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  In 1976, the GO was determined to silence all opposition in the City of Clearwater. Mayor Cazares was its chief target.

A GO agent, posing as a reporter, interviewed the mayor when he was on a visit to Washington, DC. The "reporter" introduced Cazares to Sharon Thomas, another GO agent. She offered to show Cazares the sights of Washington. While they were driving, they ran into a pedestrian. Sharon Thomas drove on. The mayor did not know that the "victim" of the accident was yet another GO agent, Michael Meisner.

The GO was sure that it could use Cazares' failure to report the accident to its advantage. The next day an internal dispatch gloated that Cazares' political career was finished. That same day, Hubbard sent a dispatch asking whether the Miami Cubans could be persuaded that Cazares supported Castro.

The GO initiated "Operation Italian Fog" which was to bribe officials to put forged documents into Mexican records showing that Cazares had been married twenty-five years before. The Scientologists could then accuse him of bigamy.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Note from Mike McClaughry:

It should be understood that the Guardian's Office had an Intelligence Bureau. It was this Bureau that committed various crimes. This Bureau investigated enemies of the Church, including infiltrating enemy groups with spies. It was charged with obtaining enemy files on the Church. It was common for illegal methods to be used to obtain enemy files, such as using lock picks and even breaking and entering.

The Intelligence Bureau was also charged with handling enemies and has its own tech for doing so. Part of its tech was to try and locate crimes that had been committed by the person attacking Scientology and have them arrested for those crimes. If no actual crimes could be found, then black operations were used to set the person up for crimes he actually did not commit. An example would be planting illegal drugs on him and calling the police, who would arrest him for possession of illegal drugs.

Other Intelligence Bureau handling tech was to use hate and protect buttons. The way this worked was to find out what the enemy's boss hated and then set up circumstances to make the enemy guilty of those things in the eyes of his boss. If his boss hates homosexuals, the black operation would be to have homosexuals call the boss at work and ask to talk to the enemy. The end result was to make the boss think the enemy was a homosexual, hate him for it, resulting in the boss firing the enemy.

Another example of a black operation, using the protect button. Find out what the enemy is trying to protect and threaten it. Let's say the enemy is trying to protect his marriage. Threaten to destroy his marriage. Have a prostitute call the wife and say she slept with the enemy. The end result is the enemy stops attacking Scientology to protect his marriage.

Following are a few of the actual black operations done by the Intelligence Bureau:

Paulette Cooper wrote an anti-Scientology book. Intelligence agents mailed out a bomb threat on her stationary, making it appear that Cooper had done it. This got the FBI after her. Another intelligence operation was done to Cooper. An agent became her boyfriend. The boyfriend then reinforced and played upon Cooper's suicidal tendencies in the hopes that she would commit suicide.

In 1976 Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares was involved in litigation with the Church. One of the intelligence black operations run on him was an attempt to implicate him in a staged hit and run accident. Another intelligence operation done on him was that arrangements were made to have an attorney by the name of Merril Vannier, a Scientologist, represesent Mr. Cazares and sabotage his case.

The above gives you a clear picture of the daily work of Scientology's Intelligence Bureau.

The disbanding of the G.O. did not change any of this, it operates exactly the same way now. Scientology's criminal intelligence bureau is run by the Religious Technology Center.

Statement of Mike McClaughry to COSinvestigations
Vicki Aznaran affidavit
Vaughn Young affidavit
Jesse Prince letters
Stacy Young affidavit
Jesse Prince tape # 5


Did black intelligence operations ever make a critic better?
No. It makes them hate Scientology with a passion.
Thus, this solution makes the situation worse and also makes it persist.

False Solution = Alter-Isness (lies) and Not-Isness (force) - Church Intelligence
Omitted Application of Axiom 11 as the solution to attacks - Top Church Execs

Axiom 11 says only AS-ISNESS (truth) can cause a change in unwanted conditions without bringing about a persistence of those unwanted conditions.

08 Jan
  LRH, along with three other leaders of Scientology--including Georges Andreu, former head of the movement's French branch--are convicted in absentia of fraud in Paris, are levied fines, and given suspended sentences.

"Files of the FBI," #311 posted on the internet; from INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE, Published with The New York Times and the Washington Post, PARIS, MARCH 3, 1980

14 Jan
  The AiResearch Manufacturing Company completes a report to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, suggesting that further theoretic and experimental developments in long-distance telepathy are continuing in the Soviet Union.

"Amplified Mind Power Research In The Former Soviet Union," by Martin Ebon

14 Jan
  14 c. January 1976

Mitchell Hermann notifies Michael Meisner by phone that Henning Heldt and Richard Weigand have approved "mission orders" to send Don Alverzo to Washington, D.C. to gain access to the new offices of Paul Zuravin and Lewis Hubbard.

The reason given by the Stipulation is: "In November 1975, the Office Of Messrs. Charles Zuravin and Lewis Hubbard were placed within a 'red seal' or high security area inside the main IRS building in Washington D.C. Consequently, the doors were both locked at all times. As a result of those moves, Mr. Meisner and the defendant Wolfe were unable to gain entry in these areas and lost the ability to monitor those areas."

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.


Moving files into a 'red seal' or high security area and locking them up was a sign that Wolfe's cover was blown. The operations should have been suspended until a determination was made whether Wolfe's cover was blown or whether Wolfe had become a double agent. This is stupidity to send Alverzo to pick the locks.

17 Jan
  Don Alverzo arrives in Washington, D.C., and meets Michael Meisner at the Church of Scientology at 2125 S Street, N.W. He shows Meisner a copy of his "mission orders" and informs him that they are to go into the IRS building with Gerald Wolfe the next day to pick the locks on the offices of Lewis Hubbard and Paul Zuravin. Alverzo also shows Meisner the lock-picking equipment he has brought with him, and instructs Meisner on its use.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

Incorrectly Included criminal method of gathering data - Church Intelligence agents

19 Jan
  United States Congressional Record January 19, 1976, page 240

Representative Marjorie Holt (Maryland):

"Mr. Speaker, many of us recently received a letter from the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, inviting members of Congress to participate in a ceremonial signing of "A Declaration of Interdependence" on January 30 in Congress Hall, adjacent to Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

A number of Members of Congress have been invited to sign this document, lending their prestige to its theme, but I want the record to show my strong opposition to this declaration.

It calls for the surrender of our national sovereignty to international organizations. It declares that our economy should be regulated by international authorities. It proposes that we enter a New World Order that would redistribute the wealth created by the American people.

Mr. Speaker, this is an obscenity that defiles our Declaration of Independence, signed 200 years ago in Philadelphia. We fought a great Revolution for independence and individual liberty, but now it is proposed that we participate in a world socialist order.

Are we a proud and free people, or are we a carcass to be picked by the jackals of the world, who want to destroy us? When one cuts through the high-flown rhetoric of this "Declaration of Interdependence," one finds key phrases that tell the story.

For example, it states that 'The economy of all nations is a seamless web, and that no one nation can any longer effectively maintain its processes of production and monetary systems without recognizing the necessity for collaborative regulation by international authorities.' How do you like the idea of "international authorities" controlling our production and our monetary system, Mr. Speaker?

How could any American dedicated to our national independence and freedom tolerate such an idea? . . . America should never subject her fate to decisions by such an assembly, unless we long for national suicide. Instead, let us have independence and freedom . . . If we surrender our independence to a "new world order" . . . we will be betraying our historic ideals of freedom and self-government.

Freedom and self-government are not outdated. The fathers of our Republic fought a revolution for those ideals, which are as valid today as they ever were. Let us not betray freedom by embracing slave masters; let us not betray self-government with world government; let us celebrate Jefferson and Madison, not Marx and Lenin."

28 Jan
  Reverend Arthur J. Maren arrives in Clearwater from Los Angeles to announce at a news conference that the Church of Scientology are the owners of the Fort Harrison Hotel and the Bank of Clearwater building.

Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 20

01 Mar
  1 c. March 1976

OT VII Harold Puthoff, with an associate, Russell Targ, release the first public report having to do with remote viewing. The report does not reveal CIA funding or involvement, and reveals very little about the actual results of the CIA/DIA- backed experiments they have been conducting.

A report, "Parapsychology in Intelligence: A Personal Review and Conclusions,"
by Dr. Kenneth A. Kress; appeared in the Winter 1977 issue of Studies in Intelligence, the CIA's classified internal publication; report released to the public in 1996

Omitted disclosure of CIA research into Psychic Warfare - Puthoff, CIA, NSA

05 Mar
  Quoted directly from the Stipulation:

"In the early part of March 1976, the defendant Mitchell Hermann directed Mr. Meisner to obtain IRS identification cards for himself, which he could use to enter the IRS building, as well as in other operations."

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

15 Mar

Gerald Wolfe and Michael Meisner enter the IRS building using Wolfe's IRS I.D. card.

They go to the identification room ... Wolfe types the name "Thomas Blake" on one of his identification card blanks and the name "John M. Foster" on one of Meisner's identification card blanks.

Meisner and Wolfe then "left the IRS building, taking with them the false and fraudulent IRS cards which they had made."

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

25 Mar
  Nancy Douglass is "Scientology's covert operative at the Drug Enforcement Administration." She informs Michael Meisner that an Interpol Liaison Office has been newly created at the Department of Justice. That Office is to be the first step in the eventual transfer of the Interpol National Central Bureau (NCB) for the United States from the Department of the Treasury to the Department of Justice.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

Note from Mike McClaughry:

This data about the Interpol Liason Office being located in the Department of Treasury is very interesting. The GO did a schematic on a world map once, with pins and pieces of thread. These strings showed the path of false reports around the world. Most of the strings emanated from the IRS in Washington DC, to other governments around the world. Interpol was the channel used to circulate these false reports from the IRS to other governments.

Interpol is not a government agency. It is a private agency with the stated purpose of assisting government police agencies around the world, to capture international criminals, those who had fled from one country to another.

Prior to WW II it was headquartered in France. With the Nazi takeover of France, the headquarters was moved to Berlin, where it remained long after WW II. At least two Presidents of Interpol, after the end of WW II, were Nazi SS during WW II. Proof of this was obtained by searching the names of the Interpol's president's in the records of Simon Weisenthal, a Jew noted as a Nazi tracker.

Freedom newspaper published photographs of these two post-WW II president's of Interpol, showing them wearing their Nazi uniforms during WW II.

LRH and many books have said that the Nazi intelligence files and networks were turned over to the United States at the end of WW II and that was the start of the CIA. These Nazi intelligence networks were left in place and still operate today, under the direction of the CIA.

In any case, this schematic showed that the false reports came from the IRS and was delivered to other governments using Interpol as the channel to circulate the false reports.

It is also noteworthy that the CIA has been involved in dirty business since its inception. With psychiatrists involved as "advisors" the CIA has engaged in numerous experiments, such as mind control experiments, biological warfare testing on US citizens, etc. In recent times a newspaper reporter for the San Jose Mercury won the Pulitzer Prize for his expose of the CIA trafficking hard street drugs into this country and selling them to American citizens in order to raise funding for their intelligence operations.

At the same time, the CIA is involved in Psychic Warfare experiments with Scientology OTs, one of them ending up dead when he tries to leave, Pat Price. Also as a result, US intelligence agencies considering Scientology OTs to be a national security risk, figuring Scientology OTs could practice Psychic Warfare on them.

If the CIA considered Scientology a national security threat, then they had an interest in destroying the church. And, naturally, their Nazi Interpol friends would be glad to circulate false reports to other governments in the world.

The CIA and psychiatrists and Nazi and Interpol are all connected. The CIA has Nazi origins and continues to operate a Nazi intelligence network as its own.

According to LRH, certain psychiatrists are still running a WW II Nazi program to destroy the West with drugs, degradation of education, etc. This is being done through WFMH and WFMH Congresses mostly discuss political goals of eliminating international borders, to create a one-world government. (Mike McClaughry has personally seen their meeting minutes and can state that is true.)

LRH's last intelligence hypothesis was that Nazism has been continued covertly and has plans for world domination. The Rockefellers funded the Nazi and so there is international banker financing involved, as well as the international banker program of a one-world government being pushed by WFMH. If Nazi and WFMH has masters, clues would indicate the international banker.

The purpose of a one-world government is to throw the entirety of humanity into enslavement. The methods of enslavement will be through finances and mind-control. There will be no money. Everyone will have "credits" on an international computer and will be linked to that computer with an implanted microchip in their body. If you get out of line, they can erase your credits, making it impossible to provide food and shelter for yourself and family.

Want to complain about it?

Here's some REAL mind-control for you - delivered by psychiatrists.

12 Apr
  12 c. April 1976

Mitchell Hermann (aka Mike Cooper) sends a written order to Michael Meisner directing him to obtain all files on L. Ron Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard from the Office of International Operations (OIO) of the IRS.

Appended to the order is a report from CPA US Martin Greenberg of the Finance Bureau, stating that he has received notice from IRS that the income tax return of the Hubbards is being audited. Greenberg also indicates that Thomas Crate of OIO is the tax auditor assigned to the Hubbard case. Meisner soon locates the office of Crate by using a recent IRS directory obtained by Gerald Wolfe.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.


According to the Stipulation, this audit of LRH and Mary Sue Hubbard has been in progress since 2 July 1973.

14 Apr
  Gerald Wolfe and Michael Meisner enter the building housing IRS's Office of International Operations (OIO). They go to the tenth floor where Thomas Crate's office is located, but are "unable to enter because the door is locked." A cleaning lady notices Wolfe and Meisner acting suspiciously, and notifies the security guard, who confronts Meisner and Wolfe. The security guard is satisfied by Meisner's false IRS credentials and Wolfe's genuine IRS I.D. The cleaning lady then opens the door to Crate's office for them.

Meisner takes all documents relating to the Hubbard audit. Meisner then discovers that Crate's superior is Howard Rosen, and checks Rosen's desk as well. Inside one of the drawers he finds a key to Rosen's file cabinets. In them Meisner finds several thick files on the Hubbards and Scientology. Meisner and Wolfe copy all the documents, then return them to OIO. The operation is completed around 11 p.m.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

16 Apr
  Minutes of Meeting: "At a special call meeting of the Board of Directors of [HASI, Inc.] held in Los Angeles, California on the 16th day of April, 1976, all Directors were either present or represented by proxy or signed waiver of notice, and each Director duly signed a written waiver of said meeting and consent that it be held. Upon motion made by Anne L. Ursprung Burgess and seconded by James C. Mulligan, the following resolutions were unanimously carried:

RESOLVED: James C. Mulligan is hereby resigned as Director and Vice President of the Corporation. He is thanked for his work. Lynn McNeil is hereby appointed as Director and Vice President of the Corporation.

FURTHER RESOLVED: Joel Kreiner is hereby resigned as Director and Secretary of the Corporation. He is thanked for his work. Judy Weigand is hereby appointed as Director and Secretary of the Corporation.

Arizona Corporations Commission records - HASI Minutes


Now comes Lynn McNeil, the mysterious senior of super-spy Michael Meisner--the very Lynn McNeil who, although Meisner's direct senior, is absolutely invisible throughout the entire history of break-ins, buggings, etc--to be named as Director and Vice President of the HASI! Wonderful! And, as it just so happens, she is invisible in these roles, too, because HASI never files another annual report, and thereby, within about a year, becomes delinquent in its corporate requirements, and thereby meets its ignoble demise.

23 Apr
  The congressional "Church Committee" on intelligence activities releases its six-volume report, declaring--among other things--that the FBI and other national intelligence agencies have violated the constitutional rights of hundreds of thousands of US citizen by investigating their political activities. It mentions FBI abuses and excesses such as persecution of Martin Luther King, Jr., harassment of political groups like the Black Panthers, and illegal wiretaps:

Report "Fifteen DCIs' First 100 Days," prepared January 1993 by the History Staff in CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence.

28 May
  Gerald Wolfe and Michael Meisner meet once again outside the main IRS building in Washington, D.C. at approximately 6:30 p.m.

A few minutes later, they go to Nathan Dodell's office? This time they take approximately one foot of documents related to Scientology... These documents are photocopied on the United States Attorney's Office photocopying machines.

As Wolfe and Meisner are returning to Dodell's office through the library, they are stopped by night librarian Charles Johnson, who inquires whether they have signed in. When told no, he requires them to sign in. Meisner signs in as "J. Foster" and Wolfe as "W. Haake".

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

Note: This is the beginning of the end for Meisner and Wolfe.

31 May
  The night librarian of the District of Columbia Bar Association Bar Library, Charles Johnson, and the GSA Security Guard at the United States Courthouse in D.C., notify "the United States Attorney's office" that two individuals, who had identified themselves as IRS employees and who had in their possession IRS identification cards, "had been seen using the photocopying machines of the United States Attorney's Office on the previous Friday evening."

Both Johnson and the guard are instructed to immediately contact the FBI if those two individuals returned to the Courthouse.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

05 Jun
  5 c. June 1976

L. Ron Hubbard pays an "adjustment tax," and the IRS tax audit that has been being conducted out of OIO on him and Mary Sue Hubbard since at least 2 July 1973 is closed. The audit case was for the years 1971 and 1972. It has been being worked on by Thomas R. Crate in OIO, under the supervision of Howard Rosen.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

11 Jun
  Gerald Wolfe and Michael Meisner meet again outside the main IRS building, and go to the United States Courthouse at approximately 7:00 p.m., Meisner signing in as "John M. Foster" and Wolfe using the name "Thomas Blake," both using their counterfeit IRS I.D.s.

Wolfe and Meisner then go through the back of the library to Nathan Dodell's office, but cleaning ladies are still working in the office. They return to the library to wait until the cleanup crew has left. Meanwhile, night librarian Johnson contacts the FBI regarding Wolfe and Meisner. Shortly thereafter FBI Special Agents Christine Hansen and Dan Hodges confront Wolfe and Meisner at one of the back tables of the Bar Association Library, and demand to see their I.D.

While FBI Agent Hansen questions them, Agent Hodges leaves "to contact an Assistant United States Attorney." Meisner tells Agent Hansen that he and Wolfe are in the Courthouse to do legal research, and that they had used the United States Attorney's Office photocopying machine to photocopy legal books and cases.

After fifteen minutes of questioning, Meisner asks if they are under arrest. When Agent Hansen says they are not, Meisner tells Wolfe that they are leaving.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

12 Jun
  Michael Meisner is met by BruceUllman, who gives Meisner money for a round trip flight to Los Angeles. Meisner arrives in L.A. and goes directly to Richard Weigand's office.

All parties recognize that the highest priority is to stop the FBI investigation before it can connect Wolfe and Meisner to the Church of Scientology, thereby exposing other officials of the Guardian's office who "had been involved in the burglaries, thefts, and buggings."

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

13 Jun
  Weigand suggests that if Wolfe allows himself to be arrested and gives the proper cover story, the investigation can be contained. Then, following Wolfe's plea of guilty, Meisner will surrender, give the same cover story as Wolfe, and enter a guilty plea. This, Weigand says, will terminate the investigation with little or no connection to Scientology.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

23 Jun
  23 June 1976

At a meeting of the HASI Board of Directors, Sandra Miersdorff replaces Anne Ursprung as Director and President of the Corporation.

Arizona Corporation Commission records - HASI Meeting Minutes

30 Jun
  At 2:30 p.m. Gerald Wolfe is arrested in the main IRS building by FBI Special Agent Christine Hansen. He is charged with the use and possession of a forged official pass of the United States.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78-401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

Note: Why did the FBI wait 19 days before arresting Wolfe? Wolfe is arrested ONE DAY before the specified date in this:

"Rule 4(a)(1) of the Rules of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia provides that indictments are to be returned within forty-five days of any arrest which occurred prior to July 1, 1976." And yet, some time later, for some unknown reason, WOLFE WAIVES THE PROTECTION HE ENJOYS UNDER THIS RULE!

[See database entry for 20 February 1977.] No indictment was forthcoming in the required 45 days after this arrest, YET HE WAIVES THE RULE! He GIVES the prosecution all the time they need to indict!

If the FBI had waited ONE MORE DAY, Wolfe would not have had the protection of the "45-day" rule. And yet, some time later, for some unknown reason, WOLFE WAIVES THE PROTECTION HE ENJOYS UNDER THIS RULE! It isn't something that he could have just given up by default--he had to ACTIVELY WAIVE his protection. No indictment was forthcoming in the required 45 days after this arrest, YET HE WAIVES HIS PROTECTION, WHICH WOULD HAVE ALLOWED HIM TO GO SCOTT FREE! He GIVES the Government prosecution all the time they need to indict.

Why? Unless Wolfe-who had been mysteriously hired by the IRS as a clerk typist during a hiring freeze--was working for the government all along.


So the question here is why did Wolfe waive his right? One of two reasons - he didn't know about it or he did it on purpose. And, if he did it on purpose, then I would say he had turned and was working for the government in exchange for something.

But, of course he knew about it, because HE WAIVED IT. That eliminates the possibility that he did it because he did not know about it. HE HAD TO KNOW ABOUT IT BECAUSE HE WAIVED IT!!

This is a breakthrough!! This is the most important datum in the entire stipulation.
It is almost 100% conclusive proof that Wolfe had turned! He was working for the government. That's the answer.

This makes sense out of all kinds of things, now. It makes sense HOW the FBI knew Michael Meisner's name. It makes sense HOW the FBI knew that Meisner worked for the church. It makes sense WHY they convened a grand jury. Come on, you don't have a grand jury over false IDs, they KNEW they had A LOT MORE CRIMES THAN THAT when they convened the grand jury.

It ALL makes sense when you realize that Wolfe had been caught much earlier, turned and made a deal, and was then working as their agent, in cooperation with and for the government, to bring the top execs to justice for their crimes.

It happens all the time, the cops catch a drug pusher and in exchange for freedom or reduced sentences or even money, the drug pusher turns in the higher ups, who the cops really want to get their hands on, not the lowly drug pusher.

Incorrectly included waiver of rights by Wolfe - Wolfe
Omitted recognition of a sign that Wolfe had turned - MSH & Intelligence Execs


Omitted prediction of a raid - Guardians Office Executives
Omitted security actions to prevent harm if a raid occurred - GO Executives

-- Jul
  In July, the GO instituted "Operation Bulldozer Leak" which was supposed to convince the press and governments that Hubbard was no longer involved in the management of the Church. Hubbard moved to a hacienda in La Quinta, near Palm Springs in California. The hacienda was codenamed Rifle.

For a while, they took a vacation from Scientology, fulfilling the pretense of Hubbard's lack of control. There were no Scientology books at the hacienda, and the speaking of Scientologese was briefly forbidden. While the Commodore fiddled, the Guardian's Office was beginning to burn.

Hubbard had been in such a rush to leave Florida that he had left part of his gun collection behind. But on the day the report on Hubbard's guns was made, the FBI issued a warrant for the arrest of one Michael Meisner. The FBI was beginning to make the necessary connections.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

28 Jul
  Gerald Wolfe appears with his attorney, Lawrence Speiser, Esquire, before United States Magistrate Henry H. Kennedy, Jr. for a preliminary hearing. Magistrate Kennedy finds that probable cause exists, and orders the case "bound over for the action of the Grand Jury."

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78-401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

Note: Gerald Wolfe, at the date of this entry, is protected by the following:

"Rule 4(a)(1) of the Rules of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia provides that indictments are to be returned within forty-five days of any arrest which occurred prior to July 1, 1976." Wolfe was arrested on 30 June 1976--one day prior to July 1, 1976, and so definitely covered by the 45-day indictment rule.

That means that the government only has until 3 September 1976 to return an indictment. YET NO GRAND JURY IS EVEN SWORN IN, ACCORDING TO THE STIPULATION, UNTIL 13 OCTOBER 1976.

The reason: Wolfe VOLUNTARILY WAIVES his 45-day protection. As it turns out, Wolfe waiving his protection is the key to the government's case-his appearance and damning testimony before the grand jury later, in 1977 is the catalyst that then sends Meisner running into the open arms of the FBI, precipitating the entire downfall of the G.O.

Incorrectly included waiver of rights by Wolfe - Wolfe
Omitted recognition of a sign that Wolfe had turned - MSH & Intelligence Execs

Omitted prediction of a raid - GO Executives
Omitted security actions to prevent harm if a raid occurred - GO Execs

29 Jul
  27 c. July 1976


THIS ENTRY IS A SMOKING GUN BALD-FACED LIE FROM THE STIPULATION: Here's the exact language, referring to a third and final entry, by Gerald Wolfe and Michael Meisner, into the office of Howard Rosen and Thomas Crate at IRS's OIO:

"The two men [Meisner and Wolfe] made a third and final entry at the end of July, but no more recent documents on the audit [of L. Ron Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard] were found. That time as well, the defendant Wolfe and Mr. Meisner entered the building using Mr. Meisner's counterfeit IRS identification card, and regained entry to the office with the assistance of a cleaning lady."


There is no possible way that this illegal entry into IRS offices could have occurred at "the end of July," as asserted. Wolfe has already been arrested, and Meisner is on the lam in Los Angeles, and the Hubbard audit ended on 5 June 76 with a payment of an "adjustment tax." So even the most devoted Stipulation apologists, wanting to say that the Stipulation-writers meant "June" here instead of "July" have no case, the audit was ended before "the end of June".

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

-- Aug
  Two months later, at the end of August 1976, an FBI agent arrived at the Church of Scientology in Washington with a warrant for the arrest of Michael Meisner. In the Courthouse library, he had given an address a few doors from his own. The FBI had traced him by talking to his neighbors.

Instead of turning Meisner in, the GO added harboring a fugitive to its growing list of crimes.

The GO in Washington supplied false samples of Meisner's handwriting to the FBI. These were to be compared to the signatures in the logs of various government buildings.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

05 Aug
  Magistrate Henry H. Kennedy issues a sealed warrant for the arrest of Michael Meisner for the use of a forged official pass of the United States, in violation of 18 U.S. Code, Section 499.

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78-401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.

30 Aug
  FBI Special Agents Joseph Jackson and John Pavlansky go to the offices of the Church of Scientology at 2125 S Street, N.W., in Washington, D.C., to attempt to locate Michael Meisner. They are met there by Assistant Guardian for Legal Bureau Kendrick "Rick" Moxon. They explain to Moxon that they are acting on behalf of the Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, and are attempting to locate Mr. Meisner because an arrest warrant has been issued for him on August 5, 1976, charging him with forgery of United States Government identification cards.

They tell Moxon that they want to inform him and all others concerned of Mr. Meisner's status so that they can notify him and help him "avoid putting himself in a fugitive status." They warn Moxon that anyone who aids Mr. Meisner in remaining a fugitive will be "guilty of a criminal act under the harboring of criminals statute."

Stipulation of Evidence, U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., Criminal #78-401, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA VS. MARY SUE HUBBARD, et. al.


How does the FBI know Meisner's real name and how do they link him to the church and the GO?

-- Oct
  At the end of October 1976, Quentin was found, comatose, in a parked car in Las Vegas with the engine still running. Quentin was rushed to a hospital where he died two weeks later, without regaining consciousness. He was not identified until several days after his death. Although no precise cause of death was determined, Quentin had certainly suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Mary Sue broke down and wailed when she heard the news. There was an immediate cover-up. Documents were stolen from the coroner's office and taken to Hubbard. In accordance with Hubbard's policy regarding bad news, Scientologists were not told about Quentin's death.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

28 Oct
  Quentin Hubbard is found in a coma in a parked car outside Las Vegas at 08:32 hours, an apparent suicide attempt. As the scene is described, Quentin is slumped over the steering wheel of a white Pontiac parked off Sunset Road alongside the perimeter fence of McCarran Airport at the end of the north-south runway. All the car windows are rolled up and a white vacuum cleaner tube leads from the passenger's vent window to the exhaust tail pipe. Tissue papers have been stuffed into the window opening around the tube and the car's engine is still running.

Officer Bruns of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is first on the scene. He wrenches open both the car doors and ascertains that the young man inside is still alive, though unconscious, probably because the tube has fallen off the tail pipe. The young man has no identification of any kind and there are no licence plates on the car.

The subject was transported to Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital via Mercy Ambulance. ..."

Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 20

-- Nov
  In November 1976, the price of Scientology auditing and training began to rocket. Beginning in November 1976, the prices were to go up at the rate of 10 percent a month, allegedly to improve staff pay and conditions. The price rises were to continue for the next 4 years.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included suppressive prices making services unaffordable to most - LRH?
Altered Importance on money instead of on Clearing the planet - Current top Execs
Added Inapplicable stop or slow on making OTs and tech delivery - Current top Execs

12 Nov
  Quentin Hubbard dies at 21:15 in the hospital having never regained consciousness. Still listed as a John Doe. Police records list him as a "possible suicide."

Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 20

15 Nov
  The Las Vegas coroner's office begins making attempts to establish "John Doe's" identity.

His car, which has been impounded, is "re-checked" (?) and a Florida Highway Patrol smog sticker is found, along with a vehicle identification number. (WHY WERE THESE MISSED BEFORE?)

A telex to the Florida department of motor vehicles comes up with the information that the vehicle is registered to a Quentin Hubbard of 210 South Fort Harrison Avenue, Clearwater. Descriptions of the car and the dead man are telexed to Clearwater police department with a request that the information be checked.

At 8.40 pm, a man called Dick Weigand telephones the deputy coroner from Los Angeles airport, says he is leaving for Las Vegas in five minutes and hopes to be able to identify John Doe. They agree to meet at ten o'clock that night at the Medical Examiner Facility on Pinto Lane. Weigand arrives at Pinto Lane five minutes late and explains that he had been contacted by a Kathy O'Gorman, who lived at the same address in Clearwater as Quentin Hubbard. However, he says he has only seen Quentin a couple of times and can not be sure of making a positive identification. Weigand views the body twice, then says he isn't sure. He can give no more help and doesn't even know the telephone number of Kathy O'Gorman in Clearwater. Weigand leaves and immediately puts a call through to the Guardian's Office to give them the bad news: it's Quentin, all right.

Omitted tracking of Quentin's relatives until after he died - Las Vegas police

16 Nov
  LRH ED 289 INT says, "The occasional practice of putting my name on issues I didn't write or even see has now been very thoroughly forbidden."



The practice of putting LRH's name on issues he didn't write or even see was ALWAYS very thoroughly forbidden! See also the LRH ED 240R INT entry at 17 June 1982, and the LRH ED 240R INT entry at 30 July 1982, both of which prove this same practice is going on then.

19 Nov
  The Arizona Corporation Commission mails a notice stating that HASI is delinquent in filing an Annual Report for 1976. The notice says that failure to comply by January 22, 1977 will result in the Commission revoking the filing of HASI Articles of Incorporation. The notice is returned as undeliverable because the PO Box for HASI has been closed.

Arizona Corporations Commission records - HASI Delinquent Notice

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