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  "It seems to me that it would be a hell of a cheap radar system. And if the Russians have it and we don't, we are in serious trouble." Said Representative Charlie Rose (D-NC), House Select Committee on Intelligence, in a discussion about remote viewing in 1979.

Remote Viewing - Stargate came about as the result of a research project at the Stanford University. Here you can read how psychic spies were trained, used, and paid by the U.S. Government 1979-1994.

Post by Bid Harrington to alt.religion.scientology, December 26, 2000

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  The Guardian's Office had failed Hubbard. Mary Sue, the Controller, never saw him again after their meeting a few months before his disappearance early in 1980. According to Hubbard, mistakes do not just happen, somebody causes them, always. Mistakes and accidents are the result of deliberate Suppression. A catastrophe as big as the government case against the GO was obviously the result of a very heavyweight Suppressive. Hubbard could not admit that the GO had merely been following his orders, so rather than reforming his views, he set out to reform the GO.

In 1979, Hubbard had issued a so-called "Advice" (an internal directive with limited distribution) stating that when situations really foul-up there is more than one Suppressive Person at work. Further, those who have submitted to the SPs, the SP's "connections," also have to be rooted out. The GO, and all of the "connections" within and around it, had to be purged.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


The source of Atack's data that LRH issued an advice to purge the GO and all of its connections appears to be correspondence he had with a former CMO executive, who he does not name.

01 Jan
  1 c. January 1979

The funding and the work tasks of remote viewing are being coordinated by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under the collective code name GRILL FLAME. Jack Vorona heads the DIA's Scientific and Technical Intelligence Directorate (known as "DT"), and is one of the Pentagon's top scientists. Funding for the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) Remote Viewing Labratory alone, where Scientology OT VIIs Hal Puthoff and Ingo
Swann are operating from, is now running close to $1 million annually.


What is the source for this data?

-- Apr
  The CMO were a latter-day Praetorian Guard, at first protecting and serving the whims of their Emperor, but gradually becoming the most powerful element in the hierarchy of command. Long the interface between Hubbard and the rest of the Church, part of the CMO became the senior management body: the Commodore's Messenger Organization International, or CMO Int. But as the Commodore's Messenger Organization was quite obviously connected to the Commodore, they had to find a new title. So the Watchdog Committee (WDC) came into being, in April 1979. It consisted solely of the senior executives of CMO Int.

The function of WDC was to "put senior management back on post." They did this by absorbing all top management posts. The members of the Watchdog Committee remained anonymous, and many Scientologists thought Hubbard was in fact the mysterious Chairman WDC.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

05 May
  5 May 1979 (Saturday)

A strange "Trademark First Renewal" takes place--on a Saturday! Some unknown party is able to get the United States Trademark Office to conduct this transaction on the weekend.

That isn't the only thing strange about it. One of the strange things is that the registrant/ owner is listed as "HUBBARD, RON L., INDIVIDUAL " whose address is listed as "1812 19TH ST., N.W. WASHINGTON D.C. UNITED STATES."

Another strange thing is that L. Ron Hubbard, in 1958, transferred ownership of ALL copyrights and trademarks to HASI, Inc., into perpetuity, by "blanket assignment." And HASI, Inc. has now had its corporate status revoked. It no longer exists. There is nothing to own this "renewed" trademark, Serial Number 72025533, Registration Number 0678100.

All of L. Ron Hubbard's copyrights and trademarks, worth millions, AND the only valid Scientology membership organization (HASI)--also worth millions--are languishing in "unclaimed property" of the Arizona Corporation Commission, since the vitally important Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, Inc. (HASI, Inc.) has had its Articles of Incorporation revoked, and has been shut down.

The copyrights are being completely unmanaged, with the G.O. in disarray.

Yet L. Ron Hubbard, in Hemet--only 308 miles (about 6 hours driving time) from Phoenix, Arizona and the Arizona Corporations Commission--despite his repeatedly-alleged money- madness, does nothing to handle the HASI situation.

Which leads to the question - where is L. Ron Hubbard, really?

15 May
  The United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, finally, after over a year, issues its ruling in the appeals case of The Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, D.C. (FCDC) vs. the National Security Agency (NSA), appelate case No. 77-1975. The case had been argued to the Court of Appeals on 27 March 1978, after Judge John Lewis Smith, Jr., in July of 1977, IMMEDIATELY after the FBI raids (see Part 3 of this timeline) had entered Summary Judgement in favor of the NSA. The Court of Appeals rules now that the NSA has "failed to establish its entitlement to a summary disposition of the litigation." The Smith ruling is reversed and remanded back to the lower court for additional proceedings.


It will be just over a year before the case is finally decided--on 19 May 1980. And it will, again, be decided by Summary Judgement in favor of NSA. By that time, Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office officials are convicted and sentenced, and the Guardian's Office itself is all but nullified. The documents that FCDC was trying to get from NSA have NEVER BEEN RELEASED TO THIS DAY.

25 Jun
  The United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit, hands down a ruling in "The FOUNDING CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF WASHINGTON, D.C., INC., [FCDC] Appellant, v. Griffin B. BELL et al.," No. 78-1391.

The case on appeal is the case formerly known as "The Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, D.C. v. Edward H. Levy, et al.," a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case filed by FCDC against the FBI for documents relating to FCDC, Scientology, and L. Ron Hubbard. In that case, Judge John Lewis Smith, Jr. had issued a Summary Judgement for the FBI, against FCDC, blocking release of documents being sought by FCDC.

The Court of Appeals reverses Smith's Summary Judgment, saying, in part, that:

(1) the FBI failed to adequately...provide index of material withheld or deleted...
(2) 'segregability' requirement of the Act applies to the NATIONAL SECURITY EXEMPTION...and thus the government must segregate all material in CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS that may be disclosed WITHOUT DANGER TO NATIONAL SECURITY.

The case is sent back to the lower court for "further proceedings."


No suspense here; a district court later rules, in 1980, that ONE PORTION of ONE document will be disclosed; in all other respects, a Summary Judgement is ultimately issued in favor of Attorney General Griffen Bell and the FBI, and the contested documents HAVE NEVER, TO THIS DAY, BEEN RELEASED OR DISCLOSED.

-- Jul
  In July 1979, a member of CMO issued a directive seeking to explain the rather contradictory notion that although CMO was in no way involved in management, it could give orders to any of Scientology's International Management bodies. Early in 1978, Hubbard had reinforced their position by approving an order which made them answerable only to him, and urging the compliance of all other Sea Org units with CMO orders. The rule was basically obey first, ask questions later, if at all.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

01 Jul
  Mid 1979

Annie Broeker is working for CMO in Clearwater. MSH is also there operating out of the G.O. Annie is meddling in G.O. affairs and MSH eventually has had it with her and forces her off post. Annie is then sent back to INT as useless on management lines.

Zegel Tape No. 2 -

01 Jul

Estimated time when Mike McClaughry is posted as Security Officer at USGO.

Statement of Mike McClaughry to COSinvestigations

15 Jul
  15 c. July 1979

La Venda Van Schaick, approaches attorney Michael Flynn for the purpose of obtaining a refund of monies paid by her to the Church of Scientology in the amount of about $12,800. Flynn sends a letter to the church for the purpose of obtaining the money and thus saving the trouble of a lawsuit. They refuse to pay.

A text file: "corydon.txt," a version of Bent Corydon's book, "Messiah or Madman,"


This is extremely odd, because the firm policy in 1979 is to pay refunds on demand. Refunds are paid to others in 1979, without any legal action. No reason is given in the source for such alleged refusal. But this unusual case soon becomes the entire "reason" behind a lawsuit by Flynn, on behalf of Van Schaick, that DEMANDS THAT SCIENTOLOGY BE PLACED IN THE HANDS OF A FEDERAL RECEIVER.

22 Jul
  The Associated Press August 22, 1979

"A potent substance that can produce four days of delirium is legally obtainable, an arm of the Church of Scientology said Wednesday. Vaughn Young, research director for the church's American Citizens for Honesty in Government, said he obtained a vial of the substance, known as BZ, by telling a pharmaceutical company that he was a doctor working at a research lab.

-- Aug
  To maintain security, Hubbard even stopped seeing his wife, shortly before she changed her plea to an admission of guilt. They last saw each other at Gilman in August 1979. Despite her years of faithful service, and her willingness to take the rap for him, Hubbard cast her off. Nonetheless, she retained control of the still powerful Guardian's Office, and was able to remove the Deputy Commanding Officer of the CMO for meddling in GO affairs.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

01 Aug
  1 c. August 1979

The Atlantic Monthly publishes an article on the CIA called "The Department of Dirty Tricks." It contains sensational information that has emerged from several years of Congressional panels, commissions, and hearings investigating the CIA--but not a single word about the remote-viewing programs being run by CIA and the other intelligence
agencies under Scientology-trained personnel.

01 Aug
  1 c. August 1979

Mary Sue Hubbard sees LRH for the last time.

UPI story of 8 May 1984, on file

NOTE: Based on her testimony in the Armstrong trial, as reported by UPI in a story regarding incidents of 7 May 1984 [see].

24 Aug
  The Associated Press August 24 1979

A federal judge ruled Friday that the federal government had illegally and unconstitutionally seized documents during a raid on the Church of Scientology here in 1977. U.S. District Judge William J. Bryant ordered the government to return all of the documents seized by 25 FBI agents during their July 8, 1977 search.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Raymond Banoun said the government would appeal Bryant's decision. "Banoun said the ruling would have no effect on an upcoming criminal trial of nine church members accused of stealing government documents and planting bugging devices in government offices.

Banoun said NONE OF THE DOCUMENTS SEIZED IN THE WASHINGTON RAID WERE TO HAVE BEEN USED IN THE CRIMINAL TRIAL. He said the criminal charges were based on evidence seized during a raid the same day at church facilities in Los Angeles. U.S. District Judge Malcolm M. Lucas in Los Angeles ruled last year that the West Coast search was legal. That decision was later upheld by a federal appeals court. The church has contended that both raids were a part of a harrassment program by the government because the church is attempting to uncover alleged government misconduct. ..."


So far, no record of these rulings has been located by this researcher. No explanation has ever been put forward for why the raids were legal and constitutional on one coast of the United States, yet illegal and unconstitutional on the other coast.

-- Sep
  In September 1979, nine of the indicted GO executives and staff, led by Mary Sue Hubbard, signed a stipulation admitting their involvement in the break ins, burglaries, thefts and buggings. By their admissions they stopped further investigation into their numerous other misdeeds. They also avoided a drawn out trial with the inevitable adverse publicity. The 282 page stipulation revealed the story of the infiltration of government agencies, in startling detail.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

01 Sep
  A major change in church management takes place. The Commodores Messenger Org International takes over all church management and the WatchDog Committee is set up.

LRH orders that messengers who hold management posts are not to stand watches for him, leaving them free to hold their management position full time. He ordered to send two messengers to work with him on a permanent basis who are of no great value on management lines. The two people chosen are Pat and Annie Broeker.

David Miscavige is posted as Action Chief in CMO International. (33)

Zegel Tape No. 2 -

United States District Court for the Central District of California
Church of Scientology International vs Steven Fishman
Case No. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx)
David Miscavige affidavit 17 Feb 1994

01 Sep
  1 c. September c. 1979

The GRILL FLAME remote-viewing unit at Fort Meade, Maryland (about twenty-five miles northeast of Washington, D.C.) is housed in two wooden buildings secluded in trees on at 2560 and 2561 Llewellyn Street. Fort Meade is the home for, among other things, the National Security Agency (NSA), the U.S. First Army, and part of the Army's Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), under which GRILL FLAME is officially established.

Orders come in from the Pentagon's Office of the Army's Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, and its tasking requests originate from a variety of offices throughout the U.S. intelligence community, including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the President's National Security Council (NSC).

Orders coming into the office, and information going out, are stamped not only with the standard Army intelligence SECRET, but with the Pentagon code word, GRILL FLAME. Only a few dozen officials in the intelligence community have been briefed on the existence of the Grill Flame project. "Access is limited," an Army memorandum of the time notes, "to those personnel approved on a 'by name' basis."

Joseph McMoneagle has emerged as one of the government's better remote viewers. He is also a consultant for the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) remote viewing labs (where Scientology OT VII Hal Puthoff is Director, and where OT VII Ingo Swann trains government remote viewers). McMoneagle is being assigned numerous remote viewing tasks, for which he will later be granted a coveted Legion of Merit award for excellence in intelligence service.

Remote Viewers; the Secret History of America's Psychic Spies by Jim Schnabel.
Dr. Edwin C. Mays "Response to the CIA/AIR Report on Remote Viewing."
"Psychic World" interview with Joseph McMoneagle, Summer issue, 1998


The 1984 citation for McMoneagle's Legion of Merit award, covering this time period, says in part: "...He served most recently as a Special Project Intelligence one of the original planners and movers of A UNIQUE INTELLIGENCE PROJECT THAT IS REVOLUTIONIZING THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY. ...He used his talents and expertise in the execution of more than 200 missions, addressing over 150 Essential Elements of Information [EEI]. These EEI contained critical intelligence reported at the highest echelons of our military and government, including such national level agencies as the Joint Chiefs of Staff, DIA, NSA, CIA, DEA, and the Secret Service, producing crucial and vital intelligence UNAVAILABLE FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE.

McMoneagle has since said, in a 1998 interview: "Probably less than two percent of the information pertinent to the [remote viewing] program has been released; certainly almost none of the operational data. A great deal of the research data is still
classified as well."

13 Sep
  Judge Charles R. Richey, presiding over the criminal trial of Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office defendants, rules that the search of the two LOS ANGELES offices on July 8, 1977 was legal, and that evidence seized during those raids can be presented at trial.

15 Sep
  U.S. Intelligence agencies have become aware that the Russians have built what is the largest building under a single roof in the world. No one in the agencies, however, knows what is going on inside. The President's National Security Council (NSC) staff orders INSCOM to have remote viewers see what they can determine about it. One of INSCOM's better remote-viewers, Joseph McMoneagle (a consultant with OT VII Hal Puthoff) reports, after his remote viewing of the facility, that a very large, new type of submarine with 18-20 missile launch tubes and a "large flat area" at the aft end will be launched in 100 days.

"Psychic World" interview with McMoneagle, Summer issue, 1998
Federation of American Scientists web site. Their main site is at
specific page -


Two Soviet subs, one with 24 launch tubes, and the other with 20 launch tubes and a large flat aft deck--the completely new Soviet "Typhoon"-class, and now largest in the world--are sighted 120 days later.

23 Sep
  23 September 1979 - (Sunday)

According to Judge Charles R. Richey (in a later ruling, on 8 October 1979, coming up), who is presiding over the criminal case against Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office defendants, a critical meeting allegedly occurs between unknown parties on this date, in which representatives/prosectuors of the United States Department of Justice, and representatives of the Guardian's Office defendants (and/or the defendants themselves) supposedly agree that the defendants WILL SIGN A STIPULATION OF EVIDENCE. There is NO OTHER RECORD of this crucial meeting. There is NO RECORD of who was supposedly in attendance. There is NO RECORD of who, if anyone, presided. There is NO RECORD of any court reporter being present, or any official record being kept. And the date ascribed by Richey to this pivotal meeting is a SUNDAY. Upon this crucial, undocumented purported meeting will soon hinge the entire fate of Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office. And the date for this alleged meeting is the DAY BEFORE THE CRIMINAL TRIAL IS SCHEDULED TO START.


A letter in Mary Sue's handwriting, written when she was in jail, says she made a deal with the government in exchange for not prosecuting LRH.

24 Sep
  This is the SCHEDULED DATE for the beginning of the criminal trial of Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian's Office defendants. But the trial does not start. No explanation is given until two weeks later, and the muddled explanation is offered in retrospect by presiding judge Charles R. Richey in a ruling on 8 October 1979 (coming up).


Richey's explanation, when it comes, is self-contradictory, claiming that the trial did not start when scheduled because "plea negotiations" were still going on, while ALSO claiming that a secret plea negotiation meeting had resulted in an agreement on 23 September 1979 (see above).

03 Oct
  On this date, an even STRANGER trademark transaction occurs than the one that took place on 5 May 1979 (a SATURDAY transaction, in this timeline, above). On 3 October 1979, the Word Mark "Scientology"--Serial Number 73233761, Registration Number 1174579--is FILED by an unknown party with the United States Trademark Office. This is not a renewal--this is a first FILING of the trademark.

The FIRST USE of the trademark is listed as being November (no day specified) 1951. The GOODS AND SERVICES the trademark is for are: "Educational and Philosophic Services- Namely, Planning and Conducting Courses in the Field of Philosophy." The Registrant/ Owner is listed as being "Hubbard; L. Ron INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES," but now his address is stated as being "5930 Franklin Ave. Los Angeles CALIFORNIA 90028."

Finally, this is ANOTHER one of the trademarks that, in just three years, will ostensibly be transferred by "L. Ron Hubbard" to the corporation known as Religious Technology Center (RTC), but only after secret provisions have been made for the CONTROLLING ownership to reside with a separate, low profile corporation--the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), doing business as the "L. Ron Hubbard Library," as co-founded by former Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS, Meade Emory--who, at this time, may be living in Washington, D.C. in an expensive home he purchased in 1977.


And now it's time to get to the REAL strangeness: although this trademark for the word "Scientology," first used in 1951, allegedly gets transferred by "L. Ron Hubbard" to the Religious Technology Center in 1982--as will be shown in the time track for that year--this trademark WILL BE CANCELLED IN 1988, AFTER THE PURPORTED DEATH OF L. RON HUBBARD. This trademark, as you read this timeline, is currently listed by the Trademark Office in its "Live/Dead Indicator" field as: DEAD.

06 Oct
  "Stipulation of Evidence" in the Scientology 11 trial is signed by Mary Sue Hubbard and eight other Guardian's Office executives and their attorneys.

U. S. District Court, Central District Of California; Church Of Scientology International, Plaintiffs; Steven Fishman And Uwe Geertz, Defendants. Case No. Cv 91 6426 Hlh (tx); Declaration Of Robert Vaughn Young; Date: April 4, 1994


The Guardian's Office staff only agreed to not contest the stipulation of evidence.
They did not plead guilty, as has been falsely reported by the press and book authors. They wanted to leave the door open for an appeal of the judge's decision and if they had plead guilty they would have lost their right to appeal.

08 Oct
  "Thereafter, on October 8, 1979, Judge Richey, over the government's objection, granted appellants' motion to require the government to comply with a Disposition Agreement to which appellants contended the government had agreed.(FN4) Under this Agreement, each appellant was to be found guilty by the court on one specified count on the basis of the "Stipulation of Evidence." Upon consideration of this uncontested evidence and in accordance with the Disposition Agreement, the court found appellants guilty as follows: Hubbard, Heldt, Snider, Willardson, Weigand and Wolfe, of conspiracy to obstruct justice and other offenses (Count 23); Hermann, of conspiracy to burglarize government offices and steal documents (Count 1); and Thomas, of misdemeanor theft of government property (Count 17)."

Nos. 79-2442, 79-2447 to 79-2450, 79-2456, 79-2459 and 79-2462. United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit. 668 F.2d 1238 215 U.S.App.D.C. 206 Argued Feb. 27, 1981. Decided Oct. 2, 1981. As Amended Oct. 2 and 30, 1981.

08 Oct
  The Associated Press October 8, 1979

A federal judge approved an unusual agreement Monday under which nine leaders of the Church of Scientology will be found guilty of plotting to steal government documents about the church. "But Assistant U.S. Attorney Raymond Banoun, chief prosecutor in the case, said the government would appeal the judge's decision.

"U.S. District Judge Charles R. Richey ruled that the government can present its case against the Scientologists through a written court record without holding a trial. "Richey said he would then rule, on the basis of the written record, that each defendant is guilty of one count in a 28-count indictment. "The judge's ruling stemmed from plea bargaining between the prosecutors and defense attorneys that has been underway for several weeks.

"The Scientologists had insisted that the government backed out of the agreement for the so-called "stipulated record" while the government claimed there never was such an agreement. "Richey's ruling Monday said that a verbal agreement was made on Sept. 23 and ordered that it be put into effect. "The Scientologists had asked for the stipulated record so they could retain their right of appeal, a right they would lose if they simply pleaded guilty.

"Richey also said the government has the right to release to the public all the documents that it would have used in a jury trial against the Scientologists. These documents are among the thousands seized during a raid of the Scientologists' Los Angeles office on July 8, 1977. .."

11 Oct
  Someone is busy at the Trademark Office again, this time securing a FIRST RENEWAL of the Dianetics triangle, Serial Number 72025534, Registration Number 0687990. Its FIRST USE is listed only as "1951." The "GOODS AND SERVICES" it is claimed for is "BOOKS, MAGAZINES." And like the two other trademark transactions earlier in 1979 (see above), the Owner/Registrant is allegedly "HUBBARD, L. RON, INDIVIDUAL." Only now, his address is listed as being back at "1812 19TH ST., N.W. WASHINGTON

The Attorney of Record is listed as JOAN KUPERSMITH LARKIN.


Why do these Oct 79 trademark office filings not appear on any previous TT?

19 Oct
  "On about October 19, 1979, he [Michael Flynn] was flying this plane to South Bend, Indiana, when the engine began to malfunction at approximately 8,000 feet and lost power entirely for a period of some time, and he was forced to land at an airport nearby. He claims that he subsequently discovered large amounts of water in the fuel tanks, "although prior to take-off I had gone through the normal pre-flight examination without discovering any water.' Flynn believes that water balloons, which are designed to dissolve about an hour after takeoff, were placed in the tanks by G.O. agents, on the express orders of Hubbard."

A text file: "corydon.txt," a version of Bent Corydon's book, "Messiah or Madman,"

25 Oct
  Judge Charles R. Richey unexpectedly releases "documents," which have been in the custody of him and the Department of Justice prosecutors, to the press. The press is told that these "documents" had been seized by the FBI in the July 1977 raids, and allegedly were to be used in the criminal trial against Mary Sue Hubbard and the other Guardian's Office defendants--which trial will NOT TAKE PLACE.

Richey releases these documents to the press WHEN NO VERDICT HAS BEEN RENDERED AGAINST THE DEFENDANTS, AND BEFORE THEY HAVE SIGNED THE "STIPULATION OF EVIDENCE," as confirmed in the AP story quoted below:

25 Oct
  The Associated Press October 25, 1979

"Documents made public Thursday show that the Church of Scientology planted spies at the Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service and bugged an IRS meeting where the church's tax exemption was under discussion.

"Federal prosecutors made these disclosures in a 10-inch-high stack of documents that were ordered released by U.S. District Judge Charles R. Richey. Richey is to hand down a verdict Friday in the case of nine leaders of the church who are charged with conspiracy and theft of government documents. ...Richey, WHO IS NOT OBLIGATED TO CONVICT THE DEFENDANTS, will announce his decision in the case Friday, barring any last-minute hitch. Since the defendants WILL NOT TECHNICALLY BE PLEADING GUILTY, they may appeal any conviction to the U.S. Court of Appeals. ...

26 Oct
  The Associated Press October 26, 1979

"A federal judge today found nine members of the Church of Scientology guilty of conspiracy or stealing government documents about the church. "U.S. District Judge Charles R. Richey found each defendant guilty of one count of the 28-count indictment. "The judge told the defendants and their attorneys, who stood in a semicircle facing the bench, that he found 'the evidence establishes each and every element set forth (in the indictment) without a reasonable doubt.? No sentencing date was set.

03 Nov
  The Clearwater Sun, Saturday, 3-Nov-79, "Judge rules papers available to public,"
by Richard Leiby, Sun Staff Writer:

"WASHINGTON - Documents revealing a Scientology espionage campaign against government agencies ranging from the IRS to the Clearwater City Commission were declared open to further public inspection Friday afternoon by a federal judge. "Scientology attorneys had argued strenuously that the papers should be sealed because they would cause "irreparable injury" to the church. "The public availability of the dozen cartons of government-seized documents - the basis of last week's conspiracy conviction of nine top church officials - was in doubt until U.S. District Judge Charles R. Richey issued his ruling.

"Scientologists sought to reclaim the papers, or at least block their release to the media on grounds they no longer were crucial to the government's case. "But Richey, who personally reviewed the material, ruled the Scientologists' argument invalid. "The papers are among more than 40 cartons of evidence seized during an FBI raid at the cult's Los Angeles headquarters in July 1978... ." "Richey also rejected the Scientologist's compromise request that if the documents were not returned, they at least should be kept sealed.

"...Scientologists asked for the restraining order Thursday night after Richey released documents showing the sect kept dossiers and ran "rumour campaigns" against public officials and private medical groups around the nation. "Richey also denied a last-minute appeal attempt after Friday's hearing but court officials said Scientologists will get another chance to stay Richey's order in the U.S. Court of Appeal next week. "Richey apparently will continue making documents available on Monday. He has been reviewing the papers privately since the conviction of the cult leaders and issuing those he feels are not damaging to innocent parties."

07 Nov
  The United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit now finds it safe to issue its ruling in the twin appellate Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) cases being conducted by the Guardian's Office--or what is left of it.

The cases are: CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA, a nonprofit corporation, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF the ARMY:
Howard H. Callaway, Secretary of the Army;
U. S. Intelligence Agency;
Major Aaron, Assistant Chief of Staff for Army Intelligence, Defendants-Appellees


Office of the Secretary of Defense;
James R. Schlesinger, Secretary of the Department of Defense;
United States Department of the Navy;
J. Wm. Middendorf II, Secretary of the Navy;
Naval Intelligence Command: Rear Admiral E. F. Rectanus, Director of Naval Intelligence, Defendants-Appellees.

These are appelate cases Nos. 78-1168, 78-1169.
They address documents on Scientology and it founder, L. Ron Hubbard, that have been withheld by the Department of Defense and its intelligence agencies ON GROUNDS OF NATIONAL SECURITY. In a convoluted ruling, BOTH cases are AFFIRMED IN PART, and REVERSED IN PART, and sent back to the lower court to toy with some more.


This may shock some, but the lower court ultimately releases ONE PORTION of ONE of the contested documents, and issues a final Summary Judgement protecting all the rest.

23 Nov
  The Joint Chiefs of Staff issue orders for Scientology-trained government remote-viewing personnel to begin providing information on the location and condition of the Iranian hostages. A total of 206 remote-viewing sessions are ultimately devoted to the Iranian hostage crisis.


What is the source of this data?

23 Nov
  The appellate court orders the seal to be lifted and begins releasing the documents from the FBI raids.

Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 21

25 Nov
  25 c. November 1979

Michael Flynn sends an employee to the Federal Court in Washington to copy thousands of the documents released from the FBI raids.

A text file: "corydon.txt," a version of Bent Corydon's book, "Messiah or Madman,"

-- Dec
  In December, the GO nine were sentenced. Agent Sharon Thomas received the shortest prison term--six months. The others, including Mary Sue Hubbard, were sentenced to four and five year terms. They managed to stall the day by appealing the sentences.

...the GO predicted an FBI raid on the Gilman complex. It seemed likely that Hubbard would be indicted either by a New York grand jury investigating Scientology harassment of author Paulette Cooper, or a Florida grand jury investigating Scientology's dealings in Clearwater.

There was a panic at Gilman Hot Springs to remove any material demonstrating Hubbard's management of Scientology. A massive document shredder was moved to Gilman Hot Springs. The crew affectionately called it "Jaws." Anything which connected Hubbard to the La Quinta or Gilman properties, or to the Guardian's Office; any order, or anything even resembling an order from Hubbard had to go, and accordingly tens of thousands of documents were shredded. The Messenger logs, which were the painstaking record of every verbal order given by the Commodore to his Messengers, were buried for safe keeping. These logs have never come under public scrutiny.

Gerald Armstrong was the head of the Household Unit, which was preparing a house on the Gilman property for Hubbard's occupation. One of Armstrong's juniors was perplexed when she found a cache of boxes containing faded Hubbard letters and the like. She asked Armstrong if this material should be shredded. Armstrong was amazed and delighted to find twenty boxes packed with old letters, diaries, photographs, even some of Hubbard's baby clothes.

At last an accurate and fully documented account of the remarkable exploits of the Founder would be possible. The fabrications of conspiring government agencies could be disproved once and for all. Armstrong sent a request to Hubbard asking permission to establish an archive with this material at its core. Hubbard granted the request. The process eventually discredited Hubbard's fictional autobiography for good.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

06 Dec
  "Judge Richey declined to continue the sentencing of appellants pending his ruling on the motion, and appellants were sentenced on December 6 and 7.(FN5)

"FN5. All appellants except Thomas were sentenced pursuant to 18 U.S.C. s 4205. Appellant HUBBARD was sentenced on Count 23 to a five-year term of imprisonment and fined $10,000. Appellants Heldt, Snider, Willardson, and Weigand were each sentenced on Count 23 to four year terms of imprisonment and each fined $10,000. Appellant Hermann was sentenced to a four year term of imprisonment on Count 1 and fined $10,000. Appellants Raymond and Wolfe were each sentenced on Count 23 to a five year term of imprisonment and each was fined $10,000. Appellant Thomas was sentenced on Count 17 to a fine of $1,000 and a one year term of imprisonment; six months of that sentence were suspended and she was placed on probation for five years."

Nos. 79-2442, 79-2447 to 79-2450, 79-2456, 79-2459 and 79-2462. United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit. 668 F.2d 1238 215 U.S.App.D.C. 206 Argued Feb. 27, 1981. Decided Oct. 2, 1981. As Amended Oct. 2 and 30, 1981.

13 Dec
  The United States District Court for the District of Columbia grants Summary Judgment in favor of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Civil Action No. 75-1048--CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY OF CALIFORNIA, INC., Appellant v.

Stansfield TURNER, Director, Central Intelligence Agency, et al.

This Summary Judgement rules that the CIA can continue to withhold 25 documents that the Scientology organization was trying to have disclosed to them, documents dealing with Scientology. Part of the justification upon which Summary Judgement in favor of the CIA is decreed is that "the Director of Central Intelligence shall be responsible for PROTECTING INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS FROM UNAUTHORIZED DISCLOSURE...."

13 Dec
  The Associated Press, December 13, 1979

Woman Sues Scientologists for $200 Million over Mind Control

"A 29-year-old former member of the Church of Scientology filed a $200 million lawsuit Thursday against the church, charging that the group has cheated thousands of converts by subjecting them to 'mind control.'

Lavenda Van Schaick of Somerville contended in the suit filed in U.S. District Court here that the church misled her into divorcing her husband, paying about $13,000 for Scientologist instruction and working for the church without pay for nine years in Clearwater, Fla., and Las Vegas, Nev. "The lawsuit also asks that 17 persons, including church founder L. Ron Hubbard, be removed from power and that the CHURCH BE PLACED IN THE HANDS OF A FEDERAL RECEIVER...

15 Dec
  Sherman Lenske says in a declaration that when he worked for the law firm of Karno & Schwartz, that he drafted a pour-over will for LRH.

Declaration of Sherman Lenske on 4 February 1986

15 Dec
  LRH signs a will at Los Angeles. Also on this date, he creates the L. RON HUBBARD INTER VIVOS TRUST, referenced in the will. The will describes an "irrevocable trust" of which Norton S. Karno is named Trustee, but this seems to be separate from the inter vivos trust, of which LRH is trustee (?). The will is witnessed by Pat Broecker, Anne Broecker, and Diana Voegeding.

Important Note:

There is no mention of copyrights in the 1979 Will.

Omitted Data and Documentation - The Trust Document

LRH's Last Will and Testament 15 December 1979

31 Dec

The Global Enslavers made major advances towards their goal of enslaving mankind in the last decade.

In 1965 the CIA realized it was lagging behind Russia in developing Psychic Warfare capabilities. A Psychic Warfare arms race began and to close the gap - the CIA infiltrated AOLA with its agents in the late 1960s - who became Scientology OTs. The three CIA agents were Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and Pat Price.

In the early 1970s these OT CIA agents then assembled at Stanford Research Institute and worked together to provide the US Intelligence community with Psychic Warfare capabilities. Psychic Warfare has two main branches - Psychic Spying and Psychic Influencing and both of these were developed at SRI, including psychotronics.

Psychotronics is Psychic Warfare using a machine. The capabilities of these machines are astounding. They can be used to read minds and display the images on a TV screen. They can install thoughts and emotions into individuals and mass populations. They can cause illnesses and even death.

In 1972 a Defense Intelligence Agency report stated that Psychic Warfare could be used to alter or manipulate the minds of others. It said that Soviet efforts in this field may sooner or later enable them to do the following:

(a) Know the contents of top secret US documents, the movements of our troops and ships and the location and nature of our military installations
(b) Mould the thoughts of key US military and civilian leaders at a distance
(c) Cause the instant death of any US official at a distance
(d) Disable, at a distance, US military equipment of all types, including spacecraft

Significant to causing a sound of alarm within the US Intelligence community was the success of the Psychic Warfare experiments at SRI. In one of these experiments - Ingo Swann manipulated a magnetic field with his thought - thus showing that Scientology OTs had such capabilities. This was a cause of grave concern because the guidance system on a nuclear weapon is a magnetic field.

As a result of these SRI demonstrations of the capabilities of Scientology OTs - Scientology OTs were then considered to be a National Security Threat. It was thought that OTs could practice Psychic Warfare on the US government - in the form of Psychic Spying and Psychic Influencing.

Early on in the decade - the CIA was given domestic assignments - to infiltrate and eradicate groups that were felt to be threats. President Nixon placed the Church of Scientology on the enemies list. The anti-cult movement began.

The classic intelligence method, Problem - Reaction - Solution was employed, and in this technique the Intelligence agency uses its agents to control both sides. This means it infiltrates its intelligence agents into the so-called cults and into anti-cult Front groups.

Their intelligence agents inside the cults are agent provocateurs who commit immoral and illegal acts - creating the Problem.

These immoral and criminal acts are then used for a black propaganda campaign against the targeted group. A black propaganda campaign always precedes the Legal attack. The purpose of the black propaganda campaign is to ensure that no one will come to the targeted group's defense when the Legal attacks happen.

So, their black propaganda intelligence agents in the cult-buster Front Groups stir up public protest about the immoral and illegal acts of the cults - this is creating the public Reaction.

Then their Legal intelligence agents provide the Solution - Legal attacks on cults in the form of lawsuits, raids, arrests, and legislation against "dangerous cults."

Books have been written that Jim Jones and his People's Temple cult was really a CIA mind control experiment. The "mass suicide" in Guyana was therefore orchestrated by CIA agents inside the cult. This "mass suicide" scenario by "cults" has been repeated over and over as time goes along. This is all done to carry out the Problem - Reaction - Solution method described above.

CIA mind control psychiatrist Louis Jolyn West was used on the cult-buster side of the Problem - Reaction - Solution technique. He was one of their black propaganda agents inciting public protest against the cults.

The Psychic Warfare research at SRI was part of the CIA's mind-control program.
Two CIA mind control psychiatrists - Louis Jolyn West and Sidney Gottlieb - were involved with the SRI research. Gottlieb testified before Congress the purpose of the CIA mind control program was to investigate whether it was possible to modify an individual's behavior by covert means.

CIA mind control psychiatrist Jolyn West established two Front Groups in society - Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence - and Cult Awareness Network.

California Governor Ronald Reagan backed the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence. Psychiatric behavior modification techniques such as electric shock therapy and drugs were to be used on prisoners and "pre-delinquent" children, which would make possible the treatment of children "before they become delinquents." However, California legislators saw through it and called it what it is - a Nazi program.

In backing the anti-cult Front Group - Cult Awareness Network - CIA mind control psychiatrist Jolyn West accused the so-called cults of what he practices - mind control! This is a cruel joke because any form of mind control practiced by cults pales to the real mind control being practiced by CIA mind control psychiatrists!

In 1971 LRH wrote some confidential Intelligence issues that pinpointed the attacks on Scientology as coming from Nazis. He had become aware of the fact of International Banker backing of the Nazis and how the Nazi movement was continued underground after Hitler's defeat. The CIA and the World Federation of Mental Health were Nazi dominated and were two groups that continued the Nazi plan for world conquest after WW II.

In December 1972 LRH fled to New York to escape charges on him being brought in Spain. While in New York he wrote the Snow White program - for the Guardian's Office to get all government files on him and the Church.

In carrying out the Snow White program the GO infiltrated various government agencies such as the IRS and Department of Justice and copied their files for several years. At the same time they filed Freedom of Information Act lawsuits on government agencies such as the CIA, NSA, the Army, etc.

At the time, the US Intelligence community was conducting top secret Psychic Warfare research at SRI using their agents who had infiltrated the Church to become OTs. The efforts of the Guardian's Office to obtain their files on Scientology had to be stopped. In fact, the US Intelligence community considered Scientology OTs to be a national security threat and so it had to put a stop to two things:

1. The Guardian's Office
2. The Church making any OTs.

A whole series of destructive events ensued, one after the other:

A FBI document obtained through the Freedom of Information Act - stated this:

To infiltrate the Church and move our agents up to Board of Director positions. We must also prevent the spread of Scientology to China and Japan as it is so similar to Bhuddism it would spread like wildfire.

In April 1976 Jimmy Mulligan was on the Board of Directors of HASI. He was also Mary Sue Hubbard's communicator and assistant for Intelligence. He oversaw and directly ran the Church Intelligence Bureau. He was guilty as sin when it came to the criminal activities of the Church Intelligence unit. Lynn McNeil was the senior of the Church Intelligence agents in Washington DC who were infiltrating the federal government offices and she too was on the Board of Directors of HASI.

In June 1976, the GO intelligence agent Gerald Wolfe was arrested by the FBI.

In October 1976 Quentin Hubbard was killed in Las Vegas.

In January 1977 Chic magazine publishes OT 3 - the first wide-scale public exposure of OT materials.

In May 1977, with Lynn McNeil on the HASI Board of Directors - it goes defunct. The HASI was the legal owner of the copyrights and McNeil just let it go under.

In July 1977 the FBI raided the offices of the Church Intelligence Bureau in Washington DC and in Los Angeles. They walked off with boxes of evidence of GO crimes. These files also proved the GO had been conducting illegal black intelligence operations on Church enemies such as Paulette Cooper. Thus a major incident in the third dynamic engram was laid in.

Gerald Wolfe waived his rights that would have gotten everyone off the hook - thus allowing the government prosecution to proceed - and in doing this he exposes his collusion with the FBI.

As a result, Mary Sue Hubbard and 10 other top GO executives would be arrested and given prison sentences. Jimmy Mulligan and Lynn McNeil, who were guilty as sin in these and other GO Intelligence Bureau crimes - were not charged with anything!

Upon the conviction of Mary Sue - all Church FOI lawsuits were ruled against on the grounds of national security. This was a cover up for the US Intelligence community's top secret Psychic Warfare mind control research using Scientology OTs.

The documents obtained in the FBI raids were then released to the public and 35 private lawsuits were filed against LRH and the Church for all the illegal black intelligence operations that Church intelligence had been running on people. Boston attorney Michael Flynn led the charge and he sought that the Church be placed in the hands of a federal receiver.

In the next decade - all of this will lead to a takeover of the Church, starting with the dismantling of the Guardians Office. The takeover will lead to the two objectives of the US Intelligence community -

1. To put a stop to the Guardian's Office
2. To put a stop to the Church making any OTs.

All of the above scenario aligns with the Problem - Reaction - Solution intelligence technique wherein their agents control both sides. We have US Intelligence community agent provocateurs inside the Church directing Church members to commit illegal acts and we have CIA agents such as Jolyn West outside the Church setting up anti-cult Front Groups such as Cult Awareness Network. And, we have Legal agents who will bring lawsuits, raids, arrests, and seek litigation against the Church - based on the criminal acts that were done at the instigation of the CIA/FBI agents inside the Church.

Although Jimmy Mulligan has disappeared from the scene - the new rulers who were about to takeover the Church - have continued to commit criminal acts and have also acted to prevent anyone going OT.

In September 1978, Ron is sick and Dr Denk and David Mayo are rushed to his side. This results in NOTs and Mayo writes the NOTs issues. At the same time the foundation for the takeover was put in place with the issuance of FO 3729 entitled Commodore's Messengers. This issue says:

"The Beingness of a Commodore's Messenger on duty is an emissary of the Commodore. What is done or said to that Messenger is being said or done to the Commodore."

This issue grants virtually omnipotent power to the Commodore's Messenger Org.

In April 1979 a major change in church management takes place. The Commodores Messenger Org International takes over all church management and the Watchdog Committee is set up. In the same month non-Scientologist attorney Sherman Lenske arrives on the scene and he will play a major role in the upcoming takeover.

In December 1979 there was the threat of another FBI raid and pending Grand Juries in New York and Florida based on evidence taken in the first FBI raid. Documentation of LRH's orders connecting him to these crimes were placed in secret storage by Miscavige. LRH went into hiding. His only comm line was via Pat Broeker and David Miscavige.

Mary Sue was sentenced to prison in December 1979 and the stage was set for the continuation of the third dynamic engram by reason of a takeover. The US Intelligence community was about to get what it wanted - the dismantling of the GO and a new church management that would ensure no one would go OT.

The fourth dynamic engram was also advancing in the decade of the 1970s. Psychic
Warfare was being waged - both Psychic Spying and Psychic Influencing were developed and put into use.

The development and use of psychotronic machines played a major role in Psychic Warfare. The term psychotronics comes from psyche - mind, and electronics. Electronic instruments capable of affecting the mind. They can also cause illnesses and even death.

At the same time - CIA mind control psychiatrist Jose Delgado developed an electronic device for implanting in the brain. With this device a person's thoughts and actions can be directed from a distance by radio signals. The Nazi dream of having the means for individual and mass population mind control had finally materialized.

The significance of Psychic Warfare cannot be overstated. It represents a hidden mental, spiritual, and physical threat to the well being of all men and each individual spirit inhabiting a human body on Earth. It is the ultimate of mind control technology to date.

To make matters worse - a United Nations document forecasts the Second Coming - an overt alien landing and takeover.

The Church lost and the Global Enslavers won in this decade.

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