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  Delivery of OT 7, SOLO NOTS, begins.

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  Early 1981

The Guardian's Office had failed Hubbard. Mary Sue, the Controller, never saw him again after their meeting a few months before his disappearance early in 1980. According to Hubbard, mistakes do not just happen, somebody causes them, always. Mistakes and accidents are the result of deliberate Suppression. A catastrophe as big as the government case against the GO was obviously the result of a very heavyweight Suppressive. Hubbard could not admit that the GO had merely been following his orders, so rather than reforming his views, he set out to reform the GO.

In 1979, Hubbard had issued a so-called "Advice" (an internal directive with limited distribution) stating that when situations really foul-up there is more than one Suppressive Person at work. Further, those who have submitted to the SPs, the SP's "connections," also have to be rooted out. The GO, and all of the "connections" within and around it, had to be purged.

Hubbard's legal situation was worsening. Early in 1981, the All Clear Unit was set up at the Commodore's Messenger Organization International ("CMO Int") reporting directly to the Commanding Officer CMO, who was also chairwoman of the Watchdog Committee. The unit's purpose was to make it "All Clear" for Hubbard to come out of hiding.

Ironically, the GO had finally persuaded Hubbard that his hand must not be seen in the management of Scientology, so the All Clear Unit became Hubbard's instrument. The Suppressive-riddled GO had to be removed completely; but it had to be removed with dexterity, because it was the most powerful force in Scientology. Everyone concerned had to be sure that the orders were coming from Hubbard, but there must be no tangible evidence.

If the GO had believed there was a palace revolution in progress they would have been perfectly capable of destroying the tiny CMO. There were 1,100 GO staff, most of them seasoned, their leaders well known in the Scientology world. There were a score of Messengers at CMO Int, and despite their newly acquired role in management, they were virtually unknown to the vast majority of Scientologists.

The CMO's first task was to remove the Controller. In May 1981, David Miscavige, by now twenty-one, met with Mary Sue Hubbard. He told her that as a convicted criminal her position in the Church was an embarrassment.

Miscavige doubtless reminded her that the appeal of her prison sentence would probably be lost, and that when it was lost the Church's public position would be far better if the Church was seen to have disciplined her. Mary Sue screamed and raged, but Miscavige kept his bulldog grip on the situation. He was immune to tirades, and probably smiled as he dodged the ashtray she hurled at him.

For her husband's good, the Controller finally stepped down. Afterwards she decided she had been tricked, and sent letters of complaint to her husband. There was no reply. She thought that her letters to her husband were being censored. They were, but on her husband's order.

Gordon Cook became the new Controller, and the Controller's Aides were replaced. The head of CMO, Diane "DeDe" Voegeding, considered Mary Sue Hubbard her friend. Having spent her teenage years on the ship without her parents, Mary Sue must have seemed almost a mother to her. Voegeding protested and was removed from her position, ostensibly for divulging Hubbard's whereabouts to the Guardian's Office.

Laurel Sullivan had been Hubbard's Personal Public Relations Officer (Pers PRO) for years. She was part of the small Personal Office, and was Armstrong's immediate superior on the biography project, as well as head of the huge financial reorganization, Mission Corporate Category Son-out (MCCS). Sullivan too was a close friend of Mary Sue Hubbard. MCCS was closed, and Laurel Sullivan was removed from her post. Voegeding and Sullivan were both consigned to the Rehabilitation Project Force. They were the first of hundreds of "connections" to be purged.

The CMO were responding to the belief, fostered by Hubbard, that the U.S. government was working to smash Scientology. Through the collection of unpaid taxes, the Internal Revenue Service was capable of destroying the parent Church of Scientology of California. There was also a distinct danger that all the subsidiary corporations would be sucked under with it.

The Scientology Publications Organization U.S. was re-incorporated as a for-profit corporation, called Bridge Publications. The Publications Organization in Denmark became New Era Publications. A new Legal office was established distinct from, and eventually controlling, the GO Legal Bureau. It was the beginning of a proliferation of allegedly distinct and separate Scientology corporations.

The All Clear Unit (ACU) had to all intents become autonomous under the control of David Miscavige. It was not subject to the CMO, the Watchdog Committee, or any other Scientology entity. Miscavige took his orders only from Pat Broeker, who in turn took his orders only from Hubbard.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

False legal advice that MSH's position implicted LRH - Miscavige and attorneys

(no date)
  Early 1981

Lenske, Lenske & Heller was retained in the early part of 1981, to represent the business interests of L. Ron Hubbard.

Declaration of Sherman Lenske on 4 February 1986

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  Vicki was sent on "mission" to Los Angeles in 1981 "to purge members of Defendants' organization... remove assets of Defendant Church of Scientology of California to overseas trusts where they could not be accessed by plaintiffs or the government, and set up sham corporate structures to evade prosecution generally.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

(no date)
  Late 1981

David Mayo receives many messages from LRH over the next eight months. Amongst other things, LRH suggested that Mayo develop a Happiness Rundown, which Mayo did. When the rundown and course was complete, auditors and C/Ses from around the world came to ASHO where Mayo personally taught the course and interneship.

Julie Mayo letter

-- Jan
  A telex comes down to Miscavige, establishing Mission All Clear (MAC). There are 35 liability cases against the church and many of them name LRH as a defendant. Miscavige is the head of the unit. The purpose of this unit was to extricate LRH from all of the lawsuits that had been filed naming him as the head of the Church.

Because this is so "confidential and sensitive", Miscavige forms a direct comm line with Broeker, by-passing all of his CMO seniors and the Watchdog Committee. Miscavige then began to systematically eliminate all of the other members of the All Clear Committee.

Zegel Tape No. 2
Stacy Young affidavit


The restructuring of the Church is about to take place and it should be understood that -


It has to be wondered - is LRH even alive - or being held against his will?

01 Feb
  Quoted from Gerald Armstrong legal document:

It was Mary Sue Hubbard who, in early 1981, ordered certain biographical materials from Controller Archives to be delivered to Defendant Armstrong. These materials consisted of several letters written by Hubbard in the 1920's and 1930's, Hubbard's Boy Scout books and materials, several old Hubbard family photographs, a diary kept by Hubbard in his youth, and several other items.

Gerald Armstrong's "Appendix" for an unknown court case

02 Feb
  Bridge Publications, Inc. (B.P.I.) is incorporated.
Corporate classification: Religious.
Registered Agent: Lawrence E. Heller

Articles of Incorporation, California Secretary of State


Heller is believed, at this time, to be one of the partners of the law firm of Lenske, Lenske, Heller & Magasin. Lawrence Heller also soon becomes one of the three Special Directors of CST along with Sherman and Stephen Lenske.

10 Mar
  U.P.I. March 10, 1981

...Paulette Cooper filed a $15 million suit against the Church of Scientology of Boston and the church's founders, L. Ron and Mary Sue Hubbard. Ms. Cooper, who wrote the book entitiled 'The Scandal of Scientology' claims the church conducted an anonymous smear campaign against her.

The suit ... claims a special unit of the church -- the B-1 Bureau -- was set up by the Hubbards to conduct covert and illegal operations against any organization or individual critical of the Hubbards or Scientology.


This is another suit filed by Boston attorney Michael Flynn's office.

Incorrectly Included fascist intelligence unit in a Church - LRH

30 Mar
  Former psychiatric patient John Hinckley Jr. attempts to assassinate President Ronald Reagan.

The Washington Post, March 31, 1981


Wonder if these "lone nut assassins" are CIA Mind Control puppets?

-- Apr
  Quoted from a Sherman Lenske affidavit:

I represented Mr. L. Ron Hubbard in all aspects of estate planning from the time he engaged me as his attorney in approximately April 1981...

Mr. Lenske's Declaration dated November 12, 1995


A message on usenet from a former CMO member said Lenske was hired by a CMO legal mission, fired and run by Miscavige.

-- Apr
  Quoted from David Miscavige affidavit:

In April 1981, in an unprecedented move and without Mary Sue Hubbard's knowledge, I sent a mission to the headquarters of the GO in England GO World Wide (GOWW) to inspect the Legal Bureau under the guise that it had been authorized by Mary Sue Hubbard. We discovered that the GO had grossly mismanaged the legal affairs with which it had been entrusted....

The GO continued to withhold from Church management the darkest of its secrets--the criminal acts committed by GO staff against the United States government and others. We only learned of these crimes when we read copies of GO documents attached as exhibits to court papers filed by litigation adversaries.

David Miscavige's affidavit to U.S. District Court for the Central District of California CSI, plaintiff vs. STEVEN FISHMAN And UWE GEERTZ, Defendants.
CASE No. cv 91-6426 HL


David Miscavige, at the time of this incident, is the Action Chief CMO Int. He is in charge of firing and running missions.


This is nuts. The raid had already happened. It was no secret that the G.O. had crimes. The G.O. staff had already been found guilty in court and sentenced to prison! LRH was with MSH on the day of the raid and they spent a week discussing what to do. So, LRH would not have been wanting to "infiltrate" the G.O. to "make the discovery" the G.O. had crimes. He already knew. And, if he wanted the G.O. taken apart, all he would have needed to do was tell MSH that and she would have complied.


This adds up to a CMO conspiracy to seize all that LRH & MSH owned, with the Broekers and Miscavige as the key participants, (and a few co-conspirator attorneys).

-- May
  MSH is Controller and she holds control over the corporate structure of Scientology, as well as all of the trademarks and copyrights.

Then, attorney Sherman Lenske appears on the scene claiming to be LRH's personal attorney.

Two months later, MSH gets overthrown from her Controller post and Lenske is instrumental in the corporate restructuring of all of Scientology. A year later he is a co-founder of the Church of Spiritual Technology, which eventually comes to have control over every intellectual property that LRH and MSH had ever owned or controlled.

Another co-founder of the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) is Meade Emory. He was the Assistant to the Commissioner of the IRS in 1975 and 1976, when the FBI caught Wolfe and Meisner stealing IRS documents, leading to the FBI raid and the overthrow of MSH and the Guardian's Office by CMO staff - the Broekers and Miscavige.

United States Claim Court - Case No. 581-88T
Church of Spiritual Technology vs United States

Meade Emory's biography

United States District Court for the Central District of California
Church of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman Case No. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx)
David Miscavige affidavit 17 Feb 1994

Veritas website

-- May
  The CMO's first task was to remove the Controller. In May 1981, David Miscavige, by now twenty-one, met with Mary Sue Hubbard. He told her that as a convicted criminal her position in the Church was an embarrassment. The attorneys had suggested that as long as she remained in an administrative position her husband was implicated in all Scientology affairs, including the burglaries.

For her husband's good, the Controller finally stepped down. Afterwards she decided she had been tricked, and sent letters of complaint to her husband. There was no reply. She thought that her letters to her husband were being censored. They were, but on her husband's order.

Gordon Cook became the new Controller, and the Controller's Aides were replaced.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


The GO staff had already been found guilty and sentenced to prison for their crimes.
All of that was already over and LRH was not included. It was a done deal.
So how could Mary Sue implicate LRH in it?

LRH does not equal MSH in the eyes of the law, so this legal advice is FALSE.

False legal advice to MSH to remove her from post -
Altered Sequence of events by saying the burglary charges were still pending -

David Miscavige and attorneys


A handwritten letter from Mary Sue when she was in prison, says she made a deal with the government in order to get Ron out of the charges, thus he was an unindicted co- conspirator. - Data is from Mike McClaughry

-- Jun
  Miscavige, along with Pat and Annie Broeker, decided that the Guardian's Office must be eliminated. He gathered a couple of dozen Church executives and they planned a series of missions to take over the G.O.

Zegel Tape No. 2

United States District Court for the Central District of California
Church of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman Case No. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx)
David Miscavige affidavit 17 Feb 1994

-- Jun
  "The MCCS discussions were abandoned in June of 1981, action was taken with regard to anything the committee discussed."

Court ruling, CST v. US--29 June 1992


Quoting from the referenced source 1992 court ruling regarding the Church of Spiritual Technology: "CST still did not produce the [Zolin] tapes, claiming the MCCS [Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out] discussions were abandoned in June of 1981, and that no action was taken with regard to anything the committee discussed."

This is taken from a justification offered by CST in 1992 to the Claims Court for not turning over to the court the [Zolin?] tapes concerning MCCS.

27 Jun
  David Miscavige reportedly "takes over CMO Int" by giving CO CMO INT Diane Voegeding a dispatch removing her. The dispatch is ostensibly from LRH.

Bare Faced Messiah

The head of CMO, Diane "DeDe" Voegeding, considered Mary Sue Hubbard her friend. Having spent her teenage years on the ship without her parents, Mary Sue must have seemed almost a mother to her. Voegeding protested (MSH's removal) and was removed from her position, ostensibly for divulging Hubbard's whereabouts to the Guardian's Office.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Jul
  In July 1981, ED Int. Bill Franks and a small group of Messengers arrived at the headquarters of the U.S. Guardian's Office in Los Angeles. All GO staff were ordered to join the Sea Org, and a Criminal Handling Unit was established. Franks and his cohorts were there to remove the last real obstacle to CMO control of the Guardian's Office, Jane Kember, the Guardian.

Kember had received a prison sentence for her part in the Washington burglaries, but was on bail pending an appeal. Upon hearing of Franks' moves, Mary Sue Hubbard reappointed herself Controller, and rescinded her previous permission for the CMO to investigate the GO. Franks and his team were physically ejected from GO headquarters in Los Angeles. The locks were changed. Mary Sue appointed Jane Kember Temporary Controller.

Franks, as Executive Director International, maintained his occupation of the Controller's office itself, and Kember visited him there with a group of GO heavies. Franks launched into an attack on Mary Sue Hubbard, among other things accusing her of being a "squirrel" who practiced astrology. Ignoring Franks' threats, Kember's crew removed the Controller's files, leaving Franks in an empty office.

The GO took over an office in the former Cedars of Lebanon complex, the home of most of the Scientology Orgs in Los Angeles. There the Controller's files were guarded day and night. Mary Sue made a desperate bid to find her husband, so that he could quash the CMO. For three days the screaming match continued, with David Miscavige and other high- ranking Messengers joining in. They played on Kember's fear of a schism in the Church. Eventually, she was shown an undated Hubbard dispatch which suggested that the GO should be put under the CMO when its senior executives went to prison. Jane Kember and Mary Sue Hubbard admitted defeat.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Jul
  Quoting from legal document of Michael Flynn: "David Miscavige and Norman Starkey, as agents of Hubbard, convened a meeting of lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia for the purpose of initiating Bar complaints, lawsuits, depositions, motions for disqualification, and contempt motions in order to harass plaintiff (Michael Flynn) by use of the judicial system. The meeting took place in July, 1981 and it was attended by attorneys Harvey Silverglate, Jay Roth, Steven Burris, Donald Randolph, Sherman Lenske, Dan Warren and others."

Complaint of Michael J. Flynn filed on unknown date as case # 83-2642-C in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF MASSACHUSETTS

01 Jul
  David Miscavige allegedly calls on Mary Sue Hubbard with a letter prepared by lawyers which argues that MSH's presence as the Guardians' controller implicates LRH in all church matters including the GO cases. She steps down and is later removed from office, as is Jane Kember.

Religions Inc.


Re the letter prepared by lawyers, this is shortly after Lenske appears on the scene--by his reckoning, in April 1981.

01 Jul
  David Miscavige arranges a meeting with Mary Sue Hubbard, based on a lie. He calls her on the phone and implies that he has comm for her from LRH.

They get together, but the letter he promised simply did not exist. What he did arrive with was a letter he had had written by church attorneys, (Sherman Lenske?) stating erroneously that Mary Sue's presence as the controller of the church endangered and implicated LRH in all church matters. Based on this letter and other conversations that the two of them had, Mary Sue was eventually persuaded to step down as controller.

Miscavige's exchanges with MSH were extremely bitter and he brags around INT for some weeks thereafter about calling her a suppressive bitch and some other names.

Zegel Tape No. 2

United States District Court for the Central District of California
Church of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman Case No. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx)
David Miscavige affidavit 17 Feb 1994

Important Note:

The above is fraud. He obtained control through fraud. The attorneys gave her false legal advice to get her to resign and let Miscavige take over.

01 Jul
  1 c. July 1981

Quoting from David Miscavige: "Mary Sue Hubbard was removed from her post before she went to jail. I know, because I personally met with her and obtained her resignation.... At first, Mary Sue Hubbard was not willing to resign. Eventually she did so."

David Miscavige's affidavit to U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in the CSI, plaintiff vs.. STEVEN FISHMAN And UWE GEERTZ, Defendants.
CASE NO. CV 91-6426 HL;

Religion, Inc.

01 Jul
  1 c. July c. 1981

Quoting from David Miscavige:

"34. Shortly before the purge of the Guardian's Office, I discussed with Laurel Sullivan various illicit GO activities we had already uncovered. Sullivan was aware of these activities. Sullivan did not agree that the acts the GO had committed were atrocious and that Mary Sue Hubbard and the rest of her criminal group needed to be removed. She insisted that Mary Sue Hubbard remain in power and that at all costs she and the Guardian's Office should maintain total control of the organization regardless of the criminal acts exposed by the government and others, in which Sullivan felt the GO was completely justified in committing.

"35. Upon learning of Laurel Sullivan's alliance with the GO and the plans to reorganize the Church under Mary Sue Hubbard and her GO allies, I removed Sullivan from her position and disbanded the MCCS project altogether. In fact, recently released documents reveal that Laurel Sullivan--who would later become an adverse witness against the church and me-- long ago admitted to law enforcement officials that the corporate restructuring of the Church actually implemented, differed entirely from that envisioned in her MCCS project."

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
David Miscavige's affidavit

also Religion, Inc.

02 Jul
  2 c. July 1981

Quoting from David Miscavige:

Within a day of Mary Sue Hubbard's resignation, senior GO officials secretly met with Mary Sue Hubbard and conspired to regain control of the GO. Mary Sue Hubbard signed a letter revoking her resignation and condemning the actions of the CMO. Scores of GO staff responded, locking the missionaires out of their premises and were intending to hire armed guards to bar access by me and the other Church officials who had ousted them. I then confronted the mutineers, and persuaded Mary Sue Hubbard to again resign, which ended the last vestige of GO resistance."

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
CSI, plaintiff vs. STEVEN FISHMAN And UWE GEERTZ, Defendants
David Miscavige's affidavit to

07 Jul
  Twenty CMO missionaires, headed by Vicki Aznaran, were sent to the St. Hill and Los Angeles Guardian Offices, hoping to simply take over the G.O. Prior to this takeover, power was distributed between the CMO and the G.O. And they acted, to some degree, as a check and balance on one another. This was going to be the elimination of that check and balance and was considered to be a very important operation.

In Los Angeles, the takeover went smoothly until Jane Kember, Guardian World Wide, is encountered. She barricaded herself in her office and refused to be unseated. The missionaires manage to get an appointment with her and she is intractable. The missionaires then send a telex back to INT and two more missionaires are sent out to handle the situation.

What was decided is that a fake telex is going to be constructed, allegedly from LRH, that will order Jane Kember to step down and let the CMO take over the G.O. This telex is typed on the spot by the missionaires from INT, it is put in a folder that contains other legitimate LRH telexes and another meeting is arranged with Jane Kember.

Jane is given the folder of telexes to read, she sees the telex ordering that she step down and that the CMO be allowed to take over the Guardian's Office and that action is done. That is the end of the G.O. and now the CMO and ultimately Miscavige and Pat and Annie Broeker now run the entire church.

This is also fraud. They tricked the Guardian into resigning and letting Miscavige take over by making her think that LRH ordered her to do it.

A Reign of Terror begins, followed by the Golden Age of Squirreling, as follows:

Miscavige established and headed a unit called "Special Project". From this position he ran the entirety of Scientology. He staffed it with 15 people who took over the functions of the GO bureaus. Some of the staff were Norman Starkey, Lyman Spurlock, Terri Gamboa and Vaughn and Stacy Young.

These people now ran the Intelligence, PR, and Legal functions previously run by the GO. The primary focus was on the Mission All Clear, in the legal division of the GO. The purpose of this unit was to extricate LRH from all of the lawsuits that had been filed naming him as the head of the Church. Miscavige was personally charged with extricating LRH from pending litigation so LRH could come out of hiding.

Later, the Guardian's Office functions of handling external matters, such as Intelligence, PR, and Legal are given a new name, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). Miscavige now runs all of Scientology, both external and internal matters. The only people senior to Miscavige are Pat and Annie Broker, who work directly under LRH.

Zegel Tape No. 2
Vicki Aznaran affidavit
Vaughn Young affidavit
Stacy Young affidavit

Incorrectly Included fraud to accomplish a takeover - Miscavige & attorneys

13 Jul
  Vicki Aznaran is the "...head of the 040 mission which took over the US Guardian's Office."

United States District Court Central District of California, No. Cv 91-6426 Hlh (tx); Church of Scientology International, Plaintiff, Vs. Steven Fishman And Uwe Geertz, Declaration of Vicki Aznaran

Quoting from David Miscavige: "On July 13, 1981, a matter of weeks after we had uncovered what was going on, and with no advance warning to the GO, a coordinated series of CMO missions were sent out concurrently to take over the GO."

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California
CSI, plaintiff vs. STEVEN FISHMAN And UWE GEERTZ - Case No. cv 91-6426 HL
David Miscavige affidavit

16 Jul
  During the second half of the 1970's, revelations of American military and CIA germ warfare experiments emerged in the public press. Surprisingly, many of those experiments were conducted in U.S. cities and were directed at U.S. citizens. In the 1950's, for example, a germ fog had been sprayed by a Navy ship at San Francisco.

U.S. citizens have not only been hit by germs, but also by another type of bombardment. An intriguing segment of the television program, NBC Magazine with David Brinkley, aired July 16, 1981, revealed that the northwestern United States was continuously bombarded by the Soviet Union with low frequency radio waves. The radio waves are set at the approximate level of biological electronic frequencies.

Mr. Brinkley stated:

The Russian government is known to be trying to change human behavior by external electronic influences. And we know that some kind of Russian transmitter is bombarding this country with extreme low frequency radiowaves.

The fact is, low-frequency waves of that type will affect neurological and physiological functioning, usually by reducing mental functioning and by making people more suggestive.

The book Gods of Eden by William Bramley

31 Jul
  End of July 1981

At the end of July, the new leaders of the Guardian's Office issued "Cracking the Conspiracy" which assured Scientologists, "The GO is now working around the clock to crack the conspiracy in the next six weeks. This is not 'PR' or a 'gimmick.' It is the truth. Ironically, the conspiracy against Scientology seemed to have emanated from the Guardian's Office itself.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Falsehood the conspiracy against Scientology emanated from the GO - Jon Atack
(it would only emanate from enemy agents who had infiltrated the GO)


There are several top people who were guilty of crimes in the Snow White program - who the government did not prosecute! These are likely their agents:

Jimmy Mulligan - Mary Sue's Assistant for Intelligence - was guilty as sin
Lynn McNeil - Michael Meisner's senior

The above two are mentioned in particular because they also destroyed HASI, the legal owner of the copyrights and trademarks.

On 10 May 1977 A Certificate of Revocation is issued against HASI, Inc. by the Arizona Corporation Commission for FAILURE TO FILE AN ANNUAL REPORT. HASI was the owner of ALL COPYRIGHTS AND TRADEMARKS, assigned to HASI by LRH by blanket assignment in 1958.

01 Aug
  1 c. August 1981

Quoting from David Miscavige:

The dissolution of the GO...was no mere 'cosmetic alteration'.... It was, in fact, a major, dramatic, and permanent overhaul, with over 800 GO staff dismissed as unqualified or because of their disagreements with Church policies or because of their complicity in criminal conduct. It required approximately 50...missions to purge the GO. The posts of Guardian and Controller were abolished.

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California CSI, plaintiff vs.
David Miscavige affidavit

Falsehood that dismantling the GO was not merely cosmetic - the same functions and criminal acts were continued under the new names, RTC & OSA - David Miscavige

05 Aug
  International conditions Order number 1 is issued.

Its routing is: Flag, FOLOs, G.O., W.W., Continental Guardian Offices

Its subject is:

Committee of Evidence, Fred Hare, Jane Kember, David Gaiman, Herbie Parkhouse, Henning Heldt, Duke Snider, Mo Budlong, Jimmy Mulligan, Ann Mulligan, Rick Merwin, and Nicky Merwin. The committee is made up of Lieutenant J.G. David Miscavige, chairman, and members Ensign Marc Yaeger, Warrant Officer [Jon] Nelson, Lieutenant Commander Clarice Brusel, and Petty Officer April Hall.

A "debrief" of Peter Greene, posted on the Internet

05 Aug
  The last vestige of resistance to the CMO takeover would come from Guardian's Office headquarters, GO World Wide, at Saint Hill in England. A CMO "Observation Mission" travelled to England, And on August 5 convened a "Committee of Evidence" against leading members of the Guardian's Office. The Committee was made up solely of Messengers, and chaired by Miscavige. The members were found guilty. A CMO unit was established at Saint Hill, and Bill Franks, the Executive Director International, issued a directive explaining that as Hubbard's management successor he was senior in authority to the Guardian's Office.

The Findings and Recommendations of the Committee of Evidence were not published. Senior GO officials were shipped to Gilman Hot Springs where they underwent a "rehabilitation program." Messengers called them "the crims," for criminals. These middle- aged Church executives were made to dig ditches, and wait table for the young rulers.

They were awakened in the middle of the night and subjected to a new type of "Confessional." The privacy of the auditing session was abandoned, along with the polite manner of the auditor. A group of Messengers would fire questions, and while the recipient fumbled for an answer, yell accusations at him. Answers were belittled, and the Messengers all yelled at once. The exhausted GO official would be threatened with eternal expulsion from Scientology.

The questions were also new. The CMO was convinced that the GO had been infiltrated by "enemy" agencies, so the "crims" were asked, "Who's paying you?" over and over again, and accused of working for the FBI, the AMA or the CIA. This brutal form of interrogation came to be known as "gang sec-checking." It was in total violation of the publicized tenets of Scientology.

GO staff began to crack under the pressure. Most of these hardened executives eventually left Gilman willing to do the bidding of their new masters. The Watchdog Committee assigned one of their number to the control of the Guardian's Office. David Gaiman, the former head of GO Public Relations, became the new Guardian upon his return from Gilman Hot Springs.

The great GO machine was grinding to a halt. Members of the Legal Bureau, who understood the weak position of Scientology in many of the increasing number of suits, wanted to settle out of court wherever possible, but were overruled in favor of a fight to the death policy. The stalwarts of the Legal Bureau were dismissed, and their place taken by expensive private law firms. Most of these suits were eventually settled for far larger amounts than GO Legal had negotiated.

The CMO was in control of the entire administrative structure of Scientology. Although still in hiding, Hubbard made himself available for comment, but only on matters of Scientology "Tech," in September 1981.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included psychiatric interrogation tech - Miscavige & Aides

20 Aug
  U.P.I. August 20, 1981

A member of the Church of Scientology filed a $30 million civil rights suit Thursday against an attorney and nine other people he claims were hired by his parents to deprogram him from his religious beliefs. Steven Miller filed the suit in U.S. District Court against Michael Flynn, his brother, Kevin, a private investigator, and others he alleges deprived him of his constitutionally guaranteed civil right to practice his religion.

26 Aug
  Bill Franks, ED INT, issues Sea Org ED. 1789 INT.

The routing is BPI [Broad Public Issue], All Staff, All Public, from Executive Director International. It was called "Management Changes." Part of it is a description of how the G.O. had "turned around and gone adrift."

A "debrief" of Peter Greene, posted on the Internet

14 Sep
  The Associated Press, September 14, 1981

Shakeup in Top Office

The Church of Scientology has replaced a top official because of criminal convictions of church officials last year, the church said Sunday. A statement by the church distributed in Washington said the Guardian Office in England, which had been autonomous, had been 'reorganized and put under the direction of the Executive Director International Office.' A spokesman, the Rev. Gregory Taylor, said that Jane Kember, who had held the position of guardian, 'was replaced' by Gordon Cook, who headed the Scientology organization in South Africa.

...The statement Sunday from Bill Franks, executive director international, said the Guardian Office 'went adrift' and in the criminal prosecution. Here we had people representing the Church who had gotten themselves in a fight with the government when our very first policy is to maintain friendly relations with the environment. The mistakes made were simply that this policy was not followed and the results were predictably negative for the Church.' Taylor said "'more than a dozen' people were replaced in the Guardian Office and the U.S. Guardian Office, though the deputy guardian for the United States, Laurie Zurn, continues to head that office in Los Angeles. ..."

Three Falsehoods by ED Int, Bill Franks:

Here we go with false PR statements again, acting all innocent about what the GO was doing. Blaming the GO for getting in a fight with the government and not maintaining friendly public relations. In truth, the GO was acting on LRH directions to it, see the LRH issues to the GO on this time track.

-- Oct
  Quoting David Miscavige:

With the G.O. out of the way, the entire corporate and command structure of Scientology was modified. Organizations were set up to ensure a new G.O. could never come about and to see that the tech would be kept pure.

David Miscavige - 7 October 1993 speech at the IAS event

Falsehood - Miscavige - RTC & OSA continued the criminal acts of the GO

-- Oct
  MSH and 10 aides appeal their conviction of conspiracy. MSH and 10 aides go to jail. With her and the Guardian and other key executives in jail and LRH hiding, elements of the Sea Org moved in to take command.

The last thing done by Miscavige is a complete corporate restructuring. He says he does this to ensure a "new GO" could never come about. He says the GO had become entirely autonomous and corrupt. He says part of the measures taken to ensure a similar situation could never occur again was the formation of Religious Technology Center (RTC).


As you will learn later in this time track, RTC is autonomous and is also corrupt.
It is the "new GO". Intelligence and legal activities are commanded from RTC.
The illegal activities of the GO Intelligence Bureau did not stop, they were continued by Miscavige and other RTC execs.

Vicki Aznaran says throughout her Presidency of RTC, that fair game actions against enemies were commonplace. Fair game activities included burglaries, assaults, disruption of businesses owned by enemies, spying, harassing investigations and litigation, abuse of confidential communications in parishioner files, destruction of evidence, etc.

Lyman Spurlock is a Sea Org member who is also a Certified Public Accountant. Miscavige assigned Lyman Spurlock the task of sorting out the Scientology corporations so they would be legally defensible in the eyes of the IRS. It was at this point that the huge conglomeration known as Church of Scientology of California, was split into many corporations. Lyman worked out the whole shell, including the relationships between the different echelons.

This corporate restructuring is to obtain legal and tax advantages. The complex corporate structure serves as a shield to protect LRH from criminal and civil litigation. Its purpose was also to create an impenetrable, legally defensible network of corporations such that the IRS or other government agency could not "pierce the corporate veil" of Scientology organizations, thereby freeing Scientology management to transfer funds between organizations without concern for the law.

In simple terms, the corporate re-organization is to hide the fact that LRH runs Scientology and personally receives the money from the Churches. (The non-profit money from the Churches is laundered through the profit making corporations.)

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Vicki Aznaran affidavit
Affidavit of Former RTC member
Stacy Young affidavit
Jesse Prince tape # 5

Incorrectly Included continuation of GO fascism & criminality - RTC & OSA
False reason for dismantling the GO because the criminality didn't stop - Miscavige

01 Oct
  Fall 1981

Miscavige says that a concern of LRH's was that his personal affairs be handled independently of any church activities. The IRS raised concerns regarding LRH's relationship to Scientology churches. LRH wanted to have his personal affairs managed and to put an end to any concerns about his relationship to any Scientology churches. So, his personal attorneys advised and were the architects of a for-profit corporation that addressed these needs. Thus Author Services Incorporated (ASI) was formed to manage the personal, business and literary affairs of LRH, including his financial and legal matters.

In addition to ASI, another for-profit corporation is formed, Bridge Publications Inc. (BPI) It publishes and distributes the Scientology Scriptures, including books and recorded tapes, and manufactures, repairs and distributes E-Meters. It also publishes and distributes LRH fiction works. New Era Publications performs the same activities for countries outside of the US.

ASI, BPI, and NEP are all for-profit companies. They pay royalties directly to LRH and his successors, which includes Religious Technology Center (RTC) and Church of Spiritual Technology (CST). (Therefore the IRS denies tax-exempt status to RTC and CST).

United States Claim Court - Case No. 581-88T
Church of Spiritual Technology vs United States


David Miscavige affidavit 15 Oct 1999

Falsehood that LRH wanted his personal affairs kept separate from the church because Miscavige continued to bring millions of dollars of church money to LRH after this -

David Miscavige

02 Oct
  The Associated Press October 2, 1981

A federal appeals court Friday upheld the convictions of nine people who, as officials of the Church of Scientology, directed a conspiracy to steal government documents about the church. In a 3-0 vote, the U.S. Court of Appeals panel rejected all the points made by the Scientologists on appeal --including a claim that government searches of Scientology offices violated constitutional rights. ...The appeals court upheld the rulings of U.S. District Judge Charles R. Richey, who tried the case in October 1979 under an unusual procedure, in which each defendant agreed to be found guilty of one count of the indictment after the government submitted its uncontested evidence to the court.

When the 1979 trial ended, Richey ordered immediate prison terms for the defendants: Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of church founder L. Ron Hubbard; Henning Heldt; Duke Snider; Sharon Thomas; Gregory Willardson; Richard Weigand; Cindy Raymond; Gerald Bennett Wolfe, and Mitchell Hermann. ...

Falsehood - Associated Press
the GO execs never plead guilty - they would have lost their right to an appeal if they plead guilty - they only agreed not to contest the government's evidence against them

13 Oct
  Attorney Sherman Lenske incorporates Author Services Incorporated (ASI).

Author Services, Inc.
7051 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 400 Hollywood, CA 90028
Sherman D. Lenske, Registered Agent
Norman F. Starkey, President
corporate number 1057096
date incorporated 10/13/81

Corporate filings, California Secretary of State Office


This is a for-profit corporation, not a religious corporation.

David Miscavige is CEO & Chairman of the Board - Norman Starkey is President.

Attorney Sherman Lenske, on behalf of Miscavige, Spurlock and Starkey and several others,
incorporates ASI which becomes the corporate entity controlling Church of Scientology bank accounts and assets. In fact, the officers and directors of ASI possessed no authority from any Church of Scientology corporation to control its bank accounts and property.

This was earlier called "Special Project", headed by David Miscavige and so is ASI.

At this time ASI is higher on the chain of command than RTC.

Jesse Prince says that ASI, LRH's literary agency, is really used as the clearing house for

LRH orders to Church of Scientology International, etc.

The staff of ASI received their orders from LRH and his aide who lived with him, Pat
Broeker. When DM was COB ASI, the staff of ASI commanded and ran the entire Scientology network.

From 1982 to 1986 LRH would dictate his orders into a dictaphone. Pat and Annie Broeker would take the tape to Susie Bennick at Gilman Hot Springs, Ca. She would issue despatches to various executives at ASI, RTC, CSI, CST and CSC. David Miscavige oversaw the transcribing operation and enforced compliance to LRH orders. While Miscavige was COB ASI the staff of ASI ran the entire Scientology network. ASI had complete control over the management of all of Scientology.

DM makes the following ASI appointments:

Terri Gamboa, Executive Director

Norman Starkey, Legal Affairs Director
Lyman Spurlock, Corporate Affairs Director
Vaughn Young, Public Affairs Director
Stacy Young, Organizing Officer

Vicki Aznaran says that ASI was incorporated to be the funnel through which profits from Scientology Churches were channeled to LRH.

Stacy Young says that she and all ASI staff were instructed that making large amounts of money for LRH was an integral part of running Scientology. LRH's (perhaps Broeker's?) communications to ASI staff made it clear that he felt justified in taking as much money out of the Church as Miscavige & ASI staff could get away with. Miscavige's success or failure was based on how much money he could make for LRH, whether it came from the Church or other sources.

Accordingly, Miscavige made sure as much money as possible was taken from Church accounts. Treasury Secretary, Fran Harris, thought up "labels" which were attached to huge lump sums, which Miscavige then ordered transferred from non profit Church accounts, into ASI accounts every week. These labels were designed to conceal from the IRS the true nature of the transfers.

Miscavige made Lyman Spurlock responsible for working out the legal details of these transfers. Stacy Young, as Org Officer, often had to calm Lyman down after he had been ordered to legitimize some of Fran Harris' money-making ideas. Lyman said he had serious disagreements with Fran about the legality of some of her schemes. Miscavige would always tell Lyman to "make it legal".

The line was that Pat Broeker would tell David Miscavige to bring hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for LRH. Miscavige would bring the money in a briefcase to Las Vegas. Pat would meet him there and then take the briefcase of money back to LRH.

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Vicki Aznaran affidavit
Jesse Prince letters
Stacy Young affidavit
California State - Secretary of State corporate records

Incorrectly Included criminality - still funneling church money to LRH -

David Miscavige and aides

LRH gets this outpoint too - if indeed he was getting this money - but this money is missing from his estate when he died!)

20 Oct
Serial Number 73233761
Registration Number 1174579
Registration Date October 20, 1981
Cancellation Date May 13, 1988
Goods and Services (CANCELLED) IC 041. US 107.
G & S: Educational and Philosophic Services-Namely, Planning and Conducting Courses in the Field of Philosophy.
FIRST USE: 1951/11/00.
Owner Name (REGISTRANT) Hubbard; L. Ron
Owner Address 5930 Franklin Ave. Los Angeles CALIFORNIA 90028


This is one of the trademarks ostensibly transferred to RTC by L. Ron Hubbard a few months later, in 1982.

-- Nov
  In November, Hubbard ordered the CMO to send him information outlining the entire international position of Scientology. He wanted to know all the "stats." It took two weeks to collect the information, and then it had to be presented in a way which would demonstrate the efficacy of Hubbard's orders to the CMO to take over Church management. Hubbard had trained Messengers to censor information going to him to shield him from upsetting news. After the huge ritual of information gathering, the CMO remained in power, so Hubbard was obviously happy with what he received.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Falsehood that LRH would order that he be sent false data on church affairs -
Incorrectly Included "cover story" to hide an outpoint of why Ron is being fed false data

Jon Atack and whoever fed him this line of baloney

-- Nov
  The various parts of the Organization continued to function, largely unaware of the drastic changes that were taking place at the top. During Hubbard's absence from direct management in 1980, the prices had been cut, and moves were underway to reconcile estranged Scientologists. These measures were still penetrating to the membership, as the new regime brought in stringent changes at the top.

It was in this setting, in November 1981, that Scientology Missions International, which monitored the progress of the supposedly independent Mission, or "Franchise," network, called a meeting to try and resolve some of the ongoing conflicts between Mission Holders and the Church.

During the 1970s, several major Mission Holders had been declared Suppressive, and their Franchises given to others. Most had exhausted Scientology's internal justice procedures in an attempt to be reinstated and to retrieve their Missions. A Mission Holder sometimes found himself in the peculiar position of having invested most of his assets into his Mission, but after being declared Suppressive was forced to surrender control to the Church's Mission Office, who would place the mission under new management. The Mission Holder would have no access to his assets, which often amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and found it impossible to work his way back into the good graces of Scientology. Several ousted Mission Holders had initiated civil litigation against the Church.

Hubbard's published policy states that an individual can be declared Suppressive for suing the Church. It was a Catch 22 situation. The November 1981 meeting attempted to resolve this impasse by "open two-way communication." Both the Mission Holders and the Sea Org's Scientology Missions International staff felt progress had been made at the meeting. Both groups had failed to comprehend what was happening at the very top of the Church.

Ray Kemp, a very early supporter of Hubbard and at one time a close confederate, had been declared Suppressive in the mid- 1970s, and his California Mission taken from him. Shortly before Kemp and his wife were "declared," a Church of Scientology publication had carried an article boasting about the Kemp Mission in California which said the Mission consisted of five modern buildings in two acres, with a parking lot for 200 cars. Kemp had even managed to persuade the town council to rename the site of his Mission "L. Ron Hubbard Plaza."

Kemp had tried every recourse within the Church to retrieve his Mission, but his efforts were to no avail. Eventually Kemp reluctantly started civil legal proceedings against the Church, but only after alleged physical abuse by members of the Guardian's Office. As a result of the first Mission Holders' meeting, Kemp and his wife were restored to "good standing." A Board of Review was established to investigate similar cases. Another meeting was scheduled to take place a few weeks later.

Peter Greene, who had been a Mission Holder, made a tape in 1982 describing the events of these meetings, and the background to them. The Guardian's Office had grown increasingly worried that a series of moves by U.S. government agencies might put the Church out of business. The FBI had acquired a huge quantity of incriminating material, and the IRS suits might eventually bankrupt Scientology. Greene alleges that since the mid-1970s there had been a Guardian's Office Program to take over the Missions, which were separate corporations, if the worst happened. The leading Mission Holders had been expelled, and replaced with new people who would be less willing to resist the GO.

Shortly after the first Mission Holders' meeting, yet another corporation came into being: the Church of Scientology International. It was to become the "Mother Church," replacing the Church of Scientology of California. The old lines of command had to be obscured by giving new titles to departments; for example, Hubbard's Personal Office became the Product Development Office International.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Nov
  David Miscavige has Bill Franks locked in a room for several weeks while DM assumed control over all Scientology corporate bank accounts, and other assets. DM was represented by attorneys Sherman Lenske and John Peterson and paid them millions for their assistance in this unauthorized and illegal takeover.


The following newspaper article is a suit brought by 400 former church executives:

The suit describes a purported November 1981 struggle to control church assets in which Miscavige allegedly locked up church leader William Franks in a room for several weeks while Miscavige assumed control of all corporate bank accounts and other assets.

The San Diego Union-Tribune January 1, 1987

Added Inapplicable locking Franks up if Franks had Ron's blessings - Miscavige

19 Nov
  Richard Murray incorporates Church of Scientology International (CSI).

Corporate classification: Religious;
Jeanne M. Gavigan, Registered Agent;
Heber Jentzsch, President.

The articles of incorporation state:

The corporation shall present and propagate the religion of Scientology as founded and as it may further be developed by LRH.

The heads of the following CSI units comprise the "Watchdog Committee".

Sea Org (SO)
Flag Service Organization (FSO)
Flag Land Base (FLB)
Scientology Missions International (SMI)
Golden Era Productions (GOLD)
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE)
Celebrity Center International (CCI)
Office of Special Affairs (OSA) ---- the new name given to the Guardian's Office.

Marc Yager is CO CMO International
Bill Franks is ED International
Ray Mithoff is Senior C/S International
Wendell Reynolds is Finance Dictator International
Mike Rinder is CO of OSA.

Heber Jentzsch is President of CSI and he has no command power at all. He is a figurehead and his duties are solely to deal with media and other PR groups.

CSI is licensed by RTC and is under the command of RTC and ASI.

Golden Era Film Production studio is located at Gilman Hot Springs, near Hemet, Ca. This also houses CSI. It is called "the Base" and it is where Miscavige has his primary office and residence. It is an 800 acre facility that is heavily fortified, with a high mountain lookout, bunkers, and has assault weapons and bombs.

Mithoff is said to have taken LSD 1000 times. He is said to maintain a secret list of deaths where the Scientologist was C/Sed to "end cycle", meaning let the body die. This has been done in cases where the person was terminally ill.

Stacy Young affidavit
Vaughn Young affidavit
California State - Secretary of State corporate records

United States District Court Central District of California
Michael Pattinson vs RTC Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)

Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Hillsborough County, State of Florida
Case No. 97-01235 - Jesse Prince affidavit - dated August 1999

Added Inapplicable fences, guards and arms to a church activity - Miscavige

19 Nov
  As you will see later on this time track, CSI is going to play a major role in destroying LRH issues and turning the Church into the biggest squirrel group in the world. With orders and approval from RTC, it engages in a 20-year campaign to alter, delete and fabricate LRH issues.

CSI appoints itself as Source:

The office of the Senior C/S International is housed in CSI. It is this unit that does a hatchet job on LRH technical issues. In addition, other CSI Execs do a hatchet job on LRH policy issues by writing an illegal type of issue called Scientology Policy Directives.

This is how the off-source scam works:

1. RTC pretends to be the owner of the trademarks. But, the "LRH signature" on the document giving the trademarks to RTC, is deemed to be a forgery.

2. RTC then licenses CSI to use the trademarks and CSI licenses all other churches and missions to use the trademarks.

3. In October 1982 RTC and CSI execs then force all churches and missions to use new Articles of Incorporation - which state that they recognize CSI as ecclesiastical authority, not LRH issues! These new Articles of Incorporation also accept the signing of a license agreement to use the trademarks.

The implementation of these new Articles of Incorporation is the death of KSW and being On-Source. Now CSI can issue their own technical issues and policies that go against LRH issues - and if anyone complains or attempts to apply KSW - they will pull the right to use the trademarks and put the person out of business!

The following statements appear in a 1994 booklet entitled "The Church of Scientology 40th

Church of Scientology International (CSI) ... is the mother church of the Scientology religion. Its Board of Directors is composed of the highest ecclesiastical management officials of the Scientology religion.

The most senior management position in the Church is Executive Director International... Since 1982, this position has been held by Mr. Guillaume Lesevre... He is assisted in this capacity by 11 highly trained Scientology executives, each of whom is responsible for a particular activity or function of the Church such as ministration of auditing and training internationally; the compilation, translation and production of scriptural works...

The Scientology world is divided into continental areas, each of which has a liason office through which CSI administers ecclesiastical management programs, sends religious dissemination materials and new ecclesiastical directives.

New books and other religious materials based on Mr. Hubbard's researches and writings are also compiled, designed and translated into more than a dozen languages at Golden Era Productions.

The 1994 Booklet entitled The Church of Scientology 40th Anniversary


Let's take a look at some of the above wording that sets CSI up as Source instead of LRH issues:

Its Board of Directors is composed of the highest ecclesiastical management officials of the Scientology religion.

the compilation, translation and production of scriptural works...

sends religious dissemination materials and new ecclesiastical directives.

New books and other religious materials based on Mr. Hubbard's researches and writings...

As you will see, CSI sets itself up as Source, and then proceeds to alter, delete and fabricate LRH technical and policy issues. It then enforces its squirrel issues on Scientologists under threat of RTC pulling their right to use the trademarks.

Wrong Source - RTC and CSI Execs

20 Nov
  Gerald Armstrong and Omar Garrison visit Ronald DeWolf--probably in Carson City, Nevada-- apparently to interview DeWolf for the biography of LRH they are working on.

Gerald Armstrong in a text file: "corydon.txt,"
a version of Bent Corydon's book, Messiah or Madman

25 Nov
  During 1980 ... Gerry Armstrong remained convinced of Hubbard's honesty and integrity and believed that the representations he had made about himself in various publications were truthful. Armstrong was devoted to Hubbard and was convinced that any information which he discovered to be unflattering of Hubbard or contradictory to what Hubbard has said about himself, was a lie being spread by Hubbard's enemies. Even when Armstrong located documents in Hubbard's Archives which indicated that representations made by Hubbard and the Organization were untrue, Armstrong would find some means to "explain away" the contradictory information.

Slowly, however, throughout 1981, Armstrong began to see that Hubbard and the Organization had continuously lied about Hubbard's past, his credentials, and his accomplishments. Armstrong began a campaign to correct the numerous misrepresentations, but met with considerable resistance.

In November 1981, he was ordered back to Gilman from Los Angeles. He was told by senior Church official Norman Starkey that he was to be Security-checked. There was no desire to correct Hubbard's biography. To this day, Scientology Orgs sell books which contain the very biographies which Armstrong had proved false; Hubbard's Mission into Time is the worst example of many.

On November 25, 1981, Armstrong wrote to Commodore's Messenger Cirrus Slevin:

If we present inaccuracies, hyperbole or downright lies as fact or truth, it doesn't matter what slant we give them, if disproved the man will look, to outsiders at least, like a charlatan. This is what I'm trying to prevent and what I've been working on the past year and a half.

A few weeks later, Armstrong decided to leave the Church. Before leaving, he worked desperately hard to ensure that Omar Garrison had all of the documents necessary for an honest biography.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

25 Nov
  HCOPL 25 November 1981 Corporate and other Changes:

"The Church of Scientology of California is reorganized and is no longer the Mother Church. The Mother Church will be the Church of Scientology International, which will include ecclesiastical management units..."

HCOPL 25 November 1981 Corporate and other Changes


More evidence of positioning CSI as ecclesiastical authority, instead of LRH issues.

Wrong Source: RTC and CSI Execs

27 Nov
  27 c. November 1981

Quoted from Gerald Armstrong:

I wrote a number of dispatches in an attempt to get the lies removed from the various biographical sketches in books and promotional literature; and the last dispatch was to the Master at Arms having to do with Starkey's response to a previous report of mine. Starkey dropped into Archives, where I was working, one day. I had just gotten back at that time from seeing Nibs [Ron Jr.] with Omar. I said to Starkey that, in my opinion, a lot of the problems with Nibs had been created by the organization. I said that Nibs was not 100 percent wrong in this whole thing.

And then somehow we got up to Hubbard's lying, and I said, 'Listen, we can't continue to claim that the guy's a nuclear physicist.' And Starkey said, 'Well he never said it! Just a bunch of stupid PRs said it.' So I walked over to the shelf filled with the books we'd bought from Virgil which contained the original Scientology 8-80, done in 1952, which was a manuscript edition, and there it was... . I showed to Starkey where Hubbard claims, in his own handwriting, to have been a nuclear physicist.

Starkey just stomped out of there. Then a few days later I was called out to Gilman Hot Springs to talk with the Master at Arms about a report from Starkey. It was a secret report saying that he was concerned as to what documents I might have given Garrison, and he was saying things like, 'Armstrong is stating that we are responsible for Nib's problems.' This was a fairly accurate rendition of the way I had spoken about it, but it was apparent that it was completely unacceptable that I do such a thing. It would just be a matter of time till I was 'busted.'

So I was desperately trying to get Garrison everything that I could. I now knew that the whole thing was crazy, but also that I couldn't quit the job until I was through getting Garrison what he needed. So I worked as long as I could and copied virtually everything I could for Garrison.

Gerald Armstrong as quoted in a text file: "corydon.txt,"
a version of Bent Corydon's book, Messiah or Madman

30 Nov
  30 c. November 1981

Quoted from Gerald Armstrong legal document:

In late November of 1981, Defendant (Armstrong) was requested to come to Gilman Hot Springs by Commodores Messenger Organization Executive, Cirrus Slevin. Defendant Armstrong was ordered to undergo a 'security check'....

Gerald Armstrong's "Appendix" for an unknown court case

-- Dec
  Vicki Aznaran was an executive during the schism, rising to become David Miscavige's immediate junior.

In December 1981, Vicki Aznaran was assigned to Author Services Inc., a for-profit corporation using Sea Org personnel. She was "commissioned to reorganize corporate structures and effect sham sales of millions of copies of Dianetics to the corporate Defendants named herein as a vehicle for transferring assets among them."

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Dec
  Gerald Armstrong claims that this is about the time that he last sees L. Ron Hubbard.

UPI story of 14 November 1982, on file


The referenced UPI story [14 November 1982] says that Gerald Armstrong claimed that he "last saw Hubbard toward the end of last year." This entry is placed here to reflect that. Date is estimated based on the language of the UPI story. But LRH is supposed to have disappeared in February, 1980, and NO ONE--except the Broekers--is supposed to have ever seen him alive again. How did Gerald Armstrong see him "toward the end" of 1981? Somebody is LYING!

-- Dec
  Gerald Armstrong leaves the church "in December, 1981," taking "about 2 percent of the accumulated biographical documents..."

UPI story of 11 May 1984

-- Dec
  Quoting from David Miscavige:

Mr. Hubbard took no part in the disbanding of the GO or removal of Mary Sue Hubbard. In fact, the first he heard of it was five months after the initial purge, in July of 1981. While he had been out of communication and uninvolved in Church activities for the previous two years, he had engaged in further researches on Dianetics and Scientology.

U.S. District Court for the Central District of California CSI, plaintiff vs. STEVEN FISHMAN And UWE GEERTZ, Defendants. CASE NO. CV 91-6426 HL
David Miscavige's declaration in court


Thus David admits to a CMO conspiracy to takeover the church.

Contrary Data - David Miscavige:

DM's statement "he (LRH) had been out of communication and uninvolved in church activities for the previous two years" conflicts with the following statements....

That LRH personally hired Sherman Lenske during this period of time
That LRH appointed Bill Franks as ED Int
That LRH sent a dispatch removing DianeVoegeding and making DM, CO CMO Int
(see entries at 1 April 1981 and June 1981 and 27 June 1981)

-- Dec
  According to Miscavige, LRH had no knowledge of MSH resignation and the disbanding of the GO until 5 months later. This would place his being informed in December.

DM says LRH had two reactions:

1) He felt satisfaction that ethical Scientologists had shown initiative and acted.
2) On the other hand, the actions of the GO and Mission Holders, and the inaction of some of the ecclesiastical staff caused him great concern about the future of the religion and how it would accomplish its mission in his absence when he was no longer alive in body.

DM says he was not involved in the corporate restructuring. He says LRH insisted on handling his own affairs with regard to his relationship with the religion as its Founder. As the source of the religion's Scriptures, LRH held the intellectual property rights of Dianetics and Scientology, through the ownership of both the religious trademarks and the copyrights to the Scripture. To accomplish his goal in seeing to the future of the religion he founded, LRH employed his own attorneys to be the architects of his estate planning. It was under these circumstances that two brand new churches came into being. (RTC & CST)

Having learned of GO corruption and having learned that several responsible persons in ecclesiastical management had failed to act, LRH determined that the future of the religion could not depend on a management body alone. To ensure he could maintain the standard and orthodox practice of the religion, LRH had registered all of the Dianetics and Scientology trademarks. While ecclesiastical means would most often suffice to see to orthodoxy, trademarks also provided a legal means to prevent unorthodox use.

Over the years, many individuals had attempted to create splinter churches of Scientology, using a perverted version of the subject. Through the legal power of the trademarks, such offshoots could be prevented or at least prevented from misleading people by representing themselves as orthodox Scientology. LRH decided to donate the trademarks to the religion but he insisted that any church to whom he donated them be entirely independent of any management body involved in the day-to-day affairs of ministering to the religion and its parishioners. RTC was created for this reason - to receive the Dianetics and Scientology trademarks and thus be responsible only for orthodoxy.

LRH also wanted to ensure his copyrights to the extensive library of Scientology Scripture would be used for the benefit of the religion, and not for the benefit of any one person or persons. And again, while ecclesiastical means would usually be all that was needed to maintain orthodoxy, LRH had always employed the copyright laws as a means to legally enforce his rights to prevent alteration of his materials by others.

Also, LRH had often spoken of archiving the Scriptures of Scientology in the event of a catastrophe. Harking back to the concern for the future of the religion and in light of the events of the early 1980s, LRH furthered reasoned that yet another independent church body should receive his copyrights.

Even though RTC would be the recipient of his trademarks, and charged only with the orthodox application of the religion, LRH felt that even those duties could distract them from the ultimate preservation of the religion through archiving its materials in indestructible form.

In an abundance of caution, should any church organization be corrupted again, he determined that no church should hold both the trademarks and the copyrights. Thus, to receive his copyrights, Church of Spiritual Technology was formed. CST's function is purely archival in nature. CST preserves the written Scripture on stainless steel plates, the recorded word on nickel plated recordings, and places all of it in titanium containers stored in vaults constructed to withstand nuclear explosions or other cataclysmic events.

CST also stands as the ultimate safeguard of the Scientology religion should the entire religion, even RTC, ever deviate from the pure Scientology religious teachings.

The GO had already demonstrated the danger of corrupt officials. While powers of persuasion and internal justice procedures had corrected the GO problem, this safeguard was considered insufficient should a similar problem recur in the future. LRH reasoned that involvement in day-to-day affairs was the only way any individual could ever be seduced into unethical activity. Hence, LRH suggested that these new church corporations should have Trustees. As Trustees, they we would have no authority in the conduct of corporate affairs, with neither the ability to give orders or directions, nor perform any corporate activities whatsoever. Their only authority would be to appoint or remove directors.

Since they would not be involved in corporate affairs it was expected they would not become involved in any potential corporate malfeasance or dereliction of corporate duties and bylaws. Since there would be several Trustees, no individual Trustee could subvert the corporate structure or Board of Directors by moving themselves into a position as a Director. As a result, there would be layers of safeguards ensuring corporate integrity, while also providing a mechanism to ensure no church could ever again be corrupted without a mechanism for rectifying the problem.

The restructuring of other churches of Scientology was not part of LRH's estate plan, although it evolved out of the same desire to ensure the future of the religion, not just following the death of its Founder, but for all time.

RTC did not come out of Church of Scientology California, but was a brand new organization, established precisely because the role it is charged with performing did not exist in the religion and the religion almost collapsed because no church performed that function.

David Miscavige affidavit 15 Oct 1999


In 1994 a booklet is published entitled The Church of Scientology 40th Anniversary.

An article on RTC in this booklet says:

"Mr. Miscavige has worked tirelessly to protect the religion. He authored the early 1980s reorganization of Church corporate and management structures which have given the religion years of sustained growth and stable leadership."

Well, looks like David committed perjury again in the above affidavit where he says he was not involved in the corporate restructuring.

Falsehood that he was not involved in the corporate restructuring - David Miscavige

-- Dec
  Bill Franks holds a Mission Holders conference to address expansion plans for the religion. There are two meetings, the first one in Clearwater, Florida, the second one in San Francisco. Miscavige says he was invited to their meeting to give them an explanation of what happened to the G.O.

According to Miscavige, this turned into a "mutiny meeting" by some of these Mission Holders. The Mission Holders were protesting new demands for more money and more control being exerted over them. With all of the shakeups and LRH being unable to appear the Mission Holders were threatening to revolt. Franks agreed to their plans to make themselves an outside advisory board to ecclesiastical management.

David Miscavige affidavit 15 Oct 1999

-- Dec
  Ron announces the "Success Through Communication Course."

Ron's Journal 33


We seriously doubt that Ron had anything to do with this watered down course.

22 Dec
  Scientology Missions International (SMI) is incorporated.
Corporate classification: Religious;
Laurie Bartelson, Registered Agent;
Jean Discher, President.

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23 Dec
  The second Mission Holders' meeting was held at the Flag Land Base in Florida in December 1981, in the Scientology owned Sandcastle Hotel. The meeting was scheduled to last for two days, and fifty people arrived for the first day. The swell of excitement took hold, the meeting continued for five days, and by the time it was broken up, about two hundred people had attended.

The meeting was chaired by Mission Holder Dean Stokes. Most of the Holders of larger Missions, and some of those deprived of their Missions, were in attendance. Quite a few GO staff were also there, and the meeting turned into a mass confessional, as those present gradually admitted the plans and actions taken secretly in the past. Greene described the exhilaration as the Mission Holders, the Guardian's Office, and Mission Office staff came back into touch with one another.

One executive was noticeably absent: Bill Franks, the Executive Director International, who had called the meeting. The Mission Holders had heard by now that the anonymous Watchdog Committee were Franks' superiors, despite the Hubbard Policy Letter saying Franks was head of the Church. They demanded Franks' presence. He arrived accompanied by a CMO missionaire.

One of the Mission Holders, Brown McKee, said he was assigning the lowest of Hubbard's Ethics Conditions, "Confusion," to the Watchdog Committee. The formula for completion of this Condition is simple: "Find out where you are." The confusion was that WDC was ostensibly running the Church, in contradiction to the Executive Director International Policy Letter, and without any apparent authority. The Watchdog Committee was seen by the Mission Holders as part of a mutinous takeover.

Paradoxically, this was exactly how the Watchdog Committee saw the Mission Holders.
The Mission Holders demanded the presence of the Watchdog Committee. Mission Holder Bent Corydon, whose Riverside Mission had just been returned to him, has joked that the Mission Holders were quite ready to fly out to Gilman Hot Springs, and explain matters to the WDC "with baseball bats." Before this could happen, representatives of the WDC arrived to quell the "Mutiny."

Senior Case Supervisor International David Mayo was there, and rather lamely started giving a pep talk on new "Technical" research. Mayo did not get very far. Norman Starkey, who had arrived with the WDC, and was actually in charge of the Church's new non-GO legal bureau, tried to read a Hubbard article about tolerance and forgiveness called "What Is Greatness?" He did not get very far either. David Miscavige looked on, as the meeting broke up into smaller groups, with the Mission Holders trying to explain their actions to the WDC representatives. Their attempts were unsuccessful.

Unbeknownst to most of those at the meeting, there really was a plan to wrest control from the Watchdog Committee. A small group of Scientologists, including a few Mission Holders and veteran Sea Org members, took part in this plot. It fell apart when one of their number reported their secret discussions.

Hubbard was given the CMO account of events, and started to send dispatches to senior executives at Gilman describing the Mission Holders' "mutiny," and an infiltration by enemy agents. Hubbard raged about Don Purcell and the early days, when "vested interests" had tried to prise Dianetics from his control.

Swift action was taken to counter the "mutiny." On December 23, 1981, a Policy Letter was issued entitled "International Watchdog Committee." Perhaps only a few people noticed that it was not signed by L. Ron Hubbard, but by the International Watchdog Committee. It stated, quite simply: "The International Watchdog Committee is the most senior body for management in the Church of Scientology International."

Four days later, Executive Director International "for life" Bill Franks was replaced. The coup was very nearly complete.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


As far as I remember Bill Franks was Ed Int until December 1981. He was replaced by Kerry Gleason. Guillaume Lesevre was appointed ED Int in November 1982.

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