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24 Mar
  On March 24, Hubbard launched the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Students came from all over the world, and for the next five and a half years L. Ron Hubbard lectured regularly to the students, while personally supervising their progress through the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.

Research and Discovery Series Vol 1 pg 700

13 Apr
  HCO Information Letter of April 13, 1961 TERROR STALKS

A piercing scream against Dianetics arose before the first book was published in 1950. Press was hot against it before the first foundation was formed.

For seven months before there was personnel or personal troubles publicized, the bulk of articles against Dianetics had already appeared. At one time three national magazines were simultaneously on the stands screaming in lead articles about Dianetics and myself - and this was five months before any "divorce" publicity.

Until May, 1950 I received only favorable publicity - on expeditions or comings or goings. In May 1950 there was a concerted shriek from people who (a) had not read the books and (b) who knew nothing bad about me.

These howls came from both conservative and liberal groups alike - the AMA - The Commies, The Socialists, the Roman Catholics.

6. Many truly dangerous practices have risen up amongst man such as a new Indian version of whirling dervishism now rampant in England;

7. Brainwashing was introduced in the past eleven years by the Russians;

8. A dozen violent and harmful psychiatric treatments have been developed.

And no sustained protest has continued to be made in the press against these.

Looking at all of these things, then it would seem that protests against Dianetics and Scientology do not stem from a knowledge of myself, they do not stem from a knowledge of the substance of the work, they do not stem from conservative or liberal groups, and they are not a protest against philosophy, philosophers, or evil practices, and they are not an effort to protect the public.

If you look this over with cold dispassion, examine it thoroughly from the light of the facts, only one explanation seems to remain.

They are terrified of our postulates!

To any attack by anyone, we can reply, "Why are you terrified of Scientology?"

We inspire terror in some men. "Why are you terrified of Scientology?" is the best answer. It as-ises the condition.

L. Ron Hubbard

Falsehood there was press against Dianetics before the first foundation formed - LRH

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