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  Hubbard's written Scientology output for 1980 was small. Hubbard had decided that society lacked a moral code, and wrote The Way to Happiness, for public distribution.

It certainly does not reflect the morality Hubbard instilled into his followers, least of all in B-1, the Intelligence section of the Guardian's Office.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

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  Julie Mayo becomes SNR C/S INT Assistant. She helps SNR C/S INT, David Mayo, write Solo NOTs. She also personally wrote some of the original Solo NOTs checksheet.

Julie Mayo letter

05 Jan
  5 c. January 1980

Quoted from Gerald Armstrong:

Anyway, late one night I came across a box of stuff. And it was about eight inches deep, maybe 12 inches wide and 16 inches long. I looked through it. A real letter written by Hubbard? These letters I was now witnessing were mainly the ones between him and his first wife.

There were also two diaries, which he had kept from [his days in] Asia. And then there were all sorts of other assorted papers going all the way back, some into the 19th century. We found several boxes, and Hubbard's biography had suddenly become possible, because now we had some material.

I wrote Hubbard a despatch proposing the biography idea. He answered that with a couple of paragraphs. I did not have any idea of the extent of the materials I had stumbled onto. Neither, it turned out, did he.

Gerald Armstrong as quoted in a text file: "corydon.txt,"
a version of Bent Corydon's book, Messiah or Madman

08 Jan
  Armstrong saved over twenty boxes of Hubbard letters, diaries and photographs from the shredder at Gilman Hot Springs. A few years earlier Hubbard had lamented that no biography could be written because his personal documents had been stolen, and the great Conspiracy against him would by now have altered all public records.

Far from being stolen by the Russians in the early 1950s, as Hubbard had claimed, his personal archive had quite remarkably been preserved. When the Hubbards left Washington for Saint Hill, in spring 1959, the boxes had been put into storage, where they stayed until the late 1970s. Somehow they had been shipped to La Quinta, and thence to Gilman.

Armstrong was excited by the discovery, as it would no longer be necessary to rely on the supposedly corrupted government records, with Hubbard's personal documents in hand. Hubbard approved Armstrong's request only days before he went into deep hiding. Armstrong was titled "L. Ron Hubbard Personal Public Relations Office Researcher," and he collected over half a million pages of material by the end of 1981.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Contrary facts -

Messiah or Madman says Armstrong found one box of biographical material and A Piece of Blue Sky says it was over 20 boxes.

-- Feb
  Shortly thereafter in February or March 1980, Hubbard hightailed it out of his apartment in Hemet, with the two Messengers who were "on Watch," Pat and Annie Broeker. Hubbard disappeared without trace. He probably left because of the strong possibility that he would be subpoenaed by the Paulette Cooper grand jury in New York.

Armstrong was also assigned to "Mission Corporate Category Sort-Out" (MCCS). Members of the Guardian's Office Legal Bureau and of the L. Ron Hubbard Personal Office met with Hubbard's attorney to discuss strategy. They were trying to cover the tracks of the Religious Research Foundation, and other dubious or downright illegal schemes, which had poured Church of Scientology money into Hubbard's private accounts.

MCCS started an eddy which would become a tidal wave, sweeping away the majority of veteran Scientologists. The entire corporate structure was to be changed in a desperate attempt to avoid the consequences of Guardian's Office activities, and the ensuing concerted legal action against the corporate entity of which it was part, the Church of Scientology of California, the corporate heads of which were GO executives.

MCCS were toying with the idea of creating a Trust to legitimize some of the immense payments being made to Hubbard.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

01 Feb
  1 c. February 1980

Quoted from Gerald Armstrong:

In the beginning of February the messengers moved to the Complex, two and a half hours away in Los Angeles, where they were now 'The Messengers!' They just descended on the place and had this impact on the joint. There was DM (David Miscavage) and the WDC (Watch Dog Committee). "Laurel [Sullivan] and I [Gerald Armstrong] moved to L.A. also, and with us went the LRH archives. "In L.A. there are collectors and early Dianeticists, and other people that knew Hubbard, so some research could be done there.

Gerald Armstrong as quoted in a text file: "corydon.txt,"
a version of Bent Corydon's book, Messiah or Madman

10 Feb
  10 c. February 1980

Quoted from Gerald Armstrong:

I [Gerald Armstrong] got in touch with collector Virgil Wilhite and we paid him $65,000.00 for his collection of LRH memorabilia, early books and other writings that the organization didn't have.

Gerald Armstrong as quoted in a text file: "corydon.txt,"
a version of Bent Corydon's book, Messiah or Madman

19 Feb
  In a Stipulation filed in United States Tax Court, N. Jerold Cohen, Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service, says:

1. Scientology is and at all relevant times was a religion within the purview of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
2. Petitioners' Articles of Organization satisfied the 'organizational test' prescribed by Treas. Reg. 1.501 (c)(3)-1 (b)..."

Booklet, "Fact vs Fiction; A Correction of Falsehoods Contained in the May 6, 1991 Issue of l Magazine," published by the Church of Scientology International, page 18

Note: This is a case regarding the years 1970, 1971 and 1972.

29 Feb
  The Paris Court of Appeal recognizes the U.S.-based Church of Scientology as a religion, and clears Georges Andreu--former head of the movement's French branch--of charges of fraud. Andreu and "three other leaders," including LRH, had received "fines and suspended prison sentences a year ago" after the movement was accused of enticing people to join by making fraudulent promises. Andreu is the only one of the four to appeal. The appeals court acquits him because of what judges call his evident good faith. The court's president indicates that the three others, who were sentenced in their absence, might be acquitted if they appealed.

"Files of the FBI," #311 posted on the internet;
from INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, Published with The New York Times and the Washington Post, PARIS, MARCH 3, 1980

-- Jun
  Summer 1980 (estimated date)

In 1977 US Army Major Bruce Rothwell, US army Intelligence, supposedly retired, came to work for me in LA... In charge of purchasing some Real estate and some other management tasks. At that time he also tried to join USGO staff and was undergoing dept B1 investigation that finally discovered that he was not retired at all. We parted ways after that.

During his stay of several months he wanted to talk to me almost exclusively on the subjects that Moorehouse addresses in his book. (Moorehouse was a remote viewer for government Intelligence agencies.)

Phil Scott post to ACT, reposted to COSinvestigations

-- Jun
  Summer 1980 (estimated date)

Back in 1975, when GO intelligence agents infiltrated the federal government and obtained their files on Scientology, it was discovered that the old OT levels were in the hands of the federal government. Even the IRS had a copy of the old OT levels in their files.

Remember the earlier part of this time track about the CIA's "remote viewing" program at Stanford Research Institute, (which is not shut down and continues to operate). The U.S. Intelligence community was in the business of making "psychic spies". They were using LRH technology to create people who could exteriorize and then spy for them. Therefore, they took an interest in the OT levels and obviously infiltrated the Church and stole the old OT levels.

But, with the development of NOTS and the new OT levels, the U.S. intelligence community did not have this material yet. Therefore, they sent in a new plant to steal the new OT levels. The plant was sent in by US Air Force Intelligence. There were over 100 men waiting to do the new OT levels at an Air Force base in Georgia.

The plant started out by stealing technical materials from ASHO and sending it back to the Air Force base in Georgia. The plant was then attempting to get on AOLA lines to steal the new OT levels, when he was caught by Mike McClaughry, Security Officer USGO.

The plant knew about the Remote Viewing Program at SRI. The plant said that the U.S. Intelligence community considered Scientology to be a national security threat. The reason they consider it a threat is that beings who can exteriorize could spy on them. Furthermore, the guidance system on nuclear weapons is a magnetic field and it was proven at SRI that an OT can influence a magnetic field with his thought.

Therefore, the U.S. Intelligence community wanted the new OT levels in their hands. They wanted the new OT levels, not only for their own international spying, but for nuclear war defense. They thought that if Russia fired nuclear missiles at the U.S., that their OTs could make them turn around and go back down the hole it was fired from.

The plant gave his name as being Bruce Rothwell.

Statement of Mike McClaughry to COSinvestigations


Date is estimated by Mike. He was USGO Security Officer 1979 - 1981.

16 Jul
  On July 16, 1980, the GO, which had precious little to celebrate, was able to rejoice with the news that the British government's use of the Aliens Act against Scientology was finally over. After twelve years, foreign Scientologists could once more enter Britain legally. However, the restrictions on Hubbard's re-entry were not lifted.

Hubbard was beginning to let slip clues to the terrible truth of the OT levels. He issued a Bulletin called "The Nature of a Being" in which he quite publicly, yet mystifyingly, declared that "a human being . . . is not a single unit being."

Hubbard continued railing against psychiatry:

Almost every modern horror crime was committed by a known criminal who had been in and out of the hands of psychiatrists and psychologists often many times . The credence and power of psychiatry and psychology are waning. It hit its zenith about 1960: then it seemed their word was law and that they could harm, injure, and kill patients without restraint.

Hubbard assured his readers that his own work had been a major reason for a purported decline of psychiatry and psychology.

He added, "At one time they were on their way to turning every baby into a future robot for the manipulation of the state and every society into a madhouse of crime and immorality."

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

10 Aug
  The Las Vegas Review Journal of August 10, 1980 publishes an account of the OT materials. Writer of this article, Sherm Frederick, is the city editor. He has full copies of the OT materials all of the way up through O.T. V. Robert Vaughn Young has been sent to Las Vegas to deal with the matter prior to publication, but the article is published anyway.

Denver testimony of Robert Vaughn Young, 21st day of September, 1995.

28 Sep
  28 c. September 1980

On or about September 28, 1980, a meeting took place in the Cedars Complex at Los Angeles, California, one of the corporate headquarters of the Church of Scientology of California, (CSC).

The Meeting was attended by Charles Parcelle, Deputy Guardian for Legal (DGL), at WW, who was in charge of all legal activities for Scientology throughout the world and Laurel Sullivan, the Personal representative of L Ron Hubbard, a long term senior executive of Scientology and then In Charge of a special legal mission, (MCCS), which mission was seeking to conceal Hubbard's control of Scientology and develop strategies to effectuate actual control by Mr. Hubbard without incurring legal responsibility.

Wollersheim's app1a.txt; believed to be from Gerald Armstrong's affidavit or declaration


This may be the meeting that was recorded and became known as the "Zolin tapes."

28 Sep
According to an affidavit by Gerry Armstrong, a conversation was held about September 28, 1980, in the Cedars complex, Los Angeles. Laurel Sullivan, a top Church legal executive and an American Church attorney were the key people present.
The following exchange occurred:

Legal executive: The only reason it's worked so long... is because everyone has effectively been bound by the authority of LRH and has ignored corporate lines. ...
CSC [Church of Scientology of California] has rendered much service to many foreign Scientologists and RRF has got the money. ...It obviously is the classic case (loud laugh) of inurement, if not fraud.
LS: Well put.
Speaker Unidentified: It's all privileged.
Another speaker: The tape recorder is going here, Charles.

Text file: "corydon.txt," a version of Bent Corydon's book, Messiah or Madman,

28 Sep
  Another internet version of the excerpt from what is believed to be one of the Zolin tapes:


There is no need at all for them to be the Board of Directors in order for them to run the Church, but the authority of the Church has to lie somewhere, and on some basis. And since the Church has always chosen a corporate entity, eventually the authority is going to rest with the Board of Directors. The only reason it's worked so long without that occurring is because everyone has effectively been bound by the authority of LRH and have ignored corporate lines....


We could say that the RRF, [Religious Research Foundation], and CSC are part of the same church, even though they are corporately different. I mean if anything was a sham corporation, it's RRF.

ALLEN WERTHEIMER, attorney for L Ron Hubbard:

As I understand it RRF receives monies that would otherwise be due to the California Church for services rendered by the California Church to people outside of the country who decide to pay the Church from outside the country.


That's right.


So that's basically right?


That's right. Foreign - non US Scientologists pay RRF. They go to Flag and take the services. RRF was originally supposed to hold the money until the service was rendered and then pay it to CSC. But in fact it has not really done that and so CSC has rendered much service to many foreign Scientologists and RRF has got the money. Fortunately for us RRF wasn't incorporated until 1973 and we're litigating 1972. So I haven't really tried to sort this one out but it obviously is the classic case (loud laugh) of inurement, if not fraud.


Well put.


It's all privileged.


The tape recorder is going here Charles....


Now when you talk around a table like this and there is no internal revenue agent present, (whispered: I hope so), bugged or otherwise, one can work out solutions. But when you are a few weeks away from a trial and everything you say is going to be rammed down your throat, then you have to start looking at what actually happened. And its very difficult to assign significances to things other than what was actually being done at the time.

A text file, "Zed's Odd Doc," posted to a.r.s.

Incorrectly Included inurement of church money to LRH - LRH

-- Oct
  By September 1980, the price of Scientology services had risen far beyond my reach. Auditing, which had been 6 (pounds) an hour only four years before, was now 100 (pounds) an hour. In October 1980, a new list came out, and the prices had been slashed. The cost of auditing was down to 40 (pounds) an hour?

In October 1980, the Chairman WDC caused much rejoicing by making the enormous price cuts mentioned earlier. Scientology was still not cheap, but it was a great deal cheaper, and the monthly price rises had stopped. It looked as if the Scientology world was finally going to right itself. Many thought that "LRH" was "back on the lines." In fact, quite the opposite was true.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

31 Oct
  Omar Garrison, who had already written two books favorable to Scientology, was now contracted to write Hubbard's biography, using the enormous collection of material discovered and gathered by Gerald Armstrong. Armstrong became Garrison's research assistant, copying tens of thousands of the most relevant documents for Garrison's use.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Dec
  In December 1980, the long-dormant post of Executive Director International was resurrected. It had remained vacant since Hubbard's supposed resignation in 1966.

The new Executive Director International was Bill Franks, and he was to be "ED Int for life." It turned out to be a very short life.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Dec
  LRH appoints Bill Franks to the post of ED International and ordered Franks to become a signatory on certain bank accounts in Luxembourg containing about 150 million dollars. Between now and December 1981, there is a conflict between Franks and Miscavige over control of these bank accounts.

United States District Court Central District of California
Case No. 98-3985CAS (SHx)
Michael Pattinson vs RTC

18 Dec
  FOIA case decided:

In this appellate court ruling on one of the many FOIA suits, the court upholds the lower court ruling FOR the CIA, and AGAINST CSC:

Stansfield TURNER, Director, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), et al.
No. 80-1172. United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit.


This effectively ends this FOIA case against the CIA.

25 Dec
  Ron announces he has finished a sci-fi novel that is on its way to the publishers (he says working title is "Man: The Endangered Species," but it came out as "Battlefield Earth"). He also announces release of "The Way to Happiness."


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