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  Cooper went on to describe her one-woman battle against Scientology, which began in 1968. After her first article on Scientology, in 1968, Cooper received a flood of death threats and smear letters; her phone was bugged; lawsuits were filed against her; attempts were made to break into her apartment; and she was framed for a bomb threat.

At one point Cooper moved, and her cousin Joy, of rather similar appearance, took over her old apartment. Soon afterwards, before the cousin had even changed the name plate on the door, someone called with flowers:

When Joy opened the door to get these flowers, he unwrapped the gun... he took the gun and he put it at Joy's temple and he cocked the gun, and we don't know whether it misfired, whether it was a scare technique... somehow the gun did not go off... he started choking her, and she was able to break away and she started to scream. And the person ran away.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


The FBI raid in 1977 confiscated church intelligence files that proved church intelligence agents performed these crimes against Paulette Cooper. The codename given to these particular black intelligence operations was Operation PC Freakout.

The black intelligence operations against Cooper were not limited to the above. One of them had the purpose of getting her to commit suicide. Another framed her for sending out a bomb threat. A church intelligence operative got a piece of Cooper's stationary with her fingerprints on it and typed the bomb threat on that and mailed it. Cooper was innocent of that, she was framed and set up for making it appear she committed that crime.

This is a good example of the criminal actions of the church intelligence unit in carrying out the Fair Game Policy.

Such a solution is a violation of Axiom 11. This axiom says the use of ALTER-ISNESS (lies) and NOT-ISNESS (force) bring about a PERSISTENCE of unwanted conditions.

Incorrectly Included criminal fascism - Church intelligence operatives
False Solution - NOT-ISNESS - Church intelligence operatives
False Solution - causing a worsening and persistence of unwanted conditions - LRH

(no date)

REFORM CODE, the Reform Code of Scientology. We sent out mailings and we received back anything that people though that should be corrected. This resulted in REFORM CODE in which the security checks were cancelled and all old folders on this have been burned and disconnection is cancelled as a relief to those suffering family oppression. It's no longer required in SP orders and the person has to handle. The fair game law was cancelled and the prohibition against writing down a recording of professional materials was made and this was actually the extent of the Reform Code. (Ron's Journal 1968)

-- Modern Management Technology Defined

Correct Included sanity to stop the insane solutions of Fair Game & Disconnection -LRH


The above Reform Code was short-lived however and the practice of the Fair Game Law & enforced Disconnection continues to this day. For example:

(no date)
  Hubbard had introduced the policy of Disconnection in 1965. Once someone was labelled Suppressive, no Scientologist was allowed to communicate with that person in any way. This policy had caused problems with several governments, and in 1968 Hubbard had acquiesced to demands that the policy be cancelled.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

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  Pat Price and I began remote viewing in 1968. We spent roughly 350 hours training ourselves. Much of what Pat and I did was over the phone. We would set each other targets and debug each other. Pat was in the GO in those days....B1 I believe.

The one ability that most do not want to talk about is Remote Commanding. LRH, MSH, Bob Thomas, Jane Kember, Yvonne, Alex Sybersky, myself and our top crews had these abilities. If Scott takes a look at the period in LA in the early 70's he will observe a Remote Command Team in Operation. They were powerful!

Posted by Alan Walters to COSinvestigations on 7/16/00


Shortly after this Pat Price will go on to be a remote viewer for the CIA and the consequences of this eventually leads to Scientology being considered a National Security Risk, apparently resulting in a takeover of the church, and no OTs being made.

-- Jan
  January 1968 saw the release of OT sections IV, V, and VI....

Research and Discovery Series Vol 1 pg 701

01 Jan
  On New Year's Day 1968, Hubbard incorporated the "Operation and Transport Corporation Ltda." through the Panamanian consulate in Valencia. OTC took over from the Hubbard Explorational Company as Hubbard's principal channel for extracting money from Scientology. He owned ninety-eight of the 100 issued shares. Hubbard created a network of corporations the sheer complexity of which has daunted most tax investigators. The Royal Scotman was re-registered under the Panamanian flag, though she continued to sail under that of Sierra Leone.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

01 Jan
  In January 1968, Hubbard released OT levels 4 to 6. OT 5 and 6 consisted of drills to be done "exterior from the body." Those who audited these levels usually admit later that their "exterior," or out-of-the-body, experience was entirely subjective. A few claim they could do exactly what the materials required, but do not even try to offer proof. Curiously, much of the highly secret material on levels 5 and 6 came from Hubbard 's book The Creation of Human Ability, first published in the mid-1950s.

The first Advanced Organization opened aboard the Royal Scotman, to deliver these OT levels on New Year's Day, 1968.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

20 Apr
  20 c. April 1968

Towards the end of April an urgent radio message arrives on the Avon River from Mary Sue asking LRH to return immediately to Valencia, Spain, where there was 'a flap'.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 17

25 Apr
  HCOPL 25 April 1968 Intelligence Actions

The standard actions of Intelligence are:

1. Predict the trouble before it occurs by filing, cross-indexing, investigation of areas, statistics and other means.

2. Investigate for crimes, the individuals who are creating trouble.

3. Prosecute.

This is standard, 1 2 3 action and should not be deviated from. The maxim is...when under attack...attack". The point is....even if you don't have enough data to win the case...still attack...LOUDLY. Reason is, it is only those people that have crimes that will attack us, and they will soon back off for fear of being found out when attacked back.

L. Ron Hubbard

25 Apr
  25 c. April 1968

On arriving in Valencia aboard the Avon River, LRH learns that the flap that had cut short his research missions had been caused by the port Captain of the Royal Scotman, who had consistently refused requests from the Spanish port authorities to move the ship from the dock to a mole in the harbor. The situation had deteriorated to such an extent that the Spaniards were threatening to tow the ship out to sea and deny her re-entry.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 17

28 Apr
  28 c. April 1968

The Royal Scotman drags her anchor in the outer harbor as a storm begins to blow up. LRH hears what is happening over the radio on the Avon River. He grabs the nearest available officers, jumps into the barge and hurries across to the Royal Scotman, running up on to the bridge to take command. The ship is still secured to the harbor wall by wire hawsers which are under enormous pressure; if they snap, nothing can prevent her being swept on to the rocks. LRH manages to slip the hawsers and re-anchor the ship, but not before her rudder has been damaged against the mole.

When the emergency is over, LRH demands an ethics investigation to find out who goofed, and assigns the entire ship a condition of liability. He appoints Mary Sue to be the new Captain of the Royal Scotman. Her orders are to take the ship to Burraria, north of Valencia, for repairs and then to cruise up and down the Spanish coast to train the crew. She is to stay at sea until the crew is sufficiently well trained and the ship sufficiently spruce to qualify for upgrading; until then, the Royal Scotman will remain in liability. Known as 'The Liability Cruise'.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 17

-- May
  In 1968, Hubbard's Ethics was put into action with the chain-locker punishment. A chain- locker is "a dark hole where the anchor chains are stored; cold, wet and rats," to quote one ex-Sea Org officer. The lockers are below the steering in the bowels of the ship. A tiny manhole gives access, and they are unlit.

When a crew member was in a low enough Ethics Condition, he or she would be put in a chainlocker for up to two weeks. John McMaster says a small child, perhaps five years old, was once consigned to a chain-locker. He says she was a deaf mute, and that Hubbard had assigned her an Ethics condition for which the formula is "Find out who you really are." She was not to leave the chain locker until she completed the formula by writing her name.

Another Ethics Condition had the miscreant put into "old rusty tanks, way below the ship, with filthy bilge water, no air, and hardly sitting height... for anything from twenty-four hours to a week... getting their oxygen via tubes, and with Masters-at-Arms [Ethics Officers] checking outside to hear if the hammering continued. Food was occasionally given in buckets," according to a former Sea Org executive.

The miscreants were kept awake, often for days on end. As another witness has tactfully put it, "there were no bathroom facilities." While these "penances" were being doled out, the first "overboard" occurred. The ships were docked in Melilla, Morocco, in May 1968. One of the ship's executives was ashore and noticed that the hawsers holding the Scotman and the Avon River were crossed. He undid a hawser, and found himself grappling with the full mass of an unrestrained ship as it drifted away from the dock.

Mary Sue Hubbard ordered that the officer be hurled from the deck. There was a tremendous crash as he hit the water. Ships have a "rubbing strake" beneath the waterline to keep other ships at bay in a collision. The overboarded officer had hit the steel rubbing strake! The crew peered anxiously over the side waiting for the corpse to float to the surface.

The bedraggled officer was surprised when he walked up the gangplank and found the crew still craning over the far side of the ship. Fortunately for Mrs. Hubbard's conscience, and the failing public repute of Scientology, the officer concerned was not only a good swimmer, but also expert at Judo. Most fortunate of all, he had seen the rubbing strake, and the explosive crash was caused when he thrust himself away as he fell. For a short time, overboarding was abandoned.

Back on dry land in East Grinstead the farce of Scientology Ethics, and its applicability in dealing with non-Scientologists, continued with a letter to twenty-two local businesses:

As a result of a recent survey of shops in the East Grinstead area, your shop together with a handful of others, has been declared out of bounds for Scientologists .... These shops have indicated that they do not wish Scientology to expand in East Grinstead and we are, therefore, relieving them of the painful experience of taking our money.

Hubbard's Public Relations and Ethics "technologies" rebounded in Britain. In July 1968, the British government finally made its move.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


Once you enter into physically abusive treatment such as food and sleep deprivation, isolation and physical duress - you have entered the field of brainwashing technology.

Incorrectly included psychiatric brainwashing technology - LRH

Omitted application of the Creed of the Church - LRH

We of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid man to destroy the sanity of another.

Omitted Application of basic Scientology technology - LRH

Man can be handled by reason alone - Science of Survival

The auditor is not trying to cure anything, he is simply raising tone - Science of Survival

Editor Comments:

How the hell is abusive psychiatric brainwashing technology, such as locking people in isolation in chain lockers, food and sleep deprivation, etc - raising someone's tone?

Why is LRH replacing decent Scientology practices with barbaric psychiatric practices?

26 May
  Despatch from The Guardian WW, Mary Sue Hubbard, dated May 26, 1968:

We did this with the people who were giving us trouble - we found The National Mental Health Association and a lead line off into banking and into the airforce - we haven't looked at who in banking or at who in the airforce - we may find further cross-connections and come up with ONE PERSON.

05 Jun
  5 c. June 1968

The Royal Scotman arrives in the harbor at Marseilles looking better than she had at any time since going into service for the Sea Org. She has been painted white from stem to stern, her brasswork is gleaming and the entire crew has been fitted out with new uniforms. LRH presides over a ceremony to remove all lower conditions, and moves back into his cabin on board.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 17

25 Jul
  On July 25, 1968, Kenneth Robinson, the British Minister of Health, made a statement in Parliament about Scientology. Having called it a "pseudo-philosophical cult," he reminded the House of his earlier pronouncement:

Although this warning received a good deal of public notice at the time, the practice of scientology has continued, and indeed expanded, and Government Departments, Members of Parliament and local authorities have received numerous complaints about it.

The Government is satisfied... that scientology is socially harmful. It alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it; its authoritarian principles and practice are a potential menace to the personality and well-being of those so deluded as to become its followers; above all, its methods can be a serious danger to the health of those who submit to them. There is evidence that children are now being indoctrinated.

There is no power under existing law to prohibit the practice of scientology; but the Government has concluded that it is so objectionable that it would be right to take all steps within its power to curb its growth.

Scientology establishments in Britain were stripped of their educational status. Foreign nationals were prohibited from studying Scientology or working in Scientology Organizations, by invoking the "Aliens Act," through which the Home Secretary can deny entry to Britain. The Home Office banned Hubbard from Britain as an "undesirable alien."

At the end of July, a hundred foreign Scientologists were rounded up, and detained under guard in hotels, pending deportation. Scotland Yard began to investigate Scientology.

The response to the British Aliens Act ban was fairly immediate. An Advanced Org was started in Los Angeles to serve Scientologists in the Western hemisphere. But the ban, although rigorously enforced at first, soon fell into disuse. By the early 1970s, most of the students and staff at Saint Hill were foreigners.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Aug
  A conspiracy formed at the WFMH Congress in London in August 1968 resulted in simultaneous identical political channel attacks on Scn in several countries. The "Life" article was crudely timed to be part of this.

Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 12 December 1968 Re Life Article And Letter

01 Aug
  1 c. August 1968

The United States Court of Claims rules, on appeal from a decision of the Trial Examiner in July of 1967 [see database entry for 1 July 1967], that FCDC failed to qualify as a corporation organized and operated entirely for religious purposes.

Paulette Cooper, book: The Scandal of Scientology

07 Aug
  A British television crew arrives in Bizerte, Tunesia, and interviews LRH. He explains that most of his wealth derives from his years as a writer rather than from Scientology : Fifteen million published words and a great many successful movies don't make nothing.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 17

Omitted data on church funds inuring to him - LRH

The London Daily Mail (right) published details of Hubbard's private bank accounts in Switzerland, account numbers and all. It said Hubbard claimed to have $7 million. It also unearthed a prescription signed "L. Ron Hubbard Ph.D.," for the sedative Nembutal, "for horticultural purposes only." Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturers of Nembutal, said there was "no conceivable" way in which Nembutal could be used in horticulture.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

15 Aug
  15 c. August 1968

Major John Forte, the honorary British vice-consul on the island, reports the arrival of the Royal Scotman in Corfu to the Foreign Office in London, deducing that it is, in his words, the sinister Scientology ship.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 17

15 Aug
  Mid August 1968

In mid-August, the Royal Scotman had slipped into Corfu harbor. At first all went well. According to one newspaper, the Sea Org enriched the Corfiot economy by about £1,000 per day. They were welcomed by the harbormaster, and the local press.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

20 Aug
  The Avon River joins the flagship, the Royal Scotman, in Corfu. LRH soon decides to change the names of all his ships in honor of their new hosts. The Royal Scotman becomes the Apollo, the Avon River the Athena, and the Enchanter, which has been around the Mediterranean on various missions for LRH, is renamed the Diana.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 17

-- Sep
  In September, Hubbard announced the new Class VIII Auditor Course, in the Auditor magazine. The announcement was accompanied by a center spread of Hubbard's photographs. There is a shot of an Ethics Officer, carrying a heavy wooden baton, wearing dark glasses and full uniform, and scowling at a student who is smiling back, apprehensively. The caption reads: "No one can fool a Sea Org Ethics Officer. He knows who's ethics bait."

Another shot shows a Sea Org member suspended in mid-air by two Ethics Officers, one wearing a broad grin. He is about to be thrown over the rail, into the sea. The caption reads: "Students are thrown overboard for gross out tech and bequeathed to the deep!"

Every Scientology Org was ordered to send two Auditors to be trained as "Class VIIIs." As "VIIIs" their auditing would be "flubless." The course would take three weeks, so previous Ethics procedures were of little use - they took too long to administer. Rather than languishing in the chain-locker for a week, or doing three days without sleep on "amends projects," students were to be subject to "instant Ethics," or overboarding. There is no doubt that Hubbard ordered this (one ex-Sea Org officer says Hubbard even took out his home movie camera and filmed it once or twice).

Students and crew were lined up on deck in the early hours every morning. They waited to hear whether they were on the day's list of miscreants.

Those who knew they were would remove their shoes, jackets and wristwatches in anticipation. The drop was between fifteen and forty feet, depending upon which deck was used. Sometimes people were blindfolded first, and either their feet or hands loosely tied. Non-swimmers were tied to a rope. Being hurled such a distance, blindfolded and restrained, into cold sea water, must have been terrifying. Worst of all was the fear that you would hit the side of the ship as you fell, your flesh ripped open by the barnacles. Overboarding was a very traumatic experience.

Alex Mitchell of the London Sunday Times reported that a woman with two children had run screaming from the ship, only to be rounded up and returned by her fellow Scientologists. The journalist also said that eight-year-old children were being overboarded:

Discipline . . . is severe. Members of the crew can be officers one day and swabbing the decks the next.

Kenneth Urquhart joined the ship at Corfu. From Hubbard's butler he had risen to become a senior executive at Saint Hill. He had resolutely avoided joining the Sea Org, but was finally cajoled into travelling to Corfu. He was amazed at the change in Hubbard. At Saint Hill he had seen him every day. Although Hubbard occasionally lost his temper, Urquhart had only once seen him quivering with rage. Now screaming fits were a regular feature. OT 3 and the Sea Org had transformed Hubbard.

Amid the turmoil, and with the pressure of the UK ban, and swathes of bad press, Hubbard cancelled enforced Disconnection. The practice of labelling an individual Fair Game was also cancelled:

FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This Policy Letter does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP [Suppressive Person].

Shortly after arriving in Corfu, Hubbard had issued a Bulletin to Scientologists abolishing Security Checks and the practice of writing down Preclears' misdeeds. In point of fact the name of Security Checking was changed: first to Integrity Processing and then to Confessional Auditing. However, the Sec Check lists of questions written by Hubbard in the 1960s remained, and are still in use. A record of the Preclear's utterances during an auditing session is made by the Auditor, and kept by the Org he works for.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

03 Nov
  Despatch of Nov. 3, 1968

Dear Jane,

Place an appropriate condition on New York Intelligence -

I have no source of info, being stuck here aboard a ship in the MED?.

We have had no copies from them of the incorporation papers of the National Mental Health Assoc. in New York when the corporation must be registered to do business.

Jane, baby, we're losing because we are fighting in the bush league and not getting to the main central headquarters of the group directing the bush fighters.

Intelligence is not concentrated on what they should be - the WFMH, the NAMH - these are the groups I want destroyed.

I'm not interested in the local psychiatrist around the corner - this data is for PRO who can use how he screws his patient and then shocks them so much electricity they can't sue him for rape. PRO digs this data up.. it is around by the library full.

And get Intelligence on to digging up the data we need to sue the WFMH, to obtain evidence of conspiracy and attack upon us.

Let's go - the Charles Berners of the world are nothing compared to what we have our hands on. ...let Intelligence get the data and info we need to blast this WFMH and its associate groups around the world to smotherings.


Peter Hollond


Who is Peter Hollond? Is this a cover name for LRH?

Correct Target to go after the international SOURCE of attacks - Peter Hollond
Correct Importance to ignore the minor attackers and hit the SOURCE - Peter Hollond

04 Nov
  Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard 4 November 1968 Press Stories

As a tip off, we have not only located the enemy exactly but find him guilty of so many crimes that the end for this opposition is in plain view.

I have just had this cheering news that we now are closing in on the basic of aberration on the 4th Dynamic on this planet.

15 Nov
  HCOPL 15 November 1968

Since we can now handle all types of cases disconnection as a condition is cancelled.

L. Ron Hubbard

Correctly Included cancellation of enforced disconnection - LRH
Incorrectly included resurrection of disconnection (in the 1980s) - David Miscavige

16 Nov
  All was not well on the Scientology home front, in England. The English High Court refused to rule against the Home Office's use of the Aliens Act.

The Rhodesian government, which had refused to renew Hubbard's visa in 1966, introduced a ban on the importation of material which promoted, or even related to, the practice of Scientology.

The states of Southern and Western Australia joined Victoria in banning Scientology totally. The Western Australian "Scientology Prohibition Act" was far more succinct than that of Victoria:

1. A person shall not practice Scientology. 2. A person shall not, directly or indirectly, demand or receive any fee, reward or benefit of any kind from any person for, or on account of, or in relation to the practice of Scientology. Penalty: for a first offence two hundred dollars and, for a subsequent offence, five hundred dollars or imprisonment for one year or both.

The Scientologists' response to the bans was in character:

The year of human rights draws to its close. The current English Government celebrated it by barring our foreign students, forbidding a religious leader to enter England, and beginning a steady campaign intended to wipe out every Church and Churchman in England. The hidden men behind the Government's policies are only using Scientology to see if the public will stand for the destruction of all churches and churchmen in England .... Callaghan, Crossman and Robinson follow the orders of a hidden foreign group that recently set itself up in England, which has as its purpose the seizure of any being whom they dislike or won't agree [sic], and permanently disabling or killing him. To do this they believe they must first reduce all churches and finish Christianity. Scientology Organizations will shortly reveal the hidden men . . . [with] more than enough evidence to hang them in every Country in the West.

The public seemed perfectly willing to witness the destruction of Scientology. Neither the promised exposure of the "hidden men" nor the destruction of "all churches and churchmen" ensued.

Instead, David Gaiman, head of the Public Relations Bureau of the Guardian's Office, issued a "Code of Reform." The severe puritanical and punitive approach was no longer necessary. The Church was going to become a moderate and liberal organization, which would continue its battle against the evils of psychiatry (spokesmen are trained to attack psychiatry as a response to any criticism of Scientology).

Thirty-eight libel suits were dropped. And while the press and governments were being assured of this new liberal attitude, the new Class VIIIs were returning to their Orgs and instituting their own forms of overboarding.

In the Edinburgh Advanced Org, the miscreant was thrown into a bath of hot, cold or dirty water. In Los Angeles, he or she would be hosed down fully clothed in the parking lot, though later a large water tank was used. John McMaster has said that in Hawaii the offender's head would be pushed into a toilet bowl, and the toilet flushed. The same technique was used in Copenhagen.

In the Advanced Orgs in Edinburgh and Los Angeles, staff were ordered to wear all-white uniforms, with silver boots, to mimic the Galactic Patrol of seventy-five million years before. According to Hubbard's Flag Order 652, mankind would accept regulation from that group which had last betrayed it. So the Sea Org were to ape the instigators of the OT 3 incident. By the same token, all the book covers were revised to show scenes from the supposedly lethal incident.

"Captain" Bill Robertson, who introduced the uniforms to both Edinburgh and Los Angeles, also ordered a nightwatch in Los Angeles. The crew assembled on the roof every night to watch for the spaceships of Hubbard's enemies. "Captain" Bill has continued his crusade against the invading aliens, the "Marcabians," into the 1990s.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly included denial of civil liberties to Scientologists -
Wrong target, attacking auditing also, instead of just attacking the fascist policies -

British, Australian and Rhodesian governments

Falsehood that the Fair Game policy and disconnection was the answer to attacks -LRH
(These policies have caused more attacks than they ever cured.)

Falsehood that the church would soon provide evidence on the 12 men alleged to be behind an international conspiracy to destroy Scientology, all churches and the West -
Church PR and LRH

Incorrectly included physical abuse of Scientologists - LRH and the Class VIIIs




Fair Game and Enforced Disconnection are FALSE SOLUTIONS.

Those solutions violate Axiom 11. Per Axiom 11...

NOT-ISNESS (use of force)

... both bring about a persistence of unwanted conditions.

Those solutions are causing International attacks to get WORSE and PERSIST.

24 Nov
  Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 24 November 1968 Stability

We have located and are directly attacking the only enemy we had on this planet, the World Federation of Mental Health and its "National" chapters. The "National" chapters of it are not part of national governments although they want people to think so - the crocks. Red as paint and phony as any confidence game, this was the group who were attacking us for 18 years.

He, the enemy, had control of mental healing on the planet - and killed and raped and had a ball. We're going to take over the mental hospitals and the political guidance and the whole field of mental healing.

So let's get set for the long pull, shall we. It is our planet after all.

Contrary facts - LRH - in later issues he will say it is the Nazis.

29 Nov
  Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard 29 November 1968 The War

You may not realize it staff member but there is only one small group that has hammered Dianetics and Scientology for 18 years. The press attacks, the public upsets you receive and all those you have received for all your time in Scientology were generated by this one group. For eighteen years it has poured lies and slander into the press and government agencies.

Last year we isolated a dozen men at the top. This year we found the organization these used and all its connections over the world. They are as red as paint. Their former President was a card carrying Communist and they have four on their Board of Directors, yet they reach into International Finance, Health Ministries, Schools, the Press. They even control immigration in many lands.

Psychiatry and "Mental Health" was chosen as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the West! And we stood in their way.

They have infiltrated boards of education, the armed services, even the churches. They hold the wives or daughters of a great many politicians and keep them "under treatment".

Their "technology" is the same as that used by Intelligence Services. Electric shocks. Brain operations. These were used in Lubenka Prison in Russia but are not allowed on Russians!

Anyway, this was the live wire we got across by being able to undo their effect on the West.

We are using only legal means over the world. We don't stoop to murder and rough house.

Our error was in failing to take over total control of all mental healing in the West. Well, we'll do that too.

Correct target - LRH - The psychiatric profession is indeed guilty of abusive treatment.

Falsehood - LRH:

"We are using only legal means over the world. We don't stoop to murder and rough house."

(The crimes and abuses leveled by the church intelligence unit make this a lie.)

-- Dec
  In December, a group calling itself the Executive Committee of the Church of Scientology went to the National Association of Mental Health's offices in London, and demanded a meeting with the Board of Directors. Being told that the NAMH was governed by a Council of Management, none of whom was in the building, the Scientologists deposited a list of questions, and departed.

Many of the questions were loaded. For instance: "Why do your directors want to ban an American writer from England?" and "Besides the human rights of English Scientologists, who else's human rights were you attempting to restrict or abolish?"

The Council must have been perplexed by the tenor of the questions. What on earth were the Scientologists suggesting? But then, the Council had not seen LRH Executive Directive 55, "The War," and they probably did not know that they were perhaps the most important channel for the "World Bank Conspiracy," as Hubbard had dubbed it.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

06 Dec
  Despatch from Peter Hollon to Mo Budlong 6 December 1968 Re: Intelligence

The following are possibilities for collecting data.

1. Infiltration.
2. Bribery.
3. Buying information.
4. Robbery.
5. Blackmail.

The last two are, of course illegal.

12 Dec
  Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 12 December 1968 Re Life Article And Letter

It is interesting that "Life" Magazine in the US has been a violent foe of Dianetics and Scn for 18 years.

In England the heads of the largest newspaper chain are also members of the UK World Federation of Mental Health confederate board of directors.

This is an old intelligence trick - to own or control a press chain in an enemy country.

It was done by German agents, for instance, to keep Spain out of the war.

Earlier the "Saturday Evening Post" published an article full of quotes never made. It has gone downhill as a magazine over the years. WFMH connected publishers often do.

So some of the US magazine and newspaper chains are controlled by the WFMH.

The Intelligence, espionage pattern is very plain here. In the "Life" article a psychotic is pushed into the org to get no case gain, his identity secret, to get discreditable data and he then writes an article. But he is already a mental patient.

Local Agents WFMH has confederates in every country and many states with sub- chapters in most US cities. They are always named "National" and have "Mental Health" in their name at nation or state level.

There is a National Institute of Mental Health in Washington DC that is US Government. The only one in the world really connected to a government. It does WFMH printing for it at US expense!

All the rest of the "National" groups are phonies. They are only private groups. Following orders from overseas.

These groups secretly shoot down chiropractors, churches, any Western culture or advance or healing action. Their standard propaganda line is:

(a) everyone is insane.
(b) psychiatrists should be next to every world leader treating them weekly.
(c) anyone should be subject to seizure as insane without process as law
(a Siberian bill they seek to get passed and once almost did pass through Congress).
(d) Scientology breaks up families.
(e) Scientology prevents people from coming to their psychiatrist to seek real help.
(f) There are not enough psychiatrists or "facilities".
(g) All boundaries should be destroyed.
(h) All constitutions should be destroyed.
(i) Any current campaign they may have to get something destroyed for a big Western
take over.

A conspiracy formed at the WFMH Congress in London in August 1968 resulted in simultaneous identical political channel attacks on Scn in several countries. The "Life" article was crudely timed to be part of this.

And every branch of every rightest group would be delighted to know these US "mental health" groups are controlled by a foreign group which has Communists on its board of directors.

The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association and such are members of the main world group and are just pawns.

They are called "Mental Healing" but their literature talks only about world domination and seldom about any cases.

They were founded by a psychotic named Clifford Beers and carry on the tradition.

It is interesting that WFMH says publicly there is "no difference between right and wrong" and "psychiatrists are the only enlightened people who know this". By traditional law, sanity is defined as the "ability to tell right from wrong."

Falsehood - LRH - he implies above that Scientology does not break up families, when in fact it did and still does, through the disconnection policy.

Omitted follow through - LRH and Guardian's Office and OSA

If the enemy was isolated - where is the expose and handling of the 12 men responsible?

Wrong target (individual psychiatrists) - church intelligence:

Intelligence should pinpoint the SOURCE of attacks and handle that. Instead, they attack individual psychiatrists way down the line from the Source. This will never resolve and will go on forever, because the Source, being a Source, will continue to create new attacks ad infinitum.

In Data Series lingo, this is called outpoint-correct, instead of finding and handling the WHY which is generating the outpoints. This outpoint-correct never ends because the WHY continues to manufacture new outpoints all the time.

13 Dec
  Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 13 December 1968 The Great "Charity" Swindle

One of the reasons Scientology is fought so hard and with such heavy finance and ferocity is that if it succeeded, it would then end one of the greatest "Charity" swindles of all time.

The group who fights Scientology in the press and parliaments is fighting madly to retain control of (amongst other things less savory) a billion pound "research" racket.

A group named so as to make people think it is part of governments over the world, has fund collection chapters and agents. These see all the rich people they can and the governments and explain that the lot of the "poor insane" (about whom they don't give a damn as evidenced by their killing them) is so horrible that millions are needed urgently.

The rich people and the deluded governments then lay out fantastic sums of money, millions upon millions each year. The groups representatives then take this money and whack it up amongst their pals. As simply to split it up would be caught by the tax people, the group invents a "reason why". It appoints insanity projects for research like, "The Depressive Project". The members write up something like "Depressives are often noticed to be depressed" and that's it for the year.

Dr Wilhem Reich, not one of their boys, was imprisoned and killed for making a breakthrough in the 50's. It could have ended the golden avalanche.

Then, good Lord, there was Dianetics and Scientology all of a sudden, in one piece and actually working! It threatened this yearly harvest.

This isn't the only motive this international group has. It is their finance motive. But in itself it would be enough.

15 Dec
  LRH ED 67 Int 15 December 1968 Electric Shock Cases

We are getting a lot of electric shock cases. Whereas most of these are innocent victims, the chance remains they are being sent in.

Such cases came in on Phoenix in 1954/55. They were instructed (under shock and drugs) to come in for processing, get it and go insane. One case, a girl, showed up with a cheque from attorneys. The money was put aside and she was placed in a motel. Sure enough her parents showed up in 24 hours demanding to know why we had "driven her insane" and sure enough the girl was now insane. But nobody had processed her... So the very crestfallen "parents" just had to take her away.

The enemy plays it very dirty. He has an unlimited supply of sanitarium cases and a complete disregard of law, human rights or the Nurenberg Code (established effective in all nations after the Nazi war criminal trials and signed by all nations which prohibits all experimental physical treatments).

What is called "insanity" is actually a pain crazed condition. Brutality and injury to "treat" it only confirm it and we get an apparently "insane" person.

But more important to us, a person who has been institutionalized does not know what has happened to him. He was drugged so as not to know and during it was implanted and severely injured physically.

"Insanity" isn't an illness. It's an injury. When more injuries called "treatments" are piled on top of it, it becomes very hard to treat just because the person is now desperately injured. He hurts.

Why Western governments allow these violations of the War Crimes Nurenberg Code (they all signed) I don't know unless they themselves are aberrated into vicious cruelty.

20 Dec
  Executive Directive From L. Ron Hubbard 20 December 1968 Western Countries

Western governments and peoples are under ceaseless and unrelenting attack from the Communist forces in the "cold war". The enemy has for a long time been inside, getting laws passed, degrading the society, seizing persons in the name of psychiatry, pushing up taxes, inflating money.....

The orders the governments followed in attacking us were originated by REDS, by the usually foreign psychiatrist, operating as per Communist instructions to destroy all Churches and Scientology in particular.

31 Dec
  Late 1960s

In the late 1960s aboard the Apollo, Hubbard used the children of Scientologists to run messages. He set them up with their own "Org," and their own child Ethics Officers, one of whom was only eight years old. Eventually they came to be known as the Commodore's Messenger Org, or CMO. They grew up around Hubbard, usually separated from their parents.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

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