authored it entirely.

They would also write entire HCOBs, that LRH never authored or saw and put LRH's name
on it. Other HCOBs, like HCOB 18 June 1990 C/S Series 124, has LRH's name on it, says it is a compilation, but it is not a compilation, they wrote it.

Jesse says that Ray Mithoff wrote OT 8 from scraps of paper containing little notes, it was a compilation process. And yet the church issued OT 8 as if it was authored by LRH, that this was his work. The initials at the end of the HCOB are LRH/RM and whoever the typist was, just like the NOTS materials.

The church has delivered different versions of OT 8.

Ray Mithoff was the one who wrote the original OT VIII supposedly from LRH notes. Pat Broeker was also involved in writing it. DM said he had to see it because he was Issue Authority.

Then DM told Jesse Prince that what was in there was going to blow peoples minds. It was not a happy thing. He said I don't know what is going to happen when we put this out. He was hesitant. He did not want to do it.

In the first 3 and a half months they delivered the first version of OT VIII. One of the people who did the original OT VIII was a man from Europe. He said fuck scientology and left the church. A lot of people were horribly upset and complained about it.

Jesse had a conversation with DM about it. It was like damn it, we knew it before we released it and now it has happened.

So, DM and Mithoff secretly revised it and removed the part that was upsetting people and the new version came out.

This is what is currently being done within Scientology, where Hubbard material is being altered, to delete and/or hide from public view anything that might prove to be embarrassing. At the same time the originals are kept from public view.

Jesse says they were once worried that a staff member in RTRC was going to go out security and blow this, that and the other. Her name was Holly Finell and her husband was Bill. DM ordered Jesse to bug their home. So, Jesse and Rick Aznaran put a lamp in their room that contained a bug and then listened to their private conversations. They knew it was illegal.

Vaughn Young letter
Vaughn Young affidavit
Jesse Prince tape # 1 # 2 # 6


The above is Felony Fraud on the paying Scientology public. Miscavige makes affidavits and public statements that all tech is made available in a pure, unadulterated form. He knows it is not. The paying public believes they are purchasing pure on-source LRH technology, when the truth is they are being defrauded. Miscavige has put the church at risk because a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit could be brought on behalf of the paying public, to return all of their donations they made over the past 20 years.

-- Jun
  A meeting is held at ASI. David Miscavige, Lyman Spurlock, Vicki Aznaran, Norman Starkey, Marty Rathbun, attorney Earl Cooley and Jesse Prince are present. Miscavige says Scientology has been court ordered to produce the pc file of Larry Wollersheim. His 6 foot high stack of pc folders was culled down to about 50 pages by Vicki Aznaran. Cooley then told the court that was the entire file. There was a second order to produce the entire file, so Miscavige ordered the file destroyed.

Vicki Aznaran affidavit
Jesse Prince affidavit

22 Jun
  The litigious nature of the Church of Scientology is well-known.

It has waged a twenty-year battle against the Internal Revenue Service in the United States. The IRS insists that the profits of Scientology have accrued to the benefit of a private individual, namely L. Ron Hubbard.

There was a ten-year battle against the Food and Drug Administration. The Courts upheld the FDA's assertion that the E-meter was improperly labeled. But the Church did manage to overturn a ruling that material seized from them be destroyed. So the Church claims victory.

In the 1970s in France, Hubbard was sentenced in absentia to a prison term for fraud.

In the 1970s, the Church fought to prevent the sale of books critical of Scientology. They failed in this attempt, but caused authors George Malko, Paulette Cooper, Cyril Vosper and Robert Kaufman considerable difficulty (not only from the law suits: Roy Wallis, in his Salvation and Protest, described the harassment he received after writing about Scientology).

In 1982, Paulette Cooper, author of The Scandal of Scientology testified that the Church had brought eighteen suits against her. More recently Russell Miller has defended against attempts to prevent distribution of his Bare-Faced Messiah in England, Canada, Australia and the United States.

In 1983, the Legal office of the Church admitted that it did not know how many suits were outstanding in England alone. So many writs had been issued for libel it had lost track. In 1968, thirty-eight libel suits were dropped by the Church in England. Cases which continued were uniformly lost by the Church.

Boston attorney Michael Flynn won fourteen of the sixteen complaints brought against him by the Church, the remaining two being withdrawn.

Scientology has filed hundreds of cases over the years. Most have been withdrawn before trial, but in Britain suits against a former Police Commissioner and against Member of Parliament Geoffrey Johnson-Smith were both lost by the Church. In return, there have been hundreds of suits filed against Scientology.

Also in the legal arena are the reports of the many Commissions of Inquiry, and of several U.S. grand jury investigations. These run to tens of thousands of pages. Two books have been written about the attempt made by the Guardian's Office to take over the National Association of Mental Health in the U.K. in the late 1960s, which also ended in a ruling against Scientology in the English High Court.

Of all the court cases, two stand out. Their verdicts came down within a month of each other: one in Los Angeles, the other in London. The first, and perhaps the most revealing to date, was the case brought by the Scientologists against Gerald Armstrong.

In America, dismissing a case brought against a former member by the Scientologists,
Judge Breckenridge said:

In addition to violating and abusing its own members' civil rights, the organization over the years...has harassed and abused those persons not within the Church whom it perceives as enemies.

Judge Breckenridge's opinion continues:

. . . from his extensive knowledge of the covert and intelligence operations carried out by the Church of Scientology of California against its enemies (suppressive persons), Defendant Armstrong became terrified and feared that his life and the life of his wife were in danger, and he also feared he would be the target of costly and harassing lawsuits. In addition, Mr. Garrison became afraid for the security of the documents and believed that the intelligence network of the Church of Scientology would break and enter his home to retrieve them.

Mary Sue Hubbard joined the suit against Armstrong as an "intervenor," and added a charge of "Invasion of Privacy" to the suit.

Judge Breckenridge's opinion continues:

After the within suit was filed . . . Defendant Armstrong was the subject of harassment, including being followed and surveilled by individuals who admitted employment by Plaintiff; being assaulted by one of these individuals; being struck bodily by a car driven by one of these individuals; having two attempts made by said individuals apparently to involve Defendant Armstrong in a freeway automobile accident; having said individuals come onto Defendant Armstrong's property, spy in his windows, create disturbances, and upset his neighbors.

After hearing four weeks of testimony, and deliberating for two weeks, Judge Breckenridge
ruled that Gerald Armstrong was entitled to judgment and costs.

Of the Founder and his Church, Judge Breckenridge wrote:

In addition to violating and abusing its own members' civil rights, the organization over the years with its "Fair Game" doctrine has harassed and abused those persons not in the Church whom it perceives as enemies.

The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background, and achievements.

LRH's wife, Mary Sue Hubbard is also a plaintiff herein. Yet she was the head of the Guardian Office for years and among other things, authored the infamous order "Guardian's Order 121669" which directed culling of supposedly confidential Preclear folders for the purposes of internal security.

In her testimony she expressed the feelings that defendant by delivering the documents, writings, letters to his attorneys, subjected her to mental rape ....

It is, of course, rather ironic that the person who authorized G.O. order 121669 should complain about an invasion of privacy. The practice of culling supposedly confidential "P.C. folders or files" to obtain information for purposes of intimidation and/or harassment is repugnant and outrageous. The Guardian's Office, which plaintiff headed, was no respector of anyone's civil rights, particularly that of privacy.

The documents involved in the case were extensive. They included copies of letters from Hubbard to his father, to his first two wives, and to the children of his first marriage. They also included Hubbard's teenage diaries, his Boy Scout records, poems, and the manuscript of an unpublished book called Positive Mental Therapy.

Also included were Hubbard's letters to Mary Sue Hubbard over the years, where he said exactly what he was doing while researching the "Technology" of Scientology. For example, there are letters sent from North Africa in late 1966, to Mary Sue at Saint Hill, which give details of the drugs Hubbard was taking to "research" the most secret of Scientology's levels, OT3.

During the course of the trial, the judge heard testimony from Armstrong; his wife Jocelyn; Laurel Sullivan, who had been Armstrong's senior on the Biography Project; the proposed author Omar Garrison; Hubbard's nurse Kima Douglas (who left Hubbard in January 1980); and former Author Services Incorporated Treasury Secretary Howard Schomer.

Omar Garrison, who had been commissioned to write the biography, had this to say of the documentation Armstrong provided:

The inconsistencies were implicit in various documents which Mr. Armstrong provided me with respect to Mr. Hubbard's curriculum vitae, with respect to his Navy career, with respect to almost every aspect of his life. These undeniable and documented facts did not coincide with the official published biography that the church had promulgated.

Jocelyn Armstrong testified that she had worked on a project where Mission Holders were
to sign backdated contracts, Board minutes and resignations.

Kima Douglas was Hubbard's personal Medical Officer from 1975 until her departure on January 16, 1980. From 1977, she was with Hubbard on a daily basis. She was also the head of no less than fourteen Scientology corporations, and had written undated resignations from each. Among these was the Religious Research Foundation, which was used to channel monies from the Flagship, and later the Flag Land Base, into non-Church accounts controlled by Hubbard.

Douglas testified that she was with Hubbard when he approved Armstrong's request to collect material for a biography. She had also been present when Hubbard had ordered that supposedly confidential counselling folders should be "culled" for admissions of crimes, and anti-social or immoral actions, for future use.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included criminal, fascist black Intelligence operations - RTC & OSA

22 Jun
  UPI story of 22 June 1984

A judge's ruling that absolved a Church of Scientology archivist of any liability in taking thousands of personal documents belonging to founder L. Ron Hubbard.

The judge ordered approximately 500 documents under seal released to the public. They could then be used in other lawsuits.

In addition to violating and abusing its own members' civil rights,' he wrote in his ruling, 'the organization over the years with its "Fair Game" doctrine has harassed and abused those persons not in the church whom it perceives as enemies.

30 Jun
  Late June 1984

In Spring 1984, I learned of a child custody case in which Scientology was at issue. The father, a Church Scientologist, was seeking to retain custody of his two young children. The mother and stepfather had left Scientology.

To quote from the judgment:

At the heart of the mother's case is the contention that if the children remain in the care of the father they will be brought up as Scientologists and will be seriously damaged ...

Justice Latey compared the truth about Hubbard with the Church's published claims:

To promote himself and the cult he has made these, among other false claims:

That he was a much decorated war hero. He was not. That he commanded a corvette squadron. He did not.

That he was awarded the Purple Heart, a gallantry decoration for those wounded in action. He was not wounded and was not decorated.

That he was crippled and blinded in the war and cured himself with Dianetic technique. He was not crippled and was not blinded.

That he was sent by U.S. Naval Intelligence to break up a black magic ring in California. He was not. He was himself a member of that occult group and practiced ritual sexual magic in it.

That he was a graduate of George Washington University and an atomic physicist. The facts are that he completed only one year of college and failed the one course on nuclear physics in which he enrolled.

Further on Justice Latey spoke of "Confessional auditing":

Contrary to the assurance of confidentiality, all "auditing" files are available to Scientology's intelligence and enforcement bureau and are used, if necessary, to control and extort obedience from the person who was audited. If a person seeks to escape from Scientology his auditing files are taken by the intelligence bureau and used, if wished, to pressure him into silence.

Justice Latey moved on to life inside Scientology:

Scientology must come first before family or friends. Much evidence has been given and not disputed of how it leads to alienation of one spouse from another, of alienation from children and from friends.

Mr. Justice Latey awarded custody of the children to the mother.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


This judge in England is making conclusions about LRH that could have only been drawn from reading the documents in the Armstrong case. How did the documents from the Armstrong case get over to this judge in England - when they were still under seal?

Incorrectly Included Fair Game & enforced disconnection resulting in Legal attacks -


11 Jul
  UPI 11 July 1984

Scientology founder accused of diverting church money

The reclusive founder of Scientology diverted more than $100 million from the cult-like organization into his foreign bank accounts, former church officials said in interviews.

Mrs. Sullivan said she was in charge of a secret operation to transfer church assets to Hubbard through a corporate shell. She said before she left the operation she helped develop a plan for Hubbard to be paid $85 million in exchange for a trademark and copyrights to some of his books.

11 Jul
  Quoted from the following decision by the United States Court of Appeals:

In July 1984, the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS (Los Angeles District) began investigating L. Ron Hubbard's tax returns for the tax years 1979 through 1983.

In connection with tax investigation, United States brought action to compel state court clerk to produce sealed documents. Church and taxpayer's wife intervened. The United States District Court for the Central District of California, Harry L. Hupp, J., ordered production of some, but not all documents.

UNITED STATES of America, Petitioner/Appellee/Cross-Appellant, vs.
Frank S. ZOLIN, Respondent/Appellee, and Church of Scientology of California and Mary Sue Hubbard, Intervenors/Appellants/Cross-Appellees.
Nos. 85-6065, 85-6105 - United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
Argued and Submitted Nov. 6, 1986 - Decided Feb. 9, 1987


Laurel Sullivan was in charge of Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out (MCCS) in March 1980.

Right at the time when LRH disappeared - members of the Guardian's Office Legal Bureau and of the L. Ron Hubbard Personal Office met with Hubbard's attorney to discuss strategy.

They were trying to cover the tracks of the Religious Research Foundation, and other dubious or downright illegal schemes, which had poured Church of Scientology money into Hubbard's private accounts. The entire corporate structure was to be changed in a desperate attempt to avoid the consequences of Guardian's Office activities, and the ensuing concerted legal action against the corporate entity of which it was part, the Church of Scientology of California, the corporate heads of which were GO executives.

MCCS were toying with the idea of creating a Trust to legitimize some of the immense payments being made to Hubbard.

Laurel Sullivan and Gerry Armstrong were both assigned to work in the MCCS unit.

Some of the MCCS meetings were tape recorded and these tapes disclose a conspiracy to commit tax fraud. These tapes are called the ZOLIN tapes.

Now, in July 1984, Sullivan and Armstrong and other former execs are out of the church blowing the whistle on this conspiracy to commit tax fraud. Thus, at this time, the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS (Los Angeles District) began investigating L. Ron Hubbard's tax returns for the tax years 1979 through 1983.

Then the US Government tried to get the Zolin tapes which were sealed in the Los Angeles Superior Court records of the Gerry Armstrong court case with the Church. The Superior court denied access to the sealed Zolin tapes, so the government appealed the decision. The records of this appeal PROVE the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS (Los Angeles District) started a criminal investigation for tax fraud at this time.

This is important because later in time Church PR and church attorneys will attempt to lie about this fact and deny that there was any such investigation.

LRH and Broeker and Miscavige were all implicated in this crime because the method of getting church money to LRH was that Miscavige would courier the money to Broeker in Las Vegas.

There is also the distinct possibility that Miscavige and Broeker embezzled this money - millions of dollars - and an alive LRH could have blown the whistle on them as not having received it from them.

The factual existence of these charges against LRH and Broeker and Miscavige is important because these charges provide a MOTIVE for the murder of LRH by Broeker and Miscavige in January 1986. DM is quoted as saying in January 1986 - "the only thing that could stop it now is if the old man dies".

Shortly after that, that is exactly what happens - Ron is "found" dead - and there is a quick cover up of the cause of death by an immediate cremation of Ron's body - orchestrated by David Miscavige and Pat Broeker and Sherman Lenske and Dr Denk. These also conspire to block a Coroner investigation into the death.

Miscavige and Broeker and Lenske and Denk are also who conspired and orchestrated the restructuring and takeover of the church.

It was also in 1984 when Dr Denk disappeared from the Los Angeles area, to be at Ron's side full-time, not to return until a year after Ron's death. He was given ten thousand dollars and told to go gamble in Las Vegas right after the death and was also ordered by Miscavige to disappear for a year after Ron's death. This way, he would be unavailable for questioning.

Denk is also gagged from talking about what he knows about LRH = COVER UP.

11 Jul
  The New York Times July 11, 1984

Scientology Chief Got Millions, Ex-Aides Say

Former officials of the Church of Scientology say they helped L. Ron Hubbard, the reclusive founder of the cult- like organization, to secretly divert more than $100 million from the church into foreign bank accounts he controlled.

The church sued Mr. Armstrong to regain thousands of documents he had assembled for the biography, but on June 22 Judge Breckenridge ruled he had been justitifed in taking them ''as the only way he could defend himself'' against vindictive action taken against him as a ''suppressive person.''

Laurel Sullivan, 34 years old, left the organization in 1981 after serving 15 years as a senior official, the last eight as Mr. Hubbard's public relations adviser. She said in an interview that from 1972 to 1981 she was in charge of a secret operation to transfer church assets to Mr. Hubbard through a ''corporate shell,'' the Religious Research Foundation, incorporated in Liberia.

When she left Scientology in 1981, Mrs. Sullivan said, the foundation's assets were $200 million to $300 million, although at one point in the 1970's they totaled $330 million.

Mrs. Sullivan, who earned $34 a week as a senior church staff member, asserted that to make it appear that money was being transferred from the foundation to Mr. Hubbard legally, she and other Scientologists had created fraudulent and retroactive billings. Mrs. Sullivan, a Canadian, is trying to obtain residency status in the United States and is seeking immunity from prosecution for ''any of her activities in behalf of'' Mr. Hubbard.

''It was fraud,'' she asserted, ''an out-and-out ripping off of funds that were supposed to go to the church.''

Mrs. Sullivan said that shortly before she left the organization she helped develop a plan by which Mr. Hubbard was to be paid $85 million by a new corporation, Religious Technology Center, in exchange for the ''Dianetics'' trademark and copyrights to some of his books. She said this money was to include $35 million to build a suitable mausoleum for Mr. Hubbard.

Kima Douglas, Mr. Hubbard's personal medical officer until she left Scientology in 1980, testified at the trial here that she had helped establish ''14 or 15'' corporations, including the Religius Research Foundation, and had ''couriered hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the United States'' for the Church of Scientology in violation of Federal laws requiring cash amounts over $5,000 to be disclosed to Customs officials.

She also said she had ferried money, ''in large bundles'' of Swiss francs, to banks in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, for accounts listed in the names of the church and Mr. Hubbard. The former church officials said many of Mr. Hubbard's assets were now being managed by still another company he controls, Authors Services Inc.

Howard D. Schomer, a former Scientologist who was an executive of the company from March 1982 until November 1982, said in an interview that he had been told a major task of its staff was to convert assets of the Church of Scientology to the assets owned by Mr. Hubbard, in part by preparing invoices for fictitious services by Mr. Hubbard.

He said that in the first six months he worked for Authors Services, Mr. Hubbard's assets grew to $44 million from $10 million. Our purpose was to get as much money as we could from the church and make it look legal, he said. ''We were skimming money from the church; it was fraudulent as far as I was concerned.'' As far as he knew, he said, Mr. Hubbard paid taxes on this income.

Members Blackmailed, They Say

In the interviews and at the trial, several former Scientologists said they had used confidential material from ''auditing'' sessions to blackmail members, a practice Judge Breckenridge deplored as ''repugnant and outrageous.''

Edward Walters, a Las Vegas casino executive, said in an interview that as a Guardian's Office ''intelligence agent,'' he had routinely ''culled'' files for information about Scientologists, many of them deeply emotionally troubled, he said, and used it to intimidate them.

Mr. Walters said he had been involved in operations in which prostitutes and female Scientologists who in auditing had acknowledged promiscuity were used to seduce and then blackmail reporters, psychiatrists and law-enforcement officials who posed a potential threat.

17 Jul
  PR Newswire July 17, 1984

Construction of an $8 million library -- including a $1.5 million security system -- to house the collected literary works, original manuscripts, letters, diaries and personal memorabilia of author-philosopher L. Ron Hubbard is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles in 1985 and be completed in a year, his literary representative, Author Services Inc., announced.

Heard pointed out, for example, that the bidding price for the only two hard-cover first editions of Hubbard's best-selling science-fiction novel, Battlefield Earth, known to be personally inscribed and signed by the author, has already risen from $53,000 offered by an international collector earlier this year -- to more than $75,000.

Heard said that the entire existing Hubbard collection has now been stored in a series of underground vaults in half a dozen separate, but undisclosed locations.

-- Sep
  Flo Barnett had already attained the stated EP of SOLO NOTs in 1972. However, she had lost the OT state and therefore tried to rehabilitate it by auditing Solo NOTs. She decided to stop auditing Solo NOTs because it was not rehabilitating the state. She was unhappy with Flag because they refused her request to rehab her former OT state and insisted she continue on Solo NOTs.

Therefore, she had Julie Mayo audit her for a few sessions. Whereupon, she was gotten back onto AOLA lines for repair auditing, which went well at first but then sour. After that, no one pursued her to fix her up. In late 1984 she was hit by a searing blinding pain in her head which is later diagnosed as an aneurysm in the left side of her head.

Joyce Stephenson declaration

03 Sep
  New York Times September 3, 1984


Michael J. Flynn, a Boston lawyer, was piloting a light aircraft toward South Bend, Ind., in October 1979 when its engine quit mysteriously at 8,500 feet. After making an emergency landing, he said he found several quarts of water in the fuel tank.

Most recently, Eugene M. Ingram, a private investigator for the Church of Scientology who was discharged from the Los Angeles Police Department in 1981, has given the Federal authorities an affidavit signed by a citizen of the United Arab Emirates who asserts that he once collaborated with Mr. Flynn to pass a forged $2 million check.

Last month, Mr. Ingram and officials of the church called news conferences in several cities around the country and announced they had solved the mystery. They asserted that they had obtained evidence proving that the check had been forged by Mr. Flynn.

They gave Federal officials here and in Boston a 29-page affidavit signed by Ala Tamimi, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, that offered in great detail a purported account of how he had been recruited by Mr. Flynn to pass the forged check for $400,000 and then panicked and left it at the bank when the teller balked at cashing it.

Brackett Denniston, an assistant United States attorney in Boston... when asked about Mr. Tamimi, said he was in jail in Italy and under indictment in Boston on charges of mail fraud, wire fraud and perjury in connection with a scheme to fraudulently obtain fees in advance for arranging millions of dollars in loans that never materialized.

After the affidavits were submitted as evidence in a court here, in one of the dozens of actions involving the organization, Judge Paul G. Breckenridge of Superior Court assailed the church's attorneys on Aug. 2 for totally unprofessional conduct and called the material garbage.

24 Sep
  A few days later, on September 24, 1984, the Church of Scientology lost an appeal against the Internal Revenue Service. In a 222-page decision, the Tax Court judge gave a remarkably detailed account of the Church's financial dealings from 1970-1972, showing the movement of huge sums out of Scientology and into Hubbard' s control.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

24 Sep
  The 1967 IRS decision to remove the C of S of California from the roster of tax exempt organizations for failing to comply with IRS rules and regulations, is upheld by the US Tax Court. The court found substantial evidence of private inurement to LRH and his family, including salaries, management fees, complete support of LRH's family, and royalty payments on LRH's writings. Additionally, the court found "covert indicia of benefit" to LRH including repayment of unspecified debts, and LRH's absolute control over the millions of dollars resting in Operation Transport Corporation, Limited and the United States Churches of Scientology Trust.

Operation Transport Corporation is a non-charitable Panamanian corporation, found by the court to be run by the Flag Banking Organization. OTC was found to be a sham corporation for which FBO created financial records to give the false impression of a legitimate, independent existence.

The court found that the United States Churches of Scientology Trust and the Operation Transport Corporation were run for the private benefit of LRH and his family.

Church of Scientology of California Petitioner - Appellant vs
Commissoner of Internal Revenue - Respondent - Appellee
No. 85-7324. United States Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit

25 Sep
  U.P.I. September 25, 1984

Church of Scientology officials said Tuesday they will appeal a U.S. tax court ruling denying tax-exempt status to the church's California affiliate, and fight to reform or dismantle the IRS if they lose.

While ruling the church must now pay taxes on all its considerable income, the court specifically ruled that $1.4 million in taxes and penalties is due for the years 1970 through 1972.

It has diverted millions of dollars through a bogus trust fund and a sham corporation to key Scientology officials and it has conspired for almost a decade to defraud the United States government by impeding the IRS from determining and collecting taxes from it and affiliated churches.

On Monday, the U.S. Tax Court in the District of Columbia handed down the lengthy 222- page decision holding that the Church of Scientology of California does not qualify for exemption of taxation ... because it is operated for a substantial commercial purpose and because its net earnings benefit L. Ron Hubbard, his family and OTC, a private noncharitable corporation controlled by key Scientology officials.

09 Oct
  On October 9, a group of Scientology dignitaries, including David Miscavige, flew to Saint Hill by helicopter, to sign the Pledge to Mankind and to form the International Association of Scientologists.

Scientologists paid $2,000 to become lifetime members of the Association.

In addition to the Pledge, the Church filed yet another law suit against attorney Michael Flynn, this time demanding $20,600,000 in damages. In the Complaint, it was alleged that Flynn had engineered the forgery of a $2 million check presented to a New York bank in 1982, to be drawn on the account of L. Ron Hubbard. Obviously, they had failed to find evidence which would interest the FBI or a District Attorney.

Undeterred, the Scientologists published an issue of its Freedom magazine, which is handed out by the thousand on the streets. They quoted from affidavits made by the two brothers who had perpetrated the check fraud, in which Flynn was accused of setting up the whole operation. After months of such libels, one of the brothers, who was being held in custody by German police, signed another affidavit, in which he claimed the Scientologists had paid him for the first affidavit. Eventually, the Church withdrew their ill-founded Complaint.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


Flynn, etc. accused the church of issuing the $2 million dollar check and the church accused him of it. One of the two did it. The church's allegation fell flat. What happened to the FBI investigation into the church for having done this?

19 Nov
  U.P.I. November 19, 1984

The Church of Scientology filed suit Monday to block a state court from releasing documents belonging to church-founder L. Ron Hubbard. Superior Court Judge Paul Breckenridge, after a lengthy and complex trial, ruled in August that Armstrong did nothing wrong by taking the files, which included Hubbard's letters and diaries, and ordered that the material could be released publically.

The church appealed the decision, and a temporary stay of Breckenridge's order to release the documents was issued by the state Supreme Court. That court's ruling dissolved Nov. 15, however, prompting the federal court suit.

Unless restrained ... the defendant will release for public dissemination thousands of private and stolen documents, thereby violating the plaintiff's constitutional rights to privacy and due process of law, the lawsuit complains. Once these documents are released, the harm to these plaintiffs is irreparable and complete.


The only way releasing the documents would harm the church is if they proved lies.
This effort to block their issuance and saying they will harm the church, shows that the documents prove lies by church officials, including LRH.

Altered importance - Church officials - suppression of truth for PR images

19 Nov
  U.P.I. November 19, 1984

A federal judge Monday refused to block a state court from releasing the personal diaries and letters of reclusive Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

-- Dec
  In December 1984, came another bombshell. Following the massive raid on the Toronto Scientology Church of March 1983, charges were finally brought against eighteen high-ranking Church officials and former members, and the Church of Scientology itself. Among the charges was one of conspiracy to attempt murder, though this was dropped a few months later.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

20 Dec
  The Associated Press December 20, 1984

A Supreme Court justice today turned down a request from the Church of Scientology to prevent public disclosure of documents the church says were stolen by its former archivist. Justice William H. Rehnquist, without comment, let stand California court rulings that permit disclosure of the documents today.

The material, allegedly stolen by former church archivist Gerald Armstrong, has been kept under a court seal until now. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Nov. 27 that the papers could be opened for public inspection as of today.

Lawyers for the Scientologists said the California courts had declared them "fair game and outlaws" and placed them "beyond the pale of judicial protection" in the state.


That's exactly how the church has been treating people with their fair game policy.
Does this mean they disagree with being treated this way? Why don't they have a cognition, then, and stop treating others this way?

20 Dec
  U.P.I. December 20, 1984

Hours after thousands of personal records and writings of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard were released by a court Thursday, a judge ordered the papers resealed.

Superior Court Judge Lawrence Waddington responded to an emergency lawsuit filed by Scientology members named in the papers who claimed their privacy rights were violated by public release of the documents.

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