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-- Mar
  In all such cases of arrest for the practice of Scientology, the HASI will send a representative at once, but do not wait for his arrival to place this suit. The suit must have already been filed when the HASI attorney arrives.

In other words, do not, at any moment leave this act unpunished, for, if you do you are harming all other Scientologists in the area. When you are attacked it is your responsibility then to secure from further attack not only yourself but all those who work with you.

And I call to your attention the situation of any besieged fortress. If that fortress does not make sallies, does not send forth patrols to attack and harass, and does not utilize itself to make the besieging of it a highly dangerous occupation, that fortress may, and most often does, fall.

The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal conversation, public debate, or a court of
law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN CHARGES. DO, yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will WIN.

The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway... will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.

LRH - Ability March 1955 - The Scientologist - A Manual on the Dissemination of Material (page 157 of old Tech Volume II and page 151 of the new Tech Vol II)

False Solution - using lawsuits to harass - LRH
False Purpose (evil purpose) - "ruin him utterly" - LRH

25 Jul
  25 c. July 1955

On new printed notepaper headed L. Ron Hubbard D.D., Ph.D., LRH again writes to the FBI to say he has received an invitation to go to Russia. It has come from an 'unimpeachable source' who suggests that as LRH is about to be ruined by the IRS he might as well accept the offer. "It seems I can go to Russia as an adviser or a consultant and have my own laboratories and receive very high fees. And it is all so easy because it has already been ascertained that I could get my passport extended for Russia and all I had to do was go to Paris and there a Russian plane would pick me up and that would be that."

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 13

Incorrectly Included threat to FBI that LRH would go help the Russians - LRH

-- Sep
  In September 1955, Hubbard published an issue entitled "Psychiatrists," calling Scientology "the only Anglo-Saxon development in the field of the mind and spirit," and insisting that Scientologists inform the authorities if they suspected that any of their clients had been given LSD surreptitiously by a psychiatrist.

The FBI tired of Hubbard's missives, and stopped acknowledging them. One agent wrote "appears mental" on a Hubbard letter. Hubbard later privately admitted to having taken LSD himself.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included black intelligence operation against Scientology by using psychiatric drugs on pcs, making it appear that auditing drove them insane - Intelligence agencies


The AMA had its own intelligence agency. It may have been them doing this.

07 Sep
  LRH writes to the FBI to complain about the persecution of Scientologists, some of whom he alleges are being mysteriously driven insane, possibly by the use of LSD, 'the insanity producing drug so favored by the APA [American Psychological Association]'. He also says that a 'half-blind deaf old man' has been arrested for practicing medicine without a license in Phoenix by a County attorney promising to 'get to the bottom of this thing about Hubbard and Scientology'.

LRH points out that it is not uncommon 'to have judges and attorneys mad-dogged about what a terrible person I am and how foul is Scientology ... . All manner of defamatory rumors have been scattered around me, questioning even my sanity... . I am trying to turn out some monographs on matters in my field of nuclear physics and psychology for the government on the subject of alleviating some of the distress of radiation burns, a project I came east to complete'. He also promises to forward information about the latest brainwashing techniques in Russia.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 13

31 Dec
  Late 1955

At the end of 1955, the Hubbard Communications Office in Washington D.C. published a peculiar booklet entitled Brainwashing, which claimed to be a Russian textbook on "psychopolitics" written by the Soviet chief of the secret police, Beria. In an elaborate charade, Hubbard claimed the booklet had arrived anonymously, and mentioned a version in German, published in Berlin in 1947, and discovered in the Library of Congress.

The Library has no record of the German booklet. The version published by the Scientologists cannot have been written before December 1953, as there are several references to the "Church of Scientology." In fact, the author of Brainwashing was none other than L. Ron Hubbard. There are two witnesses, and the literary style and the slant of the contents provide further evidence of Hubbard's authorship.

Hubbard was perfectly willing to cash in on the intense interest in brainwashing, a hot topic in the United States with the return of POWs from North Korea. He was also willing to infect his devotees with his paranoia, and the booklet highlighted the grand conspiracy supposedly directed against Hubbard and his organizations.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

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