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  UFO Cover-Up

From the book Gods of Eden by William Bramley:

The first known official American government investigation into the UFO phenomena was begun on January 22, 1948 by the U.S. Air Force. The investigation was known as Project Sign. The startling conclusion of Project Sign, as announced in its Estimate of the Situation, was that UFOs were craft from "another world."

This conclusion was immediately rejected by the Chief of Staff, General Hoy S. Vandenberg, who dismissed the evidence as insufficient. A new study group called Project Grudge was subsequently launched on February 11, 1949. The purpose of Grudge was to investigate the UFO phenomenon from the basic premise that extraterrestrial aircraft could not exist. Project Grudge pursued its work for several years and was eventually upgraded to the famous Project Bluebird in 1952...

In the year after Project Bluebird was established, the CIA entered the UFO controversy with an investigation of its own. The CIA Panel rubber-stamped the official view that UFOs did not represent an extraterrestrial race. The Panel added that UFOs were not a direct physical threat to national security... The Panel did state, however, that reporting UFOs could be a threat to national security! As a result, the CIA and FBI investigated many people who reported UFOs. The U.S. Air Force cooperated by issuing regulations in 1958 instructing Air Force investigators to give the FBI the names of people who claimed to have contacted UFOs in some way, on the grounds that such people were "illegally or deceptively bringing the subject to public attention."

Today, the U.S. government is publicly out of the UFO business. Most of the debunking torch has been passed to a private group called the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP). CSICOP was founded in 1976 under the sponsorship of the American Humanist Association. Secular humanism admits only the reality of physical existence and rejects spiritual and theological reality. It is a philosophy of strict materialism.

UFO Cover-Up

From the book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke

About the same time that the Warren Commission reported its covered-up version of the
Kennedy assassination, the Condon Report came out which did a similar job on UFOs.

John Lear, a one-time pilot for the CIA, told a Dallas UFO Group in 1988:

"The nation has been brainwashed by a CIA mind-control operation based on fear of ridicule. There have been at least one million abductees in the US since 1947. There are approximately 70 alien civilizations known to be visiting us at the present time."

Some are here to help, others to hinder the transformation of humanity and planet Earth. The latter are linked with the Global Elite, either by face-to-face contact, or via channeling and consciousness control. I feel that contact has taken place between the Elite and certain negative ET races, and the most unspeakable genetic experiments are being carried out in the underground bases around the world, especially in the United States, on those who are written off as "missing persons." The Nazi mentality is alive and well and controlling America under the direction of an extraterrestrial consciousness which is the Nazi mentality.

One of the most famous scientific victims of the Elite was Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who died in a federal penitentiary in 1957 while the authorities destroyed all of his work that they could find. Reich's last book was called Contact With Space, which detailed his UFO research. He identified the lifeforce energies which he termed orgone energy.

He labeled positive energy OR and negative DOR. Reich believed that a particularly virulent form of negative energy, which he called Melanor, was emitted by some of the extraterrestrial spacecraft he said were visiting the planet.

Reich said that by using the knowledge of positive orgone energy, the lifeforce, he and his small team had grown grass to knee height in the Arizona desert, where it had never grown before in modern times. He also realized that this energy could be harnessed to provide "free energy" for all the warmth and power we need, without pollution and (virtually) cost free.

This is what could be happening all over the world if the knowledge of how to do it were not suppressed. The "unsolvable" problems of this world are only unsolvable because the solutions are kept from us.

Throughout his career in the United States... Reich was harassed by what he called the "hoodlums in government"... His fellow scientists looked on as he was crucified. In 1965, a leading journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen, was investigating both the UFO cover-up and the Kennedy assassination. Ruby, the man who killed the "patsy" Lee Harvey Oswald, told her something which, she told close friends, "would blow the Kennedy case sky-high". Within days she was found dead. I said in the Robot's Rebellion, that at least some abductions attributed to aliens are actually carried out by humans as part of a mind manipulation and microchipping operation. As this book was being completed, I was approached with information about what was claimed to be a mass mind manipulation policy on the people of the United Kingdom, headed by the National Security Agency in America with the blessing of the British authorities. This has involved among other things the staging of "UFO" sightings, "alien" abductions, and the microchipping of people, including some of those involved in UFO research.

One things for sure from where I am sitting: there is an underground facility connected with RAF Rudloe Manor in Wilshire, England, which the British people ought to know about, and the same goes for places like the top secret Mount Weather underground city near the little town of Bluemont, Virginia, about 46 miles west of Washington D.C. Neither of these facilities, or the others, are operating in the interests of the people. Mount Weather is likely to be a centre from where the parallel government of the United States, the one that really runs the country, coordinates its operation. It is also the place which supervises the surveillance of Americans who challenge the tyranny.

Incorrectly Included effort to maintain a drug-based healing monopoly - AMA
Incorrectly Included effort to cover up the UFO phenomena - Government agencies

-- Jan
  Unsurprisingly, Hubbard and Purcell had a falling out. At Wichita, Hubbard had joined the "past lives" faction. This leap of attitude from a supposed precision study of the mind to a spiritual practice aggravated the conservative Purcell.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Mar
  For six weeks after deserting the Wichita Foundation, Hubbard tried to establish his rival Hubbard College. In this short time, Hubbard gave a series of lectures that changed the whole complexion of Dianetics. He demonstrated the "Electro-psychometer", which later became an integral part of auditing. He talked openly about matters which in later years became the secret OT levels, and started to favor the word Scientology.

The greatest innovation of the Hubbard College of Lectures of March 1952 was the introduction of a new cosmology: Hubbard's history of the universe. In simple terms the "Theta-being" is the human spirit. Unfortunely, Theta-beings have to share human bodies with other lesser spirits, or entities, originally called "Theta bodies". The doctrine of the composite being emerged again in the mid-1960s, becoming the basis of the secret "Operating Thetan", or "OT" levels.

During 1952, he produced the basic substance from which Scientology was wrought. Hubbard also introduced the franchising of his techniques. Satellite organizations would pay a ten percent tithe to him, as well as paying for training in new methods created by Hubbard.

In March 1952, Hubbard was married for the third and final time. Mary Sue Whipp had arrived at the Wichita Foundation in mid-1951, and worked on staff there as an auditor.

The battle between Hubbard and Purcell continued throughout 1952, with attacks and counterattacks being sent to everyone on the Wichita Foundation mailing list.

Hubbard also sent out increasingly desperate pleas for funds. For the first time he introduced the ploy of steadily escalating prices.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Apr
  By April, Ron and Mary Sue had left the short-lived Hubbard College in Wichita, and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where they opened the new world headquarters of Hubbardian therapy. So it was that Scientology... was born. Therapy would now center upon the Theta-being, the spirit.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Correct target of auditing the Thetan to free him from his Earth prison - LRH


This goal of freeing beings really flies in the teeth of the Global Enslavers plan to keep us in our Earth jail and enslaved. Nothing could have been more detrimental to their plans.

01 Apr
  1 c. April 1952

Hubbard packed his belongings into the back of his yellow Pontiac convertible and heads out of Wichita on the Kansas Turnpike with his teenage bride of four weeks, Mary Sue, beside him on the front scat. Their destination, one thousand miles to the west, is Phoenix, Arizona, where loyal aides have already put up a sign outside a small office at 1405 North Central Street, announcing it as the headquarters of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 12

-- Jul
  His lectures given in Phoenix in the early summer of 1952 involved new techniques...
This information was summarized in the book A History of Man which was published in July 1952. Also in 1952, L. Ron Hubbard published Scientology 8-80...

Research and Discovery Series Vol 1 pg 698

Hubbard's book What To Audit, was published in July, claiming in the foreword to be a
"cold-blooded and factual account of your last sixty-trillion years."

When he left the Wichita Foundation, Hubbard also left the rights to his earlier books. He had to find something new and different if he was to retain any of his dwindling following. What To Audit is the foundation of Scientology. It is still in print, minus one chapter, under the title Scientology: A History of Man.

Hubbard was already equivocating about his discovery of the many "entities" compacted into the individual...

Hubbard claimed the Thetan could remodel his physical form, lose weight, enhance features, even add a little height and was readily capable of telepathy, telekinesis and remote viewing.

The Theta-being only came to earth 35,000 years ago (presumably from outer space)... to transform the caveman into Homo Sapiens.

In What To Audit, Hubbard also warned that the Earth was on the verge of psychic war.

In a 1952 lecture called "The Role of Earth," he explained the Fourth Invader Force still
had outposts on Mars. These were the very individuals responsible for the between-lives implants. Hubbard made no comment on the later failure of planetary probes to discover any signs of the Invaders on Mars....

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack


Planetary probes of Mars did find signs of intelligent life. There are photographs of what appear to be pyramids and a sphinx on the face of Mars. This is documented in a video tape entitled "The Monuments of Mars".

Here are some pictures from Viking Mission 1976 and later.

Falsehood about no signs of intelligent life on Mars - Jon Atack
Correct prediction that the world is on the verge of psychic warfare - LRH

-- Sep
  In mid-September 1952, L. Ron Hubbard flew to London... Although during that visit he was in England less than three months, he nevertheless gave 66 public lectures...

Research and Discovery Series Vol 1 pg 698

25 Nov
  25 c. November 1952

LRH returns to the United States, with Mary Sue and the baby, to deliver a series of lectures in Philadelphia, where the Scientology franchise is being run by Helen O'Brien and her husband.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 12

-- Dec
  In December 1952, Hubbard gave the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures to an audience of just thirty-eight. The lectures were based on Hubbard's newest book, Scientology 8.8008.

It was during the course of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course that Hubbard mentioned his "very good friend," Aleister Crowley....

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

16 Dec
  US law enforcement officers arrive at the Hubbard Dianetic Foundation at 237 North 16th Street, Philadelphia, with a warrant for the arrest of L. Ron Hubbard.

Helen O'Brien says:
Two detectives in plain clothes and a policeman in uniform came in. I asked them what they wanted and they said, We are here to arrest Ronald Hubbard.

My husband and I got in the paddy-wagon with Ron. They fingerprinted him and put him in a cell--it was the only time he was ever behind bars. I called my brother, who was a lawyer, and he got Ron out on $1000 bail later that afternoon.

The cause of this incident is Don Purcell, who is still doggedly pursuing Hubbard through the courts. When he heard Hubbard was in Philadelphia, Purcell had filed an affidavit in Pennsylvania District Court accusing him of wrongfully withdrawing $9,286 from the bankrupt Wichita Foundation.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 12


The FBI seems very industrious in assisting others to attack LRH, while ignoring any requests from him to defend him and his organizations from their attackers. The FBI appears biased against him and his groups.

Omitted assistance to LRH and his organizations - FBI

16 Dec
  The F.B.I. has a fingerprint card with this date which is signed "L. Ron Hubbard."

22 Dec
  Time magazine prints an article, Remember Venus? that is a snide hack piece about LRH's newest development, Scientology.

Time magazine article of 22 December 1952, as reproduced on the Internet

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Scientology - Time Magazine

31 Dec
  LRH returns to London, where the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, or HASI, has opened for business at 163 Holland Park Avenue.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 12

31 Dec
  LRH returns to London, where the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International, or HASI, has opened for business at 163 Holland Park Avenue.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 12

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