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-- Jan
  After Hubbard took to the seas, Mary Sue joined him, and in January 1969, a new Guardian, Jane Kember, was appointed. However, Mary Sue retained control of the Guardian's Office with the creation of the Controller's Committee, which served as an interface between Hubbard and the GO. Mary Sue Hubbard was appointed as the Controller "for life" by her husband.

Under Jane Kember's direction, the Guardian's Office ran scores of operations, many illegal, many more simply immoral. She irrefutably received her orders from the Hubbards. Written orders survive.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Jan
  In Britain, in January 1969, Sir John Foster was appointed to conduct an Inquiry into Scientology. In Perth, Australia, police raided the local Org, and fourteen individual Scientologists, and the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, were prosecuted for "practicing Scientology."

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

01 Feb
  1 c. February 1969

The United States Court of Appeals, in a split decision, overrules a lower-court ruling regarding the e-meter raid by FDA on FCDC, and rules that the seizure of the meters was illegal.

Paulette Cooper, book: The Scandal of Scientology

16 Feb
  HCOPL 16 February 1969 Targets, Defense

In 19 years of continual attacks it is obvious that Dianetics then Scientology must have lain across some concerted plan by another older group to do something else. To analyze what the others intended, it is only necessary to review what Dianetics and Scientology intended to do and assume the reverse.

The vital targets on which we must invest most of our time are:

T1. Depopularizing the enemy to a point of total obliteration.

T2. Taking over the control or allegiance of the heads or proprietors of all news media.

T3. Taking over the control or allegiance of key political figures.

T4. Taking over the control or allegiance of those who monitor international finance and shifting them to a less precarious finance standard.

T5. Generally revitalizing the societies in which we are operating.

T6. Winning overwhelming public support.

T7. Use all other similar groups as allies.

These, of course, are very long range targets. But it is what must be done to continue the longevity of our organizations.

17 Feb
  HCO Information Letter of 17 February 1969 Ron's Journal 1968 Australian-Anzo Supplement

The enemy, the International psychiatric front organizations and its "National" Mental Health chapters over the world, has the stated ambition of dispensing with all boundaries. It is so odd to find them talking not of cases but always of political aims that one begins to believe they have other things in view.

Top Communist Brock Chisholm was once their International president. "Doctor" Stoller of Victoria was also a past president. "Doctor" Dax the Victorian inquiry has his books published by this foreign group. We are gradually turning up more and more red cards connected to this Melbourne mess.


False identity as mental health practitioners when it's just a cover for political ends -

WFMH and psychiatrists

16 Mar
  HCO Information Letter 16 March 1969 Ron's Journal 1969 No. 2 The Opposition

The continual cold war needling of Russia has pressured certain elements in Western Governments into TURNING FASCIST.

A Fascist has certain personality traits. He burns books. He seeks "legal" means to seize any person who disagrees and hold or murder him.

Such small elements in Western governments have turned to psychiatrists as a method of seizing, torturing and killing people. The odd picture that greets us when we suspect our enemies, of a fascist inner-government clique with Communists mixed up in it. The Fascists, lied to and needled by Communist elements then act like mad dogs against the wrong targets in the society?

Communists are not attacking us. They are stirring Fascist elements up so they will attack us.

Thus, when we investigate these actions we find fascists running death camps and commies stirring it up.

04 Apr
  HCO Information Letter of 4 April 1969 Ron's Journal No. 3 Political Treatment

I've been studying the stats of psychiatry and there can now be no doubt whatever that their "treatment" is political treatment and should be called such.

Brain operations result in total loss of body coordination?

The only precedent for such "operations" is Hitler's action in doing it much more lightly to 800,000 persons to make them "farm slavery" or zombies.

Psychiatric treatment is actually psychiatric political treatment, nothing more, to rid the world of anyone who might disagree. Insanity is now defined as anyone who disagrees with the social autonomy.

Death camps like the one just found in Cardiff are situated strategically over the West. Hitler at least wasn't pretending to help anyone. He just wanted them dead.

This was the deadly secret we in Scientology might have found out and which made them terrified of us, ridicule us, fight us and spend over 2 million dollars to try unsuccessfully to get rid of us.

Over the world they were running death camps.

Remember that Pavlov 1870 and Wundt 1879 invented these technologies and every nation that used their work - Russia, Austria, Germany, Poland, has ceased to exist?

L. Ron Hubbard

30 Jun
  On June 30, 1969, the New Zealand Commission submitted its report. Their attitude to Scientology was sensible. Rather than banning, fining or imprisoning Scientologists, they recommended the cessation of disconnection and Suppressive Person declares against family members.

The Commission recommended that no legislative action be taken. However, it found "clear proof of the activities, methods, and practices of Scientology in New Zealand contributing to estrangements in family relationships . . . the attitude of Scientology towards family relationships was cold, distant, and somewhat uninterested . . . the Commission received a letter from L. Ron Hubbard stating that the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology had no intention of reintroducing the policy [of disconnection].

He also added that, for his part, he could see no reason why the policy should ever be reintroduced .... This undertaking does not go as far as the Commission had hoped... [it was seen that] the activities, methods, and practices of Scientology did result in persons being subjected to improper or unreasonable pressures." Nonetheless, the New Zealand Government did not outlaw the practice of Scientology. The tide appeared to be turning.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Correct target - New Zealand Government - recommendation to stop SP declares and disconnection between family members

-- Jul
  In July, the Church of Scientology scored a victory of sorts in their long-running battle with the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. In 1963, the FDA had raided the Washington Org, seizing E-meters and books. The whole affair had been in and out of the courts from that time. Now a Federal judge ruled that although the E-meter had been "mis-branded," and that its "secular" use should be banned, it might still be used for "religious" counseling, as long as it was carefully relabeled to indicate that it had no curative or diagnostic capabilities. To this day the Church of Scientology has never fully complied with the relabeling order, but E-meters do carry an abbreviated version of it. This was not the end of the FDA case, however.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

16 Jul
  A ruling is issued in FCDC v. US, No. 226-61, United States Court of Claims:

The court concludes that plaintiff [FCDC] has failed to prove its entitlement to exemption from income taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Plaintiff's claim is denied, and the petition is dismissed.

No. 226-61, United States Court of Claims

01 Sep
  HCOPL 1 September 1969 Counter-Espionage

Intelligence actions internally in a company or organization take five main courses:

1. Theft of documents or materials.

2. Executive actions contrary to the company's best interests if not outright destructive.

3. Administrative enturbulation including messing up files, addresses, facilities or communications.

4. False reports or false advices to customers or staff to bring about apathy or defeatism.

5. Perversion or corruption of the product (in our case, technology).



RTC/OSA have continued Fair Game and Disconnection resulting in PR and legal attacks on the church, to the point of governments threatening to outlaw Scientology.

RTC has done a massive amount of altering of LRH issues.

Thus, RTC can be seen to be guilty of infiltration indicators number 2 and 5.

05 Oct
  The Sunday Times (London) 5 October 1969

Revealed for the first time

The odd beginning of Ron Hubbard's career

JOHN WHITESIDE Parsons, a brilliant rocket fuel scientist, joined the American branch of Crowley's cult in 1939. He struck up earnest correspondence with the "The Beast 666," as Crowley was known by his followers, and soon became his outstanding protege in the United States.

By January, 1946, Parsons was impatient to break new frontiers in the occult world. He decided to take the spirit of Babylon, the "whore of Babylon," and invest it in a human being. During his magical preparations for this incarnation Parsons found himself overwhelmed with assistance from a young novitiate named Ron Hubbard.

Parsons wrote to Crowley at the beginning of 1946, "He (Hubbard) is a gentleman, red hair, green eyes, honest and intelligent and we have become great friends. Although he has no formal training in magic he has an extraordinary amount of experience and understanding in the field. He concluded almost ecstatically, "He is in complete accord with our own principles. I have found a staunch companion and comrade in Ron."

But within two months the bonds of friendship were under some strain: Ron claimed Parsons' girl-friend, Betty. With admirable restraint Parsons wrote to Crowley, "She has transferred her sexual affection to Ron. I cared for her rather deeply but I have no desire to control her emotions." As if to cement their loyalties Parsons, Hubbard and Betty decided to pool their finances and form a business partnership.

When the trio formed their business enterprise, Parsons is believed to have put in 17,000 dollars, Hubbard about 1,000 dollars and Betty nothing. Using about 10,000 dollars of the money Hubbard and his newly-acquired girl friend, Betty, bought a yacht.

On reading Parsons's accounts of the ceremony and the reports from branch headquarters in America, Crowley cabled his U S office on May 22: "Suspect Ron playing confidence trick -- Jack Parsons weak fool -- obvious victim prowling swindlers."

A much-chastened Parsons wrote to Crowley on July 5, "Here I am in Miami pursuing the children of my folly. I have them well tied up. They cannot move without going to jail. However, I am afraid that most of the money has already been spent. I will be lucky to salvage 3,000 to 5,000 dollars."

Parsons recovered financially and possibly as a backlash to his experience with Hubbard he took the Oath of the Anti-Christ in 1948 and changed his name to Belarion Armiluss Al Dajjal AntiChrist.

Hubbard claims that more than two dozen thinkers, prophets and psychologists influenced Scientology; everyone from Plato, Jesus of Nazareth to Sigmund Freud whom he says he studied under in Vienna. The record can now be righted with the inclusion of Aleister Crowley, the Beast 666.

-- Nov
  In November 1969, John McMaster resigned from the Church of Scientology. He felt that the "Technology" of Scientology was of tremendous value, but questioned the motives of those managing the Church, most especially Hubbard.

McMaster probably feared for his own safety. He had been overboarded several times, and the last time was left struggling in the water for three hours with a broken collarbone.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

02 Nov
  LRH Aides Conference 2 November 1969 Covert Operations

... a short briefing with regard to our general situation, and it has to do with covert operations. And I was rather astonished to read in the book "The Spy And His Masters" a short course in the secret war...Now this book is exactly that - a short course in the secret war.

Another book is a book by Colonel Nikotine, NIK Nikotine. And another book is Total Espionage by Kurt Reis, which was published in 1941 but written in 1940 which covers the entire German Intelligence Network and its total operation just before World War I, and this is important because the Russian organization is a duplicate of it, and the German organization was built on 17 years of study by Rudolph Hess in Japan and so it's a study of the Japanese operation. The German organization was built on the Japanese operation and the Russian was a copy of the German organization.

All of which is very fascinating because it gives you the extent, the fantastic extent of the largest intelligence organization on the planet at one time, and it's the only one on the planet which has continuous operation from the beginning of World War I until this very instant. It never closed down. It never ceased to operate. It says in this book they destroyed the files but in Kurt Reis's book they didn't. They were - went on, they got their officers together, they kept the files up, mostly as a labor of love for years and years and years between World War I and World War II.

When Hitler came to power he came to power because of the files of the original German espionage group. Furthermore, the German, the German Intelligence Organization at the end of World War II was run by a General Gehlen, and General Gehlen when he saw they were losing simply buried all his papers, files and everything saying he only had them on Russia of course, because he was on the Eastern Front mostly, and he buried them all, told all of his agents to disperse and hide, that is, his officers, didn't disturb his agency networks in any way whatsoever wherever they were, waited until the American troops showed up, made a deal with them, was taken over lock stock and barrel by CIA and was the beginning of the CIA. The Gehlen organization has operated without any halt whatsoever from the World War II right forward to present time.

Furthermore Colonel Fefle was the operations officer until 1961 of the Gehlen organization who was a counter spy and who had been there all the time for the Russians and passed everything that the CIA was doing lock stock and barrel over to the Russians - the Russians have known everything that was going on in the CIA since the day of its formation.

...these are the four books I have - and this is the fourth one. This book in its chapter "Political Operations" describes exactly what has been happening to Scientology...
What we are being subjected to is what is called a "Covert Operation".

We are if you'll notice the campaign that is extended over 19 years - has simply been attack on any increase of power by the - of Scientology by discrediting - and these discrediting things you will find the whole common denominator - everything that they were doing was discredit, discredit, discredit. They actually did know other actions of magnitudinous sort - they simply discredited.

Now we had to find out who was doing this, and we know who is doing this, it's the World Federation of Mental Health, Mary Sue has just had this datum for some time and hadn't integrated it and we just discovered it.

Guess what: the British and American Intelligence Services have serving on their panels, M.I.6 and CIA, and all of the Health Ministries have serving on their panels, members of the World Federation of Mental Health who are carried on the roster. All this is very fascinating, because it means that the World Federation of Mental Health are privy to all intelligence plans, intentions, and activities of CIA, M.I.6, just to name two. Alright, there's how they get their data and there's the people they use.

Of course if a guy is in this line of country... he can parasite an operation on to his existing confidence, don't you see, so he can get CIA to carry one out - he can also feed all kinds of false information into the intelligence lines and in addition to that the God Damn stupid governments pay for his meeting with the Russian agents every year in the United States or England, once in Vienna. These bastards who are in charge of security in these Western countries ought to simply be electric shocked to death - I'm not kidding. Because these are the same guys who are part of these panels in the intelligence organizations of the West have meetings with Russians every year.

Now for a condition like that to obtain, your high up must be God Damned rotten. J. Edgar Hoover would have to be engrossed 100 per cent in merely keeping his position. Your security forces of course, are knocked into a cocked hat because they won't do anything. They can't do anything, do you see? The West is gone, boy. You mean they let a whole agency network right in amongst their midst, huh? So these guys could be variously from CIA, do you understand, or M.I.6, or some other intelligence organization. Do you follow?

Now what they are trying to do is with false reports - by the way, every, every testifying person who has testified to Congressional or Parliamentary Committees or something like that to get us in trouble through the Commonwealth, had been members of the World Federation of Mental Health.

The South Australians, for instance, at their Select Committee which has stamped on through, a man named Salter who is a member of the Heirarchy, the big boys, Daz, the guy in Melbourne, big boy, Rees, their former President, comes from Melbourne, he is the pusher there, you see. This Salter, before the Select Committee in South Australia, said that we hypnotise and we brainwash.

We never have hypnotised anybody, we are dead against it right down the line, and yet he testifies this to the Select Committee and he says we brainwash people and of course these local yokels with barnyard dung on their boots as they sit around don't know it takes seventy days of supreme physical distress to brainwash anyone. It's a Pavlovian operation which you torture and deprive somebody of something or other for a long, long period of time. Could only be done in an institution. But then this guy is a member of the World Federation of Mental Health in tight - do you follow?

Now here is an old book on Intelligence...called The Art of War and one part of it is about Intelligence --names five kinds of agents, and one of these kinds of agents he calls the Dead Agent. That gives us our clue and that gives us our defense. He calls them the Dead Agent because he feeds false reports to the enemy, and then the enemy when, they find it out, kill him. This actually, Dead Agent, is what describes each one of these birds who comes down the line and that we hear of, who writes stories in Scientology - about - Scientology - in the press. Every one of those guys is a Dead Agent. Why? Because he's - nothing but falsity.

He is trying to build up a library so he can then come around with newspaper clippings so he can show that yesterday's lies proves today's lies. Furthermore they forward all kinds of weird things to other intelligence organizations which are false reports.

All you've got to do is demonstrate the falsity of such reports and the enemy won't believe them anymore. Somehow or another we've got to work and get out of existence all of these intelligence false reports that have been leveled against us. This gives us an opening, and we should simply work to have declared as false all of these reports.

But, make no mistake, this is a covert political operation and the motive is power.

Now it's the hallmark of a professional action that it is continuous. This has been going on without much change in pattern for nineteen years...

Lenin's definition of power and force and his attitude and that is this: potential power, or power, or a strong entity of any kind whatsoever whether individual, organizational or national, if it became an enemy - this is Lenin - if it became an enemy, why it would be very dangerous to Communism, so therefore the only safe way to handle any powerful entity is to treat it as a potential enemy. This is the woof and warp of Communism see - to treat it as a potential enemy. The United States at the end of World War II was more powerful than Russia so therefore had to be treated as a potential enemy....

Alright, now look at that as a basic think of Lenin; look at this as a basic think of the World Federation of Mental Health.

What's happening in the United States and England is cultural destruction. A very heavy study on the part of the Russians have resulted in a campaign against the culture of England and the United States which began in the field of education a half a century ago till today the kid in school is told that the constitution isn't anything that's followed anymore and Russia, Communism is okay except they don't practice it right in Russia.

The public school which was the background of the English empire, the British empire and so on, was being, carefully being destroyed for a very long time. The Russian hits - and the Soviet and the Communist hits at education, so education is his prime target. So he's busy destroying Western culture.

And the way he is destroying Western culture is to have the experts on the mind pretend to be experts on culture and he's accumulated to himself the anthropologist, the psychologist, the social scientist they call them, and these birds and so on are in their defining what culture is left right and center and of course the more they define it the more riot and civil commotion they have. These guys are nothing more than agent provocateur.

When you start looking this over as an intelligence pattern it fits in no other category.

Now they come around into a port and what they've done to us now time and time again is they come in to a port and they spread a bunch of rumors, these are totally unfounded, they even bring out a bunch of false clippings and that sort of thing, do you see, and then they can have fed an intelligence report in from some other area and then they can show people, you see, how bad we are.

What I'm trying to tell you is that the enemy works from the World Federation of Mental Health on the advisory panels of Intelligence Agencies and thus they can be parasite to any Intelligence Agency and they can push their little favors and reports down the line, do you see, because they've got pals.

So, our policy is simply expose their false reports, that's all.

Now its of peculiar interest to an Arab country that there is a company and a certain set of bankers who also finance the World Federation of Mental Health. And we're running these leads down now, but one of them is Loeb Kuhn, the big Jewish investment firm. What the hell is this all about?

You're here in this covert operation, we all of a sudden look up and we see that although the KGB and so forth seems to be associated with the World Federation of Mental Health, their other organization in action seems to go back to Jewish bankers. We make no sense out of this but it's just as far as we have gone, do you follow?

Mary Sue has got the name, rank and serial numbers of the guys who serve on the councils and committees and advisory councils of the intelligence services from the World Federation of Mental Health.

Falsehood - LRH - "We never have hypnotized anybody, we are dead against it right down the line" :

LRH tape lecture 23 June 1950 Institutional Dianetics:

The next thing an auditor should know well is the effect of hypnotism and drugs, and he should have observed this actually. In hypnotism one can reach the basic personality, and he can work out the emotional charges certainly from a psychotic case if the case can be hypnotized. So he must be prepared to use hypnotism, he must know how it works, what he should do to make it function, how to regress a person in hypnotism and so on, which is very definitely different from Dianetics in that one produces a trance.

There is a little book by a man by the name of Young written about 1899, which contains in it about as much hypnosis as one ever wants. It is called Twenty-Five Lessons in Hypnotism, published by O.N. Ottenheimer and Company, Baltimore, Maryland. So there are various methods in hypnotism and someone treating psychotics should know them.

Falsehood - LRH - saying we don't brainwash. The actions of depriving people of sleep, placing people in dark and isolated lockers for days on end, and similar physical hardships upon people such as those seen in the RPF - is brainwashing technology.

Correct Solution to attacks is to prove the reports being circulated are false - LRH

Correct Application of Axiom 11 - LRH

Correcting false reports is employing the correct solution =AS-ISNESS

This solution (AS-ISNESS) can bring about a change in unwanted conditions without bringing about a persistence of those unwanted conditions.


06 Nov
  LRH Aides Conference 6 November 1969 Covert Operations

Now even though Western Intelligence Services are absolutely rotten at the top - they must be - otherwise their security would not be as bad as it is. To have psychiatrists sit on the advisory panels of the CIA and M.I6 who meet yearly in a conference with Russians and knowing as any intelligence - competent intelligence officer should know - the Russians never let anybody out of the country unless he's KGB or a GRU.

Alright - if the enemy can invade an intelligence service to that degree that is not uncovered - then it takes us to uncover that - then there's some other fact emerges - that right up at the top, along about the level of the Under Secretary of Justice or something like this, you have a redhot - do you see?

A Western intelligence service and so forth isn't solid Russian. It's only a minority Russian otherwise they'd have the whole country. Now we at the same time this is going along have got to make friends with the Soviets - not to forward any of their purposes or anything of that sort - but we already have an "in" - we are already in the process of making friends with them because our books are being displayed in their book fairs - and I can assure now that being Communist connected is praiseworthy rather than otherwise throughout the West - only Communists have a say in the Press.

I also call to your attention this business of power - all they're trying to do is reduce our power. They must figure that we are potentially terribly powerful. 1958 they decided that we were a threat to psychiatry. So psychiatry's operation at the present moment is reducing our power.

There've been four consecutive countries where this covert operation has sought to deny income and technology to the country involved - by false reports.

The Select Committee Report of the guy name Salter is a marvelous thing in - because he said that we did what psychiatry does and that we provedly do not do. You've got to get proof that we didn't do it... Brainwashing is an action where a man is beaten and starved for seventy days - like they do institutions. It's a technical action - so he's found out in the field of technology - and then right along with that is your absolute proof - your documentary action - the World Federation of Mental Health, this guy is a member of it - you take the chapter and verse that shows that he is and then that it is in continuous communication with Soviet Russia. In other words, you hang him as a red agent ...

12 Nov
  12 November 1969 PRO Area Control (author believed to be LRH)

My congratulations on your splendid NAMH "election" caper. It was brilliantly conceived and executed.

They show signs of having other masters but these can be identified. I see an unknown now from our viewpoint:


                            /                      \

                            \          ?           /

             ________________\___ ________________/________________

           /             /                   /                     \

           Thompson     /                   WFMH                   Australian

           Times owner /                   /                       Truth owner

                      /                   /

                Nats (National Association Mental Health)

I finally solved how the head shrinkers are able to use intelligence tactics and people and lines. MSH found they (members of WFMH) serve on Advisory Boards to CIA, M.I.6 etc. This gives them an inside action.

Also this means

            ______________________WFMH ____________________

           /                   Congresses                  \

          /                                                 \

   ______/________                                          KGB

  /               \                                         Russia

 CIA              M.I.6

 Advises          Advises

And that the US and British govts in supporting these congresses pay for meetings
between CIA - MI6 Advisors and KGB-GRU agents every year!

Then evidence emerges that Russia no longer lets anyone out of Russia who isn't KGB-GRU as per the Penkowsky Papers. All trade delegates, scientists etc. who are let out, are KGB and GRU.

So no wonder CIA and MI6 lose the war and that explains why we get in Greece US intelligence giving false reports on us to the Greek govt, also Spain and lately here.

Lundin was obviously MI6, the Greek and possibly Australian showed CIA. So that's how its done evidently. Agents of CIA, MI6, etc, get phoney data shoved in by psychiatrists acting as advisors inside Western Intelligence who belong to the WFMH founded by reds whose Congresses are attended by the KGB!

So somewhere, Thompson and the Australian bloke tie in with the WFMH and that ties in with possibly the World or some Bank that ties in with Communism.

So as I see it we are in the weird position of being the only free agents and we are inheriting, in simple self defense, the whole mess that Western security should have cleaned up ages ago when the cold war started (1948).

02 Dec
  To: The Guardian WW 2 December 1969 Intelligence Actions Covert Intelligence

As in the case of the Swiss Account numbers the paper "exposed" they blew the cover of an agent. As it was you knew there was an agent near Treasury at SH.

The enemy objective is to discredit, in our case, and then build on this a denial of rights under law. Their first bad articles were in the New York Times Sunday magazine section in mid 1950. Their first blast was the San Francisco papers, Sept 1950, quoting the publisher Ceppos being critical of me (he was a Communist, publisher of Book One) followed by the LA papers, pushed then by the Sara Kamkesadamanov (alias Northrup) "divorce" actions, followed by attempted kidnapping of myself. Other details were pushed into it including murder of four and so on. This was a full complete covert operation. At the back of it was Miles Hollister (psychology student) Sara Kamkesadamanov (housekeeper at the place nuclear physicists stayed near Caltech) Gene Benton and his wife - secretary of the Young Communists League.

That was a full war against Dianetics. It revived in 1951 and 1952 using the late Don Purcell, a millionaire oil man in Kansas who received $500,000 into his bank account the day after he threw the Wichita Foundations into bankruptcy.

Only minor skirmishes were fought until 1958 and since then the war has hotted up. Only when we began to view this as a covert operation did we begin to take any tricks in the game. This whole thing is the pattern of a covert operation conducted by skilled intelligence officers.

Purcell managed to seize the whole Dianetics empire and run it for awhile. So there's nothing strange about Cecil King being a director of the Bank of England and the Nats.

The Pubs Org crash, the fabulous list (Dunhill) price, etc., last year I have always suspected as a direct attack coordinated with the Immigration ban on our finances. But this showed (1968) an internal-external coordination of attack.

The actions to forestall infiltration, covert operations and enemy covert data collection are all actually known as security. As mentioned above, ours is poor. 252 out of a 1000! In 1950, the Verwood letter disappearance. Financial planning to crash us. Enemy data possession. Harmful internal acts. 65% of WW income from Franchise, 35% from orgs. All this adds up to infiltration at higher levels in our orgs.

Our war has been forced to become "To take over absolutely the field of mental healing on this planet in all forms". That was not the original purpose.

Four countries were totally run by enemy agents in 1939, agents of Adolf Hitler. When he struck, creating an atmosphere of confusion, these high "in place" agents took over. Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and France had Nazi agents at the top. Russia's intelligence is patterned on the German service. A similar situation must exist today in the West or the Security forces would be active instead of hiring as advisors and for their personnel placement psychologists and psychiatrists who meet annually with Russian delegates and belong to KGB connected professional institutions.

10 Dec
  Despatch from Mary Sue to GWW, dated 10 December 1969

Re: The Jack Lundin Affair

Since nearly two months, Apollo is in the harbor of Casablanca, she has long been in drydock. She is now on the repair dock.

On October 29, 1969 a man who called himself "Jack Lundin" approached the Panamanian Consul in Casablanca, Mr Romulo Zappi Pere, in reference to the TSMY Apollo, a vessel under Panamanian Registry and owned by the Panamanian Company, Operation and Transport Corporation Ltd., a duly incorporated and registered company of Panama.

This Jack Lundin represented himself to the Panamanian Consul, Mr Zappi, as a reporter from the Manchester Guardian, a British newspaper...

Mr. Zappi answered the queries of this Jack Lundin, but became alarmed when Jack Lundin stated to him that the TSMY Apollo was suspected of smuggling hash-hish from Morocco to France and South America, that the TSMY Apollo was under investigation by Interpol for drug smuggling...

Mr. Warren was also informed by Mr. Ayhatt that Jack Lundin was not really a true reporter, that he had no visible means of support, that he was from Tangiers and that he had stayed at the British Consulate while in Casablanca.

16 Dec
  In a Guardian Order, Mary Sue Hubbard warns that the enemy is infiltrating double agents into the church and urges the use of any and all means to detect infiltration. One of the operating targets is to assemble full data by investigation for use in case of attack.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 18

16 Dec
  This Guardian Order from MSH calls for Church Intelligence personnel to go through the preclear files of attackers to find data useful to stopping the attacker. This practice did not end with the disbanding of the GO - it is still in use today, by OSA.

Guardian Order 121669 MSH

False and immoral use of confessional files -
Altered Importance of destroying pc confidence in auditor and pc relationship -
Incorrectly Included Betrayal After Trust of promise to not reveal pc secrets -
Omitted Application of the Auditor's Code -


28 Dec
  The Sunday Times 28 December 1969
Scientology: New Light on Crowley

ON 5 OCTOBER, 1969, Spectrum published an article "The odd beginning of Ron Hubbard's Career." The Church of Scientology has sent us the following information.

"Hubbard broke up black magic in America: Dr Jack Parsons of Pasadena, California, was America's Number One solid fuel rocket expert. He was involved with the infamous English black magician Aleister Crowley who called himself "The Beast 666." Crowley ran an organization called the Order of Templars Orientalis over the world which had savage and bestial rites.

Dr Parsons was head of the American branch located at 100 Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, California. This was a huge house which had paying guests who were the U S nuclear physicists working at Cal. Tech. Certain agencies objected to nuclear physicists being housed under the same roof.

L. Ron Hubbard was still an officer of the U S Navy because he was well known as a writer and a philosopher and had friends amongst the physicists, he was sent in to handle the situation. He went to live at the house and investigated the black magic rites and the general situation and found them very bad. Parsons wrote to Crowley in England about Hubbard. Crowley "The Beast 666" evidently detected an enemy and warned Parsons. This is all proven by the correspondence unearthed by the Sunday Times. Hubbard's mission was successful far beyond anyone's expectations. The house was torn down. Hubbard rescued a girl they were using. The black magic group was dispersed and destroyed and has never recovered. The physicists included many of the 64 top U S scientists who were later declared insecure and dismissed from government service with so much publicity.

31 Dec
  Late 1960s

Psychic Warfare

By the late 1960's, when L. Ron Hubbard had completed the secret OT Levels--promising heretofore unheard-of spiritual "Abilities Gained" as the "End Phenomenon" for each level-- the United States Intelligence community had been rattled by reports that the USSR had made great strides in well-funded studies on "psi" technologies and techniques--the arts and sciences of mental/spiritual feats that might be used as forms of "weapons," particularly in the field of intelligence.

The evidence--some of which was published in 1970 in a book entitled "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain"--showed clearly that the United States was far behind the USSR. Ingo Swann, who worked closely with U.S. intelligence agencies in the ensuing years, described the situation:

"...American intelligence sources began discovering and confirming that the Soviet Union was deeply engaged in so-called 'psychic research.' By 1970, it was discovered that the Soviets were spending approximately 60 million rubles per year on it, and over 300 million by 1975. ...The amount of money and personnel involved in the Soviet psychotronics clearly confirmed that they were serious about it and had already achieved breakthroughs which justified the increases in expenditures and tightest security. ...

...The intelligence community was well aware that 'psychotronics' meant an 'applied' something, something psychically aggressive with real applications, something threatening to the well-being and security of the American nation.

...In response to this, and with Congressional approval to do so, the intelligence community then involved itself with researching this threat--the threat analysis of Soviet-applied psychotronics. It is, after all, the established and expected duty of the intelligence community to examine and research all threats to the security of the nation.

...At the time, this threat analysis was perfectly justified, completely necessary, and unquestionably required in behalf of the well-being of the nation. All personnel involved with this situation considered that they were working on behalf of the nation and its security--and future discoveries regarding invasive penetration by psychoenergetic means clearly confirmed the reality of the threat.

...American intelligence analysts were appalled and embarrassed that the Soviets (KGB and GRU), were involved in topics considered in the USA as speculative, controversial, and fringy. But they were alarmed at the prospect that the Soviets would 'get ahead.' And so the phrase 'the psychic warfare gap' came into existence.

...On the Nightline TV show of 28 November 1995, Mr. Robert Gates, former director of the CIA, estimated that the intelligence community had invested about $20 million over the sixteen-year period during which the threat was under examination."

Statement by Ingo Swann on Remote Viewing 1 December 1995
(Written in response to a CIA Public Affairs Bureau release of a statement concerning Remote Viewing dated 6 September 1995, and The ABC TV Nightline show on
28 November 1995)


The $20-million-seriousness of the United States to gain superiority in psi technologies is the background against which this decade of the Time Track is set.

One of the most important players in the CIA/DIA/NSA efforts to close "the psychic warfare gap" was Dr. Hal Puthoff. In the early-to-mid 1960's, Puthoff was in Naval Intelligence, and was an employee of the National Security Agency. It was also in the '60's--right around the time that the secret OT Levels were being made available for the public to enroll on--that Hal Puthoff signed up for Scientology services, and by 1971 he had completed Scientology's highest secret level, OT VII, as evidenced by his "Success Story" for that level, published in a 1971 Scientology Advanced Organization publication.

One of Puthoff's colleagues in working with CIA/DIA/NSA was Ingo Swann. Swann's background also included military intelligence, plus a longish stint at the United Nations (where soon-to-be head of CIA George Bush was Ambassador). Swann also signed up for Scientology services in the late '60's--right around the same time as Hal Puthoff, right around the time that the secret OT Levels were being offered as services to the public. Swann also progressed in Scientology up to its secret OT Levels, and had reached at least OT III by the end of 1971.

Yet another colleague of Puthoff was Pat Price. In another odd "coincidence," Price had his own connections to the CIA and had also completed the secret Scientology OT Levels. The "official" stories have these three individuals all entering Scientology at around the same time (mid-to-late '60's) in different locations, and then just "happening" upon each other in the early '70's--all armed with inside knowledge of Scientology's OT Levels, and all engaged together in CIA-monitored "psi" experiments.

Whether the official stories are true or not, 1972 was unquestionably the year that CIA-sponsored experiments in "remote viewing" began in earnest, headed by three men with proven former connections to intelligence agencies, all of whom had entered Scientology and progressed to its secret OT Levels, and all of whom were somehow brought together at the Stanford Research Institute--the second largest "think tank" in the United States, and a hotbed for military and intelligence research.

1972 is also unquestionably the year in which L. Ron Hubbard gave his last known public lecture, and disappeared for ten months. It was during that missing ten months that he allegedly wrote the infamous "Snow White" program--a program that led ultimately to the destruction of the Guardian's Office, and to the subsequent establishment of the
current Scientology corporate and management structure.

Data on psychotronics by David Griffin:

I have studied engineering and physics and would like pass along my observations and viewpoints on the tone scale and the Chart of Human Evaluation as I understand it.

Human emotions, like musical notes or wavelengths of light, comprise a gradient scale.

If you take the keys on a piano as an example, you notice that the notes produced range from low to high. In-between the lowest key and the highest key, is a full range of notes. By striking a specific key, vibrations at a particular frequency are produced, and thus you hear the sound.

Let's take the visible spectrum of light as another example. At the very bottom just below visible, you have infrared, and at the very top just above visible, you have ultraviolet. In- between the bottom and the top of the scale, you have all the colors of the rainbow. You can see these by seperating out the various wavelengths with the use of a prism.

Here would be a basic scale of light, arranged in the proper order:

Ultraviolet (not visible)
Infrared (not visible)

Now, before proceeding further, let me quickly cover the definition of wavelength.

If you were to go to the ocean and look, you will see waves in the water. Now, if you were to measure the distance between one wave and the next, that would give you the wavelength. It is the distance from a point on one wave, to the corresponding point on the next wave. It is usually measured from the peak (top) of one wave to the peak of the next. Wavelengths are usually expressed in metric units.

Energy normally travels in waves. Light and sound are both forms of energy, and thus, have wavelengths which can be identified and expressed. Specific wavelengths have specific characteristics.

Now lets take a larger view of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Cosmic Rays (highest)
Gamma Rays
Ultraviolet Light
Visible Light
TV & FM Radio
Shortwave Radio
AM Radio
Aircraft & Shipping Bands
ELF waves (Extra Low Frequency)

Once again, each of the frequency bands above, exhibit differing characteristics, which brings us back to the Emotional Tone Scale. The Tone Scale is a similar scale, in that it plots, in the correct sequence, the various emotions that can be created or experienced by a person.

4.0 Enthusiasm
3.5 Cheerfulness
3.0 Conservatism
2.5 Boredom
2.0 Antagonism
1.5 Anger
1.1 Covert Hostility
1.0 Fear
0.5 Grief
0.05 Apathy
0.0 Body Death

Just like the other scales mentioned earlier, each of the tones shown here, exhibits specific frequency characteristics.

THAT is the essence of the tone scale.

I will now take up how the Tone Scale relates to similar scales in the electromagnetic spectrum. From Scientology: 8-80, chapter 3:

"...the whole of the laws of motion, magnetism, energy, matter, space and time can be found in thought, and behavior and even thinking partake of the physical universe laws regarding matter, energy, space and time. Thus even the laws of Newton can be found operative in thought."

In chaper 4 of the same book, is a chart showing how wavelengths relate to tone.

Tone Characteristic Wavelength

40.0 Pure Theta = Infinity or 0.0
39.0 Aesthetics = 2 times 10 to the minus 26 power cm
8.0 Analytical Thought = 2 times 10 to the minus 7 power cm
1.5 Emotion = 0.024 cm

Further along in the book, in chapter six, is another illustration showing the relative relationship between the following wavelengths:


So, according to this, various emotions would have not only have specific characteristics, but specific frequencies as well. Which again, correlates to specific frequency characteristics. Now, let's take from the example above, tone 1.5, Anger. This is in the emotional band, and according to the table, has a frequency of 0.024 cm., which is equal to 24 mm.

This falls within the microwave range which is between 1 mm and 30 cm (30,000 mm).

Tech dictionary def. of emotion: a response by wave-length affecting an individual or another which produces a sensation and a state of mind.

Now if this is correct, might it be possible to electronically generate some energy at a specific frequency (say, in the microwave band), which could then be felt or experienced by a person? Yes.

We have now entered the field of non-lethal weaponry, or psychotronics as they are known.

The term psychotronics comes from psyche - mind, and electronics. Electronic instruments capable of affecting the mind.

From SHSBC lecture of 13 Dec 66, Scientology Definitions III:

An emotion is normally something which has flow and quite normally has a wavelength and has meaning, and it's got concept all mixed up with it and so on. Quite an interesting study, by the way. It is a study which has even reached into the field of politics and control of human beings, the advertising world also, and so on. They're very interested in this subject.

Does such technology actually exist? Yes.

In 1976, in response to an article by Jack Anderson, the US finally acknowledged the existence, 12 years earlier, of the "Moscow Signal".

In 1965, the Moscow Signal, as it was called, was discovered. The American embassy in Moscow was being saturated by high levels of microwaves. This discovery was kept secret, and the embassy employees were not told of this. Instead, it was decided to study the side-effects on the people in the embassy.

A Dr. Milton Zaret who was a leading microwave scientist, was recruited by the CIA, for Project PANDORA, based at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. This was under the auspices of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Dr. Zaret claimed that the CIA wanted to know "whether I thought electromagnetic radiation beamed at the brain from a distance could affect the way a person might act," and "could microwaves be used to facilitate brainwashing or to break down prisoners under investigation."

Meanwhile, back at the American embassy, Ambassador Stoessel, whose office was situated at the beam's center, suffered blood disease, bleeding eyes, nausea, and eventually lymphoma.

PANDORA scientists began subjecting monkeys to highly concentrated microwave
frequencies, in order to study the bilogical effects. Similar studies were also conducted at Veterans' Administration Hospital in Kansas City, the University of Rochester, Brooks Air Force Base in Texas, Johns Hopkins, MIT, the Mitre Corporation, the University of Pennsylvania, and numerous other domestic and foreign research laboratories.

A Dr. Jose Delgado (whose work was underwritten by the CIA and Navy) subjected humans to intense radio waves directed at specific portions of their brains. He reported that they experienced various emotions, sensations, and "colored visions". Dr. Delgado also said that he thought these invisible weapons were "more dangerous than atomic destruction." He also said "we may transform, we may shape, direct, robotize man. I think the great danger of the future is... that we will have robotized human beings who are not aware that they have been robotized."

From December of 1952
PDC 20, Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic:

"But what kind of kind of a government and what kind of a weapon is really serious? Not a weapon which destroys mud. A weapon that destroys minds, that's serious. Out of the knowledge which lies before you are sufficient technologies to take over, sieze and handle any government or people on the face of the earth."

The CIA's Project ARTICHOKE of the early '50's, was attempting to create a "Manchurian" type, mind-controlled killer, who could be programmed to carry out assassinations and kamikaze missions. The methods used for doing the programming included typical PDH methods (pain, drugs, hypnosis) including electroshock.

MKULTRA was also researching similar objectives.

More information can be found in The Zapping of America by Paul Brodeur, and Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. by Alex Constantine.

Would it also be possible to use other frequencies (besides microwave) to affect the mind or body? Yes.

From an article found at:

"Concrete evidence that electronic mind control was the true object of study at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was exposed by the Washington Post in 1977. When the Navy awarded a contract to the Institute, "the scientific assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, Dr. Sam Koslov, received a routine briefing on various research projects, including SRI's. As the briefer flashed his chart onto the screen and began to speak, Koslov stormily interrupted, 'What the hell is that about?' Among the glowing words on the projected chart, the section describing SRI's work was labeled ...
ELF and Mind Control.

"'ELF' stands for 'extremely long frequency' electromagnetic waves, from the very slow brain frequencies up to about 100 cycles per second.... But the 'Mind Control' label really upset Koslov. He ordered the SRI investigations for the Navy stopped, and canceled another $35,000 in Navy funds slated for more remote viewing work. Contrary to Koslov's attempt to kill the research, the Navy quietly continued to fork out $100,000 for a two- year project directed by a bionics specialist."

A fairly comprehensive list of military use frequencies can be found at:

A historical overview of mind control:

Russian research:

Lida machine:

US Patent - US3951134:
Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves

USAF use of psychotronics:

Extensive psychotronic information:

Post to internet by David Griffin on 19 February 2001

False (evil) purpose of enslaving mankind with psychotronics - Global Enslavers

31 Dec

The agenda of the Head Global Enslavers is rolling forward with them making tons of money off of the Vietnam War. The CIA is trafficking street drugs in the body bags being shipped back to the US and selling it to American citizens to finance their other dirty operations they need untraceable funds for. The CIA is also pushing forward its research into mind-control technology, as that is another necessary element of the New World Order envisioned by the Global Enslavers.

It's no surprise that the attacks from the Global Enslavers continued on into the decade of the 1960s. Government attacks were vicious in this decade with Parlimentary actions aimed at outlawing the practice of Scientology.

Adding fuel to the fire were some insane solutions from LRH.

In response to the FDA raid in 1963 - he dropped research into the intermediate states of Clear and Theta Clear in favor of researching the state of OT.

In doing this he discontinued the practice of accepting assistance in the development of technology and wrote the 1965 policy letter Keeping Scientology Working - declaring himself the only one who was capable of discovering and developing workable mental or spiritual technology.

Also in 1965 he wrote the most disastrous policy letter of all time - Fair Game Law.

This policy stated that those who were declared Suppressive by the Church - HAD NO RIGHTS OF ANY KIND AND AUTHORIZED CRIMINAL ACTS AGAINST THEM.

Enforced disconnection from declared Suppressives was also part of this policy.

Shortly after writing the Fair Game Law - he wrote the policy that created the vehicle through which the Fair Game Law would be applied - The Guardian. The Guardians Office had 4 main Bureaus that would apply the Fair Game Law to "handle" attacks on the church:

B-1 Intelligence
B-2 Public Relations
B-3 Legal
B-4 Finance

B-1 is the Bureau that performs the criminal acts against labeled Suppressives and its activity deserves the same name given to the CIA - the Department of Dirty Tricks.
B-1 attacks enemies with the intent of getting them put in jail and costing them their source of income. If no actual crimes of the enemy can be found, then black intelligence operations are done to set the person up for a crime he did not commit, as the method of getting the person jailed.

These intelligence personnel are not limited in what they can do - any crime is authorized by the Fair Game Law - they have a license to kill.

B-2 also applies Fair Game Law by telling lies. Church PR lies. These are usually done in a slick fashion, one method is just omitting to mention derogatory data about the church.

B-3 applies Fair Game by filing lawsuits that are merely intended to harass a person and involve him in expensive litigation.

If the above Bureaus all fail to stop an attack - then Bureau 4 is there to buy its way out of the attack. It also provides the funds for the dirty work of the other 3 Bureaus.

It was also in this decade that Ron formed the Sea Org and heavy ethics came into being. Harsh penalties were portioned out on those staff and public who do not perform as expected. Some of these penalties were the forerunner of practices found in the RPF.

These penalties, such as inadequate food and rest - coupled with harsh physical labor and physical duress such as locking people in chain lockers and throwing them overboard -are bordering on psychiatric brainwashing technology. They struck fear into people.

In 1967 Ron was also researching OT 3. He claims to have broken his back during this research. In a handwritten letter to Mary Sue he said he was using street drugs in this research.

Those closest to Ron noticed a distinct change in his personality. He was often harsh, abusive and ill-tempered. Something had changed and something was wrong.

LRH must have taken a leave of senses when he wrote these policies.

These policies contradict so many other basic tenets of the religion, that it's a joke.

They violate the Creed of the Church, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Aims of

Scientology just for starters.

These fascist, criminal, and insane solutions violate Science of Survival:

Man can be handled by reason alone.

The auditor is not trying to cure anything, he is simply raising tone.

Furthermore, all of this violates Axiom 11:

This axiom states that ALTER-ISNESS (lies) and NOT-ISNESS (force) cause a persistence of unwanted conditions.

Thus it is counter-productive to what you want, to use these two solutions!

Saying you want to get rid of an unwanted condition - then using the solutions of ALTER- ISNESS (lies) and NOT-ISNESS (force) is NUTS!

Those two solutions cause a PERSISTENCE of unwanted conditions!

They are FALSE SOLUTIONS to unwanted conditions.

Thus, we give LRH these outpoints with regards these policies & practices:

False solutions - LRH - when he wrote the above mentioned policies

Omitted Application of basic Scientology tenets - LRH
Incorrectly Included destructive psychiatric mental technology - LRH
Incorrectly Included criminality and fascism - LRH

Finally - enforced disconnection - also NOT-ISNESS - is another method of mind-control because it puts Scientologists in an information prison. By disconnecting Scientologists from anyone who may have something critical to say, you are controlling their information to just the positive and that results in controlling their thoughts and conclusions.

In the Data Series it says REASON DEPENDS ON DATA.

Omitted Data results in faulty conclusions.

By omitting any derogatory data about the church to Scientologists, by controlling the information they get about the church - you make them reach a faulty conclusion that all is well - when all is not well. In short, this is a method of mind control.

Thus we have another outpoint:

Incorrectly Included subtle mind-control method - enforced disconnection - LRH

These insane solutions that LRH originated in the 1960s are providing the enemy - the Global Enslavers - with all the ammunition they need to destroy the church!

These policies and practices make Scientologists guilty of criminal and immoral acts, various abuses, denial of civil liberties to people inside and outside of the church, and mind-control.

These practices give the church a bad PR image because they peddle fear into society instead of truth and ARC. Thus, the Guardians Office and its successors - RTC and OSA - are Merchants of Fear.

The actual enemy - the Global Enslavers - are using the above practices to give the church a bad public image and to lobby for laws against the practice of Scientology.

And top church management is assisting the Global Enslavers to destroy the church by continuing to use the above FALSE SOLUTIONS today.

In 1968, due to government pressure, LRH cancelled all of the above practices -
the cancellation of the above practices was called REFORM CODE.

But, in a few years, it all crept back into use by top church management...

To make matters worse:

The most significant turn of events is about to unfold in the next decade. Ron's prediction

in the book What To Audit was about to come true. He said that the world was on the verge of Psychic Warfare.

In 1965 the Americans became aware of the Russians using psychotonics and realized they were way behind the Russians in developing Psychic Warfare weapons. They were alarmed by this and acted quickly to recover from the Psychic Warfare gap. The late 1960s saw American Intelligence agencies infiltrating their agents into AOLA and had them do the OT levels. These OTs then set up shop at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and scientific development of psychic spying and psychic influencing began, including development of psychotronic weapons.

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