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  Following is all of the data used in the evaluation. It is left here as a record.

It is not necessary to read this complete version of the Data Section in order to understand the evaluation. You can simply read the Summary of the Data Section to understand the evaluation.

If you are interested, here is all of the data:

The DATA SECTION of the Evaluation contains the data used in the Evaluation of the Church of Scientology. The data presented relates to these two facts:

Subject of Scientology purpose & product = FREE SPIRITUAL BEINGS

Enslavers purpose & product - ENSLAVED SPIRITUAL BEINGS

There are those who OPPOSE the subject of Scientology's purpose and product and these are called Enslavers. The Enslavers are largely in control of planet Earth and they are not going to just sit and watch the subject of Scientology make free spiritual beings without doing something to stop it. And, they have acted to stop it - which is what lead to this Evaluation.

The Enslavers have been working to forward their evil purpose to enslave mankind and this has created a fourth dynamic engram. The Enslavers have also worked to stop the subject from creating its product of Free Spiritual Beings and this has created a third dynamic engram.

By learning the details of this conflict between the Church and the Enslavers you will run out this third and fourth dynamic engram for the first time. You will finally understand who has been keeping this planet upset and how and why. You will finally understand all the troubles the Church has had and why it has not produced the product of Free Spiritual Beings. The game being played is ENSLAVERS VS BEINGS WHO SEEK FREEDOM

Since there are those who oppose freeing beings - Scientologists are going to have to pay the price of freedom. It's not an option.

The price of freedom is ...



At this point we will communicate the EXISTING SCENE into which Dianetics was introduced. Following is information on the Planetary and Interplanetary Situation:

Earth being used as a prison planet for spiritual beings

From LRH tape on 6 August 1963 Auditing Comm Cycles:

"The character of this planet and the population hereon makes it practically impossible to do anything with this planet. Why? This planet is part of a larger confederation - was part of an earlier confederation and passed out of its control due to losses in war and other such things. Now, this larger confederacy - this isn't its right name, but we have often called it and referred to it in the past as the Marcab Confederacy.

You find a type of mental implanting and that sort of thing going on here in the last couple of hundred thousand years which are not native to your earlier track. Probably the best way to hide your overts is to give somebody amnesia, you see (then they don't know what you've done to them), and then tell them something else has happened.

Now, the fellow who conforms to that society is in no vast trouble. So, this leaves the brilliant artist, the brilliant engineer, the manager, the genius, the criminal, the pervert, non persona grata.

And they sentence these people - the upper class (that is to say the brighter gent) because they can't control him and they're afraid of him, and the lower class because it's too vicious even for them - and they condemn these people to perpetual amnesia.

"Dead Forever" they call it ... and wrap them up in mothballs and ship them down here, and here we are. And that is the population of this planet."

Earth being used as a prison planet and humans used as slaves

From the book Gods of Eden by William Bramley:

Human beings appear to be a slave race languishing on an isolated planet in a small galaxy. As such, the human race was once a source of labor for an extraterrestrial civilization and still remains a possession today. To keep control over its ossession and to maintain Earth as something of a prison, that other civilization has bred never-ending conflict between human beings, has promoted human spiritual decay, and has erected on Earth conditions of unremitting physical hardship. This situation has existed for thousands of years and it continues today.

For lack of anything better, I will simply refer to them as the Custodial society, meaning that specific extraterrestrial society which appears to have had ownership and custody of the earth since prehistory.

According to the history inscribed on Mesopotamian tablets, there was a time when human beings did not exist at all. Earth was inhabited by members of the Custodial civilization. Custodial life on earth was not pleasant, however. Custodial efforts to exploit the rich mineral and natural resources of Earth proved backbreaking.

A solution was needed, and it was found: to create a new creature capable of performing the same labors on Earth as the Custodians. With this purpose in mind, the Custodial "gods" created Homo Sapiens (man). Ancient Mesopotamian tablets credit one "god" in particular with supervising the genetic
manufacture of Homo Sapiens. That "gods" name was Ea.

Most importantly, Ea was described as good-hearted, at least in regard to his creation, Homo sapiens. Mesopotamian texts portray Ea as an advocate who spoke before Custodial councils on behalf of the new Earth race. He opposed many of the cruelties that other Custodial rulers, including his half-brother Enlil,
inflicted upon human beings.

According to modern-day analysis of the fossil record, Homo Sapiens emerged as a distinct animal species somewhere between 300,000 B.C. and 700,000 B.C. As time progressed, a number of subspecies of Homo Sapiens emerged, including that subspecies to which all human beings belong today: Homo sapiens sapiens. Homo sapiens sapiens appeared a mere 30,000 years ago... modern anthropology has discovered a sudden replacement of Neanderthal man with modern man, and Mesopotamian records state that intelligent planning by an extraterrestrial race lay somewhere behind that dramatic event.

Without a spiritual entity to animate it, a human body would be little more than a reactive animal, or dead. Custodial rulers knew that they needed to keep spiritual beings permanently attached to human bodies in order to animate those bodies and make them intelligent enough to perform their labors...

Based upon how things are done in human society, we might guess that the Custodial society used criminals, deviates, prisoners of war, detested social and racial groups, nonconformists, and other undesirables to obtain the spiritual beings it needed to animate the new slave race of Earth.

As beasts of burden, humans were brutally treated by their extraterrestrial masters. Cold-blooded population control measures were carried out frequently. Lesser diseases, such as one resembling influenza, were also visited upon Homo Sapiens, suggesting that the Custodial "gods" understood and engaged in
biological warfare.

The Custodians clearly did not want mankind to begin traveling the road to spiritual recovery. The Custodial society wanted slaves. It becomes impossible when those same individuals are uncowed by physical threats due to a reawakened grasp of their spiritual immortality. Most importantly, if spiritual beings could no longer be trapped in human bodies, but could instead use and abandon bodies at will, there would be no spiritual beings available to animate slave bodies. As we recall, Sumerian tablets revealed a Custodial intention to permanently attach spiritual beings to human bodies.

"By the sweat of your face will you eat bread, until you return to the ground"...
Genesis 3:17-19

The above passage indicates that Custodial rulers intended to make humans live their entire lives and die without ever rising above the level of arduous material existence. That would leave humans little time to seek out the understanding they needed to become spiritually free.

The ancient version is that an extraterrestrial society had come to possess Earth and sought to exploit the planet's resources. To make exploitation easier, a work race was created: Homo Sapiens. Humans were treated as livestock and were frequently butchered when they became too numerous or troublesome. To preserve Homo Sapiens as a slave race and to prevent future rebellion, spiritual knowledge was repressed, human beings were scattered geographically into different linguistic groups, and conditions were created to make physical survival on Earth an all-consuming chore from birth until death.

The snake was the logo of a group which had become very influential in early human societies of both Hemispheres. That group was a disciplined Brotherhood dedicated to the dissemination of spiritual knowledge and the attainment of spiritual freedom. This Brotherhood of the Snake opposed the enslavement of spiritual beings and, according to Egyptian writings, it sought to liberate the human race from Custodial bondage.

The Brotherhood also imparted scientific knowledge and encouraged the high aesthetics that existed in many ancient societies.

When we look to discover who founded the Brotherhood, Mesopotamian texts point right back to that rebellious "god" Prince Ea. Despite all of their reported good intentions, the legendary Ea and early Brotherhood clearly failed to free the human race. Ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and biblical texts relate that the "snake" was quickly defeated by other Custodial factions.

Ea (who was also symbolized as a snake) was banished to Earth and was extensively villainized by his opponents to ensure that he could never again secure a widespread following among human beings. Ea's title was changed from "Prince of Earth" to "Prince of Darkness". He was labeled other horrible epithets: Satan, the Devil, Evil Incarnate, Monarch of Hell, Lord of Vermin, Prince of Liars, and more. He was portrayed as the mortal enemy of the Supreme Being and as the keeper of Hell.

...the early Snake Brotherhood which, after its reported defeat, continued to remain a powerful force in human affairs, but under the domination of the very Custodial factions that Ea and the original Brotherhood were said to have opposed. History indicates that the Brotherhood was turned, under its new Custodial "gods", into a chilling weapon of spiritual repression and betrayal, despite the efforts of many sincere humanitarians to bring about true spiritual reform through Brotherhood channels all the way up until today. By reportedly creating a work race and the Brotherhood of the Snake, the "god" Ea had helped build a trap for billions of spiritual beings on Earth.

As we shall now begin to carefully document, the Brotherhood of the Snake has been the world's most effective tool for preserving mankind's status as a spiritually ignorant creature of toil throughout all of history. During all of that time, and continuing today, the Brotherhood and its network of organizations have remained intimately tied to the UFO phenomenon.

The original uncorrupted Brotherhood engaged in a pragmatic program of spiritual education. The organization's approach was scientific, not mystical or ceremonial. Brotherhood teachings were arranged as a step-by-step process. A student was required to satisfactorily complete one level of instruction before proceeding to the next one. All pupils took oaths of secrecy in which they swore never to reveal the teachings of a level to any person who had not yet graduated up to that level.

Imparting spiritual knowledge in this fashion will be effective as long as the levels are ultimately open to everyone. When arbitrary or blanket restrictions are placed on who may have access to the teachings, either through overregulation, elitism, or by setting near-impossible conditions for admittance, the system of confidential step-by-step levels changes from an educational tool into an instrument of spiritual repression. The Brotherhood underwent such a change.

The teachings of the Brotherhood in ancient Egypt were organized into an institution known as the "Mystery Schools". The Mystery Schools not only twisted spiritual knowledge, they greatly restricted public access to any theological truths still surviving. Only the pharoahs, priests, and a few others deemed worthy were accepted into the Schools.

Rosicrucianism is one of the mystical systems which arose out of Brotherhood teachings. Dr. Lewis's Rosicrucian Order is called The Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. AMORC was founded in the early 1900's.

(Egyptian) King Akhnaton presided over another important development in the Brotherhood. ...he achieved everlasting fame for his efforts to champion the cause of monotheism, i.e., the worship of a "one only" God. Monotheism was a Brotherhood teaching and many historians cite Akhnaton as the first important historical figure to broadly promulgate the concept.

The Brotherhood of the Snake... survived and expanded by sending out from Egypt missionaries and conquerors who established Brotherhood branches and offshoots throughout the civilized world. These Brotherhood emissaries widely disseminated the Brotherhood's new "one God" religion and eventually made it the dominant theology throughout the world.

Earth being used as a prison planet

From the book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke:

Creation consists of an infinite number of dimensions, wavelengths, frequencies, of reality. This physical world is only one of them. These frequencies share the same space that our physical world occupies, in the same way that all radio, television, and telecommunication frequencies broadcasting to your area are sharing the same space that your body is occupying now. They don't interfere with each other because they are on different frequencies or dimensions; they are vibrating at different speeds.

Our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves are a series of magnetic energy fields interacting with each other... Second by second we are broadcasting an energy field that reflects what we think of ourselves. This may not seem to have anything to do with the manipulation of the world, but it is, in fact, at the core of what has happened and continues to happen.

You might imagine this process as like casting a magnetic cape or aura around ourselves. A person is a series of magnetic energy fields, so is a place, an experience, a situation, everything.

Humanity's desire to give its mind away has allowed a structure to develop over thousands of years which today is on the verge of creating a global fascist dictatorship. That same mindset controls the secret government of the world which is, minute by minute, manipulating the human mind to accept a centralized global tyranny. This tyranny is called the New World Order and, unless we shake ourselves from our spiritual slumber, it will manifest as a world government, a world central bank and currency, a world army, and a microchipped population linked to a global computer.

If anyone thinks this is ridiculous, the next few hundred pages are going to be very sobering. We are astonishingly close to all of those things. It is time to grow up and wake up.

All I mean by extraterrestrial is "not of this earth" - other civilizations, consciousness and lifeforms on other wavelengths which our physical senses cannot normally see or hear.

Take this one stage further to encompass the fact that these other civilizations on other wavelengths are more advanced in their knowledge and know-how than we are at this time, and a picture begins to form... These other civilizations are not all positive or negative. Like us, they are a bit of both. But many of these peoples are years, sometimes millions of years, ahead of where we are technologically and in their understanding of the universal laws. If we judge the credibility or craziness of something only from the perspective of our scientific achievements on this wavelength of Planet Earth, we will never understand what has happened to us.

When I read Bringers of the Dawn, it cross-confirmed some of the themes I had written in the Robots' Rebellion... Bringers of the Dawn claim to be the words of a consciousness communicating from the star system we know as the Pleiades. I believe that this star system called the Pleiades, or at least the more evolved groups from there, are part of a universal operation to set humanity and this world free from the prison we have unknowingly lived within for aeons...

Note: Here we make reference to the dictionary and an LRH tape:

The dictionary defines Pleiades as - 7 stars in the constellation Taurus. It also means a group or cluster of illustrious or brilliant persons or things, usually 7 in number. In a Rons Journal of the late 1960's, LRH said he was not from this planet, and that he came from a council of seven. He referred to this council of seven as being very wise and out of these seven, he was the adventurous one.

End of note and continuation of David Icke book follows:

Planet Earth was hijacked, you could say, and taken over by another civilization or civilizations, which are highly advanced technologically, but pretty low on love and wisdom.

We live in a time-space reality - "world" - called the Third Dimension and it is from some of our "neighbors" in the Fourth Dimension that the interference has come. Whenever I speak of the extraterrestrial consciousness or the Prison Warder consciousness I am referring to manipulation from the Fourth Dimension via either thought control or direct intervention.

Both the hijacking extraterrestrials and those with humanity's interests at heart were regular visitors to the earth thousands of years ago. They became the gods in the ancient texts and legends which have formed the foundation of most, perhaps all, of the major religions of today. These fourth dimensional manipulators created the religions to control the human mind as they sought to control this dimension. If you want to shut down someone's consciousness so they stop thinking for themselves and delink their minds from their infinite potential, sell them a dogmatic religion or some other form of rigid dogma. They are then putty in your hands.

I think the takeover of planet earth was achieved by what I call the Luciferic Consciousness. I use this as an overall name to describe the force which attempts to work through all life forms, human and extraterrestrial, to control the planet. It is an extremely negative energy operating from the Fourth Dimension.

The takeover of the Earth by the extraterrestrial expressions of this Luciferic Consciousness took the form, I believe, of creating a vibratory prison. If, therefore, there is a frequency net thrown around this planet, a blocking, imprisoning vibration, which prevents us from interconnecting with the higher levels of consciousness and potential, we cease to be "whole." Blocking frequencies are already used here on earth, never mind by more technologically advanced civilizations. During the period of the Soviet Union, they created an information prison by sending out blocking frequencies to stop certain radio stations from being received by the population. Extend that concept to the planet as a whole and you have the very picture I am presenting.

In his book, The Montauk Project, the electrical engineer, Preston Nichols, tells the story of how he discovered a blocking frequency which jammed the minds of psychics he was working with as part of research into telepathy. Nichols found that the minds of psychics were blocked at the same time each day. Using tracking equipment, he traced the jamming frequency to a now notorious centre of mind control and time travel research called Montauk, on the eastern end of Long Island, New York.

All we need to remember is that an extraterrestrial force from the Fourth Dimension created an information prison by blocking off the higher levels of human consciousness. If such a jamming vibration were thrown around our planet... our potential would be confined to the levels of consciousness which are within the imprisoning frequency. Any consciousness and knowledge held on higher frequencies outside this vibratory prison would be denied to us.

Those who could continue to hold their vibratory rate, their frequency, could still stay in touch with their higher levels, their Higher Self, because the vibratory connection was still there, although the blocking frequency made this a less than perfect connection, even for them. More and more people are able to do this today as the blocking frequency is dispersed and this is the basis of what is termed the "spiritual awakening" now enveloping this planet.


Quotes from LRH book - A History of Man:

A thetan is somewhat bound-in here on Earth because of the existence of other system forces.

A theta being can be made visible by certain electronic flows; he can be pinned down by certain flows. The wavelengths of these flows are not known to Homo sapiens at this time and methods of emission of them have not been invented on Earth. (Book was written in 1952)

The theta being is capable of emitting a considerable electronic flow. The theta being, on his own, can instill anything on the emotional range into another being, for each emotion is a wavelength and wave characteristic. A theta being can be rendered unconscious by wave action; he can be hypnotized; he can be made to sleep; he can be made to possess facsimiles and use them. He is subject to all the laws and rules of thought, emotion and effort as described in Dianetics and Scientology...

MEST beings (amnesia and a MEST body) attack thetans who menace them. MEST beings, trying to inhabit an area of thetans are commonly balked and fought by the thetans and the MEST beings then begin to trap and harass the thetans and will use them to motivate new bodies when the thetans have been reduced to little or nothing in power. Thus a war develops between thetans and MEST beings. Given electronics and hitherto unconquered thetans, MEST beings can and have won.

A thetan, brought low enough to have a MEST body, may consider that he has been trapped by "time warps" or that his universe is another dimension or some such thing. This is not the case. Thetans live in the same time stream with the difference that they can alter concepts of time and get future or past at will - it is the thetan who is altering his concept, not the time that is changing. So don't go off on wild chases after fourth and fifth dimensions, time warps and other time-space universes: teleportation makes it look like these exist for the thetan.

End of History of Man quotes - continuation of David Icke book follows:

Over the thousands of years or more since the vibratory net was cast around the earth, we have been a people, a race, working to a fraction of our full and infinite potential. In the period after the blocking vibration was created, I believe that Fourth Dimensional extraterrestrials of the Luciferic mindset came here and genetically re-wired the DNA, the inherited coding of the physical body.

Note: A similar idea, about DNA tampering to form a trap, is expressed in a document alleged to be an OT 8 briefing. In that document these Beings are referred to as "those who stand outside of time."

End of note - continuation of David Icke book follows:

The sudden changes in the human form were due to extraterrestrial intervention. The aim of the negative extraterrestrials in relation to Earth was to turn humans into little more than a slave race.

Extraterrestrial underground bases and Psychic Warfare machines

From the book Gods of Eden by William Bramley:

Guy Warren Ballard was a mining engineer. In 1930, he went on a business trip to Mount Shasta in northern California. Ballard had become interested in mysticism before his trip and he wanted to use his off-duty hours at Mount Shasta to unravel rumors about the existence of a secret branch of the Brotherhood called the "Brotherhood of Mount Shasta". The Shasta Brotherhood was said to have a secret underground headquarters inside the famous California mountain.

Mr. Ballard writes that he had hiked up the side of the mountain and paused by a spring. As he bent down to fill a cup with water, he felt an electrical current passing through his body from head to foot. Looking around, he saw behind him a bearded man who looked to be in his 20's or 30's. The stranger later introduced himself as the Count of St. Germain.

As a result of this meeting, Mr. Ballard began a full-time career spreading the teachings of the new St. Germain. Ballard established the I AM Foundation - an organization with secret initiations and step-by-step teachings. Mr. Ballard claims that he had been introduced to members of the highest levels of the Brotherhood, under which the I AM was founded.

...St. Germain had Ballard drink a liquid which caused a strong physical reaction and made Ballard go "out of body". Ballard alleges that while he was in some of his "out-of-body" states, St. Germain, who was also "out-of-body", took him to some rather remarkable places. One locale was a mountain in the Teton Range in Wyoming...

According to Ballard, there was a sealed tunnel entrance near the top of the mountain that led to elevators. The elevators took their occupants to a location two thousand feet down into an underground complex of huge halls, storage spaces, and mines. In one of the large underground rooms, Mr. Ballard claims that he saw an All-Seeing Eye symbol on the wall. There was also a large machine, which Ballard described as:

...a disc of gold - at least twelve feet in diameter. Around the main disc were seven smaller discs... As I learned later, at certain times for special purposes - Great Cosmic Beings pour through these discs - their powerful currents - of force.

Great Cosmic Beings was the term used by Ballard to denote leaders at the highest echelons of the Brotherhood. In his writings, Mr. Ballard claims that some of the Brotherhood's "Great Cosmic Beings" are of extraterrestrial origin.

Ballard was told that the currents of force emitted by the machine were directed "to the humanity of earth". The purpose?

This radiation affects - the seven ganglionic centers (nerve centers outside the brain and spinal cord) within every human body on our planet - as well as all animal and plant life.

This is an astonishing claim, for it would mean that powerful electronics were used by the Brotherhood's "Great Cosmic Beings" to affect the human nervous system on a widespread scale. According to an I AM Foundation magazine, the purpose of the radiation was behavior modification...

The idea of behavior modification through electronic radiation is by no means an absurd one. In recent years the Soviet Union has been developing and using electronic tranquilizing machines to behaviorally affect large populations. Such devices are also being proposed for classroom use in the United States.

Although the alleged use purpose of the Royal Teton radiation machine was to reduce discordant human activity, such radiation will usually have the opposite long-term effect because the emanations are actually irritants to the central nervous system, even if they do cause a superficial sedation.

In his first books, Mr. Ballard claims to have visited four secret underground locations altogether: two of them while "out-of-body" and two by regular human means.

The underground locations were reportedly quite expansive and served a number of functions. In addition to holding electronic gadgetry, the caves were reportedly filled with enormous quantities of precious metals and gems. Precious metals and stones are expensive largely because of artificial scarcity. According to Mr. Ballard, the "Ascended Masters" of the Brotherhood intended to keep precious metals and gems scarce.

During his trips to the alleged underground locations, Ballard was also shown some radio-type gadgets. One such gadget could reportedly tune in on conversations taking place in various parts of the world - including the offices of the Bank of England!

Earlier in this book, we noted the large-scale destruction of irreplaceable religious and historical records... Historians have been able to piece together much of human history anyway; but is that history complete? According to Mr. Ballard, it is not. Mankind lost additional records to Brotherhood leaders who had deliberately removed and hidden the writings. Ballard claims that he saw some of those ancient historical works inside the underground mountain complex north of Darjeeling, India. He added that the records would not be released to the human race until the "Ascended Masters" so ordered:

These records are not brought forth into the use of the outer world at the present time, because of lack of spiritual growth and understanding of the people.

If true, the above quote is a stunning admission. Mankind's "lack of spiritual growth" has been caused by the very organizations to which these alleged "Ascended Masters" belong. If indeed such hidden records existed, we must conclude that the only purpose for hiding them was to keep mankind ignorant about the past.

The Secret Government of Earth

From the book Gods of Eden by William Bramley:

In the 14th century, that region of Europe we know as Germany consisted of numerous independent principalities and city-states. By that time, several of those principalities had emerged as the primary centers of Brotherhood activity in Europe...

In Germany and elsewhere the Brotherhood and some of its most advanced initiates had become known by a Latin name: the Illuminati, which means "illuminated (enlightened) ones". This Illuminati should not be confused with another lesser Illuminati founded in 18th century Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt. The true Illuminati and Weishaupt's Illuminati are two distinct organizations.

One of the Illuminati's most important branches in Germany was the mystical Rosicrucian organization. The links between the Illuminati and early Rosicrucians were quite intimate in that advancement through the Rosicrucian degrees often resulted in admittance to the Illuminati.

....Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812), founder of one of the most influential banking houses of Europe. For generations, the Rothschild house was Europe's most powerful banking family and it remains influential in the international banking community today. Sharing the Rothschild house in Frankfurt during its early days was the Schiff family. The Rothschilds, Schiffs and other banking families were truly part of a hereditary "paper aristocracy" to which Brotherhood revolutionaries had given a great deal of power when they established the inflatable paper money system and its attendant central banks.

By the late 19th Century, the new system of inflatable paper money was the established norm throughout the world. This money system was not adequately organized on an international scale, however, and that was the next step: to create a permanent worldwide central banking network which could be coordinated from a single fixed location.

In the English-speaking world, the newly-organized central banks exerted significant political influence through an organization they supported known as the Round Table. The Round Table was a "think tank" designed to affect the foreign policy actions of governments.

The Round Table was founded by an Englishman named Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902). He was very concerned with the world and where it was headed, especially in regard to warfare. Although he lived almost a century ago, he envisioned a day when weapons of great destruction could destroy human civilization. His farsightedness inspired him to channel his considerable talents and personal fortune into building a world political system under which it would be impossible for a war of such magnitude to occur.

Rhodes intended to make a one-world government led by Britain. He sought to diminish nationalism and to increase awareness among people that they were part of a larger human community. It was with these goals in mind that Rhodes established the Round Table.

Something went wrong, however. Rhodes committed the same error made by so many other humanitarians before him: he thought that he could accomplish his goals through the channels of the corrupted Brotherhood network. Rhodes therefore ended up creating institutions which promptly fell into the hands of those who would effectively use those institutions to oppress the human race. The Round Table not only failed to do what Rhodes had intended, but its members later helped create two of the 20th Century's most heinous institutions: the concentration camp and the very thing that Rhodes had dedicated his life to preventing: the atomic bomb.

Rhodes' secret society, the Round Table, was finally born in 1891. One of Rhodes' chief supporters was the English banker, Lord Rothschild... Lord Rothschild was listed as one of the proposed members for the Round Table's Circle of Initiates. Another Rhodes associate was the influential English banker, Alfred Milner.

After Rhodes died in 1902, the Round Table gained increased support from members of the international banking community. From 1925 onward, major contributors to the Round Table came from wealthy individuals, foundations, and companies associated with the international banker fraternity. They included the Carnegie United Kingdon Trust, organizations associated with J.P. Morgan, and the Rockefeller and Whitney families.

After WW I, the Round Table underwent a period of expansion during which many subgroups were created. In the United States, the Round Table "front group" was named the Council On Foreign Relations.

The CFR is usually thought of as a "think tank" from which come a great many political appointees at the Federal level. Under the Presidential administration of Ronald Reagan, for example, more than 70 administration members belonged to the Council, including a number of top cabinet members. The CFR has dominated earlier Presidential administrations and it dominates the present administration.

The chairman of the CFR for many years has been banker David Rockefeller. The warning of Thomas Jefferson has come true. The banking fraternity has exercised a strong influence on American politics, notably in foreign affairs, and the Council on Foreign Relations is one channel through which it has done so. Regrettably, that influence has helped to preserve inflation, debt and warfare as the status quo.

The Secret Government of Earth

From the book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke:

We return to the central theme of this book: creating our own reality. The key to this reality is thought. If you can manipulate someone's thoughts and view of themselves, you are creating that person's reality and, as a result, their physical experience. The Global Conspiracy (with the Prison Warder consciousness at the apex of the pyramid) is a conspiracy to manipulate the human race's sense of self and, in doing so, the creation of its physical reality.

The most effective way to close down a human mind and to manipulate its sense of self is to programme into it some form of dogma. A dogma will always vehemently defend itself from other information and repel any alternative opinion which contradicts its own narrow, solidified view. The most effective dogmas over thousands of years have been the religions. The two leading weapons used by religions are those cancerous emotions: fear and guilt.

The foundation of the manipulation of the world has always been the control of knowledge. While the religions were using fear, guilt and imposition to sell the people a desparately narrow view of life and themselves, a secret network developed to pass on far more advanced knowledge to the privileged few. It does not compare with the knowledge available outside the prison, but it is still far in advance of that which humanity in general has been allowed to know. If you want to manipulate people, it is essential that you have knowledge which they don't have.

The vehicle for keeping this knowledge from the public arena has been the system of initiations used by the ancient mystery schools and the now immense secret society network all over the world, which I call the Brotherhood. Each higher level of initiate is given more knowledge than those below. This sets up a pyramid structure, with the few who reach the top levels of initiation knowing far, far more than the majority further down the ladder. This makes it easy for those few to manipulate the rest.

The Brotherhood Pyramid has the extraterrestrials over the Global Elite, at the apex of the pyramid. Below them you have various secret societies such as the Freemasons, which appear to be separate organizations. But, they all connect with the Global Elite, so turning all secret societies into the same organization working towards a common goal. At least 95% of the members of these societies will not realize what they are part of.

The members of this Global Elite are either direct incarnations of the Fourth Dimensional Prison Warders or have their minds controlled by them. The aim of the Brotherhood and its interdimensional controllers has been to centralize power in the hands of a few. The game plan is known as the Great Work of the Ages or the New World Order, and it seeks to introduce a world government to which all nations would be colonies; a world central bank and currency, a world army; and a microchipped population connected to a global computer.

The plan for the New World Order and global control moved into a new phase with the emergence of "funny money." This is the process by which banks lend money that doesn't exist (credit) and charge you interest on it!

I have heard it said that no one gains from wars, but that is not quite correct. The bankers win every time - in the short term. They lend money that doesn't exist to finance both sides and make massive profits on the interest. They also control the arms manufacturers with whom the two sides spend the funny money which the bankers have loaned. In this way they get their loans back through their armament companies while still charging interest on the original loan to the governments. Then, when the two or more countries have devastated each other with the help of money provided by the banks, those same banks lend them more money that doesn't exist to rebuild their shattered nations and infrastructure. This produces even more profits for the banks and, through debt, gives them control of those countries and their peoples.

A Global Elite banking network was created with central banks in each country working together to manipulate the system across Europe and the United States.

The two names which dominated the Elite/Round Table network in America were Rockefeller and Morgan... The Rockefellers are at the heart of the New World Order deception to this day. Morgan/Rockefeller were quite a twosome and no US Government or politician could rule without their consent. John Foster Dulles and his brother Allen will be another common thread in our story from the first World War to the Kennedy assassination. John Foster Dulles would become US Secretary of State and Allen, the head of the CIA.

At the Elite level were certain families and individuals on both sides of the Atlantic who worked together covertly in pursuit of the goal of world government, a world central bank, a world currency, and a world army. The technology for electronic money and a microchipped population would be added later. By now, certain names were appearing which would be involved in almost everything of global significance in the decades that followed: names like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Harriman, Milner, Dulles...

Such names and organizations within the Elite/Illuminati/Brotherhood network have been behind the two World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and the constant manipulation of the financial system. But it is a fair question to ask why would they support fascism, communism, and capitalism at the same time? And how could this help their plans for the New World Order?

Financially, wars and revolutions are very profitable for the bankers and suppliers. But there are wider reasons behind this. If you want nations to give up their sovereignty and hand over decisions and power to a world authority, it won't just happen. You have to make it happen by causing conflict between nations... The Elite, working in part through the Round Table network, wanted to cause so much pain and war between nation states that the public would say "something must be done." This something was intended to be a world authority all along.

They would try first to introduce this as the League of Nations after World War I and when that didn't work, another World War led to the United Nations. The Rockefellers donated the money to build the headquarters of the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and they would later donate the land which the United Nations headquarters now occupies in New York.

With every year of the twentieth century, the quickening pace of the New World Order agenda can be identified. A network of organizations developed rapidly after the Versailles Peace Conference of 1919, and today this network is the most influential of all the Global Elite structures in controlling world events. They were introduced to infiltrate all areas of politics, banking, business, the media, education, science, and the military. Their role is to recruit members who support the New World Order philosophy and ensure that they are appointed to positions of power and influence in all these areas of national and international life. All are offshoots of the original Round Table which began to give birth to this network after Versailles, with the creation of the Institute of International Affairs, based at Chatham House in London.

By far the most important of the Institute's creations, however, was the Council On Foreign Relations in the United States, which was to penetrate all areas of American life.

The Council On Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs are the same organization, working on different sides of the Atlantic to carry out the same goals and agenda. Their members are in leading positions in government, including the Presidency, banking, business, education, military, and the media. The power of the Council On Foreign Relations grew rapidly, and today it controls the administration of the United States, especially its foreign policy. Its goal is to introduce world government and it has spanned the United States with support groups.

Since the formation of the CFR, every president of the United States has been a member except for Ronald Reagan. In truth Reagan was not President, his vice-president George Bush, a CFR member, was running the show. The last eight directors of the CIA, including George Bush, had been CFR members...

The Secret Government after WW II

From the book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke

In summary, the foundation themes of the Elite's plan immediately after the war were the following:

To introduce a world authority called the United Nations which could evolve into a world government with powers to control the lives of everyone on the planet.

To continue to cause conflicts across the world and to use the fear of the Soviet Union to massively increase spending on nuclear weapons and conventional weapons, thus adding to the terror of nuclear war and demands for global security.

To create three "free trade" regions in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, which would be sold to people initially as merely economic groupings. Gradually, however, these would be evolved into centralized political unions, with one central bank and one currency. These would be stepping stones to the introduction of the same institutions on a global scale. The European Economic Community, now the European Union, was the first of these, but the other two are now underway, also.

To advance the control of public opinion and to research and expand the understanding of how to manipulate the human psyche, individually and collectively. Today this agenda includes the microchipping of people and their permanent connection to a global computer.

To create a welfare state while destroying alternatives to the economic system and, when the desired dependency had been achieved, to dismantle that state welfare support, so creating a vast underclass without help or hope.

To make fantastic amounts of money in the course of realizing all of these ambitions via the Elite-controlled companies and banks.

To continually add to the debt burdens of people, business, and state, thus increasing the control exerted over them.

The real Nazis before and after WW II - Hitler was just a front man (puppet)

From the book Gods of Eden by William Bramley:

The beginning of the 20th century witnessed many changes in Germany. Behind the German militarization lay the Brotherhood network. In the early 1900's, a number of mystical organizations in Germany were espousing a curious mix of Aryan Master Race ideas and mystical concepts about the future glories of Germany. This concoction resulted in the notion of a German Master Race. One of the most prominent writers in that genre was Houston Stewart Chamberlain...

He (Chamberlain) indicated that Germans belonged to the western Aryan group of peoples and were therefore racially superior to all others. From Germany would arise a new race of "Supermen", he declared. Chamberlain also did not hesitate to express his anti-Semitism. The mystical ideas espoused by Chamberlain did much to push the Kaiser and other German leaders into the megalomania that brought about World War I.

Another messiah was gaining a large following in Germany. Using one of the Brotherhood's most important symbols, the swastika, that German Messiah's name was Adolf Hitler.

Hitler did not develop his ideology in a vacuum. One of his most influential mentors was a Viennese bookstore owner named Ernst Pretzsche. Pretzsche was a devotee of the Germanic mysticism that was preaching the coming of an Aryan super race. In fact, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the mystic who had so influenced the Kaiser, years later declared Hitler to be the prophesized German Messiah. On September 25, 1925, the Nazi newspaper, Volkischer Beobachter, celebrated Chamberlain's seventieth birthday and declared his work, Foundations of the Twentieth Century, to be "The Gospel of the Nazi Movement."

Hitler's road to politics began as a German soldier during World War I. About two months after winning the iron Cross, Hitler was blinded with mustard gas during a battle. He was taken to the Pasewalk military hospital in northern Germany where he was mistakenly diagnosed as suffering from "psychopathic hysteria." Hitler was consequently placed under the care of a psychiatrist, Dr. Edmund Forster.

What exactly was done to Hitler while under Dr. Forster's care is uncertain because years later, in 1933, Hitler's secret police, the Gestapo, rounded up all psychiatric records related to Hitler's treatment and destroyed them. According to Hitler, he had experienced a "vision" from "another world" while at the hospital. In that vision, Hitler was told that he would need to restore his sight so that he could lead Germany back to glory.

In a shrewd piece of detective work published in the journal, History of Childhood Quarterly, psychohistorian Dr. Rudolph Binion suggests that Hitler's visions may have been deliberately induced by the psychiatrist, Edmund Forster...

Dr. Binion cites a book completed in 1939 entitled, Der Augenzeuge (The Eyewitness), written by a Jewish doctor named Ernst Weiss who had fled Germany in 1933. In Der Augenzeuge, the author tells a thinly fictionalized story of a man, "A.H.", who is taken to Pasewalk hospital for psychiatric care. At Pasewalk, the psychiatrist in charge deliberately induces visionary ideas into the mind of the hysterical "A.H.", in order to effect a cure. The "miracle cure" is successful...

After Hitler's discharge from Pasewalk in November of 1918, he traveled back to Munich. He was assigned to the highly secret Political Department of the Army District Command. A prominent leader of the District Command was Captain Ernst Rohm. Captain Rohm and many other members of the District Command were members of a mystical organization known as the Thule Society. The Thule believed in the Aryan Superrace and it preached the coming of a German messiah who would lead Germany to glory and a new Aryan civilization.

Although the Thule was probably the most important mystical organization behind the formation of Nazzism, it was not the only one. Another was the "Vril" Society, which had been named after a book by Lord Bulward Litton - an English Rosicrucian. Litton's book told the story of an Aryan "superrace" coming to Earth.

One member of the German Vril was professor Karl Haushofer... a mentor to Hitler as well as to Hitler's propaganda specialist, Rudolph Hess. Another Vril member was the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany: Heinrich Himmler, who became head of the dreaded SS and Gestapo.

Naziism was clearly more than a political movement. It was a powerful new Brotherhood faction steeped in Brotherhood beliefs and symbols. Hitler was proclaimed not only a political messiah but also a religious messiah... Naziism was a Custodial religious philosophy as much as it was a political ideology.

World War II lasted from 1939 to 1945. It took a terrible toll on human life. Much of that toll was the result of the Nazi's most horrific accomplishment: a massive German concentration camp system in which eleven million people died. Six million of the victims were Jews.

The camps were a part of the Nazi so-called "Final Solution". The intent of the Final Solution was to destroy non-Aryans by reducing them to the lowest common denominator: camp inmates became expendable economic units forced to work to their maximum limit while slowly starving to death. The Nazi concentration camp system reduced human beings quite literally to the level of livestock.

Most of the concentration camps factories were operated by the giant German chemical combine, I.G. Farben. A remarkable book, The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben, by Joseph Borkin, documents how the Farben companies, in cooperation with the Nazi SS, ran the concentration camps and adjacent factories as a business enterprise. After World War II, the I.G. Farben combine was restructured under different names and remains an international giant to this day.

Naziism and all of its atrocities could never have happened without the support of the German banking fraternity. In Germany, many bankers held management positions in other companies, not the least of which was I.G. Farben. For example, Max and Paul Warburg, who ran major banks in Germany and the United States (and who, incidentally, had been instrumental in establishing the Federal Reserve system in the United States) were I.G. Farben directors.

...a small clique of banks and multinational corporations made a large profit by providing goods and services to both sides fighting in World War II.

The Nazis themselves claimed that an extraterrestrial society was the source of their ideology and the power behind their organization. The Thule Society, and Nazi mysticism itself, also claimed that its true leadership came from extraterrestrial sources. The Nazis referred to their hidden extraterrestrial masters as underground supermen. Hitler believed in the supermen and claimed that he had once met one of them, as did other members of the Thule leadership. The Nazis said that their supermen lived beneath the earth's surface and were the creators of the Aryan race.

The real Nazis before and after WW II - Hitler was just a front man (puppet)

From the book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke:

German production of steel and other products needed for war soared through the period leading up to the outbreak of the conflict in 1939. At the center of this re-armament was the chemical giant, I.G. Farben. One major problem they had was the supply of oil. This would obviously dry up during a war. But a deal between Farben and the Rockefellers ensured a constant supply of oil to Germany. The Rockefellers also helped I.G. Farben with chemicals essential to aircraft fuel.

It was the Standard Oil-I.G. Farben enterprise which opened the Auschwitz Concentration Camp on June 14th 1940, and used the slave labour of Jews and political opponents to produce the artificial rubber and gasoline from coal. Standard Oil hired the infamous publicist, Ivy Lee, to promote Farben and the Nazis in the United States.

William S. Farish refuelled Nazi shipping and submarines in Spain and Latin America during the war. William S. Farish had a grandson, William S. Farish III, who was to become a close friend of George Bush... When George Bush became Vice-President, he had to hand over his businesses and investments to a "blind trust", to ensure that he could not make decisions in the White House which affected his investments. Who was put in charge of this "blind trust"? William Farish III !

The name Dulles is another which spans the manipulation of both the First and Second World Wars. The Dulles's were from a southern slave-owning family, and cousins of the Rockefellers. They were connected with international banking in America and Germany. Statements made by John Foster Dulles as early as 1911 revealed support for the creation of a "super race" by "eliminating the lower members". The Dulles law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, handled the U.S. affairs of I.G. Farben and Hitler's major financial backer, Fritz Thyssen, who introduced Allen Dulles to the Fuhrer-to-be. John Foster Dulles wrote "Heil Hitler" on his letters to German clients.

After Hitler's rise to power, John Foster Dulles went to Germany on behalf of the Rothschild/Round Table group, to negotiate new loans for the Nazis. John Foster Dulles would become Secretary of State and Allen Dulles became the first head of the CIA. The latter would also serve on the Warren Commission, which was charged with investigating the assassination of President Kennedy.

Ask most people about the master race mentality and they will point to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. But again, it is not as simple as that. The plan for a master race and the elimination of "lesser" races did not begin and end in Nazi Germany. This master race mentality is another part of the Elite's plan for the New World Order.

Eugenics is, to quote the Oxford Concise Dictionary, " the production of fine offspring by the improvement of inherited qualities." Names now familiar to us in this book, such as the Harrimans and the Rockefellers were seriously into eugenics. The Harriman's were responsible for the Bush family fortune... By the late nineteenth century, some mentally ill people and children were being sterilized by US health officials as a result of eugenics policies.

After the turn of the century, the Harrimans and Rockefellers spent more than $11 million to establish a eugenics research laboratory at Cold Springs Harbor on Long Island, New York, close to the Dulles brothers' estates. In Germany, the same line was taken by Ernst Haeckel, the mystic and Aryan master race promoter, whose ideas would influence Hitler. By 1917, fifteen US States had eugenics laws, and all but a few of them made legal the compulsory sterilization of epileptics, the mentally ill and retarded, and regular criminals.

The aim of the eugenics movement was, and is, to create a Master Race by the sterilization and forced birth control of those races considered inferior. The International Congress of Eugenics in New York in 1932 tackled the problem of African-Americans and other inferior stock reproducing and expanding their numbers. It was decided that the way to deal with this "danger" to the higher races was through sterilization and "cutting off the bad stock."

The Congress was dedicated to the work of Averell Harriman's mother and Averell did the best he could to support the proceedings. He personally arranged for the Hamburg-Amerika Shipping Line to transport Nazis from Germany to New York so they could take part in the Congress. The best known of them was Dr Ernst Rudin, a psychiatrist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography in Berlin. There he occupied an entire floor with his eugenics "research", and all of this was made possible by funds provided by ... the Rockefellers.

Dr. Rudin was unanimously elected president of the International Federation of Eugenics Societies at the New York Congress, and this was, in part, recognition of his work as a founder of the German Society for Race Hygiene. The eugenics movement called for the sterilization of mental patients, the execution of criminals, the insane, and the terminally ill (euthanasia societies); and race purification by sterilization and prevention of births to those considered inferior blood stocks.

All of this was up and running long before anyone had heard of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler's Germany was a vehicle for part of this movement; it wasn't the whole movement.

Soon after Hitler had abolished elections and become dictator of Germany in 1933, the Rockefeller-funded Dr Rudin was commissioned to write the Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases in Posterity, which involved the forced sterilization of anyone considered genetically inferior. Rudin supervised this policy and trained the psychiatrists and doctors to order and perform the sterilizations. In 1942, the American "psychiatrist" Foster Kennedy called for the killing of retarded children, and between 1941 and 43 more than 42,000 people were sterilized in America.

During the war, The Sterilization League of America had changed its name to Birthright Inc. and was now looking for a means to get back to business. It compiled extensive records of families carrying "inherited diseases", and it began a project which ... get this... forcibly sterilized young children who were not considered to be of a high enough IQ. No, no, I am not talking about Nazi Germany during the war; I am talking about the United States of America in 1946-1947!

In the early 50's, when John Foster Dulles was chairman of the tax-exempt New World Order front... he travelled with John D. Rockefeller III on a number of world tours campaigning for policies to stem the expansion of the non-white populations. In November 1952, Dulles and Rockefeller launched the Population Council with tens of millions of dollars provided by the Rockefeller family. When George Bush became ambassador to the United Nations in 1972, he and his clique in the US Agency for International Development arranged the first official contract between the American government and the Sterilization League of America... of the people who worked with the Harrimans and Prescott Bush in their funding of Hitler was William H. Draper Jr., the man who helped fund the Nazi cartels... In 1958 Draper was appointed to chair a committee which was advising President Dwight Eisenhower (CFR) on the use of military aid to other countries. By now... Allen Dulles (formerly with Schroeder, Hitler's personal bankers) was head of the CIA. To put it mildly, a eugenics enthusiast like Draper had many people around him of like mind. This allowed him to change the whole thrust of his committee from that of advising on military aid, to campaigning on the threat of the population explosion. His committee formulated plans to depopulate the poorer countries; i.e. those who do not have white skins. The growth of such peoples, said Draper, was a threat to the national security of the United States.

Draper was advisor to President Lyndon Johnson on this subject and that administration began to use the overseas aid programme to fund birth control in non-white countries. Another of Draper's like-minds in American politics was to be Prescott's son, George Bush, a vocal supporter of General Draper's policies. Bush arranged hearings as early as 1969 into the dangers posed by the birth of too many black babies. During George Bush's tenure in the White House, the population control element of the aid budget soared.

[ continued in Part II ]

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  [ continued from Part I ]

CIA and Nazis

From the book Gods of Eden by William Bramley:

It is unfortunate that the Nazi defeat and reported deaths of Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler did not end Nazi influence in the world. After World War II, Nazis participated in many important spheres of activity:

The American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) accepted the offer of Reinhart Gehlen, Chief of Russian Intelligence operations in the Nazi Secret Service, to help build the American intelligence network in Europe after the war. Gehlen's organization was staffed by many former SS members. The CIA also extracted information about Nazi psychiatric techniques from Nuremburg war crime trial records for use in the CIA's infamous mind control experiments decades later.

INTERPOL, the private international police organization which is supposed to combat international criminals and drug traffickers, was headed by former Nazi SS officers several times up until 1972. This is not surprising when we consider that Interpol was controlled by the Nazis during World War II.

CIA and Nazis

From the book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke:

After the war, the Nazis moved their base to South America and the United States, at the invitation of the Nazi funder, Allan Dulles, and they helped him to form the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. This is a key part of today's global gestapo and the same black use of esoteric knowledge and the worship of extraterrestrial "gods" and "supermen" remains at the core of CIA and the Global Elite to this day. What was true of Hitler is true of the upper reaches of the Brotherhood network, even down to the appalling genetic experiments which have continued in the underground bases in the United States.

We have this farce of a public debate about the morality of genetic-engineering while the most horrendous experimentation goes on in secret, I believe, using people (including children) who go "missing." After the first edition of this book, a correspondent wrote to tell of an Argentine friend who said that Josef Mengele, the notorious Nazi geneticist, was set up with his own island after the war so that he could continue his sickening experimentation.

The United States (Global Elite) introduced its Grand Area strategy to control Western Europe, the whole of the Western Hemisphere, the Middle and Far East, and the former British Empire. The Third World was essential to this policy. Vital to this plan was to ensure that no country, particularly in the Third World, was allowed to delink from Elite economic domination and run their economy for the benefit of the people.

The more terror that could be used against leaders and people trying to eliminate dependency on the Elite bankers and multinationals, the less likely it was that anyone else would try it. This was the fundamental and base motivation behind the United States (Elite) strategy which engineered the horrors in Vietnam, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil, Italy, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Laos, Grenada, Honduras, Iran, and Indonesia.

Behind these events and the overthrow of democratically elected governments were many of the Nazis employed all over the world by the CIA. The SS officer and Gestapo chief, Klaus Barbie, the "Butcher of Lyon", was one who was employed by the Americans to spy on the French. For hundreds, if not thousands, of Hitler's men who were bankrolled by the CIA, it was "business as usual" after the "defeat" of Nazism.

...although the CIA is extremely important to the New World Order, the real power in American intelligence circles is the National Security Agency (NSA), an organization that keeps its head down while the CIA does its dirty work. Bush was not heading an independent CIA, but an element within the so called "Inner Fed" of the secret government which consists of the CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, and the Federal Reserve. Much of the funding for this cartel of manipulation comes from its involvement in the hard drugs trade.

The CIA... has been responsible for some horrific terrorist outrages abroad involving the murder of children, thousands of them if the full truth be told. We are dealing here with a consciousness working through these people that knows no scale of horror it would not use to achieve its end...

CIA and Drugs

From the book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke

George Bush became America's "Mr. War on Drugs". Bush even used the CIA to arrange drug "busts" that were designed to give the public the impression that he was succeeding. CIA operative, Trenton Parker, has told how the Colombian drug dealers each donated cocaine which was landed at Miami International Airport in March 1980 and left in a place where it would be found by customs officials. This is often done to give the illusion of success.

Parker also described how it was the CIA who called together the top Colombian drug dealers for two meetings in late 1981 under the Reagan-Bush administration to form a cartel to improve the shipment of drugs into the United States.

Professor Alfred McCoy's 1972 Classic, The Politics of Heroin In South East Asia, and his 1991 update, The Politics of Heroin - CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade, tell of how CIA helicopters in Vietnam were carrying drugs from the fields to the distribution points, when the American public thought they were there to fight Communism. He describes how a Pepsi Cola bottling plant was used for this trade and how the media suppressed this information. 58,000 Americans and goodness knows how many Vietnamese were killed in that conflict and nothing sums up more powerfully the lack of respect this mindset has for human life than the way the CIA smuggled drugs into America in plastic bags hidden in the body cavities of the dead soldiers being returned home for burial from Vietnam. The drugs were then removed and made available for the young people of America.

CIA and Mind Control and Psychic Warfare

From the book ...and the truth shall set you free by David Icke

The technology has been developed to send out messages as microwaves and extremely low frequency waves (ELFs) which can speak to the mass subconscious and cause physical illness. It is important to appreciate that the knowledge held secretly about the human mind and body is far more advanced than anything we are allowed to see in the public arena.

The mind-spirit, the eternal part of us, is a series of interconnecting and interacting magnetic energy fields. These react with other magnetic energy fields and this is why people who live under electricity power lines are more prone to certain illnesses. The electromagnetic field thrown out by the power lines imbalances the magnetic mind-spirit of the people living nearby. This imbalance is passed through the multiple levels of our being to the physical body where it manifests as cancer or some other disease. It can also directly affect cellular functioning to create physical illness.

Therefore, if the manipulators can broadcast waves at certain frequencies, they can imbalance our cellular and non-physical magnetic levels and cause physical, mental, and emotional illness. Former FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, has said that magnetic radioactive discs have long been used covertly as cancer-inducing "silent killers" to remove unwanted politicians and others. These can cause cancers which grow at astonishing speeds. Experiments on the effects of ELF waves and chemical warfare substances are routinely carried out on unsuspecting populations around the world. I am told that an area of New Mexico is plagued by a "hum" that no-one can explain, which causes headaches and illness in susceptible individuals.

Some people find it hard to believe that messages can be broadcast to the subconscious. But what is television and radio? They are words and pictures broadcast in wave form... When you think of the advanced knowledge that is secretly known about the nature of the human brain/psyche, is it too much of a mental leap to see that it is possible to broadcast messages on wavelengths designed to communicate with the subconscious? Experiments have shown that if people are subjected to these waves for little more than a minute, they begin to react as the messages tell them to. In their minds, these messages appear to be their own thoughts, when in reality they are tuning into wavelengths broadcast from outside of their psyche.

Two such techniques are called Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control and Electronic Dissolution of Memory. Researchers say that these can remotely induce an hypnotic trance, deliver suggestions, and erase all memory of both the instructions and whatever it is the person has done in response to those instructions. What a tool if you want to assassinate a "troublemaker", create some terrible event to discredit a group or person...

In 1975, the journalist James Moore claimed to have secured a 350 page manual on the subject from CIA sources. Part of that document said:

"Medically, these radio signals are directed at certain parts of the brain. When a part of your brain receives a tiny electrical impulse from outside sources, such as vision, hearing, etc, an emotion is produced - anger at the sight of a gang of boys beating an old woman, for example. The same emotion of anger can be created by artificial radio signals sent to your brain by a controller. You could instantly feel the same white hot anger without any apparent reason."

According to the books on the mind control and advanced science establishment at Montauk in the USA in the 1970s, the Elite scientists were able to produce the image on a computer screen of what their psychic was thinking. They later broadcast his thought waves from a transmitter at the base and found that people in the area had been affected in their own minds by the thoughts being broadcast. What a great opportunity to use this process to further manipulate.

Alongside the development of mass mind control techniques have come those aimed at specific individuals. The most notorious is the MKUltra programme run by the CIA. Other offshoots and variations on this have been programmes known as Monarch, Bluebird, Artichoke, MKDelta, and MKNaomi. Their even more advanced successors still go on today and the victims have often hit the global headlines as "lone assassins".

MKUltra began in the 1950s under the Canada-based Scottish psychiatrist, Doctor Ewen Cameron, who became a close friend of CIA chief Allen Dulles after Cameron served as the Canadian/United States psychiatrist at the Nuremberg War Trials. That was an appropriate appointment because what Cameron did to his "patients" under the CIA's MKUltra programme mirrored some of what the Nazis did to their victims, too.

Under the supervision of people like the Dulles brothers and other members of the US Elite establishment, many of the Nazi mind control experts and leading scientists were secretly removed from Germany, as the Allies closed in. They were taken to the United States to continue their work into mind control... Some estimate that as many as 10,000 active Nazis escaped, leaving the farce of the Nuremberg War Trials to deal out "justice" to those who had often been guilty of far less terrible crimes than the ones the Americans had helped to escape. Yes, the Nazis carried out horrible experiments on people, including children. But does anyone really think that it is not continuing in the underground establishments in America and elsewhere today? The Nazi mentality did not end in 1945. It just changed locations, and literally, went underground.

The CIA was formed out of the wartime OSS, the Office of Strategic Services. Many of the key personnel in the CIA were Nazis who had served under Hitler. One, Reinhard Gehlen of the SS, was employed by Allen Dulles to set up the CIA network in Europe after the war. In fact, Gehlen has said that it was more like a partnership between the CIA and the worldwide Nazi network.

Writer and researcher Noam Chomsky, says that Gehlen set up a secret US-Nazi army: which extended its operations to Latin America (where it supported the Nazi-type regimes imposed on the people by the United States). The CIA was formed by Nazis, for Nazis, to promote the Nazi mentality. British intelligence was a major instigator because it too is a Nazi organization at its core, and so is the deeply corrupt international "police" operation known as Interpol, which has been headed by known Nazis.

The CIA, under Allen Dulles, funded psychiatrist Ewen Cameron from the early 1950s, as documents released in 1977 under the Freedom of Information Act have confirmed. Most of the documents were destroyed or not released, but there were enough to offer just a glimpse of the nightmare that was MKUltra. The project included the use of drugs (like LSD) and grotesque mind manipulation techniques known as "depatterning" and "psychic driving".

The CIA admitted supporting research into human mind and behavior control at 150 institutions and these included hospitals, prisons, drug companies, and 44 universities. At least 185 scientists were involved. Like the Nazis' experiments, the targets were largely those considered "lesser human beings" such as prostitutes, foreigners, people with non-white skins, and drug addicts. Thousands of prisoners were also forced to take part, and hospital and mental patients were used without their consent as experiment-fodder for these crazy people.

Cameron and Dulles wanted to develop forms of drugs, electronic stimulation, and hypnosis which would remove a person's natural personality and replace it with an "improved one." Another major aim was to preprogram people to carry out assassinations which could then be written off as the work of some "lone nutter." This goal was quickly achieved. In 1969, the CIA psychologist, Jose Delgado, published his book, Physical Control Of The Mind: Toward A Psychocivilized Society. He wrote:

"Physical control of brain functions is a demonstrated fact... it is even possible to create and follow intentions, the development of thoughts and visual experiences. By electrical stimulation of specific cerebral structures, movements can be induced by radio command, hostility may appear and disappear, social heirarchy can be modified, sexual behaviour may be changed, and memory, emotions, and the thinking process may be influenced by remote control..."

Speaking in 1966, Delgado said that his experiments " the distasteful conclusion that motion, emotion, and behaviour can be directed by electrical forces and that humans can be controlled like robots by push buttons".


A New York Times article covered Delgado demonstrating his method on a bull. Delgado had implanted an electronic device in the brain of a bull and used a remote control device to determine the bull's actions. Delgado enthused about these brain implanted devices for all citizens and proposed his idea to Congress, who approved of some of his ideas and gave funding to set up institutions around the U.S. to do it.

Cameron used a technique called the Page-Russell shock treatment, named after the two British doctors who developed it. The victims would be given an electric shock, followed by five to nine smaller ones, two or three times a day for up to thirty days. Hospital workers at the time have reported that the screaming echoed around the hospital.

Once this depatterning was completed and the victim thoroughly confused, a helmet would be clamped on their heads and negative messages would be repeated into the victim's mind for maybe twenty hours a day. These messages would repeat phrases like "My mother hates me, my husband hates me, I am a failure", and so on, using recordings of the victim's own voice. Cameron would also wire their legs and give them an electric shock after the completion of each message. And this, lest we forget, was funded by the CIA with taxpayer's money at the behest of Allen Dulles...

All of this continues in a much more advanced way today.

What we are looking at here is the sharp end of the policy to turn the human race from unique and free-thinking expressions of creation into a herd of sheep and robots.

The document Silent Weapons For A Quiet War reveals the input of the Rockefeller Foundation in funding research through Harvard University into the potential for computers to control human thinking. The aim is to have physical money replaced entirely by credit card electronic money, and then to replace
credit cards and identity cards with a microchip just under the skin.

Intel Corporation was awarded a five-year contract in 1994, to develop just such a device at its Rio Rancho, New Mexico, facility. This chip would be linked to a global computer using the excuse that all financial transactions had to be registered at the new world central bank. The computer would know everything there is to know about us at all times and would be able to send messages the other way, from the computer to us, feeding us messages and programming our consciousnesses. Robots would be exactly the word.

This prospect is nothing new. CIA psychologist Dr Jose Delgado said in 1966 that the day would come when brain control could be turned over to non-human operators, by establishing two-way communication between the implanted brain and a computer. In the 1970s, Sweden was stunned to hear that microchips were being implanted into hospital patients without their knowledge, as part of a mind control experiment.

As Senator Sam J. Ervin, the head of a Senate subcommittee on behaviour modification, said in 1973:

" behavioural technology... in the United States today touches upon the most basic sources of individuality, and the very core of personal freedom. To my mind the most serious threat ... is the power this technology gives one man to impose his views and values on another ... If our society is to remain free, one man must not be empowered to change another man's personality and dictate the values, thoughts, and feelings of others."

Throughout the Silent Weapons document and the Elite philosophy in general, we see the desire to do exactly that. We see the theme of the chosen elite controlling the "stupid herd" in all areas of our lives. It starts with the children in the schools and the young people in the universities. Where is the concern about what is actually taught in the schools and what is written in those books? And yet there is no other subject on earth that is more important than the programming of the human mind. From that all else comes.

The Silent Weapons document describes the mind-controlling technique brilliantly. It says of the Quiet War:

"It shoots situations, instead of bullets, propelled by data processing, instead of grains of gunpowder, from a computer, instead of a gun, operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman, under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general. It makes no obvious noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone's daily social life.

Yet it makes an unmistakable noise, causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with daily social life... The public cannot comprehend the weapon, and therefore cannot believe they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.

When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up. Therefore the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare."


From the book Gods of Eden by William Bramley:

....let us briefly survey the history of scientific psychiatry. One of the earliest centers of "scientific psychiatry" was Leipzig, Germany. There a man named Wilhelm Wundt established the world's first psychological laboratory in 1879. To Wundt, human beings were only biological organisms to which there were no spiritual realities attached.

Wundt's ideas were based upon experiments conducted in his laboratories and elsewhere.

Some of those experiments revealed that one could produce the physiological manifestations of different emotions by applying electronic stimulation to different parts of the brain. Experimenters erroneously concluded that the brain must therefore be the source of personality because it triggers the physical manifestations of emotion and thought. Erroneous or not, the stimulus-response model of behavior developed at Leipzig quickly became the "new wave" in psychiatry and received considerable support from the German government.

The Leipzig labs attracted many students from around the world. For example, one Leipzig student from Russia was Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, who gained fame for his experiments with bells and salivating dogs.

By redefining the nature of thought and behavior, scientific psychiatry also redefined the nature of mental abnormality and its cure. Methods to by-pass human free will and intellect (behavior modification) were explored and developed. Experimenters theorized that mental illness could be cured by strictly physiological means, such as with drugs, shock treatment, or brain surgery.

Out of these theories arose a multibillion dollar drug industry which pours out huge quantities of mood-altering drugs every year. Psychotropic drugs are a mammoth industry. They comprise a large portion of the total prescription drug trade which in 1978 amounted to an estimated $16.7 billion wholesale value in global sales by U.S. manufacturers alone. In 1977, for example, the total number of U.S. prescriptions for twenty major psychotropic drugs amounted to over 150 million.

This epidemic drug use is not an accident. Powerful psychotropic medications are energetically promoted to the medical community in glossy Madison Avenue advertisements in such publications as the American Journal of Psychiatry and through workshops and seminars sponsored by the drug companies.

The great tragedy is that some children may be affected by this. Many schools and treatment centers are quick to give powerful psychotropics to problem children and adolescents. As many psychiatrists acknowledge, psychotropic drugs rarely cure mental illness. They simply suppress the symptoms. These drugs have been known to sometimes seriously worsen a person's mental state or cause mental problems far more severe than those the patient began with!

If people are not actually being cured of mental ills but are only having their symptoms masked, and meanwhile mental aberration spreads from other causes, it follows that mental illness will probably increase in any society relying upon drug therapy. If psychotropics are also slamming thousands of people every year into a deeper psychological morass because of dangerous side effects, we can see that drug-oriented psychiatry risks pushing a society to ruin...

Drug abuse is considered one of today's major social ills. The fight against drug abuse is based on the philosophy that people should not take illegal drugs to alter their moods or mental states. Modern psychiatry defeats this campaign.

It is perhaps time to move away from the strict materialist perspective, to get off the drugs, and to begin restoring a sense of respect for the free will and intellect of human beings. We may then be able to truly start back on the road to genuine mental, social, and spiritual recovery for the human race.

- - - -

LRH Issues on Nazi Psychiatry - Front Group of the Head Global Enslavers:

GO 060571 (6 May 1971) LRH - Secret - Working Theory

So far we have been using an Intelligence Hypothesis I developed in 1965. Taking all channels of attack on us country by country, I found the cycle of attacking sources was (a) Income tax (b) Health Dept or Agency (c) Immigration and (d) a type of press.

Moving this up to an International level, and trying to find out who could have that much influence the Intelligence Hypothesis I formed was that it would have to be a member of the World Bank with psychiatric connections or who planned usages of psychiatry as part of world control.

We used this to narrow and target our searches. It led us to WFMH and the NAMH. And it served us well. But it did not lead all the way until this year.

Brilliant work in tracing the origins of the WFMH disclosed it and the NAMH to have NAZI origins. In 1946, fleeing before war criminal hunts, these people formed the WFMH in London.


Apparently there exists somewhere a Nazi Memorial or plan to conquer the world.

By intelligence infiltration of governments, drug addiction and dependency and using psychiatry to eliminate political undesireables and minorities, a group is bent on world political conquest.

When Nazi Germany was militarily defeated, the intelligence operatives and files were left "in place" in other countries, the Nazi chemists were left in the seized drug firms abroad, the psychiatric "empire" still existed overseas.

At the defeat of Germany these three networks were not wiped out abroad but left there in place. Many military officers in allied services were financially well connected - related to bankers or were bankers. These intelligence, drug personnel and psychiatric network files passed into financial hands.




Now this is theory. There is much data to support it.

We are attacked because if we proved psychiatry false by introducing a true mental science we would destroy their political terror weapon.

There are then four networks in all, as we must include International Banking. The four must be run from somewhere, possibly privately not governmentally from West Germany.

If this theory is true then every attacker has one or more of four connections. Intelligence, psychiatric, drug and banking.

HCO Information Letter of 17 February 1969 Ron's Journal 1968 Australian-Anzo Supplement

The enemy, the International psychiatric front organizations and its "National" Mental Health chapters over the world, has the stated ambition of dispensing with all boundaries. It is so odd to find them talking not of cases but always of political aims that one begins to believe they have other things in view.

Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard 29 November 1968 The War

You may not realize it staff member but there is only one small group that has hammered Dianetics and Scientology for 18 years. The press attacks, the public upsets you receive and all those you have received for all your time in Scientology were generated by this one group. For eighteen years it has poured lies and slander into the press and government agencies.

Last year we isolated a dozen men at the top. This year we found the organization these used and all its connections over the world.

Psychiatry and "Mental Health" was chosen as a vehicle to undermine and destroy the West! And we stood in their way.

They have infiltrated boards of education, the armed services, even the churches. They hold the wives or daughters of a great many politicians and keep them "under treatment".

Their "technology" is the same as that used by Intelligence Services. Electric shocks. Brain operations.

Anyway, this was the live wire we got across by being able to undo their effect on theWest.

LRH tape lecture 20 September 1967 Rons Journal 67

Our enemies on this planet are less than 12 men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains and they are directors in all of the mental health groups in the world. They organized these mental health groups which sprang up simultaneously all over the world, and anything that has mental health in its name or mental hygiene... are all part of the organization which stems from these less than a dozen men.

GO 070571 (7 May 1971) LRH - Secret - Notes On Smersh

The Gehlen Organization of West Germany was a military intelligence group independently formed by General Gehlen during the last days of WW II.

Gehlen hid out; watched for US troops in the mountains. The CIA took over Gehlen and his in place Russian network and continued to operate it in Russia. This shows a Nazi spy network still in place and operating after WW II.

The NAMH was formed by Beers under pressure from the psychiatrist Adolph Myers in 1931. This organization over the world pushes Nazi doctrine.

The US is suffering from:

1. Economic decay. This is an intelligence target.

2. Drug abuses. This is an intelligence-medical target to destroy the culture and future leaders.

3. Anti-war riots. This is an intelligence target - the destruction of the will to fight.

4. Psychiatric death camps and psychiatric abuses. The organizations advocating this are directly connected to Nazi movements.

The Nazi networks could be active in these lines. Evidence is now piling up that they are.

The fantastic overuse of the title doctor is peculiar to Nazis. Their strongest espionage networks pre-WW II were run by doctors.

Nuremberg trials records are explicit. They definitely prove psychiatry made Hitler and the death camps. The WFMH and the NAMH are proven to be of Nazi origin. Their literature continues to push racial purity, mayhem and murder.

The Nazis invented social groups as intelligence circles. These Nazi founded groups are still in place in England! The Eugenics Society, the Euthanasia Society were Nazi founded and are still operating. They advocate Nazi measures.

They connect back to the WFMH. So, now, does the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychiatric Association. These tie in with the drug network and are largely supported by it.

The Nazi brought personal character destruction up to a fine art in its propaganda activities.

Penetration is always a win. We are getting even further penetration now into who is keeping this planet upset.

- - - - -

Post to COSinvestigations on 13 Apr 2001 by David Griffin:

Actually, a lot of the CIA psychs were German psychs. They were brought over here at the end of the war by the US government to work for them. I have discovered that there were apparently three different projects under which they were secretly brought over. The most well-known (and last) was operation Paperclip, before that was operation Overcast, and before that, operation Sunrise.

Under these three programs, Nazi scientists, engineers, physicists, doctors, psychs, and intelligence agents were all brought over here and given new papers.

On 20 September 1945, Von Braun and other V-2 (German designation A-4) scientists and engineers arrived in Boston and were transported to White Sands missile range in New Mexico. In 1946, many SS and intelligence officers (and probably doctors and psychs) are brought over and given new papers. They became a large part of the CIA.

According to some info I found, the CIA started it's mind control programs in 1947 at Bethesda Naval Hospital, in Maryland (near Washington D.C.). According to this same info, in 1947, about 50% of the CIA was composed of Nazis.

So far, I have found references to Nazi doctors experimenting on prisoners with mescaline (a hallucinogenic drug) at Dachau. Mescaline is a derivative of the mescal cactus which grows in Texas and northern Mexico.


The EXISTING SCENE into which Dianetics and Scientology was about to be introduced, was not a pretty one, as you have seen from reading the above.

A certain alien race considers mankind their creation, therefore they are "God" to men.

We were created to serve "God", which means to serve them - the aliens.

They consider humans to be their livestock and the Nazi mentality is the same mentality as the owner of livestock.

The owner of livestock will thin the herd from time to time. He will also select out of the herd the best quality cattle for breeding purposes and then send the remainder to slaughter.

Nazi Germany was but an overt example of this mentality - to rid the world of people with inferior genes so they could not reproduce. The white race was considered having superior genes and the Germans were the Master Race.

Hitler did not originate the Nazi mentality. He served other masters. The real Nazis existed before and after Hitler, Hitler was just their overt front man - their puppet. The Nazi movement continued after WW II covertly and underground.

When those of the alien "livestock mentality" use the method of war to thin the herd, they also profit enormously because they own the banks that lend governments money for the war and they also own the arms manufacturing companies. They use credit (money that does not exist) to make these war loans to governments - get their principal back right away because of arms purchases - and then leave the government in debt trying to pay back the principal and interest on the loans.

Plagues have also been used to thin the herd - in other words germ or biological warfare.

This certain alien race considers itself to be the owner of earth and all of its inhabitants. To them, we are just so much livestock. Mankind has the same problem as a cow. The cow does not realize that it is owned and it also does not realize what its owner has in mind for it. While a cow may enjoy a certain amount of freedom in the pasture, his owner never allows him to leave the pasture. And his owner can do anything he wants with the cow because he has vastly superior understanding and technology.

This certain alien race initially bred man to be a slave. To animate their creation, they used undesirable spiritual beings from their culture on other planets. By undesireable, we mean non-conforming, meaning not submitting to their wishes and control.

These non-conforming or troublesome spiritual beings were rounded up and given amnesia and were then sentenced to earth, to animate the slave bodies on earth.

Planet earth and mankind then serves several functions:

1. Spiritual prison planet and we are the prisoners.
2. Mankind is a slave labor force whenever our owners desire it.
3. We are their livestock to be used for experimentation, etc.

The common denominator of all three above is -

Prisoners can roam around inside a jail but are not allowed to leave the jail.
Slaves can roam around a plantation but are not allowed to leave the plantation.
Livestock can roam around inside a pasture but are not allowed to leave the pen.

Any effort by mankind to control his own affairs or to spiritually liberate himself from bondage, has been quashed by this alien race all down through history. They have infiltrated and controlled for their own ends, every decent political or religious endeavor.

Every religion that has sought to free earth-bound spiritual beings in any way - has been infiltrated and its teachings destroyed by alteration, deletion and fabrication.

(Just like RTC has been doing to LRH's teachings.)

They do this through a select set of front men on earth, and we have given them the name - Head Global Enslavers. The Head Global Enslavers then set up various front groups in society to maniuplate affairs towards accomplishing their spiritual enslavement ends.

This scenario can be likened to an octupus with many arms. The head of the octopus is the Head Global Enslavers and the tentacles or arms of the octupus are their various front groups reaching out into society to forward the purposes of the octopus head.


The actual name of the Alien Race appears to be THE ELOHIM - aka Marcabians.

HEAD GLOBAL ENSLAVERS (Alien Enslavers Front Group on Earth)

About a dozen International Banking families - Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc


Front groups have their leaders knowing the actual purpose of enslaving mankind but the lower people in them are Dupes who think they work for a good cause.

International Banking Commission
United Nations - One World Government Groups
The Round Table Group
Bilderberger Group
Council on Foreign Relations
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Christian Religion (certain factions within it)
Freemasons (Illuminati level Freemasons)
Rosicrucians (Illuminati level Rosicrucians)
Nazi Groups
Eugenics Societies
Sterilization League of America
Planned Parenthood
Euthanasia Societies
World Federation of Mental Health & member organizations - AMA, APA
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London
Anti-cult Groups - Cult Awareness Network (CAN) etc
UFO Debunking Groups
Conspiracy Theory Debunking Groups
Church of Scientology (under the current management)

Some of the people in the above organizations are knowing-agents of the Head Global Enslavers. The majority of people in those groups are Dupe agents who believe they are working towards a good cause and are unaware of the evil purpose of enslaving mankind.

Not all of the alien races that visit earth are of this slave mentality and some are working to assist mankind to free itself from bondage. The Galactic Confederacy is helping us.

However, the enslaving alien race has continued on with its plan for enslaving mankind. They have continued to act as mankind's creator (God) by researching biological and technological methods of enslavement. This explains alien abductions of humans - to conduct experiments to advance mental and biological (DNA) enslavement technology. Their counterparts on earth have also been researching along this line. Thus, the CIA used psychiatrists to research mind-control methods (MKULTRA).

The research has also been into human DNA. The purpose is to be able to create a new species of mankind that can be mind-controlled via DNA and microwave machines that broadcast psychic signals to a receiver implanted in the human body.

The Second Coming predicted in the Christian religion is an overt return to earth by this enslaving alien race. They are coming with new and more advanced mind-control technology for the further enslavement of mankind.

The purpose of the Head Global Enslavers is to prepare earth for an overt alien landing, without resistance by men. One of the necessary conditions for the Second Coming, to ensure non-resistance by men, is complete political control of the planet - thus the desire to establish a One-World Government.

Once a One-World Government is established - the Second Coming (overt alien landing) will take place and then super-advanced mind-control technology will be applied to throw the entirety of mankind into a mind-controlled slave race that will serve the alien race without complaint. The aliens will then inhabit earth as some sort of paradise for them, because they have earth women for sexual pleasure and earth men to perform all hard labor tasks for them.

If the effects of the First Coming were thought bad - wait until you see the effects of the Second Coming with vastly superior mind-controlling technology! To get a glimpse of what Earth will be like after installing a One-World Government, take a look at Nazi Germany. The Global Enslavers will continue their work of eliminating "inferior" races until all that is left of mankind is a new DNA species of man who is completely subservient to them via mind-control.

The above comprises the Interplanetary EXISTING SCENE into which Dianetics was introduced in 1950.

The Planetary EXISTING SCENE into which Dianetics was introduced in 1950 follows:

The Head Global Enslavers exist and work towards their evil end of enslaving mankind whether they are a front group for an alien race or not. Their evil deeds are much more visible and documented. What they have been up to is a documented fact, not a theory.

The Head Global Enslavers consists of about a dozen International Banker families that have been causing almost all of the woes of mankind. They have been exercising an ever-expanding political and religious death-grip on the remainder of the human race for centuries. Their envisioned end is to throw the entirety of humanity under their control. They are the Secret Government of Earth. They are the source of the Nazi mentality.

The Head Global Enslavers profit enormously from war and therefore they have promoted conflicts and have been the Third Party behind every major war in recent history. They financially back BOTH sides in a war. The way they profit from war is by owning the banks that loan governments the money for the war and they also own the arms manufacturing companies.

When they make loans to the governments for the war, they do so out of credit (money which does not actually exist) and they get their principal back immediately when the government makes purchases from their arms manufacturing companies. This leaves the governments with huge national debts to pay off the principal and the interest on the loans made by the banks. The International Banker gets his principal back twice plus the interest.

The Head Global Enslavers are the Nazi mentality and they financially backed Hitler. Hitler was just their front man for overtly carrying out their plan of eliminating "inferior" races of mankind. When Hitler was defeated, they continued their Nazi plan covertly and underground, after WW II. The Head Global Enslavers want to establish a One-World Government - at which point they can continue their Nazi work of eliminating "inferior" races on a broad scale again.

When Hitler was defeated, new front groups were formed for carrying out the world-conquest plans of the Head Global Enslavers. The World Federation of Mental Health was one of these front groups. The minutes of the meetings of WFMH discuss political goals of eliminating borders. Anyone who opposes that idea would be pronounced insane and so psychiatric facilities and treatment would act as a method of eliminating political opponents to the One-World Government plan of the Head Global Enslavers.

Another purpose of the WFMH was to maintain a highly profitable drug-based healing monopoly. The American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association are WFMH member groups. The AMA established its own Intelligence agency and attacked potential competitors who offered alternative healing methods to drugs. Some of these competitors were jailed and even killed.

Another front group established by the Head Global Enslavers is the United Nations and it has the entire purpose of establishing a One-World Government on earth.

Allen Dulles was an American Nazi who supported Hitler before and during WW II. He is connected to the Head Global Enslavers and he was the first Director of the CIA. When Hitler was defeated, the Nazi intelligence files and network of agents was turned over to the Americans and that was the start of the CIA. Allen Dulles was the perfect choice to lead this Nazi intelligence network forward after WW II.

Since the Head Global Enslavers envisioned end for mankind is total control over him - they have also taken up researching mind-control technology. Thus the Nazi-dominated CIA used Nazi psychiatrists for researching mind-control technology. The codename for the CIA's mind control program was MKULTRA.

In order to accomplish the enslavement, they are setting up a One-World Government. There will also be a Global Bank and no money or credit cards will exist. Everyone will have credits on the international computer of the World Bank. This is a control mechanism because if you get out of line - they can delete your credits on the computer and you will have no way to support yourself or your family.

Want to complain about it?

Here's some real mind control for you - delivered by psychiatrists:

Further mind-control of the individual will be accomplished by implanting an electronic device in the body. Then microwave transmissions can be used to control his behavior.

But, the real purpose of the One-World Government is to pave the way for an overt alien landing without any kind of military resistance. When that is accomplished, the alien race will really throw the human race into slavery with super-advanced mind-control technology, altering the human DNA to
create a new species of man that is completely subservient to the alien race.

At that point - you can kiss all human and spiritual freedoms good-bye.

Now, into this insane Planetary and Interplanetary EXISTING SCENE - introduce Dianetics and Scientology. These two subjects flew into the teeth of all of the plans of the Head Global Enslavers. Dianetics threatened their drug-based healing monopoly and their mind-control plans. Scientology had the goal of freeing man spiritually and that directly opposed the Enslavers plans of enslaving mankind.

Nothing could have been worse news for the Head Global Enslavers and their plans.

Thus, the Head Global Enslavers have a motive for destroying the subject of Scientology to prevent its end product of freed spiritual beings. And, they did.



EARTH = Marcabian prison planet for "misfit" spiritual beings

MARCABIAN = Our extraterrestrial jailors


About a dozen men who are the Secret Government of Earth and who are mostly responsible for fulfilling the Marcabian purpose of enslaving all mankind through a One-World Government and mind-control technology


Our extraterrestrial jailor, their head representatives on Earth, and all of their network of front organizations into society, to accomplish their end of keeping spiritual beings in their Earthly prison and enslaved - meaning under their control

(no date)

This is another Front Group of the Nazi Head Global Enslavers - formed right after WW II. We know the Head Global Enslavers have a program to degrade the West with drugs, destruction of American education, destruction of the American family and its values etc.

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations appears to be the primary "think tank" for such ideas that will pave the way for the New World Order.

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

Formed in 1947, the Tavistock Institute is an independent not-for-profit organization. The ideology of American foundations was created by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London.

Its prophet, Sigmond Freud, settled in Maresfield Gardens when he moved to England. Tavistock's pioneer work in behavioral science along Freudian lines of "controlling" humans established it as the world center of foundation ideology.

Tavistock Institute developed the mass brainwashing techniques which were first used experimentally on American prisoners of war in Korea. Its experiments in crowd control methods have been widely used on the American public, a surreptitious but nevertheless outrageous assault on human freedom by modifying individual behavior through psychology.

All Tavistock and American foundation techniques have a single goal---to break down the psychological strength of the individual and render him helpless to oppose the dictators of the World Order. Any technique which helps to break down the family unit, and family inculcated principles of religion, honor, patriotism and sexual behavior, is used by the Tavistock scientists as weapons of crowd control. The methods of Freudian psychotherapy induce permanent mental illness in those who undergo this treatment by destabilizing their character. The victim is then advised to "establish new rituals of personal interaction", that is, to indulge in brief sexual encounters which actually set the participants adrift with no stable personal relationships in their lives, destroying their ability to establish or maintain a family.

A single common denominator identifies the common Tavistock strategy---the use of drugs. The infamous MK Ultra program of the CIA, in which unsuspecting CIA officials were given LSD, and their reaction studied like "guinea pigs", resulted in several deaths.

In the 1950s, the CIA financed extensive LSD experiments in Canada. Dr. D. Ewen Cameron, president of the Canadian Psychological Association, and director of Royal Victorian Hospital, Montreal, received large payments from the CIA to give 53 patients large doses of LSD and record their reactions; the patients were drugged into weeks of sleep and then given electric shock treatments.

Today the Tavistock Institute operates a $6 Billion a year network of Foundations in the U.S., all of it funded by U.S. taxpayers' money. Ten major institutions are under its direct control, with 400 subsidiaries, and 3000 other study groups and think tanks which originate many types of programs to increase the control of the World Order over the American people. The Stanford Research Institute, adjoining the Hoover Institution, is a $150 million a year operation with 3300 employees. It is the largest institution on the West Coast promoting mind control and the behavioral sciences.

Some Tavistock Institutions in the United States:

Stanford Research Institute

Founded in 1946 immediately after the close of WWII, it was presided over by Charles A. Anderson, with emphasis on mind control research and future sciences. One of SRI's more secret projects was extensive work on chemical and bacteriological warfare weapons.

National Training Laboratories

The "nuts and bolts" of the NTL operation revolves around the particular form of Tavistock degenerate psychology known as "group dynamics," developed by German Tavistock operative Kurt Lewin, who emigrated to the United States in the 1930s and whose students founded NTL. In a Lewin brainwashing group, a number of individuals from varying backgrounds and personalities, are manipulated by a "group leader" to form a "consensus" of opinion, achieving a new "group identity."

The key to the process is the creation of a controlled environment, in which stress is introduced to crack an individual's belief structure. Using the peer pressure of other group members, the individual is "cracked," and a new personality emerges with new values. The degrading experience causes the person to deny that any change has taken place. In that way, an individual is brainwashed without the victim knowing what has taken place.

One of the groups that went through the NTL mill in the 1950s was the leadership of the National Education Association, the largest organization of teachers in the United States. Thus, the NEA's outlook has been "shaped" by Tavistock, through the NTL.

Full data is at -

(no date)
  The CIA's first major involvement with hypnosis originated in the Office of Security, which in 1950 formed special interrogation squads -- each of which was staffed with an expert hypnotist -- for the purpose of evaluating potential foreign agents and defectors from enemy countries. Code-named BLUEBIRD, the program was put under the command of Morse Allen, a former officer of both Naval Intelligence and the State Department.

-- Jan
  Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science - written January 1950 - published April 1950.

Research and Discovery Series Vol 1

-- Jan
  By January 1950, Winter had closed his medical practice in Michigan and moved to New Jersey. Winter submitted papers to the Journals of the American Medical Association, and the American Psychiatric Association. The papers were rejected, because of a lack of clinical experimentation...

Unbeknownst to his co-workers, while they were refining Hubbard's cure-all, he was still trying to obtain a naval disability retirement to augment his Veteran's Administration award.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- May
  A piercing scream against Dianetics arose before the first book was published in 1950. Press was hot against it before the first foundation was formed.

Until May, 1950 I received only favorable publicity - on expeditions or comings or goings. In May 1950 there was a concerted shriek from people who (a) had not read the books and (b) who knew nothing bad about me.

These howls came from both conservative and liberal groups alike - the AMA - The Commies, The Socialists, the Roman Catholics.

HCO Information Letter of April 13, 1961 TERROR STALKS - (LRH is author)

Falsehood by LRH - there is no evidence of press being hot against Dianetics before the first foundation was formed.

-- May
  MAJCOM-1 meets with the President of the United States.

Majestic Twelve Project, First Annual Report, A-1762.1-J1:
A Review of the President's Special Panel to Investigate the Capture of Unidentified Planform Space Vehicles by U.S. Armed Forces and Agencies

09 May
  Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard, published by Hermitage House, price $4.00, appears in bookstores across the nation.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 9,

Pluspoint - LRH - Correct mental technology given to humanity

-- Jun
  In a lecture in June 1950, Hubbard had admitted to having been a phenobarbitol addict. He also spoke knowledgeably about the effects of sodium amytal, ACTH, opium, marijuana and sodium pentathol.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

01 Jun
  Corporation records for the State of New Jersey show that the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc., was incorporated on June 1, 1950...

Quoted from a letter of 28 February 1957 by J. Edgar Hoover to Senator Styles Bridges

02 Jun
  Dianetics clubs sprang up all over the United States organized by an enthusiastic public.

Scores of people wrote to the author, L. Ron Hubbard, asking for training as auditors. In response, Ron announced he would give instruction in his home at 42 Aberdeen Road, Elizabeth, New Jersey.

On 2 June 1950, the school opened with people swarming into his home. Shortly after 2 June, Ron began giving lectures and demonstrations. This was the beginning of a record of the day-to-day advances in Dianetics technology.

Research and Discovery Series Vol 2

07 Jun
  First known tape: LRH Audits Mike McClurg Part of the Sessions and Demonstrations series in Elizabeth, New Jersey. From this point on, there are lectures and demonstrations practically every day through 24 July 1950.

Master List of Tapes

15 Jun
  LRH tape lecture 15 June 1950 Case Factors:

We have to have some quick method of handling inacessible institutionalized cases which doesn't hang around the neck of the auditor.

Narcosynthesis is not a good answer because one is liable to restimulate late moments of unconsciousness and worsen the psychosis, which is too hard to do. Nitrous oxide has a restimulative factor whenever there have been nitrous oxide operations. It is very restimulative to people and it has a slightly sweetish odor which the body recognizes instantly. The series I ran on nitrous oxide cases and the use of nitrous oxide was only three, and was all on normals, so I don't call it a series or even a test. But I did find that in each case it was restimulative.

Leave soporifics strictly alone. That includes phenobarbital or any such substance. With a so-called hypnotic its possible action is to disconnect some of the more or less "permanent" actions of the mind so that differentiation is therefore better, and the person can evidently think a little better. But he pays for it heavily in that it permits locks to be received by himself in the form of other people's engrams. He could get more thoroughly restimulated in trying to come off a soporific. I know because I made myself a guinea pig on one of those experiments, and trying to get off the soporific was a tough job. Completely aside from the physiological reaction, when one suddenly ceases to take phenobarbitol one gets the kick-in of the locks.

If you have to grab hold of anything, grab hold of Benzedrine... Benzedrine doesn't shut down the analyzer. It is said in the Handbook that as a stimulant Benzedrine helps blow emotional charges. This is true.

To handle such a case, I would put him on Benzedrine, and go back over the case and start picking up the deaths and emotional discharges...

23 Jun
  LRH tape lecture 23 June 1950 Institutional Dianetics:

The next thing an auditor should know well is the effect of hypnotism and drugs, and he should have observed this actually. In hypnotism one can reach the basic personality, and he can work out the emotional charges certainly from a psychotic case if the case can be hypnotized. So he must be prepared to use hypnotism, he must know how it works, what he should do to make it function, how to regress a person in hypnotism and so on, which is very definitely different from Dianetics in that one produces a trance.

There is a little book by a man by the name of Young written about 1899, which contains in it about as much hypnosis as one ever wants. It is called Twenty-Five Lessons in Hypnotism, published by O.N. Ottenheimer and Company, Baltimore, Maryland. So there are various methods in hypnotism and someone treating psychotics should know them.

One can be very easily deluded in the administration of soporifics to a psychotic. It appears that the psychotic after the drug has been administered has a return of rationality. You can take sodium amytal and give it to the psychotic who is raving, and within a short period of time find in his place an individual who is fairly rational. He is in a highly artificial state.

Now, by the administration of sodium amytal, sodium pentothal, and many other drugs, we seem to temporarily restore the insulation. Working a patient with narcosynthesis is not very difficult when the narcosynthesis works, but give a patient narcosynthesis and sometimes you will find he merely goes unconscious.


This Salter, before the Select Committee in South Australia, said that we hypnotize and we brainwash.

We never have hypnotized anybody, we are dead against it right down the line, and yet he testifies this to the Select Committee and he says we brainwash people and of course these local yokels with barnyard dung on their boots as they sit around don't know it takes seventy days of supreme physical distress to brainwash anyone. It's a Pavlovian operation which you torture and deprive somebody of something or other for a long, long period of time. Could only be done in an institution.

LRH Aides Conference 2 November 1969 Covert Operations

Falsehood - LRH - saying we never have hypnotized anybody

02 Jul
  Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health reaches the top of the bestseller list in the Los Angeles Times, where it will remain for many months. On the same day the book receives its first major review, in The New York Times. It is a predictable savaging by Rollo May, a noted psychologist and writer.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 9

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Dianetics - psychologist Rollo May

24 Jul
  Time magazine publishes an article on Dianetics which begins,

A new cult is smoldering through the U.S. underbrush. Its name: Dianetics. Last week, its bible, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, was steadily climbing the U.S. bestseller lists. Demand was especially heavy on the West Coast. Bookstores in Los Angeles were selling Dianetics on an under-the-counter basis.

Armed with the manual, which they called simply The Book, fanatical converts overflowed Saturday night meetings in Hollywood, held Dianetics parties, formed clubs, and "audited" (treated) each other.

Time magazine article of 24 July 1950

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Dianetics - Time magazine

-- Aug
  The United States government at this time attempted to gain control over all his researches and get him to work on a project "to make man more suggestible" and when he was unwilling, tried to order him back to active military duty to perform this function. He was able to instantly resign from the navy and escape this.

In retrospect it appears the Government never forgave him for this and soon became vicious, covert international attacks upon his work, all of which were proven false and baseless, but which were to last 27 years...

Research and Discovery Series Vol 1 pg 696


The Church lost in tax courts due to evidence that church money inured to LRH.

Falsehood that all government attacks were proven false and baseless - Church PR

05 Aug
  Review of DMSMH

"The real and, to me, inexcusable danger in Dianetics lies in its conception of the amoral, detached, 100 per cent efficient mechanical man - superbly free-floating, unemotional, and unrelated to anything. This is the authoritarian dream, a population of zombies, free to be manipulated by the great brains of the founder, the leader of the inner manipulative clique."

The Nation

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Dianetics - The Nation

14 Aug
  The New Republic prints a smear article called The Dianetics Craze. It is written by a Dr. Martin Gumpert, who is described in a brief bio at the end of the article this way: 'born in Berlin, studied medicine at Heidelberg and Berlin Universities and practiced for a decade in his native land before coming to the United States. Especially interested in the problems of old age, he has written many books in that and other fields. He is a member of the staff of Goldwater Memorial Hospital, New York City. Gumpert ends his article with a pithy summation of the vitrol he has expended against LRH and Dianetics: "Our exploiters of mass anxiety are a serious menace to public health. So there. Harrumph!"

Article from The New Republic

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Dianetics - Dr Martin Gumpert

30 Aug
  In August 1950 I found out a method the Russians use on such people as Vogeler, Mindszenty and others to obtain confessions. I could undo that method. My second book was to have shown how the Communists used narcosynthesis and physical torture and why it worked as it did. Further, I was working on a technology of psychological warfare to present it to the Defense Department. All that work was interrupted. Each time I tried to write, a new attack was launched.--L. Ron Hubbard

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 11
quoting from a 7-page letter written by LRH to DOJ

-- Sep
  She (Ron's wife, Sara) had supposedly forced him to make out a will, in October, 1950, bequeathing to her his copyrights and his share of the Foundations. Later that month, Hubbard claimed he had been attacked while sleeping, since which time he had been unable to recover his health. Hubbard blamed Sara for an incident in Los Angeles in which Alexis, their baby daughter, had been left unattended in their car, and for which Hubbard himself had been put on probation. In December, he was again supposedly attacked in his sleep.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack
Dessler letters

08 Sep
  The American Psychological Association, meeting in State College, Pennsylvania, unanimously adopts a resolution regarding Dianetics:

"While suspending judgment concerning the eventual validity of the claims made by the author of 'Dianetics,' the association calls attention to the fact that these claims are not supported by empirical evidence of the sort required for the establishment of scientific generalizations. In the public interest, the association, in the absence of such evidence, recommends to its members that the use of the techniques peculiar to Dianetics be limited to scientific investigations designed to test the validity of its claims."

The action is taken in a resolution unanimously adopted by the association through the Council of Representatives, its governing body, at its closing session. In explaining the action of the council, Dr. E. Lowell Kelly, a member of it and of the board of directors, says, "what we have here is a man who claims he has discovered an exact science of the mind and developed a technique of therapy which goes far beyond that known to psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis."

New York Times story of 9 September 1950;
Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Dianetics - APA

08 Sep
  The New York Times reports (on 9 September 1950) the following:

Reached in Los Angeles, where he is lecturing, Mr. Hubbard said last night [8 September 1950] that he was ready to furnish to the American Psychological Association proof of the claims made in his book Dianetics. He said that as long as a year ago, he made such an offer to the association but received no reply. Mr. Hubbard said that he had already submitted proof of claims made in the book to a number of scientists and associations. He added that the public as well as proper organizations were entitled to such proof and that he was ready and willing to give such proof in detail.

New York Times story of 9 September 1950, as reproduced on the Internet

09 Sep
  In September, the New York Times published a statement by the American Psychological Association:

While suspending judgement concerning the eventual validity of the claims made by the author of Dianetics, the association calls attention to the fact that these claims are not supported by the empirical evidence of the sort required for the establishment of scientific generalizations. In the public interest, the association, in the absence of such evidence, recommends to its members that the use of the techniques peculiar to Dianetics be limited to scientific investigations to test the validity of its claims.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack
New York Times 9 September 1950

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Dianetics - APA

16 Sep
  Publisher's Weekly publishes an article titled: Psychologists Hit Dianetics; New Title Due This Winter. It reports that the American Psychological Association has unanimously adopted a resolution cautioning its 8,000 members against utilizing the techniques of Dianetics except in scientific test of its validity.

Article from Publisher's Weekly, as reproduced on the Internet

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Dianetics - APA

-- Oct
  By October, 1950, I had come to the conclusion that I could not agree with all the tenets of Dianetics as set forth by the Foundation [HDRF]. ...I therefore, felt it incumbent upon me to submit my resignation. --J.A. Winter, M.D.

A Doctor's Report on DIANETICS Theory and Therapy, 1951

The following month, Dr. Joseph Winter and Arthur Ceppos, the publisher of Dianetics, resigned from the Board of Directors of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation. Winter described his experiences in the first book critical of Hubbard, A Doctor's Report on Dianetics.

Winter felt Dianetics should be in the hands of people with some medical qualification. He had changed his mind since writing the introduction to Dianetics a year before. He had also begun to feel that Clear was unobtainable. In a year of close association with Hubbard, Winter had not seen anyone who had achieved the state described in the book.

Winter also said he saw no scientific research being performed at the "Research" Foundation. He was tired of Hubbard's disparagement of the medical and psychiatric professions?

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

-- Oct
  LRH despatches a seven-page letter to the Department of Justice in Washington, DC.
(on 14 May 1951):

He accuses Communists of destroying his half-million dollar business, ruining his health and withholding material of interest to the US Government. He names a woman known as Sara Elizabeth Northrup...whom I believed to be my wife, having married her and then, after some mix-up about a divorce, believed to be my wife in common law.

Sara, he stresses, was responsible for breaking up the 'American Institute of Advanced Therapy,' an organization he had established in 1949, and the following year she was the primary cause of all the trouble at the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, along with Art Ceppos, who was 'formerly' a member of the Communist Party and Joseph Winter, who 'seemed to have Communist connections' and was a 'psycho-neurotic' who had been discharged from the US Army Medical Corps.

Ron says his 'alleged wife' had caused him to make out a will leaving her shares in the copyrights and Foundations. Later, when he was asleep at his home in New Jersey he was 'slugged.' He had unwisely done nothing about it at the time as he had no witnesses, but his health has been poor thereafter.

LRH letter to the FBI dated 14 May 1951

-- Oct
  In an article in Newsweek, entitled "The Poor Man's Psychoanalysis," American Medical Association representative Dr. Morris Fishbein labeled Dianetics a "mind-healing cult".

Dianeticist Helen O'Brien has said that one member of the Elizabeth Foundation resigned because in a month when $90,000 income was received, only $20,000 could be accounted for.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Dianetics - AMA

-- Nov
  In November 1950, the Elizabeth Foundation set up a Board of Ethics to ensure that practitioners were using the "Standard Procedure" of Dianetic counselling approved by Hubbard. Innovators had been adding their own ideas to Dianetics, which was anathema to Hubbard who called techniques he had not approved "Black Dianetics," insisting they were dangerous.

This was in spite of his pronouncement in Dianetics that "if anyone wants a monopoly on Dianetics, be assured that he wants it for reasons which have to do not with Dianetics but with profit." Hubbard obviously excluded himself from this pronouncement.

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

20 Nov
  After finishing a series of lectures to the Professional Course students at Elizabeth, New Jersey, Ron boarded a plane on 18 November for Los Angeles, where he planned to begin work on the new book.

On 20 November he started a new lecture series in the Professional Auditor School of the Los Angeles Foundation. One of the students was Volney Mathison, a brilliant electronics engineer in the motion-picture industry. Working from the material in these lectures, Mathison breadboarded up the first electropsychometer.

Research and Discovery Series Vol 5

05 Dec
  This account of events on this date is from a letter written on 14 May 1951 by LRH to the Department of Justice:

On December 5, while asleep in my apartment on North Rossmore in Los Angeles, I was again attacked and knocked out. When I woke I debated considerably about going to the police but was again afraid of publicity, for again I did not know who might have done this. It never occurred to me to suspect that my wife had any part in this.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapter 11

05 Dec
  Look magazine publishes an article under the headline Dianetics--Science or Hoax?

Half a million laymen have swallowed this poor man's psychiatry... it begins. Hubbard has demonstrated once again that Barnum underestimated the sucker birth rate.... the usual lunatic fringe types, frustrated maiden ladies who have worked their way through all the available cults, young men whose homosexual engrams are all too obvious... .

The article refers to the awe, fear and deep disgust with which the medical profession views Dianetics, and quotes a doctor at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, who concedes that sufferers from mental malaise might find temporary relief from Dianetic hocus pocus just as they sometimes do from hypnotism or voodoo. But the greatest harm to a person would come not because of the vicious nature of Dianetic therapy but because it will lead them away from treatment which they may badly need.

Dr Frederick Hacker, a Los Angeles psychiatrist is quoted as saying, If it were not for sympathy for the mental suffering of disturbed people, the so-called science of Dianetics could be dismissed for what it is--a clever scheme to dip into the pockets of the gullible with impunity. The Dianetic auditor is but another name for the witch doctor, exploiting a real need with phoney methods.

Hubbard's primary attraction, Look concludes, is that his ersatz psychiatry is available to all. It's cheap. It's accessible. It's a public festival to be played at clubs and parties. In a country with only 6000 professional psychiatrists, whose usual consultation fees start at $15 an hour, Hubbard has introduced mass-production methods. Whether such methods can actually help you if you're sick is a moot point.

Russell Miller, book: Bare Faced Messiah, Chapters 9 and 10

Incorrectly Included Black propaganda against Dianetics - psychiatrists
Incorrectly Included effort to maintain a drug-based healing monopoly - psychs/doctors

31 Dec
  End of 1950

By the end of 1950, five new Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundations had been added to the first at Elizabeth. They were Chicago, Honolulu, New York, Washington and Los Angeles.

By the end of 1950, Hubbard's world was collapsing, income had dropped dramatically and the Foundations were unable to meet their payrolls or their promotional expenditures. An attempt to start a new Foundation in Kansas City failed.

In her book, Dianetics In Limbo, Helen O'Brien wrote: "The tidal wave of popular interest was over in a few months, although a ground swell continued for awhile. People began to see that although Dianetics worked, in the sense that individuals could cooperate in amateur explorations of buried memories, this resulted only occasionally in improved health and enhanced abilities, in spite of Hubbard's confident predictions".

A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack

31 Dec

The release of Dianetics in 1950 threatened the plans of the Global Enslavers.

Dianetics not only threatened their drug-based healing monopoly, it also represented a way to undo the mind control techniques they were busy developing.

Thus, they attacked Dianetics immediately through their front group, the World Federation for Mental Health. WFMH member organizations attacking Dianetics:

American Medical Association

American Psychological Association

American Psychiatric Association

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