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-- Mar
  There were 37 students on that R6 course. It was a "closed" course, in that nobody else joined it from when it started in March 1964 to the time it ended in November 1964.

The R6 lectures were never confidential at that time but I believe now that the R6 tapes have never been released. Ron was also lecturing on Routine 6 Actual Goals at that time.

Data from Rod Fordham who was a student on the R6 course.

Note: (See below plus the entry at 25 June 1963)

To Alan Walters
From Mike McClaughry

Alan, you said that Ron did something in 1964 to ensure no one would make it to OT.

What happened in 1964?

He switched the bridge and began to enter in only what he found. Up to that time it was a collaborated subject that consisted of an evolving subject based upon auditing the pc in front of you.

Both Jack Horner, myself, MSH, LRH, Reg Sharpe, Jenny Edmunds, Fred Hare and a couple of other Saint Hill staff were switched from GPM processing to Implant Goals Processing, which included the research of R6EW, the Clearing Course, OT 1, and OT 2. This was disastrous tech. Almost everyone spun in on it.

Both Horner and myself wrote Ron and told him this tech was not very workable. The Model Session was changed to eliminate goals processing. This was deadly as it robbed the pc of their own future track. Further it caused the pc to collapse his case into Scio's.

A GPM is over many lifetimes and consists of a major game paradigm. An Implant is basically an incident. A vast difference in space and time. Plus GPM's are unique constructs to each being.

Then came the introduction of evaluative rundowns...The Clearing Course....OT I, II, III, etc. Imagine my surprise when I found it to be the same stuff as what Horner and I had informed him as not very workable. LRH had become an enforcer of Tech.

Also at this time came the cookie-cutter Tech of the Grades, not bad but it was done in a quickie manner consequently you have the group manifesting unflat all levels. The idea of only one Serv Fac is ludicrous.

To enforce this bridge you had the subject of Ethics come into being....again a violation of evaluation and invalidation. Even the dumbest auditors knows when you have the right item you get VGI' many VGI's have you seen in Ethics?

During this period LRH is getting angrier and much so he is in a constant state of rage. There are no safe spaces near LRH. He is thrown out of Rhodesia...he is thrown out of England......something is badly wrong during this period. Then he throws people overboard, sticks kids in chain lockers...I was there I saw this...

The Tech becomes quickied...he blames everyone else.

Posted by Alan Walters to COSinvestigations on 16 July 2000

21 Mar
  The Saturday Evening Post publishes what will be one of the last full-scale media interviews with L. Ron Hubbard. LRH says that he has recently been approached by Fidel Castro to train a corps of Cuban Scientologists. He says he is independently wealthy and draws only a token salary of $70 a week, Scientology being a labor of love.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 15

Falsehood LRH: Court cases with the IRS show he got a lot more than that from orgs.
It was proven in tax court that large sums of money from the church went to LRH.

01 Jun
  The CIA's mind-control research program, codename MKULTRA, is re-named MKSEARCH. The following document terminating the program shows the change:

The CIA's favorite club-footed sadist, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of CIA's Technical Services Staff (TSS), brings an end to the CIA's mind-control research project,, MKSEARCH (formerly named MKULTRA, begun on 13 April 1953.)


MKSEARCH is the current name of the decades-long CIA project known as MKULTRA, begun on 13 April 1953. The name was changed on 1 June 1964.


The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by John Marks, Chapter 13

Note: Source CIA documents are cited in the book.

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