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  1960's Decade

However, many people have reported being kidnapped by UFO occupants. Many abductees do not consciously remember their experiences afterwards. A typical victim may only see a UFO and then suddenly discover that two hours have passed with no recollection of what had occurred during the missing time. It appears that the curious amnesia experienced by so many UFO abductees is deliberately induced by the UFO occupants as a method of preserving the alien's anonymity.

Such mental tampering can indeed be done. During its infamous and highly publicized "mind control" experiments of the 1960's and 70's, the American CIA had developed effective techniques to bury memory and induce amnesia.

The book Gods of Eden by William Bramley

False (evil) purpose to develop and use mind control tech - CIA & Global Enslavers

-- Apr
  In April 1960, the Bulletin "Concerning the Campaign for the Presidency" was published recommending that Richard M. Nixon "be prevented at all costs from becoming president." Hubbard blamed Nixon for a distinctly unfriendly visit to the Washington Scientology Church by "two members of the United States Secret Service," which had upset Mary Sue Hubbard.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

24 Apr
  LRH issues a bulletin to US franchise holders asking them to do everything in their power to deny the presidency to a person named Richard M. Nixon. He says that after an innocent reference to Nixon in a Scientology magazine, two armed secret service agents, acting on Nixon's orders, have threatened staff on duty at the founding church in Washington: Hulking over desks, shouting violently, they stated that they daily had to make such calls on lots of people to prevent Nixon's name from being used in ways Nixon disliked ...

They said Nixon believed in nothing the Founding Church of Scientology stood for... We want clean hands in public office in the United States. Let's begin by doggedly denying Nixon the presidency no matter what his Secret Service tries to do to us now... He hates us and has used what police force was available to him to say so. So please get busy on it...

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 14

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