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 'FreeZone' Time Track By Entry
19 Jan
  Sector Operations Bulletin No. 18 : 19 Jan 1984 (
CBR Tape Transcript Q&A:
"Q 20. Is it this group I've been hearing about, who can handle this mess and act and get the people of Earth to wake up and choose their own destiny as citizens of a Free Zone planet taking its place in the society of the Galactic Civilization and playing a survival, expansion, flourish and prosper, fun game called "The New Civilization Game". - Is not it the group known as the Galactic Patrol?
A 20. Yes."

* The Galactic Patrol has the responsibility of carrying out the purposes and intents of the 'Free Zone Decree'. Earth is considered a Free Zone planet which has the right to decide it's own future. 'Free Zone' and 'Non-Interference' go hand-in-hand.

20 Feb
  Sector Operations Bulletin No. 19 : 20 Feb 1984 (
CBR says:
"...The results are already conclusive. Scientology and Dianetics are flourishing and prospering in the Free Zone (outside the Church)..."

* The church, and everyone else for that matter, can be considered to be in the Free Zone. After all, we all live on this planet, don't we? Here we see that Scn and Dn are doing what it is that they were intended to do.

Sector Operations Bulletin No. 19 : 20 Feb 1984 (
CBR says:
"Most importantly, with the Free Zone Decree came the opportunity for the inhabitants of Earth to decide their own destiny. The definition of a Free Zone Planet is: "One that may choose its own political or economic affiliation or choose to remain independent and represented thusly in the Grand Council. Such choices to be made in suitable referendum of its populations after representative chosen leaders of the various subgroups of its populations have engaged in free testimony and discussion of the merits and shortcomings of each proposed course of action. The planet shall remain Free Zone until such referendum is correctly and ethically held. A free Zone Planet is under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol Authority of the Sector in which it is situated, their authority limited to their purpose and the definition herein stated.""

* It can't get any clearer than that.

Sector Operations Bulletin No. 19 : 20 Feb 1984 (
CBR says:
"The Markabians left on Earth will be forced to go along with the New Civilization as technically they are Free Zone Citizens..."

* Technically, everyone on the planet is a Free Zone Citizen. Technically, but not in fact.

21 Feb
  Sector Operations Bulletin No. 20 : 21 Feb 1984 (
CBR says:
"All Free-Zone Citizens of Planet Earth are hereby warned of the conspiracy to suppress personal freedom by the creation of a police state and are enjoined to refuse to cooperate with the steps being taken toward the enslavement of Earth.

*We are being warned that not all is as it appears to be.

27 Oct
  TELEPATHY SEMINAR : 27 Oct 1984 (
CBR says:
"...Go to some of the Free Zone Independent Groups and they will give you the processing and training necessary that will help you with these abilities."

* Remember, these are "Independent Groups" WITHIN the Free Zone. They do not make up it's totality.

[ref: 1610] TELEPATHY SEMINAR : 27 Oct 1984
CBR says:
"...And these places exist in the "independent" - or what we call the Free Zone in Germany and other countries of Europe...."

* Again, these "independents" are being GROUPED under the Free Zone Decree.

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