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(no date) : Scientology
  The Church paid for the third time in 1982. Millions of dollars paid in good faith by Scientologists for the further dissemination of their beliefs went straight into Hubbard's personal accounts, and were used to keep him in luxury, with a million dollar camera collection, silk shirts tailored in Saville Row, and a large personal retinue at his beck and call.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

(no date) : Scientology
  Vicki Aznaran sees David Miscavige hit another Sea Org member, John Axel, in the mouth. She says he also uses photographs of staff members who have fallen into disregard for targets for pistol shooting.

Jesse Prince sees DM hitting Marty Rathbun in the face and body as hard as he could. He saw Miscavige throw two women into the wall, making them cry. These were Terry Gamboa and Marion Bender. He also saw times of guards holding someone by the arms while Miscavige spit in the persons face and punched them in the body. John Ward was one of these. Miscavige did a lot of spitting in people's face.

Vicki Aznaran affidavit
Jesse Prince tape # 3

Incorrectly Included violence and fascism - David Miscavige

(no date) : Scientology
  Late 1982

The core group of Commodore's Messengers had completed their task. When they were first appointed to management at the end of 1979, with the creation of the Watchdog Committee, there were two power groups, linked only through Hubbard. The CMO had to take over both the Guardian's Office and the Sea Org without being allowed to show any evidence that they were following Hubbard's direction.

The Watchdog Committee had gradually asserted control over the everyday management of Scientology Churches. By May 1981, it was strong enough to successfully challenge Mary Sue Hubbard. The GO was in its control by August. Hubbard's Personal Office was absorbed in 1981, with the creation of the Product Development Office International. A purge of long-term Messengers also took place in 1981, with the removal in June of Diane Voegeding, then Commanding Officer of CMO. Her sister, Gale Irwin, replaced her, only to be ousted at the end of the year.

After removing Executive Director International, Bill Franks, that December, John Nelson, the next Commanding Officer of the CMO, lasted six months. By the end of 1981, the Missions had been placed under the control of the new Scientology Missions International.

A purge of Mission Holders began early in 1982 culminating in the San Francisco Mission Holders' Conference that October, where leading Mission Holder Dean Stokes was added to the growing list of excommunicants. Mayo and his staff had been removed in August. By the end of 1982, most of the Sea Org veterans who had held high positions had been declared Suppressive.

The whole restructuring had to be engineered without a single appearance by Hubbard. The CMO had to persuade the management organizations of the Church that they were acting with Hubbard's authority, but with no signed orders from him, nor even orders issued over his name. At the same time, a new management structure had been created through an elaborate series of supposedly separate corporations.

Author Services Incorporated looked after Hubbard's finances, in reality causing millions to be transferred from the Church into his personal accounts. The Religious Technology Center controlled the use of the trademarks. The International Finance Police, part of the new Church of Scientology International, monitored income.

To add insult to injury, the CMO announced monthly price rises starting in January 1983, and distributed a newsletter with extracts from the San Francisco Mission Holders' Conference. Photographs of the uniformed and beribboned speakers glared out ferociously. Most Scientologists had conceived themselves part of a crusade to bring sanity to the world. The savage rhetoric, the aggressive attitude and the perplexing new corporate titles, especially the International Finance Police and their Dictator, did not fit easily into that concept of sanity.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Omitted reflection of the Aims of Scientology in top management -
Incorrectly Included leadership that is ITSELF criminal, insane and at war -

David Miscavige and his top Aides

(no date) : Scientology
  Some Scientologists have given almost forty years of their lives, and enormous sums of money, without attaining any of the promised abilities of the state of Operating Thetan.

After years of claims about the powers of OTs, Hubbard redefined the state in 1982. He said the available OT levels were actually a preparation for real OT levels, which were yet to be released.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Jan : Scientology
  Vicki Aznaran is posted in RTC.

United States District Court Central District Of California, NO. CV 9 1-6426 Hlh (tx); Church Scientology International, Plaintiff, Vs. Steven Fishman And Uwe Geertz, Declaration of Vicki Aznaran

-- Jan : Scientology
  Quoted from David Miscavige:

From the beginning of 1982 until March of 1987, I was Chief Executive Officer and later Chairman of the Board of Author Services, Inc. (ASI), a California corporation which managed the personal, business, and literary affairs of L. Ron Hubbard.

From David Miscavige's Declaration of February 1994

01 Jan : Scientology
  Attorney Sherman Lenske incorporates Religious Technology Center (RTC).

RTC's Articles of Incorporation state:

It is formed by Terri Gamboa, David Mayo, Norman Starkey, Phoebe Maurer, Lyman Spurlock, Julia Watson, and David Miscavige. The corporate affairs shall be regulated by a Board of 7 persons who shall be designated Trustees, which Board shall have and exercise all powers given to "Directors" by California nonprofit corporate law.

This corporation is organized and shall be operated for the primary purpose of ensuring and maintaining the purity and integrity of the religion of Scientology by acting as a vehicle for guaranteeing the ethical propagation, worship, and administration of the religious faith, doctrines and practice of Scientology, to regulate and conduct religious services for its congregation, to foster and enhance the spiritual welfare of the followers of Scientology, to espouse such evidence of the Supreme Being and human spirit as may be knowable to man and by their use to bring greater tranquility, order and survival to man in the external world, and to propagate and disseminate the Church Creed in accordance with the religious faith of Scientology as laid down by the Founder, LRH and as set forth in the by- laws.

Article VII:

b) The corporation is to have power and authority of a head organization, to create
subordinate corporations, to issue charters to such subordinate corporations and have the articles of subordinate corporations require the dissolution of such subordinate corporations whenever the charter issued by this corporation is taken away from it. Also, the assets of the subordinate corporation go to RTC upon dissolution of the subordinate corporation.

RTC Articles of Incorporation


Miscavige is a Trustee of RTC, giving him the power to appoint and remove

Miscavige maintains absolute control over all officers and board members of RTC by possessing undated, signed resignations of each member.

RTC licenses all other Scientology organizations to sell Dianetics and Scientology.
This gives it command control over every Scientology corporation and Scientologist, (except the later formed Church of Spiritual Technology).


In an affidavit dated 17 Feb 1994, David Miscavige says the following about RTC:

RTC is not part of Church management, nor is it involved in the daily affairs of various Church of Scientology organizations. RTC exists to see that Dianetics and Scientology technology is safeguarded, is in good hands, and is properly used. RTC was formed with the specific purpose of seeing that the religion of Scientology was kept pure and true to the source materials of the religion.

The authority of RTC stems from the ownership of the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology. In brief, RTC's maintenance of these trademarks is threefold:

    li>ensuring that when something is represented as Dianetics or Scientology, that it actually is.
  1. Seeing that any organization representing itself as Dianetics or Scientology, while actually being something different, is prevented from doing so.
  2. Seeing that anyone offering Scientology, but calling it something else, is prevented from doing so.

As Chairman of the Board he is interested in the standard application of the Scripture of Scientology as detailed in HCOP/Ls and HCOBs and the spoken words of LRH in tapes and films. He inspects and corrects departures from the standard application of the Scripture of the religion. I also ensure that any attempted perversion of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology is rapidly dealt with, to keep the religion pure so that all people may benefit from the application of Mr. Hubbard's breakthroughs in the fields of the mind, spirit and life.

He also oversees the affairs of RTC in its function of verifying that the source writings of the religion are kept pure. This specifically includes the verification that the materials representing themselves as being Dianetics and Scientology are in fact that, and that they honestly reflect the source writings of the religion by L. Ron Hubbard.


As you will see on this time track, this shows he is Treason on his post. He has betrayed the trust of LRH and all Scientologists by allowing the re-writing and altering of a vast majority of LRH's tech in books, HCOBs and tapes.

Also, what he doesn't say is that this is how he controls all of Scientology. If they don't do what he wants, he will pull their license to use Dianetics and Scientology materials. Lyman Spurlock arranged for RTC to have contracts with every single corporation that uses Hubbard and Scientology trademarks and copyrights in any way. The real purpose of these contracts was to have a legal means to collect money from these entities and to put anyone out of business who refused to tow the line dictated by LRH or his successors.

The purpose of RTC was ostensibly to hold the trademarks in the event of Ron's death.

What actually was accomplished is that the entire church and all Scientologists came under the authority of RTC by virtue of the fact that one's authority to use the trademarks could be removed at any time by this group. This essentially put David Miscavige not only in charge of the entire church but in charge of every single Scientologist. He could simply come down on any Scientologist that he chose to at will.

There was some concern that the trademarks would pass into the public domain because LRH had been claiming that he had been off management lines since 1966. Therefore, he had not been in the position where he was responsible for and controlling the trademarks for the last 16 years.

The church attorneys were terrified that these trademarks would eventually be lost and so RTC was a necessity. (Sounds like Sherman Lenske advised the creation of RTC. More bad legal advice to the Hubbards?)

In fact, of course, what was really going on was that Miscavige was individuating himself from the church because he feared that the church management structure would eventually find a way to remove him. And by setting up RTC and putting himself outside the reach of the church, he assured himself of a position that would be irrevocable.

Zegel Tape No. 2
Jesse Prince affidavit
Stacy Young affidavit
David Miscavige affidavit 15 Oct 1999
Jesse Prince tape # 2
California State - Secretary of State corporate records

United States District Court for the Central District of California
Church of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman Case No. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx)
David Miscavige affidavit 17 Feb 1994

Omitted Document - RTC By-Laws

-- Feb : Scientology
  Vaughn Young is invited by Miscavige to join "Special Project" to head up the PR section. The idea was forwarded to LRH who approved Vaughn's appointment in mid-February. Vaughn was then informed that "Special Project" (and Miscavige was Special Project i/c) was in reality ASI but they could not admit it yet.

ASI was formed as a for-profit corporation on the guise that it was Hubbard's literary agency. While it had that function, its actual function was to be LRH's contact point back into the Scientology organization.

The staff of ASI reported to LRH and LRH issued orders to the staff, which they then issued down into the organization, thus making ASI the senior entitity in the Scientology hierarchy. This did not come easy because LRH was prevented from saying that ASI was his replacement for Flag because that would have defeated the entire purpose and linked him back to the non-profit churches. So, there was considerable arm-twisting and threats and demotions as Miscavige and ASI consolidated its power over the very Sea Org units that had been in control.

All ASI staff had to write a weekly report to LRH. Miscavige repeatedly rejected their reports, until they were perfectly worded to appear that Miscavige had everything fully under control. No one could send anything to LRH without being edited by Miscavige. This meant that LRH effectively did not know what was really going on from 1981 until his death.

It was during this time until Ron's death, that Miscavige began systematically replacing LRH as the head of Scientology.

Because ASI was at the top of the Scientology empire, it was often the site of meetings with various officers from different Scientology organizations. They had come to learn that ASI staff were now Hubbard's personal representatives and spoke for him so the ASI boardroom became the site of clandestine meetings of various corporations so LRH's orders could be issued. Of course, this was all quite illegal since ASI was a for-profit corporation and we were issuing orders to non-profit entities. They had simply replaced the earlier structure and disregarded corporate lines as they had always disregarded corporate lines. The difference was that the power was no longer distributed between the GO and the SO but held in one place: Miscavige and the ASI he controlled.

ASI was the site of meetings (often chaired by Miscavige) that directed legal strategies, telling different corporations and their attorneys what to do, what to sell and how much money should come to ASI, which was then funneled into Hubbard's personal accounts. If anyone disagreed they were removed and replaced with someone who complied.

Throughout this period LRH issued his orders as "advices", rather than "orders", and attempts were made to make him a "consultant". In truth, LRH was fully in command as much as he had been when he was on the ship Apollo. Miscavige was in charge of ASI and he had assumed the title of Chairman of the Board of ASI so he could claim that he was not the Executive Director or an officer of ASI. This was done to give him an "arm's length" protection, just like LRH, to avoid any litigation. But, titles aside, there was never any question in the minds of the Scientology hierarchy who was in charge, Miscavige.

Vaughn Young affidavit

Stacy Young affidavit

Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, State of Florida
Case No. 97-01235 - Jesse Prince affidavit - dated August 1999


There are two possibilities here:

1. This is a takeover and LRH knew nothing of all this or was forced to accept it.
2. LRH directed the whole re-organization and approved of it.

23 Feb : Scientology
  Scientology Policy Directive (SPD) #1 is issued, establishing this type of illegal issue.

High Crime Report of 18 December 1995 by Chris Evans

Wrong Source - whoever started this type of issue
Incorrectly included covert hidden data/policy line - whoever started this type of issue
Wrong target - people who are unaware of this hidden line and follow overt policy

-- Mar : Scientology
  Between March and November 1982, LRH, Pat Broeker, David Miscavige, Lyman Spurlock and others illegally transfer over 30 million dollars of Church of Scientology funds to the bank accounts of ASI and LRH in Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. These transfers are based on exaggerated billings by ASI to the Churches of Scientology.

Attorney Sherman Lenske represents ASI, RTC, CST, and LRH in the fraudulent transfer of money, property and assets from various Scientology corporations to LRH personally. Lenske also acted as the probate attorney who prepared wills and trusts on behalf of LRH.

In violation of their charters, the Board of Directors of each Scientology corporation were illegally controlled by LRH, Broeker, David Miscavige and ASI. The goal of this management technique, was to optimize LRH's personal income in violation of prohibition against personal inurement imposed on institutions seeking tax exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3). This management maze permits money to be shifted among entities to hide their profit-making reality and to avoid taxes and judgements.

These funds were then within the estate of LRH so they came to be in the possession, custody and control of Norman Starkey, executor of LRH's estate. It is alleged these funds were then illegally seized and stolen by David Miscavige in a fraud perpetrated on LRH's heirs.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Graham Berry letter to Monique Yingling

13 Mar : Scientology
  The organizational restructuring of Scientology continued apace through 1982. On January 1, the Religious Technology Center (RTC) was incorporated. RTC took over the trademarks of Dianetics and Scientology. David Mayo's signature is on the incorporation papers, but he claims that the terms were altered after he signed. David Miscavige was another of the seven signatories.

It was a hasty attempt to divide the sinking ship of the Church of Scientology of California into watertight compartments.

The CMO, acting on Hubbard's instructions, attacked the mutinous Mission Holders. Those readmitted during the 1981 conferences were once again declared Suppressive, and others were added to the list. Several previously untouched Mission Holders were also declared Suppressive, Brown McKee among them. McKee had broken one of the great taboos by making his complaints against Scientology public, speaking to the press and to the Clearwater Commissioners.

Hubbard was in the habit of issuing a "Ron's Journal" to the faithful at New Year and on his birthday. On March 13, 1982, Scientologists who were attending birthday parties at Orgs and Missions the world over heard Ron's Journal 34. It was called "The Future of Scientology," and concentrated on supposed religious persecution:

Time and again since 1950, the vested interests which pretend to run the world, for their own appetites and profit, have mounted full-scale attacks. With a running dog press and slavish government agencies the forces of evil have launched their lies and sought, by whatever twisted means, to check and destroy Scientology. What is being decided in this arena is whether mankind has a chance to go free or be smashed and tortured as an abject subject of the power elite.

Hubbard claimed that attacks upon Scientology were doomed to fail because its opponents are "mad monkeys." The issue also hinted at some current catastrophe, saying "The last enemy attack is winding down." It was Hubbard's way of expressing approval for the small group of new rulers.

Having taken over the Guardian's Office, and consigned "mutinous" Mission Holders to the outer darkness, the CMO began an internal purge. Long-term Messengers were "off- loaded." So savage was the purge that CMO Int's own staff dwindled to less than twenty.

David Miscavige resigned from the Sea Organization to become Chairman of the Board at Author Services Incorporated. The directors of a large share of Hubbard's ballooning personal fortune could not be seen to be members of the very organization which would continue to enlarge that fortune. However, Miscavige maintained his tight control of the Church. ASI was staffed solely with top Sea Org staff who had been allowed to resign their billion-year contracts to join. Only those at Gilman knew that ASI was actually the controlling group. This superiority was demonstrated when ASI staff arrived and started issuing orders even to the Watchdog Committee.

Five of the seven incorporators of the non-profit Religious Technology Center became ASI staff. ASI is a for-profit corporation, which derives most of its income from the Scientology organizations controlled by the RTC.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Apr : Scientology
  Stacy (Brooks) Young is made Organizing Officer for Author Services, Inc. (ASI), working directly under COB ASI, David Miscavige.

United States District Court, Central District of California, #CV-6426-HLH (Tx); Church of Scientology International v. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz; Declaration Of Stacy Brooks Young October 1994.

-- Apr : Scientology
  April c. 1982

David Miscavige comes up with idea for "Special Properties." According to Vaughn Young, it was an idea dreamed up to recoup losses that had been incurred by DM while investing LRH's money.

U. S. District Court, Central District Of California; Case No. Cv 91 6426 Hlh (tx);
Church Of Scientology International, Plaintiff vs Steven Fishman And Uwe Geertz
Declaration of Vaughn Young; Date: April 4, 1994

-- Apr : Scientology
  In April 1982, David Mayo received a long dispatch from Hubbard, copies of which were circulated to CMO executives. Stating that he anticipated his own demise within the next five years, Hubbard gave the "Tech hats" to Mayo for twenty to twenty-five years. This would give Hubbard time to "find a new body," grow up and resume his Scientological responsibilities.

Giving Mayo the "Tech hats" meant that Mayo would decide what was "Standard" Scientology, and what was "non-Standard" or "squirrel" Scientology. Mayo would be the final arbiter of Hubbard's "Technology" of the human mind and spirit. This appeared to be a position of tremendous power, because Mayo could not be removed.

On Hubbard's orders, Mayo set about creating yet another corporation for his Office of the Senior Case Supervisor International. His twenty to twenty-five year posting was shorter even than Executive Director Bill Franks' posting "for life." Mayo had only a few months left.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Contrary Facts -
This letter and the OT 8 briefing where Ron says he will come back as a politican.

-- Apr : Scientology
PRESS RELEASE (Issued in 1997)


A chronological investigative analysis of once-classified intelligence reports, corporate papers, copyright and trademark records, court documents, and other public records has exposed a massive and pervasive co-ordination of the Executive and Judicial Branches in order to effect a cover-up, since at least 1972, of copyrighted Scientology technologies being illegally utilized in United States strategic intelligence. The study shows that the cover-up has reached all the way to the Oval Office.

The timeline of events documents that an employee of the National Security Agency (NSA), Dr. Harold Puthoff, infiltrated Scientology, completed its confidential upper-level courses, and almost immediately secured a top-secret contract with the Central Intelligence Agency to set up the CIA-initiated "remote-viewing" intelligence program. The evidence is that the program secretly utilized Scientology techniques-- intellectual property of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard-without Hubbard's or any Scientology organization's knowledge or permission, and without compensation.

The study also shows that Scientology's Guardian's Office (GO)--headed by Hubbard's wife Mary Sue--had province over the intellectual properties being illegally used by the federal government. The GO became embroiled in protracted litigation, via the churches, of numerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suits against NSA, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Department of Defense, the Secret Service, and other Executive Branch departments and agencies.

The FOIA suits sought the release of documents related to Scientology and to L. Ron Hubbard that were known to exist, but were being withheld by the federal intelligence agencies and the Defense Department, among others, on grounds of NATIONAL SECURITY.

One ruling against the Scientologists even went so far as to justify withholding of documents about Scientology on the grounds that the Director of CIA is "responsible for protecting intelligence sources AND METHODS from unauthorized disclosure. Neither Hubbard, his wife, nor the Guardian's Office knew the exact nature of the documents, nor about Hubbard's copyrighted materials being illegally used by the federal intelligence agencies.

Scientology's FOIA suits spanned the very time when the top-secret Scientology-based remote viewing program and budget were not only being expanded, but were being utilized by the Department of Defense, the President's National Security Council (NSC), and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But the documents being sought by the Guardian's Office were never released; the FBI raided the church's offices in July of 1977, and the federal government filed criminal charges accusing Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office of "criminal spying"--a strange irony.

The sensational case resulted in Mary Sue Hubbard and 10 Guardian's Office co- defendants being sentenced to jail without a trial by federal Judge Charles R. Richey, which led to the ultimate disbanding of Scientology's Guardian's Office. This opened the way for a new senior corporation, "Church of Spiritual Technology" (CST), doing business as the L. Ron Hubbard Library. It was set up in 1982--right after the Supreme Court had upheld Mary Sue Hubbard's conviction--for the express purpose of gaining receivership and control of L. Ron Hubbard's copyrights. But it was in the founding of this corporation that the first hint of the cover-up by the federal government lay buried.

that Meade Emory--former Assistant to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and former Legislation Attorney, Joint Committee on Taxation--had been a co- founder of CST, Scientology's most senior corporation. That corporation now controls the copyrights for all of L. Ron Hubbard's intellectual properties, once valued at close to $100 million. CST also enjoys ultimate authority over all Scientology-related trademarks, including even the name L. Ron Hubbard.

But the discovery of Emory, a non-Scientologist, in such an unusual position raised red flags, since Emory's involvement in setting up the corporation had been hidden for fifteen years. Then it was learned that Emory had been Assistant to Commissioner of IRS Donald C. Alexander from 1975 through 1977. Strangely, those were the very years that an IRS employee, Gerald Wolfe, was supposedly a Scientology "double agent" guilty of numerous thefts of IRS documents for Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office--leading to the arrests and convictions.

Other oddities also surfaced:

1. According to a U.S. Claims Court ruling, none of the founders of CST but one had any religious connection with Scientology. They were non-Scientologist tax and probate attorneys.
2. The October 1993 IRS tax-exemption for CST was granted in a then-secret Closing Agreement only after a final round-up of every intellectual property ever produced by L. Ron Hubbard had been completed.
3. On November 29, 1993, scarcely two months after CST had been granted tax exemption by IRS in a secret Closing Agreement, all 7,730 of L. Ron Hubbard{s copyrights were quietly transferred to CST.

PRF's original press release and supporting documents about Meade Emory's ties to CST were sent to major newspapers--including the Wall Street Journal--and to Senator William V. Roth, Jr., Finance Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation. Within 15 days the secret agreement between IRS and CST, et al. was leaked to Wall Street Journal, who never ran the story on Emory.

But the IRS Closing Agreement, once released, revealed that it had been the final step in the United States government's 20-year campaign to secretly get L. Ron Hubbard's copyrighted technologies and techniques--being illegally used by federal agencies in strategic intelligence--firmly under secret federal government control. Putting the copyrights in a 501(c)(3) corporation bypassed the separation clause of the Constitution, because CST, despite its name, is not a church.

So certain was the IRS that the secret agreement would never be exposed that it included a "Continued Conspiracy Clause," requiring all signatories to agree in collusion to protect Meade Emory and all other "current or former" employees of IRS and the United States government against any and all claims of their having been involved in a "continued conspiracy." Yet it was just such a "continued conspiracy" that apparently had brought the secret Closing Agreement into being.

The federal government further secured its position by secretly setting up an illegal and unconstitutional "Church Tax Compliance Committee" to enforce Treasury regulations on the structure and function of the various Scientology organizations, including permanent installations of "Tax Compliance Officers" in each organization.

Senator Roth's inaction on the Executive Summary regarding Meade Emory's involvement with the creation of Scientology's most senior corporation has now raised questions whether the Legislative Branch has been involved in the cover-up as well.


The GO filed FOIA suits on the various Intelligence agencies - CIA, NSA, etc.

The US Intelligence community defended the cases on the basis of NATIONAL SECURITY. Judge Richey ruled in favor of the Intelligence community in each case, agreeing that the church could not have the files on the grounds of NATIONAL SECURITY.

When these FOIA cases were filed, Scientology OTs Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price are all being AGENTS for the CIA, NSA, etc. practicing and teaching RemoteViewing, a euphemistic word for PSYCHIC SPYING and PSYCHIC WARFARE.

Know what the NATIONAL SECURITY issue was?


Remember the plant caught by Mike McClaughry - Major Bruce Rothwell?

Rothwell said that Scientology was considered to be a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT
because of the "remote viewing" research work at SRI. The US Intelligence community feared that OTs could learn government secrets by doing "psychic spying" AND that OTs could influence the guidance system on nuclear weapons with their thought - also proven by experiments at SRI.

So, we have the data that the US Intelligence community considers Scientology OTs to be a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT because they figure OTs could wage psychic warfare on them. So, the Global Enslavers and the US Intelligence community both have a MOTIVE for preventing any OTs being made.

Then, the same judge Richey is manipulated into being the judge for MSH and the other GO Execs and he convicts them and they go to jail. While MSH is in jail and LRH is "in hiding" with all comm to or from LRH going through David Miscavige - the Church of Spiritual Technology is incorporated to take over all of the copyrights.

Miscavige, the man who muscled his way into power, is the notary on LRH wills.

Then, RTC proceeds to massively alter LRH issues and CST does nothing about it. This violates both RTC's and CST's articles of incorporation to keep LRH as source.

Also, OT 7 and OT 8 are wildly squirreled by RTC and no Theta Clears or OTs are ever produced by the church. Flag cannot do anything about the squirreling because RTC will pull their license if they do not comply with RTC orders.

A further stop on making OTs is effected by introducing two arbitraries:

Before releasing OT 9 and 10 -

1. EACH AND EVERY Scientologist must complete OT VIII and
2. ALL orgs have to be Saint Hill size. (Announced in Scientology News Issue 15)

That will NEVER happen. So, the making of OTs is at a total stop. The bridge to spiritual freedom inside the church is now a DEAD END. No beings will go free in the church.

Gee, I wonder why RTC/CST is destroying the tech and not making any OTs?


And what is the US Intelligence community willing to do in the interest of NATIONAL
SECURITY? Especially when it is psych-infested, Nazi connected, Head Global Enslavers connected - as in the case of JFK assassination, etc. Would it be so bold as to infiltrate and take over a church? As the CIA did with ALL other groups in the US that it saw as a THREAT? And murder its leaders, like they did to the Black Panthers, etc?

What about the CIA bringing street drugs into the US to finance its intelligence operations as exposed in the San Jose Mercury? What about CIA assassinations overseas and within the US? What about CIA's mind control programs? What about CIA's Nazi origins and connections to International Bankers? What is the relation to other Presidential assassination attempts by "lone nuts" and the CIA's mind control program?

Such a group would never consider taking over a church and murdering or incarcerating or mentally incapacitating its leader - would they? No, they're too moral for that.

According to a post by Alan Walters- he and Pat Price developed this "Remote Viewing and
Remote Influencing" tech in 1968 - just before Price took off and began doing psychic spy work for the CIA, etc.!

Here is what Alan said:

Pat Price and I began remote viewing in 1968. We spent roughly 350 hours training ourselves. Much of what Pat and I did was over the phone. We would set each other targets and debug each other. Pat was in the GO in those days....B1 I believe.

The one ability that most do not want to talk about is Remote Commanding. LRH, MSH, Bob Thomas, Jane Kember, Yvonne, Alex Sybersky, myself and our top crews had these abilities. If Scott takes a look at the period in LA in the early 70's he will observe a Remote Command Team in Operation. They were powerful!

Posted by Alan Walters to COSinvestigations on 7/16/00


So say the Intelligence agents of the Global Enslavers who try to debunk all of this.

RIGHT. Who do they think they're kidding?

So, who were these guys working for? Did they report to and work with the GO and refuse to be agents for the government? NO. They worked for the government and continued to research and teach and practice RV for the CIA, NSA, etc. It was their job! Their loyalty is to the government, not the church. They are and ALWAYS WERE government agents, not Scientologists! They worked for the US Intelligence community before ever setting foot inside a church, not just afterwards.


And, mind control machines have been developed for use in PSYCHIC WARFARE.
Alan called it Remote Controling when developing it with Pat Price in 1968. Its also called Remote Influencing. Machines are being used to amplify same.

When coupled with or being done by a machine - ITS ALSO CALLED IMPLANTING!

- - - - -


It is a Theta Trap because there is an apparency that one can go OT in the Church.

It is just BAIT with a HIDDEN HOOK in it. No one will go OT in the Church while the current
management is in control.

In 2000 the Church announced they were creating a machine for use in the new Super Power building. The machine is supposed to "enhance perceptions". RTC missionaires have also mentioned being connected with aliens. Also, what LRH issue authorizes any such machine?

And we are supposed to trust them with this new machine that "enhances perception"? What COVERT device will be placed in THAT machine?

Yea, while getting "perceptions enhanced" one is at the same time getting IMPLANTED with microwaves that restimulate case. That's lovely. You have got be nuts to trust these guys.

What about the RE-CYCLING of NOTS case, as in Black NOTS? Who are the Black NOTS auditors who do this? Black NOTs is not just "reverse auditing" - it is practicing Psychic Warfare. WHO does that? The CIA? Aliens?

The era of Psychic Warfare and Psychotronics is upon us.

Just follow the yellow brick road to Flag - where the man behind the curtain with a psychotronics machine will do all kinds of magical things for you.


The treasonous top management is guilty of destroying the group, its technology and its
end product of freed beings. They were not appointed by LRH - they took over by fraud and by using force.

So, these people running the church - they are not Scientologists.

Who do they work for?

Well, who BENEFITS from what they are doing? The Enslavers do.

That's who they work for.



Some OT 7's, through no fault of the management who tried their hardest to prevent it,

get enough case gain to openly challenge RTC's squirreling of the tech. They have enough return of their integrity and self-determinism to walk out.

As Scientologists wake up to top Church management and depart the formal church - they are descended upon by various vultures and Intelligence agents outside of the Church who want to complete the job of preventing them from going free.

There are hardcore critics who peddle hatred and lies about the Church, LRH and Scientology tech - these see no good to any of it - and their product is for you to entirely lose the purpose of using Scientology tech to gain spiritual freedom.

Intelligence agents of the Enslavers have also infiltrated the "Freezone" and created groups to handle those Scientologists who still have an interest in Scientology tech and spiritual freedom.

Some of these are Theta Traps also offering BAIT with a HIDDEN HOOK in it.

The BAIT is similar to the church's bait. They offer some workable techniques for spiritual advancement. But the HIDDEN HOOK is also the same as the church - you do not GET OUT OF JAIL.

The Global Enslavers are buying time towards their end of complete secular and spiritual enslavement of mankind. Once a One-World Government is in place, they will use mind control technology to the fullest to make mankind completely subservient to them.

For the time being, the Global Enslavers are perfectly happy with human beings making more pleasant prisoner living conditions for themselves - but only as long as they remain in jail while doing so. All this apparent spiritual advancement is an ILLUSION that earth- bound spiritual beings are getting somewhere.

Because, ALL of that apparent spiritual gain will be wiped out when the Global Enslavers gain complete political control of the planet and utilize their super-advanced mind control technology to throw all of humanity into a super slave state. At that point you can kiss all human and spiritual freedoms good bye.

LRH said it best in this quote from History of Man:

"The auditor has made what we are calling a MEST Clear, a good, sane, rational MEST being about a skyscraper higher than Homo sapiens. But in that Homo sapiens is a pretty horrible thing to be, this isn't good enough, not nearly good enough. This Homo novis is limited in his self-determinism by all the economic and social restrictions of an aberrated society. He is not free of food, clothing or shelter.

Compared to Homo sapiens, Homo novis is very high and godlike. Compared to a truly self- determined being, Homo novis is an ant ready to die under anybody's misstep. The possession of a MEST body is a liability, for through that body the being can be given pain, can be regimented by the routine demands of eating and care from harm until at the very, very highest he can be but a puppet dancing to the spin of some unthinking planet under the strong glare of a remote and careless sun. Under these conditions a being, burdened with the care and liability of a body, made uncertain by an unknowingness, bows to strange and non-existent gods, resorts to terrible make-shifts in lieu of justice, cringes before the mightier bomb, the sharper blade.

You can, at your own choice, go on living with and processing this composite known as Homo sapiens and create Homo novis. And you are condemning a preclear to the dwindling spiral - for the theta being, as part of the composite, decays fast and soon dies forever in the rigid apathy of MEST.

The main thing wrong with any preclear is that he cannot disentangle himself from entitities... and MEST bodies. The only reason why a person becomes aberrated about other people is that he cannot distinguish between himself and others. Identification of the real "I" is the sure cure for identification of self with others and others with others. A theta being can be de-aberrated by ridding him of his chains of facsimiles and restoring to him his knowledge of identity. The identity of a theta being is not based on his memory of events but on an actual knowledge of identity.

A theta being can enjoy existence and emotional impact... His activities lie above 8.0 on the tone scale. He is very high aesthetically and devotes most of his time to aesthetics."

Commentary Note:

And so, those in the "freezone" who would only make happier prisoners of us by improving living conditions in our earthly jail - are in fact working for the Global Enslavers, whether they realize it or not.

The actual purpose of Scientology is to FREE beings from their earthly spiritual prison.

The agents of the Global Enslavers work day and night to make earth-bound spiritual beings LOSE SIGHT of THAT purpose and product. Thus, groups in the "freezone" that do that, are actually betraying spiritual beings by allowing them to live in the ILLUSION of temporary bliss from ignorance of the plans of the Global Enslavers.

And, that describes the HIDDEN HOOK of such groups in the "freezone".

It is as if a man is standing on a railroad track with his back to an oncoming train. The kind and decent thing to do is to tell the man to turn around and notice the train coming his way so he can step off of the track and avoid being clobbered.

There are those in the freezone who do the mean thing. They nay-say that there is any Global conspiracy to enslave man and get the man on the track to NOT LOOK - which is to say practice NOT-ISNESS towards the plans of the Global Enslavers.

Well, the fact of the matter is the train is heading on down the track - right at us.

It isn't the train of freedom, either.

We are doing the kind and decent thing by getting men to LOOK and SEE and ACT.

We also remind him to not forget the ACTUAL goal of Scientology - FREE BEINGS.

So, the price of freedom applies even more in the "freezone" and one needs to enter it with his eyes wide open. The price of freedom = constant alertness and willingness to fight back. If you end up in another Theta Trap in the freezone or if you fall for the hatred and lies of the black propaganda campaign of Intelligence agents - and consequently lose your initial purpose of going free - then the Enslavers have won. They beat you.

The Global Enslaver's Intelligence agents in the freezone promote the false idea that LRH
was purely a bad guy. This is a wrong WHY. It leaves way too much unexplained.

Need to look wider.

The government took over Scientology explains more, but not everything.

Need to look wider.

Well, hell, let's back up into space and take a look at planet earth. What is this place and what is the whole scene here, anyway? Oh, its a prison planet. And we are the prisoners. And we have a jailor. That explains everything, not just Scientology management.

Now what was it that Scientology was supposed to do? Make happy little prisoners out of us, so we can more fully enjoy being a prisoner in our jail? Uhhhh - no. Who would oppose us getting out of jail - our jailors? Let's try this theory on for size....

Sooner or later all Scientologists end up at Flag. So we make that Theta Trap/Implant Station Number 1. Nobody gets out of jail here.

Now some enlightened individuals realize it's a Theta Trap/Implant Station and leave.


The ESCAPEES fall into two categories:

1. ARC broke with the whole subject. NO PROBLEM.
2. ARC broke with Implant Station # 1, but not the SUBJECT = PROBLEM.

ESCAPEE number 2 above, still has hope of getting out of jail. Enters freezone.


Product of Theta Trap number 2 in freezone =
improve prisoners life so he is more happy about conditions in jail but he is totally turned off to the SUBJECT of Scientology and he has forgotten his original GOAL to no longer be a prisoner.

Whether Theta Trap number 2 is being done by KNOWING AGENTS of our jailor or by UNKNOWING DUPE AGENTS of our jailor, makes little difference, as long as the result is the same:




In addition to Theta Traps in the "freezone" there are also those who engage in RECYCLING of NOTs case and who practice Psychic Warfare using psychotronics. Groups engaged in those activities are Implant Station number 2 in the freezone.


The bridge to Theta Clear and OT still exists. It just has a CURVE in the road.

Those who do not see the CURVE in the road and continue straight ahead inside the church, will not make OT. Those who do see the curve in the road and take it into the freezone, have to realize it is a perilous turn that must be properly negotiated or you end up not making OT that way.

In the early 1980s there was an offshoot outside of the church, establishing the entire bridge outside of the church. This was Ron's Org. Current data indicates this has been infiltrated and taken over. Those who took over have been busy sabotaging that tech too.

Despite all of the above there is still good news. The Theta Group now exists as the last bastion of On-Source auditors. Ron founded the group. Its primary task is to ensure that the product of Free Spiritual Beings is realized on Earth. So, there are still some decent Scientologists outside of the Church who actually do have the purpose of making FREE spiritual beings by making Theta Clears and OTs -and with these you can accomplish your goals.


15 Apr : Scientology
  David Miscavige orders payment of $250,000.00 to set up US District Judge Ben Krentzman in a black operation to frame him with drugs and prostitutes. A private investigator, Dick Bast, secured a yacht and attempted to lure the judge on board in order to film him under compromising circumstances. The judge declined the invitation.

At the same time David Miscavige orders thousands of dollars be given to attorney Dan Warren in Daytona, Florida to pay off State Circuit Judge James Durden who was sitting as Justice on a Scientology case.

Los Angeles Times January 1, 1987


This article is about a suit brought by 400 former church execs:

In April 1982, the suit alleges, Miscavige ordered the payment of $250,000 to set up and frame United States District Judge Ben Krentzman in a scheme to compromise him with drugs and prostitutes. It similarly contends that thousands of dollars were ordered spent to pay off Florida State Circuit Judge James Durden, then presiding over a Scientology case.

The San Diego Union-Tribune January 1, 1987

19 Apr : Scientology
  The Associated Press; April 19, 1982,

Court Leaves Intact Conviction of Scientology Official

The Supreme Court today left intact the conviction of Mary Sue Hubbard, the No. 2 official of the controversial Church of Scientology, stemming from an alleged plot to steal government documents. The court, without comment, turned aside objections to the conspiracy convictions of Ms. Hubbard and Duke Snider, another church official.

The government said it voluntarily returned 40 percent of the documents seized in the Los Angeles search, and offered to return nearly 80 percent of the documents seized from the Washington office of the church. Evidence found in the search in Washington was not used in the criminal prosecution. Evidence seized in the Los Angeles raid was used to prosecute the church members.

-- May : Scientology
  The town of Clearwater, Florida was increasingly worried by the Scientology presence. The St. Petersburg Times had won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of Guardian's Office dirty tricks. The courts had made the documentation used in the GO case available; the St. Petersburg Times, and Clearwater's own Sun newspaper, had publicized several Guardian's Office operations. The Clearwater City Commissioners, headed by a new mayor, approached Michael Flynn, by now an expert on Scientology, to help them in their investigation of Scientology.

Public Hearings were held in Clearwater in May 1982. Flynn was to present witnesses and evidence regarding Scientology for a week, and then the Church would be given the same time for its reply. Religious issues were not in question. The City Commissioner James Berfield opened the Hearings with a statement of intent:

The purpose of these public hearings is to investigate alleged violation of criminal and civil laws, and the alleged violation of fundamental rights by the Church of Scientology, an organization which now conducts extensive activities within our city. The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether there is a need for legislation to correct the alleged violations. It is not our purpose to interfere with any of the beliefs, doctrines, tenets, or activities of Scientology which arguably fall within the ambit of religious belief or activity in the broadest legal interpretation. It is not our purpose to conduct a witch hunt and receive testimony, documents, or any other type of evidence which is not reasonably related to significant, vital areas of municipal concern.

The Clearwater Hearings were locally televised. Scientologists were warned not to watch them. Eddie Waiters, who had been a Class VIII Auditor and Case Supervisor, and a member of the Las Vegas GO, set the stage with a broad account of Scientology and its underhanded dealings. Then Hubbard's estranged son, Nibs, took the stand. He painted his father as a complete con-man, a sinister black magician whose philosophy resulted from horrendous drug abuse.

Casey Kelly had been Director of Income at the Flag Land Base. He testified that income there had averaged $400-500,000 per week. In a good week they could take $1 million. Kelly spoke of a time when Church staff were forbidden to have children because there was insufficient room in the Flag Land Base nursery. Former Messengers have said that children were completely prohibited at Gilman Hot Springs as well. Abortions were common.

The Hartwells talked about their bizarre experiences making movies with Hubbard in the California desert.

George Meister told of the tragic death of his daughter aboard the Apollo in 1971, and the disgraceful treatment he received thereafter.

Lavenda van Schaik, Flynn's first Scientology litigant, claimed that her Confessional folders had been "culled," and a list of her deepest secrets sent to the press. She was persistently harassed by the Guardian's Office, whose Op against her was codenamed "Shake and Bake."

Scott Mayer was on Scientology staff for twelve years. Mayer left Scientology in 1976. Two years later, he was still a GO target, staying more or less in hiding. He eventually decided to find out just how serious the GO was. Mayer let it be known that he was staying at a certain address, and left his car parked outside. It was Christmas Eve, 1978. The car was blown up. Although he could not substantiate anything about the attack, he decided the Guardian's Office meant business, and stayed in hiding. Mayer's resolve to act was strengthened, and he became a consultant to the IRS in their ongoing litigation against Scientology.

Mayer had worked on confidential operations for Scientology, among them an elaborate smuggling system which used a series of five fictitious companies to courier money out of America. Couriers were carefully trained, told exactly what to say if apprehended, and sent out with double-wrapped packages. The inner wrapper was labelled with the true destination. He also talked about blackmailing a potential defector into silence, using information from the person's Scientology Confessional auditing.

Probably Mayer's most heartbreaking assignment was the maintenance of a ranch for Sea Org children in Mexico. They were called the "Cadet Org": Children were routinely transported from Los Angeles to the Mexican base and berthed and housed there . . . so that their mothers and fathers could get on with their business within the Church. It was cheaper to ship the kids to Mexico than to provide acceptable housing in L.A. The ranch was not a safe environment for children: Bandits were coming in at night and they were stealing grain and they were stealing saddles and whatever wasn't tied down.

Bandits were not the only problem the children faced in Mexico. There were scorpions, snakes and poisonous spiders. Because the Sea Org is run on a shoestring budget, it took Mayer some time to resolve this intolerable situation. He did so not by appealing to his superior's compassion, but by pointing out what bad public relations a death would cause. He took a jar of scorpions with him to emphasize his point.

Before journalist Paulette Cooper took the stand, a former Scientology agent who had stolen Cooper's medical records testified. He also talked about another agent placed in a cleaning company so he could steal files from a Boston attorney's office. He gave this picture of the B-1 cell he worked in:

We used code names and our reports were written in code names. . . . The letters that were written in the smear campaigns - the typewriters were stolen and usually used just for a short time .... Everything was done with plastic gloves so that there wouldn't be any fingerprints.

He was a case officer for Scientology agents who had infiltrated the Attorney General's Office, the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. Each week these people would file reports... it was very difficult for a public person in Boston to make a complaint about the Church and have it go anywhere. We had all the bases covered.

Paulette Cooper then testified about the effects of being on the receiving end of the Church's harrassive tactics. The Scientologists had just filed their eighteenth law suit against her:

There has also been some other harassment in the past six months or so: continued calls to me, calls to my family. The Scientologists find out what the person's "buttons" [sensitive spots] are, as they put it, and the way to get to them. And they know that a way to get to me is to harass my parents . . .

They've put out libelous publications about me; they've sent letters saying that I was soon to be imprisoned... attempts have been made to put me in prison. They've sent false reports about me to the Justice Department, the District Attorney's Office, the IRS.

After her first article on Scientology, in 1968, Cooper received a flood of death threats and smear letters; her phone was bugged; lawsuits were filed against her; attempts were made to break into her apartment; and she was framed for a bomb threat.

At one point Cooper moved, and her cousin Joy, of rather similar appearance, took over her old apartment. Soon afterwards, before the cousin had even changed the name plate on the door, someone called with flowers:

When Joy opened the door to get these flowers, he unwrapped the gun... he took the gun and he put it at Joy's temple and he cocked the gun, and we don't know whether it misfired, whether it was a scare technique... somehow the gun did not go off... he started choking her, and she was able to break away and she started to scream. And the person ran away.

Many of the 300 tenants in the new apartment building were sent copies of a smear letter, saying that Paulette Cooper had venereal disease and sexually molested children.

To answer the bomb threat charges brought falsely by Scientology, Cooper had to find a $5,000 advance to retain an attorney. She appeared before the grand jury, and truthfully denied the allegations throughout. She was indicted not only for making the threats, but also for perjury! She faced the possibility of a fifteen-year jail sentence.

Her career as a free-lance journalist was in jeopardy: What editor is ever going to give an assignment to someone who's been indicted or convicted for sending bomb threats to someone they've opposed?

Cooper developed insomnia, sleeping for only two to four hours a night, and wandered around in a daze of exhaustion. At this point, she met Jerry Levin, who took pity on her terrible situation. At last she had a friend and confidant who would listen to everything. And having listened, she later discovered, Levin would file his report with the Guardian's Office. After the GO trial in 1979, Levin's reports were made public. Jerry Levin was also known as Don Alverzo, one of the Washington burglars. Paulette Cooper was Fair Game; in Hubbard's words she could be "tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed."

It took over two years for the bomb threat charges against Cooper to be dropped. She was completely exonerated after the FBI found the GO Orders for the Ops against her. By that time her book, The Scandal of Scientology, had long been out of print. The Guardian's Office had even imported small quantities into foreign countries, so they could obtain injunctions against its distribution. Copies were stolen from libraries and bought up from used book shops, then destroyed.

Cooper's final point to the Clearwater Commission was the insistence that Scientology incessantly claims to have reformed itself, to have expelled the bad elements. She had heard such claims in 1968. We are still hearing them now. They have never been true. The Scientologists expel another scapegoat, make a great show that the culprit has been removed, and then replace him with someone who will repeat the offending behavior.

Flynn's last witness was former Mission Holder Brown McKee, who a few months earlier had been a major voice at the Flag Mission Holders' conference. After twenty-four years of membership, having trained to a high level as an Auditor, and having done the vaunted OT levels, Brown McKee took a surprisingly short time to put Scientology in perspective:

After this meeting in December 1981, we went back to Connecticut with the firm conviction that there was no interest within this Church for reform. The dirty tricks, the Guardian's Office operations, and that type of thing, which they had told us were all a matter of the past, we found out were not a matter of the past .... I've been a minister of the Church for some sixteen years, and I really took it seriously. I've married people, I've buried them, and to me it was a duty and an honor. And to find out what my Church had been doing - it's a little hard on me.

On May 10, 1982, the Scientologists were scheduled to start presenting witnesses to rebut the earlier testimony to the Clearwater City Commission. Instead their lawyer questioned the legality of the proceedings, and, quite typically, tried to impugn Flynn's character.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- May : Scientology
  In May 1982, Miscavige and the rest of the staff of Special Project moved to a suite of offices on Sunset Boulevard and adopted the corporate mantle of ASI. Miscavige appointed himself COB of ASI. This title was for consumption by the general public. Miscavige continued to identify himself as Special Project Ops in correspondence with church personnel.

Miscavige appointed Terri Gamboa Executive Director of ASI. He gave Norman Starkey the title Legal Affairs Director. Lyman Spurlock became Corporate Affairs Director. Miscavige gave Robert Vaughn Young the title Public Affairs Director, and...Miscavige assigned (Stacy Young) the job of Organizing Officer ...

United States District Court, Central District of California, #CV-6426-HLH (Tx);
Church of Scientology International v. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz;
Declaration Of Stacy Brooks Young 13 October 1994

-- May : Scientology
  LRH executes a new will, a mere few days after the corporate restructuring had taken place. He names Pat Broeker as Executor. (However, in the 1986 last minute will, the day before his death, Norman Starkey is named as Executor).

According to a 29 June 1992 United States Claims Court document (CST vs. United States), as part of LRH's estate planning, LRH made 3 gifts to Scientology. The first two were inter vivos, and a third was testamentary. All three transfers were made, or in the case of the will, designated, in May 1982.

First, LRH gave use of the Advanced Technology and religious marks to RTC. These Scientology religious marks include the terms Dianetics and Scientology and Mr. Hubbard's name, initials and signature. RTC is charged with the duty to oversee lower-ranking churches to ensure they practice Scientology in an orthodox manner. RTC gave CSI a license to use the marks with any Scientology services sold by CSI on condition that CSI recognize RTC as the final word on matters of theological orthodoxy. As required by Mr Hubbard's gifts, RTC delegates rights to use the Advanced Technology and religious marks to qualified churches in the ecclesiastical hierarchy and then supervises their activities to ensure compliance with Scriptural requirements. In exchange for use of the marks, churches that minister the Advanced Technology pay RTC six percent of the contributions they receive.

Although orthodoxy is not clearly defined in the records, the court notes it has at least the result of requiring all churches to buy materials licensed through CSI, the current mother church. All of LRH's works are copyrighted with formal licensing arrangements made between LRH and the distributing churches.

LRH's gift to RTC was conditioned on RTC obtaining exemption under I.R.C. @ 501 (c)(3). Thus far, RTC has been found non-exempt by the Commissioner.

CST was created in 1982 in order to receive the second gift. LRH gave CST two options over the marks and technology which he had given to RTC. The first option is to take control of the trademarks on published LRH works and the insignia of various organizations. The second option is over the Advanced Technology. CST has the option, exercisable at its sole discretion, to take over use and authority of the Advanced Technology from RTC if RTC allows their use in an unorthodox manner.

The third gift was designated in LRH's will of 1982. In it, CST was made the conditional beneficiary of the remainder interest of LRH's personal estate, after certain bequests to family members. The CST bequest included the copyrights to LRH' Scientology works, and certain limited rights over the marks and technology that he had retained at the time of his gift to RTC. It also included all of LRH's non-Scientology works of fiction which continue to produce royalties.

The publishing rights and copyrights alone carry with them the rights to receive the substantial royalties which flow from sales of Scientology books and tapes to the public. These rights will provide CST with a sizeable annual income, but only if it achieves tax exempt status. These assets have not yet been distributed to CST, and they are accumulation income as part of the residual estate, which is being held by a pour-over trust.

The following copyrighted materials were included in LRH's bequest to CST: a) HCO Policy Letters; b) HCO Bulletins; c) Miscellaneous directives and orders concerning ecclesiastical matters; d) Tapes of lectures on Scientology and the rendering of Scientology services; e) Instructional films on Scientology.

As part of LRH's estate planning, CST was founded in 1982 by Lyman Spurlock, Meade Emory, Leon Misterek and Sherman Lenske.

One of CST's specific duties, unique among Scientology churches, is to create and maintain an archive of scriptures for future generations. The other stated purpose behind CST was to provide LRH, then still living, with a depository for the bulk of his testamentary estate, as explained above. CST's founders wanted to accomplish "the creation of an organization to which Mr. Hubbard would be willing to (and did) bequeath the bulk of his estate, and most importantly his copyrights and patents (which include copyrights to scriptures of the religion and patents on the E-Meter)."

The four Special Directors, with the exception of Spurlock, are non-Scientologists. They must be lawyers to ensure that CST takes no action to jeopardize its tax exempt status. The General Directors and staff of CST must be Sea Org members in good standing. The Trustees are required to have been Scientologists for at least 8 years and must be highly trained in Scientology. They must be actively involved in giving and receiving Scientology services and train for 12 and half hours per week.

Three of the four Trustees worked previously for Church of Scientology of California which was dismantled in 1981. Terri Gamboa is a Trustee of CST. She was at the same time a Director, the President, and a shareholder of Author Services, Inc. Greg Wilhere, a Trustee of CST, was formerly an employee of the Founding Church of Scientology, CSC, and the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization.

Marion Meisler is a Trustee of CST. She was at the same time an employee of ASI. Lyman Spurlock is President of CST, one of its Directors, and one of its Trustees. He is also a Trustee of RTC. As Trustee, Spurlock has the authority to elect and remove Directors who run RTC. Thus Spurlock has the ability to influence RTC's activities.

Dan Przybylski is Vice President of CST and one of its Directors. He has been an employee of CSC, CSI, and RTC. Leo Johnson is Secretary and Nancy O'Meara is Treasurer of CST.

CST is in the process of archiving Scientology scriptures. It has purchased several large
parcels of land. Its administrative offices and main preservation facility is in San Bernardino, California. There is a 6,000 square foot preservation building and another facility will be built to house original Scientology scriptures.

CST has purchased other sites for storage facilities. CST has archive sites in Northern California and New Mexico and has plans to acquire additional sites. Vault construction in New Mexico was begun in 1986 after construction of staff living quarters, access roads and water supply. Underground tunnels are being dug at the New Mexico site. Vault construction at San Bernardino and Northern California is predicted to cost over 5 million.

CST intends to preserve Scientology scriptures in all of the forms in which they currently exist, printed page, taped lecture and films. CST is also involved in developing new E- Meter technology.

The stages of archiving are elaborate. First, CST must obtain the original Scientology work. Originals have been found in the possession of individuals in many different countries. In most cases, the possessors of the documents donated them to CST for preservation. CST also obtains originals from RTC.

There are 42 LRH films and over 6500 original audio tapes to be archived. CSI is to provide a transcript of each tape to CST.

United States Claim Court - Case No. 581-88T
Church of Spiritual Technology vs United States


In the two most important entries of the time Track, there is mention of forgery. The first was giving RTC the power, and now this one about the will signed the day before LRH died. Both documents were notorized by DM. Both documents are pivotal in the development of current Scientology control.

05 May : Scientology
  Ronald DeWolf, 47, is the second of two witnesses at the opening session of a series of hearings being conducted by the Clearwater, Florida city commission into the operation of the church.

Ed Walters, a 44-year-old "former high-ranking church member who works at a Nevada casino," is the first witness, and tells the commission he helped burglarize buildings in Las Vegas, to help gain personal information about church members that the church used to insure members would never leave, and said church members frequently planted illegal drugs on their enemies and then turned them in to police.

City officials say the hearings are a prelude to passage of ordinances to control charitable solicitations and for consumer protection. (A charitable solicitations ordinance could force the Scientologists to provide financial records they have so far refused to reveal.)

10 May : Scientology
  From a document containing signature of L. Ron Hubbard [which has been ruled by one expert as a forgery], notarized by David Miscavige:

"NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, said L. Ron Hubbard does hereby assign unto said Religious Technology Center all of his rights, title and interest in and to the above-identified marks, registrations and applications for registrations, together with all goodwill symbolized by the marks."

In this, L. Ron Hubbard allegedly signs the agreement which, as far as can be understood, licenses the trademarks to RTC, and gives the U.S. rights to the Advanced Technology to RTC. The Notary Public for LRH's signing is David Miscavige. [See also entry for 16 May, when the document is executed on behalf of RTC by then-President of RTC, Stephen Marlowe.

Several sources; reproduction of document posted on the Internet;
also, book: Religion, Inc.

Contrary Facts -

How can Miscavige notarize LRH's signature when in DM's affidavits he says he did not know LRH's whereabouts and no one except the Broekers had personal contact with Ron?


Lone Ranger post to COSinvestigations:

The document I saw in Jon Zegal's office was some dude who did some handwriting analysis for the supreme court. There were 4 signatures on the document turning over control of the trademarks to RTC. The report stated that 2 folks had done 2 signatures, and that the notary had done the other 2. The notary was David Miscavige. The dude had been given copies of known LRH signatures from old letters and books to compare with.

Jon also hired a voice analysis (at either UCLA or USC) who was supplied with LRH lectures from different time periods. He said "The Proof" tape was not LRH either, with a very detailed report of differences in speech patterns, breathing patterns, even went so far as to correctly ID places LRH had lived that influenced his inflections etc, and a report on same of the imitator on the Proof tape.

Additional Note:

In case you missed the significance of the above - it says that MISCAVIGE SIGNED FOR LRH AND AS THE NOTARY. The expert handwriting analysis said that the handwriting of the notary, was the same handwriting that signed for LRH in the document.

Note: See 15 June 1982 for a look at the forged signature

Omitted PERSONAL SIGNATURE of LRH in trademark assignment to RTC -
False notary attestation that he witnessed LRH signing in person -

David Miscavige

10 May : Scientology
  In 1982 Sherman Lenske assists in drafting a new pour-over will for LRH. Lenske says LRH signed it on this date.

Declaration of Sherman Lenske dated 4 February 1986

10 May : Scientology
  LRH purportedly signs a new Will. It is witnessed by Pat and Annie Broeker. He names Pat Broeker as executor. The Will says the Authors Family Trust has been established on this date and that document is part of the Will.

The 1982 Will

Important Note:
There is no mention of copyrights in this Will.

Omitted Document - The Authors Family Trust document

16 May : Scientology
  LRH allegedly gives the marks of the Scientology religion to a newly formed church, Religious Technology Center (RTC)

Book: "What Is Scientology," 1993 version, paperback, page 265.

16 May : Scientology
  RTC representatives sign the assignment agreement in which LRH assigns the U.S. rights to the Advanced technology. As explained in the Lenske and Steven Marlowe declarations, the document is countersigned by RTC representatives Steven and Laura Marlowe on May 16, 1982. It is then that Marlowe writes in "the May 16 entry on the first page."

Objections to April 1, 1997 order of Magistrate Judge regarding deposition of David
Miscavige, April 18, 1997 by Thomas R. Hogan and Attorneys for Plaintiffs, in RTC, et. al vs. Ehrlich;

also, Various Sources; Quote from Sherman Lenske's Declaration taken from FACTnet April 1997 Points and Authorities in The United States District Court for the District of Colorado, Civil Action No. 95-K-2143, RTC t. al vs. Factnet


In no case is any of the COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP of these rights transferred.

According to Sherman Lenske: "As one part of Mr. Hubbard's estate planning, he directed that his U.S. rights to the Advanced Technology, exclusive of copyrights, be conveyed to RTC at that time [referring to the time of the May 16, 1982 Assignment] and the remainder [of LICENSED rights to the Advanced Technology] would be transferred to RTC following his death. See also entry for 30 November 1988.

26 May : Scientology
  A suppressive person declaration declares Bill Robertson and several others, including Alex Sibersky. Bill Robertson's crime is dealing with the O.T. materials in creating something called the Galactic Patrol and using the O.T. materials primarily overseas.

Denver testimony of Robert Vaughn Young, 21st day of September, 1995



What follows is a short synopsis of the true events leading up to the present judicial proceedings which are in progress in Spain. They have been brought against the Church of Scientology International, Dianetics, Narconon, RTC and other Scientological
organizations, their agents and responsible executives.

The beginning of the summary of the criminal proceedings in Spain date to approximately early 1982. At that time the ex- Commanding Officer for Iberia, Per Gardstrom was apparently "arrested" as he arrived in Madrid airport from Copenhagen. He was detained by three plainclothes officers.

Lurking nearby was a woman, Montserrat Aguilera, at that time the President of the local Scientology organization in Spain and head of OSA in that country. With her was Kurt Weiland, her senior in the OSA for Europe at that time and until recently, head of OSA Internationally. Gardstrom had arrived in Spain to deliver certain information to the Spanish authorities. This concerned the alleged illegal exportation of money from Spain by the sect to their European bank accounts.

Friends of Gardstrom who expected his arrival were witness to his arrest. They quickly attempted to contact the Spanish police in order to learn why he had been detained and to assist in his release. They contacted the various police agencies, the Guardia Civil, and even obtained the help of the Swedish consulate in Madrid in their efforts to locate him and to obtain his release. Later that day they were shocked to find that Gardstrom had in fact NOT been arrested by any Spanish police agency whatsoever!

It was therefore assumed possible that he had been kidnapped, and the police followed up on this possibility by opening an investigation into his disappearance.

The following day, Gardstrom called his friends in Spain. He told them that after having been interrogated by police officers at the airport he had been summarily deported from that country as "persona non grata".

However, the Spanish police, after investigating his arrival and departure, ascertained , by checking their arrival and departure cards and by interrogating the airline crews, that Gardstrom had boarded the following flight back to Copenhagen, together with Kurt Weiland, next to whom he was seated. His arrest" had been a farce perpetrated by the OSA, the purpose of which had been to frighten the people who were expecting him.

The result was an opened police investigation that would, 14 years later, result in the criminal proceeding now under way.

An amazing win for Kurt Weiland whose "bright idea" began the almost decade long investigation.

Some years earlier, following Hubbard's apparent disappearance from the sect, thousands of its former members were expelled in a years-long "purge" of its dedicated and long-time militants.

One of the victims of this purge was Hubbard's "Second Deputy Commodore," William Robertson, known within the Sea Organization as "Captain Bill". Pursued by agents of the sect, declared as a "Suppressive Person" by their "justice" system and fearing for his life, he had made his way to Spain where he shortly founded, along with 18 others, the Iglesia Universal de Sienciologia in Spain, an alternative which he projected for those who had been expelled from the sect but wished to continue to study or apply Hubbard's philosophy, while not agreeing with the sect's so called "ethics" policies.

This incorporation, although completely legal and guaranteed as a right under the Spanish Constitution, was not considered as such by the power hungry young usurpers known at that time as the "Watchdog Committee", made up of members of the CMO who had taken over control of the sect, headed by David Miscavige and, at that time, Pat and Annie Broeker. Their response to this action was a more than decade long conspiracy to undermine and destroy the aspirations of the dissenters to obtain their own religious freedom. The sect would do this regardless of the methods employed, regardless of the legality of their actions.

Shortly following the creation of the Iglesia Universal de Cienciologia, one of the members of this dissident group was jailed in Germany due to false charges brought against her by the local Scientology organization. The arrest was arranged to take place in the middle of a peaceful meeting of ex-Scientologists in the city of Munich. The arrest took place on a Saturday evening, so that she would have to spend the whole weekend in jail before being able to obtain release by the judge the following Monday. This was one of Kurt Weiland's successes.

The following week, Pedro Lerma, known as "Petrus", of Madrid, Spain, another of the founding members of the Iglesia Universal de Cienciologia of Spain and who had, on his own, created a center for drug rehabilitation and who had refused to permit his center to be taken over by the new masters of the sect found himself jailed on false charges and sent to the prison at Carabanchel. Days later, after much difficulty on the part of his family and friends to raise funds, he was released pending trial. He would live for almost 6 years under the threat of prison, until his case came to be viewed and sentenced in 1990. He was defiled in the press and on the media by agents of the sect.

When the case was tried, he was exonerated of all charges, the falsity of which pointed directly to the operatives of the sect in Spain. The sentence was handed down by the 16th Section of the Provincial Audience of Madrid in October of that year, Sentence No. 639. Among the many data proven in this trial, the sentence includes findings about the motivations of Scientology which are surprisingly anomalous to the friendly, "public relations" appearance given by the PR experts of the sect:

".... which is none other than that of "making money and making more money", and to which end they put into practice graft, extortion, kidnappings and sequester, theft and robbery of documents, falsifications, larceny, false accusations and denouncements, obstruction of justice, defrauding of the public treasury, Social Security and a countless list of unlimited illicit activities from which we should not exclude espionage ......"

This was another of Kurt Weiland's successes.

The judge who had been duped into having Lerma falsely imprisoned was D. Jose Maria Vazquez Honrubia. This judge wasn't to readily forget their misuse of justice as the sect would later realize.

Weiland couldn't help but telephone to Robertson in Germany to tell him how he had had Lerma jailed in Spain. And he let him know that John Caban, one of the dissidents assisting Robertson in Spain, would have a surprise waiting for him when he returned to
that country.

Before returning to Spain, they contacted with Per Gardstrom, who had been removed from his position in the sect in Spain, and who had been forced to do hard labor in sect's "Rehabilitation Projects Force" as their psychological reorientation camps were called (redefinition of terms).

After the arrest perpetrated in Munich, Gardstrom offered to take documents to Spain which he wished to present to the authorities there. He alleged that these documents would demonstrate the illicit removal of moneys from Spain during the time that he was in command of the organizations there.

About a week later, the infamous "Madrid Airport Incident" took place and the sect's troubles in Spain began.

It was again a great success of Mr. Weiland, who then came to the US to participate in the harrassment of David Mayo in California.

After the incident at the Madrid airport, detectives hired by the sect continued in their unconstitutional persecution of the Spanish dissidents. The sole purpose was to attempt to find or to fabricate some charges with which they could put one of the dissidents in jail.

During this time and in the following years the sect continued to promise undeliverable states to unsuspecting victims, especially those who had children who were addicted to drugs in some form. This would later come to be known when over 100 individuals presented formal accusations against the sect for some sort or other of fraud. It was found that these people had not come forward previously due to fear of reprisals from the sect.

Of the over 100 accusations filed in the case against the Scientology organizations and their responsible executives, more than 50 were for theft or larceny. There were approximately 20 accusations of sub-standard sanitary conditions in their Narconons. About 15 persons filed accusations of having received threats of one kind or another from the sect. The accusations of coercion numbered almost 20. The accusations found within this case include, moreover, those of false arrest or false accusation, slander, theft with intimidation, professional intrusion, evasion of capital as well as crimes against fundamental and constitutional rights of individuals and the right to privacy.

In 1988, numerous members of the sect, along with the president of the International Church of Scientology were arrested. After their interrogation, those deemed as responsible under the laws of Spain were arraigned. Since Spanish law contemplates the ultimate responsibility of the directors and executives of an organization for the crimes which could be committed by agents and members of that organization, Heber Jentszch and other leading members of the officialdom of the sect were charged, and most were released on bail.

Jentszch obtained his release apparently by the intervention of Jessica Parcell, long time member of the sect, who remembered an influential Spanish boyfriend from her youth after being contacted by the special operations group working on obtaining Jentszch's release.

During the next couple of years, the sect began contacting the individuals who had formulated accusations against them, in most instances reaching some sort of economic agreement with each, and requiring that these individuals retract their accusations. Approximately 33 of these retractions admitted doing so because of an economic settlement of some sort, constituting a most obvious admission of guilt on the part of the sect that the charges brought against them by these individuals were true.

Despite their efforts to submerge the courts in paper and to dissuade the multitude of litigants from continuing with their accusations, the course of justice continued on.

Attempts to illegally investigate the judges and others present in the case were doomed as well to failure, the judicial police having caught the detectives and attorneys of the sect "inflagrante" while they were conducting an illegal investigation into the private and personal lives of their "enemies".

In the fall of 1988, Caban, one of the plaintiffs present in the Scientology case, was attacked by three alleged "ex-Scientologists" outside his place of work. The attackers, now awaiting trial for attempted homicide, were Alberto Suarez and another individual, who had connections to the International Justice Chief of Scientology, and Montserrat Aguilera, OSA operative in Spain.

The Scientologists, having played all their tricks, have found that they will go to trial after all.

Their buildings in Madrid are up for sale.

Post to alt.religion.scientology on 12 Nov 1995 by

False solution - criminal fascist Fair Game tactics -
Incorrectly Included solutions that result in destroying the church -
Incorrectly Included effort to maintain a monopoly by eliminating competitors -
Incorrectly Included effort to deny others civil liberties to practice their religion -
Omitted Application of the Creed of the Church -
Omitted Application of the Aims of Scientology -

RTC and OSA Execs

28 May : Scientology
  Attorney Sherman Lenske incorporates Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) dba L. Ron Hubbard Library.

The articles of incorporation state:

Specifically its purpose is to espouse, present, propagate, practice, ensure, and maintain the purity and integrity of the religion of Scientology, as the same has been developed and may be further developed by LRH to the end that any person wishing to, and participating in Scientology may derive the greatest possible good of the spiritual awareness of his Beingness, Doingness and Knowingness.

Its purpose is to protect and preserve the religion of Scientology through establishment of religious scholarship funds, museums, librarys and such other institutions which will ensure the benefits of Scientology to future generations. More particularly, the corporation is formed for the accomplishment, without limitation, of the following more specific purposes:

a. To serve as a means of promulgating, preserving and administering the religious faith of Scientology throughout the world.

Church of Spiritual Technology Articles of Incorporation
Church of Spiritual Technology By-Laws


Lyman Spurlock directed the creation of all the Scientology new corporations in 1981 & 82. He is one of the four co-founders of CST and he is the only Scientologist among them.

CST is unique in that it is the only Scientology corporation known to have "Special Directors". It is a secret who these people are.

The reason why nobody knows who these "Special Directors" are, has to do with California corporate law and IRS codes. In California, only members of a religious corporation can have access to the corporate records that name the special directors, trustees, directors and officers. And the CST was set up specifically to have no members. So it was the founders of CST who made sure that the identities of the people running it would be forever protected.

At the top of the CST corporate structure are the "Special Directors". The command line:

Special Directors - they have the power to elect and remove the Trustees
Trustees - they have the power to elect and remove the Board of Directors
Board of Directors - they have the power to elect and remove the Officers

A 1992 United States Claims Court case says Sherman Lenske is one of the "Special Directors". His brother Stephen Lenske and law partner Lawrence Heller are also.

The same Court case says that there are 4 co-founders for CST:

Sherman Lenske, Meade Emory, Leon Misterek - all tax attorneys & non-Scientologists
Lyman Spurlock - a CPA who is a Sea Org member

Sherman Lenske:

He was instrumental in the corporate restructuring of all of Scientology. He also drafted the new last minute will that LRH allegedly signed the day before his death, giving all of the copyrights to CST. Because of this CST has control over RTC, ASI, CSI and all Scientology entities.

Meade Emory:

He was Assistant to the Commissioner of the IRS from 1975-1977. This was when Gerald Wolfe was caught stealing IRS documents for the Guardian's Office. As a result, the FBI raided, leading to the overthrow of MSH and dissolution of the Guardian's Office, by David Miscavige. Then, less than a year later, Emory is a co-founder of CST. And, CST ends up in control of everything that MSH and the Guardian's Office previously controlled.

Lyman Spurlock:

He is the only co-founder who is a Scientologist. As a co-founder, he apparently appointed himself as one of the Trustees. Then as a Trustee he elected himself as a Director and then as President (corporate officer). Later, in 1996 he also holds the post of Tax Compliance Officer in RTC. (Per the secret agreement that Miscavige made with the IRS in 1993 - this makes him an IRS agent too.)

Leon Misterek:

Little is known about this Seattle attorney. The only comment he would give about being a CST co-founder was that he did it when he was a law partner with Meade Emory.

How CST grabbed the copyrights:

The day before his death, LRH's will is changed, handing over control of his estate to
Norman Starkey. Starkey's duties mainly concern transferring about 8,000 copyrighted titles that were left in trust by LRH, first into Author's Family Trust-B, then to CST.

After Ron's death, Norman Starkey gathers up every LRH copyright in sight for the next 7 years. Then, on 29 November 1993, right after Miscavige made the secret agreement with the IRS, he transfers them to CST.

Through a complex series of assignments and agreements, CST owns all of the copyrights to all works by LRH and all "based on the works of LRH" or "derived from the works of LRH". In addition to owning and licensing all copyrights, it possesses the right to seize all Dianetic and Scientology trademarks and all of Scientology's Advanced Technology.

"CST has the power to dismantle RTC by taking over the religious trademarks and use of the Advanced Technology, thereby gaining direct control over all Scientology Organizations..." Church of Spiritual Technology v. United States, 26b CL Ct.713 afff.991 F.2d (sic) (1992).

Thus, CST has ultimate power over the entire domain of all Scientology-related entities, including RTC.

Jesse Prince says that the attorneys, Lenske and Heller, are also key players. If you talk about somebody that is running Scientology besides Miscavige then you look at those attorneys.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

United States Claim Court - Case No. 581-88T
Church of Spiritual Technology vs United States

Meade Emory's biography
California State - Secretary of State corporate records
The Mysterious Death of L. Ron Hubbard
Veritas website
Jesse Prince tape 7


HCOPL 14 June 1965 Politics, Freedom From:

"... the United States government and the efforts of that government since 1955, stepped up since 1963, TO SEIZE SCIENTOLOGY RATHER THAN FORBID OR STOP IT..."


Post to COSinvestigations by Croesus:

I have very carefully gone over the by laws of CST and have concluded that the design is well thought out to accomplish what we all want in Scientology. In other words the problems we feel need fixing in Scientology do not stem from the corporate design
of CST.

Careful study seems to indicate that the corporate design of CST was intended to:
keep Scientology pure (on source LRH)
keep any one person from personally gaining financially
to keep Scientology controlled by experienced Scientologists
to keep someone or some group who are not Scientologists from taking over

It is my opinion that the design of CST has the stamp of LRH on it.

The common question is always: was Scientology taken over around 1982 with Ron's disappearance, which might explain why the church acts so badly and non-Scientology?

Thoughts are that:

takeover might have been by the IRS or CIA
by some smart tax lawyers
maybe even off planet ETs
maybe suppressive Scientologists who wrested control away from LRH as he got weak

Or that Hubbard did control Scientology right up to the end and that what has happened is just the result of incompetent or suppressive application of policies by people who shouldn't really be running the show.

But no matter, one of the mysteries in all this is the structure of RTC and CST and who is behind it, since these corporate structures have become the ultimate controllers of Scientology.

So this is the basic structure of CST in a nutshell. The day to day running of CST is by the CST directors. To be a CST director one must (as quoted from by-laws):

"A person may serve and continue to serve as a General Director only so long as he is and remains:

i. Well-versed in the Scriptures;
ii. Well-versed in the Scientology Ethics and Justice system
iii. A proven Scientology executive, evidenced by statistics
iv. A duly ordained minister of Scientology in good standing with the Mother Church;
v. Has attained the age of majority."

This doesn't sound like much of a requirement to be a director and I agree. However, who appoints the directors? These general directors, who the by laws charge with "running the show", are appointed and removed by the trustees. Because of this control the trustees have ultimate power. These trustees (initially three but it can go to seven) are Scientologists who must have very specific credentials as you will see in a minute. But first there is another class of director called the special directors we want to look at. These directors are off to the side so to speak and have completely different duties then the general directors. They are not involved in the daily running of CST.

There are three special directors all of them tax attorneys. Their primary duty is to review each and every action by the directors and to veto any action of the general directors which they think:

1) violates federal tax laws
2) jeopardizes the tax exempt status of the church
3) wastes church assets
4) incurs a financial benefit to any one person.

In other words the special directors are there in a very specific and limited capacity. They are part of a check and balance system.

Having lawyers as directors of CST creates the idea that non Scientologists, in fact
maybe enemies, might be running things. This does not seem to be the case, however.

By the way, to understand better why the special directors don't and can't control CST, every ruling by the special directors can be overruled by a majority vote of the trustees and directors. What this basically means is that if the tax lawyers veto something and
warn that an action is in violation of tax law or they think the directors are wasting church assets, that veto can be overridden by the trustees and the general directors.

Now back to the trustees. They have ultimate power since they appoint and discharge the general directors who run the show. To be a trustee requires very strict requirement. They are the following:

a. A person who has a good uninterrupted track record of at least eight years as an ethical and loyal Scientologist

b. A person who has experienced excellent case gain and has attained the case level of OT III or above

c. A person who is well versed in the technology of Dianetics and Scientology and has applied this technology to help others, with excellent results

d. A person who is well versed in the administrative policy or organizations affiliated with the religion of Scientology and has a track record of demonstrated success in the utilization and application of such policy

e. A person who is an ordained Scientology minister, in good standing pursuant to those principles set forth in the Scriptures

f. A person who is a good student; that is to say, a person who is able accurately and speedily to duplicate and apply that which has been studied with a minimum of correction necessary

g. A person who is well versed in the Scientology Ethics and Justice system

Qualities to Be Attained Within Ten (10) Years Following Appointment as a Trustee:

In addition to the foregoing qualifications, each person who is appointed to serve as a Trustee of the Church must attain the following qualities within ten (10) years after appointment as a Trustee:

a. The person must have attained NOTS case completion or be on Solo NOTS

b. The person must have become a Permanent Class 8 Auditor

c. The person must have successfully completed the Organization Executive Course and the Flag Executive Briefing Course

d. The person must have attained the status of a Data Series Evaluator.

Moreover, during the ten-year period following each person's appointment as a Trustee of the Church, that person's continued qualification to serve as a Trustee of the Church shall at all times be dependent upon such person's demonstrating steady and satisfactory progress toward attainment of the foregoing four qualifications within the ten-year period. More specifically, each such person must spend an average of at least 12-1/2 hours of study/auditing per week toward the attainment of those qualifications.

Continued Study as a Qualification for Continued Service as a Trustee:

In addition to each of the foregoing requirements, and notwithstanding each Trustee's having attained all of the qualifications enumerated above, each Trustee's continued service as a Trustee shall be dependent upon such Trustee's continued study and/or auditing or the receipt of auditing for an average of not less than 12-1/2 hours per week. For example, if a Trustee should be away from his post for two weeks, he would be required to make up the 25 hours of time lost by increasing the number of study/auditing hours during the balance of the six-month period. The initial six-month period will be calculated from date of appointment.

Thereafter such periods shall be based upon the semi-anniversary or anniversary of
appointment. Failure to satisfy the minimum study/auditing requirements during a six- month period, without a reason which is acceptable to the remainder of the Trustees, will subject any Trustee to review by the entire Board of Trustees and possible removal in the discretion of the remainder of the Trustees.

What all this says is that, according to the by-laws of the CST corporation, the trustees running CST must be experienced, trained executives and high classed auditors and they must continue in this capacity by continued training and auditing.

With all this, are there any guarantees that three, crazy trustees couldn't get in and slowly destroy the place? No, but I think it is clear that the design of CST was to try to at least prevent that and to also prevent a possible takeover by non-Scientologists. To me this is very clearly the intent behind the design of CST. To me the design of CST is what I would have expected from LRH if he were going to set up an organization to continue after he died.

This is why I do not believe that Scientology was taken over, at least not taken over by outside influences. Why? Because those outside influences would not have written a document like this. These by-laws make it too difficult for them to run and control CST and would also make it too easy for real Scientologists to get rid of them.


Additional Note:

The above makes a good argument that LRH was involved in organizing the structure of CST. That is no guarantee that all of the Trustees have not turned traitor and become enemy agents, though. Or that they have not betrayed all of the above, which they clearly have done.

Every one of the Trustees are guilty of treason and have mutual out-rudiments on it, so who is going to vote them out?

The whole new corporate design of CST, RTC, and CSI has a MAJOR FLAW in it:


31 May : Scientology
  The Church of Scientology Celebrity Center signs a Trademark License Agreement with RTC. RTC then issues a document to Celebrity Center, as follows:

Church of Scientology Celebrity Center is granted permission to use the trademarks and service marks of the Scientology Religion and all materials as authorized by policy directives for a Scientology Church Organization ...

Church of Scientology International, with the approval of Religious Technology Center, grants to this Church the right to use each and all of the marks in connection with services pertaining to the religion of Scientology rendered by this Church.

This grant extends to all activities of this Church with respect to the Scientology religion that are under the ecclesiastical supervision of the Church of Scientology International...

The Grant Document dated 31 May 1982


There are many outpoints in the above grant and licensing agreement. The first outpoint is that the document "giving" RTC the trademarks has been deemed to contain a forged LRH signature.

The second outpoint is the US Constitution guarantees the right to practice the religion of one's choice and RTC is pretending that people do not have this right and need permission from RTC to practice Scientology, which is nonsense.

The third outpoint is that CSI is enforcing Scientology churches to accept CSI as ecclesiastical authority instead of LRH issues.

The fourth outpoint is the statement "all materials as authorized by policy directives for a Scientology Church Organization". This is referring to an illegal type of "policy" issue from CSI Execs (not LRH) called Scientology Policy Directives. So, what they are saying here is that Scientology Policy Directives are senior to LRH HCOBs, LRH PLs, and LRH tapes and that LRH issues are not useable unless a Scientology Policy Directive authorizes them!!!

Falsehood that LRH gave the trademarks to RTC -
False use of copyrights and trademarks to deny Constitutional rights -
Wrong Source - LRH issues are ecclesiastical authority, not CSI -
False Issues - Scientology Policy Directives -
False Authority - attempting to make SPDs senior to LRH issues -
Omitted application of KSW -
Omitted application of Ethics and Justice for KSW High Crimes -
False Scientologists -

RTC and CSI Execs

-- Jun : Scientology
  Pat Broeker and David Miscavige resign their positions in the Sea Org and are now full time non-Sea Org members running RTC and Author Services.

Zegel Tape No. 2

-- Jun : Scientology
  In June 1982, Wendell Reynolds became the first International Finance Dictator, and was sent to Florida, where he recruited staff for the International Finance Police. The titles reflect the mood of the time.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Jun : Scientology
  In June, yet another Commanding Officer of the CMO fell. John Nelson was replaced by Miscavige's nineteen-year-old prot\E9g\E9, Marc Yaeger. While still a teenager he became the senior officer in the management structure of Scientology, at least in name.

Yaeger had risen far from his start as video-machine operator on the Tech films. "Video- machine operator" is a rather grandiose title for someone who pushes the button to start and stop the recorder. Yaeger joined the Sea Org when he was fifteen, so has minimal formal education. The same holds for most CMO staff. Indeed, most of the original Messengers were even younger when they were taken away from their schooling.

Ex-CO CMO John Nelson was assigned to physical labor. Rumor had it that Miscavige's All Clear Unit would quash the legal threats against Hubbard by the end of 1982, so preparations were made at Gilman Hot Springs for Hubbard's return.

John Nelson has described his cloak and dagger meetings with Pat Broeker, who delivered orders from Hubbard to Gilman. These orders came in the form of tapes from Hubbard, which would be transcribed as "Advices." This was designed to perpetuate the fiction that Hubbard was not the head of the Church. In theory, the Church could take or leave his "Advices." In practice, these Hubbard orders were carried out to the letter.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Jun : Scientology
  June c. 1982

David Miscavige, head of Author Services, Inc. (ASI), is "personally overseeing" the activities of a private investigator referred to as "Tin Goose" who is doing surveillance on Omar Garrison and Gerry Armstrong. Tin Goose is billing to attorney John Peterson, but reporting to Miscavige"mid-1982".

U. S. District Court, Central District Of California; Case No. CV 91 6426 HLH
Church of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz
Declaration Of Robert Vaughn Young, Dated: April 4, 1994

01 Jun : Scientology
  Heber Jentsch, President of CSI, files restated articles of incorporation for Church of Scientology International.

Its purpose is to act as the mother Church, which is the ultimate ecclesiastical authority of Scientology. It has no members.

California Secretary of State records

15 Jun : Scientology
  This is the date next to the "LRH signature" on the document that assigns the trademarks to RTC. Handwritng experts have proclaimed the "LRH" signature to be a forgery.

One of the Handwriting expert's report (declaring LRH signature a forgery)

15 Jun : Scientology
Date Recorded: 1982-08-02 [see]
Date Acknowledged: 1982-06-15
Assignor(s): HUBBARD, L. RON
Serial No. Reg. No. Mark
- -------------- ------------ ---------------------------------------
72-025533 0678100 S
72-025534 0687990 ..........
72-025535 0666898 ABILITY
72-310819 0877948 ..........
72-334771 0898018 SCIENTOLOGY
73-007908 1012452 ..........
73-233761 1174579 SCIENTOLOGY
73-409360 1317343 ..........
Correspondence Address:

United States Trademark Office records

15 Jun : Scientology
  15 c. June 1982

The New England Merchants Bank freezes LRH's account after determining that a $2 million check written against it in June 1982 has a forged signature.

AP story of 13 November 1982

17 Jun : Scientology
  LRH ED 340R INT is released, a revision of the original 13 March 1982 issue. There is an odd parenthetical note at the beginning of this LRH ED:

" Note: I would be very pleased if you would care to do the following as an improvement on the existing Birthday Game which was not written by me. All targets so far made can be considered valid."



The parenthetical note at the beginning of this LRH ED means that the unrevised LRH ED 340 INT was not written by LRH. Which also means that there is no way to know if this revised version was, either. Also, see the LRH ED 289 INT entry at 16 November 1976 where LRH also says that this practice has been going on, but has now been very thoroughly forbidden.

-- Jul : Scientology
  July and August 1982

Broeker and Miscavige engage in a political purge. Virtually every senior church executive, except those that are under their influence, are pulled off post, comm-eved, and for the most part, declared and expelled.

Here is a partial list of these execs:

John Nelson - CO CMO INT Kerry Gleason - ED INT
Allen Buchanan - Deputy ED INT Moe Samuels - CO CMO SU
John Axel - SMI Roger Barnes - ED SMI
Pat Hunter - LRH Comm INT Bess Sullivan - CO FOLO
Emil Gilbert - CO FOLO Canada Chris Stevens - CO SU
Peter Warren - Div 6 INT Jay Horowitz - FEBC Supervisor
Julie Gilespie - SNR C/S INT staff David Mayo - SNR C/S INT

In addition, the Commanding Officer of every FOLO and every org in the U.S.

Some of them were told they could receive no services for 20 years and they had to get 2,000 people into Scientology before being allowed back.

Zegel Tape No. 2

Incorrectly Included political purge - Miscavige and accomplices

07 Jul : Scientology
  Hubbard's policy is now considered "scripture," and according to Scientology Policy Directive 19, of 7 July 1982, Hubbard alone can alter these "scriptures."

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Note from Mike:

The squirrel management is so squirrel that they don't even follow their own squirrel issues. They squirrel on their own squirreling. The above is one example. They re-wrote C/ S Series 73, then refuse to apply what they wrote! That's another example.


Also realize that Scientology Policy Directives are themselves an illegal issue and even if they were a legal issue - they are junior to and cannot change policy.

Wrong Source - writers and followers of SPDs

30 Jul : Scientology
  LRH ED 339R INT is issued, revising the original, which had been issued on 13 March 1982. The ED opens with this curious parenthetical note:


Because of staff insistence, it is no longer legal for other people than myself to write LRH EDs. The line can be abused and so, as the birthday game LRH ED you have was written by others, the boards of directors have requested that I write one personally to supplant it. I am, as you know, not now an officer or director of these corporations,
but, as a favor, consented to do so. After all, you are my friends and I am very interested in your prosperity and well being. So here it is.



The parenthetical comment says: "it is no longer legal for other people than
myself to write LRH EDs." It was NEVER legal, per policy, for other people than LRH to write LRH EDs. Also, see the LRH ED 289 INT entry at 16 November 1976 where LRH also says that this practice has been going on, but has "now been very thoroughly forbidden."

-- Aug : Scientology
  The GI stat for WUS orgs begins a six month crash, from $600,000 a week down to $100,000 in December 1982.

WUS Back To Source and Boom Eval - dated 2 March 1983

-- Aug : Scientology
  Mayo says he was trying to correct current upper level management, which resulted in hostilities and the covert cutting of his comm line to LRH. He and Julie Mayo were attempting to cause some reforms while they were within the Church. He is one of hundreds of long standing Scientology execs removed in this political purge.

Miscavige assigns Julie Mayo to the RPF. She says that information had been sent to LRH that made him upset with the Mayo's and several others and they were never given an opportunity to correct that information. She spends the next few months running around a tree, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. There was no time off, even to do her laundry.

Zegel Tape No. 2
Julie Mayo letter
President Church of Scientology International Checksheet

-- Aug : Scientology
  Late August 1982

At the end of August, David Mayo and his entire staff were removed from their positions, and put under guard at Gilman.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

02 Aug : Scientology
  On August 2, 1982, the Church of Scientology of California filed suit against Gerald Armstrong for Conversion (a form of theft); breach of fiduciary duty (breach of trust); and breach of confidence. Mary Sue Hubbard joined the suit against Armstrong as an "intervenor," and added a charge of "Invasion of Privacy" to the suit.

Gerald Armstrong's cross-complaint against Scientology is filed by Boston attorney Michael Flynn, subsequent to filing by the Church: Scientology v. Armstrong, Los Angeles Superior Court No. C 420158."

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack
Breckenridge ruling in CSC v. Armstrong, stamped July 23 1984;
also, Gerald Armstrong's "Appendix" for an unknown court case


The Church and Mary Sue lost the case in 1984. A ruling in favor Armstrong was found.

29 Aug : Scientology
  According to a David Mayo affidavit:

"on August 29, 1982, David Miscavige, and others, acting on the orders of L. Ron Hubbard, kidnapped me and subsequently kept me captive and physically and mentally abused me for six months"

Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)
Revised Version of a Presentation at the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion,
San Diego, California (November 7, 1977) by Dr Stephen Kent [University of Alberta, Canada]

Incorrectly Included psychiatric brainwashing tech in the RPF - SO Execs

-- Sep : Scientology
  LRH gave an order to bring the best cramming officer to the secret international management base in Hemet, Ca. He was needed there to do correction on upper level management execs because they had no clue how to manage international Scientology. Jesse Prince was Cramming Officer at Flag and he was selected.

Jesse Prince attends bi-weekly meetings at Author Services Inc. over the next 5 years.

Jesse then learns that David Mayo had fallen from graces because LRH thought he had been bought off by Scientology mission holders and was either a dupe or a plant. Mayo is accused of squirreling the tech.

Jesse Prince letters

Note from Mike:

Jesse told me this story in person. He called it the shoebox story. He said LRH had sent Mayo on mission to handle de-dinging, which was started by Kingsley Wimbush and was circulating around the Mission network. Mayo returned with a shoebox full of money. This led LRH to believe that Mayo was bought off by the Mission Holders and was their dupe or was a plant. Thus Mayo was busted on orders of LRH. I observe that Mayo was busted before Jesse went to Gilman, so he must have heard this story there, and it may be the shore story of DM.

-- Sep : Scientology
  Stacy Young is assigned to the RPF because she is openly critical of Miscavige's coercive and degrading treatment of staff members. His style of management was screaming profanities and terrorizing the staff. The ASI offices were on the 9th floor, yet people could hear Miscavige screaming down on the street a block away.

One day he gave Stacy an insight into why he acted this way. He said "You think I yell loudly, but you've never heard anyone yell until you've heard LRH. I'll never be able to scream the way he does. But Stacy, that's the only way to get compliance." Stacy realized then that Miscavige was trying to be like LRH in preparation for taking Ron's place when he died.

Anyone who disagreed with Miscavige or challenged his authority in any way was branded a traitor who was out to destroy Scientology. This is why David Mayo was ousted and replaced with Ray Mithoff. Many others were thrown out in 1981 & 1982 and replaced with people who would obey Miscavige orders unquestionably. John Nelson, head of CMO is removed by Miscavige and replaced with Miscavige loyal follower, Marc Yaeger.

Jim Isaacson was in charge of investing Ron's money and he was expected to show a profit every week. Miscavige would scream mercilessly at Jim every day. One day Miscavige found Jim lost a large amount of money by investing incorrectly in the gold market.

Miscavige and Starkey literally dragged Jim into a conference room. For the next 3 1/2 hours Miscavige yelled at Jim, demanding who sent him to destroy Scientology. Miscavige then told Stacy to get the information from Jim and to not let him leave until he confessed everything.

When Stacy went in the conference room she found Jim collapsed on the table. His eyes were glazed and he was shaking uncontrollably. She told him to go home and get some sleep. Jim was sent to the RPF a few days later. His wife, Joyce Isaacson, was already in the RPF for refusing to go along with Miscavige's brutal treatment of staff.

The RPF filled up with people who tried to stand up to Miscavige. Any staff who were critical of Miscavige were sent to the RPF. He surrounded himself with people who were willing to do whatever he ordered.

One of Miscavige's tactics to control people on staff was to separate husband and wives. One day Stacy told another staff member that Miscavige was a brutal, tyrannical bully. That night security body routed her to the RPF.

Her stay in the RPF started with a gang bang sec check. Andre Tabayoyon and Rick Aznaran screamed at her and interrogated her for hours at a time.

Miscavige ordered that she do the "running program" as part of her requirements for getting off of the RPF. This was running around a large pole for 12 hours a day. This was to be done until she had a realization of what was wrong with her, whereupon she would stop being critical of Miscavige.

At one point he ordered Stacy to Florida to separate her from her husband. Because of a foot injury, she could not go and so she was kept in Los Angeles, locked on the seventh floor and kept there under guard, so she could not escape and reach her husband.

(She stays on the RPF in Los Angeles for eight months.)

United States District Court, Central District of California, #CV-6426-HLH (Tx);
Church of Scientology International v. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz;
Declaration Of Stacy Brooks Young October 1994

24 Sep : Scientology
  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John Cole places the contested LRH documents in the Armstrong suit ("21 boxes of personal letters and journals of the sect's reclusive founder L. Ron Hubbard") under the control of the county clerk. "The church claims Armstrong stole the material, but Armstrong claims Hubbard had permitted him to use it under a contract to produce a biography of the church founder."

UPI story of 26 April 1983

-- Oct : Scientology
  In October several other well known, long-term Sea Org members were rounded up and taken to Gilman Hot Springs. One of these, Jay Hurwitz, described the experience in some detail:

The first day I arrived at INT [International HQ, Gilman] I had a Nazi style "Interrogation" sec check which was done by the highest authorities of Scientology. There were four interrogators present in the room firing questions at me while I was on a meter.

They were: David Miscavige, one of the three highest execs running Scientology today; Steve Marlowe, Executive Director of RTC; Marc Yaeger, CO CMO INT; Vicky Aznaran, Deputy Inspector General.

Their first question to me was "Who is paying you?"... I was then subjected to enormous duress with statements like "we will stay here all night until you tell us who is running you" (in other words 1 was a plant, an enemy agent). Miscavige said he would declare me [Suppressive] on the spot if I didn't tell him who my operations man was ....

For the first five days I was at INT I was kept locked up under guard with three other people (females) . . . for the first two days, we were kept in an office ....For the next three days, we were kept confined in a toilet, under guard ....We used the same toilet facilities in the presence of one another.

Hurwitz accused Miscavige of physically assaulting three people during the course of his investigation. A Committee of Evidence was convened and lasted for several weeks. Hurwitz was one of those who left before the Findings and Recommendations of that "Comm Ev" were published in January 1983.

The purge of the so-called Executive Strata of the Sea Org had continued. David Mayo and his staff had been removed in August 1982. By the time of the San Francisco Mission Holders' Conference in October, there were seventeen key executives at Gilman awaiting a Committee of Evidence.

Among them were the former Executive Director International and his Deputy; the Commanding Officer Canada; the Commanding Officer of Scientology Missions International and his superior, the Church Management Executive over Missions; the Commanding Officer Eastern U.S.; four members of the International Management Organization; the Commanding Officer of the CMO film unit; the two senior Field Executives (whose boss, Hubbard's daughter Diana, had left shortly before); and former Chairman of the Watchdog Committee and Commanding Officer CMO International, John Nelson.

Hubbard had organized Scientology in a series of compartments, and with the detention of these executives the CMO had removed all potential major opposition from each compartment of the Organization.

The detainees were moved to a place dubbed "Happy Valley," a remote camp inside an Indian reservation not far from Gilman. Although they were not prevented from leaving, the former Sea Org executives were watched by security guards. They were, however, told that if they left they would be declared Suppressive for all eternity, and never readmitted to the Scientology congregation. It was a dreadful threat to committed Scientologists who had devoted most of their adult lives to the Tech.

The group were subjected to a Committee of Evidence: a Scientology trial, where the Committee act as prosecutors, judges and jury rolled into one. They were charged with thirty-six offences, ranging from somehow employing Scientology to receive sexual favors to being in the pay of the enemies of Scientology. David Mayo was found guilty of "committing" a problem.

The Findings and Recommendations of the Committee came to a total of over ninety pages. The major thread of the Findings was the purported plot to overthrow the CMO. It was asserted that Deputy Executive Director International Allen Buchanan, one of the defendants, had been "brainwashed" by former ED Int, Bill Franks. Franks had brought Buchanan to believe that he must protect the Church from senior management. There were very few specifics amongst the bombast.

The Committee recommended that earlier threats of perpetual excommunication be carried out. Most of the recommended sentences include the assertion that the defendant will never in any lifetime be allowed Scientology services. It also included a perpetual writ of disconnection, forbidding all Scientologists to assist or communicate with the defendants. It further recommended that the Church should look into the possibility of filing criminal charges against the defendants. The investigation was to take into account a list of charges including sabotage and industrial espionage.

The Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center approved the recommendations for seven of the defendants, one of whom was the only party to be exonerated (she had been seized by mistake); the other six had already left Happy Valley in disgust. The ten who remained were informed that the Committee's recommendations would not be carried out if the defendants recanted.

Nonetheless, all of their Scientology certificates were cancelled. David Mayo and his wife Merrill were both Class 12s, the highest Auditor class, attained by only a handful of Scientologists. It would have taken at least four years of full-time training for them to regain this status. Each of the defendants would have to publish a witnessed statement confessing their evil motives. The Inspector General ended his statement by speaking about the benevolence of his decisions.

The Happy Valley story was not over. During the summer of 1982, Hubbard had tested out a new idea with Mayo's help. Executives were becoming exhausted, so rather than shortening their eighteen-hour day, Hubbard had issued the Running Program. Executives were to run around a fixed point for about an hour a day, and take huge quantities of mineral supplements. For the Happy Valley detainees the time was extended. They were to run, in desert heat, for five hours a day, round and round a tree.

Perhaps because of his especially potent contaminating effect, Mayo was separated from the rest of the group, given a pole to run around (and even ordered to paint it red). The runners took the affair as lightly as possible. Only one guard was assigned to them, so Mayo and those at the tree would take turns to sit down, and the guard would have to trek between them to goad them back into action.

The Running Program took its toll. Mayo, a slight man, lost Twenty-five pounds. Whether through the program, or the general lack of medical care within the Sea Org, Mayo's teeth and gums also suffered badly. In February 1983, convinced that he could do nothing to change the attitude of management, he accepted his Suppressive Person declare and left.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included "shotgun" method to find a plant (shoot everybody) -
Incorrectly Included criminal mind - accusing others of a takeover conspiracy -

David Miscavige and Aides

-- Oct : Scientology
  A "Committee of Evidence" is convened on Julie Mayo and 15 other executives. This Comm Ev had apparently already found them guilty of ridiculously outrageous things, before the Committee was ever convened. It was based on a secret investigation by Gelda Mithoff who was also a member of the Comm Ev. The Chairman of the Comm Ev was Ray Mithoff. The secret investigation had resulted in the removal of David and Julie Mayo from SNR C/S INT and they were replaced by Mithoff. Miscavige had ordered the Comm Ev and his wife Shelly was also a member.

One night she and the 15 others were woken at 3AM and sec checked individually by RTC execs Vicky Aznaran, Jesse Prince and Geoff Shervell. In Julie's sec check they said that unless she confessed that she was working for the IRS, FBI or other government agency, she would be sent to jail, be banned from tech lines forever and lose her eternity.

When Julie said she did not work for any government agency they said they would go easier on her if she confessed to supplying Alan Walters with a mailing list. Julie said she did not do that either, so they sent her to go think about it and write her confession.

Julie was not allowed to defend herself at the Comm Ev. She was not allowed to see the investigation reports and was given no opportunity to present her side of the story. The Comm Ev did not have any evidence against her. When she was called before the Committee for the last time, there was a sign in front of Ray Mithoff which said "You could be sent to the pokey for two years."

Julie asked on what grounds she could be sent to the pokey and Ray said for out tech. Julie then CSWed to leave. By this time there were security fences around Gilman Hot Springs and the security office was now full of guns that had not been there before. Julie was kept under constant guard. Her CSW to leave was not answered so she decided to try to escape.

Julie Mayo letter

False comm evs that are not fact-finding bodies -
False comm evs that omit a persons good works and contributions -
False justice -

David Miscavige and accomplices in a political purge

-- Oct : Scientology
  The Aznarans allege that the intention in October 1982 (the time of the San Francisco Mission Holders' Conference) was "for all Scientology entities to turn over their profits to . . . Author Services, Inc." When Vicki expressed disapproval of this, she was ordered to the RPF in Hemet where, "for approximately 120 days, she was forced to participate in the 'running program.' The running program required Vicki and other persons subjected to the control of Defendants to run around an orange telephone pole from 7:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m .... with ten minute rests every one-half hour, and thirty minute breaks for lunch and dinner.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Oct : Scientology
  As far as I remember Bill Franks was Ed Int until December 1981. He was replaced by Kerry Gleason. Guillaume Lesevre was appointed ED Int in October 1982.

Post to COSinvestigations by Denis

-- Oct : Scientology
  Flo Barnett is an old St. Hill class VI auditor. Her daughter, Michelle, is married to David Miscavige. When she got a transcript of the Mission Holders Meeting from the org she was upset by what went on at this meeting. She told her friend, Joyce Stephenson, that the people running RTC are mentally sick or worse still, SP. (Seven months later she tells Joyce that the C of S has been taken over by the enemy and all of the good people have been kicked out. Joyce heard there are more Class XIIs in the field than at orgs.)

Joyce Stephenson declaration

-- Oct : Scientology
  Late October 1982

Over the years the Mission Holders had learned to be wary of the Sea Org. They had watched the pageant of faces alternately screaming and smiling; seen the little tyrants rise and fall. In the past, Hubbard had stepped in and put a few "heads on pikes." The Mission Holders also knew that expulsion from the Church of Scientology would effectively ruin their Missions, so all they could do was knuckle under and wait. Lambasted by the leaders of the new order, surrounded by scowling members of the International Finance Police, the Mission Holders tried to stay cool. This time, however, waiting it out would not work. The situation did not blow over, and the usual horrified Hubbard edict denying all knowledge did not appear either.

Martin Samuels was a legend among Scientologists. He ran a chain of five Missions. The Church's magazine Center, devoted to the Mission network, was always heavy with praise for Samuels. A 1975 issue says that in a single year 3,000 new people started the Communication Course in Samuels' Missions.

In early 1970s, Samuels started the Delphian Project. It began as a center for research into Alternative Energy, but a school, the Delphian Foundation, was established for the children of Project staff. The school used Hubbard's "Study Technology." By the time of the Mission Holders' Conference Samuels had twelve schools, with over 600 pupils.

But at the end of the Mission Holders' Conference Samuels spoke out. On top of their normal ten percent tithe to the Scientology Church, the Mission Holders had been ordered to pay five percent for a promotional campaign to Bridge Publications. Samuels explained that he could not pay the additional tithe. His Missions were non-profit, tax-exempt corporations, and Bridge had been separated from the Church and made into a for- profit corporation, and such donations would be illegal. Samuels was taken into a side room by eight members of the International Finance Police, and given a "Gang Sec Check." He was threatened with a "Suppressive declare" if he did not make "personal payments to L. Ron Hubbard." So he handed over $20,000 and a $10,000 wrist watch to a Finance Policeman.

Samuels' access to his Missions' bank accounts was frozen. His wife was warned that she would have to "disconnect" from him if he was declared Suppressive. He was ordered to Flag, in Florida, to undergo more Security Checks, for which he had to pay $300 an hour. Within a month Martin Samuels had paid $40,000 to the Scientology Church. This still was not enough, and he was ordered to the International Finance Police Ethics Officer at Flag. At the meeting, Samuels was told he had been declared Suppressive, and shown the confession of a Scientology executive who had admitted to being a transvestite with homosexual tendencies. Samuels claims that he was ordered to publicly confess to "acts that were similarly degrading." Otherwise the Church would file both civil and criminal prosecutions against him that would keep him "tied up in court forever." He was also warned that he would be watched and the Church would "keep tabs on him forever."

Samuels refused to demean himself by signing a fictitious confession, even though his Missions were now in the hands of the Church, and he had surrendered control of his personal accounts. The Scientologists now launched their campaign in earnest. Samuels' wife, family, business associates and friends were told he had stolen funds from his Missions, and that he was "insane" and an enemy of the Church of Scientology.

The Suppressive declare was published, and Samuels' wife left him, taking the children with her. She "disconnected" and started divorce proceedings. His children were told he was a "criminal and would probably be going to jail in the near future." Scientologist business associates and friends were ordered to disconnect from him or be declared Suppressive themselves. Even Samuels' stockbroker, who was a Scientologist, was ordered to disconnect, and refused to take instructions to sell stock. As he had been declared, Samuels was told he must leave his sister's house, where he was staying, or she too would be declared Suppressive.

In a few weeks, Samuels had lost the business he had built up over thirteen years, with an annual turnover of millions of dollars. His seventeen year marriage was destroyed, and he was deprived of his possessions. Samuels felt like a college kid again, rolling up penniless on his parents' doorstep. He responded by filing a lawsuit against Hubbard in 1983, claiming damages of $72 million. A jury awarded $30 million, and the Scientologists appealed the decision. The case was finally settled in 1986 with an out of court payment of $500,000 to Samuels.

There were very few of the big Mission Holders left. Among them was Bent Corydon, who held the franchise for Riverside, in southern California. Soon after the Conference, in October 1982, the Finance Police arrived. They demanded, and were paid, $15,000 for their first day. They demanded, and were paid, $15,000 for their second day. At this point Corydon ran out of ready money. Corydon wanted to stay in the Church. He had built the Mission up from nothing, lost it in the 1970s, and finally fought his way back, only to discover that the reserves of nearly a million dollars that he had built up were gone. He could not face losing the Riverside Mission again. In desperation he took his attorney's advice to put the valuable Mission building into a trust before it was seized in lieu of some trumped up "fine."

Corydon's wife was a Class 8 Auditor. The retaliation to the "can't pay" claim was rapid. Mary Corydon's Auditor certificates were cancelled. Corydon wrote:

Without Mary's certificates, we were no longer in a position to operate at all, according to laid-down policy. The Church would have to come to our "rescue." I soon got the call to come down to Los Angeles to the Scientology Missions International Ethics Officer. This could mean only one thing. They would propose that we be turned into an Organization. Orgs are under total domination of management, and they own no property .... This in other words would be the final and total takeover of our Mission.

Corydon had heard that both the Kansas City Org and the Omaha Mission had splintered from the Church. He talked to these "squirrels," and decided that to continue delivering Scientology he too would have to splinter. At the end of 1982 he did just that.

The International Finance Dictator fulfilled a part of his promise, and all of the wealthier Missions were "verified," handing over an undoubtedly enormous sum for the privilege.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included theft of missions from mission holders - RTC Execs

01 Oct : Scientology
  1 c. October c. 1982

Quoted from Andre Tabayoyon:

I was on the RPF with Stacy Young and supervised the administration of various Black Dianetics procedures on her. Part of this program included a 'gang-bang sec check,' which Rick Aznaran and I performed at the instruction of Sr C/S Int Ray Mithoff.

U.S. District Court, Central District of California, Case No. CV 91 6426 HLH (Tx);
Church of Scientology International, Plaintiff, vs. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz
Declaration of Andre Tabayoyon, 4 April 1994

Incorrectly Included "Reverse Processing" - SO Execs

15 Oct : Scientology
  L. Ron Hubbard's science fiction novel, "Battlefield Earth," is released.

PR Newswire, November 15, 1982
also book, Religion, Inc.

17 Oct : Scientology
  While so many former top executives of Scientology were confined at Gilman Hot Springs, the new management took its final strike at the power of the Mission Holders. Howard "Homer" Schomer, who was the Treasury Secretary of Author Services Incorporated, has testified that money was being channeled frantically into Hubbard's bank accounts during 1982. Schomer was in a position to know since he made the transfers. He has said that during his six months at ASI, about $34 million was paid into Hubbard's accounts. Schomer says this money came mostly from the Church, rather than from book royalties. Yet again Scientology was billed retroactively by Hubbard. Orgs were charged for their past use of taped lectures. They were charged for their past use of Hubbard courses.

Schomer says there was a target figure of $85 million by the end of 1982. If this figure was achieved, there would be fat bonuses for ASI staff. Probably acting on Hubbard's orders, the new management called the Mission Holders to a conference at the San Francisco Hilton Hotel on October 17, 1982. At this fateful meeting, any degree of independence the Mission Holders retained was torn away from them. The meeting was also part of the desperate attempt to raise the targeted $85 million.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


All of the reports about hundreds of millions being shuffled to LRH - shows an outpoint of missing money. The value of the LRH estate established in probate court was about 35 million dollars. Where did all the other hundred million or so go? Embezzlement?

17 Oct : Scientology
  Quoting from a New York Times story:

At an Oct. 17 meeting at the San Franciso Hilton, members of the new leadership group informed the franchise owners that the church had been reorganized "to make the whole structure impregnable, especially in regards to the I.R.S.

New York Times story of 6 January 1982,
also, SO ED 2104 INT (Transcript); reproduced in the book, Religion, Inc.


This reorganization was complete only when

A) the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) has been set up--by, among others, former Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS, Meade Emory--to become the beneficiary and owner of ALL of L. Ron Hubbard's intellectual property and
B) the final appeal of the defendant's in the "Snow White" related cases has been turned down by the Supreme Court. Now the "new management" makes it official with this meeting.

And now the public smearing of L. Ron Hubbard can begin in earnest, with Gerald Armstrong and Ron DeWolfe, aka L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.

17 Oct : Scientology
  From the early 1950s, Hubbard had been trying out various franchise schemes. In return for a substantial licensing fee, the purchase of a large quantity of books, E-meters and Hubbard tapes, and the payment of ten percent of their gross income, new Scientology Centers would be franchised. From 1953, when the Philadelphia Center was taken over, successful Centers were periodically absorbed as assets by Hubbard.

In the 1960s, Hubbard created a new scheme. The same rules applied, including the tithe, and in return the Franchises (also called Centers or Missions) had the right to give introductory courses and auditing, eventually constituting about the first third of Hubbard's "Bridge." They would have to send their graduates on to the Orgs for higher level services. They were to adhere to the Policies and the Technology of Scientology, but were not as tightly controlled as the Orgs. Having paid their dues, the Mission Holders could keep the remaining profits. Some of them created very lucrative businesses.

During 1982, Scientology Missions International, which oversaw the activities of Missions, issued new contracts to Mission Holders. In the words of Mission Holder Bent Corydon, "we were quickly confronted with new articles to sign, which would essentially take away all our legal autonomy as a separate corporation. All our corporate books were removed .... About a month after most of us had signed these articles we were called to the Mission Holders' Conference."

The CMO, using their new corporate guises, were going to put the mutineers in their place. The Guardian's Office had quietly intimidated individuals in private, but the CMO were going to confront a whole group of Scientologists in a noisy showdown. Putting aside the mask of friendliness, they would show their true faces. The iron fist was on public display with no pretense at a kid glove. The Mission Holders were summoned to the San Francisco Hilton on October 17, 1982.

Before the meeting began, Mission Holder Gary Smith, who was sitting at the back with his wife and four-year-old daughter, was ordered to move to the unoccupied front row. He refused and was declared Suppressive on the spot.

During 1981, Kingsley Wimbush and his Missions had become the talk of the Scientology world. The major Mission, Steven's Creek Boulevard, in San Jose, was making so much money Wimbush did not know what to do with it. It could take in over $100,000 in a week, outperforming the combined incomes of most of the other eighty or so Missions.

Before the 1982 Conference, Wimbush had been declared Suppressive, allegedly for being the author of a "squirrel" counselling procedure, "de-dinging." This "squirrel" procedure had in fact been enthusiastically distributed around the world by the Church itself. Wimbush had been doing everything within his power to appease the new rulers and regain his former status. So, on the morning of October 17, when a Sea Org member rolled up on his doorstep and told him he had a few minutes to ready himself for the journey to San Francisco, he had jumped at the chance. He thought he would be exonerated at last. He had no idea that he was being taken to San Francisco just to be part of a degrading spectacle.

The aisles were lined with unsmiling Sea Org Ethics Officers watching the audience closely, and carrying clipboards to take note of the least sign of dissent. The Master of Ceremonies was twenty-two-year-old David Miscavige, a Sea Org "Commander," and, unbeknownst to the attendees, Chairman of the Board of Author Services Incorporated. At the beginning of the harangue, the Mission Holders were told that the trademarks were now in the hands of the Religious Technology Center (RTC). Larry Heller, who was introduced as the Church's Attorney, had this to say:

RTC has a right to send a mission directly to the individual Mission Holders to determine whether the trademarks are being properly used by you. This mission may review your books, your records, and interview your personnel ....

RTC... has the right to immediately suspend any utilization by the individual Missions of those trademarks. The word "immediate" is the key word here. There need not be a hearing in order for there to be a suspension. RTC will order that you no longer use the trademarks and you must stop or be subject to civil penalties and ultimately criminal prosecution.

Attorney Heller was the only speaker not dripping with braid and campaign ribbons. The new leaders had strutted onto the podium, puffed up with the self-importance of their paramilitary titles, and looking like the new rulers of a tin-pot dictatorship. But the comic elements were lost in all the shouting. Of the new Mission articles "Warrant Officer" Lyman Spurlock, the Corporate Affairs Director of the Church of Scientology, said the following:

From now on all Missions will be corporations. There's very good reasons for this. A lot of you may know that you just recently received new corporate papers, let's see some nods, okay. These new corporate papers are designed to make the whole structure impregnable, especially as regards to the IRS .... RTC is a very formidable group of Sea Org members who have the toughness to see that the Tech is standardly applied.

"Commander" David Miscavige, the Master of Ceremonies, gave a fervent, if bizarre, guarantee: "The new corporate structure assures Scientology being around for eternity."

"Commander" Steve Marlowe, the Inspector General of the Religious Technology Center, was next in line to browbeat the Mission Holders: "We are a religion and this religion is what is going to save mankind. Get the idea? Thirty years from now, someone squirrels Scientology and starts calling it Scientology because there's a lot of money to be made .... Suddenly you have factions, schisms, all kinds of very horrible things - they will never occur to this Church, never . . . you have a new breed of management in the Church. They're tough, they're ruthless .... They don't get muscled around by the IRS or by crazy loonies . . . you're playing with the winning team." ("The IRS" was edited from the CMO's published transcript of the meeting.)

Ironically, the Conference itself precipitated a schism. The Inspector General next accused the Mission Holders of "ripping-off" public from the Orgs, the major theme of the meeting:

This management means business. There are ecclesiastical concerns, there are secular concerns. Violations will be prosecuted without a doubt. And we're just not here to threaten you or whatever. This is your salvation too. You just take a look at the viewpoint that someone would have behind bars looking out at the rest of Scientology. Not too sweet. We're not going to get stepped on ....

The Inspector General Network exists within RTC. They have tremendous information lines. They have resources that enable them to get down to the very lowest echelon of the field. And quite frankly, things will get found out about.

"Commander" Norman Starkey, one of only two veteran Sea Org members to be accepted into the CMO, then took his place at the rostrum and announced that the legal battles of both the Commodore and the Church were almost over. This was far from the truth. Starkey went on to berate the Scientology Church's most effective critic, attorney Michael Flynn, at great length. Starkey asserted that former Mission Holder Brown McKee, who had spoken at the Clearwater Hearings, was in Flynn's hire. Of McKee, he said:

He will never, ever, ever and I promise you, for any life time, ever again get on any E-meter or ever have a chance to get out of his trap. And those who are on OT3 knows what that means! That means dying and dying and dying and dying again. Forever, for eternity.

If he had bothered to check, Starkey would have found that McKee had completed his OT3 years before.

"Captain" Guillaume Lesevre had flown over from Europe to become the new Executive Director International only days before the Conference. He complained that although Missions were sending their public to the relatively plush Flag Land Base, in Clearwater, they were not sending them into their local Orgs. He found the practice unreasonable. Simply because an Org was "dirty" was not reason enough not to send well-heeled new public to it.

Then Lesevre issued a quota to each Mission. The U.S. Missions were to send a total of 348 people to Orgs during the following week. There was a real threat that if they failed to meet these quotas, which were very high, something unpleasant would happen to them. Furthermore, the quotas would be increased each week. But all of this was just a warm up. The International Finance Dictator took the stage, and came right to the heart of the matter. He did not mince words:

All right now, collectively you guys are in some weird lower [Ethics] condition. By association, if no other reason, you have allowed the Missions to go squirrel and I mean squirrel... right now you guys are CI [Counter Intention] on my lines, maybe one exception in this room, but I doubt it, because you guys are sitting on public, you're ripping off the Orgs, you're doing all manner of crazy things ....

Now some of the guys you see standing around here are International Finance Police and their job is to go out and find this stuff and if you guys are guilty of it, you've just had it ....

The old routine here was you got Scientology justice procedures applied to you when you did something wrong. Well you guys are a separate corporation from the Church and when you rip-off or steal from the Org, or bribe people it's a corporate crime and you can be real sure that you're going to all end up in the slammer.

The International Finance Dictator then told the Mission Holders they were going to pay $75 a head for the privilege of having been shouted at, and ordered them to donate five percent of their net income to a campaign to promote Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. He added: "If I hear one person in this room who is not coughing up five percent minimum you've got an investigation coming your way because you've got other crimes."

The Dictator then explained how his International Finance Police were going to raise money. He did not tell the Mission Holders why vast sums were needed, and perhaps he did not know.

Do you have any idea about the penalties for taking public off the Orgs' lines--it's $10,000 a head per policy. If you rip-off a staff member or have a staff member working in your Mission at the same time he's employed by an Org you pay for the entirety of his training/ processing plus a $2,000 fine . . .

If we will pull this thing together and get these nuts off the line and actually do Dianetics and Scientology, you can go anyplace you want to go. Right now there is so much criminality floating through this mission network I don't want to hear about it. If you come clean we'll work out some reparations for all the rip-offs that you've done in the past and straighten the record. If you don't want to come clean, forget it. If you've done stuff in the past and you come clean now we'll give you the benefit of the doubt .... You don't come clean tonight and I find out something after this, man, you've had it.

The Mission Holders were ordered to write up their overts, not an unusual procedure for staff in Scientology Orgs. They were then subjected to the largest multiple Security Check ever witnessed in Scientology. The interrogators sat behind their E-meters at a row of tables, and the Mission Holders sat in rows facing them, confessing their "crimes."

Although the International Finance Dictator gave assurances that if they "came clean" it would be easier for them, it is hard to see how it could have been made more difficult. After the Sec-Check, Dictator Reynolds took the platform again, and gave examples of the "reparations" the Church demanded. The best established Mission chain, the Church of Scientology Mission of Davis, or COSMOD, was to pay "millions of dollars." Wimbush's former Mission had been assessed for a quarter of a million dollars for the last few months alone. The Missions in these two chains were to be visited first, followed by every other Scientology Mission in the world.

Missions were allowed to train people only to a certain level. Beyond that level, trainee Auditors would have to go to a Church Org. It was alleged that Missions had taken to "delivering" some of these prohibited courses, thus invading the exclusive domain of the Orgs.

Missions were only allowed to audit people on the levels below Clear. Then they had to go to an Org, and on to one of the four Advanced Orgs. The Missions were not allowed to audit Clears. It was alleged that they had. And they were to be fined $10,000 for each and every Clear they had audited.

It was a peculiar situation. As Commander Lesevre observed, the Church Orgs were often rather scruffy. Their operating funds were low, and their staff pay very poor, usually well below the poverty level, as members of religious organizations are not protected by minimum wage laws. Of course, the lion's share of the income was going to Hubbard.

The Mission Holders were willing to invest profits back into their Missions, and were not subject to a constant round of Sea Org missionaires, so their operation was far more efficient. The Missions were almost invariably more attractive environments, and more of their income went to the staff.

Consequently, the Missions attracted the best qualified Scientologists as staff. It was not unusual to find Class 8 Auditors in the Missions. Orgs would often struggle along with a single Class 4 Auditor, who had received only a few months' training. The Missions were generally far more financially successful than the Church's Orgs, but they were restricted in the services they could deliver, because the Sea Org controlled the levels beyond Clear.

Finance Dictator Reynolds, having informed the Mission Holders of the fines, told them that the International Finance Police would be sending out "verification missions," at a cost of $15,000 per day, payable by the Mission Holder at the start of each new day.
It is difficult to convey the force with which these tirades were delivered. A tape does exist, and, gloating over their achievement, the young rulers even published a carefully censored and reworded transcript. They wanted Scientologists to make no mistake about how "tough and ruthless," their new masters were. This transcript was crucial in my decision to leave the Church. Further, I used it very successfully to persuade others to leave.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included out-of-valence, insane, suppressive leadership - Miscavige & Aides

17 Oct : Scientology
  By this time, Miscavige had established ASI, RTC, CSI and CST, and obtained control over all Scientology corporate bank accounts.

The second Mission Holders meeting is held in San Francisco, with 400 mission holders attending. Miscavige gathered staff from ASI and they put on SO uniforms and took over control and terrorized the Mission Holder's'Conference.

The other Sea Org members assisting Miscavige:
Lyman Spurlock as Corporate Affairs Director, ASI
Norman Starkey, Legal Affairs Director ASI
Ray Mithoff, Snr C/S Int
Marc Yager CO CMO Int
Guillaume Lesevre, ED Int
Steve Marlow, IG RTC
Wendell Reynolds, Finance Dictator Int (Head of International Finance Police.)

David Miscavige informs the mission holders that he and RTC had taken over all Scientology organizations. He says that LRH donated the vast majority of the trademarks to RTC. He tells them that every franchise holder would be required to sign a new agreement with RTC and if they did not do so they would be fined or thrown into jail.

Individuals who objected to the ASI, RTC take over of the assets were locked into rooms and interrogated on the e-meter and were either forced to sign the new agreements or removed from their positions and deprived of their business, property and possessions.

Several Mission holders were expelled on the spot for being unhappy about what they were hearing. Miscavige orders the mission holders to pay large sums of money for a promo campaign for DMSMH, under threat of being investigated for crimes against Scientology and losing their businesses if they refused. As a result, millions of dollars are paid to CSI and RTC accounts.

Six Hundred people are declared Suppressive and expelled from Scientology at this time.
All people who criticized Miscavige or refused to obey his orders were subject to expulsion.

It was a show of brute Sea Org strength and was touted in the Sea Org Expansion News, entitled "The Sea Org Moves In". It was done under the guise of "protecting the tech" and "getting people on source" when it really was nothing more than a consolidation of power. Vaughn heard the brags of Miscavige, Starkey and Spurlock when they returned to ASI, boasting how they terrorized people and how successful their "raid' was.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)
Vaughn Young affidavit
Stacy Young affidavit

17 Oct : Scientology
  New Articles of Incorporation for Missions are issued by RTC. These new articles state:

"...the Corporation is formed for the purpose of providing a corporate organization through which and by means of which the operations and activities of the Church, which as a church is subject to the ultimate ecclesiastical authority of Scientology Missions International, a Nonprofit Religious Corporation, and its respective successors in ecclesiastical authority, may be accomplished."

The By-Laws call for signing a contract entitled:


The New Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

Wrong Source - RTC and CSI Execs

Important Note:

This new corporate restructuring is the death of KSW and being On-Source.


These new articles of incorporation state that the various churches and missions


LRH is the only ecclesiastical authority for Scientology - not CSI, not RTC, not Miscavige or Mithoff - ONLY LRH.


They forced the various churches and missions to accept CSI as Source instead of LRH, by stating this in the articles of incorporation and then having them sign a licensing agreement for trademark use. The licensing agreement ensures no one will go against CSI off-source issues because if they do - they lose their right to practice Scientology! So, anyone not accepting off-source issues from CSI is simply put out of business and so, KSW is dead.

17 Oct : Scientology
  This is a transcript of the 17 October 1982 Mission Holders Conference in San Francisco.

Attorney Larry Heller is the first speaker. He is a Special Director of the Church of Spiritual Technology, but that information is withheld from the Mission Holders.

Heller says:

"All of the Scientology/Dianetic trademarks were previously owned by L. Ron Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard has donated the vast majority of those to a corporation which some of you have probably heard of, by the name of Religious Technology Center.

RTC has a right to send a mission directly to the individual mission holders to determine whether the trademarks are being properly used by you. If there is a determination by RTC that Scientology services being given to public by any of you under the Scientology trademarks are not on Source, then RTC... has the right to immediately suspend any utilization by the individual missions of those trademarks. RTC will order that you no longer use the trademark and you must stop or be subject to civil penalties and ultimately criminal prosecution."

SO ED 2104 INT 7 November 1982 The US Missions Holders Conference

Important Note:

The RTC Execs failed to mention that the LRH signature "giving RTC the trademarks", was deemed to be a forgery. So, RTC's "authority" to do all of this is based on a lie.

Falsehood that LRH gave RTC the trademarks, his signature is forged - RTC Execs


HCOPL 7 August 1965 Suppressive Persons, Main Characteristics Of -

Good staff members are a prime target for SPs. In one org where an SP got a foothold, 60% of the staff was gotten rid of .....


HCOPL 5 April 1965 Academies Relation To HCO Justice...

Here's "Whee, kill everybody!" in person. Here also is the possible government agent, the AMA BMA stooge. Here is the guy who plans to "squirrel" and "grab Scientology".


Coupled with all of this, prices are raised considerably, making services easily affordable to only about 10% of the people with sufficient incomes. The amount of people on courses drops and thereafter, orgs look like morgues compared to the way they were in the 1970s.

Thus, more of the group engram was laid in. The group got serious, not fun.

The tone level of the group drops to fear. These fears exist to this day:

fear of Miscavige
fear of RTC
fear of the RPF
fear of OSA
fear of being denied eligibility to the OT levels
fear to speak out
fear to apply KSW

The outpoint is wrong direction on the tone scale for the group (down instead of up) -
thanks to these Merchants of Fear: David Miscavige & his closest aides, and their -


Science of Survival:

"An auditor is not trying to cure anything. He is simply raising tone."

The whole idea of Scientology is to raise beings on the tone scale:

Around tone 4 you reach a state called clear.
Around tone 8 you reach a state called theta clear.
Around tone 20 you reach a state called cleared theta clear aka OT.

Going down to fear on the tone scale is not Scientology - it is suppression.

-- Nov : Scientology
  From then to the present, the Church of Scientology pays millions to lawyers. These attorney fees are used as a money-laundering scheme to pay private investigators for covert black intelligence operations against enemies.

If the target is a Scientologist, one of the things done is to turn the person's preclear folders over to the non-Scientologist PIs. The person's confessional data is pulled for blackmail, extortion or a black PR campaign to assassinate his character and ruin the person's reputation with his friends, relatives and employers with the intention of ruining his life.

Staff members in OSA's intelligence unit would also go through the folders looking for buttons, such as fears, what the person is trying to protect, etc. and these would be used to design black intelligence operations against the person.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Declaration of Joseph Yanny
Vicki Aznaran affidavit
Vaughn Young affidavit
Jesse Prince tape # 1
Jesse Prince tape # 5


This includes black operations on DM's imagined enemies - all of the truly dedicated Scientologists he has had expelled simply because they dared to challenge his psychotic leadership or squirreling. They had no actual crime against Scientology, loved LRH and the tech enough to apply KSW and stand up to him. So, he got rid of them, not because they were any threat to Scientology, but only because he imagined them to be a threat to him.

Omitted Application of the PL Politics Freedom From - David Miscavige

07 Nov : Scientology
  SO ED 2104 INT The US Missions Holders Conference

This is a transcript of the 17 October 1982 Mission Holders Conference in San Francisco.

Attorney Larry Heller is the first speaker. He is a Special Director of the Church of Spiritual Technology, but that information is withheld from the Mission Holders.

Heller says:

"All of the Scientology/Dianetic trademarks were previously owned by L. Ron Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard has donated the vast majority of those to a corporation which some of you have probably heard of, by the name of Religious Technology Center.

RTC has a right to send a mission directly to the individual mission holders to determine whether the trademarks are being properly used by you. If there is a determination by RTC that Scientology services being given to public by any of you under the Scientology trademarks are not on Source, then RTC... has the right to immediately suspend any utilization by the individual missions of those trademarks. RTC will order that you no longer use the trademark and you must stop or be subject to civil penalties and ultimately criminal prosecution."

SO ED 2104 INT 7 November 1982 The US Missions Holders Conference

Important Note:

The RTC Execs failed to mention that the LRH signature "giving RTC the trademarks", was deemed to be a forgery. So, RTC's "authority" to do all of this is based on a lie.

Falsehood that LRH gave RTC the trademarks, his signature is forged - RTC Execs

10 Nov : 'FreeZone'
  A non-interference zone (
The Free Zone Decree : 10 Nov 1982 (
"The planet known as Teegeeack - local dialect "Earth" or Terra - Sun 12, Sector 9, is hereby declared a Free Zone.

No political interference in its affairs from any other part of the Sector or Galaxy will be tolerated.

No economic interference in its affairs will be tolerated from any non-planetary agency or power.

All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference.

The regulating agency of this decree is the Galactic Patrol Sector 9, Sector Commander Elron Elray and his designated representatives.

The planet is henceforth under the Sole Auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector 9, for coordination with Galactic and Sector Affairs and for compliance with this decree.

The Technical and Ethical experiments in progress on Teegeeack are not affected by this decree and are to continue under the auspices of the Galactic Patrol, Sector9..."

10 Nov : Scientology
  Gerald Armstrong is interviewed for a story in the Riverside Press-Enterprise newspaper, in which he says that LRH may be dead. He says that LRH suffered "numerous medical problems, twice requiring hospitalization in the 1970s."

In the UPI story, Gerald Armstrong says that he last saw Hubbard "toward the end of last year," and that "His (LRH's) weight was way down. He was very shaky. He always shook a lot. His hands were never steady. I felt he looked very weak and drawn. There is every chance that the man is in fact dead."

AP story of 13 November 1982
UPI story of 14 November 1982

12 Nov : Scientology
  L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., aka Ronald DeWolf, aka Nibs, files a petition in Superior Court in Riverside County, California--with 30,000 accompanying documents--saying that he believes that his father is dead or mentally incompetent, and asking the court to appoint him trustee-and or give him conservatorship power--of his father's affairs to protect the assets. DeWolf alleges "that officials of the church have stolen millions of dollars, gems and securities from his 71-year-old father or from his estate in the past year."

He also claims in the court action that Scientology worldwide is "being run by David Miscavige, described in the petition as a "22-year-old with a ninth-grade education.'" DeWolf further charges Miscavige and James Isaacson "forged Hubbard's signature to loot the accounts." DeWolf says, "The only way he (Hubbard) can contest all of this is to show up physically in court. But I expect he may have trouble doing that because I don't think he is alive."

Other claims made by DeWolf, either in the petition, and/or in a story about it that appeared in the Riverside Press-Enterprise newspaper include: "While living in La Quinta in Riverside County, Hubbard made secret plans for his death...and instructed [Kima] Douglas to "'bury him in the date fields' in the area and not to disclose his death. Shortly thereafter,' DeWolf said in his petition, "my father disappeared.'

Hubbard's son filed his petition in Riverside County because his father's last known whereabouts was Gilman Hot Springs, a former resort near Hemet that is now owned by the Scientologists. Since October 1981, DeWolf contends, millions of dollars have been removed from Hubbard's bank accounts with forged signatures. He said the New England Merchants Bank froze Hubbard's account after determining that a $2 million check written against it in June had a forged signature.

His petition claims attempts also have been made to sell about $1 million worth of Hubbard's gems in Los Angeles and that Scientology officials "surreptitiously acquired all of the copyrights' to Hubbard's books and articles spanning 30 years. In his petition, DeWolf portrays his father as a heavy drug user who wrote his most important books and articles while "saturated' with cocaine and other drugs. Moreover, he suffered from venereal disease most of his adult life, said De Wolf, claiming his father was mentally ill for decades.

According to DeWolf, Hubbard's beliefs came from black magic and satanic theories associated with the Order of Templars Orientalis and its founder, Englishman Aleister Crowley. Hubbard became involved with John W. Parsons, a close associate of Crowley's, and Sarah Northrup, at the end of World War II, he alleges. The trio attempted to create a "moonchild' during 11 days of rituals when "an unborn human embryo was "implanted" with "satanic power,"' the court document contends."

Of the petition, it is said, "He [DeWolf] made the request after a longtime Hubbard aide submitted a 21-page court affidavit in another case swearing that Hubbard had repeatedly fled Southern California residences in fear of federal agents, that he was obsessed with cleanliness, ordering that living quarters be dust-free and his bedroom tiled. More claims in the stories covering this: "A science fiction novel by Hubbard...was published in October, but DeWolf claimed the 800-page saga, Battlefield Earth, and other publications released under his father's name in recent years actually were crafted by church officials."

AP story of 13 November 1982, on file; UPI story of 14 November 1982
AP story of 15 November 1982, on file; Newsweek story, 6 December 1982


The "30,000 accompanying documents." Is this actually part of the Armstrong case? This is additionally confused by a report [see entry for 10 February 1983] that the ownership of these documents are the subject of a case in Los Angeles Superior Court.

15 Nov : Scientology
  UPI quotes from a telephone interview with Ronald DeWolf: "Nobody has seen him [LRH] since March 1980. We have evidence we will bring into court Dec. 30 to show that he died here in the United States, probably in Hemet. ...He was in incredibly poor health for many, many years. He always put out the line that he was in extremely good health when in fact he was in incredibly poor health."

DeWolf is also reported to have said that his father, who would be 71, suffered from pulmonary embolisms, an ulcer, arthritis and venereal disease, and that LRH asked to be buried secretly so church members would continue to think he was alive and in perfect health. "One of the last thing he said to medical attendants was, 'Bury me in the date fields and don't tell anyone," UPI quotes DeWolf as saying.

UPI story of 15 November 1982 regarding a phone interview of the same day


Ron DeWolfe claims nobody has seen LRH since March 1980.
But Gerald Armstrong has told the press that he last saw LRH near the end of 1981!
Somebody's lying.

15 Nov : Scientology
  A UPI story claims that:

A spokeswoman for St. Martin's Press, which published Battlefield Earth,' a saga of planetary enslavement and intergalactic war, said the firm had corresponded with Hubbard in writing about the book and an upcoming 12-volume sequel, but no one had met or spoken with the author. 'Stylistically, the book is consistent with everything he's done in the past,' spokeswoman Maryanne Mazzola said. We have no reason to believe he's dead. We believe he's alive and writing.

15 Nov : Scientology
  PR Newswire, November 15, 1982

A 2.5-million-word sequel to L. Ron Hubbard's award-winning science fiction novel 'Battlefield Earth' -- titled Mission Earth and unprecedented in size and scope - was announced today by Author Services, Inc. The Los-Angeles based literary agency said that Hubbard's mammoth sequel to his current national bestseller is expected to be published in 12 volumes, with the first volume scheduled for national release during 1983. The landmark Hubbard novel will be the longest single work of fiction ever published, an Author Services spokesman said. ...

17 Nov : Scientology
  Church members insist their guru is still alive. To prove it they have produced an autographed copy of his most recent science-fiction novel, Battlefield Earth, which was given to literary agent Forrest Ackerman. Verified by two handwriting experts, the inscription, dated Nov. 17, 1982, reads: To 4E [abbreviation for Forrie], my favorite monster and long time friend. L. Ron Hubbard. Earth, what's left of it --1982.

Newsweek story, 6 December 1982

17 Nov : Scientology
  U.P.I., November 17, 1982

The Church of Scientology has dismissed as 'fabrications' claims by the son of founder L. Ron Hubbard that his father is dead or mentally incompetent and that church officials are looting their leader's estate. The church's board of directors issued a statement Tuesday saying comments by Ronald DeWolf were 'fabrications without any basis in truth or fact.' ...

17 Nov : Scientology
  PR Newswire, November 17, 1982

The Church of Scientology announced today it has filed an abuse of process lawsuit here, charging that out-of-state lawyer Michael Flynn and his associates have for years carried out a carefully organized plan to destroy the church through a massive and continuing media and legal campaign.

In a parallel announcement, church attorney John Peterson dismissed a suit filed last week in Riverside, Calif., by Ronald DeWolf as 'just one more maneuver by Mr. Flynn and his associates to help along other cases they have pending.' Peterson cited a sworn deposition by Flynn dated Aug. 28, 1982, in which the attorney admitted that he represented DeWolf, eldest son of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, and that he was preparing various petitions to several courts for DeWolf in order to collect his (Hubbard's) assets.


Here is another effort by Flynn to put the assets of the church into receivership.

19 Nov : Scientology
  A notice is filed Friday in Riverside County Superior Court on behalf of Mary Sue Hubbard, 51, seeking to keep her stepson, Ronald E. DeWolf, from being named trustee of LRH's estate. Her attorney, Barrett S. Litt, gives several quotes to the Associated Press:

Her husband, as far as she is aware, is perfectly capable of handling his own affairs and is doing so. She hears from Hubbard on a regular basis and is comfortably supported by her husband on a monthly basis. Litt admits that Mrs. Hubbard has not seen her reclusive husband since 1979, but he says she feels there is no need for DeWolf's petition. The story goes on:

It is uncertain whether Mrs. Hubbard will attend the hearing because she faces sentencing Dec. 9 in Washington, D.C., on her conviction in a Church of Scientology scheme to steal federal government documents. ...At the time of her conviction, Mrs. Hubbard was controller of the church. She has since resigned. Litt said Mrs. Hubbard was not seeking to substitute herself for DeWolf as Hubbard's trustee.

But he added, If a trustee were to be appointed, she would be the presumptive person to be trustee since state statutes give preference to a spouse.

AP story of 20 November 1982
UPI story of 22 November 1982

-- Dec : Scientology
  After the Mission Holders' Conference another corporate instrument of the new management appeared: The International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors
(I HELP). Rather than working for Orgs or Missions, some Scientologists simply give individual counselling. They are known as Field Auditors. The more successful Field Auditors made very good money.

In December 1982, I HELP called a meeting in Los Angeles. Several hundred field Auditors attended and were ordered to join this new body. Membership would cost $100 a year, and ten percent of their gross income. None of this was too worrying; however, to join they had to waive all previous agreements with the Church, and sign a contract binding them to the decisions of I HELP. Many shied away from signing. The tone of the meeting reflected that of the earlier Mission Holders' Conference, news of which had inevitably travelled to the Scientology field. Of the hundreds who attended, perhaps a dozen signed contracts that night. Then the bullying began.

In the 1970s, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) came into being to cash in on successful businessmen who were also Scientologists. Ostensibly it existed to offer consultancy services, provide the most up-to-date Hubbard Policy Letters on administration, and train the staff of Scientology businesses in the immense Hubbard Administrative Technology. Practically, WISE gave very little to its members for their tithes.

Now the Scientology business community in Los Angeles was invaded by the Finance Dictator's henchmen, and fines were levied for alleged abuses of privilege. Intransigent businessmen were threatened with Suppressive declare. Those who depended upon other Scientologists for the bulk of their business had no choice but to pay up. At least one sizeable business had to send its entire staff to Flag, in Clearwater, to do the Keeping Scientology Working Course, at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Employees who complained were given Security Checks, at their own expense. The man who had created the business was ostracized for his "squirrel Tech."

WISE also altered its contracts with businesses managed by public Scientologists, which now had to pay a $250 annual membership, in addition to a percentage of their income. The Religious Technology Center, and its International Finance Police, had effectively wrecked the network which had provided Scientology's interface with the public at large. They had also started a massive schism, especially in California where most of these events took place. Whether Hubbard's $85 million Christmas present was delivered we do not know, but Miscavige and company did their damnedest.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Altered Importance - destroying good will to raise a quick 85 million - ASI Execs

09 Dec : Scientology
  Quoted from AP story of this date:

I think he's dead, or become as mentally incompetent as a cigar-store wooden Indian or a bowl of Jell-O,' said Ronald E. DeWolf, 48, an apartment manager in Carson City, Nev. I've known for years that the person writing me and other members of my family, and sending presents, was not L. Ron Hubbard.

AP story of 9 December 1982

09 Dec : Scientology
  Mary Sue Hubbard is scheduled to appear in a Washington, D.C. court for sentencing on a federal conspiracy conviction.

AP story of 20 November 1982
UPI stoy of 22 November 1982

24 Dec : Scientology
  Bent Corydon, head of the Scientology mission in Riverside, California, is expelled.

New York Times story of 6 January 1982

30 Dec : Scientology
  A hearing is held regarding the Ronald DeWolf petition to be made trustee of his father's asset's. Attorneys for Mary Sue Hubbard urge Superior Court Judge J. David Hennigan to dismiss Wolf's petition. Los Angeles attorney Barrett Litt contends that the court action is an invasion of Hubbard's privacy. Judge Hennigan challenges Litt to have LRH appear in court:

If he (Hubbard) is concerned about his privacy, the judge says, all he has to do is walk in here and say, 'Here I am' and 'I'm alive. Litt says that LRH, long a recluse, will not appear. Hennigan then schedules a trial to begin 18 April 1983. Judge Hennigan has said that it is unlikely he will appoint DeWolf as trustee of his father's assets because the two have been estranged since 1959, when DeWolf left the church and changed his name from L. Ron Hubbard Jr. The judge asks if Mrs. Hubbard would be willing to be trustee if the Scientology founder is ruled dead or incompetent.

She, or a nominee, would act as a trustee, attorney Litt says. An attorney for DeWolf, Wilkie Cheong of Los Angeles, says he would object to Mary Sue Hubbard or her nominee acting as a trustee. We would like the court to suggest a corporate trustee, he says, such as a trust department at a large bank.

AP story of 30 December 1982

30 Dec : Scientology
  The Associated Press December 30, 1982

Judge Orders Trial Over Status of Church Founder

A trial will be held in April to determine if Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is dead or mentally incompetent, a Superior Court judge ruled Thursday. Ronald DeWolf, Hubbard's oldest child, contends in a court petition that his father has not been seen since March 1980, when he was living secretly in Hemet, 25 miles southeast of Riverside.

DeWolf, of Carson City, Nevada., is asking the court to name him trustee of his father's assets. He maintains officials of the Church of Scientology have stolen millions of dollars from Hubbard. Attorneys for Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, urged Superior Court Judge J. David Hennigan to dismiss Wolf's petition.

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