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After the publication of her book The Scandal of Scientology, in 1971, Paulette Cooper became a major target for harassment.

As a result of a GO Op she was indicted for making a bomb threat against the Church of Scientology. The GO wanted to finish her off for good. Operation Freakout was intended to put Cooper either into prison or into a mental hospital.

A U.S. Court Sentencing Memorandum gave this description of Operation Freakout:

In its initial form Operation Freakout had three different plans. The first required a woman to imitate Paulette Cooper's voice and make telephone threats to Arab Consulates in New York. The second scheme involved mailing a threatening letter to an Arab Consulate in such a fashion that it would appear to have been done by Paulette Cooper. Finally, a Scientology field staff member was to impersonate Paulette Cooper at a laundry and threaten the President and the then Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. A second Scientologist would thereafter advise the FBI of the threat.

Two additional plans to Operation Freakout were added on April 13, 1976. The fourth plan called for Scientology field staff members who had ingratiated themselves with Cooper to gather information from Cooper, so that Scientology could assess the success of the first three plans. The fifth plan was for a Scientologist to warn an Arab Consulate by telephone that Paulette Cooper had been talking about bombing them.

The sixth and final part of Operation Freakout called for Scientologists to obtain Paulette Cooper's fingerprints on a blank piece of paper, type a threatening letter to Kissinger on that paper, and mail it.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Note from Mike McClaughry:

The term "field staff member" was a cover word for one of our covert intelligence agents, or a covert operative. We called our agents and operatives "FSMs". In this context, substitute "field staff member" with the word covert intelligence agent or operative.

Also, the above is a perfect example of what is meant by black intelligence operations.

By "black" is meant lies. The same applies to black PR. It is lies about someone.

Notice that Paulette Cooper did not actually do the things that the intelligence operatives were reporting to authorities. The intelligence operatives did the crimes, then tried to make it appear that Cooper did them, then tried to get her prosecuted for crimes she never committed. All lies, thus the label - "black" intelligence operation.

06 May
  GO 060571 LRH - Secret - Working Theory

So far we have been using an Intelligence Hypothesis I developed in 1965. Taking all channels of attack on us country by country, I found the cycle of attacking sources was (a) Income tax (b) Health Dept or Agency (c) Immigration and (d) a type of press.

Moving this up to an International level, and trying to find out who could have that much influence the Intelligence Hypothesis I formed was that it would have to be a member of the World Bank with psychiatric connections or who planned usages of psychiatry as part of world control.

We used this to narrow and target our searches. It led us to WFMH and the NAMH. And it served us well. But it did not lead all the way until this year.

We found the central handler (one who orders operatives and operations) and proved it by numerous correspondences we were given. The person is "Mary Appleby" Secretary of the National Association of Mental Health of England. It is she who writes and phones her contacts to start attacks on Scientology.

Her uncle (just now deceased) was Otto Niemeyer of the World Bank.

So that finally ends off the 1965 Intelligence Hypothesis as totally correct.

It has gotten us this far. But in getting there, new data has shown up.

Brilliant work in tracing the origins of the WFMH disclosed it and the NAMH to have NAZI origins. Goerings, Cousin, Villinger, others, others, others were at the root of Naziism in Germany and brought Hitler to power! They started the death camps and they not Hitler ordered the extermination of Jews.

Racial purity, genes, Man is an animal, etc were originated (and still held to) by this psychiatric group.

In 1936 they dominated the Beers organization (NAMH).

In 1946, fleeing before war criminal hunts, these people formed the WFMH in London.

We were fooled into thinking it was Communistic because they also penetrated Russia. Pavlov was one of them! (Trained at the University of Leipzig.)

We thought it went Russia to West. Actually that is because it went Nazi to Russia and Nazi to West. Both Russia and the West are internally dominated in the field of psychiatry by the original Nazis. So it could look as though it were coming in from Russia.

The third party between East and West could be the Neo Nazi!

So we need a new working theory to extend what we now know.

The Nazi had three principle channels into the world.

1. Intelligence.

Nazi Intelligence was the largest and most effective intelligence organization the world ever knew. After WW I they hid their files, brought them up to date about 1928 and brought Hitler to power. They had agents by the thousands in every nation - they set up Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and France to fall by penetration at the top. Hitler won those countries after they had been won by Intelligence. His force of arms was a disruption to Intelligence take overs (geo-politics).

2. Drugs.

The Germans had total domination of the world's drug industry. Their chemists and firms covered the globe. They even sought political extension by bargaining new drug cures.

3. Psychiatry and Psychology.

Leipzig is the source of the animal and reflex theories now believed and taught all over the world. Nazi racial purity, gene theories etc are taken from German psychiatry and psychology. German psychiatrists gas chambered 300,000 insane before Hitler, originated the orders about Jews, etc. Hitler only okayed them. This kill-think is now in use in every country - gene theory = must sterilize and kill. Psychiatric atrocities now disclosed in England and elsewhere are Nazi practices. The death camp techniques used to exterminate masses were psychiatric.


Apparently there exists somewhere a Nazi Memorial or plan to conquer the world.

By intelligence infiltration of governments, drug addiction and dependency and using psychiatry to eliminate political undesireables and minorities, a group is bent on world political conquest.

When Nazi Germany was militarily defeated, the intelligence operatives and files were left "in place" in other countries, the Nazi chemists were left in the seized drug firms abroad, the psychiatric "empire" still existed overseas.

At the defeat of Germany these three networks were not wiped out abroad but left there in place. Many military officers in allied services were financially well connected - related to bankers or were bankers. These intelligence, drug personnel and psychiatric network files passed into financial hands.




We see that no one arrests psychiatry for murder, mayhem, fraudulent money collection.

This could only be done by intelligence type control of government figures. Key positions are found to be occupied in England by ex-intelligence men who worked in the German sector (as did Appleby and almost every other political person who attacked us in England). It follows this should be true in the US, Anzo, Spain, South Africa, etc - that our opponents have intelligence background either of their own country or Germany. And as this is turning out to be a Fascist network, they have discoverable Fascist connections.

Psychiatric opponents are all part of the Nazi connected WFMH or NAMH. Their technology and what they urge is pure Fascism straight out of Nazi death camps.

Drug firms are ex-German or German connected. They finance or support the Nazi networks. They also are turning the West to drug addiction.

Finance networks exist to crush other currencies and elevate the German currency and look to the other three networks to politically pave the way.


Now this is theory. There is much data to support it. We can document the earlier working theory. Appleby is a Nazi pure and simple. So is the WFMH and the NAMH and all they advocate is Nazi.

There is negative proof of political control by intelligence. Governments seem powerless to arrest or clean up mayhem, murder, theft etc conducted by psychiatry.

German psychology is taught in every university.

We are attacked because if we proved psychiatry false by introducing a true mental science we would destroy their political terror weapon.

There are then four networks in all, as we must include International Banking. The four must be run from somewhere, possibly privately not governmentally from West Germany.

If this theory is true then every attacker has one or more of four connections. Intelligence, psychiatric, drug and banking.

07 May
  GO 070571 LRH - Secret - Notes On Smersh

The case of Wilhelm Reich is a very interesting case. His "orgone therapy theory" was under attack. He was jailed illegally for "contempt of court" by the FDA in the 50s and died mysteriously shortly after in prison.

Reich fled Hitler in 1933. He was an expert in small energies and a qualified MD. The Nazis vowed to get even. They did. In the early 1950s via the FDA nearly seven years after the collapse of Hitler.

Charlie Chaplin, the comedian, made the movie "The Great Dictator". Nazi agents swore to get even. Ugly things happened to the producer and others. In the 1950s Immigration agents still had Chaplian falsely listed as a Communist and were still hitting at him.

Here are two cases which suggest that the Nazi spy rings stayed in place after WW II.

The Gehlen Organization of West Germany was a military intelligence group independently formed by General Gehlen during the last days of WW II.

Gehlen hid out; watched for US troops in the mountains. The CIA took over Gehlen and his in place Russian network and continued to operate it in Russia. This shows a Nazi spy network still in place and operating after WW II.

Leon G. Turrou was the FBI agent who broke up a pre-WW II spy ring in the US. The spies Rumrich, Mies Hofmann, Voss and Glaser were found guilty of monstrous espionage crimes in a Federal court in the US and sentenced to years in prison. But as recounted in his book, Nazi Spies In America (Random House 1939), so violent were the attacks made on Turrou and so great (one must infer) the influence of other Nazis in the government that Turrou was forced to resign from the FBI after conducting one of its most brilliant cases.

The inertia of the FBI in arresting psychiatrists or Nazis guilty of mayhem and murder during recent years has struck us as odd. This case tends to indicate that Nazi influence in the US was very great and very political.

In 1941 the US Congress was of a mind Hitler was someone you could business with. Only the Pearl Harbor affair got the US government into the war.

The NAMH in LA collects "charity funds" it never turns over to charity. The Dept of Justice of California has the evidence. It does not act. These funds go into the millions. They are used to lobby for more funds from Congress that also vanish. An intelligence group needs funds and it needs funds one cannot account for.

The NAMH was formed by Beers under pressure from the psychiatrist Adolph Myers in 1931. This organization over the world pushes Nazi doctrine. Its funds vanish! It is politically connected in every government. It is oddly immune.

"National" is a Nazi use-word. Fascism is always "National" according to Oswald Mosely the British Fascist in his recent book.

A few hours after writing the intelligence hypothesis, word came that West Germany had attacked and devalued the US dollar.

Big drug firms, possible ex Nazis still in place, make more than their quota of hard drugs, export them and smuggle them back into the US. They are peculiarly immune from attack. A Congressional hearing found this. Narcotics authorities have done nothing. Psychiatrists shovel out drugs, LSD etc. Nothing happens to them. It takes political control of an intelligence nature - blackmail etc to work so smoothly.

The Mafia is Italian. It is in the drug business. The Mafia was available for cooperation before and after WW II. They operate strangely immune. There may be no connection whatever with Nazi intelligence. Yet they fulfill a Fascist program of bringing a country to its knees by widespread drug use.

Rudolf Hess studied Japanese intelligence for 17 years and then applied its methods to German intelligence. The Japanese infiltrate social groups and get them fighting each other and the government. In this resulting turmoil they take over.

The US is suffering from:

1. Economic decay. This is an intelligence target. The West Germans just gave it a heavy push.

2. Drug abuses. This is an intelligence-medical target to destroy the culture and future leaders.

3. Anti-war riots. This is an intelligence target - the destruction of the will to fight.

4. Psychiatric death camps and psychiatric abuses. The organizations advocating this are directly connected to Nazi movements.

The Nazi networks could be active in these lines. Evidence is now piling up that they are.

The fantastic overuse of the title doctor is peculiar to Nazis. Their strongest espionage networks pre-WW II were run by doctors.

The University of Leipzig is the birthplace of Nazi doctrine. Man is an animal. Prof Wundt first advanced this theory. Practically every man of note in the field of the mind came from Leipzig University. Pavlov, Dewey, and a host of others all came from or went through this university.

Nuremberg trials records are explicit. They definitely prove psychiatry made Hitler and the death camps. The WFMH and the NAMH are proven to be of Nazi origin. Their literature continues to push racial purity, mayhem and murder.

The Nazi personal target was the snob. Von Ribbontrop and the Cliveden set of England is an example. This characteristic still exists in the WFMH and NAMH.

The Nazis invented social groups as intelligence circles. These Nazi founded groups are still in place in England! The Eugenics Society, the Euthanasia Society were Nazi founded and are still operating. They advocate Nazi measures.

They connect back to the WFMH. So, now, does the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychiatric Association. These tie in with the drug network and are largely supported by it.

The Nazi brought personal character destruction up to a fine art in its propaganda activities.

The late unlamented London Daily Mail was the subject of a secret order in Churchill's time. In some way it was pro-Nazi. This was the paper that kept the attacks on Scientology rolling in the UK.

Penetration is always a win. We are getting even further penetration now into who is keeping this planet upset.

-- Oct
  Dr. John Wingate, in consultation with other members of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) in New York, takes the initiative to have an invitation extended to Ingo Swann to work on "well-designed" psychic experiments with Dr. Karlis Osis at ASPR.

Ingo Swann, on-line book: "Remote Viewing--The Real Story," Chapter 12

20 Nov
  20 c. November 1971

Ingo Swann is involved in out-of-body (OOB) perception experiments at ASPR, the task being to verbally describe objects out of his sight in a target tray. Having difficulty doing a narrative description of the target items, he hits upon the idea of doing sketches, and this becomes part of the experiment--a part that will later play a role in the development of "remote viewing," per se.

Ingo Swann, on-line book: "Remote Viewing--The Real Story," Chapter 10

-- Dec
  Late 1971

The Apollo crew established a land base, called the Tours Reception Center, in Morocco in 1971. They were trying to get into the king's favor, and started training government officials, including Moroccan Intelligence agents, in Scientology techniques. Officials were put on the E-meter and Security-Checked by French-speaking Sea Org members. The Hubbards moved ashore.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Dec
  In December, Sir John Foster submitted his report to the British Government. In the introduction he said:

Most of the Government measures of July 1968 were not justified: the mere fact that someone is a Scientologist is in my opinion no mason for excluding him from the United Kingdom, when there is nothing in our law to prevent those of his fellows who are citizens of this country from practicing Scientology here.

The use of the Aliens Act carried on, and foreign Scientologists continued to study and work for Scientology in Britain by the simple expedient of not declaring their philosophical persuasion when they arrived.

The treatment of crew aboard the ships did improve in the early 1970s, but only after several years of chain-locker punishments and overboarding. Nonetheless, the Sea Org still worked an exhausting schedule, and obeyed Hubbard's whims. At times he was patient, even tolerant, at other times a bellowing monster.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

08 Dec
  Ingo Swann performs the first "remote viewing" experiment ever, based on an idea worked out between him and Janet Mitchell. Someone had prepared a series of sealed envelopes, each containing the name of a major U.S. city, with the phone number of the weather service there. The goal was to try to describe the weather conditions at that city:

"Thus, after the morning and afternoon OOB practice sessions on December 8, 1971, and while I was still hooked up to the brainwave contraption, another ASPR worker, Vera Feldman, then handed Janet Mitchell a sealed envelope. Through the intercom Janet said (I remember her words very clearly): 'Ingo, I've got the envelope. Let me know when you're ready.' 'I'm ready,' I replied, even though I was also quite nervous. "So through the intercom I could her Janet tearing open the envelope. Then she breathed hard and said: 'The target is Tucson, Arizona.'

"Now something wondrous and magical occurred. Of course I really had no idea how to 'get' to Tucson from the rather ugly experimental room in New York. And when I first heard the mention of 'Tucson, Arizona,' a picture of hot desert flashed through my mind. But then I had the sense of moving, a sense that lasted but a fraction of a second. Some part of my head or brain or perceptions blacked out--and THERE I was--THERE. Zip, Bang, Pop--and there I was... something I would refer to years ahead as 'immediate transfer of perceptions.'

"So fast was the whole of this, or so it seemed to me, that I began speaking almost as soon as Janet had narrated the distant site through the intercom. 'Am over a wet highway, buildings nearby and in the distance. The wind is blowing. It's cold. And it is raining hard.' I didn't even have time to sketch this, for it was easy enough to articulate into the tape recorder. "Having said as much, I noted that there was water glistening on the highway--and then said: 'That's it! Tucson's having a fucking big rainstorm,' although the forbidden word was not entered into the record of the experiment.

"'That's it?' questioned Janet through the intercom. 'Yeah, that's it--only that I'm slightly dizzy. I thought this would take longer. It's raining and very cold there.' 'Okay,' Janet replied, again breathing hard. Through the intercom I heard her dialing the number of the weather service in Tucson. I was sweating, and started to pull off the electrodes. I noticed that my spine was tingling--if that's the correct word. "Before I could stand up, though, Janet said through the intercom: 'Well, you're right on, baby. Right now Tucson is having unexpected thunderstorms and the temperature is near freezing.'

"...Simply in order to be able to put a category of experiments on the pages of reports which were beginning to accumulate, I suggested the term 'remote sensing' or "'remote viewing'--since a distant city was, after all, remote from the experimental lab in New York. Osis and Schmeidler, however, preferred the term 'remote viewing,' since it was
viewing which was the object of study--such as in out-of-body viewing. "So the term "remote viewing" stuck... ."--Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann, on-line book: "Remote Viewing--The Real Story," Chapter 17

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