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  CST's operating funds come exclusively from other Scientology management churches.

Church of Spiritual Technology receives a "one-time start-up grant" of $17,959,745 from Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization. In addition, CST receives unrestricted annual grants hereafter from RTC ranging from $623,000 to $2.8 million.

CST files its initial petition for tax exempt status to the IRS. CSI and RTC also apply at the same time.

United States Claim Court - Case No. 581-88T
Church of Spiritual Technology vs United States

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  While Hubbard was alive, he was more than a president, he was an absolute dictator, controlling Scientology through the Sea Org and the Guardian's Office?

The Sea Org manages the Orgs, and, more loosely, the Missions. The Orgs and Missions have no hand in management, and are ill-informed of its activities.

Until it passed into the hands of the Commodore's Messengers, the Guardian's Office was the most powerful organization in Scientology. The GO contained the Legal, Financial, Public Relations and Intelligence departments?.

This (the Intelligence Bureau) was Hubbard's personal CIA, and details of its modus operandi came as a shock not only to public Scientologists, Org staffs and Sea Org members, but even to many Guardian's Office staff.

Free nations have the advantage of a free press, this is not so in the Scientology community.

The Public Relations department ... simply does not report any of the many failures to public Scientologists. If a court case is lost, or a government closes Orgs down, Scientologists will generally hear of it only if the media reports it.

The PR department censors and distorts information... So Scientologists generally have little accurate information.

By 1983, the GO Bureaus had been separated from one another, and absorbed along with the Sea Org under the Messengers' control. Since Hubbard's death, control seems to have passed to David Miscavige, who directs the Church through the Sea Org.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


The above data is the truth about Church PR. It also lies, sometimes in subtle ways by omitting to tell the whole truth about a situation, sometimes even blatant outright lies.

Incorrectly Included Information Prison for Scientologists -
False conclusions by Scientologists because they have omitted data on the church -
Incorrectly Included subtle mind-control method by controlling data -
Omitted action by church PR to put a stop to Fair Game PL causing bad PR -

Church PR

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  From 1983 to 1986, over 30,000 people left Scientology because of Miscavige's brand of "Scientology". Thousands more have left since then, many of whom are still in good standing but they are just sitting off lines, knowing things are wrong, refusing service until the time when Miscavige is gone and things get back on source.

Joyce Stephenson declaration

Incorrectly included suppressive "shotgun" method to find a plant (shoot everybody)
Wrong Target - 30,000 "SP" Scientologists - the real SP is ONE guy - David Miscavige

David Miscavige and his CMO accomplices


It occurs to me that LRH committed a crime and had a withhold. The crime and withhold was inurement of non-profit church money to him. When it comes to non-profit status, it means just that - NON PROFIT. When setting up a company you have a choice to make:

A. You want to take the profits and pay taxes
B. You do not take the profits (non-profit) and so you don't pay taxes

You cannot have it BOTH ways.

LRH wanted to have his cake and eat it too. He wanted and accepted non-profit status for the churches. But, he then illegally took those profits for himself without paying taxes.

LRH had this withhold from the IRS and other Scientologists. And I think this partially explains the purpose of the Snow White program. The IRS was missing his withhold. The IRS was conducting an audit on LRH's personal income tax return. So Intelligence was ordered to get those files too.

When the GO was caught stealing government files - it was then thought there must be government plants high up in the church. The old church structure was also a liability legal-wise and tax-wise. Thus came about the re-organization of the church and the destructive shotgun method of purging all senior staff. All brought about by his missed withhold.

If the above is true then LRH himself is guilty of two suppressive acts:

Criminal tax fraud of personally receiving non-profit church funds, thus placing church tax- exempt status at risk.

Placing Scientology and Scientologists at risk to handle Ron cheating on taxes

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  Tampering with valid spiritual information to prevent escape by prisoners

From the book Gods of Eden by William Bramley:

The New Testament, like much of the Old Testament, is in many places a greatly altered version of the original accounts on which it is based. In addition, probably less than 5% of all that Jesus and his original followers taught is found in the Bible.

Many of the changes and deletions to the New Testament were made by special church councils. The editing process began as early as 325 A.D. during the First Council of Nicea, and continued well into the 12th Century. For example, the Second Synod (church council) of Constantinople in 553 A.D. deleted from the Bible Jesus's references to "reincarnation" - an important concept to Jesus and his early followers.

Later, the Lateran Councils of the 12th Century added a tenet to the Bible that was never taught by Jesus: the concept of the Holy Trinity. The church destroyed many documents and records which contradicted the radical changes that were made to Christian doctrine by these Councils.

Maverick religions are those which have broken from Custodial dogma and have attempted
a practical or scientific approach to spiritual salvation.

Founded around the year 525 B.C. by an Indian prince named Gautama Siddharta (who was later known as Buddha or Enlightened One), Buddhism spread rapidly throughout the Far East. Unlike many modern Buddhists, early Buddhists did not worship Buddha as a god; instead they respected him as a thinker who had designed a method by which an individual, through his or her own efforts, might achieve spiritual freedom by way of knowledge and spiritual exercises.

Buddhism, like the other maverick systems, underwent a great deal of change, splintering and decay as the centuries progressed. This caused the loss of most of Siddharta's true teachings. In addition, many teachings and practices not created by Buddha were later added to his religion and mislabeled "Buddhism".

A good example of this decay is found in the definition of nirvana. The word nirvana originally referred to that state of existence in which the spirit has achieved full awareness of itself as a spiritual being and no longer experiences suffering due to misidentification with the material universe.

Nirvana has also been translated as Nothingness or the Void: horrible sounding concepts which have come to imply to many people today that nirvana is a state of non-existence or that it involves a loss of contact with the physical universe. In truth, the original maverick goal was to achieve quite the opposite state. Buddha's true state of Nirvana included a stronger sense of existence, increased self-identity, and an ability to more accurately perceive the physical universe.

According to Buddhist legend, Gautama knew that he had not accomplished his goal of creating a religion that would bring about full spiritual liberation for all mankind. He therefore promised that a second Buddha or Enlightened One would arrive later in history to complete the task.


The book Gods of Eden shows how each religion on earth has been tampered with by the Custodians. The tampering is in the form of destroying spiritual knowledge that would lead to spiritual freedom or promoting spiritual data that does not lead to spiritual freedom.

By alteration, deletion, and fabrication RTC proceeds to destroy Ron's teachings:

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  Virginia, I thought you might be interested in what David Mayo said in 1983. He had just started the ACC and the church was worried so they sent a person named Geoff over to him who, in front of three witnesses, asked what it would take to get him not to compete and to close down the ACC. Geoff indicated that mistakes have been made in declares before and that his could probably be corrected too.

Mayo said:

"I told him (Geoff) that should the following conditions be met that I would gladly close down the AAC, whether I was permitted back or not. "

These were:

that the prices be lowered to a point where the average person could afford to go up the bridge and be able to get his family up the bridge; that all incorrect and unjust ethics actions be cancelled and false statements made corrected and that a Board of Review be set up which any Scientologist could go to for redress and that these be actually handled and corrected; that management would have to get into communication with the execs, staffs and public Scientologists and apply the "Essay on Management", "The Credo of a Good and Skilled Manager" etc.;"

Then he said which I think is of particular interest to you:

"that actual out-tech such as political use of sec checks, messing up cases in the middle of other actions and OT levels with sec checks and "gang-bang" sec checking would all have to cease; that these and any other outnesses would have to be genuinely corrected and that I would have to see this occurring - not just lip service being paid to these points."

"There were some other points also but Geoff said that even before I got to the third point, I would have to be kidding because there was no way that I could make such demands, nor was there any way that such demands could be met."

Posted by Croesus to COSinvestigations


Well, Mayo sounds pretty suppressive to me. I can see why they expelled him. (Joke)

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  In 1983, however, a close friend with whom I was working was Declared.
I was summoned to the Ethics Office at Saint Hill, and shown a Scientology Policy Directive which reintroduced the practice of "Disconnection". Hubbard had introduced the policy of Disconnection in 1965. This policy had caused problems with several governments, and in 1968 Hubbard had acquiesced to demands that the policy be cancelled. Now the policy was back.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


An LRH HCOB cancelled enforced disconnection in 1968.

An affidavit by Vaughn Young says that Miscavige ordered him to write a policy that brought enforced diconnection back into being, without LRH's knowledge or approval.
What motivated Miscavige to do this was the success of Mayo's group. DM said the whole public of the church would soon be over there if they did not stop it. Thus DM had enforced disconnection resurrected so he could make Scientologists not communicate with Declared Scientologists, especially people in Mayo's group.

Omitted Seniority of Orders - an SPD cannot override an HCOB or HCOPL -

David Miscavige, Vaughn Young and those who follow this illegal SPD

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  LRH executes an alteration in his will, called a codicil. This includes a clause forbidding any autopsy, viewing or service, stating instead that Ron's body is to be cremated as soon as possible after his death.

Internet article - The Mysterious Death of L. Ron Hubbard

-- Jan
  In January 1983, the Scientology Church published a list of 611 individuals who had been declared Suppressive.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

False declares - there is no way that many suppressives were in management - DM

-- Jan
  Julie Mayo escapes from Gilman Hot Springs with two security guards chasing her.

Julie Mayo letter

-- Jan
  ...monthly price rises were re-introduced in January 1983.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included suppressive prices as another way to stop people going OT -
Altered Importance that making money is senior to planet clearing -

ASI & CMO Execs

07 Jan
  The Associated Press January 7, 1983

Scientology Founder's Wife Gets Four Years in Prison

Mary Sue Hubbard, whose husband founded the Church of Scientology, was sentenced to four years in prison today for her role in directing a massive conspiracy to steal government documents about the church.

Ten others who were previously convicted for their roles in the church conspiracy have been sentenced to prison terms ranging from 1 to 6 years.

24 Jan
  Time January 24, 1983


Last October in San Francisco, some 70 local leaders of the Church of Scientology gathered to hear nine church executives harangue them about their shortcomings.

A spectacular money-maker, the cult has assets estimated at $1 billion, including a massive estate in Gilman Hot Springs, California - a Clearwater, Florida hotel complex - and the former Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Los Angeles, now its headquarters.

Now Scientology faces the greatest crisis of its history. Its leader is in hiding, its governance is in disarray, the U.S. Tax Court is reviewing its tax-exempt status based on 1970-72 IRS audits, and it is under sharp legal attack.

Scientology's troubles have become public knowledge largely through the efforts of Michael Flynn, a Boston lawyer. His most explosive case developed two years ago, when he met Ronald DeWolf.

The best evidence that Hubbard is at least incapacitated is the rapid decay of his organization. DeWolf's court petition suggests a fierce struggle for control of the cult between old-line Scientologists and a handful of members in their early 20s who were brought up in the sect. With Hubbard absent, and his wife sentenced and other Scientology leaders serving prison terms, these people have apparently moved into a power vacuum.

Larry Heller, a church attorney, announced at the meeting that the Religious Technology Center, a private corporation of which Miscavige was an incorporator and initial trustee, now owns all of Hubbard's copyrights. Flynn and DeWolf charge that the copyright assignment is a scheme to milk hundreds of millions of dollars which belong to the Hubbard estate. Already, says Flynn, Scientology officials have made more than $100 million from the copyrights.

DeWolf says that he, his wife, Henrietta, and their five children have been harassed by Scientologists under his father's 1967 "Fair Game" doctrine, which holds that any enemy of the church is open to harassment and attack. DeWolf alleges that he was assaulted once in his own home, and that the wheel nuts on his car were twice loosened in an attempt to cause an accident.

In an affidavit submitted in connection with his suits, Flynn has detailed a church operation (which he says was codenamed "Juggernaut") aimed at putting an end to Flynn's lawsuits -- and perhaps to the lawyer himself. Partially substantiated by some of the defectors from the cult whom he represents, Flynn says that Juggernaut included hundreds of abusive phone calls, a mailed murder threat, theft of documents from his office, nine complaints against him filed with the Massachusetts Bar Association -- all dismissed -- and even a telephone call to a friend of Flynn's in which the lawyer was falsely accused of murdering a client's husband.

What may have been Juggernaut's most sinister operation may never be proved, however. In October 1979, while Flynn was piloting his private plane on a trip to South Bend, Ind., the engine failed. According to his affidavit, Flynn made an emergency landing, and mechanics discovered that both fuel tanks had been contaminated with water. Flynn cannot prove who sabotaged the plane, but he has his suspicions.

California Superior Court Judge J. David Hennigan has openly challenged Hubbard to appear in his courtroom -- and has indicated that he may turn the copyrights over to an independent trustee if Hubbard does not. The only way they can defeat us is by producing Hubbard -- and they can't, Flynn says. If he's not dead, he's old, sick and degenerate.


More evidence that the criminal actions of the Intelligence Bureau did not stop by disbanding the GO. RTC and OSA continued them.

Falsehood that the GO was disbanded because of criminality - David Miscavige

31 Jan
  Time January 31, 1983

Mystery of the Vanished Ruler

In Hubbard's absence, Scientology is deeply riven by bitter disputes. A dozen or so of Hubbard's youngest followers, who have spent much of their lives in the cult's bizarre world, have seized control of the organization. Claiming to be "on Source" with Hubbard, and to be acting under his direction, they are also trying to gain control of the church's assets, estimated to be more than $ 280 million.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service has demanded some $ 6 million in taxes and penalties from Scientology for the years 1970 through 1974. The IRS says the sum is due from income not used for church purposes. If the IRS wins the pending tax-court case, there is every likelihood that it will proceed against the church for millions more in taxes and penalties for later years.

Some dissidents in the church contend that Hubbard has gone into hiding to avoid legal hassles. They claim that for years he has secretly placed huge amounts of church funds and hoards of jewels in foreign bank accounts and vaults. According to this theory, Hubbard has let his youthful proteges take control in order to separate himself legally from the church and its suits while retaining many of its assets. Other Scientology defectors argue that while this may have been Hubbard's plan, the onetime loyal followers have taken advantage of his failing health and are now seeking to enrich themselves. If Hubbard actually is dead, the charge goes, the church is being looted by those who now control it.

The peak income year for Scientology reportedly was $100 million.

Haunted by his fears of such "enemies" as the FBI and the IRS, Hubbard in 1966 set up headquarters in a 330-ft. converted British ferry. Tonja Burden, 23, a one-time Hubbard favorite, contends that anyone breaking a rule was placed in foul chain lockers below deck: "I saw one boy held in there for 30 nights, crying and begging to be released."

Hubbard spent most of his time hiding in the desert during the late 1970s; a tan Valiant auto and $500,000 in cash were always at hand for a sudden getaway. He supervised the production of Scientology films for the faithful. He also stashed money overseas, setting up holding companies in Liberia, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, and awaited what former intimates call "the all-clear date," when his legal troubles would be over and he could publicly return to direct his flock. The all clear never came, and, in fact, Hubbard's problem grew worse.

In March 1980, Hubbard disappeared, apparently in the company of two married associates, Pat and Ann Brocker; since then none of the three has reportedly been seen by other Scientologists.

His wife, who claims she feels no ill will toward Hubbard even though he let her take the rap for spying on the Government, says she hears from him regularly by mail. Some old acquaintances maintain that they have received letters from him, one as recent as three weeks ago.

In Hubbard's absence, the cult has changed dramatically. In January 1982, his young followers created the Religious Technology Center "for the primary purpose of ensuring and maintaining the purity and integrity of Scientology." One of the Sea Orgs, David Miscavige, 22, who claimed to be in regular touch with Hubbard, contended that the founder had "donated" all rights to his courses and techniques to the new corporation.

Some defectors, however, insist that the church planned to purchase these so-called trademarks from Hubbard for $85 million. Others believe the new corporation, in which Hubbard is not officially involved, was formed to shield him and his assets from the many lawsuits.

A purge of veteran Scientologists quickly followed the takeover. Bill Franks, 26, was thrown out of his office in Clearwater in December 1981 and fired as Scientology's executive director. "It's just a power grab," he says of the new leaders' acts. Their motive, he charges, is "totally money, absolute greed." Bent Corydon, chief of the mission in Riverside, Calif., which was one of the church's largest (1,000 members), claims that dark-shirted "finance policemen" demanded that he turn over $ 40,000 in the mission's treasury. He complied, and has since set up a new church unaffiliated with Scientology. "I got fed up with the young guys," he says. "The church has been attacking its own loyal people."

Alan Walter, a Scientologist for 20 years and a mission holder in the Middle West, contends that "Hubbard was a genius in many ways. He was set up by these kids. They were doing insane things. It was a reign of terror."

-- Feb
  Mayo's internal efforts to handle the attacks on him all failed and he leaves.

David Mayo letter

-- Feb
  W.I.S.E. (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) is incorporated.
Corporate classification: Religious
Michael Stoller, Registered Agent
Sabine Peschken, President.

Search results, posted on the Internet, of corporate filings

-- Feb
  The judge in Paulette Cooper's $12-million suit issues a default order against LRH.

Washington Post story of 7 March 1983

03 Feb
  According to an AP story, a reputed Hubbard letter is sent to Judge Hennigan's Riverside court where Ronald DeWolf's suit is being tried, but the court will not accept it as authentic.

AP story of 21 May 1983

03 Feb
  LRH ostensibly hand-writes a letter to Rocky Mountain News reporter Sue Lindsay:

Dear Mrs. Lindsay,
Here are my answers to your 54 areas of questions. It is always a pleasure to discuss my first love--writing. You may rest assured that you have an exclusive. And to alleviate any concern others may have, I am giving you this in my own hand.
Sincerely, [signature] L. Ron Hubbard
PS Say hello to Pikes Peak from an original Rocky Mountain boy!
The letter itself, with a thumb (or finger) print is reproduced in the issue.

Reprint of 20 February 1983 section of Rocky Mountain News, published by CSC

10 Feb
  Church of Scientology officials, at a news conference, display a copy of a week-old letter said to be written by L. Ron Hubbard, and tell reporters that allegations that the church founder is dead are an extortion attempt. The original of the letter contained Hubbard's own fingerprints, according to Church of Scientology International President Heber Jentzsch, and was sent to a Los Angeles Superior Court judge [Judge John L. Cole] who is deciding ownership of some 30,000 of Hubbard's documents allegedly stolen from the church. The news article goes on:

Jentzsch said the sweeping scrawl on the letter had been verified by handwriting experts as that of the 71-year-old Hubbard, who has not been seen publicly for more than two years. Jentzsch said a chemist also had verified that the letter had been written in a one- of-a-kind ink especially designed for Hubbard's use.

The experts' analysis proved that Mr. Hubbard was putting together this document after Feb. 2, 1983, Jentzsch told a news conference at the imposing gothic headquarters of the Church of Scientology of California.

It tells the court ... that Mr. Hubbard is alive and is clearly interested in this case, Jentzsch said, adding that he hoped it would put these rumors to rest.

A copy of the letter said to be from Hubbard read in part: Some years ago I loaned to the Church of Scientology many of my personal papers and entrusted them with the safe custody of those. Many documents were held by me but due to the fact that my writing and research over the past several years has precluded my establishemnt of any permanent residence, I was too short of space in my baggage to retain them and entrusted my personal papers and such to the Church of Scientology for safekeeping and storage.

Another quote from the letter, printed in the Washington Post later: Ron DeWolf was a war baby, said the letter. I was never there. His mother was an alcoholic and deserted me at war's end when the allocation from the govt. ceased and I was in the hospital at war's end, the usual wounded veteran's story. She ran off with the children and another man. It's too bad I never had the opportunity to raise him during his formative years. Had I been able to do so he might have turned out differently.

AP story of 10 February 1983
AP story of 11 February 1983
Washington Post story of 7 March 1983

10 Feb
  PR Newswire 10 February 1983

A fully authenticated, handwritten letter from best-selling author and Dianetics and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, bearing a set of his fingerprints and dated Feb. 3, 1983, has been received by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge, who immediately ordered that it be made part of the official court records, the Church of Scientology announced today.

Church President Rev. Heber Jentzsch, who was also sent an authenticated copy of the letter, said the letter reaffirms Hubbard's ownership of documents now being held by the court and asks the judge to expedite their return to the church, which had been holding them in safekeeping.

Authenticity of the two-page letter was conclusively established by renowned experts using three different methods, according to the Church of Scientology.

Los Angeles handwriting and fingerprint expert, Howard C. Doulder, submitted a sworn affidavit attesting that the script and prints were Hubbard's.

Internationally recognized forensic expert Richard L. Brunelle used a sophisticated timed- ink identification technique employed by U.S. government agencies to verify that the letter was written after Feb. 2, 1983. In his affidavit, Brunelle stated that he had prepared a unique formulation of ink not available anywhere in the world, and had placed it in a ball- point pen cartridge on Feb. 2. Brunelle stated the ink used by Hubbard was that same ink. Accordingly, he stated, I have conclusively determined that the writing referred to in this document had to be written on, or subsequent to, Feb. 2, 1983.

Jentzsch said Hubbard's letter to the Hon. Judge John L. Cole will expedite a lawsuit brought by the church against former church filing clerk Gerald Armstrong, charging him with illegally taking documents and records belonging to the church, including personal letters and memorabilia of Hubbard.

Armstrong was compelled by judicial order to return the documents to the care of the court at the request of the Church of Scientology, Jentzch added.

Hubbard wrote, I hope I have set the record straight and would sincerely appreciate your assistance in assuring that my belongings are returned to the church or their legal representatives.

14 Feb
  AP story 14 February 1983

Church Produces Purported Letter From Hubbard

Church of Scientology officials Monday produced a second letter purportedly written by church founder L. Ron Hubbard, saying he is alive and well and believes his estate to be in good hands.

The handwritten letter was filed as part of a motion to dismiss the Riverside County Superior Court probate battle in which Hubbard's son, Ronald DeWolf, claims his father is either dead or incompetent.

DeWolf says church officials have been stealing millions of dollars from the 71-year-old Hubbard and is asking the court to name him trustee of the estate. DeWolf had his name changed after breaking away from his father and the church.

'I am alive and well and working at my own trade,' said the four-page letter, addressed to 'the judge presiding over the L. Ron Hubbard 'probate matters.'

The letter, dated Feb. 3, notes that DeWolf hasn't seen his father since 1959 and 'would not be in a position to know about me or the church or my activities or any related matters.'

DeWolf's attorney, Michael Flynn of Boston, dismissed the letter as insignificant compared to evidence he said will show Hubbard's estate is being mishandled.

We have a letter from (Hubbard's lawyer) Sherman Lenske to a third party,' in which Hubbard's physical status is discussed, said Flynn.

I know he's alive and well. That's all I've ever said,' Lenske said Monday, denying any letter could have indicated otherwise.

The letter submitted Monday contained fingerprints that a court affidavit said were identified as Hubbard's by Donald Keir of the Los Angeles Police Department. Keir said Monday he couldn't talk about the matter until he checked with church attorneys. The letter was also validated by a handwriting expert, ink-dating specialist, and former document examiner from the county Sheriff's Department, Lenske said.

The letter said: 'There should be no concern on your part about my health which is good, my existence or anything of the sort, because I simply have my work to do and I would risk breaking contracts if I did not complete it.'

Hubbard is a best-selling science fiction writer and writings bearing his name have been published since his alleged 1980 disappearance.

Any claim that my estate is being mishandled is false,' the letter said. 'My business affairs are handled by contract with a Hollywood-based company, Author Services Inc.' It also said Hubbard has not been a church officer for 17 years.

Lenske and his brother, attorney Stephen Lenske, said Hubbard won't appear in person to prove he is in good health because he should not have to 'dignify the allegations of a crazed man.'

The man wants to be left alone, he wants to be private,' Sherman Lenske said.

The attorneys would not divulge whether they have had personal contact with Hubbard, nor whether they know his whereabouts.

14 Feb
  PR Newswire February 14, 1983

L. Ron Hubbard, best-selling author and founder of Dianetics and Scientology, informed a Riverside, Calif., county superior court judge today in an authenticated handwritten letter that I am alive and well and working at my own trade (as a writer). He rejected as false and ill-informed claims that his estate is being mismanaged.

The four-page letter -- bearing two signatures, a set of Hubbard's fingerprints, and dated Feb. 3, 1983 -- marked the first direct, public response by the 71-year-old writer- philosopher to an attempted attack on his estate by his estranged son, Ronald E. DeWolf.

Addressed to the Judge Presiding Over the L. Ron Hubbard 'Probate Matters', the handwritten letter was delivered to Riverside Superior Court Judge David J. Hennigan, the judge in the probate case.

Describing the letter as conclusive proof that Mr. Hubbard not only is not 'missing' but is alive, well and as prodigiously productive as ever, Barrett Lill, attorney of record in the probate case, immediately petitioned the Riverside Superior Court to dismiss the remnants of the case as a sham pleading, totally without foundation or merit.

Authenticity of the Hubbard letter -- based on handwriting, original fingerprints, and timed-ink dating -- was conclusively established in independently sworn affadavits by four recognized experts.

These include Los Angeles handwriting and fingerprint expert, Howard C. Doulder, former document examiner with the U.S. Treasury Department; Donald Kier, fingerprint and latent print expert, Los Angeles Police Department; handwriting expert William L. Bowman, former senior document examiner with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and internationally renowned forensic chemist, Richard L. Brunelle.

Hubbard dismissed as false and ill-informed any claim that his estate is being mishandled. His said his business affairs are contractually managed by Author Services Inc., a Hollywood, Calif., company that handles his literary and musical works, and provides me with periodic full accounting of my finances and detailed reports of my business affairs.

Hubbard told the judge that my business affairs and estate are being very competently managed and any claims to the contrary are false and ill-informed.

The author of one of the 20th century's most enduring best-sellers, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, which laid the technological foundations for the Church of Scientology formed by others in 1954, Hubbard expressed surprise that Ronald DeWolf "would be attacking or harassing the church, as I have not been an officer of it for nearly 17 years. I've even divested myself of the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology and these are now owned by a Church corporation, Religious Technology Center.

Hubbard's personal attorneys -- the Los Angeles firm of Lenske, Lenske, Heller & Magasin - - said the letter clearly and remorselessly exposes the claims of DeWolf and his attorney Michael Flynn for what they are -- a viciously concocted bodyguard of lies, distortions and fabrications.

20 Feb
  The Rocky Mountain News publishes a handwritten, 7,000-word letter signed "L. Ron Hubbard" and says the letter's authenticity has been supported by forensic document expert in Los Angeles Howard Doulder.

AP story of 21 February 1983
Washington Post story of 7 March 1983


An earlier newspaper account said that the letter displayed by Heber Jentzsch and church officials at a news conference was two pages [see entry for 10 February 1983]. Can 7,000 words fit on two pages, handwritten? Is this a different letter? Not only that, but a later Washington Post article says: A four-page letter in a nearly illegible hand, but stamped with fingerprints to prove it was Hubbard's work, recently reached his lawyers in a Federal Express envelope with no return address.

Also note that the authenticator of these letters is Howard C. Doulder, former document examiner with the U.S. Treasury.

20 Feb
  Rocky Mountain News publishes an interview with LRH--all written answers to written questions.

Reprint of 20 February 1983 section of Rocky Mountain News, published by CSC

21 Feb
  AP story 21 February 1983

Ron DeWolf, the son of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, says he disagrees with a handwriting expert's claim that a letter signed by Hubbard was authentic.

DeWolf said Sunday he can supply experts to dispute the contention that the letter purportedly from his father was valid.

The Rocky Mountain News published a handwritten, 7,000-word letter Sunday signed L. Ron Hubbard and said the letter's authenticity was supported by forensic document expert Howard Doulder.

DeWolf said he didn't know who wrote the letter, and can't say exactly where or when his father died.

But, he said, When people have their hands caught in a billion-dollar cookie jar, they are willing to try just about anything. I would imagine they are getting kind of desperate.
For every expert insisting his father is alive, DeWolf said, We can supply an expert that says differently.

DeWolf estimates the Church of Scientology assets at about $1 billion. His effort to assume control of the funds is being blocked by Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, and others.

The son, a Carson City apartment house manager, has filed suit in Riverside County Superior Court on the trusteeship. An evidentiary hearing is set for April 18.

-- Mar
  In March 1983, there was a huge raid on Scientology premises in Toronto. The warrant ran to 158 pages, and described the earlier theft of files from an Ontario hospital, the Committee on Healing Arts, the Toronto Sun and the Ontario government.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


More Legal attacks from the Fair Game PL and criminal actions of church Intelligence.

-- Mar
  For many years, Valerie Stansfield ran her own auditing practice. She had been in Scientology for twenty years, and as a Class 9 Auditor was very highly trained. In March 1983, she was telephoned by a Finance Policeman and given half an hour to come to his office. She politely refused, and after a harangue agreed to an appointment that evening.

When she and her husband Manfred arrived, she was told that her nutritional counselling was "squirrel." Then the Finance Policeman read a list of accusations, and demanded that she hand over the counselling folders of all her clients immediately. Valerie reluctantly agreed to give the Finance Police the folders, but urged that they wait for a more opportune time to pick them up, as there were clients at her house.

Then International Finance Police Ethics Officer Don Larson walked in and started berating Valerie. He screamed abuse at her, and ordered his underlings to remove Manfred Stansfield, who refused to leave. Larson accused them both of "squirreling," and told Manfred he was Suppressive. Manfred returned the insult, to which Larson replied "You're a fucking SP [Suppressive]. Get out."

Shocked by this aggressive treatment, the Stanfields wrote to their friends. The letter was one of the first public statements about the tactics of the new management; it was recopied and distributed to an increasingly bewildered Scientology field. Outlandish fines were imposed on some of the new members of I HELP. One Field Auditor was fined for introducing two of his Preclears who subsequently did business together. This was somehow construed as a breach of ethics.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


The dismantling of the Mission network caused one crash in auditing stats. Now they are going after the smaller auditing practices.

Incorrectly Included attacks on groups & individuals practicing auditing -

RTC & Finance Police

-- Mar
  Jesse Prince is promoted to Deputy Inspector General External RTC. He is number 3 in command, his only seniors being David Miscavige and LRH.

There are two other RTC board members:
Vicki Aznaran is Inspector General and President.
Warren McShane is a member.
David Miscavige, Norman Starkey and Lyman Spurlock are trustees of RTC.

At this meeting he learned that David Miscavige was a managing agent of all of Scientology corporations, including ASI, RTC, CSI, CST and CSC.

Scientology's intelligence network is run by RTC. Jesse Prince was now the head of this.

Prince took direct orders from Miscavige on intelligence actions and legal matters.Thus, he has personal knowledge of the criminal activities being conducted by Miscavige and RTC.

Prince says from time to time, based on orders from Miscavige, he would order others to engage in illegal activities against perceived enemies of Scientology. These activities included, but are not limited to, wire-tapping, planting illegal drugs on enemies to set them up for being arrested, and destruction of documents that contained evidence of illegal activities. They also commonly went through parishioner's preclear files for confessional material that could be used for blackmail or extortion.

After one of the meetings Jesse overheard Miscavige and Rathbun talking about working with a former IRS employee, Meade Emory. They also said they had an agent working for them inside the IRS and they would not say who it was. It was the biggest secret and he never heard them mention it again.

Jesse Prince letters
Jesse Prince tape # 2
Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, State of Florida
Case No. 97-01235 - Jesse Prince affidavit - dated August 1999

-- Mar
  Michael Flynn was representing L. Ron Hubbard Junior in a probate action wherein LRH Jr. alleged that Miscavige was holding his father hostage and stealing money from his estate. Miscavige says Flynn was using this as a ploy to get LRH to appear in court so they could serve him in the other lawsuits they had filed against LRH.

Also, Miscavige confided in Jesse Prince (in 1985) that they would not allow LRH to personally appear in the probate case because LRH was mentally incapable. So, the lawyers, Sherman Lenske and Heller, lied to the court and said they did not know where he was.


We think there was another reason. If LRH appeared in person he may have told the court things that indicated he was opposed to what Miscavige and Sherman Lenske were doing with his estate. And that could have ruined their covert plans to seize Scientology by fraudulently grabbing the copyrights with the last minute will that gave Ron's entire estate, including the copyrights, to the Church of Spiritual Technology.

In any case, the court indicated that it would rule favorably for LRH Jr. and declare LRH a "missing person" unless LRH appeared or filed a sworn declaration. Therefore, Miscavige's attorneys filed a sworn declaration, allegedly from LRH, with the court.

The LRH declaration filed with the court said that his assets were under his personal control. Therefore, the probate action was dismissed.

It was around this time that Miscavige bragged to Jesse Prince that he could forge LRH's signature. He demonstrated it for Jesse and showed that he could do it perfectly. He said that Norman Starkey could also forge Ron's signature.

At the same time, Miscavige is also a notary public. So, he could forge LRH's signature on anything, then sign it off as being the notary who witnessed Ron signing it.

David Miscavige affidavit 15 Oct 1999
Jesse Prince tape # 3


According to handwriting analysis experts - this is exactly what Miscavige did on the assignment of the Trademarks to RTC and on "LRH" wills which gave CST the copyrights. The experts said the signature of Hubbard on the documents was done by the same person who notarized the documents - David Miscavige

-- Mar
  In March 1983, Captain Miscavige, Lenske, Peterson and ASI ordered the payment of in excess of one million dollars to set up and frame Attorney Michael Flynn of Boston, Massachusetts, in an alleged attempt to forge a two-million dollar check of L. Ron Commodore Hubbard. Millions of dollars, from funds unknowingly and/or unwittingly contributed to by Plaintiff's monies and labor, were paid to John Peterson (deceased) and Eugene Ingram, a private investigator, to perpetrate the above described illegal scheme (U.S. v. Kattar, 840 F.2d 118 (1st Cir. 1988).

First Amended Complaint, Pattison vs. CSI, et. al; UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA,Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx).


This article is about a suit brought by 400 former church execs:

In March 1983, the suit says, Miscavige and his attorneys ordered the payment of more than $1 million to set up and frame Boston attorney Michael Flynn, a longtime courtroom foe of Scientology.

The San Diego Union-Tribune January 1, 1987

-- Mar
  DM and attorney Sherman Lenske order a payment of millions of dollars for an intelligence black operation to set up and frame Attorney Michael Flynn of Boston. The money is paid to attorney John Peterson and private investigator Eugene Ingram. The plan was to get Flynn prosecuted for an alleged attempt to forge a two million dollar check of LRH's.

The bank informed the FBI about the forged check and Flynn told the FBI that Miscavige was the most likely person to have done this. So, the FBI investigated David. Ingram has fled the country to avoid prosecution for this and other crimes he committed in carrying out intelligence black operations.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Vicki Aznaran affidavit


Since then, Ingram has returned and is back in action, carrying out black ops again.

07 Mar
  Washington Post 7 March 1983

Denver's Rocky Mountain News recently reported that Hubbard had given it an interview, ending 15 years of refusing to speak to the press, but the interview consisted of written answers to questions submitted through Hubbard's lawyers. His attorneys say they must keep confidential whether they even know where he is.

Hubbard's attorneys, Sherman and Stephen Lenske, called the letter an important piece of evidence. Sherman Lenske said experts told him they could determine if prints came from a dead man because a body decomposes rapidly. One of the experts who validated Hubbard's letter, retired U.S. Treasury fingerprint and document expert Howard C. Doulder, said he probably could not tell the difference if fingerprints were from a carefully preserved body, but added that he had been shown boxes and boxes of recent manuscripts in Hubbard's handwriting and was certain he was alive.

So where is Hubbard? Doulder said the recent dates on the documents from Hubbard indicated he was somewhere in the United States, perhaps still in California.

07 Mar
  Washington Post 7 March 1983

Mary Sue is in federal prison.


A handwritten letter from Mary Sue while she is in prison indicates she made a deal with the government to prevent LRH from being charged in the Snow White case. Thus, LRH was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in that case and was kept out of jail.

Quote from the book ...and the truth shall set you free :

The Church of Scientology was named by former CIA officer, Miles Copeland, as one of two religious-type groups with which the CIA made "arrangements." The Elite make sure they work through both sides whenever possible, in this case the "cult" and the "cult- busters." In doing so they control the actions and events the public mind sees and absorbs.

Quote from an article by LRH entitled A Story :


Once upon a time there was a man, or perhaps he was not a man, who slept for a very long time. When he laid himself down to rest, the world was not too terrible. When he awakened, however, things had changed. Far away a red cloud rose and when he looked more closely he saw that it was a battle.

The world had gone mad. Somebody must do something. The man thought for many days. And then he made a golden ball and filled it with everything necessary to undo a black enchantment. It was a very pretty ball, on the end of an ivory stick. And it was very easy to use for one had but to hold it over the head of a human being and wish him well to break the thrall which held that being.

And the man saw that this was good and so he showed many people how to use the golden ball and told them all that was necessary to break the black enchantment clear across the whole world.

And some used it. And some said, "It isn't really gold." And some wanted to hide it for fear it would be stolen. And some said, "It's GOLD!" and bought knives and pistols with it and fought. And some said cunningly, "With this POWER I can rule Earth."

But the man paid little heed. He tried to form companies to make the golden ball available to many. But the people in the companies said, "It's mine!" "It's power!" "It's gold!" and "The man will kill us all!" and so they fought amongst themselves and threw dust over the golden ball and tried to dent it.

And at last the man sat down in a desert place and sent his word about that anybody could use this ball that wanted it. And they sent officers and thieves and lawyers at him to say that nobody could use the ball. And they took the man's captain and said they would imprison him for saying the golden ball was owned by everybody. And they made the government put guards around the man in case anybody sent him money to help ship the golden ball to everyone.

And the man looked at these people and not one of them who hated the golden ball had ever used it in any way but only thrown dust on it and tried to dent it and he looked at the sly people who went up and down the roads saying, "It is not really gold!" "The man really stole it," and then he looked and saw beyond these the haggard faces, the crippled children, the sorrowing women. And above all these he saw the red cloud of the battle.

And the battle cloud grew taller. And it grew taller and taller as though it hung with fire up above an entire world. And the man, sitting in the desert place, looked at the golden ball.

New R&D Series Volume#10, page 276
New Tech Volume#1, pages 285

Note: The above scenario is exactly how Ron's life ended.


Posted to COSinvestigations:

I got this E-mail from Nancy and she allowed me to publish it here, as she tells us, that "A Story" was altered in a major way by RTC:

"Wow, I am so glad you sent this to me... They have ALTERED it, BIG time..

The only copy I ever saw, was at Flag in 1980. It was in his own handwriting. He had written it in the late 50's or early 60's.

I remember what struck me was the bit about they took and imprisoned his WIFE.
And I remember thinking how did he know this way back then...
(When Nancy read A Story in 1980 - Mary Sue had just been sentenced to prison.)

So, RTC has changed WIFE to Captain. And omitted the paragraph about how the man was isolated from his family and his children were treated poorly.

And then they completely omitted the ending...

Because in the ending I saw in LRH's handwriting there is justice...
and the golden balls become FREE...


more recall...

I remember that some people got control of the golden ball for themselves. I remember that the man was kept isolated from his family, his wife went to jail, his children were not treated well.

And darkness fell across the land for a long time...
But the Ending - well that's the part I wanted to find the story for...

I do know there was a bit of a battle for control but that there was a happy ending.

and lightness and happiness won out...
The Golden balls were free in the end...



The church is being destroyed by an INTELLIGENCE AGENCY.

The WORST destruction to the church is being caused from WITHIN the church by its top management, who are covert enemy agents.

CLASSIC Intelligence operations follow this pattern:

1. Infiltrate the group targeted for destruction with enemy agents.

2. The enemy agent provocateurs WITHIN the targeted group then encourage group members to commit crimes or immoral acts, or perform them themselves.

3. Enemy agents OUTSIDE of the targeted group then conduct a Black PR campaign (Propaganda) against the targeted group by making a public outcry against the crimes and immoral acts of the ENEMY AGENT PROVOCATEURS WITHIN THE GROUP.

The purpose of the Black PR Campaign is to create a bad public opinion of the targeted group so that no one comes to its defense when the overt legal attack occurs.

4. An OVERT legal attack in the form of police raids, arrests, lawsuits and new laws to outlaw the group and its practices.

The intended end product of the Intelligence operation is eventual extermination of the targeted group.

Notice that the common denominator of the whole operation given in 1 to 4 above, is they are all agents of the SAME Intelligence Agency. Thus, the agent provocateurs INSIDE the group are on the same side as the Black PR and Legal agents OUTSIDE of the group. They are working TOGETHER for the SAME Intelligence Agency, with the same goal in mind - extermination of the targeted group.

They first infiltrate the group to establish internal Intelligence agent provocateurs, followed by a Black PR attack, followed by a Legal attack. The function of the agent provocateurs INSIDE the church is to provide the AMMUNITION for the Black PR agents and Legal agents OUTSIDE of the church to use in their attack.

The ammunition provided them are the crimes and immoral acts being committed by the agent provocateurs INSIDE the church - the current top management - David Miscavige and assistant clowns.

Reform of the church is a misnomer anyway, because the only thing needing reforming is the ENEMY AGENT PROVOCATEURS who are operating inside the church to destroy it - this is the current top management of the church.

Until those enemy agent provocateurs WITHIN the church are removed and replaced, no Reform is possible. Once they are replaced with sane leadership who are ACTUAL Scientologists, then the cancellation of destructive policies - such as Fair Game Law - can occur. And, the stop on making OTs will also be out of the road.

The SITUATION we found in our Eval is:



Number 1 above is mostly being done by the suppressive top management - but their destructive acts are BEING TOLERATED by most Scientologists and so these have an overt of omission and so they are PTS. They are PTS to the suppressive top management because they FEAR them and so do not ACT to remove them.

On the day any given Scientologist stops FEARING the top management - is the day they are no longer PTS and can become free of the suppression.

When enough Scientologists are no longer PTS because they no longer fear top management - is the day we will be able to remove them and replace with sane leadership - and then we will have our sought after Reforms.

And then the church can produce its product - FREED SPIRITUAL BEINGS

18 Mar
  Someone obtains a copy from the F.B.I. of a fingerprint card, which is described as:

An 8 1/2" x 14" piece of blue paper dated March 18, 1983, from the F.B.I., signed by Assistant Director of the Identification Division, Nick F. Stames. On the face of the paper it states, Title 28, Section 1733, of the U.L. Code, and that the attached fingerprint card is a true copy and is issued on a Lafayette Ron HUBBARD, with F.B.I. #244210B.

Attached by a cloth ribbon was a set of ten (10) rolled controlled fingerprints, dated 12- 16-52 in the lower left-front of card, and a larger bold print number in the upper right front of the card of 244-210-B. The classification is

22 M 1 U OII 10

This is a duplicate card of the fingerprint card Mr. James Ford of the F.B.I. had in his possession, which is the original.

Conrad M. Feierabend, Scientific Investigation,
SHERRIFF'S OFFICE, San Luis Obispo, California;
NUMBER OF ORIGINAL REPORT 8601-1284/Coroner 8936;
Deceased/ HUBBARD, Lafayette Ronald;

21 Apr
  PR Newswire April 21, 1983

The Church of Scientology announced today it has won a motion to stay proceedings in a Boston case pending resolution of a similar case filed against the church in California by Scientology critic Paulette Cooper.

The decision followed last week's ruling in federal court in Los Angeles that Scientology is a bona fide religion.

Church attorney Eric Lieberman called the ruling a recognition that Cooper has been manipulating the judicial process by the tactic of filing duplicative lawsuits.

27 Apr
  AP story of 27 April 1983

Judge Rules Against Releasing Hubbard Documents

Twenty-one boxes of documents from Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard will remain in court custody pending the outcome of a trial, a judge has ruled.

-- May
  ... an opinion was sought on the authenticity of Hubbard's signature on the documents transferring his Scientology trademarks to the Religious Technology Center. These had been examined by an American expert at Michael Flynn's request in May 1983. The expert had stated that the signatures were not written by the individual represented in the specimen signatures provided.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- May
  In about May 1983, Vicki was deemed rehabilitated and ordered back to the Religious Technology Center at Gilman. Until Hubbard's death, the Aznarans remained at Gilman, when Richard was ordered to Hubbard's ranch at Creston working there as a security guard for a year and a half: "Richard was forced to falsify time cards to falsely indicate that he had been working forty hour work weeks, so as to avoid an obligation on the part of Defendants from paying him overtime ....

Richard was forced to sleep in a horse stable with several . . . other indoctrinated employees. During the course of Richard's stay at the ranch, Vicki was not told of his whereabouts, nor were Plaintiffs permitted to correspond with each other.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

03 May
  U.P.I. May 3, 1984

The international empire of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was balanced atop a pyramid of lies and criminality, an attorney for a former church archivist charged Thursday.

Michael Flynn, in opening statements before Superior Court Judge Paul Breckenridge Jr., said when archivist Gerald Armstrong made off with a collection of Hubbard's personal papers, he was protecting a sacred trust to himself and to the hundreds of thousands of people like him who were victimized'' by the church leader.

Flynn, who has filed suits against the Church of Scientology nationwide, said Armstrong brought him the documents for safe keeping because he was afraid he might be harmed by church members.

Flynn said Armstrong became disillusioned with the church and its founder after studying the papers, which include military and legal records in addition to letters and diaries. He said the papers proved claims made by Hubbard -- including that he was a World War II naval hero and the subject of the movie ''Mr. Roberts'' -- to attract members to Scientology were misrepresenations and promotions to obtain money.

Church attorneys argued that Armstrong invaded Hubbard's privacy by taking original documents and copying others.

''It is a story of how Mr. Armstrong took these papers and gave them to Mr. Flynn ... a self-described antagonist of the church ... for the purpose of attacking the Hubbards, to invade their privacy and to discredit Mr. Hubbard, the revered founder of the Church of Scientology,'' he said.

18 May
  Re: LRH declaration: Los Angeles attorney Stephen Lenske, representing the Church of Scientology, said...he received the declaration by commercial carrier Wednesday afternoon.

AP story of 21 May 1983

19 May
  AP story of 21 May 1983

An alleged LRH declaration is filed in Riverside Superior Court:

The declaration denounced DeWolf as neither a friend nor a family member in the true sense of the word. Although biologically he is my son, his hostility and animosity to me are apparent and have been for years.

The writer of the declaration said it was filed because the court had indicated it would not accept as authentic a reputed Hubbard letter sent to the court last Feb. 3.

20 May
  AP story of 20 May 1983

A Superior Court judge said Friday he is convinced that Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, is alive, despite claims he is dead or mentally incompetent.

Judge David Hennigan said he was not sure the author was alive until he read a seven- page legal declaration from Hubbard [filed with the court on 19 May 1983] saying he keeps his whereabouts a secret because his life has been threatened.

I am not a missing person, Hubbard said in the declaration. I am in seclusion of my own choosing. My privacy is important to me, and I do not wish it or my affairs invaded ...

Due to my concern for my own privacy, and also due to my concern for my personal security (there have been numerous threats against my life over the years), I have always kept my residence a complete secret or one known only to a few close confidants, the declaration said.

The document, signed and fingerprinted by Hubbard and authenticated by handwriting and fingerprint experts, was filed Thursday with the court.

The judge is considering a civil lawsuit by Hubbard's estranged son who says his father is either dead or mentally incompetent. The judge said he had been leaning toward a judgment in favor of the son, Ronald DeWolf, and appointment of a trustee to manage Hubbard's affairs. It (the case) would have been resolved in your favor if it had not been for the declaration, Hennigan told DeWolf's attorney, Wilkie Cheong of Los Angeles.

Hennigan gave Cheong three weeks to try to disprove the authenticity of the document. At that time, Hennigan plans a final ruling in the case.


Now the ever-growing LRH letter has gone from two, to four, to now SEVEN pages! And it has wound up in Judge Hennigan's Riverside Court, instead of Judge Cole's Los Angeles court. Is this a different document? What is going on?

20 May
  UPI story of 20 May 1983

Superior Court Judge David Hennigan said he was convinced Hubbard is alive after reading a seven-page declaration, signed by Hubbard, which says the author keeps his whereabouts a secret because his life has been threatened. The document, signed and fingerprinted by Hubbard and authenticated by handwriting and fingerprint experts, was filed with the court on Thursday.

...Cheong said he had not had time to fully review Hubbard's declaration, but thought it was kind of funny that it appeared at the last moment under these circumstances. He said there are all sorts of reasons why the document might be inadmissable as evidence in the suit. Just for example, that declaration could have been typed up by someone else who then had Hubbard sign it, not knowing what he was doing ... even assuming the signature is authentic.


The UPI version says the declaraton: ...bore initials and fingerprints on all seven pages, and says, Attached to the declaration were statements from two handwriting experts verifying an accompanying sample of Hubbard's script.

This seems to PROVE that there are at least TWO SEPARATE documents that have been submitted to TWO SEPARATE courts, both purporting to prove that LRH is alive and well, without him having to make a personal appearance in a court.

The first, the HANDWRITTEN letter--was introduced into Judge Cole's Los Angeles court [see entry for 10 February 1983]--and now a TYPEWRITTEN seven-page declaration that ostensibly has been SIGNED by LRH is filed in Judge Hennigan's Riverside Court. Not only that, but there may be at least THREE documents, since the Rocky Mountain News also published a handwritten letter [see entry for 20 February 1983], and there is no confirmation that it is the same letter introduced into Judge Cole's court.

20 May
  AP story of 21 May 1983

DeWolf told The Associated Press late Friday that his attorneys plan to file a petition for conservatorship that would force the court to examine Hubbard directly. Assuming this declaration is from my father, this proves that he can be contacted, DeWolf said by telephone from Carson City, Nev. So we want to know his state of health and who is manipulating him. We are going to file a petition for conservatorship which will require his examination.

DeWolf said that if his father is alive, the son still has enough evidence of illegal drug use and forged legal documents to have Hubbard declared incompetent to handle his own affairs. Asked if he now was inclined to believe his father was alive, DeWolf replied, We honestly don't know.

20 May
  PR Newswire May 20, 1983

L. Ron Hubbard, best-selling author and founder of Dianetics and Scientology, called today, in a sworn declaration, for a Riverside Superior Court judge to "once and for all" dismiss what he denounced as a "false and malicious" probate action brought by his estranged and disinherited son, Ronald E. DeWolf, the Church of Scientology reported.

The church said that the Hubbard statement -- bearing his fingerprints, signatures, and a sworn, handwritten declaration -- told the court that DeWolf is "neither a friend nor a family member in the true sense of the word ...

I have disinherited him (DeWolf) by name in the various wills I have prepared over the past several years. He is disinherited in my current will; and I intend to disinherit him in future wills. Hubbard informed presiding Superior Court Judge David J. Hennigan that I do not wish to have turned over to the court, or DeWolf, my present will and inter-vivos trust.

In submitting the Hubbard declaration -- authenticated in sworn affidavits by internationally recognized handwriting and fingerprint experts Donald Keir and William Bowman -- attorney of record Barrett S. Litt called the statement "absolutely conclusive and final," according to the Church of Scientology.

Point by point refuting other claims made by his disinherited son, Hubbard said:

He retains complete control of all important matters, including signing my own checks (and other financial documents) and receiving detailed and regular reports from my business manager (Author Services Inc., Los Angeles).

Hubbard deplored as equally ridiculous the idea that Scientologists would steal from me.

Scientologists, he concluded, are my most trusted associates and would never do anything to harm me, much less hold me prisoner or steal from me.

Contrary Facts:

This purported letter from LRH says that ASI reports to him regularly. This conflicts with earlier statements that they did not know his whereabouts and could not contact LRH.

Falsehood by "LRH" saying he trusts Scientologists & they would not steal from him:

The recent purge of church management staff with over 600 declares shows a lack of trust of Scientologists. Also...

LRH ordering DM sec checked by Jesse Prince later in time and Prince finding that Broeker and DM were stealing money from LRH and spending it in Las Vegas. Also..

Why all the sec-checking done in orgs if Scientologists are trusted so much?

21 May
  AP story of 21 May 1983

Gratuituously thrown into an AP story about the Ronald DeWolfe suit:

The Internal Revenue Service claims the Church of Scientology owes $6 million in taxes and penalties for the years 1970 through 1974. The IRS says the sum is due from income not used for church purposes.

01 Jun
  Summer 1983

A new practice called Severe Reality Adjustment (SRA) is flourishing at Gilman Hot Springs. Miscavige embraces and engages in them. The technique consisted of several people ganging up on another person and interrogating and intimidating the person. The person was "shocked" into a different reality. These are also called "gang-bang sec checks." Miscavige did one on Mayo when Mayo had disagreements with management over high prices, SRAs and some other things.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Julie Mayo letter


Quote from Science of Survival -

"The auditor is not trying to cure anything. He is simply raising tone."

The above practice called SRA drives people DOWN tone - so its reverse auditing.

01 Jun
  Summer 1983

In January 1983, the Scientology Church published a list of 611 individuals who had been declared Suppressive. The CMO had overplayed their "ruthless" efficiency. Too many people had been expelled in too short a period of time. It was inevitable that groups of these Suppressives would form an independent Scientology movement.

The new snarling face of management, the price rises and Hubbard's conspicuous absence from public view created a climate in which members questioned the authority of the new Church management, and moved towards splinter groups. The sheer quantity of Suppressive Declares could only assist such a movement. Perhaps a few individuals had been attacking the Church from within, but hundreds of long-term and popular Church members, many of whom had worked with Hubbard for years? It was too much to believe. Many of the new Suppressives had good reputations among Scientologists, not readily destroyed by the vague Declare Orders.

In 1983, a loose independent Scientology network came into being. Letters describing the bizarre events within the Church were written anonymously, or under pen names. Sympathizers would redistribute them. Some Church members receiving such letters would either destroy them, or send them to the Ethics Officer at their local Org, often unread. It was a strange response? It seemed that many Scientologists had been so conditioned to accept the authority of Church publications that they chose to ignore even the most obvious abuses.

There were also tapes. In the summer of 1983, John and Jeanny Hansen visited Gilman Hot Springs, and were startled by its military atmosphere. The Hansens interviewed various key figures of the CMO takeover who had since been excommunicated.

A Los Angeles Field Auditor, Jon Zegel, produced a series of tapes at six-month intervals, explaining the events behind the purge. He released his first tape in August 1983. His excellent sources, grasp of the situation, and persuasive delivery made the tapes important in convincing many Scientologists of the trouble within their Church. The tapes were distributed, copied and recopied almost to the point of inaudibility.

By design, there was very little to connect Hubbard with the new regime, as written communications were signed by the Watchdog Committee or the Religious Technology Center. The speeches had been made by Messengers largely unknown outside top management circles. The familiar faces were gone. Paradoxically, Scientologists' loyalty to Hubbard was a main force in the mass exodus from the Church. Many Scientologists resigned believing that Hubbard was either dead or a captive of the CMO. They were sure the Church had been infiltrated by hostile forces, and that the Tech was being used to intimidate, harass and possibly even brainwash members.

Hundreds resigned, and, with great fervor, set about creating a new Scientology movement beyond the confines of the Church. It was to be a Scientology without "gang sec-checks," without enforced "disconnection" and without mass Suppressive Person declares. It would also be far more affordable.

The CMO was quick to respond to the threat. One of the first splinter groups, the Church of Scio-Logos in Omaha, Nebraska, was soon struggling against a suit brought by the RTC. The group in Kansas City had disappeared without trace. Bent Corydon had managed to keep his Center afloat, despite the defection of most of his staff back to the Church after his decision to splinter in November 1982.

Many members simply retreated from the Church and quietly set up counselling practices, without advertising. If there was to be a movement, it would have to find a focal point. By issuing a torrent of abuse against David Mayo, the Church created such a focal point.

David Mayo had been involved in Scientology since 1957. He had devoted his life to L. Ron Hubbard's Tech, working in the Auckland Org in New Zealand, and joining the Sea Org in January 1968, shortly after its inception. For over ten years, Mayo had held increasingly senior positions in the Church.

When he left the Happy Valley Running Program, in February 1983, he was penniless, homeless, without a job, and ostracized by most of the people he had known and worked with. He joined forces with John Nelson, who had been the first to leave Happy Valley, and they started a tiling business. One of their customers was another of Hubbard's former Personal Staff, Harvey Haber. They inevitably discussed Scientology. Julie Gillespie, Mayo's former assistant, also participated in these long and painful discussions which led to the decision to form a splinter group. In July 1983, the Advanced Ability Center (AAC) of Santa Barbara came into being.

They worked out of Haber's house at first. In the Church, personal auditing from David Mayo would have cost at least $1,000 an hour. After all, he had been Hubbard's own Auditor. The AAC's first client cut the grass in exchange for counselling. To promote their endeavor the group mailed a letter in which Mayo explained his background in Scientology. To their amazement, the letter was picked up and redistributed throughout the world. They began to receive requests for counselling from as far away as South Africa, Britain and Japan. Soon they had their own center, thronged with Independent Scientologists either taking services or demanding an explanation for the perplexing events in Scientology.

The Scientology Church responded swiftly:

Ray Mithoff, Mayo's replacement as Senior Case Supervisor International, wrote his seventeen-page attack "The Story of a Squirrel: David Mayo," which quoted extensively from Hubbard dispatches, and was distributed to the Church' s full mailing list.

To quote from "Story of a Squirrel":

Betrayals like this are not new. And over the past thirty-three years our group has weathered its share of those who sought to infiltrate and sabotage our activities, gaining positions within the Church through deception in order to halt the expansion of Scientology or disrupt its organizational structure.

Quoting from Hubbard, the Directive continued:

"Mayo was the boy they were relying on. He is a very clever fellow in that he could lie to me consistently, convincingly report, this, that or the other thing . . . He directly lied, and was found to be squirreling the simplest process there ever was." Hubbard went on to call Mayo "that Mr. SP Mayo, the darling of the psychs," a "criminal" and "a dramatizing megalomaniac."

Mayo had worked with Hubbard for several years on the as yet unreleased Operating Thetan levels above 0T 7.

In a clumsy attempt to discredit any use by Mayo of these materials, Mithoff said:

"He knows that there are many OT levels above Solo NOTs [OT7] which have been fully researched, and knows that he does NOT have any of the data on these, nor has he ever seen them."

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

13 Jun
  AP story of 13 June 1983

The reclusive Church of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, is neither dead nor mentally incompetent and does not need to appear in court to prove it, a judge ruled Monday. Superior Court Judge David Hennigan rejected a request that Hubbard's oldest son, Ronald DeWolf, be given control of Hubbard's estate and noted that Hubbard has a constitutional right to privacy.

The judge said he was swayed by a declaration which Hubbard declared he was alive and well and in seclusion of my own choosing.

...Hennigan rejected an argument by Cheong that Hubbard's declaration might have been faked.

Cheong said Hubbard's signature looked legitimate, but added: It appears that it was a blank piece of paper that was signed by him, with the words added later.

But Hennigan said the Los Angeles attorney presented insufficient showing ... that Hubbard's affairs are in need of management. Hennigan granted that there is no question that someone is handling the legal and financial affairs for the elusive Hubbard. They may not be handled properly, he said, but they are being handled.



It is also reported elsewhere that DM & ASI hold many blank pieces of paper with LRH's signature on them.

So this is why ASI exists !! It is his literary, business, and personal AGENT.

Ron very well could be dead, incarcerated or mentally incapacitated because?


So, of course they can take a blank piece of paper bearing his signature and type in whatever they want to say. They also have IRS handwriting experts to back it up.

13 Jun
  PR Newswire

Superior Court Judge Hennigan, Church of Scientology officials reported, flatly rejected an attempt by DeWolf's attorneys to challenge a sworn, May 15, 1983, declaration submitted to the court by Hubbard.

In his final ruling today dismissing the case, church officials said Judge Hennigan put special emphasis on what church officials termed the transcendent rights of constitutionally guaranteed privacy, and on the authenticated contents of Hubbard's sworn declaration, in particular the effective handling of his business affairs by Author Services Inc. of Los Angeles, and by Hubbard's personal attorneys.

24 Jun

Civ. A. No. 80-3239. United States District Court, District of Columbia.

Taxpayer brought action under the Freedom of Information Act to compel Internal
Revenue Service to release certain documents claimed by agency to be exempt from disclosure.

I. Plaintiff's FOIA Request
In its original request under FOIA submitted on May 16, 1980, plaintiff sought the release of virtually all materials contained in IRS files nationwide which pertained specifically to the California Church, and to Scientology, in general.

C. Disclosure of Documents From IRS National Office

The Court has examined in camera those portions of each of the eight documents claimed by defendant to be exempt under Exemption 6 and has concluded that the balance of factors clearly weighs in favor of non-disclosure by the defendant.

-- Jul
  David and Julie Mayo are involved in a reform movement which resulted in the forming of the Church of the New Civilization. The Church of the New Civilization started an Advanced Ability Center, wherein they delivered the tech. David Miscavige gets infuriated and orders Mayo's group destroyed by any means possible.

RTC got Bob Mithoff to infiltrate Mayos' group. RTC got Mayo's mailing list and RTC exec Gary Klinger mailed disparaging information to and contacted members of AAC and intimidated and harassed them. Gary Klinger rented the office above AAC and conducting electronic surveillance from there, and reported daily to Miscavige what they overheard.

Black operations against Mayo's group included each time Mayo took a trip abroad, they had him detained by customs on the false data he was smuggling drugs. Mithoff also broke into where the materials were locked up and stole a copy of Mayo's rewritten NOTs materials and it was later used for a lawsuit against him.

Julie Mayo letter
Jesse Prince letters
Jesse Prince tape # 2

Following is a post to the internet by David & Julie Mayo:

Just prior to the Scn spamming, the dirty tricks and criminality that has been done by Miscavige / RTC / Church of Scientology after David Miscavige / RTC took over the Guardian's Office in 1981 were starting to get exposed.

This is a very important area as it affects their tax exempt status and reports that they have made to government agencies such as IRS and Interpol. Miscavige / RTC / CofS have taken the position, and Miscavige has declared, that all the criminality was stopped when Miscavige took over the Guardian's Office and that he kicked out the people that were involved. But in fact that wasn't done. Instead, many of the Guardian's Office personnel who were involved in the criminality were retained and the old Guardian's Office patterns continued under RTC control.

Examples of Guardian's Office personnel retained: Gary Klingler and Kurt Weiland, both formerly members of the Guardian's Office, were retained by RTC and did dirty tricks and missions to disrupt the AAC and to target the Mayos, personally. Kendrick Moxon, one of the unindicted conspirators, was retained as a lawyer by RTC and Church of Scientology in many lawsuits after Miscavige took over RTC and the Guardian's Office. Brian Rubineck, formerly of the Guardian's Office, was used to infiltrate and spy on the IRM and us from 1986 to late 1980's --- well after Miscavige / RTC took over the Guardian's Office. (This had been admitted by RTC / Church of Scientology in that they have used Rubineck's testimony.)

Also admitted by RTC / Church of Scientology: Robert Mithoff, brother of Ray Mithoff, and Sammie (Cynthia) Mithoff (wife of Robert Mithoff), were retained by Church of Scientology / RTC and its lawyers (in particular John Peterson) to infiltrate and spy on
the AAC and David and Julia Mayo between the years 1983-1987. The Mithoffs were paid several thousand dollars per month to do this. Robert Mithoff's code name was "TH", for "Trojan Horse".

During the course of this "infiltration", the Mithoffs misrepresented that they had left the Church of Scientology and were no longer connected with it in any way when they were hired by the Church of the New Civilization / AAC. During the course of their employment and work at the AAC, the Mithoffs stole much proprietary information from the AAC, including: the AAV materials, financial information, names and telephone numbers of parishioners, confidential case notes, personal letters, mailing lists and provided this information to RTC / Church of Scientology and their lawyers. The mailing list was used by RTC / Church of Scientology to send out bulk mailings of hate mail, which was defamatory of AAC staff. After David Miscavige / RTC took over the old Guardian's Office, the Guardian's Office policy concerning retaining professional intelligence agents was continued. Ron Kimball, ex-DEA, was hired around 1984 to do covert ops on former ASI and Church of Scientology staff member, Homer Schomer, whom RTC believed (falsely) to be in association with the CNC and Cooley asserted that in court.

In 1994 a private detective calling himself "John Bertrant" of Boca Raton, Florida called up Mayos' friends, supporters and clients and spread rumors that Mayo had been jailed and other defamatory information. "John Bertrant" told one client of the Mayos that Bertrant had done contract work for the CIA.

We have other information concerning dirty tricks since Guardian's Office take over by Miscavige / RTC in 1981.

David & Julie Mayo


Also, Helena Kobrin is the copyright attorney for the Church and her husband is a "retired" DEA/NSA agent.

Sure are a lot of US Intelligence community types mixed up in all this criminal Fair Game activity that has gone on since the GO was disbanded for crimes. It is a falsehood that the GO was disbanded for crimes because the criminal activities of church Intelligence did not stop.

And what were we saying earlier about the infiltration of Intelligence agent provocateurs INSIDE the church - who then commit criminal acts that provides the AMMUNITION to the agents OUTSIDE the church for black propaganda attacks, which are then followed by Legal attacks?

Are you beginning to see why we said earlier on this time track that RTC is the new GO? It is autonomous and every bit as corrupt as the Guardian's Office was. Actually, RTC is worse than the GO ever was, because the GO never re-wrote LRH's tech, like RTC has. Read on and find out about:


At the bi-weekly ASI meetings David Miscavige would ask Vicki Aznaran and Jesse Prince what they were going to do to put an end to Mayo. A copyright suit was suggested and so Miscavige brought in LRH Personal Secretary Pat Brice to get a briefing on copyright filings. He was disappointed to find that no one was responsible for copyright filings since the Guardian's Office had been re-organized by him.

Jesse Prince is at another ASI meeting. David Miscavige, Lyman Spurlock, Vicki Aznaran, Patricia Brice and Edith Buchele are present. The meeting was about the fact that the copyrights had not been registered and thousands of pages of LRH materials were now public domain. (Note: By law, once in the public domain, it stays there. You can't get it back.)

David Miscavige orders Pat Brice (LRH personal secretary and ASI employee) to begin the process of mass copyright registration for all LRH materials. Pat says it is too late and Miscavige says to do it anyway.

Then Jesse saw Pat Brice come and say 'we can't do this, per the law, we can't even do
this. There's a lot of this stuff we can not do anything with it because it went into the public domain. We have no rights on these things. DM jumped up and screamed at her. I don't care what you have to do, just do it.

In mid 1983 a massive program to register LRH material began. This is the reason most copyright filings have a date of 1983 forward. They knew it was not copyright-able and DM told her to do it anyway. She then proceded to file 1000s of false copyright applications.

After that Pat Brice left the church.

United States District Court for the District of Colorado

RTC vs FACTNet Case No. 95-K-2143
Judge Kane's Memorandum Opinion Nov 4, 1998

Vaughn Young affidavit
Jesse Prince letters
Jesse Prince affidavit
Jesse Prince tape # 6


Here's a tip for you - they tried to get around this by putting LRH HCOBs into tech volumes and then getting a copyright to cover the whole book. But, if you look at the individual HCOBs in the tech volumes, the copyright is missing on each individual one. Know why that is? Because they don't own the copyright on it anymore, it's in the public domain! And it is there to stay, as a judge has already told them in a copyright case you will read about later on this time track.

Jesse says common practice is to take an issue that has fallen into the public domain, change a few lines of it, then get a copyright on their revised edition.


By law the only part that is copyrighted is their change. The part that was in the public domain remains in the public domain and is not copyrighted. And that is the only part we are interested in using anyway. We don't want their re-written parts, they can have them.

Furthermore, by copyright law, they do not own the ideas expressed in the issues. Once published, those are as free as the air and they belong to anybody who wants to use them.

United States District Court for the District of Colorado

RTC vs FACTNet Case No. 95-K-2143
Judge Kane's Memorandum Opinion Nov 4, 1998

Jesse Prince tape # 6
Internet posting regarding copyright law
Internet posting regarding copyright law


When Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health was released, the idea was for people to read the book and co-audit, towards the goal of clearing the planet. Was there any concern about using copyright law to stop them? No. The purpose was to get lots of people co-auditing towards the goal of clearing the planet. Some people audited well and got good results, some didn't. So what? Any auditing is better than no auditing.

Groups formed to teach people to audit better and people who got good results went to improve their auditing skills and people who did not get good results also went to improve their auditing skills. Either way, you got them all coming to you by offering a group they could go to, to learn how to audit better.

One has to wonder - what is their big compulsion to own copyrights on the technology?

It really is not a problem towards the goal of clearing the planet, if that is your goal.

So what if anyone could then open up shop and deliver the tech? That is all towards the goal of clearing the planet.

Altering LRH issues was the wrong solution to this. The correct solution was to get more on source thereby earning the reputation of being the place to go for the best results because you are totally 100% standard in applying pure on-source LRH technology.

You can't say they want the copyrights to prevent squirreling. They don't care about that. They alter the tech and squirrel all day long every day.

They have used copyrights to try and close down splinter groups. Splinter groups are not squirrel groups. This shows their true intentions and why they want copyrights.

They want copyrights on the technology so that they have a monopoly, giving people only one place to go. The benefits to them for people having only one place to go are:

a. Money - they can maximize profits. They can charge as much as they want &
people have to pay it because they have nowhere else to go.
b. Extortion. They can make people do what they say by threatening to deny
them services if they don't comply - because they have nowhere else to go.

c. Abuses. They can make people put up with all manner of abuses - because
they have nowhere else to go.

d. Control. By having a monopoly on delivering the technology they have control over whether or not the planet gets cleared.

Most important, control over whether anyone makes it to OT.

And the last one, control over whether anyone makes it to OT, is the real reason why all this is happening - to prevent it. Want proof? Look at their statistics on making OTs.


In February 2001 Issue 15 of Scientology News announces these two arbitraries:

Before releasing OT 9 and 10

1. Each and every Scientologist must be OT VIII
2. All orgs have to be St. Hill size

The above will NEVER happen - proof of their counter-intention to making OTs.

-- Jul
  UPI story of 8 May 1984

Omar Garrision reaches a settlement with the church...agreeing to abandon the biography and return any documents in his possession.

15 Jul

15 JULY 1986R REVISED 17 JULY 1987
All Orgs and Missions
Public Notice Board
Academy Supers
LRH Comms


On 24 January 1986, L. Ron Hubbard discarded the MEST body he had been using and moved on to higher level OT research. Prior to this he had researched, written up and issued an incredibly vast amount of material on life and the tech of improving conditions, both for individuals and for groups.

The speed that LRH researched and wrote up new discoveries was so great that it surpassed the rate at which it was released and sent out. LRH thus left behind a wealth of as-yet-unissued material. And he also left behind precise and detailed instructions on how it was to be released.

The purpose of this Scientology Policy Directive is to inform you of how these LRH materials will be issued. LRH's provisions for the future release of his materials included seeing to it that a unit was hatted and trained so that it could carry out his instructions to the letter. This unit was established several years ago in the Office of Senior C/S Int in CMO International, and was and is called LRH Technical Research and Compilations (RTRC). Its staff were thoroughly trained and apprenticed by LRH. His intention in doing this was to ensure that he could continue full speed ahead with his research, in complete confidence that the notes and taped dictations made as he progressed could later be competently put into issuable form and made available to his friends whether he was physically present to do the job or not.

The task of LRH Tech Research and Compilations is to compile* LRH material, from his written notes and following his precise instructions, into standardized types of issues. These include HCO Bulletins, HCO Policy Letters, books and course checksheets, depending on what was specified by LRH. Each of these will consist of the exact Source writings, precisely as LRH wrote them up, and issued per his instructions -- and without additives, deletions or interpretations.

The staff in this unit have also been given extensive and extremely detailed instructions for the handling of revisions to existing materials, where, for example, LRH's notes specified revising or modifying a point in an existing issue because of an illegal alteration by others in the past or because of a later discovery LRH had made.

This does not mean that this unit is the "source" of tech material or that it writes or originates anything. It is not there to originate, experiment with or interpret tech or policy. Its sole purpose is to make available existing Source materials with absolutely no alteration, exactly per LRH's directions. There is only one Source of Dianetics and
Scientology tech and policy; there will always be only one Source, and that is L. Ron Hubbard.

Each compilation done by LRH Tech Research and Compilations unit is carefully checked against LRH's writings, to ensure that there is no slightest departure from them and that the purity of the tech is totally protected.

The responsibility for approval of these issues rests with Religious Technology Center.

* compile: To gather and put together (statistics, facts, etc.) in an orderly form. [from Webster's New World Dictionary]

SPD 15.7.86R - 2 -
LRH Tech will continue to be issued in red on white HCO Bulletins. LRH Policy will continue to be issued in green on white HCO Policy Letters. Both these issue types will continue to bear LRH's signature, as they will be assembled directly from his notes and dictation.

HCOBs and HCO PLs that are newly compiled will carry a notation under LRH's name of "Compilation assisted by LRH Technical Research and Compilations". (Reference: HCOB 24 Jan 1977, TECH CORRECTION ROUND-UP)

In instances where LRH notes or instructions require that an existing HCOB or HCO PL be revised or updated, the HCOB or HCO PL will carry a notation under LRH's name of "Revision assisted by LRH Technical Research and Compilations".

There are also some unpublished HCOBs and HCO PLs, fully written in their final form by LRH, which were intended for a later release date. When they are released, the original date will be given along with the date of release. Such issues will be in the usual HCOB or HCO PL format and will not have any "assisted by" notation.

The longstanding rule that "If it isn't in writing from LRH, it's not true" is every bit as valid as it ever was.

Right now there is more than enough tech and policy existing in LRH's HCO PLs, HCOBs, tapes and books to clear this planet and take any person to states higher than he or she ever dreamed were possible. And with the rest of LRH's research writings being issued we will have all of the tech, to take Man to full OT, and all of the administrative
policy, to make the job that much easier.



Wrong Source - Ray Mithoff
Incorrectly included illegal issue (SPDs) -
Omitted Seniority of Issues (SPDs cannot override LRH PLs or HCOBs) -
Altered Sequence = if Ron made RTRC 3 years ago, why wait til he's dead to say so? -
Incorrectly included hidden data line -
Omitted LRH handwritten original authorizing this SPD -
Omitted LRH handwritten originals for what this SPD says -
Omitted LRH handwritten originals for any of their changes -
Falsehood LRH authorized the changes as proven by altered LRH audio tapes- Incorrectly included justification of their High Crimes-
Incorrectly included violation of their corporate charters - CST/RTC
Omitted Application of KSW-
Omitted Comm Ev & Treason assignment for High Crimes of altering tech-
Wrong Target - comm evs on people who apply KSW (to cover up RTC's squirreling)

Ray Mithoff, Snr C/S Int & Staff, RTC, All International Execs


The decision to set up a unit to make alterations to LRH issues comes right after the realization that LRH copyrights had fallen into the public domain. The way they tried to solve that problem is by making alterations to all LRH issues - so they could then say CSI is the author, not LRH - and then get a new copyright on their altered version of the LRH issue. This is a con game wherein they make it appear they own copyrights to LRH issues when in fact they do not.

The original LRH issue that fell into the public domain, by law, remains in the public domain forever. They cannot get it back. The only thing they own a copyright on is their squirrel changes to the LRH issues.

15 Jul
  15 c. July c. 1983

A person whose first name is Janadair is holding the post of HCO Chief CMO Int. She is listed here because her name appears elsewhere in the data, and this is a cross reference. She is one of the terminals over the Celeb Recovery Project at CC Int at this point in time."

Dispatch from HCO Chief CMO Int to Celeb Recovery Pjct. I/C

05 Aug
  PR Newswire August 5, 1983

The Church of Scientology of California announced today it is suing Boston lawyer Michael J. Flynn for $2 million in damages because of false and defamatory statements the attorney allegedly made intentionally and recklessly in order to damage the church.

In a complaint filed today in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, the church charged that Flynn knew he was making a false statement when he claimed that the church had attempted to tamper with his airplane before an October 1979 flight to South Bend, Ind.

20 Aug
  SO ED 2344 The Story Of A Squirrel: David Mayo.

The author of this issue is Ray Mithoff. On page 10 of this issue it accuses Mayo of the following:

"Falsely attributing or falsely representing oneself or others as Source of Scientology or Dianetics technology; or using a position gained with staff and/or public to falsely attribute non-Source material as authorized Scientology or Dianetics technology."

Then, Mithoff conspires with RTC to run a 20 year campaign of altering, deleting and fabricating LRH issues - exactly what he accused Mayo of in this issue.

SO ED 2344 Int

Incorrectly Included criminal mind - accusing others of what it is doing

Ray Mithoff

-- Sep
  Rocky Mountain News September 1983

by Sue Lindsay

Thirty-seven investors, including some who mortgaged their homes to get money, have lost $1.5 million in a Denver scheme that promised a whopping 60 percent in annual interest. Among the big losers was L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of
Scientology, who lost almost half a million dollars.

Hubbard staff member John Busby put $450,000 of L. Ron Hubbard's money - drawn from Hubbard's account in the Bank of Luxembourg - into BRW after Busby saw an ad Martin placed in the Los Angeles Times. He first invested $50,000 last June, then $100,000 in July and $300,000 in September.

-- Sep
  In September 1983, I visited a friend who had been in Scientology for 20 years. She showed me a letter from David Mayo that had just been broadly circulated among Scientologists. Mayo had been the Senior Case Supervisor International, and Hubbard's heir apparent. Mayo had been declared suppressive earlier that year.

Mayo described his background in Scientology from his first involvement in 1957. He had been a staff member from that time, joining the Sea Org in 1968, shortly after its inception. He had been trained by Hubbard personally, and was one of a handful of top- grade Class XII auditors.

From the early 1970s Mayo had supervised Hubbard's own auditing. He had worked with Hubbard on OT 5, 6 and 7 (NOTS and Solo NOTS) and was Hubbard's auditor in 1978. He was one of the very few people privy to the many as yet unreleased OT levels.

Mayo claimed that Hubbard had appointed him his successor in a "long and detailed letter" in April 1982.

Mayo wrote that a group of young Sea Org members had cut his line to Hubbard, who was in seclusion by this time and that "after all my efforts to rectify matters internally, I left in February 1983". He had started an independent Scientology group called the Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara, California.

How could David Mayo, who had worked so closely with Hubbard for so many years, suddenly turn out to be Suppressive? Surely, Hubbard should be pretty good at spotting Suppressives. Why had it taken him twenty years to spot Mayo?

A few days later I received a copy of a Church Executive Directive called The Story of a Squirrel: David Mayo. The story of a squirrel was written by Mayo's replacement, the new Senior Case Supervisor International, Ray Mithoff. It was full of fatuous statements, many of which were attributed to Hubbard:

Mayo was simply a bird-dog. The definition of a bird-dog is: Somebody sent in by the enemy to mess things up. He was sabotaging execs by wrecking their cases.

The next day I phoned John Mace. I listened to tapes and read newsletters and resignations that had been passing from hand to hand in the Scientology world. The tapes were by various Declared Scientologists and described events leading up to an alleged take-over by Miscavige and his cronies. The message was clear. The Church had been taken over. Hubbard was dead or incapacitated. The new rulers were fanatics intent on completely taking over all power within the Church. To do this they had "Declared" hundreds of people suppressive.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

29 Sep
  A year after the Mission Holders' Conference, the Scientology Missions International statistic sheet for the week ending September 29, 1983, shows a sad decline. From $808,435 worldwide in a week, in September 1982, down to $171,356; a seventy-nine percent reduction, and actually less than the earlier combined income of Samuels' five Missions.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Oct
  "Story of a Squirrel" did nothing to contain the move towards independence. Soon after the independent Santa Barbara Center opened, former Mission Holder Eddie Mace set up the first independent Australian Center, and others followed in Denmark and England.

The English group's first public meeting was held in October 1983, with Captain Bill Robertson as the main speaker. Robertson was a former Sea Org Captain, who had been a Hubbard aide at various times since the 1960s. Captain Bill, as he was commonly known, had been declared Suppressive in 1982. Since that time he had been preaching his own elaboration of Hubbard's conspiracy theory.

Along with Hubbard, Robertson was sure that U.S. government agencies had infiltrated Scientology. Robertson further believed that Hubbard was dead, and that the government agencies, using Miscavige as their dupe, had succeeded in their takeover of the Church. Robertson also believed that Hubbard was the embodiment of one "Elron Elray," and had returned to the Mothership of the Galactic Patrol, from whence he was sending telepathic directives to Robertson about the Marcabian invasion of the Earth. At the meeting Robertson made no mention of these peculiar notions, and was successful in galvanizing British Independents into action.

Soon there were independent centers in Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany and Italy. In fact, they sprang up wherever there were Scientology Orgs. Along with this came an increasing availability of information about Hubbard and his organizations, as former Hubbard aides spoke out.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


This group of independents is called Ron's Org and continues to expand even today.

This was the initial meaning of the word freezone - referring to Ron's Org. Later the word freezone is more loosely used to mean any auditing practictioners outside of the formal church.

-- Nov
  The first direct contact between Mayo's group and European Independents came at a meeting in Spain, in November 1983. Harvey Haber arrived late, having been detained and thoroughly searched by Spanish Customs. Someone had told them he was a narcotics dealer. Haber had been a senior Hubbard aide, and had many startling experiences to relate.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

14 Nov
  Sherman Lenske says in 1983 he drafted a Codicil to LRH's 1982 Will and that LRH signed it on 14 November 1983. This document says that Ron's body is to be cremated when he dies and that no autopsy is to be performed. This appears to be another forgery of LRH's signature.

Declaration of Sherman Lenske dated 4 February 1986
Codicil dated 14 Nov 1983

-- Dec
  Former Sea Org executive Robin Scott saw the increasing autocracy of the Church, and made grand plans to save Scientology.

The major obstacle to the continuance of Scientology outside the Church was that the Independents did not have all of the so-called "confidential" materials. They had the OT levels up to NOTs (which was listed as "new OT5"), but not NOTs itself.

So Scott met with Morag Bellmaine and Ron Lawley of the East Grinstead Independent Center, and in December 1983, they mounted their own commando operation. They did not know that David Mayo, who had written the original NOTs materials with Hubbard, was already producing a new version.

The trio travelled to Denmark. During the afternoon Scott went into the Advanced Org in Copenhagen to see if anyone was there who knew either of his partners. Scott pretended to be interested in paying a great deal of money for NOTs auditing, so was treated like royalty, and given a guided tour. He memorized the layout of the building, saw no one he knew, and returned to brief Ron and Morag.

Late that evening, dressed to the gills in Sea Org uniform (and with Bellmaine wearing the wrong cap-badge for her supposed rank), Lawley and Bellmaine walked into the Copenhagen Advanced Organization. They had carefully drilled the dismissive attitude of Sea Org missionaires, and demanded to see the Commanding Officer. He arrived, quivering.

Lawley said they were on mission from the Religious Technology Center, and had come to investigate serious out-tech. Here they had taken a chance as there might have been an RTC mission there already. To their surprise the CO readily admitted to gross out-tech, but said he had sent his Senior Case Supervisor to Florida for retraining, and what more could he do? The bullying missionaires told him what more. He could show them a NOTs pack, because they were sure there was something wrong with the materials, so poor were Copenhagen's results.

The Commanding Officer did not hesitate, rounding up every available NOTs pack, and apologizing that two of his Auditors were still in session with theirs. Lawley and Bellmaine found themselves in a private room, with over thirty NOTs packs. They loaded two into a brief case, and their feet didn't touch the ground until they had left Denmark.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

09 Dec
  Robin Scott walks into the Advanced Org in Denmark, posing as an RTC representative. He asks for and receives a copy of the NOTs materials and walks out with them.

RTC v. Scott, et al, - US District Court for the Central District of California


In addition, others have walked out with all of the OT levels up to OT 8, including other processes such as Super Power and the Ls.

Captain Bill Robertson also formulated OT levels above OT 8, based on earlier LRH issues describing OT processes, making the entire bridge now available in the field.

In case the significance of this event at first escapes you, it means the orgs and the U.S. intelligence community no longer have a monopoly on the OT levels.

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